Civil War Prison Camp, Elmira, Chemung County, New York
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Confederate Prison in Elmira by George Farr 2002
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice April 1998
Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War)
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Rank
MABE Isaac 08/27/64 NC Sgt.,A,2nd
MABE Samuel N. 05/01/65 VA K,50th
MABLEY James H. 03/24/65 NC G,45th
MABREE J. B. 09/20/64 NC I,12th
MACE Abraham 09/16/64 NC D,11th
MADDOX Isham 02/28/65 GA H,45th
MADRAY John L. 03/24/65 GA E,Cobb's Legion
MAHONES A. 03/18/65 TN A,1st,Art.
MALONE Albert A. 08/28/64 NC Sgt.,I,45th
MALONE P. 11/20/64 SC C,27th
MALPASS O.M. 09/29/64 NC A,51st
MALPASS T. D. 11/23/64 NC E,18th
MANEY O.H. 10/10/64 VA G,6th
MANN J. B. 02/26/65 NC G,40th
MANN N. R. 03/07/65 VA C,42nd
MANNIN  J. S. 02/01/65 NC H,33rd
MANNING Wallace 07/15/64 NC F,31st
MARLER Joseph F. 02/25/65 NC F,28th
MARLIN Josephus 02/26/65 NC K,37th
MARLOW Nathan 01/09/65 NC A,3rd
MARMADUKE A. 10/01/64 VA B,2nd
MARS J. R. 10/09/64 NC D,45th
MARSHALL J.N. 03/15/65 VA I,10th
MARSHALL John H. 10/16/64 VA G,26th
MARSHALL R. A. M. 03/04/65 VA Cor.,A,6th,Cav.
MARSHALL Robert 09/09/64 VA I,10th
MARSHALL William 08/22/64 NC H,13th
MARTIN Alfred 09/30/64 TX K,4th
MARTIN Daniel B. 09/23/64 VA C,24th
MARTIN David 03/21/65 LA I,2nd
MARTIN G.W. 09/29/64 GA C,7th,Cav.
MARTIN J. 08/12/64 AL H,59th
MARTIN J.S. 11/29/64 AL A,7th,Cav.
MARTIN John 10/24/64 GA B,38th
MARTIN R. C. 11/10/64 GA H,7th,Cav.
MARTIN Robert H. 08/23/64 NC E,51st
MARTIN William H. 03/11/65 NC G,45th
MARTIN William H. 09/25/64 GA D,12th
MASSEY Abel C. 12/17/64 GA Cor.,G,14th
MASSEY Joseph 01/23/65 AL A,1st,Bat.,Art.
MASSEY S. E. 02/18/65 GA Sgt.,H,16th
MATHEWS Archibald B. 02/10/65 NC E,40th
MATHEWS J.A. 05/02/65 SC H,18th
MATHEWS W,J. 04/07/65 SC H,25th
MATHEWS W. M. 09/15/64 SC K,18th
MATHEWS William H 03/27/65 NC C,36th
MATHIAS Elsy 12/29/64 NC G,1st
MATTHEWS Benjarnin H. 04/08/65 GA C,12th
MATTHEWS E.J. 03/17/65 NC C,36th
MATTHEWS J. M. 07/23/65 VA A,52nd
MATTHEWS J.W. 05/23/65 VA A,52nd
MATTHEWS Jacob W. 04/19/65 NC C,36th Bat.
MATTHEWS Joel 05/03/65 NC C,7th 
MATTHEWS William 12/24/64 FL 1st,Reserves
MAULDIN James A. 01/08/65 GA F,24th
MAXWELL John T. 10/30/64 GA C,4th
MAXWELL Whitford 03/11/65 NC D,36th
MAY Andrew 10/13/64 VA D,14th,Cav.
MAY John R. 11/29/64 VA E,19th,Cav.
MAYFIELD T.J. 09/19/64 LA K,2nd
MAYNARD W.H. 02/05/65 NC C,47th
MAYO James 03/28/65 VA D,5th,Cav.
MAYS Green J. 12/30/64 LA M,12th
MAZE G.W. 04/12/65 VA K,50th
MAZE James M. 06/30/65 NC I,18th
McALLISTER E. 04/20/65 NC H,25th
McANEAR John 12/15/64 AL H,12th
McBRIDE Alexander 02/18/65 NC Sgt.,G,45th
McCALL H. S. 10/10/64 SC E,4th,Cav.
McCALL Neill 12/15/64 NC C,3rd
McCANN Andrew J. 03/12/65 GA C,Cobb's Legion
McCANN Avery F. 12/06/64 GA E,Cobb's Legion
McCASKILL James 03/18/65 NC G,40th
McCLENNAN P. C. 03/02/65 NC I,31st
McCLENNAN W. P. 10/11/64 SC Sgt.,F,Holcombe Legion
McCLENNAND R. 11/21/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
McCLENDON F. P. 04/07/65 SC A,22nd
McCLENDON Joel 02/18/65 NC G,40th
McCLOUD John 02/03/65 NC H,3rd
McCLOUD Neal 12/10/64 NC E,3rd
McCLURE Nathaniel T. 01/01/65 LA A,1st 
McCOLLOM Angus 08/14/64 NC D,49th
McCOMBS M.B. 09/04/64 SC K,18th
McCORMICK Duncan 07/21/65 NC E,40th(3Art)
McCORQUADALE Malcolm 07/15/64 NC I,51st
McCRAW William M. 02/02/65 AL A,21st
McCULLOUGH John 08/15/64 SC B,14th
McCULLOUGH Thomas 08/18/64 SC Cor.,B,4th,Cav.
McCULLOUGH William A. 01/30/65 TN H,23rd
McCURRY M. Rufus 10/11/64 GA C,Cobb's Legion
McCURVEY T. W. 07/15/64 GA K,16th
McDANIEL Charles 01/05/65 LA H,8th
McDANIEL W.M. 06/24/65 GA F,24th
McDANIEL William 03/11/65 AL I,12th
McDANIELL John 02/14/65 NC B,32nd
McDONALD D.K. 01/25/65 FL C,1st
McDONALD D.S. 03/23/65 GA K,3rd
McDONALD Floyd 02/11/65 VA I,16th,Cav.
McDONALD J.R, 06/11/65 SC I,21st
McDONALD John C. 05/01/65 VA I,16th,Cav.
McDONALD Thomas 08/30/64 NC E,3rd
McDONOUGH James 08/14/64 VA B,12th,Cav.
McFENEY Joseph 09/17/64 VA A,63rd
McGAHEE Samuel M. 05/04/65 GA G,38th
McGEE Allison 10/01/64 NC B,2nd
McGEE Isaac 12/12/64 NC I,37th
McGEE J.W. 09/16/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
McGINSAY John D. 09/04/64 NC F,3rd,Cav.
McGOWEN Daniel S. 12/09/64 SC B,17th
McGREGOR AdoIphus 09/28/64 GA B,15th
McGUIRE William 03/21/65 TN B,1st
McILWAIN W. M. 01/02/65 SC F,Holcombe Legion
McINTYRE J.J. 03/05/65 SC SgMa,F,21st
McJOSH Daniel 02/02/65 NC K,10th
McKAY Archibald P. 10/25/64 NC F,18th
McKENZIE J.  02/10/65 GA K,9th
McKILLOP John A. 12/27/64 NC Sgt.,A,25th
McKINLEY Stephen 12/26/64 GA C,64th
McKINNON Robert 03/07/65 NC Cor.,F,24th
McLANE J.B. 05/10/65 SC E,11th
McLAUGHLIN R. W. 11/08/64 VA E,31st
McLAUGHLIN W.S 08/23/64 NC B,3rd
McLAURIN John 02/13/65 NC G,40th
McLEAN Daniel 03/05/65 NC F,18th
McLEAN M.S. 02/05/65 NC Sgt.,F,18th
McMANISS T.M. 10/22/64 NC B,43rd
McMELLUN Daniel J. 10/21/64 NC B,51st
McMELLAN Peter 03/21/65 NC E,8th
McMELLEN Wafford W. 06/29/65 GA K,24th
McNAIR Daniel P. 03/10/65 NC B,36th
McNAIR William A. 03/18/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
McNEAL James A. 12/20/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
McNEESE William T. 03/14/65 FL I,2nd
McQUAQUE A. 07/15/64 NC B,31st
McQUEEN D. M. 02/22/65 NC E,40th
McRAE V. A. 03/28/65 SC E,7th,Cav.
McSWAIN John E. 04/12/65 AL E,13th
McWALTERS John 04/11/65 SC D,17th
McWALTERS John 11/09/64 SC D,17th
MEADOWS Allen P. 10/19/64 VA F,26th
MEADOWS J.H. 03/11/65 NC I,5th
MEADOWS Ransom 10/20/64 NC C,3rd
MEADOWS W. A. 03/16/65 TN C,44th
MEDLIN Daniel 02/03/65 SC Cor.,C,7th
MEDLIN Hawkins 05/23/65 NC I,1st
MELLICHAMP James M. 02/12/65 SC A,25th
MELLOY E. 04/19/65 NC D,1st
MELTON W. D. M. 10/10/64 NC C,21st
MELVIN Daniel 03/17/65 NC I,36th
MELVIN William 03/18/65 NC H,36th
MENINS John 01/06/65 NC C,18th
MERCER C. G. 03/11/65 NC A,36th
MERCER F. 07/27/64 NC G,51st
MERCER J. N. 03/17/65 NC A,36th
MEREDITH John 05/06/65 NC D,7th
MERRIAM William 03/13/65 AL C,1st,Art.
MERRITT John H. 01/09/65 VA E,48th
MERRITT William 09/20/64 NC G,31st
METHVIN Joseph C. 09/25/64 GA H,64th
MEWMAN Terrell 02/19/65 NC I,Thomas Legion
MEYERS Joseph E. 06/29/65 VA F,52nd
MIDDLETON Martin V. B. 12/06/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
MIDLICOTT S. R. 01/30/65 VA C,24th,Cav.
MILBY H. 02/01/65 VA H,26th
MILBY J. T. 05/21/65 VA Cor.,H,26th
MILLER Alex 04/12/65 NC C,30th
MILLER Calhoun 02/10/65 NC A,57th
MILLER D. F. 08/24/64 NC H,5th
MILLER E. C. 09/10/64 TN F,63rd
MILLER Henry M. 02/03/65 AL H,48th
MILLER Isaac A. 12/15/64 VA C,11th
MILLER John 01/27/65 SC G,22nd
MILLER John F. 10/03/64 VA I,52nd
MILLER John H. 01/08/65 VA K,2nd
MILLER Joseph 07/15/65 NC A,26th
MILLER N. 03/13/65 FL A,Mil.
MILLER Nathaniel 10/11/64 NC E,18th
MILLER Samuel 06/28/65 VA K,2nd
MILLICAN Francis O. 03/16/65 NC Sgt.,E,36th
MILLS F.B. 05/09/65 NC Cor.,F,12th
MILLS J.M. 02/13/65 GA B,64th
MILLS M.J. 09/20/64 AR I,3rd
MILTON John 04/12/65 VA H,10th
MINCE J.R. 03/04/65 NC C,8th
MINDEX Enoch 02/10/65 NC H,36th
MINER Madison 11/14/64 NC H,5th
MINK Calley 03/08/65 VA B,48th
MINOR Jesse 01/28/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
MINOR L.M. 02/14/65 AL Sgt.,I,7th,Cav.
MINTS William 04/10/65 NC G,36th
MISAMORE Henry R. 12/13/64 NC D,42nd
MITCHELL B. 03/14/65 NC I,1st
MITCHELL George W. 09/07/64 SC L,1st,Rifles
MITCHELL J.W. 10/01/64 VA I,50th
MITCHELL Joseph 07/15/64 VA B,42nd
MITCHELL M.C. 10/31/64 VA F,26th
MITCHELL Samuel 12/10/64 GA H,44th
MITCHELL William A 03/11/65 AL G,10th
MITCHEN E.E. 05/07/65 GA I,7th,Cav.
MITCHEN Samuel D. 05/13/65 VA Sgt.,A,58th
MIXON A.W. 02/14/65 SC I,25th
MIXON Green 04/11/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
MIXON Harvey 11/30/64 LA F,9th
MOCK Henry A. 05/08/65 NC F,13th
MOFFATT Veno 10/11/64 NC F,24th
MONEYMAKER John 12/18/64 VA H,25th
MONGLE Abram F. 03/26/65 VA I,48th
MONTGOMERY P.C. 02/05/65 NC H,33rd
MONTGOMERY W.K. 02/19/65 VA E,50th
MOODY James E. 10/11/64 NC C,61st
MOON William 11/29/64 NC F,22nd
MOONEY Zilman 04/06/65 NC E,45th
MOORE B.F. 04/10/65 SC B,21st
MOORE Calvin 12/31/64 VA F,47th
MOORE George H. 10/03/64 NC I,37th
MOORE Isaac 08/12/64 VA B,36th
MOORE J.J. 02/17/65 SC A,21st
MOORE J.W. 08/15/64 NC G,45th
MOORE James R. 08/13/64 VA A,46th
MOORE James R. 07/18/65 NC D,21st
MOORE John A. 01/10/65 GA H, Cobb's Legion
MOORE L. 01/30/65 VA I,25th,Cav.
MOORE William H. 02/28/65 NC G,40th
MOORE William T. 02/04/65 GA L,Phillips' Legion
MOOTSHEARD J. W. 10/13/64 VA H,26th
MORAGUE Augustus W. 10/31/64 VA Sgt.,G,10th
MORGAN Daniel M. 01/29/65 GA Sgt.,C,18th
MORGAN Elwood 04/26/65 NC B,45th
MORGAN J. N. 02/21/65 NC E,5th
MORGAN John N. 08/20/64 FL D,5th
MORRELL B. P. 02/02/65 GA E,7th,Cav.
MORRIS C. M. 09/13/64 NC B,31st
MORRIS Martin V. 11/18/64 VA K,26th
MORRIS Richard C. 09/20/64 VA D,44th
MORRIS S. A. 12/08/64 NC C,1st
MORRIS Thomas 11/13/64 NC E,8th
MORRIS Walter C. 02/15/65 GA C,3rd Bat,S.S.
MORRISON Lewis W. 11/30/64 NC Sgt.,G,38th
MORROW W. M. 12/12/64 LA Citizen of LA
MORSE J.P. 09/02/64 SC H,22nd
MORSE John W. 08/05/64 NC G,45th
MORTON William P. 12/11/64 NC I,8th
MOSS Wiley I. 12/04/64 GA D,3rd Bat.
MOTES Patrick H. 12/23/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
MOUNTAIN William R. 04/18/65 AL C,61st
MOWRY Ephraim 02/04/65 VA G,2nd
MULL John M. 06/20/65 NC F,55th
MULLENS M.G. 02/26/65 TN G,17th
MULLIGAN W.H. 01/26/65 SC E,11th
MULLIN G.W. 05/24/65 NC G,49th
MUNROE Duncan 07/15/64 NC I,51st
MURPHY J.W. 02/21/65 NC C,33rd
MURPHY L.D. 02/28/65 SC H,25th
MURPHY Marshall 10/03/64 VA A,25th
MURRAY Henry 02/02/65 SC H,11th
MURRAY Henry G. 09/18/64 NC E,31st
MURRAY J.W. 12/01/64 NC I,8th
MURWARDY Charles D. 12/21/64 LA Citizen of LA
MUSE C.G. 05/11/65 NC Cor.,I,2nd,Cav.
MYERS C. C. 08/02/64 VA I,26th Bat.Rgt.
MYRICH Robert N. 09/19/64 VA G,3rd
MYRICK G.W. 02/03/65 VA C,51st
MYRICK John F. 02/16/65 AL Cor.,E,61st
MYRICK Josiah 04/18/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
MYRICK N. T. 12/05/64 VA G,3rd
MYRICK W. H. 04/25/65 VA G,26th
NANCE Joseph W. 10/25/64 NC Cor.,F,28th
NAYLOR Columbus 12/19/64 TX K,1st,Cav.
NEAL W.C. 02/23/65 SC DH,17th
NEIGHBORS William 10/03/64 SC G,27th
NEIGHBOURS Joshua 11/29/64 NC E,42nd
NEILL John L. 11/25/64 TN E,23rd
NELSON J. 01/15/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
NELSON John H. 11/02/64 AL E,44th
NELSON William A. 08/30/64 VA E,25th Bat.
NESSE W. 04/12/65 GA C,16th
NETHERLY Robert T. 10/12/64 NC Sgt.,I,8th
NEVILL J. H. 02/24/65 NC K,1st 
NEVILL R. H. 03/19/65 NC G,12th 
NEWELL J.G. 02/18/65 NC Citizen of NC
NEWELL James A. 10/05/64 NC E,45th
NEWMAN James H. 12/21/64 VA A,58th
NEWMAN Joseph 09/12/64 VA K,50th
NEWMAN Thomas 05/20/65 VA A,58th
NICHOLS Hazard 03/20/65 NC K,10th
NICHOLS Isaac 01/21/65 SC A,7th Bat.
NICHOLS J. A. 09/24/64 NC K,53rd
NICHOLSON W.J. 03/09/65 NC H,22nd
NIFONG Madison 09/28/64 NC G,2nd
NIXON Harvey 11/23/64 NC A,1st
NOBLES J.E. 02/11/65 VA F,26th
NOBLES R.J. 03/10/65 AL F,12th
NOLL John 10/14/64 VA F,50th
NORRIS J.C. 01/06/65 GA A,7th,Cav.
NORTH James P. 12/24/64 VA H,14th 
NORVILLE J. S. 11/22/64 NC I,35th
NOWELL W. N. 08/29/64 NC H,31st
NUSMAN M.J. 03/28/65 NC H,8th
O'BRIEN Edward 10/02/64 NC Sgt.,F,8th
O'BRYANT William 03/08/65 NC A,24th
O'NEAL James 03/05/65 FL Norwood's Hom Gd
O'ROURK John 12/14/64 VA I,26th Bat.
OAKS James 11/09/64 TN I,44th
ODEN William W. W. 01/30/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
ODOM Alfred 11/20/64 NC F,32nd
ODOM J. H. 01/04/65 AL Cor.,A,1st Bat,Art.
ODOM J.J. 02/25/65 AL Sgt.,A,1st Bat,Art.
ODOM John H. 10/11/64 GA B,35th
ODUM H. A. 10/24/64 AL G,12th 
OGLESBEY B. F. 03/28/65 VA C,26th
OGLESBY Richard 09/14/64 VA G,26th
OLIVER J.H. 03/01/65 NC I,3rd
OLIVER Peter 03/19/65 NC D,45th
ORISON Jonah 10/14/64 VA K,6th,Cav.
OTT William E. 03/05/65 SC G,25th
OTTAWAY R. M. 05/05/65 NC G,36th
OTTERS Cooney 12/24/65 NC B,53rd
OTWELL Jesse R. 10/04/64 NC H,1st
OUTLAW John L. 03/28/65 NC C,3rd,L.Art.
OVERSTREET J.M. 06/06/65 VA F,34th
OWENS D. 09/12/64 SC A,5th
OWENS Harbin 10/10/64 NC F,3rd
OWENS Henry 01/07/65 SC C,22nd
OWENS J.C. 03/30/65 NC B,54th
OWENS J.P. 08/22/64 GA L,Art.
OWENS John 02/26/65 VA I,50th
OWENS John O. 02/16/65 NC E,53rd
OWENS Joseph 08/28/64 NC I,22nd Rgt,Troops
OWENS L. H. 04/19/65 NC I,36th
OWENS Samuel 02/21/65 SC A,21st
OWENS T. A. 10/10/64 SC C,22nd
OWENS W. H. 03/21/65 SC K,25th
OWENS William 11/29/64 SC C,22nd
OWENS William 04/26/65 SC C,22nd
OYLER T. B. 01/23/65 NC H,32nd
PACE Samuel S. 08/20/64 GA D,57th
PACK Robert L. 10/03/64 VA G,26th
PADEN Andrew W. 04/03/65 GA C,Cobb's Legion
PADGETT A. J. 09/12/64 NC I,3rd,S.T.
PADGETT F. L. 11/02/64 FL K,10th
PAGE Bennett 03/07/65 NC G,36th
PAGE J.R. 04/01/65 GA C,16th
PAITING John 03/10/65 NC B,36th
PALMER F.M. 09/22/64 AL D,6th
PARKER B. B. 07/12/65 SC Sgt.,E,21st
PARKER Benjamin F. 12/05/64 NC B,24th,S.T.
PARKER Edwin 10/04/64 SC D,4th
PARKER Irwin 02/21/65 SC F,41st
PARKER J. R. 06/17/65 NC G,36th
PARKER James P. 09/18/64 NC K,23rd
PARKER M.  04/11/65 NC B,31st
PARKER Nathaniel W. 02/05/65 GA K,12th
PARKS Britton 04/01/65 NC K,28th
PARKS Henry D. 01/19/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
PARKS J.C. 07/15/64 VA H,22nd
PARKS Samuel S. 01/04/65 GA C,Cobb's Legion
PARKS William 09/27/64 NC E,42nd
PARRISH A.J. 03/21/65 VA B,44th
PARRISH Joseph W. 09/22/64 VA D,44th
PARRISH T.M. 06/17/65 AL A,21st
PARROTT J.M. 07/16/65 SC B,21st
PATE Able 05/05/65 GA F,19th
PATE Asa 04/02/65 NC F,10th
PATE Daniel 05/09/65 NC K,40th
PATE Drury 10/31/64 AL K,5th
PATE James E. 03/26/65 NC K,40th
PATRICK J. N. 07/15/64 VA H,26th
PATRICK James 01/06/65 VA D,50th
PATRICK R. C. 02/05/65 SC F,18th
PATTERSON John W. 12/30/64 GA C,35th
PATTERSON W. T. 05/10/65 NC H,56th
PATTERSON William H. 09/26/64 NC K,7th
PATTON H.P. 01/27/65 VA H,50th
PATTON James W. 11/08/64 MD F,1st
PATTS M.P. 04/10/65 GA I,30th
PAYNE Archie 12/04/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
PAYNE Cary J. 02/02/65 NC A,25th
PAYTON Frank 08/11/64 VA D,7th
PAYTON John H. 01/21/65 GA A,24th
PEACOCK George W. 01/08/65 SC G,7th,Cav.
PEACOCK Jacob 09/04/64 NC G,2nd
PEAL A. D. 09/20/64 SC D,5th
PEAL R. H. 10/12/64 NC K,33rd
PEARSON Anthony 10/16/64 SC C,22nd
PEARSON Samuel J. 09/24/64 SC C,22nd
PEARSON Stanford 11/06/64 NC I,32nd
PECK Eli 10/07/64 NC H,8th
PECK William H. 12/31/64 VA Cor.,H,26th
PEDY S. H. 03/30/65 VA F,42nd
PEEL James 04/04/65 NC G,40th (3 Art)
PEIKS J. D. 07/15/64 VA E,47th
PENCE Harrison 08/12/64 SC F,2nd
PENNELL Calvin 03/15/65 NC D,40th
PENNY W.J. 01/22/65 NC H,51st
PEOPLES Martin V. 10/10/64 NC C,8th
PERDIEUX C. 06/21/65 SC E,21st
PERDUE Charles 03/22/65 NC G,40th (3 Art)
PERKINS W.L. 03/28/65 NC B,1st
PERRINGER Hy 09/02/64 NC H,8th
PERRY Hiram N. 04/02/65 NC G,40th
PERRY J.H. 07/06/65 NC B,13th
PERRY John C 03/20/65 NC B,36th
PERRY Presley 08/09/64 SC E,22nd
PERVIS Henry 02/12/65 SC K,21st
PERYMORE L. B. 03/18/65 AL A,1st,Art.
PETERS  Joseph B. 12/22/64 VA Sgt.,A,25th
PETERSON Haywood L 11/12/64 NC Cor.,E,18th
PETERSON John 02/14/65 NC E,51st
PETSEY Henderson S. 09/03/64 VA D,14th,Cav.
PETTICORD George 12/07/64 NC G,2nd
PHELPS Elisha 09/04/64 NC A,15th
PHILAND Joseph 01/28/65 NC D,32nd
PHILEN Robert D. 11/15/64 AL E,61st
PHILLIPS Bryan 04/08/65 NC G,40th(3 Art)
PHILLIPS E. 02/20/65 SC A,21st
PHILLIPS Jarnes 04/10/65 VA H,5th
PHILLIPS Jeremiah 03/01/65 MS K,42nd
PHILLIPS John 02/06/65 SC A,21st
PHILLIPS Nelson 12/21/64 TN D,7th
PHILLIPS Wyley 03/15/65 GA H,7th,Cav.
PHILYAN A. H. 04/26/65 AL E,5th
PHIPPS David 09/03/64 NC K,37th
PHIPPS J. E. 05/07/65 NC B,45th
PICKARD John 04/24/65 NC D,53rd
PICKERING Wesley H. 12/02/64 TN F,3rd
PICKETT James 09/02/64 AL H,44th
PIERCE Taylor 02/08/65 LA B,(Nelligan's),1st Rgt.
PIERCE W.J. 08/01/64 LA Cor.,D,18th
PINKARD John M. 12/13/64 LA G,8th
PINSON William 12/17/64 LA A,1st,Cav.
PITCHFORD R.D. 07/15/64 NC E,1st,Cav.
PITTS D.W. 11/15/64 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
PLOWDEN John Covert 05/03/65 SC I,25th
POELLNITZ S.C. 12/21/64 AL C,21st
POFF Thomas 12/02/64 VA B,4th
POLK L.M. 02/15/65 GA I,24th
POLSTON James W. 04/19/65 AL AB,1st Bat,Art.
POOLE George 10/14/64 NC H,3rd,Cav.
POOLE Henson 03/27/65 VA Citizen of VA
POOLE James F. 12/07/64 NC I,33rd
POOLE Quentine R. 10/03/64 NC D,31st
POPE C.T. 12/06/64 AL B,7th,Cav.
POPE D.W. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
POPE John N. 06/05/65 GA Cor.,G,8th
POPE William A. 01/22/65 NC K,1st
POSTING F. 04/26/65 VA D,30th
POTTER R.H. 04/09/65 NC B,36th
POTTER Thomas N. 09/13/64 GA G,16th
POTTS Calvin J. 01/05/65 NC B,46th
POTTS James W. 04/06/65 AL K,3rd
POUND Jacob A. 02/13/65 NC G,36th
POWE James F. 05/15/65 SC D,21st
POWE Joseph E. 03/08/65 SC D,21st
POWELL A. Louis 08/14/64 SC C,22nd
POWELL E. 06/23/65 SC H,25th
POWELL George L. 11/28/64 NC F,3rd,Art.
POWELL J.M. 02/22/65 VA Carter's Bat
POWELL James E. 01/11/65 LA A,3rd,Cav
POWELL Jeremiah 11/10/64 GA K,12th
POWELL John 01/31/65 VA A,60th
POWELL John J. 02/19/65 LA Citizen of LA
POWELL John W. 09/09/64 NC H,32nd
POWELL N.P. 02/25/65 VA E,59th Bat.
POWELL William W. 03/17/65 NC D,32nd
POWERS George 04/12/65 SC G,27th
POWERS William 01/25/65 VA K,48th
PRATER P.M. 12/18/64 SC D,14th
PRATT Thomas A. 01/15/65 VA D,26th
PRESLEY E.B. 02/28/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
PRESLEY J.A. 02/10/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
PRESSON John J. 02/17/65 VA B,Hood's Bat.
PRESTGRAVES Richard 01/19/65 VA Citizen of VA
PREVETT Abner 07/05/64 NC I,4th,S.T.
PREWATT E. 12/13/64 NC E,51st
PRICE Alex J. 10/10/64 AL K,6th
PRICE Jackson 09/25/64 NC H,32nd
PRICE James G. 01/03/65 VA Cor.,G,4th
PRICE John 09/18/64 SC K,18th
PRICE John 11/02/64 NC E,37th
ORICE Robert T. 02/13/65 NC B,36th
PRIDGEON M. 04/15/65 NC D,36th
PRINCE Berryman 04/25/65 SC B,2nd,Rifles
PRIVITT Samson C. 01/01/65 NC B,37th
PRUDEN John W. 12/26/64 VA F,61st
PURCELL Duncan 04/10/65 NC C,36th (2Art),S.T.
PURCELL Thomas 04/11/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
PURCER Benjamin 04/05/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
PYNER J. 03/04/65 NC E,3rd
    I was looking at your website for Elmira Prison and was impressed with your nice work.
    I had a distant cousin who died in Elmira, and for years, I have tried to find out what happened to his remains.
    Recently, I found a book that was well-documented, and it listed Samuel Scott McKeown's burial site.
    According to "Broken Fortunes" by Randolph W. Kirkland, Jr., my cousin Samuel Scott McKeown, 17th SCVI, died on 12/09/64 of pneumonia, and he is buried in Woodlawn Natl. Cem., marker No. 1157.
    However, Samuel Scott McKeown is not listed in your burial records, is there a reason why he may have been overlooked and/or is there any was to cross-check marker No. 1157 and determine if this information is correct?
    The kindness of a reply will be most appreciated.
    Jim Webb

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