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Sing Sing Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery

Big Flats Township, Chemung County, New York

Located on Kahler Road, off Route 17 This is the former Baptist Church Graveyard, where Rev. Goff located his first Baptist Church near Sing Sing Creek. Now the Baptist Church is located on Canal Street in Big Flats, NY. Copied by Susannah e. Whitcomb, 10 Tuxill Ave., Corning, NY, Steuben Co. All remaining stones were copied and the Cemetery looks like someone has restored it. This appeared in Rhoda Ladd's Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 4. It was retyped by Mary PARIS Copp of Roseville PA. Reprinted with Rhoda's permission
Joyce M. Tice visited this cemetery on March 26, 1999 with Joan NASH O'Dell.  It is next to the Chemung County Airport.

A MORE COMPLETE LISTING THAN THIS WAS DONE BY DORIS & JOSEPH BOYD in 1976 and will be online soon - I hope.

BEARD Solomon 25 Aug 1829 60yr 8mo 1da
BENNETT Abraham Seth 2 Nov 1839 1yr 2mo s/o Nelson Bennett 2nd
BENNETT Abraham 25 Mar 1851 25yr 7mo
BENNETT Peggy 10 Apr 1839 52yr 5mo 20da w/o Abraham
BENNETT Mary 22 Feb 1811 6yr 2da d/o Comfort & Abigail (Abigail was d/o Alexander Miller)
BENNETT Comfort 7 Aug 1844 34yr 2mo 20da s/o John & Sally Bennett (Sally d/o Jonathan Rockwell)
BENNETT John 8 Feb 1837 51yr  s/o Abraham & Jerusha. Born Orange Co., NY
BENNETT Chester 31 Jan 1833 8yr 8mo s/o Comfort & Abigail Miller Bennett
BENNETT Elizabeth 18 Nov 1844 28yr 11mo 15da w/o Daniel
BROWN John 22 Nov 1866 51yr
BROWN Mary 3 Jul 1853 57 yr 9mo
BROWN Erminda 1 Mar 1844 28yr 7mo 8da
CHAPIN Silas 30 Dec 1828 in 38th yr
CROSSON James 25 Jun 1866 71yr 3mo 10da
CROSSON Sarah 17 Mar 1791 15 Oct 1863 w/o James
CROSSON James B. 3 May 1856 27yr 4mo
DECAY Sally M. 20 Feb 1865 40yr 7mo w/o John G.
DECAY James W. 9 Apr 1799 2 Jan 1882
DECAY Abigail 19 Jul 1873 w/o James W. Decay (age unreadable, buried in ground)
DELANY John F. 11 Mar 1831 21yr
DELANY Elijah 13 Jun 1857 42yr
DELANY John 14 Mar 1858 71yr 1mo
DELANY Eliza 2 Jun 1857 42yr
FOSTER Caleb 21 Feb 1876 78yr
FOSTER Elizabeth 26 May 1878 71yr 6mo 1da
GARDNER Emma 16 Sep 1861 4yr 6mo d/o Conrad & Abigail
GOBLE Sarah 11 Apr 1835 63yr 5da w/o Uzell
GOBLE Uzell 7 Jul 1834 66yr 9mo 8da
GOFF Roswell 30 Apr 1833 34yr 10mo 2da
GOFF Mary 10 Feb 1841 19yr 6mo d/o John & Pamelia Goff
HEALTH Sarah H. 26 Mar 1862 23yr 7mo 3da
HEATH Justus E. 3 Jul 1866 50yr
HUBBARD G.W. 16 Oct 1862 35yr
KING Ansel S. 25 Aug 1851 36yr 10mo 12da
KNIFFIN Harriett H. 18 Dec 1844 25yr 1mo 10da w/o Myron C. Kniffin
KNIGHT Cabriel L. 17 Feb 1864 15yr 6mo 17da s/o John J. & Clarissa Knight
LIVESAY George W. 27 Mar 1841 1yr s/o Joseph & Sally Bennett Livesay
(Sally Livesay was dau of Comfort & Abigail Miller Bennett)
LIVESAY Clarrinda 28 Mar 1858 14yr 9mo 12da d/o Joseph & Sally
LIVESAY Marris B. 30 Sep 1849 3yr 1mo 8da s/o Joseph & Sally
LIVESAY Harriett Apr 1859 9da d/o Joseph & Sally
LOWE Phoebe ROBERTS 1771 1814 w/o C.W.Lowe
LOWE Joseph 9 Apr 1860 52yr 2mo 1da
LOWE Julia Ann 6 Apr 1892 w/o Joseph
LOWE Jane 8 Aug 1812 21yr 10mo 3da w/o C. W. Lowe (question mark after year of death)
LOWE Cornelius W. 16 Sep 1853 80yr 26da
MCCONNELL Mary & Jane small children of John & Arlein McConnell. No dates
MILLER Abigail 5 Apr 1857 71yr 1mo 4da w/o Thomas Miller
MINIER Hannah 14 Dec 1842 62yr 4mo 20da w/o Abraham Minier
MINIER 26 Jun 1827 45yr 1mo 18da
PALMER William H. 28 Jun 1801 6 Apr 1877
PALMER Wiliam E. 5 Jun 1870 31yr 4mo 5da s/o W. H. & E. N.
PALMER Eliza N. 12 Dec 1802 w/o Wm. H. Palmer (death date buried)
QUACKENBUSH Polly O. 28 Mar 1850 32yr w/o William Quackenbush
REASER Arvilla 11 Oct 1836 15da d/o Philip & Deborah Reaser
(Deborah d/o John & Sally Rockwell Bennett. widow of Atwood)
ROSS Joseph 21 Apr 1842 23yr 6mo
ROBLYER Mary Howard 24 Aug 1859 67yr 2mo 2da w/o John Roelyer
ROBLYER John 1878 88yr 4mo 12da
ROWLEY Joseph 20 Mar 1863 70yr 11mo 3da
ROWLEY Elizabeth 13 Feb 1873 w/o Joseph (age is buried)
ROWLEY Sabrah 13 May 1842 18yr 10mo 9da d/o Joseph & Betsey
ROWLEY Emily 12 Apr 1842 21yr 17da d/o Joseph & Betsey
ROWLEY Judah R. 14 Nov 1867 67yr
ROWLEY Margaret 22 Mar 1842 44yr w/o Judah R.
ROWLEY Emelia A. 7 Oct 1883 62yr w/o Judah R.
ROWLEY Horace 13 Feb 1871 9mo s/o William & Eleanor
ROWLEY William 26 Sep 1877 45yr
ROWLEY Judah 8 May 1863 7yr 15da s/o Erastus & Huldah Rowley
SCOFIELD Louisa 29 May 1847 22yr 1mo 25da w/o Joseph Scofield
SCHOFIELD Thomas 2 Apr 1843 23yr 3mo 18da s/o Abraham & Elizabeth
SCHOFIELD Abraham 26 Nov 1844 43yr 2mo
SCHOFIELD Lewis 5 Feb 1841 4yr 5mo 20da s/o Daniel & Julie Ann Schofield
SCHOFIELD Luke 17 Mar 1840 6yr 6mo s/o John & Emeline Scofield
SHULTZ Sarah May 16 Jan 1876 6yr 5mo 22da d/o Irving & Libbie Shultz
SHRIVER Minerva 14 Jan 1842 24yr 5mo 24da d/o George & Rachel Shriver
SHRIVER Susan 17 Dec 1812 30yr 2mo 19da w/o Henry Shriver
SHRIVER Rachel 9 feb 1872 76yr 4mo 24da w/o George Shriver
SHRIVER George 10 Oct 1851 85yr 5mo 26da
SILSBEE John 1794 1869
SILSBEE Mary GOBLE 1800 1887 w/o John Silsbee
SILSBEE Susan 1822 1837
SMITH George 11 Jul 1850 56yr 3mo 26da
SMITH Elizabeth 17 Mar 1868 72yr 11mo w/o George
SMITH Lydia 11 Jul 1847 15yr 9mo 6da d/o George & Elizabeth
SMITH Silyvia 18 Sep 1840 d/o George & Elizabeth
SMITH Amos 27 Jan 1896 19yr 9mo 27da s/o George & Elizabeth
SMITH Benjamin Sep 1858 80yr
SNOW Ebenezer 18 Sep 1850 69yr
SNOW Martha 19 Oct 1802 20yr w/o Ebenezer
STONEMELS Elizabeth 31 May 1841 41yr 9mo w/o Jacob
TETER Polly 8 Jun 1861 16yr 5mo 27da w/o Andrew
TIBBETTS Phila A. 4 Sep 1851 51yr w/o Isaac Tibbetts . "I would not live always"
TOMPKINS Wm E. 20 Dec 1867 35yr 3mo 11da
TOMPKINS Elizabeth 29 Jan 1866 55yr 7mo 12da w/o Nathaniel Tompkins
TOMPKINS Berman W. 27 Sep 1850 5yr 10mo 15da s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth
TOMPKINS Walter C. 6 Aug 1841 3yr 3mo 3da s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth
VANTASSEL Lorinda 27 Feb 1862 33yr 2mo w/o John VanTassel
VANTASSEL Wirum  19 Sep 1818 23yr 2mo
WISE Sarah 23 Jul 1834 38yr 3mo 9da w/o Stephen Wise
WOOLCOTT Washington 25 Sep 1843 2mo 2da s/o Frederick & Pontlus Woolcott

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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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