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Postcard Photo of the old Oakwood Church is form Joyce's Collection
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This original Church Directory is in the possession of Gwen MECUM Hunt,
P.O. Box 66, Templeton, CA 93465.   Email :
 It was passed down to me from my mother, Constance MANNING Mecum who along with her grandparents Lee and Emma SKINNER MANNING were devoted  members of the congregation.  The Directory contained some  pictures  which I will scan and include with the membership list. The list also included the church  members addresses which I have not typed up due to lack of time.  If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me.
The Oakwood Methodist Episcopal Church Directory

Oakwood Avenue and West Thirteenth Street

Elmira Heights, N.Y.


The Rev. Ernest W. Collings, Pastor

Alphabetical list of Church Members

Ackley, Mrs. Charles

Ackley, Charles, Jr.

Ackerman, Mrs. Frances

Akins, John F.

Allyn, Mrs. Loren

Allyn, Murray

Allyn, Clifford

Allyn, Phoebe Aurelia

Allyn, Elton

Amberg, Helen M.

Amberg, May

Amberg, Sarah

Apgar, Lois

Ayres, Helen

Bailey, Robert Glen

Ballard, Lewis T.

Ballard, Mrs. Lewis T.

Balmer, John

Balmer, Mrs. John

Balmer, Alice May (Miss)

Barr, Fred E.

Barr, Mrs. Fred

Barr, Lawrence

Barr, Mrs. Waitie

Barr, Claudia M.

Barr, Clara L.

Barr, Raymond

Barrow, Maria

Barrows, Mrs. Mary

Bartholomew, Roy E.

Bartholomew, Mrs. Roy E.

Bartholomew, Leah (Miss)

Beane, Mrs. Elva

Beane, Harold

Beardsley, Norton L.

Beardsley, Mrs. N.L.

Beechey, Mildred M.

Beers, Charles

Beers, Mrs. Charles

Beers, Doris (Miss)

Belknap, Alice (Miss)

Belknap, Cornelius

Belknap, Mrs. Cornelius

Bendle, Samuel

Bendle, Mrs. Samuel

Bennet, Mrs. Maude

Bennett, Esther (Miss)

Bennett, Doris (Miss)

Bennett, Charles

Bennett, Mrs. Charles (Ruth)

Bennett, Mrs. Anna

Bennett, Mrs. Hannah

Bennett, Mrs. Ida

Bensley, John

Bensley, Mrs. John

Bensley, Jay

Bensley, Mrs. Jay

Bensley, Arthur

Biernbrauer, Mrs. Gustav A.

Biernbrauer, Cleo (Miss)

Biernbrauer, Edna (Miss)

Biernbrauer, Norman

Bills, George W.

Bills, Mrs. George

Blodgett, Mrs. Bertha

Blodgett, Howard

Blodgett, Henry W.

Blodgett, Mrs. Henry (Erma)

Bockus, Charles C.

Bockus, Mrs. Charles C.

Bockus, Dorothy Burgess

Bockus, Leland

Bockus, Mrs. Leland

Bois, Eugene

Bois, Mrs. Jessie

Bower, Mrs. John

Brace, Gerald

Brance, Ernest

Brace, Mrs. Ernest (Ethel)

Brace, Bertha Marie (Miss)

Breinlinger, Oscar

Breinlinger, Mrs. Oscar

Breinlinger, Oscar, Jr.

Brink, Mrs. R. L.

Brisbois, David

Brittain, A. Basil

Brittain, Mrs. A. B.

Brittain, Katherine (Miss)

Brock, Mrs. C. W.

Brock, Frederica (Miss)

Brownell, Lewis D.

Brownell, Lillian C. (Mrs.)

Buck, Earl D.

Buck, Mrs. Scena

Buck, Castella (Miss)

Buddinger, Mrs. Virginia

Bump, Mrs. Frank

Bump, Gertrude (Miss)

Bump, Tracey

Burdick, Luella May

Burgess, William N.

Burgess, Mrs. Alice

Burlingame, Leon

Burlingame, Inez J.

Burns, Mrs. Hannah

Butler, Miss Beatrice M.

Button, Mazie

Callear, May Miss

Campbell, Mr. And Mrs. Richard

Cantliffe, Mrs. Stella

Cary, Frank L.

Cary, Mrs. Emma

Carmon, Mrs. Hazel

Carmon, Mrs. Fred

Carpenter, John L.

Carpenter, Smith

Carpenter, Mrs. Julia Smith

Carroll, James B.

Carroll, Mrs. Mantie C.

Carter, E. Lynn

Carter, Mrs. E. L.

Carter, Raymond

Clark, Bert

Cline, Mrs. Ray

Cloos, Mrs. Nina V.

Close, Mrs. Minnie

Colby, Claude R.

Colby, Mrs. Claude

Collings, Mrs. E. W.

Collings, Harry A.

Collings, Ralph E.

Conrad, Mrs. Margaret

Cottrell, Percy G.

Cottrell, Mrs. Freda

Cramer, Mrs, Bertha

Crawford, Clark

Crawford, Mrs. Clark

Crawford, Clark, Jr.

Crary, Mrs. G. S.

Croasdale, Joseph B.

Croasdale, Mrs. Alice Rogers

Cushing, Charles W.

Cushing, Mrs. Charles

Danks, Mrs. Kathleen

Danks, Charles H.

Davenport, Sanuel

Davenport, Mrs. Marietta

Davis, Mrs. Cora

Davis, Frederick

Davis, Mrs. Mamie

David, Donald

Davis, Alice (Miss)

Davis, Jean D.

DeChambeau, Noah

DeChanbeau, Mrs. Clara

De Mott, Mary Miss

De Mott, Laura (Miss)

DePew, Harry

De Pew, Mrs. Lillian

Doane, Fred D.

Doane, Mrs. Alice

Doane, Mrs. Bernice

Dockstader, Mrs. Mary

Dockstader, Roy S.

Dockstader, Mrs. Roy

Dockstader, Gordon

Dockstader, Lyle

Dolph, Mrs. Ida E.

Dolph, Blanch (Miss)

Douglas, Marjorie (Miss)

Douglas, Mrs. Bessie

Douglas, Hazel (Miss)

Douglas, Kenneth

Drumm, Isaac E.

Drumm, Mrs. Isaac

Dunbar, Frank J.

Dunbar, Mrs. Lena

Dunbar, Thelma (Miss)

Dunbar, Mrs. F. Earle

Dunbar, Herman G.

Dunbar, Mrs. H.G.

Dunbar, Richard

Durfey, Leslie J.

Durfey, Minnie A.

Durham, Henry

Durham, Mrs. Alice

Durham, Alma (Miss)

Eline, Mrs. Margaret

Elford, Mrs. Edward

Elford, Wilbur

Elford, Harold (West Point)

Elford, Doris Ruth

Eline, Jenemiah Oliver

Eline, Henrietta

Ellis, H. Lucy

Ellis, Elizabeth

Ellis, Harry F.

Ellis, Hazel S.

Emmick, Charles

Emmick, Mrs. Charles

Emmick, Mrs. Emma

Emery, Leroy

Emery, Mrs. Leroy

Erickson, Mildred

Ellman, Mrs. H.A.

Erickson, Mr. Anna Helen

Ersley, Miss Ella

Erway, Dr. Charles H.

Ettenberger, Frank

Ettenberger, Mrs. Emily

Etter, William E.

Etter, Mrs. Mabel

Etter, Edgar

Evans, Albert T.

Evans, Mrs.Albert

Fanning, Mrs. John

Fanning, Harold

Farnsworth, Clifford

Farr, William N.

Farr, Mrs. William N.

Fell, Mrs. Helen

Fell, Helen (Miss)

Ferguson, John C.

Ferguson, Ralph Dean

Ferguson, Dr. J. Howard

Ferguson, Miss Mary

Fink, Willis J.

Fletcher, Mrs. Oscar

Fosdeck, Mrs. Eva

Freeman, Leland N.

Freeman, Mrs. Mabel

Fritsch, Mrs. Catherine

Fritsch, Harold

Fritsch, Martha Arlene (Miss)

Frost, Mrs. Walter

Frost, Walter S., Jr.

Fuller, Curance B.

Fuller, Glen A.

Fuller, Beatrice (Miss)

Garey, Arthur L.

Garey, John P.

Garey, Charles S.

Garey, Mrs. Winnie

Garey, Shirley (Miss)

Garey, Walter C.

Garey, Mrs. Walter

Garrabrant, Ralph

Garrabrant, Mrs. Ralph

Garrabrant, Estella (Miss)

Garrabrant, Andrew

Graves, Miss Clara

Gremoski, Mrs. Walter

Greene, George S.

Greene, Mrs. Minnie

Greene, May I.

Greenough, Mrs. Martha Close

Grover, Mrs. S. B.

Gunn, Mrs. George

Gustin, Currance Gregg

Hakes, Lemuel T.

Hakes, Mrs. Lemuel T.

Hakes, Genevieve (Miss)

Hakes, Gertrude (Miss)

Hakes, Frank

Hakes, Lemuel T., Jr.

Hammond, Mrs. Cecelia

Hanville, Marcus C.

Hanville, Mrs. Coral B.

Hanville, Grace (Miss)

Harding, Mrs. Gertrude

Harding, Miss Lucille

Hardy, Mrs. Jessie

Harris, Mrs. Hugh

Hawley, Guy E.

Hawley, Mrs. Guy E.

Hawley, Ronald

Hawley, Roseonald (Miss)

Hawley, Loretta (Miss)

Hazlett, Frank R.

Hazlett, Mrs. Eula

Hazlett, Miss Dorothy

Hazlett, John

Hazlett, Mrs. John

Henry, Marcellus

Henry, Mrs. Nellie M.

Herrington, Mrs. Wayne

Hicks, Clarence A.

Hill, Helen Louise

Hooker, John L.

Hooker, Mrs. John L.

Hooker, Alton

Hooker, Justin

Hotchkiss, Elton J.

Hotchkiss, Mrs. Elton

Hotchkiss, Leland P.

Hotchkiss, Ruth S. (Miss)

Hotchkiss, Gertrude I. (Miss)

Hollenbeck, Mrs. LaRue

Houck, William

Houck, Mrs. William

Houghton, Harry S.

Houghton, Mrs. Harry S.

Houghton, Kenneth G.

Howell, J. Willis

Howell, Mrs. Clara E.

Howell, Mrs. George

Hower, Raymond

Hoyt, Mrs. Harry

Hubbard, Noah B.

Hubbard, Mrs. Noah

Huggins, Kenyon

Huggins, Dorothy (Miss)

Hummer, Mrs. Mary Strong

Ingalls, Mrs. Mary

Ingalls, Warren M.

Isaacs, Richard W.

Isaacs, Mrs. Gladys

Ives, Audrey

Jennings, Robert

Jennings, Mrs. Robert

Jennings, Marjorie C. (Miss)

Jennings, Charles M.

Jennings, Mrs. Charles M.

Johnson, A. G.

Johnson, Mrs. A. G.

Johnson, Floyd

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Aubrey L.

Johnson, Mrs. Anna L.

Johnson, Mars. Charles J.

Johnson, George

Johnson, Beatrice

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Mrs. Frank

Johnston, Meia (Mrs. Wm.)

Jones, Frank

Jones, Mrs. Frank

Jones, Olin A.

Jones, Mrs. O. A.

Jones, Alberta (Miss)

Jones, Geraldine (Miss)

Kakritz, Mrs. Albert

Kehoe, Mrs. Velma

Kendall, Ira

Kendall, Mrs. Ira

Kendall, Wesley

Kendall, Addison

Kendall, Mrs. Gertrude

Kendall, Carol (Miss)

Kilbourne, David W.

Kingsley, Edward

Kinney, Catherine

Kinney, Marion

Kinney, Charles M.

Kleihege, Daniel B.

Kleihege, Mrs. Helen

Knight, Emogene (Miss)

Kresge, Bernice D.

Kresge, Mrs. Margaret

Krotzer, Mabel (Miss)

Kylor, Dolph

Kylor, Mrs. Dolph

Kylor, Wilma (Miss)

Laird, Albert L. Sr.

Laird, Mrs. Susie

Laird, Viola (Miss)

Laird, Albert, Jr.

Laird Earle

Larrison, Mrs. Daisy

Larrison, Albert

Larrison, Theodore

Larrison, Mrs. Louise

LaValley, Grey V.

LaValley, Mrs. Ethel

Lawlor, J. Harvey

Lawlor, Mrs. Lena

Lawrence, Dr. Otis D.

LeFevre, Nelson L.

LeFevre, Mrs. Hazel M.

Lepper, Mrs. Neita G.

Lepper, Carol (Miss)

Lepper, Lorenzo

Lepper, Mrs. Mildred

LeVine, Mrs. Caroline

Lewis, Isaac

Lewis Florence (Miss)

Lintz, Miss Katherine

Lintz, Chester

Litey, John

Ludlam, Lawrence

Ludlam, Mrs. Edna

Ludlam, Norman E.

Ludlam, Laura G.

Ludwig, Mrs. John

Ludwig, Jacob

Lyle, Elmer

Lyon, Albert M.

Lyon, Mrs. Cora

Mains, Daniel

Mains, Mrs. Daniel

Mains, Grace (Miss)

Mallette, Frank

Manning, Lee*

Manning, Mrs. Emma*

Manning, Miss Constance*

Marks, Walter E.

Marks, Mrs. Walter E.

Marks, Jack

Marks, Earl

Martin, E. Lewis

Martin, Lewis, Jr.

Martin, Alice (Miss)

Marvin, Peter C.

Marvin, Mrs. P.C.

Marvin, Lorna (Miss)

Marvin, Maxwell

McCann, Laura

Mc Elroy, Mary (Miss)

Mc Henry, J. C.

Mc Hnry, Ethel (Miss)

McVaugh, Archie

Meeker, Mrs. Edith

Meeker, Arleen (Miss)

Merrill, Dr. Clarence C.

Merrill, Mrs. Dora

Merrill, Elsie (Miss)

Merrill, Orlo S.

Merrill, Mrs. Cora May

Miller, LaRue E.

Miller, Mrs. Ora J.

Mitchell, Mrs. Blanche Nichols

Mitchell, George F.

Mitchell, Helen S. (Miss)

Mitchell, Margaret (Miss)

Mitchell, Thomas

Mitchell, Mrs. Mildred

Mitchell, Robert

Monroe, Jesse

Monroe, Mrs. Jesse

Monroe, Mrs. Fannie

Monroe, Donald

Moore, Charles

Moore, Mrs. Charles

Moore, George

Mosher, Floyd

Moss, Howard C.

Moss, Mrs. Howard

Mowbray, Mrs. Harold

Mowbray, Edna J. (Miss)

Nichols, Mrs. Lorna

Nichols, Iris (Miss)

Nichols, Mrs. Fannie

Nissler, Louis

Nissler, Elise (Miss)

Nissler, Henry

Northrup, Mrs. Edward

Northrup, Helen (Miss)

Oldroyd, Mason

Oldroyd, Mrs. Freda

Olds, Mrs. Pearl

Oliver, Mrs. Bertha

Oliver, Ernest

Orchard, Mrs. Ethel

Ordway, Mrs. Mildred

Orme, Mrs. Lucille

Orme, Ruth (Miss)

Orr, Mrs. Leslie J.

Ottey, Mrs. John

Owen, Charles

Owen, Mrs. Charles

Owen, Charles, Jr.

Palmer, T. Fenner

Palmer, Mrs. Ida M.

Paulhamus, Miss Florence

Parshall, Edward L.

Parshall, Mrs. Nancy

Parshall, Gladys (Miss)

Pease, Miss Rachel

Peer, Charles

Peer, Mrs. Charles

Peer, Lawrence F.

Peer, Mrs. Thelma

Perry, Mrs. H. S.

Perry, Miss Pauline

Personius, Evelyn E.

Peterson, Manfred

Peterson, Mrs. Manfred

Peterson, Adell (Miss)

Peterson, Florence (Miss)

Peterson, Carl

Plank, Aaron

Plank, Mrs. Margaret

Plank, Mrs. J. M.

Powers, Edgar C.

Powers, Mrs. Gertrude

Rehak, Jacob D.

Reid, Walter A.

Reid, Mrs. Gertrude

Reynolds, Frank S.

Reynolds, Mrs. Katherine

Reynolds, Miss Marion

Rice, Mrs. Grace

Rice, Virinia (Miss)

Rice, Louis A.

Risler, George F.

Robbins, Earl D.

Robbins, Mrs. Anna

Rogers, Frances

Ross, Mrs. Julie

Rottsted, Otto C.

Rowan, Howard W.

Rowan, Mrs. Howard

Rugur, Clyde W.

Rugur, Mrs. Etta M.

Sackett, William

Sackett, Mrs. JessieSatterlee, Charles E.

Sanders, Milford

Sanders, Mrs. Edith M.

Sanders, Milford, Jr.

Sanders, Frances (Miss)

Sargent, Mrs. Sarah

Sargent, Wilfred

Sargent, Mrs. Rena

Saxton, Mrs. Alice

Schermerhorn, Thomas

Schermerhorn, Mrs. Thomas

Schermerhorn, Lelia (Miss)

Schwartz, Mrs. Charles

Scofield, George S.

Scofield, Mrs. Myrtle

Scofield, Gilbert

Seaman, Mrs. Ruth

Stuard, Jay B.

Stuart, Mrs. Grace

Stuart, Donald

Stuart, Helen (Miss)

Stuart, Howard

Swartout, Mrs. Mary

Shaw, Mrs. Harry

Shaw, Albert C.

Shaw, Miss Nettie

Shaw, Carl K.

Shepherd, Ralph

Shepard, Beatrice (Miss)

Sherman, Burton R.

Sherman, Mrs. Mildred

Sherman, Lucille (Miss)

Sherman, Marion (Miss)

Sherman, Carlton

Sherman, Mrs. Elizabeth

Shook, Norvan

Shull, Mrs. Warren D.

Shull, Warren, Jr.

Shull, Dalice (Miss)

Shull, Charles L.

Shull, Mrs. Ethel

Shull, Kenneth

Sidney, Arthur S.

Sidney, Mrs. Hazel

Smith, Miss Mary

Smith, Mrs. Cannie

Smith, Henry

Smith, Mrs. Henry

Smith, Mrs. Sarah F.

Smith, Byron

Smith, Mrs. Byron

Smith, Leo

Smith, Mrs. Mildred

Smith, William

Smith, Mrs. Floyd

Smith, Ruth (Miss)

Smith, Simeon

Smith, Mrs. Anna

Sobkoski, Mrs. Edward

Soper, Mrs. Luella

Soper, Dorothy (Miss)

Soper, George

Soper, Allan

Soper, Lorena (Miss)

Stanbro, Arba

Stanbro, Mrs. Arba

Stanton, Frances

Stonier, Harry C.

Stonier, Mrs. Mattie

Strohm, William H.

Strohm, Mrs. W. M.

Stroud, G. Irwin

Stroud, Mrs. Lena

Stroud, Leon

Stroud, Margaret (Miss)

Stroup, Lewis

Stroup, Madeline (Miss)

Strong, Miss Mary

Seamon, Martin

Seamon, Mrs. Martin

Seamon, Harold

Seamon, Edna (Miss)

Seaver, Mrs. Helen

Swartout, Leslie

Swartout, Alma Elizabeth

Swartout, Herbert

Swartout, Mrs. Florence

Swartout, Ray G.

Swartz, George E.

Swartz, Mrs. Cecil

Swartz, Roberta Mae (Miss)

Sweeney, Katherine

Sykes, Frank P.

Sykes, Clark

Sykes, Mrs. Margaret

Sykes, Chester

Sykes, Mrs. Myrtle

Sykes, Marjorie (Miss)

Sylvester, Herbert L.

Tabor, Carl

Tabor, Mrs. Blanche

Tabor, William

Thiel, John

Thiel, Mrs. Alice

Thiel, Mrs. William

Thomas, Clara

Thomas, Alfred

Thomas, Shirley (Miss)

Thomas, Harold

Thomas, Clifford

Thomas, Mrs. Clifford

Thompson, Harry H.

Thompson, Julia A.

Thompson, Edith (Miss)

Thorn, Mrs. Hattie

Thorn, Clifford

Tifft, Mrs. Grace

Tobey, Tracey C.

Tobey, Edith M.

Townsend, Lydia J.

Tressler, Mrs. Owen

Treveal, Mrs. Mary

Vail, Howard E.

Vail, Mrs. Jennie

Van Gorder, L. Samuel

Van Gorder, Edna

Van Gorder, Lewis S.

Van Gorder, Beth (Miss)

Varn, Iva

Varn, Ethel

Vedder, Myrtle (Miss)

Vedder, Dorothy (Miss)

Vedder, Edith (Miss)

Vedder, Helen (Miss)

Vetter, Mrs. Henry

Voight, Mrs. Hattie

Vosburgh, Mrs. B. W.

Vosburgh, Edith (Miss)

Vosburgh, Ruth (Miss)

Vunk, Willis E.

Vunk, Mrs. Nina

Wait, Mrs. Sarah E.

Wales, Mrs. Ethel

Wales, Margaret (Miss)

Wales, Lawrence

Wandell, Mrs. Lucille

Waterman, Harry

Waters, Florence Irene

Waters, Mrs. Zoa

Waters, Neva (Miss)

Watkins, Mrs. Harriet Reynolds

Weakland, George

Weakland, Mrs. Ella

Webb, Fred R.

Webb, Mrs. Belle

Webb, Blanche (Miss)

Webb, Freda (Miss)

Weeks, Mrs. Leona

Weibchen, Mrs. Fred

Welch, Ben

Welch, Mrs. Claudia

Welch, Naomi

Welch, Wilma

Welch, Verl

Welch, Florence

Wenbau, Walter J.

Wenbau, Mrs. Nellie

Wenbau, Dorothy (Miss)

Wescott, Fred

Wescott, Mrs. Fannie

Wescott, Clarence

Westbrook, Mrs. Mildred

Whittaker, Mrs. Iola

Whiting, Edward I.

Whitmore, Howard

Wilmot, Mrs. Thomas

Wilson, Mrs. Augusta

Winder, Mrs. Margaret

Windnagle, Mrs. Stella

Wood, George N.

Wood, Mrs. Rose

Woodhouse, Mrs. Grace

Woodhouse, Mahlon

Woodhouse, Harold

Woodward, Elizabeth Miss

Woodward, Murray

Woodward, Mrs. Murray

Wozniak, John

Wozniak, Mrs. John

Wozniak, Mary (Miss)

Yohn, Russell

Yohn, Mrs. Anna

Young, Henry

From the Year Book and Church Directory 1929-1930
 of the Oakwood Methodist Episcopal Church, Elmira Heights, N.Y.

Historical Sketch Of the Early Days

The Oakwood Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church was begun in 1895, by the organization of a Sunday School on the Industrial Grounds, in the old Fair Building, which is now the site of the Thatcher Manufacturing Co.  Many of the teachers came from the First Methodist Church of Elmira, with their Pastor, the Rev. E. M. Mills.  Among them were William Bennett, E. D. Calkins, and Joseph Robinson.  Mr. Bennett became the first Superintendent.

In the early summer, the school now known as School One, Elmira Heights, was completed, and the trustees allowed the Sunday School and Church to hold their sessions in this building.  Dr. Mills preached during the summer.

October 10, 1895, the Rev. Colson E. Ferguson, a man who was characterized as the “man for hard jobs,” was appointed Pastor, without fold or flock, and the first and most important consideration was to push the erection of a building.  Subscriptions were generously made and a sufficient amount raised to guarantee the building of a place of worship.  In the Spring of 1896, the ground was broken for what is now the Oakwood Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, so named by the Pastor, The Rev. C. E. Ferguson.  So rapidly grew the work that in the Fall of 1896, the church was completed and dedicated.

J. C. Ferguson became Superintendent of the Sunday School, which office he has held from that time till the present time.  At the close of the first Pastorate in 1900, the church was free from debt.  Others who have built upon the foundations thus laid were the Rev. C. C. Reynolds, during whose pastorate, a parsonage was purchased at 202 West Twelfth Street; the Rev. A. W. Fenton, from 1901 to 1905; the Rev. Frank Hamilton, 1905-6; the Rev. P. J. Williams, 1906-8; the Rev. F. M. Windnagle, 1908-13, during whose Pastorate, the present parsonage was purchased; the Rev. Mark E. Bowman, 1913-16.  So rapid has been the growth of the church, than an enlargement program became necessary, and this was accomplished during the Pastorate of the Rev. Charles D. Purdy, 1916-18, at a cost of $25,000. The Rev. Alfred P. Coman served from 1918-23.  Again the building project confronted the membership, as additional Sunday School accommodations were required, and during the Pastorate of the Rev. Chas. W. Walker, 1923-25, the Oakwood Community House was built at a cost of $56,000, $39,000 of which has already been paid.  This building has proved a recreational center, not only for the Oakwood Constituency, but for the Community as well.  The Rev. Ernest A. Mathews followed as Pastor from 1925-9.  The present Pastor, the Rev. Ernest W. Collings, under whose direction this Directory has been compiled, is now serving the first year of what promises to be a successful pastorate, which is evidenced by large congregations and the hearty co-operation of the members and congregation. The abundant harvest of Oakwood’s Church life, in its large membership and multitude of activities, is due in a large measure to the consecrated pastors, who have been the sowers of the good seed, as no church has been more blessed with better shepherds of the flock.

Lists of Names Included in the directory
This list of names was included in the Oakwood directory and does not necessarily correspond with the pictures included of the groups.  If anyone can identify the names with the people in the pictures Joyce M. Tice may want to be notified
Oakwood Girls’ Basketball Team
Mrs. William Etter
Miss Nazel Douglas
Miss Marjorie La Ture
Gladys Crans
Margaret Wales
Thelma Smith
Ada Borst
Doris Thompson
Freda Jaynes

Boys Senior Basketball Team
Walter Herforth, Captain
Ralph E. Collings, Coach
Donald Marvin
Lewis Ordway
Howard Stuart
Thomas Mitchell
Walter Reid

Boys’ Intermediate Basketball Team
Eugene Erway, Captain
Leon Stroud
Charles Owen
Charles Bldgett
Harold Blodgett
Ray Danks
Max Butler
Elton Allyn
Raymond Reynolds
Lester Corey

Boys Junior Basketball Team
William Kinney, Captain
Robert Stamp
Oscar Breinlinger
Allan Soper
Norman Biernbreauer
Warren Shull
Bruce Nichols
Maurice Burdick
Herbert  Sylvester
Charles Bensley
Calvin Brace

Official Board   Stewards
John Balmer
R. E. Bartholomew
C. B. Beers
Samuel Bendle
Samuel Davenport
Lyle Dockstader
J. C. Ferguson
J. W. Fink
L. N. Freeman
H. A. Fritsch
Walter C. Garey
Mrs. Winnie Garey
Mrs. Wm. Gustin
J. L. Hooker
H. S. Houghton
R. A. Jennings
A. L. Laird, Sr.
Mrs. J. H. Lawlor
J. H. Lawlor
E. L. Martin
P. C. Marvin
C. E. Merrill
G. F. Mitchell
Mrs. Fannie Monroe
C.H. Owen

Official Board   Stewards (cont’d)

E. C. Powers.
D. E. Robbins
C. W. Rugur
M. D. Sanders 
George Scofield
B. R. Sherman
Mrs. H. C. Stonier
H. C. Stonier
W. H. Strohm
G. I. Stroud
Carl Taber
George Weakland

R. E. Bartholomew – Recording Steward
R. B. Sherman – Disbursing Steward
H. C. Stonier – Connectional Steward
R. J. Jennings – Communion Steward
J. C. Ferguson – District Steward
H. C. Stonier – Reserve District Steward
E. I. Whiting and Mary Dockstader – Dir. Of Religious Ed. Class Leaders
J. F. Ferguson – Trier of Appeals
E. D. Buck – Financial Secretary
G. S. Greene – Secretary of Official Board
G. S. Greene – Secretary of Building Fund
E. L. Martin – Treasurer of Building Fund

Chemung County NY

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     Thank you for all the work you have done on the Chemung County web site.  My grandmother is in the picture on the girls basketball team from the web site Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice  Oakwood Methodist Episc.   Her name is Gladys Mae Jaynes Crans.  She married William Orr Crans from Elmira Heights.  Her Brother  Hiram Jaynes died  on 6/09/1913 age 5 Accidental for gunshot wounds of head & neck at Eldridge park. She is second from the left, between the two girls with the letter O on there shirts.  If you need any more information just E-mail me or write to me at Darryl A Crans