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Searles Cemetery, Town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York 1976
Read By : Joseph C. & Doris W. Boyd on April 10 1976
ReTyped by Barbara COMSTOCK Coy

Photo by Sharon Denson Oct 2008

This cemetery is located in the Town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York, on County Highway #60, a short segment of former Route #17. It is situated 1/10th of a mile north of the south intersection of this road on a gentle slope about 200 feet distant in a dank, dark woods. The area is littered with tree branches and sparse brush and is rather depressing. Seventy-five years ago the area was open fields with fruit trees. Evidence of an approach lane can be seen.

The burial plot measures about 50 feet in length and 30 feet in width and is surrounded by a rusted wire fence with a wire gate, now on the ground. Two large trees grow within the enclosure. The ground is covered with flat field stones.

The data was copied by Joseph C. & Doris W. Boyd on April 10 1976, after they were guided to the cemetery by Mr. Tappan. The data In ( ) does not appear on the stones but has been added for clarity and interest. It was found in Ausburn Towner's "History of Chemung County", thus establishing the surnames of the given names on the shaft.

Searles Cemetery, Town of Ashland, Chemung County, NY.
Location: Oneida Road (County Route #60)- From route 17/86 East, turn left on to CR#60, old route 17, at the entrance to Sullivan's Monument.  Take first right on to Oneida Road (CR#60) and continue almost to route 17/86, about 1/10 of a mile.  You will see the Piatt Trading Post on the right side of the road and the Piatt house next door.  They are the last buildings on that stretch of Oneida Road east.  According to Mrs. Piatt, all that land (about 30 acres) from the top of Sullivan's Monument to the Chemung River originally belonged to the Searles family. A portion of the land on the mountanous side was deeded to Sullivan's Monument.

October 12, 2008, with the help of Mrs. Romie Piatt and her son, Reggie Piatt, who guided me to the Searles Cemetery, I was able to get the GPS readings for the Searle Cemetery, and locations for the Searles house, barn and well.  All that remains of the house is the foundation and partial chimney.  The artesian well is still in use and supplies water to the Piatt house which is across the road.  The Piatt Trading Post was formerly the house of Hattie Elliott, a daughter of Alfred Searles.

The cemetery is a briar patch way back in the woods which I would not have found without the help of Mrs. Piatt and her son.  Many thanks to them for taking the time to guide me thru the dense thickets to the cemetery.  The information contained on the monument totally agrees with the information furnished on the cemetery page.  There is no longer evidence of a wire fence or gate.  The large trees have fallen and lay on the ground.  The ground is totally covered with vinca and briars.  There are two seperate markers, one bearing "Father" and the other "Josephine." No further information on these two markers.  See attached photo of shaft tombstone which contains all the names and dates on three sides.  Back side is blank.
Sharon Denson

House                                     Barn                             Well                        Cemetery
N 42 - 02610                            N 42 - 02634                N 42 - 02649             N 42 - 02691
W 076-44394                           W 076 - 44359             W 076 - 44356           W 076 - 44361
Elevation - 928.73 feet              Elevation -1029.6 ft.      Elevation - 1065.0 ft    Elevation - 1080 ft

Family Photo 1887

Surname First Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Notes/Inscriptions
Searles Josephine 1849 1890
(dau of Alfred & Sarah Searles. She has a separate headstone)
Searles Milton 1855 1864
(son of Alfred & Sarah Searles)
Searles Forrest 1857 1864
(son of Alfred & Sarah Searles)
Searles Alfred 1820 1896
(Born May 1, 1820 at Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, Ny, the son of John & Abigail Bell Searles of Orange County, NY. During the Civil War he served as a master mechanic on bridges & mills & did carpenter work, his headquarters being at Nashville, Tenn. He has a separate headstone)
Searles Sarah 1823 1901
(wife of Alfred Searles, and daughter of Amos & Ruth Baker)
Elliott Charles 1855 1929
(he married Hattie, daughter of Alfred & Sarah Searles. She is probably buried in the cemetery, but there is no headstone or data on the shaft monument)

Chemung County NY

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