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1869 Business Directory
Chemung Village
Submitted by Mike Tuccinardi

G. W. Burt..........Farmer and Banker, Main St.
E. Gere..............Physician and Surgeon, North St.
Jesse Owen........Farmer and Lumberman, corner of Main and Columbia St.
H.W. Owen.........Lumberman, Main St.
Charles Ruggles..P.M. and dealer in Drugs, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, etc., Washington St.


G. W. Burt...........Miller and Lumberman, District No. 4 (see note 1)
Frank Sayre.........Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries, Chemung Centre (see note 2)

note 1. District No. 4 was on the south side of the river, the land bordering NY 427 from the Town of Ashland boundary to half-way to the Chemung cross-over. A dirt road, no longer existing, divided District 4 from District 3. District 3 included the land on the same side of the river to where 427 crosses the PA border.

note 2. Chemung Centre is Beantown today. It had it's own U.S. Post Office.

1935 Chemung Phone Book
Balmer Harry, r
Beers A H
Blend Fred, r
Blend Jas. r, Chemung
Bodine Ely, r
Bouton R W, r, Wilawana
Cannon Virginia, r
Chemung Spring Water
Costello Max, r
Dininny Millie B. Mrs, r, Dry Brook
Elliott John, r, Wilawana
Erie R R Co., Railroad (st)
Farrow R C
Flood J R Mrs, r, Main
Ford Guy R, r, Main
Franklin Geo., r
Gunderman John, r
Hilliker Arthur
Howell W E, r
Jacklin M N, r, Wilawana
Joslin Bros. r,
Kabes Frank, r
Kilpatrick Edw, r, Wilawana
Kirks Garage
Livingston B P, r, Wynkoop Crk
Livingston R E
Lovell F S
Lovell Harold
Lupton Wilbur, Wilawana
McElwain Levi, Wilawana
Merchant G I, r
Methodist Episcopal Parsonage, Main
Owen Grey, r, Main
Owen James II, r, Main
Peterson Geo, r
Peterson Asa, r, Chemung
Red & White Store.
Rogers Fay, r
Rotary Gas Station
Shutt H A, r
Shutt J R, r
Snell F W, r
Snell Jesse, Rose Valy (Valley)
Stanton D D, r, Washington
Straitor G M r, Wynkoop Crk
Straitor Lynn, Wynkoop Crk
Van Dusen Henry, r Wilawana
Voorhis John, r
Westfall Emmett, r, Rose Valy
Westin E B, Store
Williams Ralph, r, Rose Valy
Wynkoop Phil, r Main
 Note:  Rose Valley was the name of a collection of houses and small businesses on old 17 - well, one mile east of Exit 58. There was a bar and grille called the Rose Valley Inn.

Mike Tuccinardi

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Chemung County NY
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