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Photos by Joyce M. Tice May 1999

Lattin Cemetery

Town of Veteran, Chemung County, New York  
Copied from DAR records by Ralph Weller, published on Tri-Counties  by Joyce M. Tice  - Original Listing from 1930s
On a hillside on the Ridge Road between Horseheads and the Town of Catherine. All stones are listed that it was possible to read. Very much neglected and forsaken. 

15 Feb 1860 89yr 6mo
13 Aug 1868 68yr 20da his wife (Job)
LATTIN Joseph B.
May 1850 73yr
4 Apr 1874 74yr 9mo 9da
LATTIN Ransom 19 Mar 1797 14 Feb 1883

LATTIN Alina CRAWFORD 13 Oct 1797 17 May 1880
his wife (Ransom Lattin)
LATTIN Clarissa
29 Jul 1867 29yr 10mo 29da d/o R & A.C.Lattin
5 Feb 1835 2yr 10mo d/o R & A.C. Lattin
LATTIN Julia Ann
19 May 1856 43yr 11mo
LATTIN Charlotte
19 Dec 1854 18yr 6mo w/o David Lattin
LATTIN Orrin 28 Oct 1811 24 Apr 1891

29 Nov 1814 62yr w/o Joseph Lattin

stone broken beyond reading
7 Oct 1861 68yr 6mo 27da
MILLER Melissa E.
31 Dec 1859 23yr 7mo w/o Peter H. Miller
MILLER Melissa E.
31 Jan 1860 1mo d/o P.H. and M.E. Miller
20 May 1874 40yr 4mo 11da
30 Jul 1873 5yr d/o Ira and Lucinda Shappee
Mar 1842
d/o Seller and Betty Satterly
SCOTT Lucinda 18 Apr 1831 4 Sep 1872
w/o Charles Scott
SCOTT Andrew
10 Apr 1848 61yr 3mo 4da
SCOTT William
26 Apr 1842 23yr s/o Andres and Claray Scott
SCOTT (?) Henry R.
8 Jun 1871 67yr 1mo 11da
18 Feb 1871 19yr 5mo 10da w/o Matthias Peterson
2 Aug 1861 48yr w/o Chas. McCary
CRAWFORD Purthenia 4 Jun 1808 15 Mar 1884

COE Hettie
15 May 1864 9yr d/o Wesley and Sarah Coe
18 Apr 1873 18yr s/o Joshua and Ann Barnhart

Lattin Cemetery - 2006 reading updates and corrects the 1930s listing shown above

This cemetery is located on the East side of the Ridge Road, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y., approximately 0.6 miles North of  Acker Road (South) and 0.5 miles South of Acker Road (North).  The cemetery is on the Lattin family property, comprising approximately 5 acres of land.  This cemetery is in good condition, although some of the stones are very hard to read.  Stones were dug up, set upright and others set back on their bases.  This reading was done 23 December 2006 and includes previously unrecorded stones and some corrections to the previous listing.

Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh & Rick Smith, Town Historians

Barnhart, John d. 18 Apr 1853 ae 18y s/o Joshua & Ann Barnhart

Coe, Nettie d. 15 May 1864 ae 9y11m3d d/o Wesley & Sarah Coe

Crawford, Purthenia b. 4 Jun 1808 d. 15 Mar 1884

June, Henry R. d. 8 June 1871 ae 67y1m13d

Lattin, Almy Crawford b. 13 Oct 1797 d. 17 May 1880 w/o Ransom Lattin

Lattin, Charlotte d. 19 Dec 1854 ae 18y6m w/o David Lattin

Lattin, Clarissa d. 29 Jul 1867 ae 29y10m29d d/o Ransom & Almy Lattin

Lattin, Cyrus d. 9 May 1850 ae 45y1m5d

Lattin, Job d. 15 Feb 1860 ae89y6m

Lattin, Joseph B. d. 5 May 1850 ae 73y

Lattin, Joseph stone broken - can't read

Lattin, Julia Ann d. 19 May 1856 43y11m

Lattin, Lydia d. 13 Aug 1868 ae 68y20d w/o Job

Lattin, Minerva d. 5 Oct 1835 ae 1y1m9d d/o Cyrus & Polly Ann

Lattin, Orrin b. 28 Oct 1811 d. 24 Apr 1890

Lattin, Polly Ann d. 29 Nov 1853 ae 45y2d w/o Cyrus

Lattin, Pixley d. 4 Apr 1874 ae 74y9m9d

Lattin, Ransom b. 19 Mar 1797 d. 14 Feb 1883

Lattin, Sally d. 29 Nov 1814 ae 62y w/o Joseph Lattin

Lattin, Sally E. d. 5 Feb 1835 2y10m d/o Ransom & Almy

Lovell, Charles b. 19 Mar 1832 d. 16 May 1857 s/o William & Sarah

Lovell, Sarah "Sally" b. 26 Nov 1798 d. 7 Mar 1883 w/o William

Lovell, William b. 26 Sep 1800 d. 1 Feb 1884

McCary, Jane M. d. 2 Aug 1861 ae 48y w/o Charles McCary

Miller, Amy d. 13 Jan 1868 ae 23d d/o Samuel & Eunice

Miller, Eunice d. 12 Jan 1875 ae 78y5m9d w/o Samuel

Miller, Melissa E. d. 31 Dec 1859 ae 23y7m w/o Peter H. Miller

Miller, Melissa E. d. 31 Jan 1860 ae 1m d/o Peter H. & Melissa E.

Miller, Samuel d. 7 Oct 1861 ae 68y6m27d

Peterson, Sally Ann d. 18 Feb 1871 ae 19y5m10d w/o Mathias Peterson

Satterly, Emma d. Mar 1842 ae 3y9m d/o Selar & Betsy Satterly

Scott, Andrew d. 10 Apr 1848 ae 61y3m4d

Scott, Henry R. d. 8 Jun 1871 ae 67y1m11d

Scott, Lucinda A. b. 18 Apr 1831 d. 4 Sep 1873 w/o Charles Scott

Scott, William d. 26 Apr 1842 ae 23y5m11d s/o Andrew & Claray

Shappee, Ira d. 20 May 1874 ae 40y4m11d

Shappee, Sarah d. 30 Jul 1873 ae 5y d/o Ira & Lucinda Shappee

Chemung County NY

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By Joyce M. Tice

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