Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Chemung County NY
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Waite Brothers
FOR 1866.

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Davidson J.T., 137 Water Elmira
Gardiner C.C., 8 Baldwin Do
Woodward, Wm. Big Flats
Ayres S. & S. B., 99 Water Elmira
McKinney & Brown, 2 Lake do
Perry & Scott, 103 Water do
Smith Orland N., 8 Baldwin do
Swan Charles, Brainard Block, over P.O. do
Curtis D.C. Horseheads
Crane Bela B. Millport
Wooden Jared do
Beers & Abbot, (Western R.R. ticket) 141 Wisner, opp Depot do
Agents—Real Estate.
Judson Wm. R. 8 Baldwin Elmira
Agricultural Implements.
Granger S.S., 36 Lake Elmira
Parker, E.A. Horseheads
Rogers Nelson B. Millport

Butler R.H. Big Flats
Swickerman, S. do
Gallaher, J.H. 6 Ely Block Elmira
Anhalt J. & Co., 6 Union Block Elmira
Cowen T.C., 12 Lake do
Bentley, H.S. Horseheads
Auction and Commission Merchants.
Cowen, T. C., 12 Lake Elmira
Carpenter W.D., 135 Water Elmira
Waters G. W., 6 Baldwin do
Benjamin O.C., first house of left of Water beyond city limits do
Artificial Leg Maker.
McKay, F.C.D., Jr. 5 Union Block, Water Elmira
Bakers and Confectioners.
Coke Levi, 154 Water and 38 Carroll Elmira
Lienhart A., 47 Wisner do
Maas F, 45 Wisner do
Smith & Maloney, 107 Wisner do
Varian C. F. Horseheads
Buck Geo. W Chemung
Smith & Hall, 12 Baldwin Elmira
Hoppe Charles, 10 Baldwin Elmira
Bedstead Maker.
Plumb Ovid Millport
Billiard Rooms.
Arbour Hotel, Haight & Son, 7, 9 & 11 Lake Elmira
Biles H.S., 169 Water do
De Witt Charles, Brainard Block, n P.O. do
Hathaway House, J.J. Cook, sup’t. do
Kolb B. & J., Exchange Hotel, 139 Wisner do
Parlor Rooms, J.H. Morey, 27 Lake do
Weibel J., Wisner, n Clinton do
Colwell R. Horseheads
Sly John do
Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights.
Johnson Oliver Big Flats
Brougham W. do
Scofield J. do
Fields John R. Chemung
Manly Jerome B. do
Beckhorn E.M. do
Ellis Stephen do
Bowman David, Clinton, n Conongue Elmira
Matthews John, Water, c Wisner do
McNerny M., 61 Water do
Norman G.M. 17 Fox do
Palmer & Krowl, 46 Lake do
Strachen John, Baldwin, n Clinton do
Wright Peter, Water, n College ave do
Townsend D. Horseheads
Putnam & Dorn do
Rockwell & Breese do
McKinstry E. Millport
Bundy Wm. do
Malette D. do
Brown T.T. Wellsburgh
Fero George Post Creek
Russell Thomas do
Loomis L. Wellsburgh
Leonard C. do
Boarding Houses.
Green Mrs Big Flats
Brown H. Mrs., 59 Columbia Elmira
Carl E.A., 208 Water do
Collins D., Wisner, c Second do
Denton Anna Mrs., 43 Main do
Hawkins Anna Mrs., 65 Cross do
McNeir L.B., 15 Wisner do
Reed Thomas, 206 Water do
Reeve Fannie Mrs., 15 William do
Schlutter E., 19 Wisner do
Smith E. Mrs., 15 Magee do
Stephenson H. Mrs., 92 Cross do
Boat Builders.
Burling James Big Flats
Beard O.W. Horseheads
Stoll F.G. Millport
Tanner P.S. do
Book Binders.
Fairman & Caldwell, Baldwin, c Carroll Elmira
Booksellers and Stationers.
Hall Bros., 128 Water Elmira
Preswick & Dudley, 114 Water do
Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.
Wood H. Big Flats
Buley A.C. Chemung
Gen Andrus do
Dix Charles do
Bechdol H. & Co., 183 Water Elmira
Bechtol F.P., 21 E. Union do
Bigelow W. A.(whosesale) 11 Wisner do
Bunnell D.K., 2 Lake do
Burbage & Baker, 27 Wisner do
Butcher, E. Mrs., 109 Wisner do
Carney P., 75 Wisner do
Derby A. L., 153 Water  do
Foster & Hudson, 104 Water do
Gilbert W. F., 125 Water do
Hart Henry, 27 E. Union do
Hazard J., 115 Water do
Hisom & Lown, 220 Water do
Humphrey J. S.. 157 Water do
Humphrey L.A., 157 Water do
Hutchinson S.S., 126 Water do
Kinsbury & Nichols, 159 Water do
Machol Louis, 193 Water do
Mackasey P.J., 49 Wisner do
Mitchell B.K., Ann, n S. Lake do
Moonan J., 26 Hatch do
Normile J., 195 Wisner do
Northrup & Shearman, 152 and 161 Water do
O’Donnell John, Wisner, c First do
Page J. A. & Co., 107 Water do
Quick S.P.., 135 Water do
Richardson J., 205 and 207 Water do
Statler F., Canal, n Washington ave do
Stiles I., 6 Lake do
Stuart & Ufford, 20 and 22 Lake do
Weldner George, 73 Water do
Wells Nelson, 9 Baldwin do
White S.H., Third, n Wisner do
Wilkey J. A., 14 William do
Wintermute, P. Horseheads
Morgan S. do
Denson J. & Son Millport
Van Camp, A. J. do
Brown Alonzo do
Bailey Linus Post Creek
Preston B. Wellsburgh
Wilcox J.C. do
Dix T. do
Brewers and Malsters.
Congdon George, 111 Cross Elmira
Hockenberger & Dalton, Spring Brewery, Water, n Main do
Mander Adam, head of Church do
Nolte H.C., Weiss Bier, Washington ave, c the canal do
Villinger Conrad, n foot Water do
Brick Makers.
Ettenberger Frank, r Oak, n limits Elmira
Westlake B. Horseheads
Broom Makers.
Hillman A. J. Chemung
Warren James do
Brush Makers.
Curran T.J., 109 Wisner Elmira
Cabinet Makers and Furniture Dealers.
Hubbell S.B., Union Block, 174 Water Elmira
Robinson John M., 43 Lake do
Vail Benjamin, 241 Water do
Gardiner & Compton Horseheads
Budd & Hyatt Millport
Plumb Ovid do
Tubbs A. Wellsburgh
Carpenters and Builders.
Francis George N. Chemung
Floyd H.F. do
Swain Wm. do
Blossom Jason do
Bartholomew J., 53 Water Elmira
Benson & Porter, Water, n Main do
Croup Samuel, 118 Baldwin do
Fuller D., 73 Second do
Kingsbury E., 95 Baldwin do
Murray A., Water, n Main do
Plum H.A., First, c Elm do
Smith H.O., 241½ Water dfo
Terry O.P., 89 Baldwin do
Woodruff A., 249Water do
Loomis, A.D. Horseheads
Still Wm. do
Hewitt H.W. do
Carpenter Geo. D. do
Crandall E. Millport
Cole M. do
Crandell H. do
Tanner P.S. do
Brown A. do
Woodward R. do
Sinclair & Courch do
Suydam Isaiah Post Creek
Fisher G.W. Wellsburgh
Brown L. do
Carpets and Oil Cloths.
Dormaul E.H., 134 Water Elmira
Durland & Pratt, 122 Water do
Hart Wm., E., 110 Water do
Carriage and Wagon Makers.
Johnson Oliver Big Flats
Carpenter A.J. Chemung
Weller Noble do
Carr Silas T., 17 Fox Elmira
Ewing James, Cross, c William do
Herrick & Seeley, William, c Church do
McKee T. W., 63 Water do
Shaft A.D., Clinton, n Conongue do
Smith W.S., r 46 Lake do
Wright Peter, Water, n College ave do
Townsend P.M.C. Horseheads
Rose Wm. do
Fleming Andrew do
Tidd Jay Millport
Lane Wm. S. Post Creek
Stinger C. Wellsburgh
Carriage Trimmers.
Abbot C.R., 17 Carroll Elmira
Wright A.M., 65 Water do
Chair Makers.
Mitchell Bro’s. Horseheads
China, Glass and Crockery Ware.
Carpenter R. T., 4 Lake Elmira
Dexter & Elmore, 7 Union Block, 172 Water do
Cider and Vinegar Makers.
Berner Adam, 30 Water Elmira
Cigar Box Makers.
Fletcher O.M., Fourth, c Wisner Elmira
Clothiers and Merchant Tailors.
Atkins, C.W., 6 Lake Elmira
Baldwin & Reynolds, 149 Water do
Bower & Romer, 119 Water do
Cass John, 136 Water do
Cohn M., Wisner, n First do
Frankenstein A., 51 Wisner do
Gladke J., 113 Wisner do
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co., 2 Union block, Water do
Jacobs J., 139 Water do
Lux G.F., 14 High do
Morris John, 201 Water do
Palta J., 59 Wisner do
Pechner I., 127 Water do
Sellner I., 83 Wisner do
Sobieski A., (second hand) 67 Wisner do
Stryker S.G., 10 Lake do
Stuart & Ufford, 20 and 22 Lake do
Vanbergh M., 151 Water do
Wilcox A.I., 8 Lake do
Morley D.C. Chemung
Corel A.M. Horseheads
Mosher W.W. do
Babcock A.F. Millport
Stimson H. do
Churches and Pastors.

(For Elmira Churches see Appendix)

M. Episcopal, Rev. A.T. West Big Flats
Baptist, Rev. D. Burroughs do
Episcopal, Rev. H. M. Brown do
Presbyterian, Rev. E.S. Wilson do
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. T.W. Read do
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. E.H. Cranmer Chemung
Methodist Episcopal, T. McElhenny Horseheads
Presbyterian, C.C. Carr do
Baptist, do
Episcopal, St. Mathews, H.M. Brown do
Baptist, Rev. R. Hultz Millport
Wesleyan Methodist, Rev. W. L. Warner do
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. C.J. Bradbury do
Free Will Baptist, Rev. B.B. Rollins Veteran
Baptist, Rev. ____ Stone Wellsburgh
Methodist Episcopal, Rev. ___ Chubbuck do
Coal and Wood Dealers.
Cross S. 162½ Church Elmira
Hatch & Partridge, 166 Church do
Jackson John S., 14 William do
Langdon J., 6 Baldwin and 112 Cross do
The Pittston and Elmira Coal Co., 10 & 12 Baldwin do
Wistar Mountain Coal Co., 8 Baldwin do
Cannon M. Horseheads
Coffee and Spice Mills.
Fielding & Co., 7 and 9 Wisner Elmira
Post G.H., 155 Water do
Commercial College.
Vescelius W.I., Lake, n Water Elmira
Warner & Smith, 134 and 136 Water do
Commission Merchants.
Jones, J. R. & Wisner, 123 Water Elmira
Post Wm. T., 123 Water do
Simons S. Big Flats
Jones Charles B. Chemung
Smith A. W. do
Vaughn Hiram do
Arden George, 271 Water Elmira
Ballard W.W. & Co., 162 Church do
Byrne J. & Son, 113 Cross do
Ferris M.H., 164 Church do
Wormley John, r Ann do
Garsts S. Horseheads
Greer D.E. do
Crawford E. Millport
Witherall Ansell Post Creek
Eagleson F.C. Wellsburgh
Country Stores.

(Keeping a general assortment of dry goods, groceries, crockery, hardware & etc., Dealers exclusively in one kind of goods will be found under their respective headings.)

Hughron L.D. & Son Big Flats
Bennett, M.C. do
Tuttle W. E. do
Rodbourn J. Breesport
Sawyer & Buck Chemung
Nichols Oliver do
Orcutt J.H. do
French, Mayo & Co., 171 Water Elmira
McDonald I. & co. Horseheads
Mosher J.B. & H. do
Whitcomb J. & Son do
Marshall J.H. Millport
Thomas & Page do
Meeker & Botsford do
Hall U. do
Wightman G. Sullivanville
Kress & Evans Wellsburgh
Young H. W. do
Grah Wm., 85 Wisner Elmira
Brownell & Co., 147 Water Elmira
Dartt A.M., 118 Water do
French, E. L., 20 Lake do
McKirgan A., 114 Water do
Stilson & Goddad, 133 Water do
Terry E.C. Dr., Water, c Lake do
George & Butler Horseheads
Doors, Sash and Blinds.
Johnson W. 89 Baldwin Elmira
Murdock L. N., 253 Water do
Dress and Cloak Makers.
Benjamin G.E. Mrs., 47 Main Elmira
Benjamin Sarah L. S. Magee, n Third do
Bouck Sisters, 19 Carroll do
Chapman M.L., Fox n Water do
Decker M. S., 133 Water do
Douglass Adell Miss., 113 Water do
Farley & Reagan, 2 Lake do
Gait S. Mrs. Lake, c Carroll do
Horton B.S. Miss., 4 Union Block, Water do
Lessey E. Miss., 117 Water do
Lindsey J. Mrs., First, n Elm do
Mayo Harriet Mrs., 1 Fourth do
Mowry T.g. Mrs., 149 Water do
Putnam E.A. Mrs., 6 Union Block, Water do
Welch E.A. Mrs., 15 Lake do
Chapman L. Miss. Horseheads
Howell C. Miss. Millport
Druggists and Apothecaries.
Covell John D., 102 Water Elmira
Frasier F.A., American Block, Wisner, c Third do
Engraham & Robinson, 24 Lake do
Kellogg & Converse, 145 Water do
Marple S.W., 110 Lake do
Ogden & Pettit, 116 Water do
Perry J.K., 118 Water do
Tenny D.W.C., 200 water do
Well C.E., 156 Water do
Leavens & Talmadge Horseheads
Helm M.A. do
Davis E.H. & M.F.  
Dry Goods.

(Sell Also Country Stores)

Barton & Wilson, 108 Water Elmira
Bulmer David, 13 Baldwin do
Decker J. & Co., 106 Water do
Dormaul E.H., 134 Water do
Durland & Pratt, 122 Water do
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co., 158 Water do
Hart W.E., 110 Water do
Richardson M., 7 Baldwin do
Satterlee E.B. & Co., 143 Water do
Strauss L. & Co., 3 Union Block, Water do
Tuthill D.H., 132 Water do
Babcock A.F. Millport
Thomas & Page do
Dyers and Scourers.
Beckwith James B., 51 Water Elmira
Roberts Wm., 69 Water do
Edge Tool Maker.
Gilbert H.S., 52 Lake Elmira
McKeone Thomas, 137 Water Elmira
Engines—Hot Air and Caloric.
McKay F.C.D. Jr., agent 5 Union Block, Water Elmira
Electro Magnetic Machines.
McKay F.C.D. Jr., 5 Union Block, Water Elmira
Eave Trough Manufacturers.
Wyckoff Bros. & Co., 10,12 and 14 Wisner Elmira
Fancy Goods and Notions.
Nye G.M., 133 Water Elmira
Fire-Brick and Tile Works.
Whittemore A.O., Church, c canal junction Elmira
Fish Market.
Buckley, Krowle & Co., Carroll, n Lake Elmira
Flour and Grist Mills, and Flour, Feed and Grain Dealers.
Voorhies H.S. Big Flats
Bennett M.C. do
Rodbourn J. Breesport
Harris S.M. (Chemung Mills) Chemung
Dunning Peter (Chemung Valley Mills) do
Bowles & Moe, 38 Carroll Elmira
Ferris Myron J., 164 Church do
Halliday Wm. & Co., (Elmira City Mills) canal basin, n Water do
Hotchkin S. (Elmira Flouring Mill) Water, ft. College ave do
Lewis & Chamberlin, 25 Wisner do
West C.S., foot of Water do
Bennett, Taber & Co. Horseheads
Banks S.B. Millport
Richmond A. do
Northrop Wm. G. Post Creek
West & Roberts Wellsburgh
Decker P., Water, c Wisner Elmira
Farren J.S. & Co., 4 Union Block, Water do
Thro J.J. & Bro., 100 Water do
Gentlemens’ Furnishing Goods.
Cass John, 136 Water Elmira
Comstock S.G., 150 Water do
Jacobs J., 139 Water do
Quick S.P., 135 Water do
Vanbergh M., 151 Water do
Glue Makers.
Leverich & Mason, foot John Elmira
Grocers and Provision Dealers.
Burgress B Breesport
Arnold P, Church, c Davis Elmira
Backus & Welsch, 176 Church do
Baker & Dunn, Lake, c Water do
Billete J., 188 Water do
Brand John, 1 S Lake do
Bundy Bro’s, 27 Lake do
Burns Thomas, 95 Water do
Butler A.K. Mrs., 20 Water do
Carpenter B.F., 47 Man do
Coe S.N., Baldwin, c E. Union do
Decker J. & Co., 106 Water do
De Witt A.B. & Co., 2 Main do
De Witt A.M., 19 Baldwin do
De Witt A.M. & Co., 105 Baldwin do
Deister J.&M., 105 Church do
Dickinson G.S., 8 Lake do
Diedrich Wm., 33 Fifth do
Eaton, A.W., 79 Water do
Fisher Christina Mrs., 72 Church do
Forker S, 352½ Water do
Gill Bro’s., 192 Water do
Gleason & Cross, 20 Baldwin do
Goldsmith B., 55 Water do
Gorman, Thomas, 21 Oak do
Harper J., Main, c Third do
Haupt John, Lake, n Clinton do
Hemenway C.R., 3 Clinton do
Hevener & Hanyen, 129 Water do
Holbert G.R.C., Conongue, c E Sixth do
Holden D.L., 19 Lake do
Kennedy Jno., Henry, c Fulton do
King Brothers, Chruch, c College ave do
Kingsbury W.A., 222 Water do
Klein Jacob, 29 E. Union do
Landers Garrett, Hudson, n Harmon do
Liddy J., 73 Wisner do
Loring J.H.&Co., (wholesale) 4 & 5 Union Block, Water do
Lormore Bros. & Reid, 26 Lake do
Lovell A.B., 89 Baldwin do
Lurkins Robert, 180 Church do
Mahony T, 111 Wisner do
McMahon J., Wisner, c Second do
McNeil P.S.S., Fourth, n W Union do
Monks James, Fourth, c Baldwin do
Moonam J., 26 Hatch do
Moores Samuel, 45 Dickinson do
Morris R., 5 Lake do
Mosher & Evans, 216 Water do
Murphy Daniel, 196 Water do
Palmer & Vincent, 21 Baldwin do
Pautz Augustus, Jay, c High do
Pautz Carl, 124 Lake do
Pelbrough Thomas, 33 Fourth do
Reynolds D.D., & Co., 21 Lake do
Rice D.O., Church, c Wisner do
Riedinger Jacob, Lake, c Fourth do
Ronan P, 32 Water do
Ryan & Toole, 167 Water do
Smith Geo. F., 45 Main do
Smith S.B., Main, c Third do
Steele F.C., 17 Lake do
Stoll J.C., 97 Water do
Thomas Edward, Canal Junction do
Thro J.J.&Bro., 100 Water do
Traynor Thomas, Canal, c Seventh do
Van Kleeck R.M., 218 Water do
Wallace George W., Clinton, c Baldwin do
Webber J.A., 238 Water do
Worrall George, William, c Clinton do
Thorn S. Horseheads
Smith, C.D. do
Root & Stimson do
Seaman M.B. do
Smith & Roberts do
Butcher John do
Meeker & Botsford Millport
McShooler & Johnson do
Thurston & Reynolds do
Howe & English Van Ettenville
Eaton A. Wellsburgh
Wells & Frear do
Roberts G. H. do
Gun Smiths.
Cateline I., 205 Water Elmira
De Witt & Scriber, 83 Water do
Hair Dressers.
Bailey F.J., 21 Lake Elmira
Domidion Gustaf, Hathaway House do
Emhoff M J., Delavan House do
Enck Charles H, Water, c Wisner do
Hill & King, (col’d) Brainard Block do
Hoppe Charles, 10 Baldwn do
Hunt Wm. G., Union Hotel, Wisner, opp Depot do
Price J.P., 188 Water do
Scott Vincent, (col’d) Bevier House do
Spencer R.E., (col’d) Chemung House do
Young Charles, (col’d) 83 Wisner do
Fletcher B. Horseheads
Tompkins C.L. do
Birchard Stephen Van Ettenville
Brown Wm. Millport
Hardware and Cutlery.
Ayrault & Rose, 14 and 16 Lake Elmira
Cook E.H. & Co., 101 and 103 Water do
Gridley & Davenport, 109 and 111 Water do
Rowland & Beadle, 124 Water do
Watrous R, 112 Water do
Parker E.A. Horseheads
Harness and Saddlery.
Knapp Wm. B., 75 Water Elmira
Merwin W., 141 Water do
Tillman J.M., 41 Lake do
Carpenter L. Horseheads
Weller J.M. do
Alleman M.N. Millport
Isham & Rogers Wellsburgh
Shappee J do
Hats, Caps and Furs.
Comstock S.G., Brainard Block, 150 Water Elmira
Gardiner, N.W., 117 Water do
Quick S.P., 135 Water do
Stuart & Ufford, 20 and 22 Lake do
Buena Vista, G.& W. Edmiston Big Flats
Rice Joseph Breesport
Junction House, Wm. Guthrie Chemung
Buck’s Hotel, Peter Daily do
Amann J. Wisner, c Third Elmira
American Hotel, Murray & Gardner, Wisner, c Third do
Arbour Hotel, Haight & Son, 7, 9 & 11 Lake do
Beview House, G.W. Schwenke, 117 Wisner do
Carroll St.House, M. Kennedy, 29 Baldwin do
Chemung House, C.C. McKinney, 29 Baldwin do
Clinton House, John Paris, Third, n Wisner do
Delavan House, Phelps & Spaulding, 153 Wisner, opp depot do
Eastern Hotel, J. Snyder, 137 Wisner do
Elmira Hotel, C.G. Smith, 182 Water do
Exchange Hotel, B&J. Kolb, 139 Wisner do
Fifth Ward Hotel, R. Spraggett, 6 S Lake do
Globe Hotel, C. Ulrich, Wisner, opp depot do
Hathaway House, M.H. Mandeville, Lake, c Cross do
Mansion House, W.G. Corbett, Wsiner, c Second do
McCoy Thomas, 85 Wisner do
Occidental, D.C. Mowry, 173 Water do
Pattinson House, Geo. Archer, Baldwin, c Cross do
Pelbrough T., Lake, c Fourth do
Rathbun House, J.H. Rathbun, Water, c Baldwin do
Rolling Mill House, J.Fowler, Canal, n Seventh do
St. Charles Hotel, J.Linehan, Wisner, c Clinton do
Troy House, J.M. Lynch, 105 Wisner do
Union House, T. Corcoran, Canal, n Seventh do
Union Hotel, M. Steger, Wisner, opp depot do
United States, G.H. Richardt, Wisner, opp depot do
Washington ave House, L.Schaneman, Canal, c Washington do
Washington Hotel, G. Hummel, Wisner, opp depot do
Weibel Joseph, Wisner, n Clinton do
Western Hotel, C.&J. Thro, Wisner, opp depot do
Williamsport & Elmira Hotel, J.O’Maher, Wisner, n Second do
Colwell R. Horseheads
American Hotel, J. Sly do
Rhodes Jesse B. Millport
Bucher Jacob Post Creek
Handy E. Van Ettenville
Swartwood Jacob Van Ettenville
Carpenter John Sullivanville
Exchange Hotel Wellsburgh
Wellsburgh House do
Intelligence Office.
Brother John, Wisner, c First Elmira
Iron Founders and Machinists.
Blivin A. & Sons, Wisner n Church Elmira
Dyer M., Cross, c the canal do
Nichols, Gregg & Co., Second, c Chemung Canal do
Thomas & Seaman, Washington ave, n Canal Junction do
Waugh J., Second, n Main do
Curtis L.L. Horseheads
Rogers, S.B. Millport
Lockwood, R.C. Wellsburgh
Iron and Steel.
Bennet S. & Co., Second, c the canal Elmira
Dounce Wm. J., Fifth, n RR do
Beebe G., 10 Lake Elmira
Benn E.H., 145 Water do
Brooks & Spaulding, 157 Water do
Brush G.A., 125 Water do
Davidson, J.T., 137 Water do
Davis, G. L., 107 Water do
De Witt J., 10 Lake do
Diven George M., 153 Water do
Gardiner C.C., S Baldwin do
Gibbs, L., 10 Lake do
Hart E.P., 15 Lake do
King R., 137 Water do
McGuire J., 15 Lake do
Murdock John, 101 Water do
Patrick Edward L., 22 Lake do
Ransom R.H., 139 Water do
Reynolds & Ransom, 143 Water do
Sherman W.P., 76 Water do
Smith & Hill, 149 Water do
Smith, Robertson & Fassett, 1 & 2 Ely Block do
Thurston A.S., 15 Lake do
Tomlinson S.B., 10 Baldwin do
Turner R.T., 151 Water do
Daily & Backman Horseheads
Christie Barlow do
Curtis D.W.C. do
Colgrove Nelson Post Creek
Finegan Thomas Van Ettenville
Woolwer J.P. do
Leathers and Findings.
Fancher S. & Co., 203 Water Elmira
Hazard, J., 115 Water do
Stiles, I., 6 Lake do
Wells Ira, 89 Water do
Livery Stables.
Cross C., Cross, rear Chemung House Elmira
Fassett Truman, 96 Cross do
McGreevy Owen, Lake, c Cross do
Norman John G., 12 Carroll do
Pelton Aaron, American Hotel do
Potter C.D., 6 Carroll do
Whiton G.L., 60 Lake do
Clark Fred Horseheads
Vandusen N. do
Northrop Wm. G. Post Creek
Looking Glass and Picture Frames.
Roosa A.P., 11 Baldwin Elmira
Lumber Dealers.
Park & Lovell Big Flats
Rodbourn J. Breesport
Bennet S.&Co., Second, c the canal Elmira
Fitch M.P.&L., Gray, bet canal and RR do
Hatch & Partridge, 166 Church do
Hotchkiss, J.F., 100 Water, c Lake do
Hotchkiss Thomas W., office 100 Water, c Lake do
Jackson John S., 14 William do
Young T., Church, c the canal do
Newhall A.W. Horseheads
Machinists’ Tools.
McKay F.C.D.Jr., 5 Union Block, Water Elmira
Marble Works.
Ayers A.W., 63 Water Elmira
Blampied J., 244 Water do
Blampied John G., Water, n Main do
Lyon R., 58 Lake do
Meat Markets.
Truesdale, J.P. Big Flats
Caprenter Henry F. Chemung
Cherry L.K., 199 Lake Elmira
Clark & Mitzger, Wisner, c Second do
Friend, Flett & Co., 214 Water do
Lobdel P.F., 105 Church do
Pattinson T.S. do
Smith J.W., 27½ E Union do
Smith John, Main, n Third do
Sprague Wm., Lake, n Fifth Ward Hotel do
Steger M., 78 Water do
Wilber A., 52 Lake do
Carpenter J.T. Horseheads
Ross C.D. do
Brewin, H.E. Millport
Dressor S.G. Van Ettenville
Van Valkenburgh Martin do
Finch & Elston Wellsburgh
Brown Mahala Chemung
Biggs Mary Miss., 136 Water Elmira
Bovier M. Miss., Brainard Block, o P.O. do
Dill Jno. H. Mrs., Dickinson, n the canal do
Durham & Story, 129 Water do
Hagadorn M.A. Mrs., 137 Water do
Howland A.A. & M. E., 28 Lake do
Ketchum & Lunn Misses, 156 Water do
Laffin Esther Miss., Water, c Lake do
Stocum E.M. Mrs., 145 Water o
Sullivan E.L. Miss. 158 Water do
Wheeler J.H. Miss., 121 Water do
Wilcox Sarah E., 104 Water do
Colwell Mary Miss Horseheads
Mather E.C. Mrs. do
Smith A.C. Mrs. Millport
Davidson Misses Wellsburgh
Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Dormaul E.H., 134 Water Elmira
Nichols J.K., 105 Water do
Miscellaneous and Musical Instruments.
Eliason, Greener & Co., over 136 Water Elmira
Green I.S., 11 Baldwin do
Sanders, W.M., 47 Baldwin do
News Dealers.
Brink M.A., Miss., 120 Water Elmira
Fairman C.G., P.O. Building, Baldwin do
Nuserymen, Seedsmen and Florists.
Close R.H., S. Main, c Partridge Elmira
Collson Sprague, 14 Jay do
Holdridge H., Mount Zoar, c Fulton do
Humphrey G.W., 18 E. Second do
Bloomer F.C. Horseheads
Hoard G.V. Millport
Occulist and Aurist.
Up De Graff T.S., 151 Water Elmira
Oil Refiners and Dealers.
Bedell, Cook & Co., head Stowell Elmira
Bennet S.& Co., Second, c the canal do
Johnson Thomas, 28 Lake Elmira
Ornamental Hair Worker.
Hoppe Louise Mrs., 10 Baldwin Elmira
Oyster Dealers.
Buckley, Krowle & Co., Carroll, n Lake Elmira
Farren J.S. & Co., 4 Union Block, Water do
Pattinson T.S., 32 Carroll do
Painters—House Sign and Ornamental.
Burch E. Big Flats
Butcher Wm., F. Standish, n Lake Elmira
Farrow & Brennan, Cross, c the canal do
Kelly G.H., 6 Wisner Elmira
Kirlan James, 36 Lake do
Marsh Washington, 5 & Union Block, Water do
Nafe Wm. F., 239 Water do
Thompson, J.T., 21 Fox do
Wallace R.K., 56 Lake do
Benedict Edward Horseheads
Elliot W. do
Walker M. Miss. (Portrait) do
Cortese George Millport
Reeder Milton do
Atwater D.D. Van Ettenville
Fisher G. W. Wellsburgh
Paints, Oils and Glass.
Gridley & Davenport, 109 and 111 Water Elmira
Paper Hangings and Window Shades.
Hall Bro’s., 128 Water Elmira
Preswick & Dudley, 114 Water do
Ryan & Son, 19 Carroll do
Dunn E.T., Miss., 2 Lake Elmira
Hart A.P., 22 Lake do
Knowlton W., 13 & 15 Lake do
Larkin J.E., 114, 116 & 118 Water do
Seely W.T., 158 Water do
Taylor A.R., 30 Lake do
House A. B. Horseheads
Lawhead A. do
Pebbles, C. (allopathic) Big Flats
Woodward W. (allopathic) do
READ T. W. (homeopathic) do
Heller Israel Breesport
Ford E.L. Chemung
Gere E. do
Blaisdell S., 84 Baldwin Elmira
Cadieux J.N., 159 Water do
Chase Z.F., 73 Church do
Chubbuck H. S., 36 Baldwin do
Dartt A.M., 118 Water do
Davis E H., 66 Baldwin do
Dean H.A. Mrs., 30 Baldwin do
Du Bois F.M. Mrs., 127 Water do
Flood J.M., 46 Water do
Flood P.H., 46 Water do
Frank J.H., Mount Zoar, n Broadway do
Hart Erastus L., 78 Lake do
Hart Ira F., 147 Church do
Lee C.C., 53 Cross do
Lee T.J., Gray, n RR do
Meisel Henry, 51 Baldwin do
Mills R.N., 30 Baldwin do
Morse R., 27 Main do
Parkhurst G.H., 6 Ely Block do
Purdy H.H., 33 Baldwin do
Reynolds J.A., 41 Baldwin do
Rice, Aaron, 7 S. Main do
Rogers Martha A. Mrs., 26 Baldwin do
Sayles Henry, 35 Baldwin do
Seeley N.R., 20 Lake do
Squire Truman H., 136 Church do
Stanchfield John K., 5 Main do
Tenny D.W.C., 200 Water do
Up De Graff T.S., 151 Water do
Wey Wm. C., 68 Water do
Wheeler E. R., 250 Water do
Groom O. Horseheads
Greenman O.S. do
Parkhurst P. do
Whippy W.A. Millport
Seaman H. do
Hoke Geo. E. do
Adams O.H. Van Ettenville
Murray C.A. do
Smith J.F. Wellsburgh
Piano Maker.
Greener Jacob, 160 Church Elmira
Planing and Moulding Mills.
Jeffers W.M. 87 Baldwin Elmira
Spaulding, Haskell & Co., 38 Fifth do
Plaster Mill.
West C.F., foot of Water Elmira
Plumbers and Gas Fitters.
Cook E.H.&Co., 101 and 103 Water Elmira
Dexter & Elmore, 172 Water do
Printers—Book and Job.
De Voe & Hazard, Water, c Lake Elmira
Fairman & Caldwell, Baldwin, c Carroll do
Wheeler & Watts, 143 Water do
Clisbe & Hinton Horseheads
Produce Dealers.
Bundy Bro’s, 27 Lake Elmira
Fleason & Cross, 20 Baldwin do
Hathorn & Sturgess, Wisner, c Fourth do
Hotchkiss J.F., 100 Water, c Lake do
Jones & Webb, 18 Ely Block, Baldwin do
Jones J.R. & Wisner (Wholesale) 123 Water do
Reynolds D.D. & Co., 21 Lake do
Thorn S. Horseheads
Pump Makers.
Hemenway G., 237 Water Elmira
Sackett R., 61 Water do
Mitchell Bro’s. Horseheads
Saloons and Restaurants.
Brown J. Big Flats
Brown A.O. do
Abt Joseph, Wisner, n Clinton Elmira
Barenthaler P., 81 Wisner do
Billings, J.L., 239 Water do
Bopp Jacob, 91 Water do
Brockmuller J.H., Hoffman’s Grove, Walnut, c Fourth do
Bush W, 199 Water do
Cahill J., 113 Wisner do
Cain Lucy Mrs., 77 Wisner do
Collins D, Wisner, c Second do
Domaille Thomas, 83 Cross do
Edgerly William, 194 Water do
Elmendorf Wm., 190 Water do
Finch J.E., 116 Wisner do
Garvin J, 103 Wisner do
Haase H. Mrs., 121 Water do
Hall A. (col’d) 55 Wisner do
Hart Charles, 131 Wisner do
Hart Henry, 27 E. Union do
Hauenstein Henry, 177 Water do
Haupt Matthew, Lake, c Clinton do
Keyser J., 195 Water do
Klapproth A., 44 Lake do
Klock G.W., 43 Wisner do
Krecko T., Wisner, n Fourth do
Lienhart A., 47 Wisner do
McNavin J., 61 Wisner do
McNeir, L.B., 15 Wisner do
Miller William, Wisner, c Second do
Nolte J., 191 Water do
Petty Ellen Mrs., 17 Fifth do
Pressler A., Washington ave, c the canal do
Rauscher John K., Cross, c the canal do
Reedy P.T., 57 Wisner do
Roll M.L., Carroll, n Lake do
Ruppersberger C., 77 Water do
Schidlen Ernest, 183 Water do
Sherwood J., Baldwin, n Fourth do
Snyder Louis, 85 Water do
Stillwell W.M. 50 Lake do
Stoll J.C., 101 Wisner do
Struppler G.A., 99 Wisner do
Sullivan Mark O., Water, n RR do
Thompson D. (col’d) Dickinson, c Fifth do
Walzer P.N., 93 Water do
Wehnes M., Wisner, n Fourth dfo
Welsh James M., Church n Wisner do
Colwell R. Horseheads
Keyes J. do
Thurston & Reynolds Millport
Campbell, D.W. do
Saw Makers.
Andrews & Burbage, 110 Cross Elmira
Saw and Planing Mills.
Breed P.W. Big Flats
Rodbourn J. Breesport
Newman & Co. do
Ownes Jesse Chemung
Warren S. do
Tillman Martin do
Monroe B.C. do
Newhall A.W. Horseheads
Thorn & Andrus do
Plum Ovid Millport
Kingsbury J. do
Banks A. do
Williams, M. do
Wilkins, Wm. Post Creek
Russell, Thomas do
West & Roberts Wellsburgh
Lockwood R.C. do
Schools and Teachers.

(Elmira Schools see Appendix)

Carey J.A. Chemung
Foulke Jane do
West Martha do
West Lucy do
Guthrie Sarah do
Loomis Miss Millport
Halpin Ann do
Monkhouse Miss do
Walling Miss Wellsburgh
Jewell S.C. do
Sewing Machines.
The Florence, R. Collingwood, agent, 13 Lake Elmira
The Grover & Baker, T. Johnson, agent, 28 Lake do
The Howe and The New England Wax Thread Sewing Machines, F.C.D. McKay, Jr., agent, 5 Union Block, Water do
The Wheeler & Wilson, Mrs.M.a.Hagadorn, agent, 137 Water  
The Wilcox & Gibbs, H.S. Griswold, agent, 133 Water do
Shingle Machine Maker.
McIntyre H.W., 31 Wisner Elmira
Shingle Mill.
Groom Andrew Big Flats
Thorn Andrus Horseheads
Silver Plater—Electro.
McKay F.C.D., Jr., 5 Union Block, Water Elmira
Soap and Candle Makers.
Biggs Peter & Co., Baldwin, c Fifth Elmira
Spring Bed Makers.
Nelson & Grumme, 242 Water Elmira
Stamping and Embroidery.
Lessey Jane Miss, 79 Water Elmira
Up De Graff, J.B., Mrs., 40 Carroll do
Stone Pumps.
Brawer L., 56 Gray Elmira
Gray G.H., 325 Water do
Storage and Forwarding.
Read V.B., Canal Basin, r Union Block Elmira
Thorn, S. Horseheads
Stoves and Tin Ware.
Drake E. J. Chemung
Armitage R., 212 Water Elmira
Brickwedde H.&F., 18 Lake do
Cook E.H.&Co., 101 and 103 Water do
Gridley & Davenport, 109 and 111 Water do
Kenfield L.D., S Main, c Hudson do
Parker E.A. Horseheads
Kelly Isaac Millport
Rogers S.B. do
Van Etten & Clark Van Ettenville
Tanners and Curriers.
Dunham Marshall Chemung
Campbell, Hubbard & Co., 54 Factory Elmira
McDonald & Palmer, S Lake, c the bridge do
Pagett & Weaver, 313 Water do
McCumber A.C. Horseheads
McNish & Bowers do
Van Camp, W. Millport
Griswold Mijanum Wellsburgh
Decker D. do
Rowley Nellie Big Flats
Brown H.M. do
Everett A.B., bds 15 William Elmira
May M. Miss, 15 William do
Sanders W.M. 47 Baldwin do
Tobacconists and Segar Dealers.
Durand L.A. Big Flats
Albro W.H. 25 Lake Elmira
Bartholomew Uri & Co., 5 Carroll do
Bolt & Atkins, 23 Lake Elmira
Brown & Nelson, 8 Baldwin do
Dunning & Neish, 169 Water do
Gill Christopher, 198 Water do
Levy Maurice, under Hathaway House do
Machol Max, 193 Water do
Nicks John I., 1 Union Block, Water do
Bottsford A. Millport
Toys and Fancy Goods.
Brink M.A. Miss, 120 Water Elmira
Johnson Oliver Big Flats
Hubbell S.B., 174 Water Elmira
Gardiner & Compton Horseheads
Hubbell S.B., 174 Water Elmira
Nelson & Grumme, 242 Water do
Variety Stores.
Haase H. Mrs., 121 Water Elmira
Hall U. Millport
McSchooler & Johnson do
Dimon & Clark Van Ettenville
Clark A.B. do
Veterinary Surgeon.
Ducan H., Grove, c First Elmira
Watch Makers and Jewellers.
Ayres S, 99 Water Elmira
Cassal H. 183 Water do
Collingwood Robert, 13 Lake do
Collingwood & Strang, 147 Water do
Hamilton D.S., 25 Baldwin do
Johnson Thomas, 28 Lake do
Mathews F, 200 Water do
Conklin George Horseheads
Wig and Toupee Maker.
Hoppe L. Mrs., 10 Baldwin Elmira
Wines and Liquors.
Brand John, 1 S Lake Elmira
Dowling John V., 159 Water do
Garlinghouse C.A., 40 Carroll do
Howes E.W. & Co., 4 Carroll do
Vinton C.E., 20 Wisner do
Weyer J. Philip, 110 Lake do
Cogswell C.C. Millport
Spaulding J.C. Wellsburgh
Wells & Frear do
Eaton A. do
Wilcox J.C. do
Morley W. do
Woolen Mills.
Elmira Woolen Manufacturing Co., D&R Pratt agts, Factory Elmira
Wool Dealers.
Campbell Hubbard & Co., 54 Factory do
Pagett & Weaver, 313 Water do
Sittenfield S., 201 Water  do

Manufacturers & Dealers in





Having increased facilities for the manufacture of Paper FloUr Sacks, and having contracted for a large supply of the best Manilla Paper manufactured in the country, direct from the Mill, we are now enabled


With the BEST quality of Sacks and at prices as low as any other manufactory in the county. We use none but the very best material, and WARRANT all our Sacks to stand any ordinary usage.

We are always prepared to fill orders

From One Hundred to Five Thousand!

at the shortest notice.

Millers, Grocerymen and others using Sacks will find it to their interest to call.

Cotton Sacks made to order as low as possible.


plain and ornamental


143 Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.

We are now prepared to execute every conceivable description of PRINTING, such as CARDS, BILL HEADS, CIRCULARS, PROGRAMMES, BLANKS of all kinds, LETTER HEADS, VISITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, tinted colors, LAW CASES and POINTS, RECEIPTS, BANK CHECKS, equal to engraving, etc., etc., We also pay particular attention to


Our facilities for this brank of work are complete, and our prices as low as possible. Specimens always on hand.

We have a large assortment of

New and Beautiful Type,

To which constant additions are being made as soon as produced by the leading Type Foundries.

With the aid of Good Machinery, Good paper, Good Inks, an unequaled assortment of Type, Borders, Cuts and Ornaments, we are enabled to guarantee satisfaction.

We keep an assortment of Printers’ Stock

Always on hand. Our customers can, therefore, make their own selection of Paper, Cards, Envelopes, etc., which we sell at manufacturer’s prices. Returning thanks for the VERY LIBERAL patronage bestowed upon us, we solicit a continuance of the same.