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Millport Cemetery A-B

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York

This reading was done by Joseph and Doris Boyd in 1977
A-B C D-E-F G-H I-J-K-L M N-O-P Q-R S T-U V-W Typed by Callein McDougall and J. Manwaring Obituaries
See Also 1998 Reading and 2005 List
Last Name Given Name Birth Death Age at Death Connection Comment
(LATTIN) LORA MAE 1920 1940     (No surname on the tombstone. It is assumed to be “Lattin” as it stands on a Lattin plot.)
A center family marker standing with the first 5 tombstones immediately above contains the names "George A.", "Cornelia A.", "Carrie A.", and "Mr. Frances". There are no dates.  
ADAMS AARON   6/27/1860 aged 64y 11m 9d    
ADAMS ANNA   3/10/1869 aged 71y 4m 2d wife of Aaron Adams Tombstone is sunk too deep in the ground to read her age but this data was found in the Staver record - 1933.
ADAMS ELI 10/2/1835  5/7/1902      
ADAMS ELVIRA   10/22/1876 aged 41y 5m 12d wife of Eli Adams   
ADAMS WILLIE E.    1/5/1881 aged 13y 4m 13d son of Eli & Elvira Adams A shaft type monument.
ADAMS GEORGE 1827 1899      
ADAMS CLARA L. 1836 1913      
AMEY SOPHIA         See entry. for JOHN ST. JOHN
AMY JOHN    11/22/1864 aged 29y 1m 14d   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground in two pieces.
APPLETON HAROLD L. 1911 1970      
APPLETON ARLENE Q. 1915 1973     Her maiden name was "Quick"
ARMITAGE WILLIE         No data
ATWATER BURTON W. 1862 1925      
ATWATER ADDIE B. 1858 1939      
AYERS LINDA       wife of Milton E. Ayers Tombstone sunk too deep in the ground to read the dates.
BABCOCK ALBERT F. 6/22/1814 7/15/1881     He was a general merchant in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
BABCOCK ANNA A. 9/20/1813 1/19/1895      
BABCOCK ALBERT LEGRASSE 11/1/1840 7/20/1903     A shaft type monument.
BABCOCK AMELIA LOUEAZER   1/8/1839 5y 8m 13d daughter of A.F. & Ann L. Babcock Middle name is spelled as it appears on the tombstone. Note the different initial in the mother's name.
BABCOCK NANCY MARIE   4/27/1843 8d daughter of A.F. & Ann A. Babcock The death year is slightly eroded.
BEBCOCK JOHN J. 1854 1930      
BABGOCK HARRIET J. 1864        No death date.
BABCOCK GEORGE K. 1889 1920      
BAILEY LORENZO WILSON 1825 1904     He was a physician, surgeon, and farmer with 200 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
BAILEY MARY L. SLEEPER 1837 1924 &nfsp;    
BALES JOHN W. 1848 1919      
BALES ADELINE M. 1842 1912      
BANCROFT ELIZABETH   12/27/1867 42y 11m   Died in Shortsville. The tombstone and its base lays face-up on the ground.
BANKS ADA         See entry for ADA BANKS CROUCH.
BANKS CHAS. F.   11/23/1863 4y 10 m son of S.B. & J.A. Banks The rear of the tombstone says, "Our Freddie".
BANKS FRANK M. 1844 1905      
BANKS MARY E. COE 1849 1926   his wife  
BANKS GEORGE 1870 1945      
BANKS CORA MAY 1872 1943      
BANKS HEZEKIAH   12/10/1888 73y 9m   He was a farmer with 125 acres in the Town of Veteran in 1868.
BANKS MARY ANN 2/15/1820 8/31/1910   his wife  
BANKS HENRY W.   11/10/1855 5y 7m son of Hezekiah and Mary Ann Banks  
BANKS EDWIN 4/10/1859 10/7/1923      
BANKS EMMA 5/11/1867 11/16/1942   his wife A shaft type monument.
BANKS SOMERS         No dates. Co. G. 50th N.Y. Engineers
BANKS DIAN L 1836 1923     "Mother"
BANKS WILLIAM H. 6/9/1813 3/31/1883     "Father"
BANKS MERCY 3/30/1810 8/3/1868     "Mother"
BANKS SARAH JANE 5/7/1837 3/2/1841   daughter of W. H. & M. Banks  
BANKS CAROLINE C.   6/30/1901 73y    
BARBER SAMUEL B.   7/21/1895 68y    
BARKER VIVIAN 6/8/1861 3 or 5/1883   daughter of (eroded) Tombstone lays face-up on the ground. Death month and parents badly eroded.
BARKER WILLIAM CULLEN 6/27/1820 7/24/1891     "Father"
BARKER LAZETTE MARIA 12/25/1824 8/15/1884     "Mother"
BEARDSLEY CHESTER 1887 1967      
BEARDSLEY CRYSTINE 1880 1952      
BEDIENT D.N. 9/29/1816 1/19/1857      
BEDIENT SARAH E. 7/29/1821 5/28/1856   wife of D.N. Bedient A shaft type monument.
BELTON ABIJAH   11/6/1865 47y 3m    
BELTON LOVINA   3/4/1879 55y 10m 2d his wife  
BELTON GUY M.   5/2/1849 4y 8m son of A. & L. Belton  
BELTON SARAH E. 1842 1915     A shaft type monument.
BENNETT THELMA J. 1915 1970      
BENTLEY GREEN Jr.   11/10/1820 42y 10m 2d   An excellent shale tombstone.
BENTLY EZEKIEL   5/20/1826 23y 11m 11d son of Green & Olive Bently The surname is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.
BLANCHARD DAVID         No dates. Co. D, 50th N.Y. Engr's.
BONNETT HENRY D.   8/9/1876 57y   Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
BOOTH JOHN          
BOOTH LOUISE M.   4/23/1849 27y wife of John Booth & daughter of Squire & Martha Brown Top of tombstone broken from bottom portion and lays face-up on the ground. It is slightly eroded.
BOOTH SARAH LOUISE   6/17/1866 6y 8m daughter of John & Sarah B. Booth Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
BOTSFORD AUGUSTUS   6/24/1889 80y 1m 23d    
BOTSFORD MARY A.   7/2/1874 65y 4m 6d wife of A. Botsford Tombstone lays face-up on the ground in two pieces.
BOTSFORD ELIZABETH H. 8/9/1837 5066   their daughter  
BOTSFORD AUGUSTUS   1/20/1864 1y    
BOTSFORD MARY A.   9/21/1863 ?   This tombston has no surnames and it is assumed that the names were BOTSFORD as it stands next to Elizabeth M. Botsford. The marker lays face-up on the ground and is eroded.
BOTSFORD JOSIAH         Handwritten entry
BOTSFORD ELIZABETH M. 1841 1910     Mother
BOTSFORD J. EMORY 1896       No death date
BOTSFORD FRANCIS L. 1896 1965      
BOTSFORD W. HULL 1886 1912   Architect: victim of the Titanic Reported as a memorial marker; no body interred.
BOTSFORD TALITHA 1901       No death date
BRANT GEORGE W. 1868 1920      
BRAYTON KITTIE CONDOR   8/9/1849 6m daughter of T.R. & M.D. Brayton Tombstone lays face-up on the ground.
BREWER ISAAC B.   1/13/1880 61y    
BREWER MARIA   3/28/1892 66y wife of I.B. Brewer A shaft type monument. She also has an individual tombstone.
BREWIN EDWARD 3/23/1807 9/6/1890      
BREWIN MARIAM 4/8/1806 12/3/1892   his wife  
BRIGGS ELLA M. 1866 1939      
BRIGGS EMMA B. 1864 1954      
BRIGGS JESSE H. 1824 1892      
BRIGGS ROANA CRANE 1834 1919      
BRISCO DIANTHA   6/22/1853 71y 10m 20d    
BRITTON HIRAM A. 1827 1913     He has a second tombstone which states, "Co. I, 122nd N.Y. Vols.
BRITTON SUSAN R. 1831 1908   his wife  
BROCKWAY ELIZABETH   11/11/1854 37y 8m wife of Edmund Brockway  
BROWN ALLEN   7/26/1879 57y    
BROWN HELEN   2/7/1900 74y his wife  
BROWN CHARLES WILLIS 1857 1902      
BROWN ALONZO         Handwritten entry
BROWN SARA S. BAILEY 1857 1917      
BROWN AGNES YVONNE 1895 1942      
BROWN LOUISA M.         See entry for LOUISA M. BOOTH
BROWN MARY F.   4/18/1856 32y 11m 19d wife of Alonzo Brown  
BROWN MARY A.   4/18/1856 8m 9d dauhter of Alonzo & Mary F. Brown  
BROWN BESSIE MAY 1872 1947      
BROWN SARAH BELLE 1861 1928      
BRUNSON WM.         Tombstone is eroded. William M. Bronson b. 12/21/1775 Vt. m.10/24/1805 d. 7/7/1843 Veteran
BRUNSON WEALTHY     74y 8m wife of Wm. Brunson Wealthy H. Ellsworth Bronson b. 5/1/1788 NY m.10/24/1805 d. 1/2/1863
BUNDY ROANA P.   8/19/1866 15y 10m 28d daughter of Wm. & Maria P. Bundy  
BUNN ALLISON 1856 1923      
BUNN JENNIE L. COOLEY 1859 1935   his wife  
BURCH CHARLES 1856 1917     "Father"
BURCH ALFRETTA MEEKS 1859 1942   his wife "Mother"
BURCH EDNA 1883 1957      
BURCH GRACE 1885 1953      
BURCH HARRY J. 1894       No death date.
BURCH LEOLA M. 1902       No death date.
BURCH HOWARD L. 1897       No death date.
BURCH DELCIE L. WADEMAN 1899 1968      
BURCH JOHN 7/4/1818 2/4/1903      
BURCH ELIZA 8/2/1819 6/10/1886   his wife  
BURCH ELIZA 4/19/1887 7/27/1887   daughter of Wm. & Fannie Burch A shaft type of monument.
BURCH W.         On this plot is a very small tombstone with only the name "W. Burch upon it, no dates.
BURCH JOHN T. 1858 1922      
BURCH MYRA W. 1858 1927      
BURCH CLARA E. 1891 1960      
BURCH ROBERT 1861 1936   "Father"  
BURCH ARVILLA M. 1863 1941   "Mother" "ALERETTA" was handwritten next to the name.
BURGESS GEORGE D.   1/8/1902 1y 7m 28d son of S>B> & L.B. Burgess  
BURRELL EARL L.   1930     Only date
BURRELL GEORGE I. 1911 1931      
BURRELL JEROME E. 1883 1965   "Father"  
BURRELL CORA S. 1890 1950   "Mother"  
BYRAM MARY E. 1860 1946   "Mother" Surname is spelled as it appears on the tombstone.
BYRON JULIA THOMAS 1862 1935     This epitaph appeas on the tombstone with Edward Thomas.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/7/98
By Joyce M. Tice