Listing of All Known Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
in Chemung County, NY
Chemung County NY
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This index of the cemeteries of the county is a starting point for getting all the cemetery lists online for researchers. It is as complete as our information can make it. Many of the cemeteries have multiple names, so look carefully before assuming a cemetery is not listed here. Please notify me of any cemeteries you know of that are not included.
Cemetery Name(s) Township/County Reference
Maple Grove Cemetery (Johnson Hollow Cem.) DAR
Maple Grove (Johnson Hollow) MM
Catlin / Chemung (C63) MM / MPC
Maple Grove Cemetery - Tombstone Listing
Maple Grove Cemetery - Office Records
Horseheads /Chemung (C64) Records in Office 
Marsh Cemetery (Marsh Meeting House Cem., Bentley's Landing Cem., Old Marsh Cem., Slabtown Cem., Wygant Rd. Cem.) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Martin's Hill Cemetery (SouthSchool Cem.) Catlin / Chemung LF (C66)
Marvin Cemetery

Kelsey Jones Version

Southport / Chemung 4 MPC
Mathews Cemetery(Youman's Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C67)
McConnell Cemetery #1 (destroyed) Horseheads / Chemung (C68) MPC
McConnell Cemetery #2 (Lenox Ave. Cem) Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung (C69)
McCumber Cemetery #1 Baldwin / Chemung (C70) BP
McCumber Cemetery #2 (Oak Hill) Baldwin / Chemung (C71) BP
Miller Cemetery Ashland / Chemung KJ(C72)
Miller Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C73)
Millport Cemetery (1977)
Millport Cemetery (1998)
Veteran / Chemung CM / JM (C74) 
Mills Cemetery (West Hill Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C75) DB
Minier Cemetery (Forsaken Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C38)
Miscellaneous Lost Cemeteries Southport / Chemung KJ
Mitchell's Corners Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C77)
Mount Hope Cemetery VanEtten/ Chemung (C78)
Mt. Savior Monastery Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C146)
Mountain View Cemetery (Ashland Cemetery) Ashland / Chemung (C2)
Mountain View Cemetery (Ware or Side of the Road Cem.)partially destroyed Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
New Scotchtown Cemetery Erin / Chemung DA
Newton Cemetery(VanDuzen, Sandbank or East Sullivanville Cem.) (Partial)

Newton Cemetery (Complete)

Veteran / Chemung (C80) MPC
North Chemung Cemetery Baldwin / Chemung (C81) BP Biographies
Oak Hill Cemetery (McCumber #2) Baldwin / Chemung (C71)
Oak Tree Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C82)
Old Scotchtown,see Fairview Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C109) SN
Old Second Street Cemetery Elmira /Chemung SBe
Old Settlers Cemetery (Fitzimmons, Griswold, Pioneer Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Parsons Cemetery Veteran /Chemung (C83) MPC
Pedrick Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C84) KJ
Pine City Cemetery (once known as Judsonville or Pine Woods) Southport / Chemung  (C85)MPC
Pine Grove Cemetery (Vary, Ridge Cemetery)
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran / Chemung (C95)
Pine Valley Cemetery (Partial 1930s) Catlin / Chemung (C86) 
Pine Valley Cemetery (1999/2003) Catlin / Chemung (C86) 
Pioneer Cemetery(Fitzimmons Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C36)
Pioneer Cemetery (Kahler Rd. Cem.)(Sing Sing)

Pioneer Cemetery (Boyd Listing)

Big Flats / Chemung (C87)
Post Creek Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C88)D&JB /  LKF
Price Cemetery #1(Fred Price Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C89)
Price Cemetery #2 (Harvey& Rebecca Price Cem.) Chemung / Chemung (C90)
Quaker Cemetery (destroyed) Horseheads / Chemung (C91)
Quigley Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C92)
Red Chalk Cemetery(Caywood or Hollenbeck Cem.) Erin / Chemung (C93) RJK
Reformatory Cemetery (not accessible to public) Elmira / Chemung (C33)
Ridge Cemetery (partial)(Vary Cem., Pine Grove Cem.)
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran / Chemung (C95)
Riverside Cemetery 1970s Partial
Riverside Cemetery 2005
Chemung / Chemung (C96) Photo
Rogers Cemetery Southport / Chemung KJ
Rosstown Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C146)
Roushy Cemetery Ashland / Chemung Biographies(C98) DB and Photos
Rumsey - Getman Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C99)
Rumsey-Swartwood Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung
Rural Home Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung (C101)
Sagetown Cemetery (Boyd listing)
Sagetown Cemetery
Southport / Chemung
Savory Cemetery Catlin / Chemung  
Scotchtown (New Scotchtown)
Scotchtown 1999 Reading
Erin / Chemung DA
Scotchtown (Old Scotchtown)See Fairview Erin / Chemung SN
Scudder Cemetery 1979 kj

Scudder Cemetery 1973 d&jb

Ashland / Chemung 2 - Photos
Searles Farm Cemetery

See Searles farm 1887 Photo with partial burial info on the cemetery

Ashland / Chemung GV
Seeley Creek Cemetery Southport / Chemung KJ
Seeley Hill Cemetery (VanEtten) Jackson /Tioga

VanEtten / Chemung



Shoemaker Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung  
Sing Sing Cemetery (Pioneer Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C87)4,MPC
Slabtown Cemetery(Marsh Cemetery) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Smith Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C115)
Rev. Sniffen Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C116)
Sons of Abraham Jewish Cemetery (Woodlawn Hebrew Cem.) Elmira / Chemung (C117)
South School Cemetery (Martin's Hill Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C66)
Southport Cemetery (Fulton St. Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C41)
St John's Cemetery Veteran / Chemung FB
St. Mary's Cemetery Horseheads / Chemung  
St. Peter & Paul Cemetery Elmira /Chemung Lookups by Sharon
Storms Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C118) KJ
Sullivan St. Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C119)
Sullivanville Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C120) MPC
Swartwood FamilyCemetery
Swartwood Cemetery
Van Etten / Chemung (C123) 
Tompkins Corners Cemetery(destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C124) 4MPC
Turner Cemetery Veteran / Chemung (C125) MPC
Tuthill Ridge Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C126)
VanDuzen Cemetery (Newton Cem.- Partial) 

Van Duzen Cemetery(Newton Cem - Complete)

Veteran / Chemung (C80) MPC
VanEtten Cemetery VanEtten / Chemung (C127)
Vary Cemetery (Partial
Ridge Cemetery 1999
Veteran /Chemung (C95) MM /MPC
Weare Cemetery (Mountain View Cem.) Southport / Chemung (C79) KJ
Warren Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C128)
Warren Flats Cemetery (destroyed) Chemung / Chemung (C129)
Webbs Mills Cemetery Southport / Chemung (C130)CG
Wells Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C131)
Wellsburg Cemetery Ashland / Chemung (C132) Photos
West Hill Cemetery(Mills Cem.) Big Flats / Chemung (C75) DB
Westbrook Cemetery Van Etten / Chemung (C133)
White Cemetery  Van Etten / Chemung (C134)
Whitman Cemetery Erin / Chemung (C135)
Whitney Cemetery Big Flats / Chemung DM (C136)
Wilcox Cemetery (destroyed) Catlin / Chemung (C138)
Wilday (Wildey)Cemetery Catlin / Chemung (C139)
Wisner Park Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C140) MM
Woodin Burial Ground Van Etten / Chemung (C141)
Woodlawn Cemetery Elmira / Chemung (C142)
Woodlawn Hebrew Cemetery (Sons of Abraham) Elmira / Chemung (C117)
Woodlawn National Cemetery
 Woodlawn (Veteran Burials ONLY) Offsite
Elmira Prison Camp Burials
Elmira / Chemung (C144) Photos
Wygant Road Cemetery(Marsh Cemetery) Horseheads / Chemung (C65) BP
Wynkoop Cemetery Chemung / Chemung (C145)
Youmans Cemetery(Matthews Cem.) Catlin / Chemung (C67)

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