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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.
Part One Part Two


Academy of Our Lady of the Angel’s Mother, Mary Claver, superioress,

Market cor High Elmira

Elmira Female College, College av cor Washington do

Leeds Adeline A. & Nellie, 317 Lake do

Warner Augustus J., 301 E Water do


See Insurance Agents


Burritt John G., 361 E Washington av Elmira

Grant, DeWaters & Brown, 128 W Water do

Rogers Henry C., 509 E Clinton do


Clarke Bros., 107 E Church Elmira

Fay Julius W., 456 W Gray do

Hayes Warren H., 118 Lake do

Kingsbury Elisha, 609 Baldwin do


Fitch Henry B., Railroad av cor Church Elmira


Waters George W., 21 Opera Block Elmira


Haskins Osman, 160 Baldwin Elmira


(See also Commission Merchants.)

Anhalt Abraham, 200 E. Water Elmira

Haggerty John B., 146 E. Water do


(See also Confectioners.)

Coke E. M., 102 W. Water Elmira

Coke Frederick, 318 E. Water do

Diehl Jacob, 305 Railroad av do

Hern J. & w., 421 Railroad av do

Morse & Blampied, 106 Exchange pl do


LaFrance Band, 132 W. Water Elmira

Singerhoff & La France’s Orchestra, 132 W. Water do


George Washington Bank, Public Square Corning

Higman H. C. & Co., Market opp Dickinson House do

Hungerford J. N., Market opp Dickinson House do

Smith & Hall, 116 Baldwin Elmira


Elmira Banks, see appendix, page 30.


See Hairdressers.


Owen Jesse & Co, 210 W. Water Elmira


Lehle Philip, 440 E. Water Elmira


(See also Saloons, also Wines and Liquors.)

Goodwin Samuel G., Rathbun House Elmira

Kolb Jacob, 513 Railroad av do

Sutton F. M. & Son, 117 W. Water do

Sutton Frederick M., Pennsylvania House do


Chamberlain Horace E., Elmira Gazette office and 119 W S Water Elmira


Diven Eugene, 717 Baldwin Elmira


(See also Wagonmakers, also Carriage Manuf’rs.)

Burris & Havens, 359 E Washington av Elmira

Cahill John, 716 Lake do

Cooper John L., S. Main n Hudson do

Frost Horton, 500 Clinton do

Howell Edwin W., 225 W Water do

Krowl Abraham, 416 E Market do

McInerny Michael, 448 E Water do

Palmer Martin W., 227 W Water do

Palmer M. Dwight, 309 W Water do

Tremain George W., Carrs Corners do

Trout, Miles & Co., 450 E Water do

Wright Peter, 237 W Water do


See Book-Binders.


Beardslee Drusilla, 111 E Hudson Elmira

Bevans & Hathorn, 220 W Water do

Burnham J. J. Mrs., 253 Baldwin do

Congdon Anna D., 154 W Fifth do

DeWitt W. P. Mrs., 159 Madison av do

Hannon Matthew, 508 College av do

Lewis Mary, 454 W First do

Lord Lewis F., 505 Park Place do

McClelland Emily, 417 N Main do

Walster Joseph, 220 Gray do


Kies Louis, Hathaway Block, Market cor Lake Elmira

Rose & Hasenstab, 15 Opera Block do


Farr William O., 30 Market Corning

McNish & Updike, Franklin Horseheads

Fitch & Dumars, 308 E Water Elmira

Foley & Erisman, 106 W Water do

Hall Brothers, 313 E Water do

Lawler Thomas H., 136 W Water do

Preswick, Morse & Co., 321 E Water do


Fuller & Gamman, 6 Market Corning

Parsons J. A. & Co., 3 Concert Block do

Atwater Dwight, 119 Railroad av Elmira

Bennett & Preston, 217 W Water do

Bunnell Daniel K., John cor De Witt do

Butcher Edward, jr., 138 W Water do

Campbell M. P., 438 E Water do

Carey De Forest B., 725 Lake do

Carney Thomas, 507 Columbia do

Costello & McLoughlin, 114 W Water do

Foster & Hudson, 331 E Water do

Frye Joel E., 217 W Water do

Givens & Mowry, 202 E Water do

Herrington Cornelius W. O’Gorman, n Northern Central R R do

Humphrey, Laidlaw & Turnbull, Church cor Canal do

Humphrey Lucius A., 107 E Water do

Jemison Nathan B., 609 Hart do

Kemp Christopher G., 321 E Water do

Koop Charles, 329 Carroll do

Levy Simon, 315 Railroad av do

Lown William, 112 S Main do

McCarthy Dennis, 357 Railroad av do

McDermott Edward, McDonald n W Sixth do

McNamara & McLoughlin, 103 E Water do

Meyer Joseph, 706 John do

Muth Charles, 351 Railroad av do

Nelson Thomas, 807 Canal do

Newcomb & Brocarde, 119 Railroad av do

Newcomb & Wyckoff, 108 W Water do

Nichols John Q. A., 301 Railroad av do

Normile John, 707 Railroad av do

Richardson Jackson, 105 W Water do

Satterlee e. B. & Co., 121 Lake do

Smith Charles, 111 College av do

Stiles Isaac, 202 W Water do

Stilson & Fitch, 212 E Water do

Stobo John, 207 E Water do

Thompson & Keeton, 204 E Water do

Veldner George, 428 E Water do

Volbrecht & Hardung, 168 Lake do

Weller Leroy, 300 E Water do

Wilkey James A., 300 E Water do

Williams De Ver W., 115 Lake do


Fletcher Oliver M., 622 W Water Elmira


Elmira and Corning, Hall Bros., 313 E Water Elmira


Briggs T. & Co., 121 E. Second Elmira


(See also Masons and Builders.)

Harris Charles T., 411 W Sixth Elmira


Westlake Benjamin North


Weyer & Walzer, Sullivan cor Pattinson Elmira


(See also Bankers.)

Seward H. Monroe, 465 E Market Elmira


Tilden & Co., New Lebanon, N. Y., and 176 Wiulliam, N. York


See Carpenters and Builders.


See Meat-Markets.


Brooks William A., 109 N Main Elmira

Jones J. R. & Dorn, 156 Baldwin do


(See also Furniture.)

Hardenburg & Rutherford, Market cor Chemung Corning

Coke William, 401 W First Elmira

Yontz Brothers, 203 E Market do


Fitch Henry B., Railroad av cor Church Elmira


Hatch William B., 162 Washington Elmira


Beck Robert, Market cor Chemung Corning

Smith Elias H., Market n Wall do

Bartholomew Josiah, 470 E Water Elmira

Bassett Fred. P., 307 W Second do

Berry David, 160 Sullivan do

Broakman Samuel M., 751 E Water do

Bush Daniel, Orchard cor John do

Clarke Brothers, 107 E church do

Cotrell & Hankins, 200 E Second do

Dayton Cenclare, 860 E Church do

Fell John A. T., bds 306 Sullivan do

Frasier Levi M., 712 Park pl do

Georgia George F., r 207 Church do

Koch Jacob, 517 Baldwin do

Lee P. J., 101 Park do

McGovern Michael, 372 Pennsylvania av do

Metzger Daniel M., 145 W Water do

Plum H. A., W First cor Elm do

Rutan Enos W., 336 Broadway do

Smith Seymour, E Fifth n Railroad av do

Sutton David, 202 W Water do

Woodruff Albert, 207 W Water do

Yontz Brothers, 203 E Market do


Durland & Pratt, 305 E Water Elmira

Hart William E. & Son, 325 E Water do


(See also Wagonmakers also Blacksmiths.)

Elliott & Henry, Market n Walnut Corning

Ayers John T., 503 College av Elmira

Ewing James, Market cor William do

Herrick & Seeley, Church cor William do

Linderman Ira M., Fox cor Carroll do

Palmer Martin W., 227 W Water do

Smith William S., 448 E Water do

Trout Miles & Co., 450 E Water do

Verguson Reed, 450 E Water do

Waterhouse John R., College av cor Third do


Haynes S. D., 225 W Water Elmira


Dexter John M., 100 and 102 Lake Elmira


Dexter J. M., 100 and 102 Lake Elmira

Elmore Thaddeus W., 149 W Water do

Murray Thomas, 106 W Water do

Marshall J. H., Main Horseheads


Bemet & Davenport, 311 E Water Elmira

Roosa Augusta P., 134 W Water. Do

Waters George W., publisher, 21 Opera Block do


(See also Tobacconists.)

Atkins Robert T., 153 Baldwin Elmira

Beers Edmund O., 112 Baldwin do

Dubendorfer John, 116 S Main do

Fox Rosetta Mrs. 615 Lake do

Grady Richard, 103 E Water do

Latterman William, 140 W Water do

McCarthy Daniel, 710 John do

Nicks John I., 143 E Water do

Wipfler George, 225 High do


Beach & Camp, 113 Lake Elmira

Hall S. W., 410 Maple av do


(See also Physicians.)

Jennings John P., 311 E Water Elmira


(See also Merchant Tailors.)

Ansorge Mark P., 4 Pine Corning

Ansorge Marcus P., 109 E Water Elmira

Covell & Fay, 301 E Water Elmira

Frankenstein Aaron, 138 W Water do

Frankenstein Benjamin, 319 Railroad av do

Frankenstein Elias, 428 E Water and 313 Railroad av do

Guttenberg Rosenbaum & Co, 141 E Water do

Keyser Joseph, 369 Railroad av do

Morris Henry, 329 Railroad av do

Palte Joseph, 359 Railroad do

Rosenback Moses, 203 E Water do

Setterlee E. B. & Co., 121 Lake do

Sellner Israel, 365 Railroad av do

Strauss Herman & Co., 205 E Water do

Witkowski Simon, 371 Railroad av do

Wollheim & Son, 307 Railroad av and 112 E. Water do


Hart William E. & Son, 325 E. Water Elmira


Cochran James H., foot Erie av West End Corning

Fall Brook Coal Co., foot Pine do

Morris Run Coal Co., Public sq do

Baldwin J. Davis, 101 E. Market Elmira

Barney J. H., 110 Baldwin and 101 W S Second do

Cross Samuel, 513 Park Place do

Dounce W. J. & Co. 105 E Fifth do

Judson & Chubbuck, 101 E Gray do

Langdon J. & Co., 110 Baldwin do

Macfarland James, 313 E Water do

McIntyre Coal Co. 110 Baldwin do

Pittston and Elmira Coal Co., 114 and 116 Baldwin do

Radeker John H., 1332 College av do

Smith Howard M., 119 E Church do

Spaulding H. C. & Son, E Fifth cor Canal do

St. John E. & Co., 102 W. Partridge do

Weaver, Worrall & Co., 109 E. Second do


(See Academies, Schools, &c.)


McKillop, Boardman & Co., 112 Baldwin Elmira


(see also Auctioneers.)

Anhalt Abraham, 200 E Water Elmira

Bonnell & Owen, 210 W Water do


(See also Bakers)

Edgerly William, 105 E Water Elmira

Leonard George C., 115 Baldwin do

Smith Frank, 140 W Water do

Smith, Lawrence & Co., 151 Lake do

Coke E. M., 102 W Water do

Coke Frederick, 318 E Water do

Cross Willis, Baldwin cor Thurston do

Hart Solomon, 107 College av do

Morse & blampied, 106 Exchange Place do


(See also Carpenters and Builders)

Baldwin A. H., 316 E Water Elmira

French George W., 208 Washington do

Golden & Cox, 506 N Main do


Byrne J. & Son, 521 Baldwin Elmira

Hall Andrew, 357 S Main do

Smith Solomon P., 321 W Water do

Wormly John, Sly cor Ann do


Corning and Elmira Directory, Boyds’, at Hall Bros., 313 E. Water Elmira


Winton Henry C., 161 Railroad av Elmira


Strader Alfred, Lake cor E. Thurston Elmira


(See also Tanners and Curriers.)

Reitenbach, Tuttle & Co., 381 W Water Elmira


Dexter J. M., 100 and 102 Lake Elmira


Brownell Philip T., 218 E Water Elmira

Goddard Edward, 310 E Water do

Root Julius S., 328 E Water do

Sayles Henry H., 220 E Water do

Sellen Enos S., 317 E Water do


Boyd’s Elmira and Corning, at Hall Bros., 313 E Water, Elmira


Alexander J. W. Mrs. 213 W. Third Elmira

Ackerman Sarah A. Mrs., 303 E Water do

Bosley Nellie, 203 E Water do

Brown Bessie, 209 W Henry do

Coke W. J. Mrs., 318 E Water do

Crane L. A. Mrs., 324 E Water do

Decker M. S. Miss, 310 E Water do

Gager A. E. Miss, 217 Baldwin do

Geist Sarah J., South av cor Miller do

Gyret Rose, 462 Pennsylvania av do

Harrington Jane D., 149 W Water do

Herrington Pauline, 112 E Water do

Howard Susan C., Stowell ab E Washington av do

Inscho Priscilla Mrs., Union Block, E Water do

Ireton Cynthia S., 509 Main do

Isbell Mary E., 215 Fulton do

Lindsey Jennie, 423 N Main do

Lowman L. Mrs., 112 E Water do

Mead E. O. Mrs., 149 W Water do

Robertshaw Annie, 209 W Henry do

Strong Eliza, 133 E Hudson do

Smith I. S. Mrs., 108 E Hudson do

Van Auken Margaret, 604 Pennsylvania av do


Terbell W. D. & Co., 11 E Market Corning

Bidwell Marshall S., 303 E Water Elmira

Everitt Jacob L., 208 E Water do

Flood Thomas S., 420 E Water do

Gerity & Morrell, (wholesale,) 126 Lake do

Gregg W. H. & Co., 111 Lake do

Hoag & Brown, 319 E Water do

Ingraham C. S. & F., 104 W Water do

Johnson Herbert, 435 Railroad av do

Kellogg & Bartholomew, 220 E Water do

Kenfield Lorenzo D., 200 and 202 S Main do

Mead J. T. Mrs., 144 W Water do

Meisel Brothers, 157 Lake do

Perry & Co., 317 E Water do

Reynolds Isaac S., 407 Railroad av do


Parsons J. A. & Co., 3 Concert Block Corning

Smith & Waite, 5 W Market do

Andrews Merritt, 113 Lake Elmira

Bullard George A. & Co., 146 W Water do

Covell & Decker, 329 E Water do

Davis Joseph, 160 Lake do

Dormaul E. H. & Co., 313 E Water do

Durland & Pratt, 305 E Water do

Erlich Barney, 324 E Water do

Flanagan John J., 114 W Water do

Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co., 201 E Water do

Hart William E. & Son, 325 E Water do

Kalvriski & Davidow Bros., 416 E Water do

O"Gorman John, 819 Railroad av do

Rhodes & Munson, 156 Lake do

Satterlee E. B. & Co., 121 Lake do

Strauss & Samuels, 139 E Water do

Tuch Isaac, 412 E Water do

Wilcox M. C. & J. A., 119 Lake do

Wyckoff P. & Co., 117 Lake do


Beckwith James B., 245 W Water Elmira

Roberts William, 436 E Water do


Up De Graff Thaddeus, W Hudson n Railroad av Elmira


Boyds’, at Hall Bros., 313 E Water Elmira


Hoey Joseph & Co., 202 Broadway New York


Adams’ Express Co., 152 Baldwin Elmira

Sheffield Chester C., (City,) 155 Lake do

United States Express, 152 Baldwin do


(See also Notions, also Dry Goods.)

Cohen Abram F., 304 E Water Elmira

Unger Simon, 135 W Water do


Farrington & Everard, 900 E Church Elmira


Etz Alfred, 325 Carroll Elmira

Farren J. S. & Co., 137 E Water do

Luce J. R. & Co., 157 Baldwin do

Pease Williston, 311 Carroll do

Taylor Mansel, 124 W Water do


Evenden George, 204 E Church Elmira

Humphrey J Mrs., 701 E Second do

Moore Jane Mrs., 51 Fulton do

Pratt Elisha L., 602 W Hudson do

Tillman J. N. Mrs., 218 High do


Hayt Stephen T., Market cor Walnut Corning

Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin Elmira

Clark Samuel W., 200 E Water do

Fountain J. H. & Co., 623 and 625 Railroad av do

Hotchkin Samuel, 301-3-5 and 7 W Water do

Lewis Edwin P., 159 Railroad av do

West Charles F., foot of Water do


(See also Machinists.)

Payne B. W. & Sons, Erie av cor State Corning

Dyer Morgan, 208 E Market Elmira

Reid & Cooper, Washington av cor Canal do

Turner & Pond, Railroad av cor Church do


Roosa Augustus P., 134 W Water Elmira


Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin Elmira

Hamilton, Caldwell & Co., 202 Baldwin do

Sargent M. T., 411 Railroad av do

Taylor Mansel, 124 W Water do


Evens Jacob C., 206 W Water Elmira

Hubbell Samuel B., W Water cor College av do

Robinson J. M. & Sons, 161 and 163 Lake do

Ryan & Nagell, 424 E Water do

Shidlen Ernest, 137 W Water do


(See also Plumbers and Gas Fitters.)

Cook E. H. & Co., 122 Lake Elmira

Davenport A. B., 388 E Water do


(See also Clothiers.)

Berry & Walker, 113 Baldwin Elmira

Fairlee Sidney, 111 Baldwin do


Corning Glass Works, foot Walnut Corning


(See also Provision Dealers.)

Witt & Huber, Market cor Cedar Corning

McGannon Michael, 44 Market do

Amberg Fred, 601 Lake cor Clinton Elmira

Arnold Philip, 400 W Church do

Beardsley Elias J., 423 N. Main do

Berner Adam, 601 E Water do

Best Henry A., 45 Pennsylvania av do

Blampied Joshua, 321 Carroll do

Bloss George, 763 E Water do

Botsford Josiah, 113 S Main do

Bundy Brothers, 127 Lake do

Burns Thomas, 404 E Water do

Byington Brothers, 119 Baldwin do

Casey Daniel, 272 W Hudson do

Cole Webster J., Pennsylvania av cor Lewis do

Collins Sarah W., Washington av cor Lincoln do

Covert & Terneur, 155 Baldwin do

Dahon Thomas, 208 Harriet do

Davage John, 301 E Fourth do

Davis Maria E., Davis cor Second do

Decker D. & Co., 200 W Water do

Deister John, jr., 765 E Church do

Dickinson George S., 159 Lake do

Diedrich William, 562 E Church do

Donahue Dennis, 301 Broadway do

Donahue Florence E., 405 Railroad av do

Espey Thomas, 667 Lake do

Fallihee John W., 701 Railroad av do

Finnigan Thomas, 409 High do

Forrester George R. & Co., wholesale, 148 W Water do

Fowler Harriet, 410 Washington av do

Gamper John A., 156 Sullivan do

George Henry, 658 E Water do

Gibson J. O’Kelly, 510 N Main do

Gorman Thomas, 519 Oak do

Gould Francis H., 300 S Main do

Haase Ferdinand, 600 Church do

Hade Justus, 1128 Lake do

Hamilton Caldwell & Co., 200 Baldwin do

Hanyen C. B. & Co., 314 E Water do

Haupt John, 466 E Water do

Healy Austin, 464 W Sixth do

Hern J. & W. B., 421 Railroad av do

Holden Delos L., wholesale, 111 Railroad av do

Hopson George, 600 Dickinson do

Hunt & Van Gorder, 500 N Main do

Kennedy John, 106 E Water do

Kingsbury William A., 124 W Water do

La Fever & Kingsbury, 122 W Water do

Lamoreaux William, S Main cor Pennsylvania av do

Landers Margaret Mrs., 256 W Hudson do

Lariew Alson, 1026 Lake do

Liddy Michael, 217 Fulton do

Lindsey Ebenezer S. Fifth n Baldwin do

Loring James H., 137 E Water do

Lormore Bros. & Co., wholesale, 308 and 310 Carroll do

Lynch Martin Mrs., 712 Davis do

Mack Daniel, 126 W South av do

McCarthy Brothers, 377 Railroad av do

McInerney Patrick, 422 W Fifth do

McNeil Peter S. S., 257 W Fourth do

Miller Marcus, 118 S Main do

Miller Valentine, 221 S Main do

Millius Henry E., 381 W Second do

Mirteenes David C., 321 S Main do

Moonan James, 800 Hatch do

Morris Richard, 109 Lake do

Mosher George, 118 W Water do

Mosher & Smith, 110 W Water do

Murphy Daniel, 101 E Water do

Murteh Michael, 400 Broadway do

O’Dea Andrew, 415 High do

O’Gorman John, 819 Railroad av do

Pelbrough Thomas G., 309 W Fourth do

Regan John G., 429 Railroad av do

Reilly Edmund, 804 Lake do

Rice & Fitch, 101 E Church do

Riedinger Henry J., 651 Lake do

Ronan Patrick, 569 E Water do

Ryan & Toole, 142 E Water do

Schornstheimer & Stampp, 526 Lake do

Shields Peter, 518 Oak do

Simons R. M., 504 E Third do

Smith & Elliott, 111 E Water do

Sullivan & Gallivan, 301 W Hudson do

Thompson Susan, E Fifth cor Dickinson do

Toamy Thomas, Oak cor Harper do

Wallace George, 434 E Water do

Webb John, 701 Lake do

Webster Daniel, 671 Dickinson do

Weick Frederick, 664 Lake do

Wienecke Ferdinand, 600 Jay do

Wise & Irvine, 160 Baldwin do

Woolley & Thompson, Baldwin cor E Second do


De Witt William P., 418 E Water Elmira


(See also Hardware)

Casterline Horace, 121 W Water Elmira


Alexander James W., 116 S Main Elmira

Anders Henry, 115 W Water do

Bartell George, Frasier House do

Burrows Jabez T., 523 Railroad av do

Campbell Horace, Pennsylvania av cor South av do

Hisserich George, 400 E Water do

Hoppe Charles, 304 Carroll do

Lodge Abigal J., 502 Baldwin do

Ridgeway William, 146 E Water do

Suess Philip, Hathaway House do

Susemihl Brothers, 412 E Water do

Wiegand George C., Rathbun House do

Wiener Felix, 355 Railroad av do

Youngs Chalrles, 507 Railroad av do


Burchell Hattie, 328 E Water Elmira

Hoppe Louise Mrs., 114 Baldwin do

Lavoie Ellie, 117 Baldwin do


Pritchard, Sayles & Co., 17 E Market Corning

Walker & Lathrop, Market cor Pine do

Clark D. & Son, Franklin Horseheads

Beadle Chauncey M., 307 E Water Elmira

Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co., 340 to 344 E Water do

Gridley G. A. & Son, 334 and 336 E Water do

Plowman & Wyckoff, 126 W Water do

Stowell Brothers, 323 E Water do

Stowell F. A. & Co., wholesale, 152 Lake do


Merwin & Dickinson, 302 E Water Elmira

Wheadon & Cramer, 206 E Water do


Blake Albert A., 112 N Main Elmira


Comstock Samuel G., 209 E Water Elmira

Hoffman & Huston, 310 E Water do

Stewart & Ufford, 309 E Water do


Fountain James H., 434 E Market Elmira


Schwartz & Sittenfield, 110 E Water Elmira


Dickinson House, Fuller Bros., prop’rs, Pine cor Market Corning

Jones Bernard F., Market cor Walnut do

Mainzer Joachin, 29 and 30 Market do

Bennett & Burch, Main Horseheads

Arbor Hotel, Haight, Jones & Co., 110 Lake Elmira

Buffalo House, William Miller prop’r, 501 Railroad av do

Continental Hotel, Jacob Bopp, 408 E Water do

Curley Patrick, 171 E Washington av do

Delavan house, Roswell Hunt, prop’r, 523 Railroad av do

Domidion Gustav A., 412 Carroll do

Frasier House, U. Bartholomew, 441 Railroad av do

Gilmore John, 114 E Water do

Globe Hotel, G. A. Struppler, prop’r, 505 Railroad av do

Half-way House, Catharine Brodman, 827 Canal do

Hathaway House, Samuel H. Wadsworth, Lake c Market do

Hewitt Fred K., 121 W Water do

Hoffman’s Grove, Ferdinand Mass, 653 Walnut do

Homestead, M. Buckbee & Son, 425 E Water do

Kolb Jacob, 513 Railroad av do

Klock George W., 303 Railroad av do

Lynch John M., 419 Railroad do

Mansion House, William G. Corbett, 400 Railroad av do

Pennsylvania house, Dewitt & Spence, 117 W Water do

Rathbun House, E. R. Abbott, Water cor Baldwin do

Reed Thomas, 164 Baldwin do

Rolling Mill House, Hugh Connelly, 805 Canal do

Schlutter Minner, 127 Railroad av do

Union House, M. Guiltanen, n Northern Central Railway shops do

Washington, Gottlieb Hummel, 503 Railroad av do

Wells Sarah, 315 E Market do

Western Hotel, Thro & Schlosser, proprs., 511 Railroad av do