Pedrick Cemetery,
Town of Southport, Chemung County, NY
Chemung County NY
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Pedrick Cemetery

Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York
Located in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York at Webb Mills behind the house located at 1605 Pennsylvania Avenue and on an elevation just north of the stream bearing the name of Bird Creek. This was the family cemetery for the Pedrick family in the 1800?s. Later burials were made in the cemetery of those who resided in the residence at 1605 Pennsylvania Avenue and a nearby residence. The three Pedrick family markers are in a row facing south with Hannah?s the farthest west, then Josiah, then John. These markers are of white sandstone and will not weather the test of time and are already becoming difficult to read. Markers copied 1979 by J. Kelsey Jones. Updated with newer markers transcribed and photographed February 2009 by J. Kelsey Jones.


Lois T. Baker 1895 1956

F. Rappleye Baker 1892 1963


Ruth Ann daughter of J. B. & E. J. Howard d. Apr 4, 1843 5y 11m 2d (this marker copied by the Stavers in 1931-2, which I could not locate, only the footmarker R. A. H.)


Elizabeth B. Mullin 1920 1985

Newell D. Mullin 1920 1983


Hannah wife of John W. Pedrick DIED Nov 15, 1849 Aged 71 Yrs

John W. Pedrick DIED Jan 21, 1840 Aged 65 Yrs

Josiah S. Pedrick DIED Nov 20, 1849 Aged 41 Yrs 5 M 4 D


see Ziblinski


Trautel Thiel Mar 26, 1930 Mar 21, 1994


Franz Ziblinski Dec 28, 1912 Dec 19, 2003

Johanne Ziblinski Nov 21, 1909 Oct 15, 2006

Michael Joseph Santulli April 6, 2007

Helga G. Ziblinski 1937 1975

Photo of house taken from Pennsylvania Avenue and markers are between house and tree house in photo along fence line.
In the photo of the three Pedrick markers, Hannah is on the left, Josiah in
middle, and John on right.
Chemung County NY

Published On Site 18 JAN 1998
Updated with new listing and photos 21 Feb 2009
By Joyce M. Tice