Gustin Cemetery, Town of Ashland, Chemung County, NY
1979 Listing
Chemung County NY
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Joyce and Sylvia,
I believe this cemetery should really be the Bird Cemetery as I will explain perhaps tomorrow night when I have more time. But, basically, Meribah wife of Benjamin Bird has the oldest dated marker and she died in 1833. The four Matthews names are her grandchildren. Gustin and Sutphen came later and at the moment I believe Clarissa Sutphen may have also been a Matthews, but not sure. Unfortunately, as with many cemeteries someone looked over the fence and saw Gustin and that is what it became and it was known as such when I copied markers in 1979.
J. Kelsey Jones
Submitted by and printed with permission of J. Kelsey Jones. Read in 1979

Located in the Town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York on the east side of Route 14 and north of Rogers Road. Markers copied by J. Kelsey Jones.

B_________ Meribah wife of _____y B______ d. ________________

Footmarker, M. B.

There was a Maraby Mathews, age 12, daughter of Joel and Janette Mathews in 1850 census enumeration.

GUSTIN Cindrylla. wife of Jesse Gustin d. Nov. 13, 1855 AE 53 Y. 6 M. & 11 D.

MATTHEWS Mary Jane dau of Lawrence & Amanda Matthews d. Sep. 1, 1856 AE 17 y?s. 11 mo?s.

Amasa D. d. June 18, 1846. AE 5 y?rs 11 m?s & 10 d?s

Willie F. d. June 20, 1846 AE 1 y?r 11 m?s & 8 d?s

Infant son d. Feb 27, 1837

Children of Lawrence & Amanda Matthews

There is a footmarker, A. M., which may refer to Amasa D., but typically footmarkers modeled the headstone and it would have been inscribed A. D. M.

SUTPHEN Jane daughter of J. L. & Clarissa E. Sutphen d. Dec. 6, 1852 Aged 8 y?rs 11 m & 27 d

Footmarker, J. S.

Daniel S. son of J. L. & Clarissa E. Sutphen d. Feb 19, 1852 Aged 1 y?r 4 m 22 d

Footmarker, D. S. S.

Clarissa E. wife of J. L. Sutphen d. Oct 2, 1852 AGED 30 y?rs 2 m. & 14 d.

Footmarker, C. E. S.

Chemung County NY

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