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World War 2 Memorial in Town of Chemung
Photo from Mike Aumick & Mike Tuccinardi
If you have photos or llisting s for other World War 2 Memorials in Chemung County, send them in to be added to this page.
Town of Chemung World War Two Honor Roll
  Here is a not so good picture (did the best I could with a green copy) of the Chemung World War ll memorial that was in front of the Chemung Methodist Church, during the war. Mike T
Francis Clark
Fred Miller Jr.
George Culver
Alfred DeGraw
Francis Dininny
David Hillman
Pasquale Tuccinardi
Bertha Bennett
Donald Post
Harry J. Green
Edward Leonard
Leo Wilson
Frank Liddy
William Casterline
Ray Rouse
Harry R. VanGaasbeck
Peter Bolish
William Tompkins
Elmer Stranger
Edward Hagles
Everett VanGaasbeck Jr.
Thomas Peterson
Emma Shutts
Farrell Dinniny
George Snell
Vanzel Kabes
Charles Townsand
Joe Dewitt
Arthur Casterline
Donald Smith
Stanley Bangs
Harry Mason
John Snell
Harry McCloskey
Clayton Brink
Roger Crawford
Manley Barr
Patricia Sturm
Robert Post
Warren Ingham
Warren Weston
William Howell Jr.
Kirby Bunnell
Lee Moore
Guy McCutcheon Jr.
Calvin Dewey
Robert Lovell
George Decker
Raymond Thorpe
Grover Barr
Arthur Krause
Howard Peterson
Beatrice Tomkins
Arnold Groves
Gerald Wells
Edward Swayze 
Clifford Straitor
Stanley Dewey
Robert Owen
Donald VanGaasbeck
Joyce, [March 2011]
I have copied the names from the first column, with which Mike T had difficulty. Here is the list of names in the first column on the Town of Chemung WWII Honor Roll Board:

Raymond Warren
Charles Dewey
Glenn Getman
William F. Lowman
Laurence Groves
Raymond Hoxie
Willard Dinniny
Jack Owen
Gerald Minturn
Bernard Howland
Vernon Simmons
Horace Swain
Lawrence Mullock
Harold Bryant

I hope this helps folks who are searching for their family members who were veterans of WWII.
Joyce Green

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By Joyce M. Tice

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