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This library honors our neighbors lost in time. They live among us as long as we remember them.
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If You have any 1900 era photos or other memorabilia, please share them with us.

This new feature will give Chemung County Web Site guests the opportunity to tell us about the world as it was in 1900 through the eyes of their ancestors who lived then. Your submissions can be sent to the site host and will be included in this section. Try to limit your observations just to the people alive then, who they were, where they were and what they did. Do not try to turn this into a whole family genealogy, just focus on 1900.

Chip in !! Let your ancestors see some light.
The World a Hundred Years Ago Lee Manning / Emma Skinner Family Amateur Baseball in Elmira in 1900
Farm Machinery 1900 1900 Time Travel - Time Capsule 1909 - Pine City School
School Souvenir Booklet Collection Harry B. Cleveland of Elmira 1900 Diary 1899 Warner's Business Institute, Elmira NY

Merry Christmas 1900 Be My Valentine 1900-1999 Happy New Year 1900-1999 Easter Antique Cards
Guardian Angel of Drunk Drivers 1890s style - A Poem Antique Postcards

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