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Typed by Ruth BRYAN 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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Sniffen Cemetery
Read 1974
Typed by Ruth BRYAN of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

    For the lack of the official name of this burial ground, I have called it the Sniffen cemetery for the only person apparently resting there.  There is but one marker enclosed by a rusted and broken decorative iron fence, the monument shaft laying on the ground.  There is no evidence of other graves, but it is possible that other persons are buried on the rise of ground at the junction of County Route 62 and State Route 34, one-half mile west of the business area of the village of Van Etten.  The plot of ground has been shamefully neglected, is over-grown with grass, small trees, and brambles.  Large woodchuck holes are numerous, indicating that many generations of these animals have resided about the knoll.  The iron fence is broken in places so that passers-by would never be aware that the rise of ground contains a grave.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
SNIFFEN Rev. B. D.  May 1795 09/21/1877 82y 4m (The first name of the good reverend was Benjamin and he was a resident of either the Village of Van Etten or the Town of Van Etten.)

Photos by Joyce M. Tice May 1999

Subj:  Re; the Rev. B. D. Sniffin and thank you for your efforts
Date:  6/4/2003 10:30:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:     (Marguerite Harriot)

Dear Joyce,

I want to tell you how much I enjoy going to your Tri Counties website. It's beautiful and interesting.

Re: the Rev. Benjamin D. Sniffin of the Sniffin Cemetery in Chemung County, New York, I found a reference to a book on the net that might help someone who is looking for him.  Here's what I saved.
A HISTORY OF THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH An Alphabetical List Of The M.E. Preachers 1762 --1840
The list below, taken from "A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church," Volume IV, by Dr. Nathan Bangs, includes: "all the preachers who were received into full connection in the Methodist Episcopal Church to the year 1840, including those who came from Europe and returned, as well as those who remained in this country." While the Methodist Episcopal Church was not organized until 1784, some of the preachers on this list entered the Methodist ministry long before that. Especially is this true of those who came from England, one of whom was "received" in the year 1762. Thus, the range of years shown above is from the year 1762 to the year 1840. Along with the names of those who were yet in the itinerant ministry in 1840, the year in with they were received is shown. With the name of each
who was no longer in the itinerant ministry, the year is shown in which he was either located, died, withdrew, or was expelled.
THE AUTHOR'S MULTIPLE ENTRIES OF IDENTICAL NAMES WITH IDENTICAL YEARS HAVE BEEN RETAINED. Perhaps most, if not all, such multiple entries of identical first names, last names and year-records may have resulted from the co-incidental fact that two, or even three, men with identical first and
last names did actually serve concurrently in the M. E. ministry. -- Duane V. Maxey

Snethen, Nicholas -- Received 1794, Located 1814
[this looked like it could be a corruption of Sniffin]
Sniffen, Benjamin D. -- Received 1834

You may have seen it already, but then again it might be useful. Thanks again for your efforts.

Marguerite Harriot

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/13/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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