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Postcards sent in by various site guests ad from Joyce's Collection. Many of these are from Mike Tuccinardi
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 Note from Mike Tuccinardi on this 1907 dated card. The man standing near the hotel's corner is Will Howell, owner of the hotel when this picture was taken. He is holding his oldest son Peter.

As told by Burt Beers:
   "My earliest memories of Will Howell & his wife date to the early 1930s when lived in the large white house on the corner of Washington & North Streets. His son Pete and oldest daughter, Eleanor, were childhood friends of my mother's. The Howell's youngest daughter, Harriet, was an exceptionally attractive young woman.

   Young Pete Howell attended Hobart College, Geneva, NY after high school and then went to NYC, where he became an executive with the Bell Telephone Co. Daughter Eleanor married Zan Rossiter, son of an MD who practiced in Chemung in the 1930s. Zan became a journalist, starting with one of the Elmira  newspapers before moving to one of the big NYC dailies. Zan & Eleanor's son continued as a journalist for quite a few years, attaining some prominence before moving to Duke University where he may still work with that institution's public relations."

Some of the photos below are taken from the top of Waverly Hill in Tioga County NY adjacent to Town of Chemung in Chemung County NY
Attached is a picture of Virginia French's hayrake puller. I used to climb all over this thing.

Just for the record, French's farm was the first farm on the left going east on the Rotary Road, just after the intersection with Dry Brook Road.

Mike Tuccinardi

Published ESG June 1998

Chemung Valley from top of Waverly Hill
Chemung Valley from top of Waverly Hill
Chemung Valley from top of Waverly Hill
Looking toward Bradford County PA
Chemung Valley from top of Waverly Hill
Chemung Valley from top of Waverly Hill
O' Briens' Restaurant-exterior, Waverly, New York.  Postmark is 1947
David Lenington - .July 2008
O' Briens' Restaurant-interior, Waverly, New York. Postmark is 1947.
David Lenington - July 2008
Chemung County NY

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By Joyce M. Tice

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