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1866 Directory Front Page


The village of Elmira, (by its original name of Newtown or Newton Point,) was first laid out on a lot of land granted to Jeffrey Wisner, on Newtown Creek, where the first buildings were erected about the year 1790, on what is now known as Sullivan street.

In December 1794, Guy Maxwell, then of Tioga Point, and Samuel Hepburn, of Milton, Pennsylvania, purchased of Thomas White, Lot No. 1 of Great Lot No. 195, containing one hundred acres, for the sum of five hundred pounds, or $12.50 per acre; and laid out a town plot on the river bank, the site of the present village.  The plot was called De Wittsburgh, on the map and in the conveyances.  At the same time Henery Wisner, Esquire, of Warwick, Orange county, who owned lot No. 196, west of De Witt’s patent, laid out his town plot, which was called Wisnerburgh.  The dividing line between their patents was a little west of the street now called Baldwin street.  These names, however, were not generally adopted, but the village continued to be called Newtown, until the name of the town was changed by the Legislature to Elmira, in 1811.  The village had been incorporated by the name of Newtown, in March 1815, and a subsequent act, April 21, 1828, changed it to Elmira.

The town of Newtown was erected April 10, 1792, it having previously been within the limits of the town of Chemung.  Catharine was taken from Elmira in 1798; Big Flats and Southport in 1822, and Horseheads in 1854.  The village is handsomely situated on the north bank of the Chemung, now divided into the first and second wards;  and recently a third ward on the south side of the river, in the town of Southport, has been included within its corporate bounds.  Upon a high hill west of the village, called Fort Hill, is the remains of an ancient fortification, protected on the northerly side by the river at the base of the hill, and on the southerly side by a deep ravine, through which passes a stream falling into the river.  An embankment two hundred feet long and  fourteen feet wide and three and a half feet high still extends along the rear of the fortifications on the west,  and upon it grew large trees when the whites first occupied the country.  Colonel Hendy, one of the earliest settlers, frequently stated that he had inquired of the older Indians, then in the neighborhood, as to the object of this embankment, and by whom erected; but they could give no information on the subject, nor did they have any tradition in reference to it.

The first settlers of the Chemung and Susquehanna valleys were composed of emigrants from Orange county, and the counties of Northampton in Pennsylvania, and Sussex in New Jersey, on either side of the Delaware river, together with many families who had originally settled near Wyoming, in Pennsylvania, under the Connecticut title, who had been driven from their settlements by the authorities of Pennsylvania, who asserted the prior and better claim of William Penn to the territory in controversy, as they alleged.  Those from the Delaware frontier had been engaged in controversies with the Indians in their irruptions into the frontier settlements during the Revolutionary War, and very many of them had accompanied the expedition of General Sullivan into the Indian country in 1779, thus becoming acquainted with those rich valleys.

They were men of great energy, perseverance and farseeing sagacity; there were no pigmies among them;  they were stalwart men, and it might well  be said, as of the men of old, “there were giants in those days.”  The settlement commenced in 1788, and the greater portion of  the pioneers were here as early as 1790.  Very few of us in this age of luxury and refinement can appreciate the toils and sufferings of these hardy pioneers, or what they gave up in leaving the old settlements from which they emigrated, surrounded by every earthly comfort, where schools were abundant, and the sound of the “church going bell” familiar to the ear, to face the privations to which they were subjected in forming a new settlement in a wilderness inhabited by the wild beasts of the forest, or the more terrible red man of the woods.
*By Hon. Thomas Maxwell.

The nineteenth presidential term of four years began on the fourth of March, 1861, and expired on the third of March, 1865.  Mr. Lincoln was re-elected for the twentieth presidential term, to commence on the fourth of March, 1865, with Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, as Vice President;  but through the assassination and death of Mr. Lincoln on the fifteenth of April, 1865, Mr. Johnson, by virtue of the Constitution, was sworn in as President at 11 o’clock, on the forenoon of the same day.
President - Andrew Johnson, Tenn...$25.000
Vice President - L. S. Foster, Conn...8,000
Secretary of State - William H. Seward, N. Y...8,000
Secretary of War - Edwin M. Stanton, Pa...8,000
Secretary of Treasury - Hugh McCulloch, Ind...8,000
Secretary of the Navy - Gideon Welles, Ct...8,000
Secretary of the Interior - James Harlan, Iowa...8,000
Postmaster General - Wm. Dennison, Ohio...8,000
Attorney General - J. M. Speed, Ky...8,000

Governor - Reuben E. Fenton.
Lieutenant Governor - Thomas G. Alvord.
Secretary of State - Francis C. Barlow.
Comptroller - Thomas Hillhouse
Treasurer - Joseph Howland.
Attorney General - John H. Martindale.
State Engineer and Surveyor - J. Platt Goodsell.
Superintendent Bank Department - George W. Schuyler.
Superintendent Insurance Department - Wm. Barnes.
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Victor M. Rice.
Auditor Canal Department - Nathaniel S. Benton.
Inspectors of State Prisons - James K. Bates, David P. Forrest, Henry A. Barnum.
Canal Commissioners - Franklin A. Alberger, Benjamin F. Bruce, Robert C. Dorn.
Canal Appraisers - William Wasson, Beman Brockway, E. O. Brooks

Chemung  County Officers.
County Judge - Gabriel L. Smith, Elmira.
Justices of Sessions - Noble Weller, J. S. Genterman, Chemung.
District Attorney - E. F. Babcock, Elmira.
County Clerk - George Bennett, Horseheads.
Deputy Clerk - S. C. Taber, Elmira
Treasurer - Elisha H. Cook, Elmira.
Surrogate - G. L. Smith, Elmira.
Sheriff - E. W. Howell, Veteran.
Under Sheriff - Uriah Hall, Elmira.
Coroners - John W. Miller, John Benedict, H. Seaman, Hollis S. Chubbuck, Elmira.
Superintendent of Poor - Joseph Rodbourn, Horseheads.
Commissioners of Excise - Lyman Covell, John Ross, S. T. Owen, Elmira.
School Commissioner - Isaac S. Marshall.
Loan Commissioners - De Witt C. Curtis, Horseheads; Alonzo I. Wynkoop, Chemung.
Supervisors - Joseph Nixon, Baldwin;  L. D. Hughson, Big Flats;  Joseph Rickey, Catlin;  George W. Buck, Chemung;  James McCann, Elmira town;  Luther Caldwell, 1st Ward, Elmira city;  Chauncey  Gardiner, 2d Ward, Elmira city;  William Dundas, 3d Ward, Elmira city;  Henry Baker, 4th Ward, Elmira city;  E. H. Palmer, 5th Ward, Elmira city;  Hiram Tuthill, Erin;  Ulysses Brees, Horseheads;  Edmund Miller, Southport;  John Banfield, 2d., Van Etten;  Asher R. Frost, Veteran.

Courts  of Chemung County.
Terms of the Chemung County Court and Court of Sessions will be held as follows, in each year, until otherwise ordered:  First Monday of June, Second Monday of December.  County Judge, G. L. Smith.

The Surrogate Court is held in the Chambers, at the Court House.  Surrogate, G. L. Smith.

Justice Courts held daily, at the office of the respective Justices.

Board  of  Education.
Office, City Hall, Goss, bet Baldwin and Lake.  Dr. E. L. Hart, President;  Orrin Robinson, Secretary;  John Arnott, Sen.,  Archibald Robertson,  E. L. Hart,  Jesse L. Cooley,  N. P. Fassett,  Richmond Jones,  Orrin Robinson,  Daniel Stephens,  Commissioners.

Elmira  City  Officers.
Mayor - John I. Nicks.
Clerk - Wright P. Sherman.
Collector - John M. Losie.
Treasurer - Grandison A. Gridley.
Overseer of the Poor - Nelson W. Gardiner.
Assessors - W. R. Shepherd, Squire Newton
Constables - Adolphus W. Crans,  George W. Rogers,  Ferdinand Barth,  L. D. Hurlbut.
City Marshal - John S. Knapp.
Captain of Night Watch - Wm. Harsh.
First Ward - Luther Caldwell, Supervisor;  Henry T. Palmer,  I. P. Biggs, Aldermen;  Seth Kelly,  John C. Clark,  Guy H. Gray, Inspectors of Election.
Second Ward - Chauncey W. Gardner, Supervisor;  DeBruce Goodell,  Edwin A. Scott, Aldermen;  Joseph W. Paxton,  Thomas S. Spaulding,  J. Franklin Peck, Inspectors of Election.
Third Ward - William Dundas, Supervisor;  Henry S. Gilbert, Henry S. Hill, Aldermen;  Chas. M. Stowell,  David R. Secor,  Samuel Riker,  Inspectors of Election.
Fourth Ward - Henry Baker, Supervisor;  David D. Reynolds, Wm. Brown, Aldermen;  Lyman Covell,  Hector M. Seward,  James S. French, Inspectors of Election.
Fifth Ward - Edward H. Palmer, Supervisor;  Joseph H. Barney,  Arcalous Wyckoff, Aldermen;  Orlando Smith, John T. Davidson, Harvey Smith, Inspectors of Election.
Board of Health - Tracy Beadle, President;  W. P. Sherman, Clerk;  H. S. Chubbuck, M. D.,  Health Officer;  J. K. Stanchfield, M. D.,  Ira F. Hart, M. D.,  Aaron Rice, M. D.,  Doras Hatch., Members of the Board
Justices of Peace - Geo. L. Davis, Reuben H. Ransom,  Levi Gibbs.
Notaries Public - Norman Blye,  H. W. Beadle,  John Arnot, Jr.,  Jesse L. Cooley,  Newton P. Fassett,  Wm. F. Corey,  L. M. Smith,  U. S. Lowe,  S. C. Taber,  G. M. Diven,  C. C. Gardiner,  P. V. Bryan,  W. P. Sherman.

Fire  Department  of Elmira.
Board of Trustees - R. A. Hall,  O. N. Smith,  James T. Dudley,  C. M. Beadle,  John Wormley,  Wm Wood.  C. M. Beadle, President;  John Wormley, Vice President;  O. N. Smith, Secretary;  Ambrose Wise, Chief Engineer;  T. M. Losie, First Assistant;  Calvin S. White, Second Assistant;  John Wormley, Treasurer.

No. 1, (Elmira,) - Hector M. Stocum, Foreman;  Jesse Lyons, 1st Assistant;  Charles Kenedy, 2d Assistant;  Joseph Campbell, Secretary;  Washington Marsh, Treas.

Hose Co. No. 1, (Elmira,) - Charles Smith, Foreman;  Edward Vermilyea, Assistant;  Andrew Brown, Secretary;  Trustees - R. A. Hall, (2 years,)  O. N. Smith, (1 year.)

No. 2, (Neptune,) - D. K. Bunnell, Foreman;  Milton R. Maxon, 1st Assistant;  W. W. Conner, 2d Assistant;  L. L. Merriman, Secretary;  James T. Dudley, Treasurer;  Trustees - C. M. Beadle, (2 years,)  Jas. T. Dudley, (1 yr.)

Hose Co. No. 2, (Excelsior.) - Fred Hamilton, Foreman;  Russell J. Hutchinson, Assistant;  Wm. E. Shives, Secretary.

Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 - Wm. Wood, Foreman;  James Van Dyne, 1st Assistant;  G. W. Kingsbury, 2d Assistant;  Chas. W. Palmer, Secretary;  John Wormley, Treasurer.  Trustees - John Wormley, (2 years,)  Wm. Good, (1 year.)

Independent Hose Company - Thomas Disney, Foreman;  Marshall Bliven, Assistant;  Frank E. Bingham, Secretary;  Charles White, Treasurer.

Elmira  Post  Office.
Baldwin street, n Water.  Open daily from 7.50 A. M. to 8 P. M.; Sundays, from 12.15 to 1. 15.  D. F. Pickering, Postmaster;  F. D. Ramsdell, Assistant;  Norman Prentice,  A. J. Carpenter,  Miss Minnie Pickering,  S. W. Pickering,  A. V. Baldwin, Clerks.

Churches  in  Elmira.
TRINITY CHURCH- c Main and Church.  Completed 1858. Cost $20,000.  Rector, Rev. Andrew Hull.
GRACE CHURCH CHAPEL - Main St. n Water.  Completed Dec., 1865.  Cost $7,000. Rector, Rev. T. Kellogg.
ST. PETER AND PAUL CATHOLIC CHURCH - c Cross and High.  Built 1854.  Cost $35,000.  Father Kavanagh, Pastor.
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - c Baldwin and Church.  Pastor, Rev. G. C. Curtis, D. D.
SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Organized 1860. c Church and Lake.  Church built in 1862.  Cost $ 20,000. Rev. I. Clark, Pastor.
FIRST M. E. CHURCH - Baldwin, bet Second and Church.  Built 1851.  Cost $10,000.  Rev. S. Vanbenschoten, Pastor.
SECOND M. E. HEDDING CHURCH - Church, bet College ave and Columbia.  Built 1852.  Cost $20,000. Rev. O. L. Gibson., Pastor.
AFRICAN M. E. Z. CHURCH - Built in 1852.  Cost $1,000.  Rev. R. T. Estep, Pastor.
INDEPENDENT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - Organized 1845.  Built 1858.  Cost $9,.000.  Rev. T. K. Beecher, D. D., Pastor.
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Church, bet Wisner and Main.  Organized May 1829. Built in 1848.  Cost $8,000.  Rev. J. J. Keyes, D. D., Pastor.
CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH - c Church and Conongue.  Organized 1859.  Built 1860.  Cost $10,000.  Rev. Wm. Rees, Pastor.

Lodges  in Elmira.
F. & A. M.

UNION LODGE NO. 95 - Meets first and third Tuesdays each month, at Masonic Hall, Water Street.  G. H. Cotton, W. M.;  M. Levy, S. W.;  Joseph Burbage, J. W.;  B. P. Beardsley, Treasurer;  H. W. McIntyre, Sec’y.
IVY LODGE, NO. 397 - Meets first and third Thursdays each month, at Masonic Hall, Water Street.  Edwin Spencer, W. M.;  F. D. Ramsdell, S. W.;  W. L. Kingman, J. W.;  John Arnot, Jr., Treasurer;  Jesse L. Cooley, Secretary.
ELMIRA CHAPTER, NO. 42. R. A. M. - Meets second and fourth Wednesdays in each month, at Masonic Hall, Water Street.  J. K. Nichols, H. P.;  H. W. McIntyre, K.;  M. Levy, S.;  J. Arnot, Jr., Treasurer;  F. D. Ramsdell, Secretary.
ST. OMER COMMANDERY, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, NO. 19. - Meets first and third Fridays in each month, at Masonic Hall, Water Street.  Jesse L. Cooley, E. C.;  John D. Williams, G.;  T. S. Up De Graff, C. G.;  F. H. Atkinson, Prelate;  J. Arnot, Jr., Treasurer;  Granville D. Parsons, Recorder.

R. & S. M.
SOUTHERN TIER COUNCIL, NO. 16 - Meets at Masonic Hall, Water Street, third Wednesday each month.  J. D. Williams, T.I. M.;  J. K. Nichols, D. M.;  Geo. Warrall, P. C. W.;  B. P. Beardsley, Treasurer;  H. W. McIntyre, Recorder.

I. O. OF O. F.
NEWTOWN LODGE, NO. 254. - Meets in Holden’s Hall, Monday evenings, at 7 ½ o’clock.  D. D. G. M.,  W. L. Gibson.  Officers of Lodge - J. M. Tillman, N. G.;  Michael Marsh, V. G.;  W. L. Gibson, Secretary;  James McCann, Treasurer.
FORT HILL ENCAMPMENT, NO 33. - Meets at the same place, on the first and third Friday of each month, at 7½ o’clock, P. M.   W. L. Gibson, D.D. G. P.  Officers of Encampment - Wm. Woodward, C. P.;  J. M. Tillman, H. P.;  W. W. Kellogg, S. W.;  Michael Marsh, J. W.;  W. L. Gibson, Scribe;  Jas. McCann, Treasurer.

Mechanics’  Protective Union.
Meets every Friday evening, in Tuthill’s block, Water Street.  T. M. Losie, President;  Wm. M. Prentice, Vice President;  A. S. Carter, Treasurer;  James Chapman, Financial Secretary;  M. McKinney, Recording Secretary.

Young Men’s Christian Association.
Rooms, Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 7 Ely Block, Baldwin street.  Reading Room open from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M., daily.  Library open every Tuesday and Friday evening from 7½ to 9 P.M.  Library free to all members, and to all others by the payment of one dollar per year.  D. R. Ford, President;  I. F. Hart, Vice President;  Wm. S. Carr, Recording Secretary;  C. C. Hall, Corresponding Secretary;  T. S. Pratt, Treasurer;  E. S. Palmer, Chairman Church Committee;  H. S. Chubbuck, S. R. Vancampen,  L. C. Foster,  Thos. Losie, Additional members of the Board of Managers;  L. C. Foster, Librarian.  Meeting of the Board third Monday evening in each month.  Quarterly meeting of the Association, fourth Tuesday evening in January, April, July and October in each year.  Annual meeting, fourth Tuesday evening in July.

Elmira Female College.
FACULTY. - Rev. Augustus W. Cowles, D. D., President and Professor of Sacred Literature, Mental and Moral Science;  Rev. Darius R. Ford, A. M., Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics;  Miss Anna M. Bronson, Principal Preceptress,  Classes - Physiology, History and English Literature;  Miss Elizabeth D. Ward, Preceptress in French and German;  Miss Eliza Harriet Stanwood, Preceptress in Mathematics and Latin;  Miss Lucy Allerton Nye, B. A., (Alumna,) Assistant in Mathematics, Latin and History;  Mrs. A. M. Stone, Miss Ida Bronson,  Miss Williard, Music Department;  Mrs. Fidelia E. Stanley, Head of Domestic Department and Superintendent of Permissions;  Miss Delia Dexter, Teacher of Oil Painting;  Miss Jane W. Allen, Teacher of Gymnastics;  Wm. Franklin Benjamin, Clerk and Steward.

Schools  -  Elmira.
COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE. - 20 and 22 Lake.  W. I. Vercelius, Proprietor.
COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE. - Holden’s Block, Water, cor. Baldwin.  Warner & Smith, Proprietors.
MRS. A. S. MANNING - 25 Gray.
HOME OF THE FRIENDLESS. - Fulton, cor. Franklin. Mrs. Sarah Hulien,  Matron

Elmira  Gas  Light  Company.
Office 76 Water st.  Organized 1852.  Capital $50,000.  Par value shares $25.  James L. Wood, President;  W. H. Arnot, Secretary;  S. T. Arnot, Treasurer and Supt.

Express  Companies - Elmira.
HOWARD & COMPANY’S EXPRESS. - Office,  Ely’s Block,  Baldwin, c Carroll.  S. De Witt, Agt.
UNITED STATES EXPRESS COMPANY. - Office, Ely’s Block, Baldwin, c Carroll.  S. De Witt, Agt.

Telegraph Companies - Elmira.
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY. - Offices at Brainard House, Hathaway House and the Depot.

U. S. Assessor  Internal  Revenue.
Office, No. 1 Union Block.  Water Street.  John I. Nicks, Assessor;  Robert F. Hylen, Henry D. Hackley, Assistant Assessors.  Erastus F. Babcock, Chief Clerk.

U. S.  Collector  Internal  Revenue.
Office, Holden’s Block,  Seymour F. Denton, Collector;  S. B. Denton,  E. S. Palmer, Deputy Collectors;  Cha’s. L. fuller,  W. H. Gorton, Clerks.

Incorporated  Companies.
ELMIRA SILVER BULLION CO., OF NEVADA. - Robert Covell, President;  Samuel S. Hamlin, Vice President;  R. H. Lawrence, Secretary;  M. H. Arnot, Treasurer.
PITTSTON & ELMIRA COAL CO. - Office, 10 & 12 Baldwin.  E. N. Frisbie, President;  F. L. Wells, Secretary and Treasurer.
WISTAR MOUNTAIN COAL CO. - Office, 8 Baldwin.  Levi Averill, President;  E. Eldridge, Vice President;  E. H. Cook, Secretary;  S. R. Van Campen Treasurer.
INTERNATIONAL OIL MINING AND LAND CO. - Office, 127 Water.  B. J. Donahue, President;  R. C. Paris, Vice President;  F. M. Gardiner, Secretary.
ELMIRA ROLLING MILL CO. - Asher Tyler, President;  Simeon Benjamin, Vice President;  Henry W. Rathbone, Secretary and Treasurer.
ELMIRA UMBRELLA MANUFACTURING CO. - J. Ball, President;  N. P. Fassett, Secretary;  H. M. Partridge, Treasurer;  E. B. Blake, Superintendent.  Office, and Manufactory, Wisner, cor. Fourth.

Elmira  Woolen  Manufacturing  Company.
Factory street, east of Sullivan.  D. & R. Pratt, agents.

Brass Bands.
ELMIRA BRASS BAND. - Edwin Pier, Leader.

Geneva and Watkins’Steamboat  Company - Seneca  Lake.
The new and elegant steamer, A. W. Langdon, H. Tuttle, Captain, will leave Watkins for Geneva every morning.  (Sundays excepted,) at 7½ o’clock, or on arrival of the Morning Express Train from Elmira.  Returning will leave Geneva at 4 P. M., connecting with the Night Express for Elmira and New York.

New Stage  Arrangement.
A line of stages from Horseheads to Elmira, will leave Elmira each day, (Sundays excepted,) at 10.30 A. M., and 3.30 P. M.;  will leave Horseheads at 8 A. M., and 1.30 P. M.  Stagehouse at Elmira, Elmira Hotel;  Stagehouse at Horseheads, Colwell’s Hotel. - Van Dusen, Proprietor.

Running daily between Daggett’s Hollow and Elmira. Leaves Daggett’s Hollow at 7.30 A. M. and arrives at Elmira at 10.30 A. M.  Leaves Elmira at 3 P. M. and arrives at Daggett’s Hollow 6.30 P. M.  Good time made both ways.  Good horses, good carriages, careful and attentive drivers will be prominent features of this stage line.  The proprietor solicits the patronage of the public,  CHARLES FERGUSON.
ELMIRA AND HORSEHEADS. - E. Mather, Proprietor.  Leave Horseheads 7½ A. M.,  1 and 6.30 P. M.; leave Elmira 10½ A. M., 3 and 7.30 P. M.
PLANK ROAD STAGE - ELMIRA TO MOSHERVILLE, PENN. - Chas. Ferguson, Proprietor,  Leave Mosherville 8.30 A. M.;  leave Elmira 4 P.M.

Banks  of  Elmira.
NATIONAL BANK OF CHEMUNG. - No. 32 Water st.;  organized 1851;  capital, $100,000;  Tracy Bedle, President;  H. W. Beadle, Cashier;  Norman Blye, Teller.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK - Corner of Brainard Block;  designated Depositor of the United States;  chartered Nov. 14, 1863.  S. R. Van Campen, President;  S. Benjamin, Vice President;  P. V. Bryan, Cashier;  Simeon Benjamin,  S. L. Gillett,  S. R. Van Campen,  J. T. Rathbun,  N. P. Fassett, Directors.  This Bank, organized under the National Banking Law, is prepared to transact a general banking, exchange and collection business.  Amount of capital paid up, $100,000, with privilege of increasing to $500,000.
SECOND NATIONAL BANK. - Baldwin, c Carroll;  Capital $200,000;  Discount days, Mondays.  Daniel R. Pratt, President;  Wm. F. Corey, Cashier;  J. E. Stowell, Bookkeeper.
CHEMUNG CANAL NATIONAL BANK. - Water St.; Capital $100,000;  Discount daily.  John Arnot, President;  S. T. Arnot. Vice President;  J. Arnot, Jr., Cashier;  M. H. Arnot, Assistant Cashier;  S. T. Reynolds, Teller;  J. C. Greves, Bookkeeper.

Newspapers - Elmira.
ELMIRA DAILY ADVERTISER. - Baldwin, c Carroll.  Published every morning (Sundays excepted) by Fairman & Caldwell.  Terms - $8 per year, in advance.
ELMIRA WEEKLY ADVERTISER - Baldwin, c Carroll.  Published every Saturday by Fairman & Caldwell. Terms - $2 per year.
ELMIRA DAILY GAZETTE. - Corner Water and Lake.  Published every afternoon at 3 o’clock.  De Voe & Hazard Proprietors.  Terms - $7 per year.
ELMIRA WEEKLY GAZETTE. - Corner Water and Lake.  Published every Thursday morning.  De Voe & Hazard, Proprietors.  Terms - $2 per year.

Elmira  Street  Directory.
Ann, from S. Lake east.
Baldwin, from Water N. to Clinton.
Broadway, from Fulton N. W. to Mount Zoar.
Canal, from Fifth N. to Washington av.
Church, from junction Canal west.
Clinton, from Sullivan west.
College av., from Water north.
Columbia, from Water N. to Washington av.
Conongue, from river N. to Lake.
Cross, from Main E. to Sullivan.
Davis, from Water north.
De Witt, from the river N. to E. Second.
E. Second, from Lake E. to Sullivan.
E. Third, from Baldwin E. to High.
E. Union, from Baldwin N. E. to Lake.
Elm, from Water north.
Erin, from S. Lake southeast.
Factory, from Oak east.
Fifth, from Davis east.
First, from Baldwin west.
First av., from S. Water N. to the river.
Franklin, from S. Lake west.
Fourth, from Davis east.
Fox, from Water N. to Cross.
Fulton, from the river south.
Gray, from Baldwin west.
Grove, from the river north.
Harmon, from the river south.
Harriet, from Water north.
Hatch, from Fifth north.
Henry, from S. Lake west.
High, from the river north.
Hine, from Mount Zoar north.
Hoffman, from Water north.
Hudson, from S. Lake west.
Jay, from High E. to Sullivan.
John, from Sullivan west.
Lake, from the river north.
Magee, from Third north.
Main, from Water north.
Mount Zoar, from S. Lake west.
North, from College av. S. to Hoffman.
Oak, from E Second north.
Orchard, from John N. to E. Second.
Partridge, from S. Lake east and west.
Perrine, from Franklin south.
Pickaway, from Mount Zoar south.
River, form S Main east.
Second, from Lake W. to Grove.
Second av., from S. Water N. to river.
Seventh, from W. Union east.
Sixth, from W. Union east and west.
Sly, from Ann to S. Lake.
S. Lake, from the river south.
S. Main, from the river south.
S. Water, from S Lake west.
Spring, from John to Water.
Sullivan, from Water north.
Third, from Wisner west.
W. Fifth, from Railroad west.
W. Union, from Main northwest.
Walnut, from the river north.
Warren, from Chemung river south.
Washington, from E. Second south.
Washington av., from Sullivan to Hoffman east.
Water, from Lake east and west.
White, from Franklin south.
William, from Cross north.
Willow, from College av. west.

Chemung County NY

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