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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1979 

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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Shoemaker Cemetery
Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd
Read on October 22, 1979.

    The private Shoemaker Cemetery is located in the southwestern part of the Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York.  It is on the east side of  Shoemaker Road on a rise of ground in the edge of a sparse woods 6/10’s of a mile north of the intersection of the Rumsey Hill and Shoemaker Roads, being situated about 1,000 feet from the dirt town highway.
    The burial ground, laid out on what was the Shoemaker Farm, is about 50 feet square and enclosed by a cyclone fence with an unlocked gate.  A few trees grow within the cemetery which is blanketed with a lush green cover of ground pine.  The plot is free of brush, weeds or high grass, although it is doubtful that it receives any special attention.  A few old stones lie on the ground, but all remaining markers are in excellent condition.  To reach the site it is necessary to descend from the road near the B. Prucka residence (the old Shoemaker farmhouse) to a small marshy stream bed, cross the stream, and climb a gentle slope to the woods, walking northward through the trees for approximately 200 feet.  Due to the foliage, the cemetery cannot be seen from the road during the summer months, but is visible during the remainder of the year.  There is no indication of any unmarked graves.
    The data on all tombstones was copied by Joseph & Doris Boyd on October 22, 1979.  Information in brackets does not appear on the markers, but has been added for historical interest.  Also, in some cases, the surname has been added for wives and sons and daughters for clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
SHOEMAKER CHARLES 02/01/1832 9/18/02   "Father" (He was a farmer with 96 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
SHOEMAKER ANN OLIVIA       "Mother" 1837-1924. (Family records state that her maiden name was RUMSEY.)
SHOEMAKER EMMA 04/29/1866 08/10/1868 2y 3m 12d Daughter of CHARLES & ANNOLIVIER SHOEMAKER. (The mother's given names are shown as they appear on the tombstone.)
SHOEMAKER FRANK J. 07/03/1874 07/12/1877 3y 9d Son of CHARLES & ANNIE O. SHOEMAKER.
SHOEMAKER CLYDE 12/22/09 2/18/10   Son of K. & N.B. SHOEMAKER. (Family records state the father's given name was KNAPP and the mother's was NELLIE.)
SHOEMAKER HOWARD 02/17/1893 03/21/1893   Son of ALLEN & MARY SHOEMAKER. (Family records state that the mother's maiden name was ARGETSINGER.)
SHOEMAKER LUELA 10/29/1895 02/28/1896   Daughter of ALLEN & MARY SHOEMAKER.
SHOEMAKER ISAAC 09/28/1799 03/16/1874 74y 5m 16d (The tombstone lays face-up on the ground. In 1868 he was a farmer with 50 acres in the Town of Van Etten.)
SHOEMAKER MARIA  01/17/1810 06/18/1890 80y 5m 1d  
          Next to the above is a large modern family marker containing the following:
SHOEMAKER ISAAC       1799-1874
SHOEMAKER MARIAH       His wife - 1810-1890. (Her given name is spelled as it appears on the stone. Family records state her maiden name was OSBORN.)
SHOEMAKER CATHARINE J. 09/02/1850 02/06/1853 2Y 5m 4d Daughter of ISAAC & MARIA SHOEMAKER.
SHOEMAKER ISADORA 02/27/1862 01/15/1863 10m 19d (Tombstone lays face-up on the ground next to memorial to CATHARINE J. SHOEMAKER.)
SHOEMAKER ORIN D. 1853     (No death date. Family records state he died in 1929.)
SHOEMAKER RACHEL A. 01/06/1846 3/16/11   ((Family records state she was a sister to ORIN D. SHOEMAKER.)
WEEKS ELAM 04/17/1805 03/18/1853 47y 11 m 1d  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/12/99
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  07/12/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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