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Photo by J. Kelsey Jones 2008
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Waeir Cemetery

Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York

Mountain View Cemetery (Crooker Cemetery) (Side of the Road Cemetery) (Waeir  Cemetery) 

Submitted by  J. Kelsey Jones

The Waeir Cemetery is located in the Seeley Creek Valley in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Mountain View Drive in the yard of the residence at 1326 Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Staver transcribed markers in the cemetery in 1931-2, but only copied four markers and referred to it as the Roadside Cemetery. The area, until the mid 20th century, was farmland until housing developments were built. A house was built where the cemetery was located and the markers laid down. In 1979 the owners of the residence allowed J. Kelsey Jones and Nelda Holton to dig up nine markers, all about three inches below the surface. All were face up and lying in a row. John Waeir acquired 414 acres at or near this location from the 1788 survey of the County. It is uncertain how the cemetery acquired the name of Waeir as it would appear the Waier family is buried in Fitzsimmons Cemetery. Timothy Smith has the oldest dated marker in the small cemetery and it is likely that he and his wife Fanny Little were buried on the land they settled upon. Timothy Smith and Fanny Little are related to have been living on the Seeley tract in 1787, but this date may be too early as they were not enumerated there in the 1790 census enumeration. On 19 June 1792, Nathaniel Seely Junr., and Elizabeth (Sayre) his wife; Abner Hetfield and Elizabeth (Seeley) his wife; Samuel Edsall and Sarah (Seeley) his wife; Adam Seely; James Seely and Anna (Westlake) his wife of the Town of Chemung and County of Tioga conveyed 577 acres to Timothy Smith late of the County of Orange and State of New York (Tioga County Deeds 1:30). Also buried with the Smiths is daughter Abigail Smith and her husband Orange Chapman. The Chapman?s daughter Fanny L. Chapman wife of J. B. Gale is buried in the cemetery and when she died her death was recorded in the Elmira City Death Records - Fanny L. Gale, married, born Elmira daughter of Orange and Abigail Chapman died Nov 22, 1880 age 63 years at 126 Main Street, buried Town of Southport, private grounds. The term ?private grounds? in the death record would evidently indicate it was not considered a public cemetery. There is also a marker only inscribed with the name Betsey Maria and her age of 17 years. The other three people with markers in the cemetery seem to have no relationship to the Smith and Chapman families. James Sloan and Rachel Clement and daughter Ruth Brown were from Haddonfield, Camden County, New Jersey. James Sloan had been a member of the United States Congress while in New Jersey and the family were former Quakers. Markers transcribed and photographed by J. Kelsey Jones ? 2008.

Memory of
who died
April 27th, 1809,
AE 57 Years & 2 Months.
Memory of
wife of Timothy Smith,
who died
August 1st. 1816,
AE 61 Years & 7 Months.

In Windsor Vt.
MAR. 27, 1781
At his home
AUG. 12, 1857.
A good man hath perished
out of the earth.
MAY 10, 1791
APR. 23, 1860
Mother blessed and blessing
Not dead but gone before
AG?D 17 Y?RS.
Wife of
Died Nov. 21. 1880
Aged 63 Ys.

James Sloan,
died Sept 7th,
aged 82 Years
& 10 Months.
Rachel, wife of
James Sloan,
died July 25th,
Aged 77 Years.
& 4 Months.
age 35
Chemung County NY

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 18 JAN 1998
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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