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Name of Cemetery:  Rosstown A.K.A. Christian Hollow Cemetery
Read By: Joseph C. Boyd
Date Read:  April 3, 1974
Typed By:  J. Mitchell Nichols
Location: Town of Southport
Other comments: See Also Additions from Obituaries by Kelsey Jones at Bottom of Page

Last Name
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
A.J.     1960 37y This is a home-made shale tombstone with crude lettering. The numerals "60" appear and may indicate a death year of 1960
Andrus Kenneth B. 1913 1970    
Andrus Esther E. 1918  
Bailey Sarah E. 1852 1930   A modern low market stone located on the David McCann plot
Buchanan Francis L. 1923 1945  
Brown Mary E.  10/25/1835 03/21/1911   Wife of DeWitt Brown
Cady Lewis W. 1914 1970    
Cady Norma E. 1915    
Carpenter Eugene 1846 1914    
Carpenter Abbie 1850 1911   wife of Eugene
Carpenter Marshall E.  1872    
Carpenter Lillian C. 1869 1906   His wife All above appear on a family market, but the latter three also have individual headstones
Combs Joseph 1846 1923    
Combs Abbie J. 3/22/1853 03/12/1909   wife of Joseph Combs
Comfort Edmund 1836 1902   Company I, 147th Regiment, NY Infantry. He was a practitioner of Indian medicine in 1868
Conklin Amos 8/3/1813 4/12/1888   Soldier, Company H, 14th Regiment NY Artillery. He was a farmer with 100 acres in the Town of Soutport in 1868
Conklin Amos, Jr. 2/15/1848 10/31/1871   Soldier, Company H, 14th Regiment NY Artillery.
Conklin Charles B.  1866 1914    
Conklin Clara L. 1869 1912   wife of Charles B.
Edwards Daniel Albert 4/19/1871 6/5/1881 10y1m17d son of Fredrick O. & Eunice Edwards. Born in PA and died in Elmira, NY
Edsall John B. 4/26/1823 12/5/1885    
Gates James D. 6/30/1830 11/17/1887 57y4m17d Soldier, Company B, 194th NY Volunteers. He was a farmer with 40 acres in the Town of Southport
Green George W. 1880 1909   Company E, 27th Regiment, US Infantry
Culver Ulysses 1869/1870 08/14/1903 33y 6m Erected by D. Brown
unknown         Next to U. Culver there is an unmarked shale tombstone.
Ham Darius D. 1841 1908   Company H, 50th NY Volunteer Engineers. He was a stump extractor in the Town of Southport
Ham Melva D. 1849 1921    
Ham   4/28/1871 5/17/1871   infant daughter of Darius D. & Melva Ham
Hinchman Amelia 1/28/1847 8/6/1876 29y6m9d died in Elmira, NY
Lewis Henry C. 1855 1912    
Lewis Cora Blanche 6/24/1892 1/5/1896 4y6m12d daughter of Henry & Belle Lewis
Lewis Lilly M. 5/5/1872 8/10/1872 3m 5d  
Lewis Charles H. 10/12/1823 2/27/1906   He was a farmer with 75 arces in the Town of Southport
Lewis Phebe Harkness 4/11/1832 3/7/1905   wife of Charles H.
Lewis Nora Belle 6/6/1872 1/5/1882   daughter of C.H. & Phebe Lewis
Lewis Lena I. 1891 1944    
Lewis Wilma E. 6/4/1917 7/8/1917    
Ligthizer Alvin W. 1891 1925    
Ligthizer James W. 1851 1938    
unknown         Next to J. Lightizer there are two small tombstones. One is unmarked shale.
Maycumber B.S. 7/1831 1/13/1865 33y 6m "Our Brother"
McNaney Ted 1884 1932   "Son"
McNaney Rose Perkins 1860 1952   "Mother"
McNaney George  9/10/1860 3/29/1900    
McNaney Owen 1883 1894    
McNaney Patrick 6/10/1812 3/23/1875    
Manwaring Anson 1830 1896   Company K, 6th NY Heavy Artillery
McCann David 1889 1939    
McCann Minervia E.  1885 1955   wife of David
Osborn George C. 6/30/1828 12/17/1876   34th Indep. Battery, NY Volunteers. He was a farmer with 40 acres in the Town of Southport in 1868
Osborn Sarah    1873    
Osborn Carrie Ann 2/24/1868 2/8/1873 4y11m15d Daugther of George & Sarah Osborne
Osborn William B. 2/13/1859 2/18/1892    
Patterson Robert 8/24/1816 8/24/1882    
Piatt Miles 1840/1841 9/18/1881 40y  
Piatt Amanda 2/1875 8/26/1877 2y 6m Daughter of Miles & A.E. Piatt
Piatt Nancy L. 8/1872 8/11/1877 4y 11m Daughter of Miles & A.E. Piatt
Ross D.       Shale tombstone with only the name carved in crude lettering.
Ross B. I.       Shale tombstone with only the name carved in crude lettering.
Ross Pheba R. 10/4/1836 1916    
Sitzer Seth 1841/1842 1/29/1904 62y Company D, 134th Regiment NY Infantry
Sitzer Sarah J. 1847 1918   wife of Seth
Sitzer Lucie May 12/12/1878 5/11/1880 1y4m29d  
Sitzer Elting 1868 1870    
Sitzer Harry 1875 1877    
Shers Joshua 1849 1901   Company C, 16th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Shers Martha J. 1838/1839 4/30/1901 62y wife of Joshua
Shaw Otis 1832 1902   Company E, 26th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
T. A.         Two crudely lettered shale tombstones stand side by side. They only contain initials and they
T.E.         may stand for the surname "Tobey"
Tobey Nate        
Tobey Mary E.         
Tobey Morgan        
Tripp C.M.        Crudely lettered narrow shale tombstone with only name and no dates
I have several obituaries for persons buried in Christian Hollow Cemetery that do not have markers, plus I have obituaries that give the full date of death where only the year of death is given on the marker. In most obituaries the cemetery is refered to as Christian Hollow Cemetery but in an occassional instance Rosstown is given. I will indicate below if my information comes from a marker or an obituary. I do have a few markers and dates listed that do not appear on the Boyd list already up on the website. Markers copied 1979 by J. Kelsey Jones. The list below only gives markers not copied by the Boyds, obituaries that give information that is not on the marker or further information, and clarification from the list already up on the website. J. Kelsey Jones 5/6/2000.
BAILEY Sarah E.   Dec 8     obituary
BOLD Mrs. Delaphine   2/16/923 71y   obituary
BROWN Mary Ellen   03/21/1911   wife of DeWitt C. obituary
CARPENTER Lillian   11/23/1906   Mrs. M. E. obituary 
CLARK         see Hazen  
COMBS Freda C.   05/14/1910 3 wks   obituary
COMBS Joseph   11/24/1904     obituary
COMBS Joseph 1846 03/13/1923 78y   obituary
COMFORT Arthur L.   10/21/1902 28y   obituary
COMFORT George B.   07/14/1907 69y   obituary
COMFORT Jacob J. 1860 01/31/1925     obituary
CONKLIN J. A.     37y   marker - obituary states Julia A. Decker Conklin wife of John Conklin died 2/14/1901
EDSALL Orilla   04/25/1900 78y   obituary
EDWARDS Daniel Albert   6/5/1881 10y 1m 17d son of Frederick O. & Eunice E. Elmira City Death Record - no marker - born Penn., died 515 Mt. Zoar St.
GATES James D.   11/17/1887 57y 4m 17d Co B. 194 NY Vols marker
GREEN George W.   03/08/1909 29y   obituary
HAM infant dau   5/17/1871 2 wks 5d dau of Darius & Melva marker
HAM Melva D. 1849 06/05/1921 72y   obituary
HAZEN Mrs. Mary Clark   03/28/1924 58y   obituary
HINCHMAN Amelia   8/6/1876 29y 6m 9d dau of Peter & Barbara Townsend Elmira City Death Record - no marker - born Southport died Jay St
LEWIS Cora Blanche   1/5/1896 4y 6m 12d dau of Henry & Belle marker
LEWIS Lilly M.   8/10/1872 3m 5d   marker
LIGHTIZER Alvin W. 1891 1925 34y son of James obituary
LIGHTIZER Amelia   05/21/1901 45y   marker - same marker as Elva
LIGHTIZER Elva   10/09/1901 19y   marker - same marker as Amelia
LIGHTIZER James Wilmot     86y   obituary
MANWARING Anson 1830 1886   Co R 6th NY marker - I copied 1886 versus 1896 on Boyd list on website (marker or original Boyd list should be consulted)
MAYCUMBER B. S.   1/13/1865 33y 6m   marker
McCANN David 1889 11/08/1939     obituary
OSBORN Carrie Ann   2/8/1873 4y 11m 15d dau of George & Sarah marker 
PIATT Amanda   8/26/1877 2y 6m children of M. & A. E. Piatt marker
PIATT Nancy L.   8/11/1877 4y 11m   same marker with sister Amanda
PIATT Miles   9/18/1881 40y   marker
ROSS B. F.         marker - I copied B. F. versus B. I. on the Boyd list
ROSS Charles H.   02/06/1931 94y born Waldokopal, Hessen, Germany obituary
ROSS Phoebe Culver   01/25/1916   wife of Charles C. obituary
SHERS Martha J.   04/30/1901 62y wife of Joshua marker
SITZER Lucie May   5/14/1880 4y 4m 29d daughter of Seth & Sarah Jane marker
SITZER Seth   01/29/1904 62y Co D 134 Reg NY Inf marker 
TOBEY Charles   05/22/1910   infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles d. Cleveland, Ohio returned to Christian Hollow obituary
TOBEY Mary E. 5/10/1842 6/3/1897     marker
TOBEY Morgan 3/8/1840 9/26/1897     marker
TOBEY Nate 4/18/1863 9/25/1897     marker
TOWNSEND         see Hinchman  
TRIPP E. M.         marker
TRIPP Mrs. George   12/3/1897     obituary
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