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Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York

School: Hendy Creek Road School
Township: Southport, Chemung County NY
Teacher - Edna Janowski
Year: 1930
Photo Submitted by: Roberta Thomas
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Joan NASH O'Dell photographed this former school in February 1999.
Hendy Creek School 1930
                         Southport-Chemung County-New York

   L to R    Back:      Vera Hornsby- ? - ?- Esther Thomas
                                 Helen Dickinson - ? - ? - teacher;
                                 Edna Janowski 
                Middle:      ? - ? - Emma Thomas - ? - Blanche
                                 Thomas - ? - ? -
                Front:        ?- ?- ? - ?- ?-?- ?

This copy of picture was also given to Wayne Thomas by Carl Wood as his sisters were in it all three have died
Esther 1981 Blanche 1981 Emma 1979.  Maybe some knows who the others are.
                                                      Roberta Thomas

In a message dated 8/31/2008 5:41:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, Hunting196 writes:
Hello Joyce,
My name is Dale Burfield and i"m from buffalo new york. I was looking for info on Hendy Creek School South Port Dist 1. I found your web site and was shocked to see a pic of the school.You also have children in front of the school with teacher.  It says if any one knows who the other children are to contact you.Well that's what im doing. I am 99% sure that the pic back row third from left (female) is my mother. I'm not 100% sure because I have never see a young pic of my mother. If it's her, her name was francis e walker.
She was a neighbor of the Thomas family. Also in the 2nd pic that is not working it has a child names Robert Walker which is her cousin.Also do you know or have any more pics or info on the school? Do you by any chance know what high school these children went to in Elmira?

Thank You  Dale

  Hendy Creek School 1935
                       Southport-Chemung County-New York

    L to R  Back:      Shirley Wood- John Dickinson- Carl 
                                Wood- Mary Adams- Wayne Thomas
                                teacher Edna Janowski
                Middle:    John Harbol- Barbara Wood- 
                                Raymond Leach- Paul Bennett
                Front:      Robert Walker- Donald Thomas- dog-
                                Donald Wood- Glenn Saxbury
                                Wesley Thomas.

This copy of picture was given to Wayne Thomas 2002 by Carl Wood. He in return gave to his brother Louis Thomas all the rest of Thomas Children have Died. 
                                                    Roberta Thomas

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