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Transcribed and Submitted by Mike Krusen
These are copies from the Horton Bible. The Bible is in the possession of Willemina Minster in Lindale , Texas. We received these copies and I scanned them into my PC. On the file Copy of Alenetext1 Teresa's parents are mentioned but there was nothing in the Bible pages that were sent about them, so I'm not sure were that info came from and I hit a total dead end so far on them. Mike

Page from Horton family Bible

George H. Horton b.Nov. 29,1856

Teresa P. Simonson b. Dec.23, 1868

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Robert A. Horton July 27,1888 Friday 12 K

( Note : we know their first born was also named Robert A. b.July 30,1887 and d. August 4,1887 , not in Bible)

Lena A. Horton Jan. 14, 1890 Tuesday 6 pm

Ernest H. Horton Jan 15, 1891 Thursday 9 am

Jennie T. Horton Feb. 6, 1892 Sat. 6 am

Annetta B. Horton Nov. 11, 1894 Sunday 10 am

Georgia D. Horton May 31, 1895 Sunday 6 pm

Harold H. Horton Aug. 1, 1897 Sunday 5 pm

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Alene A. Horton Nov. 13, 1898 Sunday 2 am

Violet May Horton April 18, 1902

Friday 9 pm

Ethel Marion Horton Oct. 12, 1903 Monday 4 pm

George R. Horton March 29, 1905

Baby boy born July 30 (died Aug 4, 1887

Annetta B. Horton (died Sept. 1, 1897

Georgia D.Horton (died July 20, 1899

Ernest H. Horton (died July 1, 1901- drowned

Eliza Horton died May 14, 1901 Aged 73 years

Elijah Horton Dec. 3, 1906 Aged 86

George H. Horton died Dec. 18, 1919 At Seneca Falls aged 63

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Lena A. Horton died March 21, 1920 Age 30 Sunday 3 pm

Ethel M. Horton Stearns died Feb. 22, 1931 Age 27 Sunday 4 pm

Harold H. Horton Died - date not in Bible (Oct. 27, 1946 Sunday 12:00pm suicide)

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