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Guests are encouraged to submit transcriptions for any County Wills, Deeds, Bible Records or other documents that will help other researchers. This site can only be its best if every one of the guests who use its resources is also willing to contribute what they have to it. I can not say this strongly enough - If you have such materials in your possession and can type, then this DOES mean YOU and YOUR records. I hear all the time from people who say they have this or that Bible record or  will or whatever and in spite of all the pleas and requests, they have not thought to type it up and send it in. This is a two way street. If you are willing to use resources from this all volunteer site, then you must be equally willing to give back your own resources. This is a cooperative venture and we must all chip in with what we have.  Yes, we do know how busy you are, but if you have time to come to the site to take what it offers, then you should also make an effort to find the time to give what you have in the way of historical documents.
Abstracts of Early Wills of Southport
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents prior to formation of Chemung County (pre 1836)
Abstracts of Tioga County NY Wills for people in area that became Chemung County (pre 1836)
1836-1850 Abstracts of Chemung County Wills
Individual Wills
Will - John Barnes - 1748
Will - Isaac Baldwin of Chemung 1791
Will - Christian Kress of Chemung 1800
Will - Jesse Carpenter of Elmira (1815)
Will - Elihu Andrus of Catherine (1816)
Will - Obadiah Gore (1821)
Will - Hannah SEELEY Cooley (1823)
Will - Israel Parshall of Chemung (1827)
Will - John Stage of Chemung (1827)
Will - Elizabeth Boyer of Big Flats 1934
Will of Grant Baldwin of Elmira 1839
Will - Adolph VanDuzor of Erin (1843)
Will - Moses Wallace of Chemung 1843
Will & Probate - Richard Andrus of Horseheads (1847 & 1877)
Will - Asa Parshall of Chemung 1848
Will - Underhill Frost of Town of Dix 1850
Will - David Stage of Chemung 1852
Will -Sarah BURT Baldwin of Baldwin 1860
Will - Jesse Carpenter, Jr. (1860)
Will - Andrew S. Baldwin 1863
Will - Jere Adams of Waverly 1867
Will - Sylvester Knapp 1872
Will - Phil Jones of Southport 1872
Will - Sackett Hill of VanEtten - 1872
Will - Asa Luce of Horseheads - 1875
Will & Probate - Alston Andrus of Horseheads (1877)
Will of Roseanna PARK Rosekrans of Erin (1879)
Will - Jonathan C. Lyons of Waverly 1886
Will - Oliver P. Livingston of Catlin (1887)
Will - Elizabeth SWAIN Baldwin of Chemung (1890)
Will- Charles T. Hill of Millport (1899)
Will - Maria C. BENNETT Morgan of Elmira (1899)
Will - Abram Rowe of Millport 1907
Will & Probate - George H. Owen of Elmira 1912
Deeds - What to Look For
Deed - Ellsworth Pease of Big Flats (1934)
Estate Records & Probate
Silas Baldwin - Letter of Administration (1810)
Letters of Administration Estate of John VanCampen 1826
Estate of Abraham Ostrander of Catlin (1870)
Spafford Andrus Probate 1874 Horseheads
Death Certificates
Selected Chemung County Abstracts
Other Legal Documents
Pension Papers of Obadiah Brown of Columbia (1833)
Thomas Keeney Military Records
Elisha GOFF Purchase Papers (1847)
Dr. Killbourne's Bill to Elias Baity (1857)
William VanOrder Pension Application 1863- C
Recruitement, Enlistment, Pension of John E. Bennett 1864
John L. Horton Civil War Papers
Horning Pension Papers 1865
William A. SCHAFF - Deeds, Wills, Pension Papers (1870-1904)
Hosea P. Scott - Pension 1873
W. D. Van Orman Pension 1877 - Orwell
Henry Newell of Armenia - Pension 1878
Pension Application of William Newell of Armenia 1881
VanBuskirk Pension Papers (1887)
Albert Newell of Armenia Pension 1887
Pension Papers of Daniel Newell 1889
William A. Gavett Pension Papers (1890)
Chemung County NY
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