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 Read by Doris & Joseph Boyd in 1975

Typed by Ruth BRYAN Coffelt

Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 10, 1999

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Rumsey-Getman Cemetery
Read by Joseph C. and Doris Boyd
Read on August 30, 1974

   The Rumsey-Getman Cemetery is located on the east side of the Jay Rumsey Road in the Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York.  A good dirt highway, this town road starts on the black topped Rumsey Hill Road, loops around to the east, and terminates on the hard surfaced road a mile to the north.  The burial ground is situated 4/10ís of a mile from the south end of the dirt road and 6/10ís of a mile from the northern end.  It is enclosed by a wire fence and many old trees.  Other large trees grow within the cemetery, which is upon rising ground and measures about 175 feet in width and 125 feet in depth.  It receives more-or-less regular care and there are no weeds or unsightly brush.  A few tombstones are broken and some funeral directorís plaques are unreadable.  There is evidence of a number of unmarked grave sites (sunken ground, a dozen darkened stubs of stones, etc.) and much open space which may or may not contain graves.  The cemetery is in current use with wooden stakes marking available plots.
    Some unmarked graves were located in a record of the cemetery made by Margaret Rumsey in 1970 and are included in this record, each entry being so noted.
   The following record was made by Joseph C. and Doris Boyd on August 30, 1974.  All tombstones were read.  Data in brackets does not appear on the tombstones, but has been added for historical interest.  The surnames of some wives, sons and/or daughters have been added for clarity.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
ALLBEE Lelia C. RUMSEY 1870 1901   Wife of A. ALLBEE. (This epitaph appears on the SARAH RUMSEY tombstone. See LELIA C. RUMSEY.)
ALLBEE Lional M. 1849     (No death date.)
ALLBEE Mary Jane 1856 1926    
BENJAMIN Frank       (No tombstone. Rumsey Record, 1970)
BENJAMIN John 1/10/1822 6/17/1886    
BENJAMIN Lucy 10/10/1874 8/7/45 70y 9m 28d (No tombstone. Rumsey Record, 1970)
BENJAMIN Millie 1853 1936    
BIRNEY Genevieve       (See entry for Genevieve BIRNEY RUMSEY.)
BLAUVELT   12/08/1885 01/25/1886   Infant son of C.H. & V.A. BLAUVELT. (Tombstone is loose in the ground with some erosion.)
COLLINS Arthur E. 1875 1923    
CONKLIN Stella FIELD 1885 1930    
COOPER Charles A. 1856 1923    
COOPER Dell 1852 1912   Wife of Charles A. COOPER
COOPER Fanny M. 1827 1896   "Mother"
COOPER George W. 1860 1938    
COOPER Hattie A. 1879 1938    
COOPER James K. 08/20/1845 5/19/17    
COOPER Hattie  09/13/1839     Wife of James K. COOPER. (No death date.)
COOPER Mary Ann       See Mary Ann COOPER MATTESON
DONALD William F. 1893 1923    
FIELD Horace 1860 1923    
FIELD Hattie H. 1864 1959   (Her birth name was HARVEY.)Hi Joyce,   Thank you for all the hard work and time spent on your site.  It truly is a wealth of information that is fascinating to go through.  I do want to let you know that on this page    under Hattie Field  her birth name is listed as Harvey.  I do not believe this is accurate. Hattie was my great grandmother and she was married to Horace Fields.  Her father was David Matteson and her mother was Anna Jane Treat.  The alias of Harvey came in when she (Hattie) married Frank Harvey late in life.  Her birth name should be Matteson.  Again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   Sincerely, Tamie Marian 
FOOTE Mary A. 1857 1911    
FURMAN Albert  09/22/1852 03/01/1854 1y 5m 7d  
FURMAN Jackson 11/30/1853 04/03/1854 4m 4d Sons of Horace & Lavina J. FURMAN. (A double tombstone which is stuck in the ground behind its base.)
GEORGIA Susan H. 02/06/1851 04/24/1875 24y 2m 18d Wife of Bennet U. GEORGIA. (Tombstone lays on the ground in two pieces.)
GETMAN Christian 01/13/1800 07/09/1874 74y 5m 26d  
GETMAN Nancy 04/27/1806 05/09/1880 74y 12d Wife of Christian GETMAN. (Tombstone broken into three pieces and piled on the ground.)
GETMAN Peter J. 1841 1906    
GETMAN Amelia 1848 1899   Wife of Peter J. GETMAN.
GETMAN Effie 1886 1887   Daughter of Peter J. & Amelia GETMAN. (A shaft type monument.)
GETMON Thomas S. 12/18/1852 05/02/1884 31y 4m 14d (Note spelling of the surname. Tombstone is eroded.)
GREEN Ervin 05/11/1880 3/13/00    
GREEN John W. 1854 1923    
GREEN Florilla 1855 1937   Wife of John W. GREEN. (A shaft type monument.)
GREEN Otie 12/12/1865 06/03/1879 13y 5m 22d Son of John W. & Florilla GREEN.
HARVEY Hattie       See entry for Hattie H. FIELD.
HICKS Jesse 1874 1948 73y 7m 7d (The Rumsey Record 1970, states he died on 03/19/1948, making his birth date 08/12/1874.)
HICKS Minnie 1873 1948 72y 1m 2d (The Rumsey Record 1970, states she died on 08/27/1948, making her birth date 07/25/1876, which is different than the year on the tombstone.)
HICKS Joshua 1848 1922    
HICKS Lucretia 1842 1930    
HICKS Nancy L.  04/22/1847 02/19/1853 5y 9m 28d Daughter of Josiah & Harriet HICKS.
LARISON Andrew J. 1892 1953    
LARISON Verna G. 1898     (No death date.)
LARISON Noami E. 3/7/21 10/16/22   "Our Little Girl" Daughter of A.J. & V.G. LARISON
LARISON Selden 1854 1905   "Father"
LARISON Mary Jane 1858 1923   "Mother"
LARRISON Lewis 1832 1909   "Father" Co. A, 97th Penna. Vol. Inf. (Note difference in spelling of surname as compared to others of the same surname.)
MAINE Henry R. 1834 05/11/1891 56y 11m  
MAINE Lucy S.       Wife of Henry R. MAINE. (No dates. A shaft type monument.)
MATTESON Gerald 1921     Son of J. & B.L. MATTESON. (Only date.)
MATTESON Melva L 1922 1923   Daughter of Jesse & Bessie MATTESON.
(MATTESON) Hattie       (No dates.)
(MATTESON) James       (No dates.) 
          (The two above are two small tombstones with no surnames standing next to tombstone for Melva L. MATTESON. They are assumed to be the children of Jessie & Bessie L. MATTESON.)
MATTESON Russell G. 05/06/1855 3/29/13    
MATTESON Mary Ann COOPER 09/01/1852 11/23/1898   Wife of Russell G. MATTESON. (She also has an individual tombstone on which the surname is spelled "MATTESON".)
REED Henry 10/28/1835 06/03/1897 61y 7m 6d Co. G, 171st Regt., Penna. Vol.
REED Julia A. 1844 1909   Wife of Henry REED.
ROBERTSON Nettie C. 1879 1968    
ROBERTSON Sadie C. 1900 1970    
ROBERTSON Stanley L. 1888 1956    
RUMSEY Andrew  1829 1903   (He was a farmer in the Town of Van Etten in 1868 with 70 acres.)
RUMSEY Debora 1836 1913   "Our Mother" Wife of Andrew RUMSEY. (A shaft type monument.)
RUMSEY Lucy D. 1862 12/22/1865 3y 7m Daughter of Andrew & Deborah RUMSEY.
RUMSEY Ann Elizabeth       See entry for Ann Elizabeth RUMSEY SWARTOUT.
RUMSEY Cynthia Jane 06/29/1843 10/6/12 69y 3m 7d (No tombstone. Data from the Rumsey Record 1970.)
RUMSEY Donald Earl 1919     (Only date.)
RUMSEY Genevieve BIRNEY 1920     (Only date. A modern tombstone which states they were married on 05/26/1945 and also lists three children: Ronald, Roger, Paul.)
RUMSEY George  01/20/1863 03/27/1863 2m 7d Son of J.J. & L.O. RUMSEY.
RUMSEY Isaac J. 1806 1899   (He was a farmer with 200 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
RUMSEY Charlotte D. 1825 1902    
RUMSEY Fred I. 1861 1917    
RUMSEY Hattie A. 1863 1940    
RUMSEY Jackson 07/14/1826 11/09/1882 56y 3m 26d (He operated a sawmill and was a lumber dealer in the Town of Van Etten in 1868.)
RUMSEY Infant 12/15/1851     Son of J. & M. RUMSEY. (Death date cannot be read due to severe erosion.)
RUMSEY Eliza J. 11/14/1852 04/17/1854 1y 5m 3d Daughter of Jackson & Mary RUMSEY.
RUMSEY Jay 1863 1922    
RUMSEY Mary 1829 1907    
RUMSEY Jeremiah 05/30/1834 4/28/10 75y 10m 29d (No tombstone. Data from the Rumsey Record 1970.)
RUMSEY Josiah 1865 1928    
RUMSEY Joshua L. 12/04/1798 04/31/1872 73y 4m 26d (An error was made in cutting his death date into the tombstone. April has only 30 days. He was a farmer with 300 acres in the Town of Van Etten in 1868. The tombstone is off its base and standing upright in front of same.)
RUMSEY Diana 02/08/1802 01/17/1866 63y 11m 9d Wife of Joshua L. RUMSEY.
RUMSEY Jeremiah 05/03/1843 11/08/1859 16y 6m 5d Son of Joshua & Diana RUMSEY. (Tombstone is eroded.)
RUMSEY Jesse W. 04/23/1834 03/25/1853 18y 11m 2d Son of Joshua & Diana RUMSEY. 
RUMSEY Sarah H. 1843 1915    
RUMSEY Lelia C.  1870 1901   Wife of A. ALBEE. (See entry of Lelia C. ALBEE.)
RUMSEY Simeon B 8/11/12     (Only date). Pvt., 141st N.Y. Inf.
RUMSEY Willis 07/09/1866 10/5/12 46y 2m 26d (No tombstone. Data from the Rumsey Record 1970.)
SWARTOUT George 10/20/1836 5/1/18    
SWARTOUT Anne Elizabeth RUMSEY 09/18/1840 4/25/24    
SWARTOUT Emma O. 11/22/1860 12/03/1861 1y 8d Daughter of George & Anne E. SWARTOUT.
SWARTOUT Flora Nettie 1871 02/23/1873 1y 5m Daughter of George & Anne E. SWARTOUT.
WALKER Harriet 1875 1967   (No tombstone. Data from a funeral director's plaque marking the grave.)
WEEKS Carrie 1858 1900   "Mother"
WEEKS Joseph 07/02/1867 09/30/1894 27y 2m 28d  
WEEKS Francis C. 1877 1919 "Mother" Wife of Joseph WEEKS.
In a message dated 5/20/2007 8:48:23 AM Eastern Standard Time, Krumsl writes:
I perused your web page on the Rumsey-Getman cemetry.    I wish to correct the name of Margaret Rumsey who did extensive genealogy on the Rumsey family.  Her name was Frieda Marguerite Rumsey, who was known as Marguerite.  It is interesting to see everyone listed in the cemetery, as Marguerite was my husband's aunt.

Karen Rumsey (wife of Ronald, daughter-in-law of Donald and Genevieve Rumsey).

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  08/29/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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