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Elmira NY-Dec 2nd-1953-

Dear Mrs. Jones-

I am endeavoring to fix up Cemetery on Lower Maple Ave by contacting the descendents of the ones that are buried there- for instance Solomon L. Smith father of Orpha Smith who married Abner Wells, your Grand father. I am a daughter of Edmond Griswold. Your father Horace Wells- spent the last few weeks in Elmira NY-at our home-Father put him on the train for Buffalo NY-Do you remember?

Solomon L. Smith’s Grand father is also buried there his name was John Smith. It is quite an undertaking but so- far I have collected $340.00 and the work has just begun. Naturally I contacted the Griswold’s first and they have been fine. Of course descendants are getting scarce but perhaps by next Spring I will have enough to get an iron fence so the cows won’t be able to disturb the Cemetery. If you feel you could help out it will be gratefully received-and placed in a bank. You see this project came up in the DAR. Where I am a member of the Chemung Chapter-the regent appointed 3 of us ladies on a committee to see what should be done where 17 Revolutionary Soldiers are buried there and one is our ancestor John Smith father of Timothy who intern is father of Solomon-who intern is father of Orpha-by the way I gave Dr. Floyd Jones 2 pictures to give to you a picture of your Father and one of Orpha. Dr. Floyd Jones was in school with me grammer School and Elmira Free Academy and I had him for my Dr. until he quit- I miss him-he was fine.

Enclosed are clippings I cut out of last nights Elmira paper perhaps you would like to read-


Mrs. Harriet Griswold Greenwood

Elmira N Y RD #2

Lower Maple Ave-

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 16 JUL 2006 
By Joyce M. Tice
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