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Submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
Photo of Odd Fellows Hall in Pine City
Nelda COOK Holton 1959

Births in Southport in 1847

AMES 24-Aug Olive to Johnathan and Jane E.
ANDRUS 18-Dec male child to __tats H. Andrus to rear and Mary Andrus
AYRES 25-Mar Edward H. to Edward A. and Eliza
BENEDICT 12-Apr Henry C. to Samuel and Harriet M.
BOVIER no date unnamed female child to Ward and Elizabeth
BROWN 21-Apr Erminda to John and Mary
BROWN 21-May Miron Ariel to Stephen T. and Rebecca J.
CAMPBELL 9-Jul Ernest to Samuel and Miranda
COMFORT 18-Oct Thompson to John and Sally
DALRYMPLE 13-Dec Hannah to Ephriam and Sarah
DALY 12-Feb Sylvester to James and Zilpha
DOYLE no date Allis (female) to W. P. and Hannah
DOYLE 15-Dec child not named to William P. and Hannah
ECHENBURGER 5-Nov Henry C. to Charles and Sally
FOX 13-May Sarah Ann to Silas and Saloma
INGERSOLL 21-Jan Georgiana to Platt C. and Betsey Mariah
JOHNSON 28-Dec Loranna to William and Jane
KLINE 11-Sep Guy to James and Margaret
MANNING 6-Dec Mary Almeda to Ephriam and Katura
McCUMBER 26-May Mary H. to David and Elizabeth
PARKER 1-Apr Susan J. to William and Cynthia
ROBBINS 10-Aug Alice to Abraham and Sarah
ROBBINS 13-Feb Hannah M. to Archer and Sally
ROUSHA 3-Aug Mariana A. to Jacob and Eliza
SCUDDER 6-Jul Francis to John I. and Mary R.
SEELY 15-Apr William H. to Albert and Martha
SLY no date Hammond to Robert and Fanny
SKINNER 12-Jun Meredith to William J. and Martha
SMITH 27-Jun Frank T. to Lafayette and Eliza
SMITH 12-Jun Jonas J? to Harmon C. and Adaline
SPARKE? 2-Jul John to James R. and Hannah
SPAULDING 15-Mar Alice to Henry C. and Clarissa (either this entry or the one below must be in error) 
SPAULDING 19-Feb Clara Louisa to Henry C. and Clarissa
STRYKER 1-Feb Elizabeth to George S. and Abigail
WISNER 20-Apr Anna to John T. and Rebecca

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