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First List submitted by Ray Benjamin 2000. Located off Exit 59A [ of Route 17] at Wilawana, PA, 500 feet from the PA border.  The land was formerly owned by a Mr. French.  The cemetery lies between two corn fields on top of a knoll.  The list below comes from the Town of Chemung records, dated 1933 and verified by Ray Benjamin, the self-appointed Sexton of the Cemetery.Retyped for Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Ruth Bryan.
Another list is below this one from Autumn 2003. This area of rolling and fertile farm land has been rezoned as of Spring 2004, and the little cemetery, or at least access to it, may be in danger. It will be a terrible loss to this area if distribution warehouses replace the scenic corridor we now enjoy. Farming is no longer economically viable, and the dead do not pay taxes, so the loss is very much a liklihood. Chemung County's section of the new Interstate 86 will look just as disheveled as the rest of it. Our era has no time or place for beauty or history except for some isolated corners.
I have photos for last fall before the cemetery was cleaned up that I may incude IF I get time. Joyce M. Tice
BOSWORTH J. Ford 12/15/1861 20y 7m Company E., 23rd Regt., NY, S.V., Died in Washington, D.C.
CLARK Mary Gertrude
3/1848 3y Daughter of Samuel & Rachel CLARK
DEPUY Jane 7/17/1872 50y 10m 5d Wife of Benjamin DEPUY
9/15/1845 3y Daughter of Benjamin & M.J. DEPUY
2/16/1845 5m

9/5/1845 3y
12/12/1844 20y Adopted daughter of David & Florella GARDNER
1869 27y
LEONARD Mary  1794 1874 80y
LOWRY HB 1833 1915

LOWRY Nora Colden 1904 1904

MORRIS James 1/1/1834 6/9/1906
Company F. 29 PA Inf.
MORRIS Mary 8/30/1835 10/16/1927
Wife of James 
MORRIS Charles
4/27/1849 16y 21d Son of Augustus & Hannah MORRIS
MORRIS Lorenzo
7/9/1847 12y 2m 1d Son of Augustus & Hannah MORRIS
BARTON Jenny 7/25/1901 12/30/1954 53y Wife of Charles MORRIS and Andrew J. BARTON
MORRIS Mary Lilly 4/11/1922 9/11/1922
Daughter of Charles & Jennie WILCOX MORRIS BARTON
MORRIS Charles 10/17/1868 10/18/1938
Son of James & Mary MORRIS
OXFORD Hart 2/13/1821 10/18/1891 65y Lieut. Company L. 40th Regt., NY, Vol.
SCOTT James A. 1757 11/17/1839 82y Soldier of the Revolution
SCOTT John 1787 4/5/1843 56y
SQUIRES Jane M. 1836 3/21/1877 61y Wife of Henry SQUIRES
WILSEY Willie D.
12/29/1863 2y 9m 4d Son of J.L. & Mary A. WILSEY
The following listing is by Sherry LAMPMAN Nichols Autumn 2003. Only two stones are missing when compared to the above earlier listing, although the cemetery is in terrible condition at this time.
Bosworth J. Ford
Dec 15, 1861 20y 7m  Co. E. 23rd Regt. NY S.V. Died in Washington, DC.
Clark Mary Gertrude
Mar 1848 3y 6m daughter of Samuel & Rachel
Depuy Jane
July 17, 1872 50y 10m 5d wife of Benjamin 
Depuy Dellie
Sept 15, 1845 3y 6m daughter of Benjamin & M.J.
Depuy Willie Franklin
Feb 16, 1845 5m son of Benjmin & M.J.
Gardner Fanny
Dec 12, 1844 20y 9m 6d adopted daughter of David & Florella Gardner
Hallock Helen A.
1869 27y top of stone missing
Leonard Mary  1794 1874 80y stone missing in 2003
Lowry H.B. 1833 1915  
Lowry Nora Colden 1834 1904  
Morris James Jan 1 1834 June 9 1906   Company F. 29th PA Inf.
Morris Mary A. Aug 30 1835 Oct 16 1927   Wife of James
Morris Charles
Apr 27 1849 16y 21d s/o Augustus & Hannah--stone says s/o J.J.
Morris Lorenzo
July 9 1847 12y 2m 1d s/o Augustus & Hannah--stone says s/o J.J.
Barton Jeney July 25 1901 Dec 30 1954 53y w/o Charles Morris & Andrew J. Barton
Morris Mary Lilly(baby) Apr 11 1922 Sept 11 1922   d/o Charles & Jennie Wilcox Morris Barton
Oxford Hart Feb 13 1826 Oct 18 1891 65y Lieut. Co. L. 40th Regt. NY Vol
Scott James A. 1757 Nov 17 1839 82y  Soldier of the Revolution
Scott John 1787 Apr 5 1843 56y Stone broken
Squires Jane M. 1836 Mar 21 1877 61y w/o Henry Squires
Wilsey Willie D.
Dec 29 1863 2y 9m 4d s/o J.L. & Mary A. Wilsey
 Subj:  French Cemetery, May 15, 2004
Date:  05/26/2004 11:41:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Dear Joyce,

    I am sending you three pictures that I just received from my Nephew of the work that they performed this past Saturday.  There was five of them and I am so proud of them.  I only wish that I were there to help them.  I think that they did an absolute Super job.  They have promised me that they will never let it get this bad again.
    The work was done by; my Nephew, Richard Smith and his wife Sue, My Niece Jan Relyea and her husband Don, and their two girls Amy and Melissa.
    Up until I found your WEB Site and acquired your help they did not even know where that cemetery was.  Thank You for being there when I needed you.
    If you'll remember, my Mother, Jenny Barton, was the last to be buried there.
Sincere regards,  Bill Barton

In a message dated 8/6/2012 8:08:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Joyce,
As you have been recognized by many, I must too congratulate you on the awesome and visible effort that you have put into these web sites.  Thank you so much.
I visited the French Cemetery in Chemung County last in Sept, '11.  That was the first I had seen the large CVS complex.  You and I visited about that going in maybe a year earlier and we both expressed great concern about the future of the cemetery.  But, wow, has it ever had an improvement.  Never in my recollection has it ever looked so good.  The entrance has a new updated appearance of actual stairs that are lined with small bushes and gravel well placed in the steps.  The cemetery itself has had all the stones set into position and the woodchucks have apparently been eliminated as no holes were visible.  There were flags on most of the known veteran graves. As you may recall, my Mother, Jenny Barton, was the last to be buried in early Jan, '55.  My niece and her husband recently visited the cemetery and sent me an email stating that it is being maintained as I just described and by someone who shows care in doing so.  I live in Great Falls, Montana, and my niece keeps me posted on their visits to her grandmother's cemetery  We would really like to know who is doing this work so that we might somehow show our appreciation for their great effort.
Thank you again.
Best regards,
Bill Barton
Chemung County NY

Published On Site 10/19/2000
By Joyce M. Tice

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