Listing of All Known Cemeteries and Burial Grounds in Chemung County, NY
Chemung County NY
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This index of the cemeteries of the county is a starting point for getting all the cemetery lists online for researchers. It is as complete as our information can make it. Many of the cemeteries have multiple names, so look carefully before assuming a cemetery is not listed here. Please notify me of any cemeteries you know of that are not included. Be sure to check the township pages because that is the primary location where I add new cemetery listings. I may or may not add them to this index.
Not all Cemeteries in the area may be included here. Check the Township pages which are updated more regularly and which form the core of the site.
Cemetery Name(s) Township/County
Albee Hill Cemetery (Cooper Cemetery) VanEtten / Chemung (C24)
Andre Cemetery Barton / Chemung MSJ (C1)
Ashland Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C2) BC Photos
Austin Hill Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C3) SN
Baldwin/Jenkins Cemetery(KJ)

DAR Listing (1932)

Southport / Chemung (C4) KJ
Baldwin Cemetery or The Knoll Ashland / Chemung 2 (C57)
Baptist Church Cemetery (Wellsburg Cemetery) Ashland / Chemung BC 2 (C131) Photos
Baptist Church Cemetery(Wisner Cem.) City of Elmira / Chemung (C139)
Barber Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C5)
Barbours Corners Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C6)
Barnes Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C7)
Barnes Hill Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C8)
Batterson Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C9) SN
Beckwith Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C10) KJ
Bentley Cemetery (Greene Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C11) MPC
Bentley's Landing Cemetery(Marsh or Wygant Road Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C63) BP
Big Flats Cemetery (Miller Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C73)
Big Flats Cemetery (Rural Home Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C101)
Brees Cemetery (Barbours Corners Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C6)
Breesport Baptist Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C13) SN
Breesport County Farm Cemetery (Poor Farm or Chemung County Home Horseheads / Chemung (C14)
Breesport Hilltop Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C12)
Briar Hill Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C15)
Burgess Cemetery {destroyed} Big Flats / Chemung (C16)
Canfield Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C17)
Carpenter Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C18)
Carr Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung MK (C19)
Carters Hill Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C20)
Caywood Cemetery (Red Chalk Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93)
Chapman Cemetery (destroyed) Southport / Chemung (C21)
Chemung County Home Cemetery (Breesport County Farm) Horseheads / Chemung (C14)
Chemung Village Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C22)
Christian Hollow Cemetery (Rosstown Cemetery) Southport / Chemung (C97)
Comfort Family Plot Southport / Chemung KJ
Conklin Family Plot Southport / Chemung KJ
Cooley Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C23)
Cooper Cemetery (Albee Hill Cem.) VanEtten / Chemung (C24)
Coryell Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C25)
Crooker Cemetery (Mountain View) Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
Drake Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C27)
Dry Brook Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C28)
Dry Brook Cemetery (Wynkoop Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C145)
Dutch Hill Cemetery
Dutch Hill Cemetery (1983 KJ)
Southport / Chemung (C30) DA
Dutchtown Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C31)SN PHOTOS
East Sullivanville Cemetery (Sandbank or Newton Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C80)
Elliot or Searles Cemetery

See 1887 Searles farm Photo with partial burial info

Ashland / Chemung BC 2 (C32)
Elmira Correctional Facility (Reformatory) City of Elmira / Chemung (C33)
Elston Hill Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C34)
Ennis Cemetery  Van Etten / Chemung (C35)
Fairview Cemetery (Old Scotchtown) Erin / Chemung (C109) SN
Fitzsimmons Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C36) DB
Forest Lawn (Office Records to 1994) Elmira / Chemung (C37)Records in Cemetery Office
Forsaken Cemetery (Minier Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C38)
Franklin St. Jewish Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C39)
French Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C40)
Fulton St. Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C41)
Fulton St. Hebrew Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C42)
Gearhart Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C43)
Good Shepherd Cemetery (Mt.Savior Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C146)
Goodwin Farm Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C44)
Greatsinger Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C45) CG
Greeno Cemetery (Bentley Cem.) Veteran / Chemung (C11) MPC
Griswold Cemetery(Fitzimmons Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Gustin Cemetery Ashland / Chemung 2 (C46) KJ
Harrington Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C47)
Hendy Creek Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C48) KJ
Hicks Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C49) DB
Hillman Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C50)
Hilltop Cemetery (Breesport Hilltop Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung SLN (C12)
Hollenbeck Cemetery (Red Chalk Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93)
Horseheads Cemetery (Maple Grove) Horseheads / Chemung (C64)
Horseheads Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C51)All bodies removed to other cemeteries years ago.
Houdak Farm Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C52)
Jenkins Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C53) MPC
Jenkins Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C54)
Johnson Hollow Cemetery (Maple Grove) DAR
Johnson Hollow Cemetery (MM)
Catlin / Chemung (C63) MPC
Kahler Road Cemetery (Pioneer Cem., Sing Sing) Big Flats / Chemung (C86)
Kelly Family Cemetery Southport/Chemung KJ
Kendall Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C56) MPC
Knoll Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C57)
LaRue (LaRow) Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C58)
Lattin Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C59) MPC
Lenox Avenue Cemetery (McConnell Cem. #2) Elmira Heights / Chemung (C69)
Locke Cemetery (destroyed) Veteran / Chemung (C60) MPC
Lockwood Cemetery Chemung / Chemung and
Barton / Tioga County NY
MSJ (C61)
Lonesome Cemetery (Rev. Sniffen Cem.) VanEtten / Chemung (C116)
Lowman Farm Cemetery (Known by tradition only) Chemung / Chemung (C62)
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Chemung County NY
Published On 3 AUG 1997
By Joyce M. Tice

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