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Submitted by Clifton Crum

Subj:  Rose Family Bible
Date:  03/05/2004 2:18:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (clifton crum)
To: (Joyce M. Tice)
Friday, March 05, 2004

Hello Joyce,

Thank you for your timely response to my query, and request for the Rose Family Bible to be included on your site.

I had visited your site once before and since it included so much material to be researched, decided to post a query instead.  I think and agree with your suggestion that I’d probably get better responses if I were to post the  family portion of the Bible to your site.

I received the Rose family from my Mother a few years ago and really didn’t know its value from a family  history  standpoint until I happened to open it and discover that many of my ancesters from the Rose side of my family was posted there.  My Grandfather Clifton DeWitt Rose lived with my Family for several years and I was always a great Fan of his, so imagine my delight when I found a bit of his history in that old Bible.

Presented below is a transcript of the Rose Family Bible.  I have no idea who posted all the information it contains, but I do hope someone can read it and perhaps get some use and value from the information it contains.  The big puzzle for me though is trying to determine when and where Amos and Phoebe  Rose were married and perhaps be able to trace their foot steps from where they left New York to where they finally settled in Iowa.

The Rose Family Bible: (corrected Copy)


Archer Clifton Rose and Matilda Clapper, were joined by me in the bonds of HOLY MATRIMONY AT: Mt Pisgah (Iowa) on the 13 th Day of  April, in the year of out Lord, 1878, in Presence of Ben Miles and Sophronia Clapper, Signed Joseph G Miles


Archer Clifton Rose to Mary E Carpenter, Marshall, Minnesota, January 19, 1904

Gertrude Olga Rose to Joseph Morris Carpenter at Doland, South Dakota, December 25, 1906.

Clifton DeWitt Rose to Hazel Marie Seaman, at Helena, Montana, March 13, 1912


Born at Pisgah, Iowa

Grace Rose, September 7, 1882

Ethel Alice Rose, January 11, 1882

Gertrude Olga Rose, August 3, 1885

Clifton DeWitt Rose, November 3, 1887

Jasper Mason Clapper, October 16, 1893


Amos W Rose, January 7, 1825

Phoebe Ann Crayton, February 24, 1828

 Born at Doland, South Dakota

James Archer Carpenter, September 12, 1907

Morris Clifton Carpenter, April 7, 1909

Mary Lucille Carpenter, December 20, 1910

Clarence DeWitt Carpenter, November 14, 1912


Grace Rose, September 9, 1880

Ethel Alice Rose, February 15, 1882

Matilda Clapper Rose, October 16, 1902

Amos W Rose, (Father)

Died at Pisgah, Iowa, March 18, 1891

Buried at Pisgah, Iowa

Mrs Phoebe Ann Rose (Mother)

Died at Doland, South Dakota, June 21, 1911

Buried at Pisgah, Iowa, June 26, 1911

End of Transcript

Hope this will help!

Clifton Crum


Chemung County NY

Published On Site 26 MAR 2004
By Joyce M. Tice

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