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The Lee Manning - Emma Skinner Family of Elmira

Submitted by Gwen MECUM Hunt of California

Attached is a picture of my great grandparents and their only son, my grandfather: Picture taken circa 1893. Could you please add this to your 1900 section. ---------------- Circa 1893: Lee T. MANNING, b. 1863 NY, and his wife Emma SKINNER, b. 1864, PA with their only child, Floyd Richard MANNING, b. 1888, NY. 

Lee Manning was an engineer at Eclipse Machine Div., Bendix Aviation Corp., in Elmira Heights until his retirement about 1930. They lived at 204 W. 17th St. in Elmira Heights for many years. He and his wife bought and sold property and at one time were quite well to do, but lost it through a series of poor investments. Religion played an important part in their lives, both Lee and Emma were members of the Oakwood Methodist Church, and its Merrill Class. Emma was a great orator and gave many readings at her church. 

Their only child, Floyd, was drafted in 1918 into the U.S. Army during WWI and was sent to France. Floyd was gravely injured in the battlefield, gassed with mustard gas, and lost the lower third of his left leg in the line of duty in the France Meusse-Argonne offensive. He never fully recovered from his injuries and died in 1933.

Submitted by Gwen MECUM Hunt of California