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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War) 
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
EADS George W. 12/21/64 VA C,29th
EARLEY Moses 02/12/65 NC 3rd Bat.,Rgt.
EARLEY T. J. 09/20/64 NC G,32nd
EARLS Daniel 04/01/65 NC K,10th
EASTERLING H. J. 05/26/65 SC F,21st
EASTRIDGE John W. 02/03/65 SC E,27th
EBBERHART J. B. 10/03/64 GA D,7th,Cav.
ECCLES James C. 03/13/65 NC F,13th
ECHOLS W. E. 03/23/65 VA Cor.,G,6th,Cav.
EDENY A. 10/03/64 NC B,32nd
EDGER Robert D. 03/20/65 NC I,36th
EDINGTON James P. 01/15/65 VA E,42nd
EDWARDS Calvin 11/14/64 NC E,24th
EDWARDS Edward F. 03/11/65 NC H,32nd,(2Art.)
EDWARDS 3. H. 03/28/65 NC F,33rd
EDWARDS John 02/10/65 FL A,5th,Cav.
EDWARDS John H. 12/29/64 VA B,26th
EDWARDS Oliver P. 09/10/64 NC K,16th
EDWARDS Samuel A. 09/25/64 NC G,28th
EDWARDS Thomas 01/07/65 NC C,37th
EDWARDS Walter 10/14/64 NC D,30th
EGERTON W. B. 08/22/64 VA Sgt.,B,Malone's Bat.,12Rgt.
EGGLESTON James L. 09/16/64 VA F,42nd
ELARBEE Nathaniel 10/30/64 GA K,7th,Cav.
ELDER William C. 11/24/64 NC K,7th 
ELFER E. 12/22/64 LA A,Miles Legion,Cav.
ELLER David 03/10/65 VA D,42nd
ELLER Jacob F. 02/10/65 GA D,24th
ELLIOTT James W. 09/08/64 GA F,3rd
ELLIS Charles S. 03/28/65 NC B,10th,(1 Art.)
ELLIS Duville 10/14/64 NC F,9th
ELLIS E. S. 05/17/65 SC C,25th
ELLIS H. C. 12/06/64 VA H,26th
ELLIS Samuel 01/24/65 SC B,23rd
ELLIS W. W. 03/06/65 SC B,21st
ELLIS Wiley J. 12/30/64 NC G,7th,Cav.
ELLISON James 01/08/65 SC E,Hampton's Legion
ELMORE John 02/28/65 VA K,46th
ELMORE Mark 12/12/64 FL Mil.
ELWOOD Elmice 04/17/65 VA K,40th
ENDY John F. 03/28/65 NC F,5th
EPPS E. 08/16/64 NC D,14th
ERWIN A. S. 10/29/64 SC K,Holcombe Legion
ESKEW R. B. 03/19/65 VA Cor.,A,36th
ESKRIDGE John H. 11/09/64 GA Sgt.,D,20th Bat.,Cav.
ESTES Lindsey A. 12/23/64 VA D,34th
ESTES William F. 12/09/64 VA G,26th
ETHERNAGE Moses A. 03/13/65 NC H,31st
EURE F. H. 01/09/65 NC E,33rd
EURE Elisha 02/02/65 NC E,7th
EURE W. W. 03/29/65 NC F,26th
EVANS C. H. 07/21/65 SC I,25th
EVANS J. A. 12/28/64 NC I,18th
EVANS R. N. 06/02/65 SC Cor.,F,25th
EVENS Daniel 02/09/65 NC I,26th
EVERETT Jordan 01/13/65 NC G,8th
EVERS Dennis 03/29/65 NC K,40th,(3 Art.),S.T.
EVERS Ephriam 03/14/65 NC K,40tH
EVERS Phillip 04/14/65 NC Sgt.,B,18th
EVERS William H. 03/27/65 NC K,40th,(3 Art.),S.T.
EXUM Benjamin 03/10/65 NC F,10th
FAIRBURN J. A. 02/21/65 VA C,2nd
FAIRCLOTH Daniel 12/29/64 NC E,8th
FAIRCLOTH Reason 11/14/64 NC E,8th
FAIRCLOTH T. 03/17/65 NC E,36th
FAIRCLOTH Thomas H. 03/14/65 NC C,36th,(2 Art.)
FALKNER Benjamin 12/06/64 NC D,14th
FALLS William W. 03/08/65 VA C,10th
FANE Abraham 09/07/64 VA K,50th
FANK John C. 01/27/65 TN A,1st,Art.
FARRAR Samuel 09/14/64 NC G,45th
FARRIS William H. H. 01/26/65 VA D,48th
FARRON Joel 11/11/64 GA H,24th
FAULK T. D. 10/03/64 NC C,18th
FAULK William R. 01/28/65 NC C,18th
FAULKNER W. L. 09/17/64 SC I,17th
FAUNT C.M. 03/20/65 SC C,4th
FAWCITT Robert J. 04/03/65 NC E,1st
FELKEL Wesley R. 06/02/65 FL K,5th
FELLOWS Henry 02/21/65 NC A,1st 
FELT  Nathaniel G. 09/09/64 NC C,12th
FELTON J.L. 04/22/65 TX Cor.,H,35th,Cav.
FENNELL James R. 10/09/64 FL F,5th
FENNELL William M. 09/06/64 SC G,22nd
FEREBEE Granby 02/12/65 VA E,61st
FERGUSON Thomas B. 12/18/64 VA C,50th
FIBBS R.J. 02/03/65 NC A,1st
FIELDS A.M. 02/13/65 NC C,3rd
FIELDS J.B. 09/16/64 GA G,35th
FIELDS John 04/24/65 FL B,5th
FIELDS John 11/14/64 NC E,8th
FIELDS R. J. 03/05/65 GA E,Phillip's Legion
FIELDS Tobias 03/04/65 NC G,40th
FIKE C. E. 03/16/65 AL K,8th
FINLEY C. N. 07/03/65 VA Cor.,F,6th,Cav.
FISHER M.T. 03/02/65 NC C,36th 
FISHER Solomon C. 10/17/64 NC A,34th
FISHER William D. 12/18/64 VA I,16th,Cav.
FITTINGTON John 03/11/65 General's Escort
FLANAGAN Barney 04/06/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
FLEENOR Harvey G. 01/13/65 VA I,48th
FLEENOR William H. 08/29/64 VA H,48th
FLEMING Isaac 02/09/65 NC A,54th
FLEMING John W. 08/21/64 VA F,26th
FLEMING S. W. 04/26/65 SC I,25th
FLETCHER William A. 01/27/65 NC D,24th
FLINT Ezekiel 09/12/64 VA E,26th
FLIPPIN H. 04/11/65 VA C,44th
FLOWERS Andrew 03/29/65 SC B,21st
FLOWERS Henry 09/22/64 VA F,4th
FLOWERS J.A. 03/15/65 SC F,4th
FLOYD John W. 02/25/65 AL E,1st Bat.,Art.
FLOYD Thomas 10/27/64 VA E,44th
FLYNN John 08/15/64 SC C,27th
FLYTHE Henry T. 01/07/65 NC D,32nd
FLYTHE J. F. A. 11/27/64 VA Sgt.,A,25th
FOGLES W. G. 03/16/65 SC F,25th
FOLDS George W. 12/14/64 GA E,64th
FOLEY Coleman 11/18/64 VA G,25th
FOLKS James A. 03/14/65 NC A,36th
FORD David R. 04/19/65 GA E,64th
FORD John J. 02/26/65 VA F,26th
FORS Joshua 01/01/65 VA Cor.,A,48th
FOREMAN J. K. 08/27/64 GA Sgt.,G,7th,Cav.
FOREMAN John W. 02/12/65 VA G,61st
FOREMAN Joshua B. 12/06/64 NC A,17th
FORT John H. 05/10/65 NC F,24th
FORT W. H. 12/18/64 NC H,14th
FORTHEWIS Lewis 11/29/64 LA A,Pte.Coupee,Art.
FORTNER B. F. 08/15/64 VA H,5th
FOSTER Burt H. 10/02/64 NC B,24th
FOSTER D. 03/04/65 SC H,22nd
FOSTER E.M. 09/04/64 VA H,26th
FOSTER James B. 12/07/64 GA K,21st
FOSTER Thomas 06/12/65 NC E,42nd
FOUNTAIN William 02/21/65 GA G,7th,Cav.
FOWLER Hosea 02/03/65 SC K,27th
FOWLER J. S. 01/28/65 TX Colin's, Cav.
FOWLER Newton F. 08/31/64 SC F,18th
FOWLER William B. 01/03/65 AL A,21st
FOX Isaiah 04/03/65 NC G,40th,(3 Art.),S.T.
FOX Wesley 01/30/65 NC G,37th
FRANCIS Presley 09/27/64 NC A,2nd
FRANKLIN Ennis 03/06/65 AL A,1st,Art.
FRANKLIN William 11/02/64 VA D,59th
FRANKLIN William 03/29/65 VA D,5th,Cav.
FREDRICK Alfred E. 12/04/64 NC B,3rd
FREDRICK Elisha 01/22/65 NC D,3rd
FREEMAN G.W. 09/20/64 NC H,1st
FREEMAN George 02/25/65 SC D,25th
FREEMAN William 02/09/65 NC G,40th,(3 Art.),S.T.
FRIAR William 01/25/65 AL G,9th
FRICK Daniel 01/29/65 NC I,5th
FRIDDLE Lewis 08/29/64 NC H,1st
FRY Allen H. 09/23/64 VA Sgt.,A,42nd
FUGET R. 04/01/65 VA I,50th
FULCHER Spencer S. 04/01/65 VA Cor.,H,58th
FULKS William 03/20/65 NC G,21st
FULLER Byam 07/15/64 GA H,24th
FULLER Robert 10/19/64 SC H,7th
FULTON William T. 08/18/64 GA K,4th
FUNDERBURG William M. 11/01/64 AL D,12th
FUNDERBURK L. N. 05/26/65 SC E,22nd
FURGERSON Allen 08/22/64 NC E,3rd
FURGERSON August 02/22/65 NC C,35th
FURGUSON D. 03/10/65 NC C,3rd
FURGUSON George S. 01/05/65 SC Sgt.,A,17th
FURR Lawson A. 12/06/64 NC K,28th
FURR Martin 02/23/65 NC C,3rd
FUTCH J. I. 08/11/64 GA H,7th,Cav.
FUTCH Stephen 02/23/65 FL D,9th
FUTRAL L. 08/25/64 NC E,56th
FUTRELL Noah 12/10/64 NC D,32nd
GABRIEL Andrew J. 01/04/65 FL F,6th
GAINES D.F. 05/08/65 NC F,10th
GAINES W.J. 03/04/65 NC K,10th
GAITHER John R. 09/16/64 VA B,10th
GALASPY W. 05/08/65 VA F,30th
GALAWAY P. 03/07/65 SC H,21st
GALBREATH Malcolm 09/02/64 NC D,51st
GALLAWAY Charles W. 09/12/64 VA C,26th
GALLAWAY John 02/13/65 NC E,52nd
GALLIHAN George 04/14/65 VA B,Pegram's Battery
GALLOWAY L. C. 04/25/65 SC B,21st
GAMBLE F. E. 04/07/65 SC I,25th
GAMMA H. A. 04/27/65 VA G,23rd
GANAE D. 02/13/65 LA B,Edward's Bat.
GANEY G. W. 09/04/64 SC E,21st
GARDNER A.M. 08/03/64 VA G,26th
GARDNER Robert 03/02/65 NC E,36th
GARDNER W.B. 03/05/65 NC F,10th
GARDNER William C. 01/01/65 NC E,55th
GARGANOUS James R. 09/17/64 NC H,1st
GARNER A. G. 04/27/65 GA E,12tH,Lt.Art.
GARNER William 07/27/64 VA G,27th
GARNETT Richard 03/07/65 VA G,26th
GARRETT W. H. 03/30/65 NC B,20th
GARRIES B. C. 04/09/65 NC G,8th
GASQUETT W. H. 01/19/65 LA I,2nd,Cav.
GATES Joseph J. 09/29/64 VA D,44th
GATTON W. F. 07/15/64 VA B,35th,Cav.
GEORGE Thomas A. 11/25/64 VA A,40th
GERNER A. C. 03/23/65 NC E,1st
GIBBS William 02/28/65 VA A,30th Battery
GIBBS William F. 09/12/64 NC B,22nd,S.T.
GIBSON Ebenezer B. 03/10/65 NC E,40th (3 Art.),S.T.
GIBSON Henry W. 11/05/64 NC A,32nd
GIBSON J.M. 03/19/65 NC H,35th
GIBSON William J. 11/26/64 AL F,3rd
GILLESPIE W.J. 10/04/64 VA Cor.,E,50th
GILMORE Richard 01/13/65 VA F,2nd
GIPSON N. 03/14/65 NC A,45th
GIRARDEAU C.G. 02/22/65 GA B,20th
GLADDEN Silas 02/15/65 SC D,7th
GLASQUE S.O. 03/28/65 SC A,21st
GLASS David D. 09/21/64 VA Sgt.,G,59th
GLASS J. C. 11/14/64 TN D,63rd
GLAUSIER Williarn T. 03/24/65 GA D,64th
GLEATON Joseph T. S. 03/28/65 GA D,64th
GLENN Michael 01/31/65 SC C,27th
GLIMPSE J.L. 03/29/65 NC C,6th,Cav.
GLOVER Eli S. 02/16/65 AL  F,1st Bat.,Art.
GOFF George A 08/07/64 VA E,19th,Cav.
GOLDON W.B. 11/08/64 AL F,1st Bat.,Art.
GOODE A.W. 10/15/64 VA B,26th
GOODE James T. 09/20/64 VA B,26th
GOODE Thomas 01/09/65 VA C,26th
GOODMAN Christopher C. 10/02/64 GA Sgt.,G,44th
GOODMAN Henry 02/21/65 NC G,26th
GOODSON George W. 12/11/64 LA H,8th
GOODSON J.C 08/16/64 GA K,7th,Cav.
GOODSON William 09/26/64 GA E,21st
GORDON James M. 10/25/64 NC Cor.,I,2nd,Cav.
GOSHLING G.W. 05/15/65 SC H,22nd
GOWEN A. 09/21/64 VA H,5th
GOWER H.S. 05/14/65 NC D,36th
GRACE Caleb S. 02/17/65 VA B,48th
GRAHAM Daniel 07/24/64 NC I,51st
GRAHAM David E. 04/12/65 VA BH,25th
GRAHAM James 02/01/65 SC D,25th
GRANGER Joseph D. 01/11/65 LA K,10th
GRANT Barnabas 01/31/65 SC E,4th,Cav.
GRANT Solomon E. 03/06/65 NC K,10th,(1 Art)
GRANTHAM Josiah L. 03/23/65 NC E,40th (3 Art.)
GRANTHAM R.W. 03/05/65 SC H,2nd
GRAVES J.B. 12/02/64 NC G,5th
GRAY O.B 11/02/64 GA K,7th,Cav.
GRAY P.W. 02/13/65 SC F,21st
GREEN A.J. 05/21/65 NC B,22nd 
GREEN E. 05/04/65 SC C,23rd
GREEN H.W. 08/26/64 NC C,23rd
GREEN Henry 07/15/64 VA A,9th
GREEN J.L. 10/04/64 NC H,30th
GREEN Wyatt B. 03/28/65 AL A,1st Bat.,Art.
GREEN Z.P. 11/15/64 AL A,1st,Art.
GREGORY John 12/09/64 SC A,18th
GREGORY William 09/17/64 NC E,51st
GRENOBLES R.B. 09/08/64 SC I,20th
GREY J.H. 09/22/64 VA Citizen of VA
GRICE N.E. 09/19/64 GA K,7th,Cav.
GRIER G.W. 03/22/65 NC A,36th
GRIER W.S. 03/12/65 SC A,21st
GRIFFIN A.B. 05/06/65 SC F,25th
GRIFFIN E. 02/05/65 NC E,45th
GRIFFIN H.J.F. 05/16/65 SC F,25th
GRIFFIN Jackson I. 01/21/65 GA H,12th
GRIFFIN James L. 09/18/64 VA K,19th,Cav.
GRIFFIN John 01/22/65 NC E,48th
GRIFFIN John H. 01/08/65 GA H,45th
GRIFFITH B. 11/06/64 NC C,32nd
GRIFFITH William A. C. 10/12/64 AL E,61st
GRIMSTEAD D. N. 10/19/64 VA C,13th,Cav.
GRIMSTEAD W. F. 12/10/64 VA G,49th
GRISSARD John E. 09/25/64 VA Conscript,Rgt.
GROSS John G. 12/07/64 SC B,15th
GROVES Jacob R. 12/27/64 VA B,10th
GRUBBS R.S. 01/14/65 VA E,44th
GRUMON E. 02/26/65 LA Citizen of LA
GUERRANT William L. 09/12/64 VA Sgt.,C,44th
GUILLEN G.W. 09/23/64 VA D,50th
GUNTER Thomas 12/04/64 FL K,9th
GUTHRIE Benjamin 11/06/64 VA H,14th
GUYER William 01/03/65 GA E,7th,Cav.
GWIN Robert H. 12/26/64 VA B,26th
HADAWAY J.P.M. 11/11/64 GA F,24th
HADDOCK John B. 09/25/64 NC C,13th
HADEN J.M. 10/11/64 VA G,5th,Cav.
HAGLER John M. 12/02/64 NC B,18th
HAGLER William C. 09/03/64 NC B,18th
HAILEY H. A. 03/12/65 SC I,25th
HAINES John 02/05/65 TN B,1st,Art.
HALE Aaron K. 09/04/64 FL Cor.,D,5th
HALE Henry I. 09/20/64 FL A,5th
HALE Leander 09/02/64 VA F,4th
HALEY H. 06/17/65 VA H,5th
HALL Alexander 04/02/65 NC D,11th
HALL C. H. 12/30/64 VA D,42nd
HALL Charles 02/05/65 AL E,1st Bat.,Art.
HALL D. L. 03/19/65 NC C,36th
HALL Daniel 02/24/65 SC G,21st
HALL G.S. 03/01/65 NC H,36th
HALL J.H. 08/29/65 SC K,21st
HALL James 10/13/64 VA D,42nd
HALL James B. 02/15/65 GA G,49th
HALL James E. 02/10/65 AL E,1st Bat.,Art.
HALL Jesse 02/10/65 NC I,36th
HALL Jesse 08/11/64 NC H,34th
HALL John 09/26/64 VA B,50th
HALL Lewis 03/07/65 NC C,30th
HALL Thomas 02/14/65 NC B,6th
HALL W. A. 03/09/65 AL B,22nd
HALL W. C. 03/04/65 VA Sgt.,D,45th
HALL William 03/16/65 VA B,50th
HALL William C. 10/27/64 NC K,2nd,Cav
HAM  William B. 07/15/64 NC Sgt.,E,8th
HAMER Jarnes C. 03/02/65 SC F,21st
HAMILTON Henry C. 10/06/64 GA K,12th
HAMILTON William W. 11/16/64 GA Cor.,K,12th
HAMMOND  J.E. 11/23164 NC E,44th
HAMMONDS T. B. 12/12/64 VA E,50th
HAMPTON R. F. 10/09/64 VA A,3rd,Cav.
HANCHEY J.W. 03/20/65 NC B,3rd
HANCOCK William P. 11/14/64 VA E,50th
HANEY William E. 02/19/65 VA C,4th
HARCUM Phillip E. 08/03/64 VA L,55th
HARDIN Jacob 09/18/64 GA B,64th
HARDISON J.J. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
HARDY J.W. 02/25/65 GA H,26th
HARDY Thomas 03/21/65 GA K,27th
HARGET John M. 01/08/65 NC A,48th
HARLEY John W. C. 12/27/64 VA I,48th
HARMON Abel 09/12/64 NC C,28th
HARMON Erastus F. 01/13/65 VA I,16th,Cav.
HARN  W.I. 11/05/64 GA H,7th,Cav.
HARNICK E. 11/18/64 NC E,34th
HARP W. H. 01/18/65 NC G,20th
HARRALSON Barley 01/19/65 NC A,13th
HARRELL Abner 12/30/64 NC K,1st
HARRELL Asa T. 01/18/65 NC B,23rd
HARRELL R.E. 06/12/65 GA A,16th
HARRIS Darrell P. 06/21/65 AL F,3rd
HARRIS Edward 04/02/65 NC G,36th
HARRIS Elisha 12/15/64 VA G,42nd
HARRIS Henry 09/13/64 VA A,42nd
HARRIS J.W. 06/24/65 NC F,1st
HARRIS James A. 09/21/64 VA A,8th,Cav.
HARRIS Joseph 10/10/64 MS A,15th
HARRIS Joseph H. 11/06/64 VA A,41st
HARRIS Wilson W. 01/29/65 NC Sgt.,A,32nd
HARRISON Benjamin L. 04/17/65 GA C,49th
HARRISON J.J. 01/17/65 AL A,1st Bat,Art.
HARRISON Levich B. 12/06/64 NC Sgt.,H,1st
HARROLD Elias 09/11/64 VA K,25th
HART T. J. 11/01/64 VA Cor.,C,59th
HARTELL Bartlett 03/29/65 NC E,37th
HARTMAN J.W. 09/14/64 NC H,53rd
HARTNESS J.R. 03/20/65 SC C,17th
HARTZOCK George H. 01/18/65 VA D,22nd,Cav.
HARVESTON George 04/15/65 GA F,12th,Art.
HARVILLE A.J. 01/19/65 AL C,12th
HASELDEN H.G. 01/06/65 SC F,4th,Cav.
HASKINS W.M. 03/21/65 NC D,40th
HASSETT John 10/20/64 TN I,17th
HASSLER C. H. 02/06/65 SC F,21st
HASTE Calvin A. 02/14/65 NC C,3rd,Art.
HATCH  J. S. 07/15/64 GA H,53rd
HATCHER J.J. 09/15/64 VA H,5th
HATCHER John P. 03/06/65 AL H,11th
HATCHER S. M. 08/06/64 TN E,63rd
HATCHER S. O. 09/24/64 VA F,42nd
HATCHER W. M. 06/29/65 SC D,21st
HATFIELD James W. 04/29/65 SC E,7th
HATFIELD William 11/17/64 GA B,Cobb's Legion
HATHCOCK Calvin 11/03/64 NC C,42nd
HATLEY John M. 11/21/64 NC H,8th
HATLEY W. W. 05/16/65 NC H,8th
HATTON William L. 12/24/64 LA Sgt.,5th Bat.
HAWKINS Maj. B. 02/13/65 NC F,36th
HAWKINS William L. 03/16/65 LA L,1st
HAWSE L. A. 11/11/64 AL F,1st Bat.,Art.
HAYDEN George W. 11/11/64 VA I,48th
HAYES C. F. 03/23/65 SC D,25th
HAYNE  Joseph B. 12/10/64 NC K,43rd
HAYNES Henry H. 12/13/64 GA A,45th
HAYNES Isaac B. 10/13/64 VA Sgt.,I,25th
HAYNES R. P. 07/15/64 VA Sgt.,H,26th
HAZELWOOD John W. 10/07/64 VA D,22nd 
HEAD  William E. 02/17/65 AL A,1st,Art.
HEADY Charles 05/27/65 NC D,36th
HEALD S. L. 02/11/65 GA A,20th Bat.,Cav.
HEARD J.C.W. 03/10/65 GA E,19th
HEARON Edward L. 12/11/64 AL I,5th
HECKLE A.J. 02/09/65 SC F,25th
HEDGEPATH John S. 02/10/65 NC F,36th
HEFNER Samuel N. 02/17/65 NC E,6th,Cav.
HELBRITH G. W. 09/03/64 TN F,63rd
HELFER Pleasant E. 12/02/64 NC K,42nd
HELTON Hollis 09/14/64 NC E,48th
HENDERSON A. 12/26/64 SC H,22nd
HENDRICK John E. 02/28/65 VA G,3rd,Cav.
HENDRICK Levi 01/14/65 NC E,32nd
HENDRICK N. B. 03/28/65 SC C,22nd
HENDRICKS George 10/28/64 VA Citizen of VA
HENDRICKS Lemuel S. 01/19/65 FL E,2nd
HENDRICKS T. M 11/14/64 SC K,27th
HENNING Lorenzo D. 01/24/65 VA F,22nd
HENSON J. B. 04/07/65 NC E,36th
HERRIN  J. 06/04/65 AL H,15th
HERRING Benjamin 05/22/65 NC G,40th
HERRING James 04/21/65 NC G,40th
HERRING Oliver 10/03/64 NC F,51st
HESTER David D. 02/06/65 NC K,40th
HESTER Jasper 02/28/65 NC K,40th
HESTER Stephen 09/20/64 NC E,28th
HESTER William J. 03/09/65 NC K,3rd,Art.
HEWITT J.R. 03/15/65 NC B,36th
HEYGOOD Jesse M. 09/19/64 SC F,7th
HIBBLE Michael C. 01/27/65 VA C,24th,Cav.
HICKMAN Eli 01/27/65 NC G,26th
HICKMAN H. 05/04/65 VA A,6th,Inf.
HICKMAN Robert 12/06/64 NC C,30th
HICKMAN William 02/28/65 NC E,36th
HICKS G. F. 03/31/65 NC G,40th
HICKS J.D. 09/12/64 GA 20th,Cav.
HICKS John 09/02/64 VA A,22nd
HICKS John C 10/19/64 GA A,24th
HICKS Payton 09/30/64 NC I,1st,Cav.
HICKS Thornton 02/13/65 NC F,21st
HICKSON W. L. 10/06/64 SC H,26th
HIGDON J. T. 01/11/65 AL A,1st Bat.,Art.
HIGGS William 11/16/64 VA A,59th
HILDEBRAND D. 02/20/65 NC B,54th
HILDRETH Thomas 03/02/65 NC G,40th,(3 Art)
HILL Eli 05/22/65 SC B,21st
HILL James 03/25/65 GA B,Cobb's Legion
HILL James J. 10/14/64 SC I,18th
HILL John 10/19/64 VA Sgt.,G,42nd
HILL John W. 12/15/64 VA Sgt.,H,50th
HILL M. R. 01/12/65 GA Sgt.,F,60th
HILL Thomas W. 04/18/65 NC H,26th
HILL W. 12/08/64 GA A,7th,Cav.
HILL William H. 11/13/64 GA G,60th
HINES G.W. 04/13/65 TX I,34th,Cav.
HINES Henry 03/26/65 NC A,40th
HINES John H. 01/26/65 NC Sgt.,E,16th
HINES Neill H. 03/18/65 NC D,18th
HINES Thomas 09/27/64 NC K,66th
HINKLE William 11/22/64 VA H,19th,Cav.
HINSON E. A. 03/13/65 NC B,36th
HINSON Jacob 03/07/65 NC E,36th
HINSON John 05/18/65 SC E,21st
HINSON Rowan 09/22/64 SC Sgt.,C,42nd
HINTON G. W. 09/17/64 NC C,24th 
HIOTT L. P. 10/24/64 SC I,11th
HIX James P. 11/08/64 TN A,17th
HOBBS George A. 03/31/65 NC Cor.,K,10th,Art.
HOCKADAY B. 03/05/65 SC A
HODGE George W. 04/06/65 AL C,6th
HODGE J. B. 04/10/65 SC I,25th
HODGE William H. 03/07/65 SC K,21st
HODGERSON Lewis 01/17/65 AL A,1st Bat.,Art.
HODGES S. B. 02/11/65 SC I,25th
HODGES T. J. 11/22/64 GA H,7th,Cav.
HODGES T. R. 10/03/64 VA F,59th
HODGES William 09/11/64 VA C,46th
HODGINS W. H. 03/09/65 VA D,26th
HODGINS William B. 09/20/64 SC C,1st
HOFFMAN A. 04/06/65 SC F,25th
HOFFMAN Waldemar 12/29/64 TX Os,Gideon's Rgt,Old in C
HOLCOMB Sherwood 03/20/65 GA B,64th
HOLCOMB William M. 03/17/65 GA C,24th 
HOLDEN N. B. 03/01/65 TX C,7th
HOLDEN N. E. 02/28/65 nc G,36th
HOLDEN S. H. 07/21/65 GA E,5th
HOLDEN William F. 10/04/64 NC F,2nd
HOLLAND Matthew 04/07/65 NC C,36th
HOLLIDAY J. D. 09/16/64 NC H,1st
HOLLIMAN S. B. 09/27/64 GA C,20th,Cav.
HOLLIMAN William N. 08/27/64 GA E,12th
HOLLINGSWORTH Harrison 01/23/65 VA I,42nd
HOLLINSWORTH D. S. 02/23/65 NC K,32nd
HOLLIS James 02/16/65 Citizen
HOLMAN J. B. 01/03/65 NC H,5th,Cav.
HOLMES Harrison 10/08/64 VA Citizen of VA
HOLMES Matthew 01/18/65 VA I,14th,Cav.
HOLSONBACH Robert 08/09/64 NC E,35th
HOLSTEIN J.A. 03/07/65 SC G,25th
HOLT D. C. 02/14/65 LA E,12th,Art.
HOLT M.N. 07/17/65 AL C,12th
HONEYCUTT J.T. 09/24/64 SC Cor.,C,1st
HOOD Bold Robin 10/26/64 NC Sgt.,E,24th
HOOD James 03/28/65 SC G,21st
HOOKS Daniel 09/19/64 GA B,51st
HOOKS L. P. 03/08/65 SC C,25th
HOOTER John W. 12/17/64 MS A,Wood's Cav.
HOPKINS George W. 04/24/65 VA D,48th
HOPKINS Luke 02/20/65 NC H,1st.
HOPKINS W.  10/05/64 NC I,1st
HORN Daniel W. 03/26/65 NC C,36th
HORN Pleasant 09/25/64 NC H,30th
HORNE W.J. 03/07/65 NC C,36th
HORTTREE Richard 02/19/65 LA Sgt.,B,Clark's Bat.
HOUGH Daniel 07/13/65 NC F,48th
HOUSE James M. 02/26/65 GA C,24th 
HOUSE John W. 09/26/64 NC H,8th
HOWARD G.W. 01/19/65 NC D,18th
HOWARD H. H. 02/13/65 NC Sgt.,F,13th
HOWARD J.W. 10/24/64 NC K,22nd
HOWARD John J. 11/24/64 AL F,1st Bat.,Art.
HOWARD John L. 03/16/65 SC I,17th
HOWARD Joseph 09/28/64 SC A,21st
HOWARD Joseph M. 02/18/65 NC G,30th
HOWARD William 05/01/65 NC D,1st,Art.
HOWARD William 10/12/64 NC E,61st
HOWE David R. T. 05/01/65 AL Cor.,I,13th
HOWE J.T. 09/24/64 SC G,18th
HOWE Nathaniel L. 11/28/64 SC B,22nd
HOWELL L. D. 05/22/65 NC F,10th
HOWELL Thomas 04/18/65 GA H,64th
HOWITT D.W. 03/26/65 NC G,36th
HOYLE William H. 02/18/65 FL M,2nd
HUCKS Eldred 03/03/65 NC K,1st
HUDSON Benjamin G. 09/16/64 VA B,15th,Cav.
HUDSON E.G. 02/26/65 SC Sgt.C,1st,Rifles
HUDSON W. A. 09/09/64 SC B,2nd
HUDSON William 12/10/64 NC C,5th
HUFF  George P. 08/16/64 TN I,62nd
HUFFORD John 04/10/65 VA I,50th
HUGGINS W.J. 09/25/64 SC I,21st
HUGHES Daniel 03/17/65 NC L,22nd
HUGHES Melcajah 10/19/64 VA G,6th,Cav.
HUGHES Miles 12/25/64 NC G,32nd
HUITT A. M.. 02/28/65 NC E,32nd
HULL S. 03/18/65 SC E,11th
HULSON J. B. 02/19/65 GA B,25th
HUMPHREY J.W. 04/04/65 NC H,3rd,Cav.
HUMPHREY Martin 09/26/64 NC B,24th
HUMPHREYS E. 11/10/64 NC C,3rd
HUMPHRIES W. L. 10/01/64 SC E,27th
HUNGERFELER J.J. 02/13/65 SC G,27th
HUNT W.H. 02/23/65 GA A,61st
HUNT William A. 03/14/65 VA G,26th
HUNTER Stephen 09/14/64 TN D,25th
HURLEY Daniel 12/15/64 LA G,Miles Legion
HURT Kindred 12/08/64 SC C,1st
HURT Thomas W. 07/22/64 VA I,20th
HUSLESS G. W. 03/09/65 SC F,21st
HUTCHINSON A. J. 02/28/65 NC A,30th
HYPES John H. 08/22/64 VA C,26th Bat.,Rgt.
Joyce-- (July 2006)

I appreciate all the work done by you and your volunteer colleagues regarding the history of Elmira Prison Camp and the burial site of those POWs who died there.
I just wanted to let you know for your records that "J. B. Hulson" is actually Joshua B. Hudson, Co. B., 25th GA INF (VOL) "Bartow Avengers", Army of Northern Virginia.
The Georgia State Archives military record listing the muster roll fro Co. B indicates the following:

"HUDSON, Joshua B.
  Private  Sept 21, 1861.  Captured at Wilderness, VA  May 6, 1864.
  Died of variola at Elmira Prison, Elmira, NY  Feb 19, 1865."

You can confirm this independently with the records of the regiment. One source is as follows:
Another is the book, "Red Clay to Richmond", Angle Valley Press,

Until recently, in order to have the name corrected, the gravestone could be replaced only by a 20th/21st Century contemporary one, thus the family (my father and I) chose not to do this. We are considering doing it now that we can have a 19th Century-style gravestone made.

Name and contact information removed Jan 2012 by request.

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