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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1975

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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Swartwood Family Cemetery
Read by Joseph and Doris Boyd
Read on May 20, 1975
Typed by Ruth Bryan Coffelt of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

   The Swartwood Family Cemetery is located in the northwestern part of the hamlet of Swartwood in the Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York.  Situated on the bank of Cayuta Creek, it lays between that stream and the track of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and is a small tree-covered triangular shaped plot measuring about 75’ x 150’.  Its actual boundaries are obscure.
   According to Daniel Haggerity (now deceased) who resides near the old burial ground, it is often called the “Cayuta Creek Cemetery”.  It is in a deplorable condition with tombstones laying on the ground and dead tree limbs and brush litter the site.  Debris from the 1972 flood, which covered the plot, still remain.
   To reach the site it was necessary to cross land owned by Mr. Haggerity, but permission was readily granted.  County Highway #14 crosses Cayuta Creek next to his house and the way is via the creek bank, the distance being about 400 feet from the road.  It is necessary to jump a small brook and climb over a fence.
   All tombstones found were copied by Joseph and Doris Boyd on May 20, 1975.  There are about 20 to 25 fieldstone and shale stubs scattered about the area.  Data in brackets does not appear upon the tombstones, but has been added for interest.  Likewise, the surname has been added in the case of a wife, son, and/or a daughter for the sake of clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Incription/Relationship/Comments
BARNS Henry 1758 10/1809   Here lyes. (A home-made fieldstone tombstone with small, crude lettering. It is about 7" wide and stands about 17" above ground. It is reported he was a Revolutionary War veteran.)
MANN S.W.     2y 7m (no dates) (A very small home-made fieldstone with very small lettering. It is about 6" wide and stands about l' above the ground).
NELSON Ann 3/(31?) 08/18/1845 or 1865   (Face of shale stone headstone scaled off and some data is lost. It was read in 1965 by Lucille Rounds, but not found by Boyd in 1975.)
NELSON Robert 02/30/1808 07/16/1878 70y 4m & 16d (Tombstone lays face-up in what was the family plot. An ornate rusted iron fence lays partly on the ground and partly stands. An error was made in computing his age, as his birth date could not be "2/30" as that month had 29 days in 1808.)
NELSON Elizabeth 1808 or 1809 02/10/1875 66y Wife of ROBERT NELSON. (Tombstone lays face-up against a rotting tree stump outside the family plot. She was the daughter of ISAAC and ANN  SWARTWOOD).
SWARTWOOD Emanuel 12/1807 or 1/1808 07/16/1866 58y 5m  
SWARTWOOD Wyanee 02/06/1813 10/07/1849 36y 8m 1d Wife of EMANUEL SWARTWOOD. (Tombstone broken into two pieces with top section laying face-up on the ground).
SWARTWOOD Elizabeth 10/04/1835 10/11/1836 11m 7d Daughter of EMANUEL & WYANEE SWARTWOOD. (A small marker laying face-up on the ground).
SWARTWOOD Elizabeth 10/02/1849 12/06/1849 2m 4d Daughter of EMANUEL & WYANEE SWARTWOOD. (A small marker laying face-up on the ground).
SWARTWOOD James 1840 o 1841 08/04/1858 17y Son of EMANUEL & WYANEE SWARTWOOD. (remainder eroded away) (Tombstone broken into two pieces with top portion laying face-up on the ground).
SWARTWOOD Michael 10/03/1831 12/27/1856 25y 2m 24d Son of EMANUEL & WYANEE SWARTWOOD. Marker stands in ground, but is leaning sideways.) 
SWARTWOOD Emily 09/28/1846 02/09/1849 2y 4m 12d (Marker lays on ground.)
SWARTWOOD Isaac 1775 01/12/1849 73 y  
SWARTWOOD Ann 1867 or 1868 06/04/1828 60 y Wife of ISAAC SWARTWOOD.
SWARTWOOD Elizabeth       See entry of ELIZABETH NELSON
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/10/99
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  07/10/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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