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Tioga County NY Wills for early Chemung Residents
Wills filed in Tioga County, New York by persons who resided in that portion of Tioga County that became present Chemung County, New York. The following list does not include persons who died intestate, who may also have an estate filed in Tioga County by J. Kelsey Jones








Abstracts of Wills for residents who resided in that portion of Tioga County, New York that became Chemung County. Extracted from ABSTRACTS OF WILLS TAKEN FROM THE PROBATE RECORDS OF TIOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK by Amos Canfield, M.D., which began in the October 1926 issue of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

The records that follow are for those who had Wills filed and does not include persons who died intestate (died without leaving a Will). Original records at Owego, New York should be searched as should also the probate file for further information regarding relationship(s) as receipts and releases and other documents often identified persons named by first name only, especially to identify daughters when named by first name only in a Will. Some of the abstracts are not correct. For instance, see Timothy Smith below - J. Kelsey Jones.

Tioga County was organized on February 16, 1791, having been set off from Montgomery County. It then included all the territory in the present counties of Broome, Tioga, and Chemung; all of Schuyler County except the towns of Tyrone and Orange; all of Tompkins County, except Groton and a part of Lansing, and the southern parts of Cortland and Chenango Counties. Chemung County, which at that time included the present townships of Catherine, Cayuta, Dix and Montour, of Schuyler County, was taken from Tioga County, on March 29, 1836. The Town of Chemung was organized March 22, 1788, in Montgomery County. When Tioga County was set apart in 1791, the town of Chemung was divided, and the eastern portion became the towns of Tioga and Owego and were further divided later to form the towns of Barton and Nichols, all in present Tioga County. Newtown was formed from Chemung in 1792 and took the name Elmira in 1808.

Note from Joyce - A very few of these we already have on the site in their entirety. Where that is so a link is provided. It would be a very good project for a person who uses the site to go and transcribe the remainder of these and also to look for related records of this period that apply to the area that became Chemung County. Even if you send in only one will for the site's library, it will be appreciated. 

Tunis Dolston of Newtown, 29 Aug 1795. Children John, Rachel, Catherine, Stephen, Sarah and Mary, to be paid when son James is twenty one. After death of wife Mary, land to two sons Moses and James. Executors, wife Mary, John Miller, Esq., of Newtown, they to care for infant children Moses and James. Witnesses, John Miller, Jacob Minier, Christian Minier. Probated 9 May 1799.

Christian Kress of Chemung, 24 Mar 1800. After death of wife Mary, property divided between children Jacob, George, Elijah, Leah Van Gorden, Sarah Bennet and the child or children of dec’d daughter Mary Bishop. Executors, wife Mary, son John. Witnesses, Abiel Fry, Samuel, Isaac Beidelman. Probated 10 Oct 1800.

Daniel McConnell of Newtown, 6 May 1805. Wife Damaris and children Aaron, Mahlon, Marilla, and Zilla. Executors, wife Damaris, Vincent Mathews, John McConnell. Witnesses, Jesse, Amza and John McConnell. Probated 20 June 1805.

Daniel McDowell of Chemung, 24 April 1806. Wife Ruth and children Phebe, Sally, Hannah, Julia, Mark and Alexander Addison. Executors, wife Ruth, Guy Maxwell, Jacob Lowman. Probated 19 Dec 1806.

Joseph Bailey of Newtown, 6 Nov 1805. Wife Sarah and daughters Mary, Abigail, Phebe, and Dorcas. Executors, wife Sarah, John Miller. Witnesses, Moses, Garshom and Moses Bennett. Probated 9 Jan 1807.

John Jay Acmoden (or Acmoody), residence not given, 13 Nov 1806. Wife Sally to bring up minor children John M., James, Washington and Betsy. Executors, wife Sally, Vincent Matthews, William Jenkins. Witnesses, Wilkes Jenkins, Tobias Gearheart, Anna Fitz Simmons. Probated 19 Nov 1806.

Samuel Sly of Newtown, 16 July 1805. Wife Margaret and children George, John, Abraham, Jacob, Elizabeth, Wynchy, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, and Ann. Sons, “privilege of the ferry across the river, as enjoyed by me.” Executors, sons George and John. Witnesses, Matthew Carpenter, Asa Wisner, Vincent Matthews. Probated 22 April 1808.

Timothy Smith of Elmira, 5 Apr 1809. Wife Fanny and children Solomon L., Archibald, Uriah, Job, Betsy wife of Dr. Elias Satterly, Hanna, Abigail, and Sukey. Granddaughter, Peggy Hoffman. Executors, John Smith, Elias Satterly. Witnesses, A. Gates White, Abigail White, Jacob Smith. Probated 10 May 1809. *Note by J. Kelsey Jones - this was not a correct abstract and the Will references Sarah wife of James Seeley, who was not explicitly named as a daughter, but from other research is presumed to have been. Will of Timothy dated 25 Apr 1809, wife, Fanny to have 1/3 personal property; son, Solomon L., $250; son, Archibald, $250; daughters, Betsey Satterly, Hannah, Abigail and Sukey Smith each $200; remainder divided equally between Elias Satterly my son in law and son Uriah Smith. Elias to pay unto heirs of son Job Smith if he ever has any, then equal half divided equally among children, except son Solomon L. Smith. Son, Job Smith shall give unto James Seely and Sarah Seely $200 if they will accept it, paid by Elias Satterly out of the one equal half. Granddaughter, Peggy L. Hoffman $200 when age eighteen. Executors, John Smith, Elias Satterly and wife Fanny Smith. Witnessed by A. Gates White, Abigail White, and Jacob Smith. Probated 10 May 1809. Final receipts and releases of estate indicate that daughter Abigail m. Orange Chapman, Hannah m. a Lowe, and Susan (Sukey in Will) was still single on 26 Apr 1823 when she acknowledged and signed a release for $200 “bequeathed by my father.” There is no record of James and Sarah Seeley receiving any legacy in the file.

Samuel Westbrook of Chemung, 16 Dec 1809. Wife Mary and children John, Abraham, Benjamin, Elias, Samuel, Lyda, Betsy, Magdalena, Catherine and Rhoda. Grandchildren Peggy daughter of Lyda and Soloman son of Betsy. Executors, wife Mary, Henry Wells, Esq. Witnesses, Cornelius and Samuel Middaugh. Probated 15 Jan 1809. Note - either the date of the Will date or the probate date is incorrect.

Ebenezer Green of Chemung, 23 Mar 1810. Children Joseph, Anne, Elizabeth, Hannah, Esther, and Polly. Granddaughter Susan Miles. Executors, Henry Wells, Esq., daughter Polly. Witnesses, Abijah Batterson, Sr., Polly Miller. Probated 18 May 1810.

Thomas Baldwin of Athens, Pennsylvania, 11 Jan 1810. Wife Mary and children Thomas, Jr., Vine, George, Isaac, Morgan, Eney Depuy, Mira Covel, and Hannah Baldwin. Witnesses, Matthew Riggs, Henry Wells, Esq. Probated 18 Mar 1811.

Jacob Comfort of Elmira, 14 July 1812. Wife Anne and children Robert, Oliver, Benjamin and Mary. Executors, father Richard Comfort, Caleb Baker. Probated 5 Oct 1812. Note by J. Kelsey Jones - Will dated 14 July 1812 probated 5 Oct 1812 named wife, Anna; sons, Robert, Oliver, Benjamin; daughter, Mercy; unborn child; father, Richard Comfort, Sr., and brother, Richard Comfort, Jr. Executors, father, Richard Comfort, Sr.; brother, Richard Comfort, Jr.; Caleb Baker.

John Heckart, farmer of Elmira, 2 Apr 1813. One half of estate to sister Molly to be possessed by Peter Michael during his life. The remainder to brothers and sisters Peter, Caspar, Frederick, Betsy Buyers, Susan Federhoff, Anna Maria Thurber, and Caty Fridley. Executors, Jonathan Buyers, Peter Michael. Witnesses, John Wormley, Jr., Robert Miller. Probated 10 Apr 1813.

Elijah Griswold of Elmira, 14 Apr 1813. Wife Loes and children Asahel, James, Elijah, Sally, Hannah, Loes, Adah, and Zilla. Children my shares in the meeting house about to be built on my land. Executors, brother David Griswold, William Jenkins, Esq. Witnesses, Benjamin Kenyon, William Benson, Joseph Miller. Probated 8 May 1813.

Jesse Carpenter of Elmira, 8 Jan 1815. Wife Sarah and children Joseph, Jesse, Clarissa, and Hannah. Free bond woman Lucy within one year. Executors sons Joseph and Jesse. Witnesses, Thomas Lathrop, James Baldwin. Probated 11 Feb 1815.

Nathan Roberts of Chemung, 30 Mar 1808. Wife Hannah and son Solomon. Witnesses, Roswell Goff, Joseph and Ebenezer Green. Probated 12 July 1817.

Elias Satterlee of Elmira, 11 Nov 1815. Wife Elizabeth and children. Executors, wife Elizabeth, William Lowe, George C. Edwards. Witnesses, Simeon R. Jones, Rulandus Bancroft, Clark Winans. Probated 16 Nov 1815.

Abner Kelsey of Elmira, 8 Nov 1816. Children Murrey, Abner, Hiram, Mary wife of John Tubbs, Sa bia wife of Barney Jones, Lucy wife of Nathaniel Seely, and Unis wife of Jacob Decker. Granddaughters, Anna Rockwell and Sarah Tubbs. Executors, Abraham Middaugh, son Murrey. Witnesses, Lebeus Hammond, Caleb Baker, Samuel Strong. Probated 19 Nov 1816.

Abraham Miller, Sr., of Elmira, 1814. Children John, Joseph, Jacob, Abraham, Jr., Elizabeth wife of Samuel Shoemaker, Sarah wife of David McCormick, Margaret wife of Andrew Miller, Susanna wife of Thomas Fitzsimmons, Anna wife of John McHenry, and Jane. The children of daughter Mary, dec’d: Elizabeth wife of Paul DeWitt, Hannah wife of Robert Armstrong, Susanna wife of Jacob Sly, John and Martha Bennett. The children of daughter Hannah, dec’d: David, John, Joseph, Henry, Miller, Luviny, and Hannah McCormick. Negro man Dick to either of my sons with whom he shall choose to live. Executors, sons Joseph, Jacob, and Abraham, Jr. Witnesses, Robert Covell, John Cheney, Aaron Konkle. Probated 18 Nov 1816.

Robert Cassada of Chemung. Wife, Sarah. Youngest son, Robert. Other children not named. Executors, wife, Jacob Lowman. Witnesses, Henry Wells, Thosmas Baldwin, Rulandus Bancroft. Probated 9 June 1817.

Matthew McConnel of Elmira, 11 May 1813. Children Joseph, Samuel, John, Amza, David, Abigail wife of Alex. Miller, and Sarah wife of Joseph Hathaway. Witnesses, James, Julia and Ann Taylor. Probated 5 July 1817.

John Ray of Elmira, farmer, 27 Apr 1819. John McNulty and his brother Andrew to occupy the land during the life of my wife Mary. Executors, John and Andrew McNulty. Witnesses, M. B. Cook, Margaret McNulty, Harriet Harris. Probated 29 May 1819.

Elias Middaugh of Chemung, 2 Nov 1819. Wife, not named. Children, Phebe, James, Elizabeth, Catherine, Abraham, Urania, Cornelius, Anthony, Mary, Charity, John, and Henry. Executors, Henry Wells, Esq., son in law, Isaac Beidleman. Witnesses, John, Joseph, and Benjamin Westbrook. Probated 20 Nov 1819.

Mehetable Tracy of Elmira, 26 Apr 1814. Daughters, Bethsheba, Mehetable, Lois, Keturah, and Betsey. Granddaughter, Anna Hoyt, eldest daughter of Betsey. Executors, Henry Wells, Lois Southworth of Elmira. Witnesses, John Nichols, Isaac Wells, Benjamin Wells 2d. Probated 6 Dec 1820.

John Hillman of Chemung, 14 Mar 1822. Children Samuel and Sarah. Executors, son Samuel, Jacob Lowman. Witnesses, Benj. Wells, Henry L. Fry, Abraham Middaugh. Probated 9 May 1822.

Jonathan Stoddard of Elmira, 22 Aug 1822. Wife, Juliana. Children, Ebenezer, Joseph, Vincent, Elizabeth Trowbridge, Rebecca Maxwell, and Susan Conkling. Executors, son Ebenezer, Ebenezer Sayre, John McConnel. Witnesses, Ebenezer Sayre, Solomon Moore. Probated 23 Oct 1822.

Hannah Cooley of Elmira, 30 July 1822. I am executor of my late husband Jonathan Cooley. Executor to sell land in Newburg NY. Nephews, Jonathan C. Carpenter, son of Jesse; Robert Carpenter, son of Joseph of Elmira; James Sayre. Nieces, Eloise Carpenter, Zerviah Maxwell, Hannah Edwards. Sisters, Sarah Carpenter, Elizabeth Sayre, Azubah Baldwin. Executors, Joseph and Jesse Carpenter of Elmira. Witnesses, William Maxwell, Azuba Seely. Probated 10 Feb 1823.

Peter Mead of Big Flats, 4 Aug 1823. Wife, Eliza, then estate to Joseph Hastings, he to support his son Robert. Brothers and sisters, not named. Executors, my wife, John Ten Brock, John McConnell. Witnesses, Roswell Goff, Tabitha Howard. Probated 9 Nov 1823.

John Winkler of Elmira, 19 Nov 1823. Wife, Judith. Children, Charles, Asher, John, James, Betsey Bennett, Mercy Bennett, Lydia Winkle. Executors, Solomon Moore, daughter Lydia. Witnesses, Polly Smith, John Jackson, John P. Brees. Probated 8 Dec 1823.

Enoch Warren of Chemung, 3 Aug 1822. Children, Enoch, Mercy Warren, and Polly Miller. Grandson, Enoch Moffet. Executors, Mercy Warren, son in law Jacob Miller. Witnesses, Abijah Batterson, John L. Webb, Asa Parshall. Probated 7 Apr 1824.

Godfrey Kline of Elmira, 6 July 1824. Parents, John and Elizabeth Kline. Sisters, Mary and Hannah Kline. Brothers, Isaac, William, and Charles Kline. Executor, William Maxwell. Witnesses, Elkanah Smith, Levi J. Cooley, Thomas Maxwell. Probated 5 Aug 1824.

Richard Comfort of Elmira, 20 Jan 1815. Wife Charity and children, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sally, Polly, Hannah, Charity, and Nancy. Grandson, Robert Perkins Baily. Executors, Jeremiah Coleman, Caleb Baker, son Richard, Jr. Witnesses, Rebecca Lefler, Caleb and Leah Baker. Probated 13 Mar 1824.

Brinton Payne of Elmira, 30 Dec 1824. Wife, Polly. Children, George C., Betsy, Polly, Deborah, and Clarry. Son in law, Jesse Shappee. Grandson, Brinton. Executors, wife, George C. Payne. Witnesses, John W. Wisner, Barzilla Butler. Probated 7 July 1825.

John Kelly of Southport, 19 Feb 1824. Wife, Martha. Children of first wife Hannah: David, Ezra, Jesse, George, Anna, Julia, Lanor, Fanny, and Eliza. Executors, A. Gates White, Hancy Jones, William T. Knapp. Witnesses, W. T. Knapp, A. G. White, Philo Jones. Probated 19 Nov 1825.

Roswell Goff of Big Flats, 17 Oct 1825. Wife, Mary. Children, Roswell, John, Samuel, Anna wife of Griswold Owen, Hannah wife of Stephen Kent, and Patience wife of Jonathan Kent. Witnesses, Thesus Brooks, Charles F. Fry, John Brown. Probated 19 Nov 1825.

Lebeus Hammond of Elmira, 17 May 1819. Wife, not named. Daughters, Hannah and Polly wife of John Sly. Grandchildren, Vincent, Sarah W., Mary, William H., Rebecca, and Lebeus H. Matthews and Vincent M. Sly. Executors, William Jenkins, Samuel Strong, son in law, John Sly. Witnesses, John J. Low, Samuel Strong, Martin Hammond. Probated 17 July 1826.

Archibald Marvin of Southport, 3 June 1824. Wife, Elizabeth. Children, Hector, Welling, Decoe, Anthony, Seth, Mark, and Julia. Executors, John Waier, M. A. White. Witnesses, John Waier, Rachel Sloane, Jr., A. G. White. Probated 1 Nov 1826. Codicil in 1825 indicated son Mark had died.

Israel Parshall of Chemung, 11 Aug 1824. Children, Joanna, Ruth, Keziah, Lydia, Deborah, Jerusha, Anna, Israel, and David. Executors, son Asa of Chemung, Henry Wells. Witnesses, Ward Dudley, Horace and Henry Wells. Probated 6 Mar 1827.

Thomas Floyd of Chemung, 28 Oct 1826. Children, Heathcote, James F., Harry N., Catherine, and Nancy. Executors, Ozias Spring of Athens, Harry N. Floyd. Witnesses, Benjamin, Abraham, and Stephen Wyncoop. Probated 18 June 1827.

John Stage of Elmira, 3 Nov 1817. Wife Leah to bring up Sally’s two sons Oliver and John. Children, William, David, John, Leroy, James, Henry, Peter, Ellener, Leah, Sally, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary. Executors, wife, Jacob Lowman. Witnesses, Jacob Kress, William McKinste, Christopher Tice. Probated 4 Aug 1827.

James Sayre of Elmira, 24 Apr 1823. Children, James, Jonas, Matthew, Susan Sayre, Betsy Matthews, and Myrilla Baldwin. Children of daughter Betsey Matthews, Susan, James, Hannah, and Fletcher to live with my son James. Granddaughter, Julia E. Maxwell. Nephew, Jefferson Bartlett. Executors, sons James and Jonas, brother Eben Sayre. Witnesses, Hector Sayre, James Sayre 3rd, William Maxwell. Probated 27 Aug 1827.

William Miller of Big Flats, 9 Oct 1827. Wife Hannah and children, not named. Executors, wife Hannah, Eleazer Owen, Joel Rowley. Witnesses, William Steele, Robert Miller, Samuel Boyer. Probated 26 Oct 1827.

Jonathan Boyer of Big Flats, 6 Mar 1825. Wife, Elizabeth and children Philip, Samuel, Betsy, Polly, Susanna, Mary, John and his heirs. Granddaughter, Elizabeth Fritchey. Executors, sons Philip and Samuel. Witnesses, M. B. Cook, Isaac Watrus, John Michael. Probated 4 Feb 1828.

Simeon Kent of Chemung, 4 Apr 1828. Wife, Polly and children John, Sally, Adrian, Polly wife of Phineas Squires, and Betsy wife of Orrin Perry. Executors, son John, son in law Phineas Squires. Witnesses, Abigail Stull, Caleb and Sarah Baker. Probated 15 May 1828.

David Burt of Chemung, 1 Mar 1828. Children, Thomas J., Chester, John, Howard, James, Rheuby, Anna Warren, and Minerva Griswold. James was deceased but left children. Grandchildren, David Brown and Julia Ann Hammond. Executors, sons John and Thomas. Witnesses, John L. Webb, Samuel Hillman, Charles Burnham. Probated 23 Aug 1828.

Benjamin Kenyon of Southport, 23 Mar 1829. Wife, Anna. Executors, Jacob Miller, Joseph Griswold. Witnesses, Harrison Benson, John and Jonas Griswold. Probated 31 Mar 1829.

Joseph Carpenter of Elmira, 27 May 1829. Wife, Olive and children Jesse, Jonas, Robert, Seely, and Sally, all minors. Executor, Samuel Strong of Southport. Witnesses, Jesse Carpenter, Joseph Batterson, Julia Drake. Probated 5 June 1829.

Lois Southworth of Elmira, 22 Mar 1828. Daughters, Mehitable Garner and Elizabeth Hazen. Grandchildren, Charlott, Julia, Abigail and Lois Garner, Sally Corwin, Lois T. Cooley. Great grandson, Isaac T. Corwin. Executors, Increase Cooley, Mehitable Garner. Witnesses, Silvenus T. Snell, Jesse Hallack. Probated 27 Oct 1829.

Benjamin Atwood of Big Flats, 20 Oct 1828. Wife, Deborah and children, Martha Mores, Mary Lowe, Ruth Pond, Elizabeth Turner, Benjamin, and John. Grandson, Horace Pond. Executor, son John. Witnesses, John Brown, Henry Goble, John S. Miller. Probated 4 Dec 1829.

Asa Gildersleeve of Elmira, 4 Mar 1830. Wife, Mary and son, Elijah. Children of daughter Elizabeth Jackson, deceased, namely Mary, Sarah, Asa, Elijah, Lyda, and John. Executor, John Jackson, husband of Elizabeth. Witnesses, John McConnel, Eben Sayre, Usher H. Moore. Probated 28 June 1830.

David Bailey of Southport, 20 Apr 1830. Wife, Lana and son-in-law Jonathan Rowley. Executors, wife, J. Rowley. Witnesses, William Lowe, Orange Chapman, Peter Rowley. Probated 16 Aug 1831. Petition cites Rebecca and Milicent Taylor as minor heirs. Solomon Smith appointed guardian.

Enoch Kenyon of Southport, 31 July 1830. Wife, Sibil and minor children, Almond, Samuel, Abigail, and Eunice. Eunice and Sally Ann, children of son, Enoch, deceased. Witnesses, Caleb Baker, Abram McHenry, Sarah Baker. Probated 22 Aug 1831. Citations to James Cassidy and Abigail his wife, Matthias Gardner and Eunice his wife, John J. Kenyon and Caleb Baker.

John Tanner of Chemung, 4 Apr 1831. Wife, Sophia and minor children, John and Elizabeth Maria. Executors, George Lowman, Isaac M. Griswold. Witnesses, John Kent, Elijah and Mary Kress. Probated 10 Sept 1831.

Thomas Scofield of Big Flats, 17 Oct 1830. Wife, Rhoda and children, Abraham, Benjamin, Daniel, Asahel, James, Lewis, Rebecca, Polly wife of Benjamin Doty. Executors, George Shriver, John Brown. Witnesses, Benjamin Elwood, Joseph Rowley, Theseus Brooks. Probated 24 Oct 1831.

Abner Wells of Southport, 20 July 1829. Wife, Keturah and children, John C., William, Isaac, Henry, Fanny, Mehetable, Keturah, and Mary. Executors, sons William and Isaac. Witnesses, Henry Wells, Henry L. Fry, David Brewer. Heirs cited, David and Fanny Griswold, Mehetable and Mary Roberts. Probated 21 Jan 1832.

Clark Winans of Big Flats, 6 Oct 1831. Children, Nicholas, Sarah wife of John Ennis, Jane wife of Cornelius Low. Grandchildren, three children of son, John, deceased; Sarah Lamphear, daughter of my daughter Rhoda wife of Samuel Lamphere; children of my daughter Rebecca former wife of James Williamson; children of my daughter Rebecca wife of John Bechtol; children of my daughter Deborah wife of John Wormley; children of my daughter Eleanor wife of Charles Wadsworth; three eldest children of my daughter Ann former wife of William McNulty. Executors, Eleazer Owen, Nathan Reynolds, Daniel E. Brown, son Nicholas. Witnesses, John Mead, John Hance, Theodore North. Probated 28 Jan 1832.

John H. Cassada of Southport, 11 Jan 1832. Wife, Sally; infant daughter, Almeda; mother Abigail. Executors, wife, John Bovier, David Howell. Witnesses, William Lowe, Harry S. Grover, Jesse C. Kinner. Probated 8 Mar 1832.

Nicholas Wood, Sr., of Veteran, 15 Dec 1831. Wife, Martha and children, Nicholas, Jemima, Diadama, and Hannah. Executors, Charles Underhill and Thomas Soper. Witnesses, Ira, Miles, and Charles Underhill of Veteran. Probated 23 Apr 1831.

Ezekiel Bentley of Veteran, tailor, 5 Jan 1825. Mother, Olive and three sisters, Esther, Eunice, and Margaret. Witnesses, Ira Dodge, Samuel Johnson, Oliver Greene. Heirs cited, George, William, James, and Elisha Bentley, Eunice Lane wife of Elihu. Probated 1 June 1832.

Hosea Brees of Veteran, 13 Aug 1832. Wife, Rachel and children, Merilda wife of Abram Brown, Moses P., Mary, Ruth, Arad, Elizabeth Ann, and Mahala. Executor, wife. Witnesses, Nathan Smith, Uriah Hall, Ruth Treat. Probated 21 Sept 1832.

Elle Mallery of Veteran, 2 June 1827. Wife, Olive. Witnesses, Amos Bonny, Nat. Warner, Nat. Leach, Jr. Heirs cited, Betsy Jackson, Suey Lyon, Harvey and Israel Baldwin, Nancy Carpenter, Sally Scott, Charles Mallery, Asa Coe, Ezra Mallery. Probated 20 Sept 1832.

Thomas Buck of Big Flats, 11 Mar 1826. Wife, Deborah and children, Eliza, Smith, Silas, Thomas, and Harriet. Executors, Asahel Buck of Chemung, Eleazer Owen and Charles Fry of Big Flats. Witnesses, T. Brooks, Alfred Fry, Abner Buck. Heirs cited, Deborah McConnell late widow of Thomas Buck, and Elisha, Lockwood, Silas, Thomas, Harriet, and Jerome Buck, minors. Probated 15 Oct 1832.

Amos Gates White of Southport, 7 Oct 1831. Children, Marcus, Seth, Alanson, Emily Jones, Elvira wife of Samuel Baker, Orlina wife of Hunt Pomeroy, and Sally Sanderson. Executor, Theodore North of Elmira. Witnesses, Orange Chapman and William Lowe of Southport, Uriah Smith of Elmira. Citations show Emily wife of Harvey Jones and Sally wife of Alpheus Sanderson. Probated 9 Mar 1833.

John Miller of Southport. Grandson, Joseph Miller son of Abraham. Executor, brother Abraham of Southport. Witnesses, George W. Miller, Neal C. Strous, John H. Satterly. Citation to Joseph Miller of Indiana. Probated 16 June 1834.

John Emens of Big Flats, 16 Feb 1833. Wife, Sarah; John McNulty son of William; children of my daughter Eleanor Boyer wife of Samuel. Executors, wife and Samuel Boyer. Witnesses, Joel Rowley and W. Maxwell. Probated 30 July 1834.

Philo A. Baldwin of Veteran, 30 May 1834. Wife, Bridget and children, Harvey, Israel, Currence Lattin, and Nancy Carpenter. Granddaughter, Mary Baldwin. Witnesses, Allen Kendall and David Banks of Veteran. Probated 25 July 1834.

John Goodwin of Elmira, 28 Aug 1830. Children, John Jr., Isaac B., Susan wife of Nicholas D. Gardner, Elithea wife of Tobias Van Buren, and Mary B. Goodwin of Kingston, Ulster County.

Uzal Goble of Big Flats, 10 Sept 1834. Wife, Sally and children, Henry, Sally Goble, Harriet Rickey, Rachel Lowe, Mary Silsbee, and another not named, whose residence is unknown. Uzal died about July 7. George Shriver appointed administrator.

Hezekiah Mead of Big Flats, 15 Dec 1834. Wife, Hannah and children, Judah, Ira, and John. Executors, John Brown and sons John and Judah. Witnesses, J. Brown, Nathan and Joseph Lowe. Probated 2 Mar 1835.

Abijah Batterson of Chemung, 8 Apr 1834. Wife, Anna and children, Abijah, James, Joseph, Jacob, David, John, Eleanor Bennett, and Clarissa Batterson. Executors, Jacob, Joseph, and John Webb. Witnesses, Cornelius Rightmire, Daniel Williams, Simeon Dickerson. Probated 1 Apr 1835.

Jacob Weller of Veteran, 8 Nov 1834. Wife, Mary, five sons and five daughters living, Jmaes Hipolite son of daughter Manah. Executors, wife and Jacob Weller. Witnesses, Henry and Samuel Knight. Citations show heirs, Horace Weller (minor), Theodore Weller (minor), James Hipolite (minor) who could not be found whose mother died in Tyrone, Nathaniel and Ammarilla Weber of Scipio, Cayuga County, Mary Weller, daughter Sarah wife of David McDougle, daughter Elizabeth wife of Cornelius Greene of Elmira, daughter Fanny wife of Daniel B. Parsons of Veteran, daughter Pratilla wife of Harry McDougle of Elmira, son Fred B. Weller of Barton. Probated 8 Sept 1835.

Solomon Moon of Veteran, 14 Sept 1834. Wife, Unice and children, Usher, Jeremiah, Abigail Moon, and Hannah Rorick. Grandchildren, Harriet daughter of Jeremiah and Solomon eldest son of Hannah. Executors, Ezra Hinman, Nathaniel Smith. Witnesses, Abijah Fish, Cyrus Bentley, John Jackson, all of Veteran. Probated 3 Sept 1834.

Ebenezer Mead of Elmira, 9 June 1835. Wife, Eliza and grandchildren, Abraham, Elijah, James, and Joshua Case. Daughter, Margaret wife of Isaac Elston, $100 and living from my estate. John Case and family have had their portion. Executors, John Case, Abraham Elston, David Wallis. Witnesses, Christian and William Greatsinger, Fred Beckhorn. Petition states Ebenezer died 25 Aug leaving heirs, daughter Margaret wife of Isaac Elston of Elmira, daughter Mary wife of John Case of Mininsink, grandson Eben M. Case son of Ruth Case afterwards Ruth Crine, now deceased, Joseph Case son of Ruth, Tempe Maria, Sanford, Theo., Decatur, and Denton Crine, minors, sons of Ruth, deceased, and Peter S. Crine. Probated 5 Sept 1835.

Esther Winton of Veteran, 20 Feb 1836. Brother, Alden and his children Eleanor and Eliza Ann. Executor, Alden. Witnesses, Stephen and John Johnson. Petition states she left no children, Alden her only surviving brother. Brother Alfred, deceased, who left four or five children, names unknown, all of full age and resided in Weston, Connecticut, Eli and Ezra being the names of two of them. Probated 7 Apr 1836.

Benjamin Westlake of Elmira, 18 May 1833. Wife, Sarah and children, Samuel, Jacob, John, Daniel, George, Phebe Thorn, Hannah Conklin, Ann Westlake, Mary Westlake, and children of daughter Harriet Burroughs, deceased viz Delebar, Catherine, Stephen, Rebecca, and Hannah Burroughs. George and Benjamin, children of Eliza Burroughs. Executors, wife and son, Samuel. Witnesses, Matthew and Fanny Sayre. Probated 17 May 1836.

John Daily of Veteran, 25 Oct 1834. Wife, Naomi and children, Hiram (youngest), Zebulon, Owen, Walter L., Benjamin, Fanny wife of David Bosworth, Nancy wife of Elijah Meeker, Martha M. wife of Robert Meeker, Rachel wife of Aseph Rowley, Polly Rowley, and Sarah Ann wife of Samuel Gardner. Witnesses, David Brink and Francis Mandeville. Probated 30 Mar 1837.

Joseph Hallett, of Chemung, 16 Feb 1835. Wife, and sons, Gilbert and Joseph. Executors, sons. Witnesses, Isaac Shepard, Harlow Richards, Mandeville Reed. Petition states that his wife was Mary and that he had but two children, died 9 May 1838. Probated 6 Sept 1838.

Benjamin Westbrook of Chemung, 27 June 1835. Wife, Mary and children, George, Charles, Lewis, Stella, Harriet, Speedy, Maria, Celista, and Peggy. Executors, wife and George. Witnesses, Asahel Buck, Henry Middaugh. Citations to Henry Wells and Harriet his wife, Joseph Westbrook and Speedy his wife, Jacob Tilman and Maria his wife. Probated 20 Nov 1835.

Christopher Hedges of Chemung, 27 May 1838. Wife, Hannah and children, Christopher, Lyon, Gardiner, P. Sylvanus, Forrest, Polly Barns and Elizabeth Depue. Executor, son Christopher. Petition states he died 28 Aug in Barton. Citations to Polly wife of Jonathan Barnes, Elizabeth wife of Moses Depuy of Michigan, Robert, Esther Ann, Layton N., Phineas, and Mianna N. Hedges of Barton. Probated 26 Dec 1839.

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