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Civil War Prison Camp, Elmira, Chemung County, New York
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Confederate Prison in Elmira by George Farr 2002
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Tom Flynn Walker of Pine City obtained this listing from the Chemung County Historical Society and retyped it for the web page. Joyce M. Tice formatted it for presentation online.
History of the Elmira Prison Camp (Civil War) 
and Burials of Those Who Died There
Burials in Woodlawn National Cemetery From the Elmira Prison Camp
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Captain Henry B. Fitch, late of the 75th N.Y. Vols, has addressed a communcation to Post Baldwin G.A.R., of Elmira, stating the he desires to erect a monument to the memory of the confederate dead in Woodlawn cemetery near that City. he transmitted a plan of the proposed monument; the sub-base and base to be eight feet high, and the plinth twelve feet. On the plinth appear the words, "Requiescat in Pace" on the base, "1874" and on the sub-base, "Erected by a Union Officer." By a rising vote, Post Baldwin decided to assist Captain Fitch his laudable untertaking.
Published - Auburn Daily Bulletin, Auburn, N.Y. Tuesday, October 6, 1874

Surname First Name Deathdate State Inscrip/notes(Rank,Co,Rgt/Bat,Type)
ABEL C.T. 11/05/64 VA H,4th,Cav
ABERNATHY F.D. 08/06/64 NC B,2nd,Cav.
ADAIR W.H. 05/18/65 AL E,10th
ADAMS A. 02/17/65 SC H,25th
ADAMS E.C. 02/11/65 VA B,50th
ADAMS J.W. 03/10/65 GA C,24th
ADAMS James 12/19/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
ADAMS John 10/06/64 NC D,3rd,
ADAMS John 11/21/64 AL A,21st
ADAMS John 10/10/64 GA A,38th
ADAMS Joseph 07/15/64 NC A,51st
ADAMS L.H. 02/20/65 GA B,16th
ADAMS R.W. 01/03/65 SC B,4th,Cav.
ADAMS Samuel 02/28/65 LA B,5th
ADAMS William 09/18/64 NC K,30th
ADAMS William B. 03/03/65 VA D,44TH
ADAMS William S. 12/07/64 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
ADCOCK Green 10/04/64 TN G,25th
ADKINS William H. 01/15/65 NC K,30th
AGEE Charles 02/19/65 VA H,42nd
AGERTON John 12/11/64 GA D,48th
AIKEN Malachan 04/05/65 GA C,2nd
AKENS D.W. 09/17/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
ALDERMAN A.C. 11/27/64 VA Cor.,I,25th
ALDERMAN I.E. 12/20/64 GA C,61st
ALDRIDGE Ransom 03/03/65 NC H,3rd
ALEXANDER John 11/18/64 VA D,25th
ALEXANDER Thomas A. 08/11/64 NC E,37th
ALEXANDER W.H. 09/20/64 NC F,32nd
ALFORD Josiah 10/24/64 NC I,1st
ALGERS Isaac H. 04/11/65 AL F,1st Bat,Art.
ALL William 01/03/65 GA D,44th
ALLBRIGHT John 10/01/64 NC H,1st
ALLEN Alexander T. 02/01/65 NC F,2nd,Cal.
ALLEN Barton H. 10/16/64 VA H,5th
ALLEN David J. 12/22/64 LA D,9th,Cav.
ALLEN Drury 02/20/65 SC E,25th
ALLEN J.L. 09/27/64 VA G,6th,Cav.
ALLEN John R. B.  04/19/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
ALLEN Richard B. 12/13/64 AL K,59th
ALLEN Thomas  02/08/65 AL E,1st Bat,Art.
ALLEN Thomas C. 02/10/65 AL C,1st,Art.
ALLEN Thomas T. 02/19/65 NC F,36th
ALLEY John 02/26/65 FL A,1st,Res.
ALLEY Thomas K. 09/19/64 VA A,1st,Art.
ALLISON Humphrey D. 10/28/64 FL Sgt.,B,5th
ALMOND J.W. 05/18/65 GA D,3rd,
ALSOM Floyd 11/20/64 VA K,2nd,Cav.
ALTMAN James P. 03/29/65 SC A,21st
ALTMAN Nathan 04/18/65 NC G,40th
AMES A. 08/03/64 VA Citizen of VA.
ANDERSON G.H. 04/10/65 NC D,36th,Art.
ANDERSON G.W. 01/13/65 VA D,26th
ANDERSON George 09/18/64 NC G,8th
ANDERSON George W. 10/09/64 VA E,25th
ANDERSON J.W. 10/19/64 VA C,3rd,Cav
ANDERSON James P. 02/12/65 GA I,61st
ANDERSON John M. 10/07/64 GA C,Cobb's Legion
ANDERSON Richard  01/26/65 NC D,7th
ANDERSON Robert 01/16/65 VA A,42nd
ANDREWS J.J.D. 04/10/65 NC Sgt.,F,31st
ANDREWS John W. 09/19/64 VA A,21st
ANDREWS William C. 11/21/64 NC Cor.,D,18th
ANDREWS William W. 12/26/64 AL I,13th
ANTHONY John 10/26/64 NC D,1st
ANTHONY Miskel 12/13/64 VA I,40th
ANTON J.C. 03/13/65 NC D,5th
ARD Benjamin 06/01/65 SC Cor.,I,25th
ARD E.H. 09/20/64 SC K,21st
ARMAND E. 03/28/65 LA E,2nd
ARMSTRONG Henry W. 12/07/64 NC C,18th
ARMSTRONG Joseph A. 09/14/64 VA F,25th
ARMSTRONG Price O.F. 08/24/64 VA D,44TH
ARMSTRONG R.C. 01/28/65 TX I,4th
ARRINGTON James L. 02/07/65 NC B,30th
ARWOOD David 03/03/65 NC D,13th
ASHCROFT S.H. 09/09/64 VA A,48th
ASKEW Thomas 12/13/64 NC Cor.,H,1st
ASTON L. 12/03/64 NC A,51st
ATKINS Wiley 01/06/65 NC K,1st
ATKINSON M.W. 03/01/65 VA Cor.,I,59th
ATKINSON Thomas 04/06/65 SC G,21st
AUSTIN J.W. 09/03/64 NC F,32nd
AUSTIN Richard 06/11/65 NC C,3rd,Bat.
AUSTIN S.S. 12/11/64 NC K,28th
AUSTIN T.J. 07/07/65 AL A,21st
AUTERY Micajah 04/09/65 NC C,36th
AUTRY Isaac B. 05/23/65 NC F,24th
AUTRY James C. 11/16/64 NC F,32nd
AUTRY Miles C. 10/24/64 NC Sgt.,F,24th
AVANT S. 09/26/64 SC Sgt.,E,27th
AVENT John 12/12/64 VA Citizen of VA.
AYRE Richard T. 02/17/65 NC C,23rd
BAILEY Charles 04/19/65 SC G,25th
BAILEY D.T. 12/09/64 VA E,20th,Cav.
BAILEY Elias D. 02/19/65 NC K,3rd
BAILEY H.L. 03/05/65 SC G,25th
BAILEY H.M. 02/13/65 GA C,16th
BAILEY John B. 03/19/65 SC I,11th
BAIN Daniel B. 10/27/64 NC F,24th
BAIN Samuel O. 02/24/65 NC F,10th,Art.
BAIRD James H. 08/28/64 NC C,18th
BAISDEN K.H. 04/05/65 NC K,51st
BAKER J. 05/04/65 VA E,26th
BAKER James A. 03/14/65 NC C,36th,2nd Art.
BAKER Jesse E. 07/15/64 NC F,51st
BAKER M.A.D. 03/31/65 SC C,25th,Res.
BALDWIN R.W. 12/10/64 TN H,63rd
BALL Levi 03/18/65 NC H,44th
BALLANCE Holoway 11/07/64 NC H,33rd
BALLARD Archibald 01/06/65 VA Sgt.,H,26th
BANKS Amos 02/12/65 GA H,7th,Cav.
BANKS George W. 08/02/64 VA D,9th
BANKS Robert R. 10/17/64 AL C,4th
BANKSTON Joseph C. 11/24/64 AL Cor.,I,3rd
BANNINGER M.  09/24/64 NC B,5th
BARBER J. 05/12/65 GA I,14th
BARBER J.D. 06/26/65 SC F,25th
BARBER J.J.  11/18/64 NC Sgt.,H,12th
BARBER W.R. 03/29/65 NC E,3rd,S.T.
BARCO Willoughby 01/13/65 NC B,8th
BARKER Joshua 02/09/65 SC A,1st,Rifles
BARKER Quentin 02/06/65 NC Cor.,G,1st,S.T.
BARLOW Jesse F. 05/15/65 AL E,1st,Bat.,Art.
BARLOW William R. 01/31/65 NC B,18th
BOWMAN Jonas 09/12/64 NC B,31st
BARNARD Richard J. 09/22/64 VA K,50th
BARNES Aldridge A. 10/04/64 NC E,51st
BARNES C.C. 04/23/65 NC B,40th
BARNES C.M. 02/17/65 GA G,46th
BARNES D.F. 12/15/64 NC D,22nd
BARNES Edmund 04/03/65 VA E,59th
BARNES F.H. 04/01/65 SC I,25th
BARNES Francis 10/05/64 NC A,32nd
BARNES S.M. 03/07/65 AL F,1st,Bat.,Art.
BARNES Z. 09/11/64 LA Cor.,H,10th
BARNETT A.B. 03/09/65 NC G,36th
BARNETT Henry H. 03/12/65 AL C,1st,Bat.,Art.
BARNHART B. 05/31/65 VA F,22nd
BARNHILL D.R. 03/09/65 NC H,36th
BARRETT Laban 09/14/64 GA K,14th
BARRICK Milton 02/12/65 GA Cor.,E.3rd
BARRIER John A. 01/14/65 NC H,8th
BARRIER L.C. 03/23/65 NC H,8th
BARRING A. 05/01/65 NC K,8th
BARRINGER A.C. 02/15/65 NC F,5th
BARRINGTON Lander 03/24/65 NC K,40th
BARRON J. 05/02/65 NC D,40th
BARTHOLOMEW I.W. 09/03/64 NC K,12th
BARTLETT Fred 10/26/64 LA F,10th 
BARWICK John 01/13/65 GA F,64th
BASDIN Jackson 09/27/64 NC B,66th
BASHAM W.H. 10/16/64 VA F,26th
BASS Benjamin 01/17/65 NC H,45th
BASS Cornelius 05/24/65 NC E,40th,3rd Art.,S.T.
BASS George  03/24/65 NC H,32nd
BATES Nathan S. 09/09/64 GA I,19th
BAUCUM Thomas 12/01/64 NC E,33rd
BAXLEY John W. 07/15/64 NC A,31st
BAXLEY Joseph  01/29/65 GA H,9th
BAXTER George H. 01/09/65 VA C,25th 
BAYLESS A.J. 10/21/64 AL A,21st
BEACH Rizon 03/04/65 VA A,49th
BEACHUM James A. 02/13/65 NC K,43rd
BEACHUM Joseph J. 01/25/65 NC K,43rd
BEALL Albert B. 02/25/65 GA B,12th
BEALS Amos 08/13/64 TN D,7th
BEAMER J.W. 03/08/65 VA F,2nd
BEAN Alexander 01/05/65 NC K,5th
BEAN Benjamin F. 12/07/64 NC I,5th
BEAREN E.M. 03/28/65 NC K,5th
BEASON J.T. 05/20/65 AL F,1st,Bat.,Art.
BEATTY C.B. 02/24/65 SC A,18th
BEATTY Jonathan P. 11/26/64 NC B,28th
BEAUCHAMP J.S. 02/10/65 LA E,6th,Cav.
BECK W.S. 10/12/64 GA K,59th
BECKERDITE P.F. 10/04/64 NC Citizen of NC
BECKNER S.B. 08/02/64 VA I,26th
BEHELER J. 09/01/64 SC F,17th
BELCHER William  11/28/64 GA B,7th,Cav.
BELL F.C. 10/24/64 GA E,7th,Cal.
BELL John 05/03/65 FL H,8th
BELL John S. 10/17/64 VA I,50th
BELLAMY Richard C. 11/27/64 FL A,5th
BELLOTTE J.D. 03/16/65 SC C,4th,Cav.
BELTON James R. 03/11/65 NC A,28th
BELTON Thornton 02/06/65 NC F,45th
BENFIELD R.A. 02/25/65 NC I,52nd
BENN William R. 04/12/65 VA E,7th,Cal.
BENNETT A.J. 01/25/65 NC E,45th
BENNETT Albert A. 02/13/65 GA B,12th
BENNETT Christian G. 09/23/64 GA B,20th
BENNETT G.P. 07/26/65 GA G,15th
BENNETT John H. 06/01/65 NC F,21st
BENNETT Samuel H. 12/12/64 VA E,38th
BENNIFIELD David 02/20/65 AL F,1st,Bat.,Art.
BENTON Josh  10/01/64 SC I,11th
BENTON Theodore 12/10/64 LA B,1st
BEOFFORD Wesley 04/10/65 NC H,10th
BERRY Benjamin B. 11/27/64 TN 1,14th
BERRY Charles W. 07/08/65 VA Sgt.,G,25th
BERRY John 09/24/64 VA Sgt.,F.,15th,Cav.
BERRYHILL Alfred 02/10/65 AL E,1st,Bat.,Art.
BERTRAM William E. 09/21/64 TN D,25th
BESSENT J.H. 07/15/64 NC Cor.,G,51st
BEST Archibald 09/11/64 FL H,11th
BETTS J.H. 01/27/65 GA Sgt.,I,16th
BEVERLY John 02/27/65 SC D,25th
BIBBS D.L. 09/24/64 VA K,50th
BIDDLE George W. 03/04/65 VA I,53rd
BIGGS Jefferson 03/30/65 NC G,36th
BIRD B. 11/12/64 FL L,11th
BIRD B. 02/17/65 VA D,17th,Cav.
BIRD J.H. 07/15/64 VA I,26th
BIRD Matthew 03/28/65 SC G,21st
BISHOP J.W. 12/13/64 NC B,32nd
BISHOP James 11/09/64 SC D,17th 
BITER John 10/10/64 SC C,22nd,Cav.
BLACK Daniel L. 09/26/64 SC G,4th
BLACK E.M. 11/07/64 NC K,45th
BLACK John D. 10/09/64 VA I,50th
BLACK Willis 04/19/65 AL G,12th
BLACKBURN James T. 09/13/64 NC A,34th
BLACKBURN Kennon 02/28/65 NC I,36th
BLACKBURN M.E.L. 11/03/64 GA G,7th,Cav.
BLACKMAN James 03/06/65 SC B,21st
BLACKMAN R.A. 06/03/65 NC A,36th
BLACKWELL John O. 11/12/64 VA H,40th
BLACKWELL Samuel  02/03/65 SC B,6th,Cav.
BLACKWOOD John K. 12/14/64 SC K,Holcombe Legion
BLACKWOOD Joseph 03/03/65 NC H,37th
BLAIR William C. 10/09/64 AL C,12th
BLAKE Robert 02/27/65 NC G,40th
BLAND John 09/19/64 NC I,18th
BLANTON J.J. 01/18/65 NC G,51st
BLANTON W.J. 10/10/64 NC A,49th
BLARNEY John 12/25/64 FL H,Res.
BLAYLOCK Albert 09/11/64 NC E,35th
BLAYLOCK Calvin 03/29/65 NC H,14th
BLIZZARD John D. 12/04/64 NC B,56th
BLOODWORTH J.H. 01/26/65 AL G,5th
BLYTHE L.W. 09/20/64 NC I,37th
BOEHUR W.H. 09/09/64 VA Imboden's,Sgl,Gd.
BOGAN Benjamin I. 12/09/64 SC H,1st
BOGGS William 12/19/64 VA E,26th
BOGLE G.W. 08/23/64 NC H,56th
BOIE Mitchell 01/23/65 NC K,18th
BOLDEN Calvin 09/30/64 NC B,28th
BOLES Richard  11/04/64 AL B,13th
BOND J.F. 02/18/65 NC K,10th
BONEY John B. 01/08/65 NC G,61st
BOONE Sampson 11/24/64 NC G,51st
BOONE Thomas E. 09/20/64 VA C,25th 
BOOTH Cornelius 10/12/64 VA B,42nd
BOSHEN A.A. 09/16/64 NC K,5th
BOSTICK A.H. 07/04/65 VA C,26th
BOSTICK Henry J. 01/14/65 GA I,12th
BOSWELL Hamilton L. 01/03/65 TN Cor.,D,25th
BOSWELL James C. 09/23/64 VA C,39th,Bat.,Cav.
BOTTS F.A. 05/04/65 SC Holcombe Legion
BOUGHTON Thomas  11/11/64 VA C,26th
BOURNE J. 05/10/65 VA H,5th
BOWEN Lawrence 09/21/64 NC H,1st
BOWEN William H. 10/22/64 GA G,49th
BOWERS A. 03/07/65 SC Sgt.,H,22nd
BOWERS Joseph 09/04/64 VA C,29th
BOWERS W. 07/15/64 NC B,48th
BOWIE W.P. 09/02/64 LA A,22nd
BOWLES N.A. 11/29/64 GA C,7th
BOWLIN Danile A. 04/02/65 GA F,21st
BOWLING John W. 01/11/65 VA Sgt.,C,50th
BOWMAN Madison 09/01/64 VA K,21st,Cav.
BOWMAN W.H. 02/12/65 MS Citizen of MS
BOYD Enoch 12/29/64 AL C,1st,Bat.,Art.
BOYD John 02/05/65 AL F,1st Bat.,Art.
BOYER Jacob 02/05/65 NC B,5th
BRADBERRY J.H. 04/13/65 AL C,5th
BRADNOR James A. 10/09/64 VA D,39th,Bat.
BRADY H.H. 02/21/65 NC F,36th
BRADY T.J. 06/06/65 GA D,16th
BRAFFORD Joshua 04/21/65 NC F,10th
BRAND A.R. 01/04/65 Frmn,Sailor
BRANDENBURG John 02/09/65 LA K,7th
BRANNON Hugh 09/07/64 SC H,18th
BRANNON J.F. 03/30/65 GA K,35th
BRANNON R.H. 11/28/64 FL H,6th
BRANTON H.H. 11/24/64 NC I,3rd
BRANTON John 02/02/65 VA E,59th
BRASSWELL Sidney 03/09/65 NC H,32nd
BRAY J.R. 09/21/64 VA E,5th,Cav.
BRAYLESS J. 09/26/64 VA H,26th
BRECKENRIDGE Joseph F. 03/23/65 AL I,61st
BREEDEN James 11/14/64 TN B,1st
BREEDING James L. 11/26/64 VA I,50th
BREWER Wiley 11/15/64 NC A,3rd
BREWSTER William D. 10/16/64 GA D,6th
BRICKETT J.H. 06/15/65 SC Sgt.,H.25th
BRIGGS R.  07/15/64 NC E,31st
BRIGHT J.W. 07/15/64 VA A,26th
BRIGHT Jonathan 09/12/64 NC I,8th
BRIGHT Robert B. 09/13/64 SC H,22nd
BRIGHT Samuel S. 03/02/65 NC B,36th
BRIGHT W.J. 09/23/64 SC C,22nd
BRIMM R. 11/11/64 NC G,45th
BRINKLEY Fetherd 11/26/64 NC E,33rd
BRINKLEY William 09/28/64 NC I,33rd
BRINSGER W.H. 08/24/64 NC H,5th
BRINSON F.W. 03/03/65 NC B,3rd
BRINSON J.L. 12/11/64 GA Sgt.,B,7th,Cav.
BRISTOW Daniel 03/03/65 SC F,21st
BRISTOW J.A. 04/01/65 NC F,1st
BRISTOW James T. 10/10/64 VA B,26th
BRISTOW R.N. 03/18/65 SC F,21st
BRITT W.F. 10/05/64 VA B,48th
BRITTE Ellis 09/28/64 NC Cor.,D,18th
BRITTON W.J. 03/02/65 GA D,Cobb's Legion
BROADWAY David T. 02/06/65 NC A,54th
BROADWELL R. 11/10/64 NC K,12th,S.T.
BROMDER J.W. 05/17/65 SC C,25th
BROOK T.D. 03/08/65 NC G,40th
BROOKE Benjamin H. 09/27/64 VA I,26th
BROOKS Andrew P. 06/15/65 SC G,1st,Rifles
BROOKS Andrew T. 01/31/65 VA A,19th,Cav.
BROOKS Archibald G. 08/10/64 GA Cor.,H,64th
BROOKS D.H. 04/10/65 GA G,11th
BROOKS J.H. 04/10/65 GA G,11th
BROOKS Thomas 12/24/64 NC D,33rd
BROOKS Thomas G. 10/16/64 VA C,26th
BROOKS William 02/24/65 NC F,5th,Cav.
BROTHERTON Elias M. 09/28/64 NC D,42nd
BROWN A. 10/10/64 SC F,4th,Cav.
BROWN A. 03/29/65 VA G,25th
BROWN Bryant 04/16/65 NC D,1st,Bat.,Art.
BROWN Edward 01/23/65 SC E,11th
BROWN H. 03/11/65 SC H,22nd
BROWN H.H. 12/13/64 AL Sgt.,F,59th
BROWN James A. 11/29/64 NC B,51st
BROWN James H.C. 06/06/65 NC Cor,A,32nd
BROWN James W. 12/20/64 TN B,1st
BROWN Jesse J. 04/29/65 SC Sgt.,L,1st
BROWN Joel 03/09/65 FL A,1st,Res.
BROWN John F. 02/09/65 NC F,52nd
BROWN Nathan 09/26/64 GA Sgt,H,7th,Cav.
BROWN P.A. 01/31/65 NC A,18th
BROWN Richard E. 10/01/64 SC G,21st
BROWN T.J. 02/08/65 NC H,18th
BROWN T.S. 01/14/65 GA B,7th
BROWN Thomas K. 03/13/65 GA C,P,L.
BROWN W.B. 04/10/65 NC B,43rd
BROWN W.L. 09/18/64 NC B,56th
BROWN William  10/16/64 NC F,18th
BROWN William  02/28/65 NC G,13th
BROWN William A. 02/20/65 TN B,44th
BROWNE William  04/04/65 Marine,CSN
BROWNLEE L. 05/16/65 SC G,11th
BRYAN Robert S. 11/28/64 SC A,27th
BRYANT A.T. 12/16/64 NC F,18th
BRYANT Francis M. 03/01/65 NC D,18th
BRYANT Travers S. 07/15/64 NC I,51st
BRYANT William 01/28/65 SC D,18th
BUCHANAN Lorenzo D. 09/12/64 NC B,25th
BUCHANAN Thomas T. 12/21/64 VA I,50th
BUCK Samuel R. 12/10/64 NC E,41st
BUCKNER John J. 04/14/65 NC C,3rd
BUCKNER Thomas S. 04/25/65 NC I,45th
BUFFKIN Jordon W. 09/20/64 NC A,8th
BULLARD J.J. 02/16/65 NC E,30th
BULLARD Jesse 02/15/65 NC E,36th
BULLARD William J. 02/27/65 NC K,40th,3 Art.
BULLOCK John H. 10/06/64 VA E,47th
BULMAN J.L. 02/04/65 SC I,Holcombe Legion
BUNBOUGH Thomas 01/14/65 TN A,1st,Art.
BUNDY G.W. 03/05/65 SC F,21st
BUNN Sidney 04/06/65 NC H,32nd
BUNNELL Kenneth 10/07/64 VA B,61st
BURCHAM Jodel 03/02/65 VA C,50th
BURCHAM S.W. 02/25/65 NC D,33rd
BURDESHAW John T. 03/23/65 AL K,3rd
BURDETT Alfred W. 09/05/64 AL B,13th
BURGAMY William H. 02/12/65 GA K,12th
BURGESS J.C. 07/10/65 SC I,25th
BURGESS J.W. 10/06/64 VA I,5th,Cav.
BURGESS Joseph 02/20/65 NC B,18th
BURK J.J. 04/11/65 SC G,27th
BURKE Isaac 06/25/65 AL C,1st,Bat.,Art.
BURKE Joseph 01/22/65 AL C,1st,Bat.,Art.
BURKE William 12/07/64 AL B,3rd
BURKETT G.H. 03/11/65 AL A,1st,Bat.,Art.
BURKETT John 02/25/65 NC D,1st,Bat.
BURKETT Joshua 01/04/65 AL A,1st,Bat.,Art.
BURLEYSON William 03/09/65 NC C,42nd
BURNELL D. 02/27/65 NC H,51st
BURNETT John E. 12/07/64 SC C,22nd
BURNETT T. 11/07/64 NC F,31st
BURT W.B. 08/30/64 SC H,17th
BURT W.E. 11/12/64 NC I,12th
BURTON John T. 11/05/64 NC B,8th
BURTON Richard N. 03/20/65 NC G,40th
BURTON W.H. 09/07/64 GA G,53rd
BUSH Albert G. 02/02/65 FL Cor.,Norwood's, Miltia
BUSH James I 10/06/64 VA H,5th
BUSHONG John 01/29/65 TN E,63rd
BUSKETT J.W. 04/13/65 VA E,50th
BUTCHER James E. 01/19/65 NC C,8th
BUTLER David 09/28/64 GA E,51st
BUTLER George A. 01/23/65 FL Rgt.
BUTLER John C. 01/04/65 NC C,30th
BUTTS J.A. 07/07/65 NC F,24th
BUTTS Matthew 11/11/64 NC K,1st
BUTTS Thomas J. 01/14/65 AL Sgt.,A,1st,Art.
BYRD John F. 12/02/64 MS Sgt,.D,17th
BYRD Robert 03/21/65 NC K,40th,3 Art.

Hello, (July 2005)
 I would like to correct a record on your website of Elmira.
You have listed: BROMDER J.W. 05/17/65 SC C,25th

This practically has to be S. W. Browder, SC ,  C, 25th.  I have the civil war record of S. W. Browder, who died of "rheumatism" at Elmira.  The date of death and the infantry unit are the same.   Also there were no Bromders in SC and all the other SC Browders are accounted for.

Lawrence E. Browder
1006 First Street
Neptune Beach, Fl   32266

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 18 MAR 1998 
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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