Directories of Chemung County, New York
Chemung County NY
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.

Village Officers. Dr. Orlando Groom, president; Benjamin Westlake, Henry Boone, Thomas Hibbard; E. Fleming, clerk; John Bennett, treasurer.
Bachman M.V.B., lawyer, Franklin cor Main
Balch Etta, dressmaker, Main n Franklin
BARLOW CYRUS, lawyer, also justice of the peace, Franklin n Main
Port & Beef Packers, S.X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave, Elmira
Barlow Frank, dressmaker, Avenue cor John
Benedict E.R., painter, Main cor Orchard
Bishop & Park, dressmakers, Main cor Franklin
Boeitker John, grocer and bakery, Main n Franklin
Boeitker L. & Co., grocers, Franklin n Main
Boone & Horton, carriage painters, Franklin cor Ave
Breese M.A., Mrs., dressmaker, Main cor Franklin
Brown William M., barber, Main cor Franklin
Bush R.P., physician, Main n Franklin
Cable Walter, saloon, John cor Railroad
Carpenter Clarence E., jeweler, Main cor Franklin
Carpenter John, West Horseheads
Carpenter Matthew, harness, Franklin n Main
Carpenter S.A., harness, Franklin cor Main
Carpenter William, Mrs., dressmaker, John
CASE & TOMLINSON, machinists, Main n Fletcher
Chemung Valley Bank, Franklin n Main
Christie James A. Lawyer, Franklin n Main
Colwell Robert, meat market, Main cor John
Corel A.M., clothing and grocer, Franklin n Main
Corel A.W., physician, Orchard n Avenue
Cox C.W., dentist, Main n Franklin
CURTIS DEWITT C., lawyer, Main n Franklin
Fine Job Printing done by Burnette & Ganung, 133 E. Water St., over H.M. Kent’s
Barker, Dounce, Rose&Co., Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornice, Water cor Lake St
Curtis, Lawrence L., postmaster, Hanover Square
Curtis M.D., lawyer, Main cor Franklin
DAGGETT S.O., proprietor Ryant House, Main n John
Dailey & Bentley, lawyers, Main cor Franklin
Davis W.H., physician, Steuben n Avenue
Dean S.R. & G.W., dentists, Franklin
DeVoe Michael, restaurant, Franklin n Main
Dorn William, groceries, Franklin cor Church
Dunn Anna, milliner, Main n John
Gardner & Compton, furniture, Main n Franklin
Greenman O.S., physician, Broad n Main
GROOM ORLANDO, homoeopathic physician, Bennett ave cor Mill
Gue John D., grocer, Main n Franklin
Haines W. E., harness, Main n Franklin
HATHAWAY & BENNITT, wholesale dealers in grain, hay & coal, Main bel Franklin
Herrick Orrin, grocer, Franklin cor Avenue
Hetfield Charles K., school commissioner, Main
Hill Henry, shoemaker, Avenue n Franklin
Holtz Z& Still, dressmakers, John n Avenue
Horseheads Independent (Weekly), A.G. Wales, Main n Franklin
Jones Henry B., restaurant, John n Main
Kline, McDanolds & Hall, grist mill, Mill n Main
Lockerby W.H., barber, Franklin n Main
Lovell & Hibbard, hardware, Franklin n Main
Mather F.C. Mrs. milliner, Main n Orchard
McConnell H.H., ticket agent, also agent U.S. express and N. C.R.R. Depot
McConnell H.S., ticket agent U.I. & E.R.R. Depot
McCumber Andrew C., tanner, Franklin n Main
McNISH J.F., books and stationery, also general insurance agent, Main cor Franklin
Morgan Squire M., shoemaker, Franklin cor Avenue
Mosher Herman, groceries, 2 Ryant Block
Mosher W.W., dry Goods, 1 Mosher’s Block
Park A., Mrs., milliner, Main n Franklin
Peester Ira & Son, meat market, Avenue n Franklin
Platt Rufus, Platt House, Main cor Franklin
Reed George E, jeweler, Franklin n Main
Reynolds & Tuttle, saw and planning mill, Adams n Main
Rockwell George W., stoves and tinware, Main
Rockwell E.S., blacksmith, Main n Franklin
Root H.M., grocer, Franklin n Main
Rose William J., carriage builder, John n Main
Royce Simeon, tailor, Main n Franklin
RYANT HOUSE, S. O. Daggett, proprietor, Main n John
Seaman Parmelia, dressmaker, Franklin cor Railroad
YOUNG & ALLENT, Tin and Slate Roofers, 307 E. Water
Shoots James D., job printer, Franklin n Main
Sixby Brothers, painters, E Franklin n Main
Southern Tier Greenbacker and Horseheads Journal (weekly) Thomas J. Taylor, editor,

John cor Main

States A., Mrs., dressmaker, Main n Orchard
Stow D.F., pump manufacturer, Main cor John
Taber Charles EF., flour and feed, Franklin n R.R.
Tallmadge S.A., druggist, Main n Franklin
Thompson, J.B., coal, Main cor John
Thorne C.E., coal, Franklin cor R.R.
Tiffany W.B., boots and shoes, Main n Franklin
Tunis D.R. & Co., grocers, Franklin n Church
Updike Edward L., druggist, Hanover sq
Van Dusen N., livery, Main cor John
Van Dusen, R.A., wines and liquors
Ward P.J., photographer, Main n Franklin
Wellar T.V., justice of the peace, Main cor Franklin
WESTLAKE BENJAMIN, brick manufacturer, North and Westlake (see adv.)
PENMANSHIP, Practical & Ornamental at Allen Business College, Advertiser Bldg.
Whitaker P., dry goods, Main n Franklin
Whitenack A.B., shoemaker, Franklin n Main
Wilcox M.M., Mrs. sewing machines, Main n Franklin
Wintermute T.J., dry goods, Hanover sq
Wright L.L., grocer and shoe, Main n Franklin



All orders Promptly Attended To.

Estimates Furnished by J.J.Mayott, for SLATE & TIN ROOFING, 202 E. GRAY
Chemung County NY

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