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History of Ashland Cemetery
Updates See also the Wellsburg Cemetery

Notes on the History of Ashland Cemetery (a.k.a. Mountinview) submitted by Sylvia DENTON Smith, Town of Ashland Historian

Wellsburg, April 14th, 1873

At a meeting held in the Fishler Block on the evening of Monday April 14th, 1873 for the purpose of forming a Cemetery Association.  Upon motion John Lowman was unanimously chosen Chairman ands. J. Kress, Secretary.

E. H. Goodwin moved that the name of the proposed cemetery be “Ashland Cemetery”.  Seconded by Jud Smith, the same was carried Ayes, John Lowman, S. J. Kress, E. H. Goodwin, Jud Smith, J. V. Fishler, A. Aldrich, E. F. Lummis.
Nays – None

Upon montion it was resolved that there shall be six Trustees elected
Upon a ballot the following were elected Trustees
  John Lowman
  John V. Fishler
  Jud Smith
  E. H. Goodwin
  C. M. Stringer
A. J. Finch

Upon a drawing by the Chairman and Secretary the following classification was made.  For the 1st. year, Jud Smith and Charles M. Stringer.  2nd year, John V. Fishler and E. H. Goodwin, 3rd year John Lowman and A. J. Finch

Upon motion it was unanimously voted that the Election for Trustees shall be held on Easter Monday of each year.
The following were elected officers for the ensuing year
  President    John Lowman
  Vice President   John V. Fishler
  Secretary   E. H. Goodwin
  Treasurer   Jud Smith

Presne Jud Smith, John V. Fishler, John Lowman,, S. J. Kress,  H. Goodwin, A. Aldrich, E. F. Lummis

     John Lowman, Chariman
     S. J. Kress, Secretary

Handwritten: Research done by Harry Kelsey on file at Chemung County (rest cut off)
ASHLAND……………..HISTORICAL DATA……………..H.B.K., 4/10/1950
ASHLAND CEMETERY                  Located in Town of Ashland (at Wellsburg, N.Y.)
 The “ASHLAND CEMETERY ASSOCIATION” was first formed at a meeting held in the Fishler Block (S.W. Corner of Main & Front St.) at Wellsburg, N.Y. on the 14th day of April, 1875
The meeting was held for the purpose of organizing a Cemetery Association and consisted of a number of individuals whose names may be ascertained by consulting a copy of the proceeding of this meeting as recorded in Book2, page 464, Miscellaneous Records, Chemung County Clerks Office, Elmira, N.Y., the same having been recorded April 17, 1873.
BOUNDAIRES of this Cemetery may be determined by examining a copy of Deeds to same as recorded in Vol. 59, page 185 (Under date of 1/16/1873 and Vol. 65, page109 (Under date of 1874), Records of Deeds, Chemung County Clerks Office, Elmira, N.Y.
(The former regards original purchase of 8 acre plot; the latter makes certain reservations regarding a certain spring)
The NAME: ASHLAND CEMETERY was proposed and moved for adoption by Mr. E. H. Goodwin, Seconded by Jud Smith and adopted unanimously at the first meeting (Apr. 14, 1873.
The date for the Annual Election of Officers set to be Easter Monday of each year
The First Officers:  John Lowman, President;  John V. Fishler, Vice Pres. ; E. H. Goodwin, Secretary;  Jud Smith, Treasurer.

A “List of Owners of Plots” is in the possession of the Association, going back to the first, however, the date acquired is missing on may early records. (Size and price paid is given).
A book of RECORD OF INTERNMENTS has been faithfully kept since about the year 1912-3 (Any prior to this date are lost, destroyed or the location of such record unknown).

The above information was gathered from Record Books, other loose material, and conversation with present officers of the Ashland Cemetery Association at the annual meeting held in the Wellsburg Fire Dept. Hall this 10th day of April, 1950.
Harry B. Kelsey
Ashland Town Historian.
(This cemetery was sometimes erroneously referred to at times as Mountain-View Cemetery)….H.B.K.
Handwritten: also equally in error as Old S….s Cemetery

A News Item appearing in an Elmira paper (Gazette?) under the date of Thursday, May 29, 1873, reads:
“A new cemetery consisting of 8 acres and located on the side hill in the rear of the Baptist Church has recently been purchased by the Episcopal Denomination of this place.  Asa Aldrich has taken the contract to enclose the grounds with a substantial fence, and other desirable improvements, which will add to the beauty of the spot and fit it for ists sacred purpose, are .. contemplation by the trustees.”
Compiler’s note:
This cemetery, in my day (1901-) and to my knowledge has always been considered “non-denomination”.  The original minutes make no mention of denomination.
(Handwritten) Episcopal Denominations may actually have referred to the Anglican Communion, a group of religious bodies, Episcopal in government, springing from the Church of England. (Webster’s Dictionary)
This definitely did not refer to the old graveyard.

Cemetery Name

History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins & Schuyler Counties, New York
 H. B. Peirce & D. Hamilton Hurt      Pub. 1878
 Pg. 305:
The first burying ground was the one referred to above as the Baptist grave-yard, which was purchased by the Baptist Society of Henry Wells, for the sum of fifty center, January 4, 1812.  It originally contained “3 rods and 5 poles”.  It has since been added to, and is now known as the “Wellsburg Cemetery”.  In it repose the ashes of many of the old pioneers, notably those of Judge Henry Wells, the donor of the lot, and his wife; Nathan Roberts and wife, interred in 1830 & 1818 respectively; Joanna Parshall, aunt of Asa Parshall, of Chemung; Richard Comfort and Charity, his wife; James Roberts and Mary, his wife; David Bush (this was a misprint- Burt), and Hannah, his wife’ May A., daughter of Keziah Bently, and many others.  “Alpheus Gillett, a soldier of the Revolution, died 20th June, 1841, 81, 5, 9” is an inscription upon one of the old stones.  “May they rest in peace!”

1803 Log Schoolhouse

H. B. K. in a letter to Mary Pashlya (Princeton Unies)
dated 11/4/51 -
The Land of the old Baptist church and cemetery was deeded to them in 1812 by Abner’s (Wells) son Henry.  (originally knows as the Chemung Baptist Church”  this society was organized in 1789 and believed to be the first white man’s church – of any denomination west of the Delaware river in New York State)  however I fail to find the family connected (in red “?”) with this church.  The consideration for this land was 50 cents.  One year price the family sold a log schoolhouse (erected 1803) and acre of the land to the trustees of Dist. 1, Town of Elmira, (same vicinity) for 10 dollars.”  (Margin Note: SEE OVER)

It appears that, at the time Harry Kelsey wrote the above in 1951 to Princeton University, he was not aware of the information in the “ History of 4 Counties” by Peirce and Hurd concerning the “… burying ground”.
I have always understood that the “old” cemetery was to be maintained by the Baptist Church,  -  the “new” cemetery was the responsibility of The Town of Ashland.
More research should be done here.  A deed from the Church to the Town should turn – else, does the Church still own the old cemetery?  The 1812 deed should be located too, for clarification of the Baptist Church site land.
                                                                                               Sylvia DENTON. Smith

Handwritten: School House Deed
Handwritten: Deed To First School House Site                            Town of Elmira

Location…Wellsburg, N.Y.; South of Baptist Church & South of old graveyard, West of present Ashland Cemetery;, North of entrance thereto, and East of present highway that forks to ascend “Cowell Hill” or south along the east side of Bentley creek. (At thime of deed this road lead to “Baldwin’s Mill---a sawmill(handwritten: ? grist) just over Penna. Line on Bentley creek.)

Grantors…Jonathan Roberts & his wife Mary, who resided in a house located just north of old graveyard and (then not yet erected) Baptist church, and east of highway (now Terrace St.).

Grantees…Abner Wells, Vine Baldwin and Henry Wells, Turstees and owners of the school house already reposing upon that location.

Date…December 3, 1811.

Consideration…$ 10.00 (Ten Dollars)

Witnesses…William Roberts and Henry Baldwin.

“This Indenture made this third day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Eleven between Jonathan Roberts and Mary his wife of the town of Elmira County of Tioga and State of New york of the first part and Abner Wells Vine Baldwin and Henry Wells trustees appointed by the subscribers and owners of the School house in the first district in the town of Elmira County and State aforesaid to receive a deed in trust for said school house Ground witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of ten dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is her by acknowledge have given Granted bargained and sold one certain piece or pecel of land situate lying and being in the town of Elmira where the School house now stands beginning at a bunch of hickory sapling standing on the west side of the road that leads to Baldwins mills and running from thence East two chains and forty eight links to a stake and stones thence south one chain and nineteen links to a stake and stones then west one chain and ninety four links to a shoemake thence northerly along the said road one chain and forty links to the place of beginning containing one forth of an acre of land be the same more or less together with all the priviledges and advantages thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining to have and to hold the above mentioned piece or parcel of land as good and sure and perfect estate of inheritance in fee simple for the s…l and only use of the said school district to the said Abner Wells, Vine Baldwin and Henry Wells trustees abovementioned and their sucessors  accepting (above accepting is word office) as is excepted in the orginal patent from the State of New York and I the said Jonathan Roberts do bind myself and my heirs Executors Administrators and assigns forever to warrant and defend in witness whereof have hereunto set there hands and Seals the day and year above written…
… the word Hundred above first line noton Before Sign sealed and the words in office likewise.
                                                                              Jonathan Roberts   (seal)
…presents of                                                         Mary Roberts        (seal)
…liam Roberts
…ry Baldwin

Tioga Count Beit Remembered that on the sixth day of December in the yer of our lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven personally came and appeared before me Henry Wells Esq.-one of the Judges of the Court of Common Please in and foresaid County the within Named Jonathan Roberts and Mary his wife both persons well known unto Me to be the same persons designed as Grantors and acknowledged that they signed Granded and (Delivered?) the within Indenture as (Show?_ voluntary (out? On?d?) and for the use and purposes there in contained and she being examined separately and apart from Her said Husband acknowledged that she Executed that likewise Examined the same and finding no mentioned (……?) or erosor only those noted and allowed the same before to be recorded.
                      Henry Wells.

Copied from the original—5/8/1949.,H.B.Kelsey.
Original – Vertical file “Ashland” – Che. Co. Hist. Soc.

Handwritten: This deed to the first schoolhouse deed (?) is included only as a referral if ever needed to boundaries around graveyard.

Roberts, Jonathan, son of Nathan, one of the first settlers of Wellsburg and a native of Ornage County, N.Y., was born in 1782 and came to Ashland ten years before his marriage.  He cleared a farm near Wellsburg and died at the age of forty-five years.  He served in the War of 1812.  Mrs. Roberts married Mary, daughter of Abner and Catura Wells, and his children  were Jasper, Henry, George W., John, Guy N., Abner, William, Isaac, Sally, and Caroline.  George W. Roberts was born at Big Flats, November 5, 1808, and in 1834 married Sally Ann, daughter of Phineas and Polly Squires by whom he had these children; Phineas S., Addison P., George H., and Sarah F.  His firs wife, Mrs. Roberts (handwritten margin note: Sally Ann), died February 21, 1886, at the age of sixty-eight years, and he married, second, Huldah Rathbun.  Mr. Roberts is a resident of Wellsburg.  He has served as justice of the peace in Chemung for four years and in Southport two years.  He is eighty-one years of age.

Chemung County NY

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