Civil War Prison Camp, Elmira, Chemung County, New York
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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War)
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
QUARLES W.O. 10/01/64 AL H,3rd
QUICK James E. 03/07/65 NC QMSg,A,32nd
QUINN Jesse 04/18/65 NC QMSg,I,18th
RABB Benjamin F. 01/13/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
RAINS Henry 04/17/65 VA C,53rd
RAINWATER J. W. 10/21/64 SC E,4th,Cav
RAMSEY Benjamin E. 03/28/65 VA E,34th
RAMSEY William J. 11/09/64 AL G,41st
RANDALL Robert D. 02/12/65 GA D,2nd Bat,Inf.
RANDOLPH William T. 01/13/65 VA F,6th
RANEY J. R. 09/06/64 NC D,42nd
RANEY Mark 09/14/64 GA D,64th
RANKIN Anthony 04/18/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
RANKIN William 01/30/65 SC E,1st,Rifles
RAUTLEY Kenyon 02/10/65 NC K,40th
RAWLINGS J.J. 09/28/64 VA I,59th
RAWLS H. 05/27/65 NC G,3rd
RAWLS James L. 04/05/65 SC A,21st
RAY A.J. 07/10/65 NC Cor.,C,3rd
RAY Bruce A. 03/27/65 NC F,53rd
RAY Charles A. 08/04/64 VA K,22nd
RAY J.W. 03/21/65 TN H,17th
RAY R.M. 05/18/65 NC E,45th
RAY S. L. 09/02/64 TN F,23rd
RAY T. J. 01/03/65 TN F,23rd
RAY W. B. 11/01/64 AL F,14th
RAYMOND W.M 10/22/64 NC G,20th
RAYMOND William M. 09/08/64 VA H,6th,Cav.
RAYNER Henry W. 01/27/65 NC E,8th
REAMS Nathaniel 06/10/65 SC A,21st
REARDON John 09/13/64 VA C,2nd Rgt,Inf.
REASER Philip 07/15/64 VA D,26th Bat.
REAVES Edward 09/23/64 NC I,11th
REAVES W.L. 12/13/64 SC F,22nd
REDDING AIf 08/28/64 NC F,2nd
REDDY Andrew 05/07/65 VA D,50th
REEBE S. F. 04/13/65 NC G,36th
REED J. J. 08/30/64 SC C,4th,Cav.
REED James 02/15/65 NC H,21st
REESE M. 09/23/64 VA B,22nd
REEVES J.W. 03/26/65 NC D,36th
REEVES W. H. 01/29/65 NC F,2nd
RAGAN Jones T. 11/14/64 NC E,31st
RAGAN Neil 05/23/65 NC I,26th
RAGAN Sugar A. 11/29/64 NC B,30th
REID James 03/13/65 SC H,25th
RENALDE E.W. 04/26/65 NC K,40th
RENTFORD James 03/04/65 NC F,10th
RENTZ G.W. 12/29/64 SC K,11th
REULS J. W. 07/15/64 NC E,31st
REYNOLDS B. F. 11/14/64 SC C,22nd
REYNOLDS D. J. 05/04/65 VA F,22nd
REYNOLDS J.W. 04/09/65 NC G,36th
REYNOLDS John R. 03/29/65 NC A,30th
REYNOLDS Jonathan N. 11/28164 VA E,22nd
REYNOLDS William M. 03/05/65 NC H,35th
RHODEN W.W. 09/09/64 GA G,16th
RHODES William A. 10/29/64 NC E,31st
RHODES William B. 05/24/65 NC A,8th
RICE Henry H. 11/16/64 NC B,25th
RICE Thomas W. 08/27/64 VA C,58th
RICH Reuben V. 11/08/64 NC A,57th
RICHARDSON George P. 01/11/65 LA F,2nd
RICHARDSON Henry E. 10/05/64 VA C,Young's Bat,1 Rgt.
RICHARDSON J.H. 11/01/64 VA E,5th,Cav.
RICHARDSON L. M. 01/27/65 NC B,6th
RICHBOURG R. D. 04/24/65 SC I,25th
RICKMAN J.J. 09/02/64 NC B,18th
RIDDICK E. 02/07/65 NC F,33rd
RIDDLE Austin 08/27/64 TN C,2nd,Cav.
RIDDLE David C. 09/19/64 NC E,53rd
RIDGEWAY J. 04/06/65 SC I,25th
RIGBY J. 05/04/65 GA D,35th
RIGGAN J.S. 09/27/64 NC B,30th
RIGGINS R.G. 05/02/65 VA F,26th
RIGGSBEE Jones E. 09/15/64 NC D,15th
RIGNER John 03/25/65 TN A,1st,H.Art.
RILEY C. P. 11/26/64 NC C,3rd
RILEY Daniel 02/16/65 NC C,36th (2 Art),S.T.
RILEY Joshua F. 12/06/64 GA Cor.,H,26th
RILEY Judson 05/30/65 NC H,54th
RILEY Timothy 03/04/65 VA Bryan's Battery
RILEY W. T. 03/26/65 NC Cor.,C,24th
RINKE Jacob 12/11/64 AL D,5th
RIVERS James D. 03/16/65 GA C,26th
RIVERS Robert L. 09/20/64 GA I,13th
ROACH Charles B. 09/29/64 VA E,26th
ROAN William L. 04/13/65 VA E,5th,Cav.
ROBERSON Samuel 04/07/65 GA F,61st
ROBERTS John T. 04/23/65 GA F,38th
ROBERTS William H. 07/25/64 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
ROBERTSON Alex 09/14/64 NC F,37th
ROBERTSON Jesse 02/19/65 NC F,10th
ROBERTSON N.P. 11/26/64 NC H,1st
ROBERTSON William 03/07/65 NC F,10th,Art.
ROBIN John 03/07/65 VA A,26th
ROBINS Silas 12/24/64 NC B,52nd
ROBINS W.W. 03/22/65 NC C,36th
ROBINSON Allen J. 11/08/64 SC I,17th
ROBINSON G.H. 09/25/64 NC E,35th
ROBINSON Harrison 03/07/65 NC K,10th,Art.
ROBINSON J.A. 05/04/65 GA B,36th
ROBINSON J.E. 10/01/64 SC C,22nd
ROBINSON John S. 01/29/65 NC C,23rd
ROBINSON Julius C. 02/15/65 NC I,36th (2Art),S.T.
ROBINSON M.P. 02/18/65 NC H,36th
ROBINSON S.G. 09/24/64 GA G,7th,Cav.
ROBINSON William 03/10/65 VA D,42nd
ROBINSON William H. 01/30/65 NC K,30th
RODGERS Charles H. 01/30/65 VA E,4th,Miltia
RODGERS J.B. 01/28/65 NC E,30th
RODGERS John H. 01/22/65 NC D,30th
RODGERS Joseph 09/21/64 VA K,1st,Cav.
RODGERS Lewis 05/17/65 NC K,1st 
RODGERS T. C. 02/16/65 SC I,21st
ROGERS A. C. 01/23/65 GA Cor.B,7th,Cav.
ROGERS Daniel 10/11/64 LA C,14th
ROGERS G.  02/13/65 AL C,5th
ROGERS Henderson 03/03/65 VA A,50th
ROGERS James C. 03/17/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
ROGERS Sandford V. 10/31/64 SC C,22nd
ROGERS Stephen 10/17/64 NC F,61st
ROGERS W.J. 02/27/65 NC H,36th
ROLLAN A. H. 03/19/65 NC I,1st
ROLLINS O. 09/02/64 SC I,18th
ROMINES James 07/18/64 GA K,21st
ROOK Permain 04/03/65 SC K,21st
ROOK Samuel L. 01/16/65 SC A,27th
ROPER William 09/07/64 NC B,45th
ROSE James 10/16/64 VA E,37th
ROSE William H. 10/30/64 VA C,42nd
ROUBLEAU Emile 12/06/64 LA Sgt.,K,10th
ROUSH Henry A. 10/22/64 VA C,38th
ROUSSEAUX William 12/05/64 LA B,9th Bat Par,Rngrs
ROWE  Sidney H. 12/20/64 NC Cor.,A,12th
ROWELL J.V. 12/20/64 NC H,23rd
ROWLAND C. H. 10/02/64 NC C,8th
ROYAL Noah 02/02/65 GA E,Cobb's Legion
ROYAL W.M. 03/15/65 NC A,37th
ROYALS William B. 11/28/64 GA H,64th
ROZIER Evander C. 11/23/64 NC D,51st
RUDISIL W. V. 05/28/65 SC D,17th
RUDISILL G.A. 08/19/64 SC Cor.H,6th,Cav.
RUNKLE Charles 09/16/64 VA Cor.F,2nd
RUNRAGE William 10/03/64 NC F,5th
RUPPE W. W. 09/09/64 SC Cor.,K,Holcombe Legion
RUSS  William 04/08/65 NC Cor.,C,8th
RUSSELL D. D. 12/25/64 NC H,21st
RUSSELL J. B. 09/13/64 SC A,1st,Rifles
RUSSELL Joel 02/04/65 NC B,5th
RUSSELL John 03/04/64 NC G,40th,(3Art),S.T.
RUSTIN B. W. 08/19/64 GA H,7th,Cav.
RUTHERFORD John 03/25/65 GA I,35th
RYALS Joseph 09/17/64 NC I,61st
RYAN J. C. 09/17/64 NC M,16th
RYKARD J. H. 09/05/64 SC C,6th,Cav.
RYLANDER Joel F. 04/09/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
SADDLER Green 12/28/64 AL E,14th
SADLER William 01/19/65 NC E,20th
SAMKINS T. C. 07/15/64 GA C,2nd,Cav.
SANDERS B. T. 03/01/65 GA C,16th
SANDERS Stephen 09/14/64 NC C,42nd
SANDERSON Samuel 01/19/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
SANFORD J. 03/20/65 SC G,25th
SANFORD J.F. 07/15/64 NC A,44th
SANFORD William P. 02/14/65 AL E,61st
SANGFORD W. B. 07/15/64 GA K,16th
SAPP Lemuel 12/22/64 GA I,21st
SAPT F. W. 07/15/64 NC E,22nd
SARTIN A. H. 07/13/65 TN Sgt.,K,44th
SATTERFIELD Jacob 01/05/65 NC G,37th
SATTERFIELD L. H. 06/24/65 NC Sgt.,F,8th
SATTERWHITE John 03/19/65 AL A,21st
SATTERWHITE Philip 04/05/65 AL A,21st
SAUNDERS Aaron 02/03/65 NC H,45th
SAUNDERS E.M. 05/05/65 NC I,5th
SAUNDERS T. C. 02/16/65 SC C,15th,Cav.
SAUNDERS Vincent M. 10/08/64 VA K,50th
SAUNDERS W. R. 01/29/65 VA D,44th
SAVAGE Wesley 09/14/64 NC D,24th
SAWYER Charles 03/15/65 NC Cor.,A,32nd
SAWYER Edwin 12/16/64 VA B,6th
SAWYER John 03/26/65 NC I,32nd
SAWYER Simeon T. 01/05/65 NC Sgt.,A,32nd
SCHOCKLEY Williarn D. 09/14/64 AL B,Love's Bat,Cav.
SCHOLLS T. 03/07/65 VA I,26th
SCHULL Anthony 10/07/64 NC I,11th
SCOGGINS A. J. 06/22/65 NC Cor.,I,45th
SCOGGINS J.L. 03/09/65 TX I,23rd,Cav.
SCOGGINS John M. 12/26/64 GA C,64th
SCOTT Henry W. 02/13/65 NC I,21st
SCOTT John D. 09/12/64 GA B,35th
SCOTT T.M. 12/21/64 NC I,21st
SCOTT William H. 01/23/65 NC D,5th
SEAY Daniel 01/30/65 SC E,7th,Cav.
SECRIST Daniel 03/17/65 VA Cor.,I,10th
SECRIST L. A. 04/13/65 NC K,10th
SEEBERT Lanty L. 11/11/64 VA Cor.,I,25th
SEECHRIST James 05/10/65 NC I,14th
SEGARS Wiley 02/05/65 GA D,12th
SEIVERS William 11/24/64 LA F,15th
SELL  Andrew 02/16/65 SC K,21st
SELLARS William 02/10/65 NC D,36th (2Art),S.T.
SELLERS David 03/20/65 NC E,36th
SELLERS G.  05/21/65 NC D,36th 
SELLERS John 03/01/65 NC F,36th
SELLERS John 04/05/65 NC Sgt.,G,36th (2Art)
SELLERS John M. 03/20/65 NC G,36th, (2Art),S.T.
SELLERS John W. 05/14/65 NC G,36th, (2Art)
SELLERS W. R. 03/23/65 SC A,4th,Cav.
SELRODER S. 03/04/65 SC G,27th
SENTER John W. 01/03/65 VA D,36th
SESSOMS P. T. 10/12/64 NC H,55th
SEWARD R. 08/11/64 VA G,26th
SEXTON Alex 02/19/65 NC C,31st
SEXTON Joseph 01/15/65 NC A,37th
SHADLING J. N. 03/31/65 NC H,36th
SHAFFNER G.W. 03/15/65 VA F,53rd
SHANNON John A. 04/06/65 AL C,61st
SHARING J. D. 10/04/64 NC B,30th
SHARP P. B. 10/10/64 NC E,31st
SHAW Alex E. 05/08/65 GA E,3rd
SHAW Archibald 03/24/65 NC D,50th
SHAW F. E. 03/06/65 NC Sgt.,E,32nd
SHEA John 12/01/64 LA B,15th
SHEARER B. H. 08/11/64 SC G,7th,Cav.
SHEARIN H. L. W. 10/21/64 TN G,44th
SHEETS W. L. 02/12/65 VA K,2nd
SHEETZ Samuel 03/01/65 VA G,2nd
SHEFFEY William B. 09/02/64 VA D,4th
SHEFLER B. F. 03/26/65 VA D,46th
SHEFLET  B. F. 06/30/65 VA D,46th
SHEFLETT M. 02/27/65 VA D,46th
SHELBY W.J. 10/31/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
SHELFER E. K. 09/30/64 NC E,3rd,Cav.
SHELLER John 01/28/65 VA Sgt.,K,50th
SHELTON Alf 09/25/64 NC B,6th
SHELTON E. B. 09/21/64 VA Sgt.,A,40th,Cav.
SHELTON William H. 01/27/65 VA H,42nd
SHEPPARD D. 09/18/64 NC B,1st
SHEPPARD George W. 11/19/64 AL I,5th
SHERIFF Thomas M. 02/25/65 GA H,24th
SHERISH W. L. 02/16/65 SC C,4th,Cav.
SHERLOR J. 02/16/65 VA K,50th
SHERMAN John 10/03/64 VA B,18th,Cav.
SHERRILL N. 03/29/65 NC F,32nd
SHERRILL William P. 01/27/65 NC F,32nd
SHINARD John 04/06/65 VA I,14th
SHIPES Jacob 12/08/64 SC D,11th
SHIPP William L. 09/26/64 GA G,31st
SHIRER Henry 06/30/65 SC F,25th
SHIVER W. N. W. 12/01/64 FL A,1st,Res.
SHOCKLEY W.S. 02/05/65 GA C,18th
SHOE Constine 09/18/64 NC F,37th
SHOOK Henry 08/16/64 NC A,18th
SHORE Sanford 04/18/65 NC F,32nd
SHUMATE Daniel 01/06/65 NC F,52nd
SHUTTLESWORTH H. 04/09/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
SHYTLE A. S. 06/19/65 NC D,1st
SICHRIST Charles 10/06/64 VA B,2nd
SIDES C. D. 02/08/65 NC I,5th
SIGMAN Martin M. 11/14/64 NC C,28th
SILLS Levi 12/10/64 NC A,2nd
SIMMONDS Calvin 03/25/65 NC C,25th
SIMMONS E.J. 10/02/64 NC A,2nd
SIMMONS Elvin 02/17/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
SIMMONS H. 04/10/65 NC C,28th
SIMMONS J. F. 03/13/65 NC A,2nd
SIMMONS J. H. 02/24/65 NC C,36th
SIMMONS Jesse 03/22/65 NC D,20th
SIMMONS Joseph 02/18/65 VA B,Hood's Bat.
SIMMONS Joshua M. 03/03/65 NC A,18th
SIMMONS Malcolm L. 11/23/64 NC I,51st
SIMMONS Moses 09/14/64 NC G,20th
SIMMONS Peter 09/29/64 NC A,2nd
SIMPSON John F. 01/19/65 SC F,Holcombe Legion
SIMPSON W. A. 12/05/64 SC G,3rd
SIMS Miles 03/19/65 FL C,1st,Res.
SINGLETERRY C. 02/24/65 NC K,40th
SINGLETERRY J.T. 03/06/65 NC K,18th
SINGLETON F. M. 01/29/65 GA E,24th
SINGLETON George F. 03/30/65 LA HStw,6th
SINGLETON Obediah 12/26/64 VA Cor.,F,2nd
SINGLETON Samuel 02/28/65 GA H,4th
SIPE Jacob 01/05/65 VA Cor.,E,10th
SIZEMORE Aaron 03/01/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
SIZEMORE Edward 11/19/64 SC C,22nd
SIZEMORE William J. 03/21/65 NC B,40th (3Art)
SKINNER Benjamin F. 09/23/64 NC A,1st 
SKINNER Franklin 04/09/65 SC H,21st
SKINNER J. J. 01/01/65 GA I,16th
SLADE  William F. 01/01/65 AL A,21st
SLADER Henry C. 02/01/65 NC I,5th
SLATON John A. 11/27/64 VA F,58th
SMALL A. C. 12/07/64 SC K,26th
SMATHERS William J. 11/02/64 NC Sgt.,C,Thomas Legion
SMATLEY G.C. 07/15/64 GA C,Legion
SMITH A.G. 08/31/64 NC F,43rd
SMITH A.J. 09/05/64 SC F,Holcombe Legion
SMITH B. F. 05/03/65 SC E,11th
SMITH Bracey 09/20/64 NC G,51st
SMITH Chesley 06/23/65 NC A,36th(2Art)
SMITH Coleman 09/04/64 TN B,1st
SMITH D. 03/29/65 NC K,40th
SMITH E.H. 02/08/65 GA C,24th
SMITH E. P. 02/20/65 SC E,6th,Cav.
SMITH Edwin 02/08/65 NC I,36th
SMITH Elias 02/08/65 NC H,36th
SMITH Evan 04/02/65 NC K,28th
SMITH Fred 03/04/65 NC D,14th,H.Art.
SMITH Freeman 02/22/65 NC A,28th
SMITH General M. 01/31/65 GA D,26th
SMITH George 10/25/64 NC G,28th
SMITH George 02/04/65 TN F,63rd
SMITH Herbert M. 09/16/64 SC E,4th,Cav.
SMITH Isaac 11/02/64 AL H,44th
SMITH Isaac 09/17/64 AL H,6th
SMITH J. C. 05/11/65 GA Cor.,D,21st,Cav.
SMITH J.H. 10/27/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
SMITH J.J. 03/02/65 GA B,16th
SMITH J.W. 03/07/65 AL A,1st,Bat,Art.
SMITH J.W. 02/08/65 SC F,Holcombe Legion
SMITH J.W. 01/09/65 SC C,17th
SMITH James 12/27/64 LA A,Ogden's Bat
SMITH James F. 03/16/65 SC I,25th,Cav.
SMITH James H. 01/09/65 TN C,63rd
SMITH Jesse S. 02/01/65 GA K,9th
SMITH John B. 02/08/65 NC G,40th(3Art),S.T.
SMITH John D. 03/22/65 NC I,36th,(2Art)
SMITH John H. 02/14/65 VA C,51st
SMITH John H. 09/27/64 NC B,45th
SMITH John N. 04/09/65 NC K,28th
SMITH John O. 12/19/64 VA I,50th
SMITH John P. 04/10/65 NC I,36th
SMITH John W. 11/10/64 VA G,42nd
SMITH Nathan 02/24/65 NC A,36th(2Art)
SMITH Noah 02/26/65 VA E,42nd
SMITH Norman 03/12/65 NC A,1st
SMITH Osceola 12/12/64 VA H,40th
SMITH Peter W. 03/13/65 NC H,36th(2Art)
SMITH R.J. 02/27/65 SC F,25th
SMITH R. M. 11/16/64 SC B,4th,Cav.
SMITH S. H. 03/01/65 NC D,36th
SMITH S. N. 10/27/64 NC D,8th
SMITH Samuel A. 09/24/64 LA F,2nd
SMITH T. John 02/17/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art,
SMITH Thomas 02/08/65 VA B,30th Bat.
SMITH Thomas 10/13/64 VA Cor,B,42nd
SMITH W.M. 04/11/65 GA C,24th
SMITH W. T. 02/26/65 AL H,10th
SMITH William 01/31/65 VA H,22nd,Cav.
SMOKE H.E. 02/21/65 SC H,25th
SMYRE L. 03/06/65 NC K,46th
SNEAD James N. 02/22/65 GA E,3rd Bat,S.S.
SNELL Swain S. 04/04/65 NC G,1st
SNEPES John 02/20/65 NC G,40th 
SNODDY J. 10/28/64 SC C,25th
SNOW Delaware 09/19/64 VA D,46th
SNYDER J.H. 01/19/65 NC Citizen of NC
SOLES A. 04/08/65 VA C,44th
SOLES H.I. 12/31/64 NC C,18th
SOOTS Adam 03/01/65 NC C,3rd Bat,Art.
SOUTH E.C. 02/15/65 TN K,63rd
SOUTHARD Levi 04/06/65 NC A,28th
SOUTHERS James 11/14/64 VA C,51st
SPARKMAN W. P. 10/13/64 NC F,51st
SPARKS Charles B. 01/01/65 LA I,2nd,Cav.
SPARKS Hugh 09/11/64 NC C,13th
SPARKS Welcome U. 11/10/64 GA B,35th
SPEAR William 05/03/65 NC G,18th
SPELL David 03/24/65 NC C,36th
SPELL Hardy 02/13/65 NC C,36th
SPENCER J.J. 04/20/65 VA H,28th
SPENCER Jasper 11/28/64 SC G,18th
SPENCER John 02/10/65 NC D,36th
SPIVRY William 01/23/65 NC H,33rd
SPOTTS Jacob 12/28/64 VA F,1st,Cav.
SPRING W. 02/19/65 SC A,21st
SPRING William 03/11/65 GA D,64th
SPRINGS Aaron 03/11/65 NC H,3rd
SPRINKLE M. 10/04/64 NC I,18th
SPROUSE Jacob M. 12/30/64 VA L,31st
STACEY N. R. 03/07/65 SC K,18th
STACKHOUSE John W. 09/10/64 SC E,4th
STALLINGS Octavius 11/26/64 NC C,12th
STALLINGS Slade R. 03/10/65 NC K,10th(1Art),S.T.
STALLINGS William C. 01/29/65 GA B,45th
STALNECKED B. F. 10/07/64 NC H,7th
STARLING D.J. 04/12/65 NC G,33rd
STARNES David A. 10/18/64 NC A,18th
STRANES E. 01/12/65 NC H,30th
STATE Frederick 09/17/64 LA CD,14th
STAUFFER Napoleon B. 07/15/64 NC D,42nd
STEADMAN William 01/19/65 NC K,37th
STEAN Allen 02/17/65 SC F,21st
STENSON Joseph C. 12/11/64 AL Cor.,C,1st,Art.
STEPHENS J.A. 01/03/65 GA E,53rd
STEPHENS James E. 03/14/65 GA G,3rd Bat,S.S.
STEPHENS Jesse 02/15/65 TN  E,1st,Art.
STEPHENS Perry 02/19/65 SC G,27th
STEPHENSON Bennett 03/19/65 NC G,5th
STEPHENSON J.C. 08/27/64 NC G,37th
STEPHENSON J. E. 02/28/65 SC Holcombe Legion
STEPP Silas H. 01/02/65 NC C,6th,Cav.
STERLING G.P. 03/11/65 SC B,3rd
STEVENS E 02/23/65 SC I,21st
STEVENS J. E. 10/10/64 NC C,18th
STEWART A. 03/14/65 NC D,36th
STEWART Charles A. 03/14/65 NC Musn,A,36th(2Art),S.T.
STEWART Elijah 11/11/64 VA G,45th
STEWART J. 04/09/65 NC D,36th
STEWART J. J. 02/17/65 AL Jeff Davis,Art.
STEWART J. Martin 03/21/65 NC H,56th
STEWART J. W. 04/24/65 SC B,25th
STEWART James 10/05/64 NC C,35th
STEWART Samuel 04/04/65 SC B,21st
STEWART W. D. 09/16/64 GA A,38th
STEWART William B. 11/05/64 GA D,64th
STILL James T. 01/06/65 SC H,17th
STILLWELL William 11/16/64 VA I,22nd,Cav.
STINSON Elias D. 01/02/65 AL C,1st Bat,Art.
STINSON H.M. 05/17/65 NC I,31st
STINSON John W. 03/23/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
STINSON L. 02/11/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
STOCKDALE Henry T. 08/18/64 VA G,52nd
STOCKDALE William J. 07/09/64 VA G,52nd
STOKES W.J. 03/12/65 TN  B,1st,H.Art.
STOLLINGS J.W. 04/17/65 NC F,45th
STONE  William 09/10/64 NC I,13th
STONECYPHER John H. 09/25/64 GA Cor.,H,24th
STORGEAL J. 01/22/65 NC K,23rd
STORY B. F. 08/25/64 GA  A,7th,Cav.
STRAWBRIDGE W.J. 09/06/64 AL C,41st
STRICKLAND A. 04/23/65 NC E,36th
STRICKLAND Alex 02/18/65 NC E,36th(2Art)
STRICKLAND Jacob 05/16/65 NC E,30th
STRICKLAND Maston 04/08/65 NC A,36th
STRICKLAND N. 03/12/65 NC E,36th
STRICKLAND Samuel 08/04/64 NC H,31st
STRICKLAND Thomas J. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
STRIDER James M. A. 10/13/64 NC H,3rd
STRIDER Joel 09/20/64 NC B,52nd
STROMAN C 05/10/65 SC F,25th
STRONG Andrew 10/30/64 SC D,17th
STROUP A. 12/09/64 SC K,18th
STUART Michael K. 05/01/65 GA H,12th
STUBBS S. F. 02/11/65 SC F,21st
STUKES Alfred 09/02/64 SC  D,4th,Cav.
STULTZ Lafayette A. 10/16/64 VA F,24th
STUMP George T. 02/04/65 VA B,42nd
STURGEON H. 04/05/65 MS E,10th Bat.
STURGEON R. D. 12/10/64 SC H,7th Bat.
STURM W. G. 10/10/64 TN Cor.,F,63rd
SUGGS James McR. 04/19/65 NC H,36th(2Art)S.T.
SULLENS Andrew 02/22/65 VA B,48th
SULLIVAN Hardy 04/20/65 NC F,10th
SULLIVAN Richard T. 02/28/65 NC I,36th
SULLIVAN W. J. 03/04/65 SC B,29th
SUMMERLAND Wiley 03/20/65 NC F,10th,Art.
SUMMERS Jarnes B 04/04/65 AL I,5th
SUMMERS John 10/12/64 VA A,25th
SUMMIT H. P. 11/16/64 NC H,28th
SUMNERS Matthew 12/06/64 GA D,64th
SURRENCY Wiley 03/30/65 GA G,20th Bat,Cav.
SUTER W. F. 10/13/64 NC C,33rd
SUTTON Bryan 03/06/65 NC F,10th(1Art)
SUTTON John B. 09/23/64 NC A,18th
SUTTON John C. 04/16/65 NC G,36th(2Art)
SUTTON R. M. 05/09/65 FL K,10th
SUTTON Sanford 01/04/65 NC Sgt.,I,8th
SWADLEY J. 11/03/64 VA Sgt.,I,25th
SWAIN William 01/09/65 NC D,8th
SWANN S. D. 02/21/65 NC G,44th
SWINT Andrew J. 03/04/65 GA F,21st
SWINT John 01/18/65 VA F,21st
SYDENSTRICKER J.H. 02/06/65 VA Cor.,D,26th Bat.
SYKES Amos 05/06/65 NC I,36th
SYKES Edmund 03/03/65 NC C,36th
SYLVESTER Gordon 03/08/65 NC D,13th
Subj:  Re: Elmira
Date: 03/24/2002 12:58:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Joseph Joe)
Reply-to: (Joseph Joe)

Hello Joyce,

   Thank you for you response.  I really enjoyed the site I found it not only informative but very interesting.  However, after checking the list of prisoners buried at Elmira I found that my great-great grandfathers name is missing.  His name was John R. Quesenberry.  From the information gathered he was captured at Spotsylvania Court House and was a prisoner at Pt. Lookout from 5/18/64 to 7/30/64 and then at Elmira from 8/2/64 till his death 2/13/65, and was buried in grave number 2072.  Is it possible for this site to just have missed him somehow?

Thank you very much


Subj:  Notation to Confederate Dead
Date:  04/13/2004 5:48:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cy Rilee)

Dear Joyce,
I have completed my research on one Joshua F. Riley, shown as Co. H, 26th Georgia Infantry, who died and is buried at Woodlawn. He was Joshua F. Rilee, Co. H, 26th Virginia Infantry, from here in Gloucester County. He was my cousin.. I have verified the info from the Virginia Regimental Series, 26th Virginia Infantry. Date and location of death matches.  I have also checked the Roster of the 26th Ga. Infantry. There WAS NO Joshua F. Riley/Rilee. Don't like to "upset the apple cart," but I am certain Woodlawn would like to be accurate. Where do I go from here?
Cy Rilee 

Ms. Tice,

             Great site. I did find one error, might be there for any reason but I am 100 percent positive John Swint was not in the Company F, 21st Virgina Infantry.


John Parks (web admin )

Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp


SWINT John 01/18/65 VA F,21st

He was in Company F, 21st Georgia Record is as follows:

Name: John Swint ,

Residence: Troup County, Georgia

Enlistment Date: 13 February 1863

Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE

Side Served: Confederacy

State Served: Georgia

Unit Numbers: 363 363

Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 13 February 1863

Enlisted in Company F, 21st Infantry Regiment Georgia on 13 February 1863.

POW on 09 July 1864 at Harper's Ferry, VA

Died of disease Company F, 21st Infantry Regiment Georgia on 18 January 1865 in Elmira, NY

Source Information:
Historical Data Systems, comp. Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999-. Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.
Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 - Historical Data Systems Inc.P.O. Box 196 Kingston, MA 02364

Ms Tice –(August 2006)
Your site is wonderful.  There is a small error that has been corrected by the government.  Through the efforts of Bob Cawley a direct descendant of Solomon Davis Swaim (listed as S D Swann) the government corrected the spelling for the most part (they misspelled Swaim and spelled it Swain).  If you could, would you mind correcting it on your site.  I know there are a great many Swaim descendants much like myself tracing our roots.
Thank you again.Stacie Dennis

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