Chemung County NY
Drake Cemetery, Town of Chemung, Chemung County, NY
a.k.a. Owen Farm Cemetery, Frost-Owen Cemetery
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 1999

Name of Cemetery:   Frost -  Owen Farm Cemetery, Drake Cemetery, Frost-Owen Cemetery
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Date Read: 1989
Typed By: Janet Loftus
Location: Located on 17-C at Chemung, West of the Race Track on the North Side of the Road
Other comments: The list that I received was labeled Frost - Owen Farm. Since a cemetery by that name was not on my list, and Drake is a name in the cemetery, I am making the assumption that this is also called the Drake Cemetery. If anyone has information to the contrary, please inform me - Joyce M. Tice

This is directly on Route 17C across from the convenience store. While it is strategically located it is difficult to find. When I asked at the convenience store for the location of any old cemeteries in the area a couple of years ago, even they did not tell me about the one across the street. And when a friend gave me directions and said, "You can't miss it." I responded that I obviously had been missing it for months even when I was looking for it. Once you've seen it, it is obvious, but is easily overlooked. It is on the east side of the road and is mowed. JMT
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription - Relationship - Comments
Kellogg Charles
Aug. 20, 1848

Drake Jonathan Sept. 14, 1771 April 14, 1842

Palmer Griffith D.
May 17, 1811 20years-5months-5days
Mckinney Jonathan
Jan. 25, 1812 2years-months-9days son of C.G. and E. McKinney
Druham Elizabeth
Feb. 1839 28years-10months-16days wife of Michael
Higbee Sarah

76years-2months-18days Wife of Tim McKinney
Mckinney Timothy
July 31, 1853 67years-1month-9days
Drake Sally
1810 11 months Daughter of Jonathan and Mary Drake
Pickering Edmund G.
July 1, 1815

May 1, 1819 3years-4months-21days Daughter of Maria Pickering
Burt Morris
Oct. 3, 1838 21years-9months Son of Thomas and Eunice Burt
Burt Thomas

Damaged marker- no dates
Sanders Lucy
July 5, 1816 21years-1 mo.-5days
Tillman Laura Ann
Aug. 28, 1844 18years-16days Wife of Martin
Bosworth Adaline
June 20, 1819
Wife of John Bosworth

Possibly Tillman

Possibly Pickering

21-Dec 3months-21days all that is legible

Frost -  Owen Farm Cemetery Photos 
by Joyce M. Tice 
April 1999

Chemung County NY
Published On Site On 07/02/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

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