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Submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
Photo of Arlington Hotel
by Joan NASH O'Dell

Southport Births in 1849

ATKINS 30-Sep Nancy to Theodore and Rebecca
BARTHOLOMEW 27-Aug John to Josiah and Jane
BENSON 9-Jul James W. to John W. and Laurie Ann
BREWER 10-Aug Almond to James and Phoebe
BROWN 13-Feb Julia to Benjamin and Mary
BROWN 9-Oct Louisa to John and Martha
BROWN 7-Aug Milton to George W. and Emily
CONKLIN 4-Aug Sarah Ann to John and Lulia
COSS 23-Sep not obtained to Jacob and Mrs. Coss
GEORGIA 6-Oct Grant to Elijah and Elizabeth
GILES 13-Jun Elisha Lewis to Samule and Emeline
GRISWOLD 29-Nov not named to Elijah and Silva
GRISWOLD 17-Mar Emma to John and Esther
HASKELL 18-Aug Abigail to Samuel B. and Mrs. 
HECOX Apr David to David and Mrs.
LANA? Oct not named illegitimate to Mary Ann Lana
MANNING 12-Apr William W. to Silvester and Abigail
James to Hammond and Harriet
McCAN 20-Jul David to James and Harriet
OLDROYD 5-Jul Edward Milton to Henry and Almira
PARMER 23-Jul Mary to M. W. and Hellen
REED 14-Feb Benjamin to Joseph B. and Mary
REED 15-May Gardner to Stephen and Mrs.
RHINESMITH 28-Jul John to Godfrey and Hannah
ROBINSON 20-Jul Sylvester to James and Mary
ROUNDSVILLE 17-Nov Horace to Levi and Mary
SEELY 20-May William to Charles and Lucy
SHERWOOD 26-Jun Ednah to John and Annah
SMITH 15-Aug Job to Harrison ? Harmon? and Adaline
THORNTON 12-Oct Isabel to R. L. and Sally
TOLBERT 25-Sep not named to Harriet Tolbert, husband dead
to William and Locinda
VANGORDER 21-Feb Eugene to Milly
VANSCRIVER 15-Jan Mary to Hiram and Esther
VANWORMER 7-Apr George to Aaron and Ann Eliza
WARN 22-May Frederick to Israel and Elizabeth

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