Civil War Prison Camp, Elmira, Chemung County, New York
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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War) 
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
TABLER Jesse 05/03/65 NC K,12th
TACKETT J.C. 04/25/65 NC H,5th
TALLAH J.J. 09/12/64 NC H,22nd
TALLAVAST Alex 04/04/65 SC B,20th
TALLEY H. 02/03/65 TN H,25th
TALLEY Timothy A. 12/10/64 AL E,1st,Art.
TALLEY W. Goode 02/04/65 VA K,12th
TANKERSLY John 03/24/65 AL F,6th
TARPLEY R. 01/13/65 TN K,7th
TATUM A.J. 03/13/65 NC H,36th
TATUM Silas E. 05/20/65 GA H,38th
TAYLOR A. 02/15/65 AL E,61st
TAYLOR A. J. 08/30/64 TN Cor.,A,1st
TAYLOR Blount 07/04/65 NC Sgt.,A,3rd
TAYLOR Cary 12/27/64 FL Jones Co.,1Res.
TAYLOR Charles S. 03/04/65 VA F,56th
TAYLOR David B. 03/04/65 NC F,57th
TAYLOR David C. 12/04/64 NC K,8th
TAYLOR E.E. 09/12/64 VA E,6th
TAYLOR J.J. 03/11/65 NC A,36th
TAYLOR J. J. 09/29/64 NC Sgt.,E,7th
TAYLOR Jacob 10/01/64 NC H,5th
TAYLOR James T. 02/16/65 NC K,40th
TAYLOR John 03/24/65 NC Sgt.,H,1st
TAYLOR Joy S. 12/25/64 NC Sgt.,E,41st
TAYLOR Marshall 08/29/64 NC A,37th
TAYLOR S.P. 08/20/64 AL D,8th
TAYLOR Samuel W. 11/12/64 GA K,64th
TAYLOR W.C. 02/26/65 TX H,34th,Cav.
TAYLOR William 06/02/65 NC G,8th
TAYLOR William W. 03/10/65 AL A,21st
TEACHEY William 08/15/64 NC G,51st
TEAFORD John H. 09/21/64 VA H,25th
TEAGUE O.S. 11/21/64 AL Jeff Davis,Art.
TEAGUE U.S. 04/25/65 NC E,37th
TEAGUE W.C. 02/01/65 SC E,6th,Cav.
TEEL G.W. 04/07/65 SC D,21st
TERRY Horton 11/13/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
TERRY Thomas D. 02/14/65 AL G,6th
TEW Alex 11/02/64 NC I,51st
TEW Jackson 10/22/64 NC I,51st
TEW James W. 12/02/64 NC I,51st
THIGPEN B. 04/19/65 NC B,3rd
THIVEATT S.N. 10/21/64 TN I,44th
THOMAS J.C. 12/07/64 FL I,5th Bat,Cav.
THOMAS J.H. 03/06/65 NC C,18th
THOMAS James 03/08/65 NC A,1st
THOMAS John A. 02/17/65 AR G,3rd
THOMAS Philip 10/01/64 SC E,5th,Cav.
THOMAS R.H. 06/13/65 VA G,34th
THOMAS Robert H. B. 10/16/64 NC Cor.,D,30th
THOMAS Silas 11/25/64 NC Cor.,K,47th
THOMAS W. 03/17/65 SC F,13th
THOMAS William N. 02/04/65 GA G,21st
THOMASON John B. 02/12/65 VA D,34th
THOMPSON Andrew J. 01/16/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
THOMPSON Francis M. 10/25/64 AL R,1st Bat,Art.
THOMPSON H. 10/21/64 SC G,23rd
THOMPSON H. 11/26/64 AL G,12th
THOMPSON J.A. 10/07/64 AL G,12th
THOMPSON J.C, 09/13/64 SC I,26th
THOMPSON J.P. 09/19/64 VA G,5th
THOMPSON Joel 03/29/65 GA D,24th
THOMPSON John D. 03/12/65 GA I,45th
THOMPSON Thomas J. 02/14/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
THOMPSON Thomas P. 12/16/64 AL D,13th
THOMPSON W.A. 11/20/64 GA G,7th,Cav.
THOMPSON William 09/29/64 VA B,48th
THOMPSON William F. 02/17/65 SC B,24th
THURSTON Benjamin F. 09/17/64 VA G,26th
THURSTON J.W. 02/17/65 SC D,4th,Cav.
TICE George W. 10/30/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
TIDD William B. 12/21/64 VA A,27th
TIMMONS John M. 12/16/64 SC I,18th
TINDALL Calvin 03/04/65 NC C,36th
TINDALL Roderick 12/05/64 TX A,1st,Cav.
TINER James 03/13/65 NC E,52nd
TINSBLOOM John L. 12/14/64 VA F,55th
TIPPIN T.S. 05/09/65 SC F,17th
TIPTON Charles G. 12/09/64 FL Sgt.,F,11th
TOBIAS John S. 02/23/65 SC I,25th
TODD Bryan 04/07/65 NC A,1st
TOLIVER Solomon 09/11/64 NC I,61st
TOMBERLIN Henry 10/01/64 GA E,49th
TOMLINSON Joseph 11/03/64 VA D,26th Bat,Rgt.
TOMLINSON Manson 09/19/64 VA H,4th
TOWLER J.R. 01/25/65 AL K,15th
TOWNSEND J.S. 01/21/65 NC A,23rd
TRACEY James A. 04/26/65 VA G,31st
TRAIL Peter 12/08/64 VA E,23rd Bat.
TREADAWAY Elijah 11/12/64 MS G,26th
TREADWELL H.B. 09/03/64 GA F,16th
TRIFFORD Henry 09/19/64 VA Cor.,B,6th
TROUTMAN W.H. 04/21/65 NC H,8th
TROXEL W.J. 01/16/65 TN B,1st
TROXLER William 09/25/65 NC A,53rd
TUCKER C. 12/11/64 FL A,Norwood's Miltia
TUCKER G.W. 12/09/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
TUNE Thomas 04/01/65 NC F,36th
TUNE W.S. 09/03/64 VA C,Young's Bat,1 Rgt.
TUNMIRE D.L. 09/14/64 NC B,37th
TURNER David W. 01/12/65 NC C,51st
TURNER Elisha 02/27/65 GA E,7th,Cav.
TURNER John 03/08/65 NC H,36th
TURNER Martin L. 09/17/64 VA D,44th
TURNER William H. 01/06/65 NC D,31st
TURNOR James G. 01/21/65 GA C,12th
TURR J.B. 03/10/65 NC K,10th
TUTEROW T.P. 01/23/65 SC M,7th,Cav.
TUTTLE David 03/07/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
TWIDDY Uriah 12/23/64 NC A,32nd
TYNER William 07/18/64 NC F,51st
TYSON George W. 03/06/65 NC F,22nd
UMBARGER James H. 09/14/64 VA G,4th
UNDERWOOD Benjamin F. 02/17/65 GA B,45th
UNDERWOOD F. 01/28/65 TN A,1st
UNDERWOOD Jesse 01/07/65 VA B,42nd
UNDERWOOD Jesse 02/04/65 VA H,60th
UPTON Robert 04/03/65 NC F,18th
VAIN C.R. 10/29/64 NC 1Sgt.,K,51st
VAN HORN Joseph 01/16/65 NC E,16th
VANCANNON William 07/07/65 NC Cor.,E,3rd
VAUGHAN Henry 07/15/64 VA E,47th
VAUGHAN Jasper N. 02/05/65 TN C,23rd
VAUGHAN Robert D. L. 02/25/65 GA H,24th
VEST S. S. 02/23/65 NC G,33rd
VICKRY M.A. 11/16/64 NC F,32nd
VILLEPIGUE C.L. 02/04/65 SC A,7th,Cav.
VINES Chesley D. 03/20/65 AL E,61st
VINES William Henry 12/02/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
VINSON David J. 03/16/65 NC F,10th
VINSON J.B. 11/29/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
VINSON P.J. 01/06/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
VINSON Uriah 03/19/65 NC I,10th
VOCELLE Augustus 03/21/65 SC F,25th
WADE Allen A. 03/02/65 NC D,3rd,Cav
WAGNER Andrew J. 12/29/64 TN D,44th
WAGNER J.W. 01/05/65 NC D,33rd
WAINWRIGHT John 11/18/64 NC A,3rd
WALDROP R. 10/05/64 VA G,25th
WALKER David J. 03/21/65 NC G,36th
WALKER Elisha 10/15/64 GA F,14th
WALKER Green 09/12/64 GA F,49th
WALKER Henry G. 01/01/65 NC Sgt.,D,42nd
WALKER Hezekiah 12/10/64 VA F,29th
WALKER J.D. 03/13/65 GA K,16th
WALKER J.R. 12/17/64 GA B,64th
WALKER J.S. 03/04/65 NC F,23rd
WALKER Joel H. 09/28/64 NC H,31st
WALKER John 01/30/65 GA B,7th,Cav.
WALKER John F. 10/07/64 VA H,25th
WALKER L. D. 01/14/65 AL Cor.,A,1st Bat,Art.
WALKER W. C. 03/20/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
WALKER William F. 04/19/65 SC K,Holcombe Legion
WALL John R. 09/20/64 NC C,24th
WALL Milton D. C. 11/23/64 GA E,24th
WALLACE Albert G. 10/08/64 VA H,44th
WALLACE Daniel 03/05/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
WALLACE H. W. 02/18/65 NC G,26th
WALLACE Robert 09/30/64 NC C,35th
WALSH Henry 04/18/65 NC K,63rd
WALSH Murphy S. 01/26/65 NC G,1st
WALSH William 09/24/64 NC Cor.,K,53rd
WALSTON Jarratt 03/15/65 NC K,1st
WALTERS A.M. 02/20/65 LA D,7th
WALTON T.M. 11/05/64 NC B,22nd
WAMBLE Albert 03/15/65 NC I,41st
WARBURTON M. 04/10/65 VA A,Richmond Hwtzrs
WARD Alfred C. 01/22/65 NC B,45th
WARD Andrew I. 10/02/64 SC G,27th
WARD Hardy 12/25/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
WARD James 01/18/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
WARD James H. 08/27/64 NC I,57th
WARD James M. 03/17/65 NC G,36th
WARD Lawrence M. 12/10/64 NC F,24th
WARD Lorenzo 05/10/65 NC A,37th
WARD Melvin C. 02/22/65 VA A,50th
WARD Oran W. 12/24/64 NC A,24th
WARD William J. 10/06/64 NC G,28th
WARRACH William R. 05/22/65 VA C,8th,Cav.
WARREN B. F. 01/29/65 VA C,5th,Cav.
WARREN Bluford 02/02/65 VA F,50th
WARREN L. L. 02/20/65 NC F,32nd
WARRING Robert 09/22/64 VA Citizen of VA
WARWICK W. H. 02/26/65 NC F,10th
WATERS A. V. 09/17/64 GA A,7th
WATERS T. W. 04/17/65 GA Sgt.,F,3rd Bat,S.S.
WATKINS J.M. 08/26/64 NC C,14th
WATKINS William B. 09/12/64 VA H,55th
WATSON N. S. 03/18/65 NC E,45th
WATSON Samuel D. 07/15/64 NC Sgt.,F,51st
WATSON William L. 02/27/65 AL C,61st
WAY George M. T. 07/25/64 GA G,38th
WEATHERBITE G. 09/25/64 GA I,38th
WEAVER E. 09/20/64 NC Citizen of NC
WEAVER John R. 09/05/64 VA K,21st
WEAVER W. H. 09/15/64 AL F,5th
WEBB Alvin C. 01/08/65 NC E,45th
WEBB Elias S. 02/09/65 NC E,52nd
WEBB Nathaniel 10/02/64 NC D,2nd
WEBB W. A. 09/14/64 GA D,7th,Cav.
WEBB William H. 12/09/64 VA F,26th
WECKLING F. 10/01/64 SC L,1st
WEEKS William H. 09/15/64 GA K,49th
WELCH James T. 11/16/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
WELCH John 03/02/65 NC G,40th
WELCH John F. 12/21/64 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
WELCH W.H. 05/01/65 AL F,1st,Art.
WELLONS William F. 02/08/65 GA D,64th
WELLS Jacob 02/15/65 NC D,36th
WELLS Lee S. 09/28/64 VA G,59th
WEST Alexander 10/17/64 NC I,23rd
WEST James 02/03/65 SC I,Holcombe Legion
WEST James M. 03/28/65 AL H,48th
WEST John W. 10/22/64 VA G,34th
WEST W. F. 03/02/65 VA Cor.,B,15th,Cav.
WEST Washington 12/09/64 VA G,4th,Art.
WEST William J. 04/09/65 NC I,36th
WESTBROOK William 03/10/65 LA F,3rd,Cav.
WESTMORELAND J.G. 12/10/64 SC I,Holcombe Legion
WESTON Richard 09/23/64 NC E,3rd
WESTREY R. 06/07/65 NC H,32nd
WETHERMAN Barth H. 12/12/64 NC I,28th
WHALEN Rody 10/04/64 SC H,27th
WHALLEN E. 10/22/64 NC I,26th
WHEELER  C. 05/03/65 NC D,36th
WHEELER  James E. 10/05/64 VA G,52nd
WHEELER  James F. 03/25/65 GA D,24th
WHISMAN James W. 01/12/65 VA A,50th
WHITE A. J. 01/13/65 VA B,21st,Cav.
WHITE C. J. 09/01/64 SC K,18th
WHITE E.M. 04/23/65 NC K,40th
WHITE Garnett 07/27/65 GA H,38th
WHITE George W. 01/09/65 GA D,12th
WHITE John T. 01/12/65 VA E,26th
WHITE Peter 12/23/64 GA C,7th
WHITE Robert 03/17/65 VA B,1st,Cav.
WHITE W. C. 11/19/64 GA A,Legion
WHITE W. S. 09/20/64 VA F,50th
WHITE William B. 03/19/65 AL I,59th
WHITE William J. 10/05/64 SC B,18th
WHITE William S. 10/02/64 VA A,20th
WHITEHART Willis 09/13/64 NC G,13th
WHITEHEAD Eli M. 04/10/65 NC F,36th
WHITEHURST William 02/02/65 NC B,32nd
WHITEMORE David H. 10/18/64 VA 25th
WHITTAKER B. F. 09/11/64 SC I,17th
WHITTAKER E.B. 02/19/65 AL Cor.,A,1st Bat,Art.
WHITTIKER Byrd 04/23/65 VA H,60th
WHITTINGTON S. E. 10/23/64 NC I,32nd
WHITTON Horace 10/02/64 GA D,4th
WICKER S.E. 09/14/64 NC D,57th
WICKLINE D. 02/22/65 VA A,26th
WIGGINS John C. 11/15/64 NC G,3rd
WIGGINS Leonard E. 02/07/65 NC K,20th
WIGGINTON Robert A. 12/10/64 SC A,1st,Rifles
WIGGS Haywood 04/08/65 NC K,43rd
WILCOX Reddin 11/28/64 NC E,51st
WILDER Benjamin 03/16/65 SC K,25th
WILDER L. 02/02/65 SC K,25th
WILES William 05/11/65 SC F,25th
WILEY Thomas S. 11/30/64 SC Cor.,D,17th
WILKINS  S. S. 08/01/64 NC C,51st
WILKINSON Samuel 01/30/65 NC B,18th
WILKINSON W. H. 02/16/65 NC E,32nd
WILLABY Solomon C. 10/07/64 GA H,44th
WILLETS J.L. 04/14/65 NC G,36th
WILLETS John J. 05/07/65 NC G,36th
WILLETS W.J. 03/04/65 NC G,26th
WILLIAMS A. W. 04/20/65 SC D,21st
WILLIAMS Alex 09/06/64 VA D,26th
WILLIAMS Anthony M. 01/06/65 VA I,11th,Cav.
WILLIAMS B. 01/11/65 GA K,Macon,Art.
WILLIAMS Gilbert 12/03/64 NC A,18th
WILLIAMS Harrison 11/07/64 GA A,35th
WILLIAMS J.A.. 04/22/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
WILLIAMS J.A. 09/17/64 NC B,31st
WILLIAMS J.H. 04/03/65 NC D,1st
WILLIAMS J.H. 02/04/65 NC C,45th
WILLIAMS J.W. 03/24/65 NC K,40th
WILLIAMS James H. 10/29/64 NC H,45th
WILLIAMS James H. 07/15/64 GA K,53rd
WILLIAMS James M. 01/18/65 VA F,29th
WILLIAMS James W. 01/19/65 NC G,45th
WILLIAMS Joel  03/04/65 NC E,36th
WILLIAMS John 10/28/64 NC E,2nd
WILLIAMS John R. 03/13/65 VA Page's Co.
WILLIAMS Rufus F. 10/19/64 VA Sgt.,D,26th
WILLIAMS Samuel 08/20/64 NC B,52nd
WILLIAMS Thomas H. 09/26/64 GA Sgt.,A,60th
WILLIAMS W.  10/01/64 SC M,7th
WILLIAMS Weldon 02/04/65 LA D,6th
WILLIAMS William B. 05/10/65 VA I,50th
WILLIAMS William W. 10/24/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
WILLIAMSON E. S. 03/14/65 NC E,36th
WILLIAMSON J. R. 02/15/65 NC E,36th
WILLIAMSON James 04/11/65 NC E,34th
WILLIAMSON James 03/15/65 SC B,21st
WILLIAMSON Joshua W. 06/21/65 NC E,36th
WILLIAMSON R.M. 12/31/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
WILLIAMSON Walker 10/10/64 VA G,4th
WILLIS Henry P. 08/20/64 VA F,30th
WILSON D.C. 03/22/65 NC E,41st(3Cav),S.T.
WILSON Daniel 12/09/64 SC B,7th
WILSON Frank M. 02/25/65 AL G,10th
WILSON George 04/07/65 VA B,11th,Cav.
WILSON Gray D. 09/23/64 VA B,42nd
WILSON I. W. 02/03/65 NC D,36th
WILSON J.B. 01/23/65 SC K, Holcombe Legion
WILSON Obadiah 03/24/65 VA Cor.,E,19th
WILSON R. L. 02/04/65 NC H,35th
WILSON Richard 02/11/65 MD A,1st,Cav.
WILSON W. C. 03/24/65 SC K,21st
WILSON Zeo B. 09/15/64 NC G,28th
WINGATE T.J. 09/12/64 FL K,2nd,Cav.
WINKLER A. W. 02/15/65 LA K,6th
WINKLER Abraham 03/05/65 TN D,7th
WINN H. 09/29/64 SC D,1st
WINSTON James H. 12/17/64 LA E,20th
WISE  William 11/04/64 TN B,14th
WISEMAN J.C. 06/23/65 AL H,6th
WISHER J. 05/18/65 SC C,17th
WITHERS James D. 09/26/64 NC I,1st
WITHROW James W. 02/25/65 VA H,25th
WOFORD Thomas 03/17/65 SC F,13th
WOLF D.W. 03/01/65 SC G,25th
WOMACK H. N. 04/21/65 NC K,5th
WOMACK L.H. 04/09/65 TN K,44th
WOOD E.M. 01/20/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
WOOD Ferney 11/04/64 NC B,56th
WOOD M.A. 12/26/64 SC C,22nd
WOOD Miles 02/21/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
WOOD W.H. 05/23/65 VA B,15th
WOOD William F. 10/24/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
WOODALL Samuel 11/21/64 VA H,42nd
WOODARD Abram 03/25/65 VA B,48th
WOODARD John A. 02/07/65 NC H,36th
WOODHAM I.A. 06/04/65 AL G,15th
WOODLAND J.H. 02/23/65 VA A,26th
WOODS David B. 12/28/64 VA F,25th
WOODS John R. 02/17/65 GA C,38th
WOODSIDE Isaiah W. 12/17/64 VA A,25th
WOODWARD T.J. 09/19/64 SC G,27th
WOODWORTH A. 11/26/64 VA G,15th,Cav.
WOODY R.L. 04/28/65 VA Cor.,B,15th
WOOLFE Charles B. 09/11/64 VA E,50th
WOOSLEY W.H. 11/06/64 NC E,33rd
WORD John 03/11/65 NC F,10th,Art.
WORKMAN James L. 01/22/65 NC K,12th
WORKMAN Sidney 02/01/65 NC G,28th
WORMINGTON James 03/17/65 NC H,8th
WORRELL A. 03/16/65 VA I,50th
WORRELL Irvin 02/10/65 NC F,10th
WORSHAM J.K. 02/24/65 SC I,25th
WORSHAM R.M. 04/08/65 GA H,60th
WORTHAM W.A. 02/13/65 VA G,4th
WREN  William 10/02/64 NC E,35th
WRENN James I. 09/17/64 VA Citizen of VA
WRENN T.N. 11/18/64 SC A,61st
WRIGHT David F. 10/18/64 AL Sgt.,B,61st
WRIGHT Henry 03/30/65 VA G,47th
WRIGHT J.M. 10/20/64 SC H,18th
WRIGHT J.P. 04/09/65 SC H,22nd
WRIGHT James L. 04/18/65 NC K,10th,Art.
WRIGHT W.T. 12/17/64 TN B,1st,Art.
WRIGHT William 09/20/64 NC F,6th
WYATT John W. 09/15/64 VA F,42nd
WYATT William M. 10/24/64 VA G,26th
WYNN Thomas D. 04/07/65 NC H,1st
YARBENY E.S. 07/17/65 AL E,13th
YARBOROUGH H. 03/10/65 LA Grave # 2860
YARBOROUGH T.Y. 04/28/65 SC B,21st,Art
YATES Daniel 04/03/65 NC H,1st
YORK Eli 09/16/64 NC A,53rd
YOUNG Harrison 09/17/64 VA D,24th
YOUNG James 04/05/65 AL E,1st,Art.
YOUNG James A. B. 08/15/64 SC G,1st
YOUNG Martin A. 03/01/65 NC E,6th,Cav.
YOUNG William F. 04/24/65 NC Cor.,H,3rd
YOUNGBLOOD Nathaniel M. 02/26/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
YOUNGBLOOD S. A. 03/08/65 SC D,14th
YOUNGER William 01/25/65 NC I,45th
ZEBE J.H. 10/24/64 SC E,11th
UNKNOWN 03/18/65 Grave # 1558
UNKNOWN Grave # 1814
UNKNOWN Grave # 2026
UNKNOWN Grave # 2049
UNKNOWN Grave # 2481
UNKNOWN Grave # 2482
Hi Joyce,
I know my ancestor is buried here at Woodlawn National Cemetery, but they have put the wrong initials on his gravestone.  What can be done to correct this.  He is listed with Washington Archives under Andrew Jackson Teague died 4-25-1865 in the Elmira Prison.  He was NC 37th Infantry.  My aunt had visited there some years back and told someone there that it was incorrect, that whoever buried him had him mixed up with another person for instance Ulysses S.  instead of Andrew Jackson.  What to do? Is there someone we can contact to fix this mix-up?

Debra S. Henefield,
Andrew Jackson Teague's ggggranddaughter 

Joyce - just a quick note here to say good job on your work there! (wow).  No, just doing a little quick looking (here and there)...ref. my GG-grandfather (Nathaniel B. Umbarger) who served in the south (30th Va Battalion Sharpshooters), was captured in the Battle of Washington DC July 64', and was shipped up there soon after.  Fortunately he did serve his time and was released at the war's end, returned home to SW Va, married and tood the free govt. transportation to NW Iowa where our family grew & began.  If you know of any info on Nathaniel B. Umbarger - and could be so kind to pass any of it on, it would be greatly appreciated........take care....keep up the good work.....Sincerely, Ted Umbarger / Tulsa, Ok.

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