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 1909 RPCC Card - Chemung Cemetery was written by Orr H. Gunderman (1886-1970) to Mrs. Edith Lanterman at 317 N. Wilbur, Sayre, PA.

   "Arrived home all OK. Sat. night.  I enjoyed the dance with you at the Keystone. I hope we will have another dance there. How is Margaret B.? I suppose she is still mad at me."

   O. H. Gunderman Chemung NY.

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Postcards sent in by various site guests ad from Joyce's Collection. Many of these are form Mike Tuccinardi

Chemung Spring Water
August 1970
Photo from Burt Beers

Chemung Spring Water Plant
August 1970
Photo from Burt Beers
Dear Joyce

The Chemung River from the Chemung Bridge and the NorthWest shot of the John I Ford general store and Main St I just received
The other one of Main St. West

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Chemung County NY

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