Sagetown Cemetery, Town of Southport, Chemung County, NY
1973 Boyd Listing
Chemung County NY
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Photo  by Joyce M. Tice  31 DEC 2003
Sagetown Cemetery Obituaries

Name of Cemetery: Sagetown
Read By: Joseph and Doris Boyd
Date Read: September 15, 1973
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2000
Typed By: J. Mitchell Nichols
Location: Greenville, SC
Other comments:

Sagetown Cemetery

The Sagetown Cemetery is situated in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York, in the extreme southwest portion of the county and only one half mile form the Steuben County line.  It is located on the west side of  County Road 36, (Dutch Hill Road) and is one tenth of a mile from that road?s termination with New York State Highway 225, the latter running east and west.

The burial ground is located on a rise of ground about 50 feet from the road and is approximately 200 feet by 175 feet in size.  The tombstones are widely spaced, indicating there may be numerous unmarked graves.  Flower vases and crocks indicate grave locations, as do depressions in the ground.  One vase sets infront of a clump of sawed stumps of an aged bush, but there is no tombstone.  Some tombstones bear only the words 'Father' or 'Mother' but no data concerning whose graves they mark.  Some shaft type monuments have been tipped from their bases and lay on the ground. One badly eroded white tombstone leans against the trunk of a small tree and could not be read except for the following; _____, Ella C. died October ___, 1861.  Another marker lays face down in a clump of bushes and cannot be lifted to be read.  The southwest corner of the burial ground is covered with very thick brush and weeds, dead and decayed wood, leaves and grass.  The responsibility of caring for the cemetery rests with the highway department of the Town of Southport.

There is a large field stone tombstone with no data lying on the ground in the extreme southwest corner of the cemetery.  A small American Flag was stuck in the ground next to it.

The following data was copied by Joseph C. and Doris Boyd on September 15, 1973, with some data from a Kinner Record.  In the cases of some wives, sons, and/or daugthers, the surname has been added for clarity.

Typed by J. Mitchell Nichols Greenville, SC
January 7, 2000
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bailey Joseph Lafayette 9/18/1851 6/9/1905

Bailey Georgie W.
1/27/1879 5 wks Son of J.L. & Adelaide Bailey
Bailey Olin C. 1876/1877 2/6/1879 2y Son of J.L. & Adelaide Bailey
Balling Edwin 1865 1944
Balling Esther 1883

Balling Esther

Balling Harry 6/17/1874 7/29/1874 1m 12d son of Henry & Mary Balling
Balling John C. 3/19/1810 9/19/1887

Balling Sarah 9/3/1818 2/15/1892
wife of John C.
Balling Hattie S. 3/1858 4/23/1866 8y 1m daugther of John & Sarah Balling
Beeman Charles 3/31/1869 8/17/1870 1y4m17d son of Oliver H. & Catherine A. Beeman
Beeman Clara E. 12/6/1871 2/19/1881 9y2m13d daugther of Oliver H. & Catherine A. Beeman
Bois Harmon H. 1837 1898

Bois Pattai Ackerman 1836 1901
wife of Harmon H.
Brewer Emery O. 4/26/1882 5/14/1883 1y 18d son of Nathan & Harriet Brewer
Brightmaier John  3/2/1828 10/2/1903
Company I, 9th New York Artillery
Brightmaier Catherine 5/31/1828 5/6/1895
wife of John 
Brightmaier Lizzie J. 4/13/1867 12/10/1867
daughter of John & Catherine Brightmaier
Brink Hiram

Company B, 52nd Pennsylvania Infantry

infant daughter of H.C. & Dora J. Campbell
Campbell Dora J. Corwin 1872 1903
wife of H.C. Campbell
Criss Eugene D. 1879 1934

Criss Lenah M. 1879 1931

Criss Herbert L. 2/15/1909 9/4/1909

Criss Philip Lee 1942 1943

Darmsteadt Mary C. 6/17/1848 4/12/1899
wife of Adam Darmsteadt
Drake William 1882 1925

Drake Gertrude 1883 1925

Elwell Horace D. 7/4/1857 10/16/1887


Large marker with no names or dates next to H. Elwell tombstone
Faulkner John Steward 3/12/1868 8/1/1962

Faulkner Lillie May 9/23/1868 10/28/1943

Faulkner Ralph E. 3/27/1909 4/11/1909

Henderson Charles E. 1857 1932


Next to Charles Henderson tombstone with no name or dates
Henderson Cornelus 9/13/1834 12/17/1902

Henderson Sarah 4/16/1838 10/7/1917
wife of Cornelus
Henderson Hattie  12/1862 3/27/1864 1y 3m daugther of Cornelus & Sarah
Henderson George 1/27/1873 9/29/1932

Henderson Ruth E. 1903 1955

Hill Anna E. 5/8/1838 7/17/1896
wife of Addison
Hill Addison 1834 1906

Kelly Joey 4/16/1872 9/17/1879 7y5m1d
Kinnan Edwin S. 5/30/1866 9/8/1868 2y 3m 8d son of Harvey & E.J. Kinnan
Kinnan Joseph  1806/1807 5/30/1875 68y Data from Staver Record, 1932. No tombstone found in 1973
Menge Melchior 9/29/1824 12/6/1862 38y 1m 4d Tombstone is face down in thick bushes
Oelschlaeger Gottfried 5/28/1820 3/8/1865
Company E, 107th Regiment, New York Volunteers
Oelschlaeger Elizabeth 10/10/1819 2/10/1890
wife of Gottfried

Infant with no dates
Oelschlaeger Selma J. 6/8/1846 9/26/1863 17y 3m19d Daugther of Gottlieb & Elisabeth Oehlschlaeger
Oelschlaeger Eugene F. 9/16/1860 10/6/1863 3y 20d Son of Gottlieb & Elisabeth Oehlschlaeger
Oelschlaeger Charles W. 1855

Oelschlaeger Ruth A. 1861

Oelschlaeger Gustaves J. 12/18/1847 10/15/1905

Oelschlaeger Leon 4/16/1896 1/6/1898
Son of Charles & Jan Oehlschlaeger
Oelschlaeger Olney 10/7/1885 1/21/1901
Son of Charles & Jan Oehlschlaeger
Palmer James 1819/1820 8/19/1887 67y
Palmer Quincy 1/27/1850 11/23/1864 14y9m27d
Palmer Sarah E. 9/29/1852 11/15/1864 12y1m17d
Palmer Susie E. 11/22/1859 11/15/1864 4y11m24d
Palmer Maggie J. 2/8/1864 12/11/1864 10m 3d
Peahler Justina 1799/1800 3/20/1867 67y wife of George Peahler
Racklyeft JNO.

Company F, Infantry New York L.A.
Racklyeft Eliza 3/12/1847 3/24/1893
wife of John Racklyeft. Maiden name Balling

no dates or name on the tombstone. infant daugther of John & Eliza
Savey Ada M. 1877 1959

Savey Burt L. 1878 1951

Schneck Willie F. 4/3/1883 3/14/1892 8y11m11d son of H.A. & M. Schneck
Schneck York E. 9/1889 4/29/1892 2y 7m son of H.A. & M. Schneck
Snowburg Russell D. 1904

Snowburg Lucy E. 1896 1951

Stewart Nathan 1856 1924

Stewart Arminda 1858 1927
wife of Nathan
Strock Sarah 1884 1929

Weaver John M.  3/14/1845 2/11/1885 39y10m28d
Whitford James 1830 1907
Company L, 24th NICG N4
Wilkins Edward C. 1866 1946

Wilkins Jennie M. 1869 1952

Wilkins Nelson C. 1/21/1889 2/2/1889
son of J.M & E.C. Wilkins
Wilkins Lewis J. 1886 1921

Wood Freeman E. 4/30/1861 4/27/1906

Wood Ambrosia T. 7/19/1862 5/4/1906
wife of Freeman
Wood Howard
Private, NY 155th Depot Brig.

Next to H. Wood is a broken stub dark fieldstone tombstone. An Odd Fellows Org. flag holder beside it 
Wood Nathan

Wood Martha J. Appleton 1830 1900
wife of Nathan
Wood William 1867
90y8m2d No death date listed. Kinner Record states he died 2/8/1958
Wood Ida 1864 1927
wife of William
Wood Robert 1898 1899

Published On Site 1/16/2000
By Joyce M. Tice