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Helen BARBER "Ellison" of Elmira NY
Transcribed by Melissa June Merritt 
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Photo Helen BARBER Ellison with husband George Ellison
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Helen Elizabeth Barber Ellison's

Jan 1 1957 Jean Marie Ellison's birthday. Gave her a silk nightdress. Did not write in this book last year because George didn't like the things I wrote in 1955 but missed having records of happenings so will use it for 1957.  1957 - Stayed home last night. Fred & Betty went to show but came directly home. George went to work this morning. I got up with a very bad headache which doesn't improve. Watching the Rose Parade in Pasadena and the football game at the Orange bowl. Got the ironing & mending done. House cleaned. Gave Jean 3 pr. Nylon panties for her birthday.

Jan 2 Anna Hyzik's birthday. Didn't do anything about Anne's birthday. Have made her a doily. Want to get something personal. George cashed his check. 112.38. We did some drinking. He bought a pair of shoes and filled the car with gas. Paid for a wash job. Bet in a beer joint on the fight lost. Figure he spent about 8.00 on drink. I had ninety. Got ten dollars groceries. Have to get more as I forgot somethings.

Jan 3 George called for 4:40. Took his pay check with so don't know how much it was. Sent his dues this morning, also Betty sent for a paring knife, french knife and pan-cake turner for me $1.50. Went to Dolores mad 4 pie crust. Went to Sibley's gave him the lawyers bill which he said was paid. In afternoon got groceries and meat. Got in just before Geo did.

Jan 4 Audrey Barber's birthday. Audrey came down early and Fred and he started for electric shop. Geo went at noon & wouldn't let me go with him. Gave me 80.00 out of 101.98. Got his check insurance and gave me ten so he has had over $35.00. Sure doing pretty good when he tells me we've got to go careful. Fred got called at 8:00 P.M. Came home didn't know what he was doing. Smashed grill on stove. Fell on register fooling with David and cut his cheek & eyebrow badly. Took him to hospital. Took two stitches.

Jan 5 Got up at 10:00 took bath then went downtown. Got some gaskets for faucets then 3 pr stockings corsellete & a dress at Sheehans. Fred eye swollen shut & sure looks a mess. Went to Candor gave Jean a bird then she came and got a bird cage. Cleaned the house all through. Went up to Dolores. Made four pies & extra crust then went up to Sibley's. Stayed there till after twelve. Dolores took two birds home with her. A white and pure yellow.

Jan 6 George was operated on this morning. John went in to see him. Didn't want me to go but I went in evening. They said he gave the nurses a hard time. Went to church. Put dinner on oven before I went. Didn't do anything all day. John & Jean, Allie & Betty here. John had been drinking. Drank all we had here. George gave him a new pair of shoes which I'll bet he'll give to Allie as I know his feet are larger than his fathers. Was very sore because I wouldn't go out with him.

Jan 7 A very nice day. Geo left at 11:30 A.M. Called him at Griska's came after three. Made a very nice dinner. Ate it then went to bed. Sent check for piping water into the house. Audrey had a slight shock which seems to only affect his speech.

Jan 8 Sunny cold & windy. Cleaned the house through. Went to bank & put fifty dollars in to cover checks. Took bird to Jean & she didn't have a cage. Got another dress at Sheehan's. Took films to Photo Place on Penn Ave. Went down to Dora's. She's not to go to hospital Donald bad. George got home before me. I got home 12:16 A.M. John passed the Sargents test.

Jan 9 Changed Geo to another room. His nerves are very bad. Nice day. George took car at 9:30 and was feeling in fine form when he came home got him some dinner & he got to raving about Dellie & Bryan. Was thoroughly disgusted for he doesn't know what he's talking about. Bet what he knows for sometime won't be from the letters receive. Went up to Dolores's then came home and got a supper for Geo.

Jan 10 Geo went to work. Was supposed to have Home Bureau but the weather so bad called it off. Betty went out & said it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Had about six inches of snow. Dolores came down. Took double purple flower for her friend. Did a part of a crocheted doily.

Jan 11 # Very cold. Sunny George didn't get in till nearly four o'clock this morning. Got up very late. Had chicken dinner. Made a banana pie. Laid down a while this afternoon. We each took a bath. Asked George how much the check was and he got 76. Went to bed about 11:00 P.M.

Jan 12 1957 ? Geo went to work. Didn't give me any of his pay. Did a big washing water from hot tank sprang a leak and Steve put in a new copper pipe. Cost me 3.10. He furnished two couplings. Cold water is all rusted and will have to be replaced soon. Looks as tho the waste pipe is ready drop. Dolores has company for supper. George got in 12:20 A.M. Changed clothes & went to beer joint till 1:30. Kept light on till after two.

Jan 13 Rather cold. Went to church. Enjoyed sermon very much. Fred got bumped off both his regular & temporary job. Has to take yard job in the morning. Sprinkled the clothes and did some mending. Made a batch of penuche. Took half of it to Betty. George slept till about two. Was twelve below last night.

Jan 14 Very cold. Sunny day. Stayed about zero or lower all day. Car wouldn't start. Geo started out about 9:30. Came at 11:30 with Parks and John was here. Got car started & George never came back to start Fred's. Had a good time for himself came at 9:30. Had been over to John's & eaten but let me get supper for him. I fell down the front steps about 10:30. Hurt my hand. Ankle turned over. Made four apple pies & a batch of cookies. All in tonight. Very very cold. At 9:00 it's 5 below. George told me I could have the check & it would be signed on my desk pay day. I feel very badly tonight.

Jan 15 It was 14 below this morning on Fred's back porch. Straightened through. Couldn't start the car. About one called Schoonovers and they didn't come till 2:45. Betty called a taxi and went on to lodge. Got car started and he said to drive it for at least half an hour so drove to Horseheads then went to lodge. Got home about five and Fred got his started with the help of Teresa's boyfriend & Betty with the Hudson. John got himself a new jacket. Betty & I both paid our dues & 1.73 for Mrs. Smith a present. We both went to the contest supper but left at 7:30 when they began to play cards & went over to John's stayed an hour then up to Dolores's till ten. My hand badly swollen & painful. Church had supper I furnished apple pie. Had swiss steak & it cost 1.60 plus tip 1.75.

Jan 16 14 degrees on Fred's porch. Very cold but the car started. Straightened a few things & got dinner ready for the oven then went up to Dolores. Made eleven pies and ripped up a curtain. Went to the Mohiggan and got Dolores to rounds of steak and 3 doz cookies also myself two rounds. When I got home George was waiting. Had taken a bath and dressed up I went to. Had three drinks and he was ready to make a night of it. Loaned 5.00 to a guy. Got home about seven. Had supper and he informed me the check would be on my desk signed. Went to bed about ten.

Jan 17 Very cold. Straightened all thro. Went up to Dolores's. Got their suppers & washed some dishes there. Went up to Sibley's until after ten. Pay day and George didn't leave the check. I got some thread, hair nets & batteries in the Hghts. Watched the late show which was very good. Fred went to the doctors and didn't come back home. Came about 1:30 in the usual condition.

Jan 18 More moderate but still around zero. Geo slept most of the day. Guess he couldn't have gotten any rest in Buffalo. Got in about 2:30 A.M. Have felt rotten all day. Hand pained me badly. The tax bill came. A little over forty dollars. Quite a little less than last year.

Jan 19 Not so cold. Dolores sent all three kids for Betty to take care of and she sent the baby over here. Got up this morning. Took a bath. Some things came from the whole sale merchants. George didn't leave the check for me.

Jan 20 Not too cold. Did not go to church wish I had. Steve came down and he & George went to beer joint. George came at 1:15 P.M. And took car. Said he'd be right back but he never showed up till 8:00 P.M. Had dinner already when he left. Tried to find him after Fred came but he wasn't at his usual places think he left town. Was on top of he world when he came & just ached for a quarrel.

Jan 21 Nice day. Cashed the check & George paid taxes & gas bill also got Bambi license. Stopped at a couple of beer joints. Was sore when George insisted I take Chinese checker game over to John's. He had a couple of drinks of liquor at Greber's Grill which he didn't think I knew about. Had dinner & we watched the inaugural & parade. Asked for money & he acted as tho I was out of place. Gave me 30.00 kept 20.00. Last week he had 76.00 and put 3.00 of gas in the car and got a qt. of buttermilk & a qt of ice cream. Can't see what he does with so much money. The week before he had 58.00.

Jan 22 Rather warm. Washed. Dolores came down and did a big mangling ironing. Steve came after her at three. Then I got ready and went to Waverly. Asked Bernice to go with me but she has had a very bad time since August with asthma. Aunt Hattie pretty good. She was 82 Xmas. Had supper there then went over and seen Frank. Dods has had a shock same age as Fred. Rained very hard from about 4 P.M. Got a few groceries just what had to have.

Jan 23 Just a nice winter day has grown colder this afternoon so the predicted high water was stopped. George left about one. I wanted to go with him but he wouldn't let me asked him to bring the clothes up and he wouldn't do it. Kenny did it for me. Cooked a deer ribs with sourkraut and a lot of onions as they had started to grow. Cooked up all the rest of the apples in apple sauce. Got the ironing all done also the mending. Took Fred's car and George was in Gulka's. Came in a little after six, in very good condition for him. Said he had been playing cards at the Y. when it was about 5:00 I saw his car.

Jan 24 Sent for three years of the True Story. Sunny not to cold about zero last night. Took care of Betty's kids till about two, then went down town. Got me a dress 13.00 shoes 7.90 and a few things in 10 cent store. Got a parking ticket took it to John & he's going to say he was driving my car and the parking meter was out of order then got Anne a pr of wool gloves 1.10. Fred going out as our home bureau is there tonight. Geo didn't leave me any money. Got gas 2.00. Paid for the Reader's digest book. Fred went out and came home in a very ugly mood. Marked on 3 o'clock hostling job.

Jan 25 Cold with a few snow flurries. George gave me 80.00 and kept 30.00 for himself. He went for a haircut said he'd come right back but didn't. I went downtown. Got back at 2  P.M. Bought a wash dress which was 22.95 for 5.00 and corsellette for 6.25 was 12.50. Then went to Dolores & we went after groceries. Got 5.00 at market basket & 8.99 at A.P. Got some seeds at Banfields 2.40. At the Rand got .70 cents worth. Put in 4.00 gas. Got home at five. A little after 7 called Griska's and Geo was there. He came right. Took a bath after supper and went to bed. Want to go downtown again tomorrow at Personius.

Jan 26  Did not do any work before I went downtown. Bought two dresses one for ten and one for 13.00 black & beige. Black too big. Went over & spent a couple of hours with Bernice Corson then went to see if they had the slides then drove to Dolores's. Came home & took up two black dresses & George's pants. My back so lame I can hardly move. Just couldn't do the cleaning. Put up my hair but didn't dare take a bath. Bob Surdam & his girl spent the evening over to Fred's.

Jan 27 A very nice winter day. Some sunshine. Went to church. Managed to tend birds & run vacuum and get a chicken dinner. George was in bed when I came from church. After dinner took another nap. Had mush for supper & he went to bed about eight up again about ten. Haven't done anything not necessary today. Back is very lame no better.
Geo brought me home a cobblers apron.

Jan 28 Cloudy but not too cold. My bed or rather slats fell out of my bed about seven this morning. Got up 8:45 and George got up after I came downstairs. My back is very bad. Have sodium's & aspirin & kidney pills. Hope they help. Bothers me to walk. George cut a longer slat and put it together then left. Came back at 2:30 had been drinking. Had called Eleanor Fisher to hear about his mother. Ate & took a nap. Left at 4:30 P.M. to get his pants at Buddicks & make the round of the beer joints came in about 9:30 P.M.

Jan 29 Snow very slippery. Didn't dare take the car out. Have lain down most of the day. Am just a bundle of nerves. Fred bought a waxer this afternoon. Steve came down & he and Dolores did their kitchen. Worked till midnight on it.

Jan 30 Agnes Hayward's Birthday A warm sunny day. Geo went out about ten and came back about two. Had dinner & then we went down to Dr Maner he wasn't there. Went to Waverly stopping at Red Brick Inn. Then to Van Etten stopped at the Hotel. Drove to Candor. Dora in Binghamton. Drove home stopped in Breesport & got some oysters. Had a good time.

Jan 31 A rather warm cloudy day. Went downtown but didn't buy a coat. George left the check. Got groceries. Went up to Dolores but she was at the hospital with Stephan he's to have his tonsils out tomorrow. Blanche is going to stay with them. Tried to get Betty to go back down with me but she was too busy. Fred took the car and didn't bring it back till 4 A.M. He's had a flat tire. Sent out check for George's dues for two months.

Feb 1 Steven had his tonsils out. Snowed hard about 2 this afternoon. Betty and I got downtown. She got a dress & shoes. I bought a coat. Sat in the car while she shopped. Didn't dare to chase around and get wet. Got home at 5:30. Geo had taken about a half pint of gin & was all dressed ready to go sore because we stayed so long. Wanted to go with him but he wouldn't let me. Came home at eleven. Some fellow drove the car. All he wanted to do was argue so I stopped talking. Geo didn't like my coat. John dropped in is on 4 ? 12 now.

Feb 2 A beautiful sunny day. Did a big washing, shortened the sleeves on my coat & moved the buttons. Cleaned up stairs & did the ironing. It is now 11 PM & too tired to finish downstairs. Fred just here & said leave the kitchen and he'd clean it tomorrow & wax it. Betty took the car & went downtown with the Hudson and got a dress. I got up & got George's breakfast. He wasn't too pleasant said he fell down & hurt his shoulder. Dolores stayed all night with Stephan. Took him home about ten. Very cold & she had a flat tire. Bill Doughtery fixed it. She was fit to be tied.

Feb 3 A nice day. Asked myself over to Fred's for dinner. Betty had a pork roast. I baked an apple pie. Went to church. George has slept most of the day. Am too tired to do anything. Fred came and cleaned my kitchen floor. When he went to wax it the black came off & colored the gray blocks. Had to wash it again. Then David put three coats of  liquid wax & polished it between. Made a custard & took it up to Stephan. Took one mouthful & said it hurt & wouldn't eat anymore.

Feb 4 # A very sunny pleasant day. Had a hard time getting going. But after dinner went to bed. Got up & washed inside windows in the living rooms. Got them cleaned did a little changing around made macaroni for supper. We went to Hghts & got two loaves polish bread. Gave a loaf to Betty. Made penuche & took half of it to Fred's. I was sort of disgusted. Seemed good to have Geo home & not off to the beer joints. Geo's insurance check came today.

Feb 5 Another nice day. Washed windows on outside. Cleaned dining room. Went & registered at Wrights & Bodes also Jeromes. Anne went with Betty & I. Went to lodge. Then registered at Schoonover & Sullivans then took the things down to Elaines. While we were gone the kids came over & ate all the rest of the candy. Ate supper over to Fred's. He sent in his tax taking only his ten per cent. Kenny didn't go to school. When we went to Gerards saw some kind of plastic to use on asphalt tile so that they don't have to be waxed.

Feb 6 # Haven't done much but fool around all day. Get meals & do regular daily work. Geo has slept most of the time. Car wasn't moved.

Feb 7 Hurried & got my work done up & went up to at 9:30 to take care of the kids while she went to Home Federation lesson on copper. Came about four. Stayed for supper. Got home about seven. Watched TV till Geo came about 12:30.

Feb 8 A nice day. Had everything done. George wouldn't go anywhere with me but sent me after the pictures over on Penn. Ave then took off with John. I was thoroughly disgusted when they came. Both were on top of the world. John left but I bet he didn't go home. George ate & after a while went to bed. Wanted to start for Susquehanna but I would then wanted me to telephone & tell them we would be down Sunday. Our television went blooey tonight sent a card to DeYoung. Saw Mr. Harris at station & we had a visit.

Feb 9 Cleaned thro. Did one rubber of clothes. Changed George's bed. Took care of Dolores's kids from 7 till 12:45. Warm today with a little rain. Mud everywhere. Went downtown. Got some meat. Fred, wife & kids went to Harker's. Geo stopped to Griska on his way home.

Feb 10 Cold & cloudy warming warming up so everything was covered with mud. Went to church. Geo has slept most all day. Late in afternoon made a cake & mixed up cookies. DeYoung's came just as I put cake in oven. Got them a lunch. He said he put in 4 tubes & two hours of adjusting $15.00. Works good. I sat up & watched late movie. John came over & ate cold macaroni & tea & cookie. Said Jean had taken off. They had a ham dinner but think they had had a good romp.

Feb 11 Cold sunny. Geo had a physical at Dr. Kinner's. Left at two appointment 2:20. Didn't come home till about eight. Had taken in the beer joints downtown. Refused to say where but know he was at Herb's. Can't see the kick he gets going to joints &  making talk with fools. Straightened thro. Mended & did a small ironing. The pup on the other side was dead this morning by our driveway either hit by car or was sick. Ate his meals alright. Stephan went back to school today.

Feb 12 Cold, clear & sunny almost zero. Geo called for 4:50 AM. Straightened house through, then went shopping in Hghts. Debated to go down to Dora's. Got there a little after four. No one home. She came about five. Donald had to give up school. Started to feel better but had had a few spells that day. Left a little after eleven. Got home about half hour before Geo.

Feb 13 # Haven't done much of anything all day but lounge around.

Feb 14 Home Bureau at Anna May Cosgrove's. Has a real nice house. Helped Eleanor George Weakland make baby clothes. She is going to have her third child. Some of the girls are making simple dresses. Paid insurance on car 79.63. Paid lights 29.95 & water 3.15. Got 12.00 of groceries & 2 cartons of cigarettes. Had 133 pay check & 24.50 Albert's check. Had 17.00 left. Got 4.00 of gas.

Feb 15 Fred went to see Pritcher in the hospital & didn't come home. John came over & Geo &  I went out with him. Then we picked up Jean. She really gets nasty after a couple of drinks. They came home with us & I made oyster soup. George bought Bobbie a pr of cowboy boots. 5.00. Gave me 100.00 fifty to go in our savings. Had eight left a couple in change. I gave him two more to go to work. Hope we can get away before he comes next Fri.

Feb 16 Gave Fred a white shirt for his birthday. He got bumped off his job so hasn't worked since Wed. Betty cut my hair & gave me a permanent. I straightened through. Have got four baby birds. Betty went downtown & got me some nestling food & David a pair of shoes.

Feb 17 # A nice day. I went to church. Came home & got a chicken dinner. Betty had the same. Baked an apple pie. Went to bed and slept part of afternoon. No one around.

Feb 18 George got haircut. A nice day. Went buming with Geo. I had three drinks. Got my ironing done & mending. Fred tried the characteristics of the road over Scranton Division but didn't pass. Harry Parks didn't either. Fred was very humiliated that he didn't. Preceded to get drunk. Came home about 9:30. Betty & I went to school to see David in his first play. Did very well. It was the centennial of the founding of the Parent teachers association.

Feb 19 Waterboard put us in a new meter today.  A nice day. Betty & I went to lodge. Fred slapped Betty because she talked to Anne on telephone when he wanted her to go to bed. She was dressing in bathroom & took her underwares when she was bent over putting her stockings on. Betty was on committee for scout supper. Kenny didn't go but she brought his second class badge home. I went up to Dolores she was up to Blanche's they are having a rummage sale. I bought a pressure cooker .50 cents & an electric broiler .75 cents which fits it. Took some rags to Blanche. John brought over tax book.

Feb 20 Snow flurries & Sunny. Dollar Day today. Did not get downtown. Betty had the car to take Kenny to dentist. George left about four. At 7:30 I drove around. Saw him in Carrs with Ambrose Bird. I then drove up to Sibley after the rug cutter. Stayed till about ten when I got home. Geo was home. Said he met Cabatoes wife & she cursed him for not leaving her anything. Fred says they were only married a couple of years.

Feb 21 Cleaned the house thro. Went up & got Douglas. At one went down to Pauldine's where they cut off most of my permanent and restyled my hair. Looked well. Betty took care of Douglas till Steve came after him at three. Went up to Dolores where I at supper. Louise came. Steve & Bill called on wrecker three cars off at Gregsville. Went about 10. Took his check with him & kept fifty & put 75 in savings. Hope I can make it go I have 17.00 left from last week. Dolores not feeling well so I brought her ironing home & did it.

Feb 22 # A nice day. Didn't do much of anything but get meals. Took nap in afternoon & then we went & got some oysters & took Dolores ironing home. Geo gave DeDonna a number of packs of cards. George paid Carr 5.00.

Feb 23 A nice day. Fred & Betty went to Harker's. Radiator sprang a leak & Harker's brought them home. I washed & straightened thro. Went & got groceries 8.70 and gas 3.00. Took care of Dolores's kids. Got home at 12:45. George came at 1.

Feb 24 Very mild weather. Robert Robert's to preach in our church. Is bringing his wife. Mr. Robert's did not come as his wife was ill. I went to church. Then we went up to Dolores for dinner. Geo cut the kids hair. Our TV went bluey again this afternoon. Geo was really put out. Dolores gave me toenail nippers & cuticle scissors and I used them and they are fine.

Feb 25 # A day like spring. By mistake I got up at 7:30 this morning. Did the ironing. Went & had my glasses straightened. Also got roof cement. Tired found a hole in the tin. Tried to get George to do it but he wouldn't even try till the ladder is gotten. When I came back Geo was just coming with John. They stopped & a salesman told Geo the oil leak was in the wipers pump. He took the car & went to Griskas came about one. I straightened thro. Did the ironing and some mending. The man only charged Fred 4.00 to fix radiator.

Feb 26 Mr. & Mrs. DeYoung Wedding Anniversary 30 years. Straightened thro. Mr. & Mrs. DeYoung came & took TV home with them. Been busy but haven't accomplished much. Made a couple of aprons. One for Betty & one for Dolores. Also did some   mending. A very foggy nasty night. Rain all day.

Feb 27 Some snow. Very slippery. Haven't done much. George went to Hghts after bread. Got Betty a loaf also. Made macaroni & cheese. He stopped at Harris's & got six bottles of beer & some cigars said he saved .80 but getting it there.

Feb 28 A nice day. Geo didn't sign his check so I took 75.00 out of the savings. Went up to Dolores gave her the apron. Got some groceries 4.35 DeYoung brought the TV back didn't find what he thought two tubes had blown 4.40 for tubes & 4.00 for service charge. Anne was here. We then went to Mrs. Rohrs for home Bureau. When we went to go home at 12 A.M. everything was covered with ice. Geo got off the engine & rolled over & over on the ice. Hurt his shoulder, hip & ankle.

Feb 29 Read it ? Say it ? Memorize it!!!
You can lose weight the easy way. Just drink a pint of milk each day. Now take a cup of fruit to eat. And add a half pound of meat. A slice or two of toast will do. At breakfast ? with an egg not two. A glass of juice will be so neat. Add vegetables ? the diets complete.

Mar 1 Beautiful sunny day. Haven't done anything all. About one we went to Carrs where we had a couple of drinks. Drove downtown and went up to Dolores. George cashed his check gave me $100 which I put in the savings the rest $12.85 also took $4 out of our change & $3 silver dollars. Stopped and got some oysters.

Mar 2 Coral Harker's Birthday. Snow flurries all day. Took a bath. Did a big wash. Took curtains down in the kitchen. Straightened through then went up to Dolores where I stayed with the children. They went out to supper & then bowling. Got home about 12:45. Put up my hair. Geo came a little after one. Stopped in Hghts & got some meat.

Mar 3 Sunny. Went to church. Dolores came down. I let her have 3 violets. Fred got bumped too late to take a job. Betty made doughnuts. Have done much of anything all day.

Mar 4 A very nice day sunny. Betty took David to a Dr. Thomas for examination. Didn't do much of anything except the ironing, mending and dust mopped upstairs. Finished the large blue chair seat. George slept most of the day. Got the insurance check didn't give me any. Betty went up to Dolores last Elaine is on the rampage. Fred bumped so went in yards with Vetter.

Mar 5 A very sunny almost spring day. Just couldn't seem to get started this. Got the birds taken care of and kitchen mopped bed made before going to lodge. Betty took both boys. Took in a new member. Didn't get home till nearly five. Have cleaned cupboards over sink, knife drawers & one under sink. Run vacuum & a little dusting.

Mar 6 A very nice day. Haven't done much. Am all in from getting up and down on the chair cleaning cupboards yesterday. Geo went out about 11:30 said he'd be back at 12 but didn't show up till 2 and guess he had made his rounds. I did get upstairs dust mopped. Stayed up and watched wrestling. Got card from Dora that she is coming Fri to the lake. High School equivalency test.

Mar 7 Snow this morning. Cleaned some cupboards and went & got my hair done. Geo left the check 127.98. I put one hundred in our kitty which makes us 400.00 if I don't have to use any. Got 18.00 of groceries and 2.65 of yarn. Went up to Dolores and then came home at 8 and finished what had to be done in the kitchen. Cleaned the spice cupboard washed windows & paint and put up curtains. To bed at 11:30.

Mar 8 # Our wedding anniversary. Our thirty-eighth. Snowing hard. Look for Dora over to try tests for High School Diploma. I'm so afraid I won't pass. Geo gone to get hair cut at 11 and hasn't come yet at 1. Dora came about five and we went to school. Didn't get out till 11:30. I didn't finish one exam. Had stopped snowing Waverly Hill was closed at six.

Mar 9 Windy but bright & clear. Everything very beautiful with the snow clinging to the shrubs & bushes. Went to school at nine. Didn't get only about half the science done in the two hours allotted. Got out at 3:45. Math & Literature rather easy. Sure hope I pass but have my doubts. Got some meat. Went up to Dolores's for supper, then up to Sibley's. Sat up & visited till George came. Went to bed about two.

Mar 10 Got up & went to church. Dora was very enthused with Mr. Roberts & wife. They were there trying out for the church. They seem very nice. Dora went on up to Audrey's. Rested the rest of day after getting a very bright sunny day. Rained at night.

Mar 11 Started out nice then sprinkled then became bright again. George left about ten o'clock and came home about ten. Had been drinking some. Said he had been playing cards at the Y and lost all the money he had. Started out with ten or twelve dollars. Washed & straightened house all through.

Mar 12 A beautiful spring day. Snow melting fast. Made three cherry pies 1 large for the church & 2 small. Just couldn't seem to accomplish anything. Started for Geneva at 4:30. Got there at 6:10. Stayed till eleven got home 12:15. Had a nice visit. Bryan having trouble again with his stomach. Gave Dellie deed to mothers house. Dora has not signed off. Dellie has not been notified the place has been resold or no money paid her. Showed me our book and I think there was 409 in it.

Mar 13 # Ash Wed. beginning of lent. Beautiful spring day. Ironed and didn't get much else done. Dropped my sunbeam iron & broke off handle. Geo left at 11:30 and got back about 3:30. Said he was trying to get Bob Surdam on the road. After dinner went to lumber yard for board to make waste basket & someone broke front right window to car. Came home did dishes & went up to Dolores's. Steve was making basket when I left for church where we noted to call Mr. Robert's. Did some sewing for Dolores stayed up & watched wrestling. Got card form Dora wanting to know what we did about Mr. Robert's.

Mar 14 Very bright sunny day. George left signed check. Got twelve dollars of groceries & paid lights 24.03. Put 50.00 in savings. Straightened house thro went up to Dolores and put hems in curtains in her living room. Went to Ann's for home bureau. Got roped into helping Betty with community awards. Elaine as usual gets something going then finds its too much for her.

Mar 15 A lovely sunny day haven't done much today. Made out income tax. Went up to Dots at six and took care of kids till 11:45. Got design made for copper to cover waste paper. Came home & put up George's lunch. For some reason am so nervous could just raise the devil with everyone. Fred took his Hudson down to Elwin's to be lined up.  I fed the kids as Betty went to & they didn't get back till 2.

Mar 16 A very beautiful day. It's after one & I haven't done anything. Went over to Betty's & Anne came with eggs. Visited and I watched Circus on TV. David came over after pennies. Gave him .19 cents. Went up to Dolores after doing up the work about 4:30. Stopped with Dolores watch costs $6.00 to be cleaned & rough spots removed. Cut 2 pieces of copper & drew designs on them. Got part of one tooled. Got home about twelve. Geo didn't get in till after 2.

Mar 17 at Wallace at 7:45 PM. Oney Allen killed tonight. A very beautiful day. Took bath but didn't go to church. Read. Got dinner. John ate with us then Geo went with him in prowl car. I wanted him to go somewhere with me. After John got out of work they went to Mike's and got tanked then John went home. George wouldn't get out. John him to Gulka's and he left him I helped Anne & Betty count CCA then was going over to Bernice's when Geo hollered at me from Y steps. We went to Carr's then home. George wouldn't eat supper. After awhile went to bed. He felt just mean & ugly. He got up about 11:00 and ate crackers & milk. I watched late movie & finished tooling one of the copper sides.

Mar 18 A bright sunny day. Betty did a big washing. I haven't done much of anything. Made macaroni & cheese & took over to Mrs. Allen. She is in a sort of shock. George got up early and left the house about 8:30. Hasn't been home yet, its now 4:30. Car was at the Y. Made out NYS tax. We owe 41.57 according to my figuring.

Mar 19 Went to lodge. Betty didn't go. Straightened thro got $2.00 gas. Went up to Dolores. Stephen not feeling very well. She is having trouble with her back. Steve had to pay a $5.00 fine for parking in front of Markson's when he was getting a pr. of shoes.

Mar 20 # A very lovely day. George went to get a haircut. He was seen at Gulka's. Came home about 12:30. Had dinner & lopped around rest of day. Dolores down a few minutes.

Mar 21 Mr. & Mrs. Harker's wedding anniversary. A very lovely day. Straightened thro the house. George didn't leave the check so I didn't get the groceries. Went up to Dolores. She was feeling miserable & Stephan has a temperature. The boys next door came down with the measles today. Mr. Allen was buried today. Mr. Drexel Holten was in an accident. News says he tried to kill himself tonight. Fell & is in critical condition.

Mar 22 A very lovely day. George did not cash the check. Went to Carr's and he cashed it & gave me 120.00. Put 50.00 away. He got out at Y. I went after groceries. He came home about three. Had dinner & he went to bed. John called about 9:30 and wanted me to come right over. When I got there he was eating. He had had plenty to drink and he was real nasty. I listened & took a lot of his shit before I got spunky. Then I got up & said I don't think its necessary for me to stay here & be insulted. Don't bother to call me again when your in this condition and walked out.

Mar 23 A very lovely day. Did a very large wash ironing & mending. Straightened house thro. Started 7:15 A.M. & didn't get thro till 7 P.M. Went up to Dolores & took care of kids till 12:30. I sure was tired.

Mar 24 A nice sunny day but a little windy. Went to church and when I had dinner nearly ready George takes off. I ate after waiting two hours then walked over to Griska's and he was there. Came home & ate & we started for Auburn at 4 P.M. got to his cousin Lennard's where we had lunch. Got home 11:20 left at 9:35 P.M. Put in $4.00 gas. John hasn't been over. George bought him a drink at Griska's.

Mar 25 A rather nice sunny day but colder than last week. Didn't do much of anything all day. Mr. and Mrs. Hayward stopped and we had a nice dinner. Fred in a pet again. Dolores down for a few minutes. George slept most of day. Both birds on nest hatched one chick each this morning. Holten has not come to yet. Has been operated on twice. Is in recovery room in oxygen tent. No one can see him. His wife has only seen him once.

Mar 26 Dark & cloudy chilly. Went to bed last night about 11:15 and it was snowing got up this morning and went and had my hair washed & set. Didn't care for it too much but at least its clean. Didn't get home till almost three. Stopped & got seeds for canaries also nestling food 2.50 hair .75.

Mar 27 # A dark gloomy day. Haven't done much of anything all day. Got up late. Four birds have hatched in one nest and two in the other. Got card from Dellie saying Bryan had been in the hospital with an ulcer since last Wed. called her tonight & she said the bleeding had stopped and they were giving him his third transfusion since Sun. Plan to give him another tomorrow. Audrey is going up tomorrow.

Mar 28 Diane Marie Ellison's Birthday. A nice morning turning cloudy in middle  afternoon. Took Dolores to have the baby's picture taken at 10:00 P.M. Got nuts .53 & Danish junket .29 also gave her two lemons & pk of knox gelatin . 22. Got some meat 1.87 bake stuff 3.02. Dolores's watch 6:00. Put 50.00 in bank for tax and dues. Check came from ins. Co 20.73 for broken glass and a letter from Dora enclosing letter and card from Dellie. Went to Home Bureau last night at Mrs. Braces.

Mar 29 A very lovely day. Took #15 for Buffalo. Went to the Trollies 2.50 Chocolate milk .1.58 .10 cents to call Hayward's. Went in George's room to see if he took his clothes to meet me & found he had taken his bank book so he must have drawn money from the bank for his good time. He makes me so disgusted. Hayward met me at five & I went to their house. After supper & dishes went to Hamilton's for the rest of evening. They took me to meet #8. Mariam Gulka was on train. Walters left him at the Hickory House he feels for others he puts on me. I feel like doing by him the way he does by me he sure is difficult when he drinks. I'm sure I'm a different kind of person than his mother ever was.

Mar 31 Dolores Helene Ellison Polovick's Birthday. 1926. A very lovely day. I went to church. George ready to leave I wanted to go with him but he wouldn't let me. He went with that stinker Waters. Before I could change my dress Kevin called & said his mother couldn't walk. Went right up Dr. Palmer came & said it was a slipped disk & wanted her to go to the hospital. Steve had been called last night on a wreck on the Penn near Mt. Morris. After Steve came she went to Hood for treatment. George called twice and wanted to quarrel. I got home about 9:45 and Geo argued & found fault with me & every one especially how his mother has acted which I've heard for at least a thousand times. All the venom.

Apr 1 George's dues must be paid. Steve took Dolores to Wood again this morning. She seems better tonight. Did a big washing with hers & mine. Got supper. She seemed better. Geo, Steve, Kevin, David, Stephan and Kenneth & friend got started fishing about eleven. Got home about six. George had eaten cleaned up. Packed his lunch & I mangled all the flat pieces. Went to bed at ten. George drew out 50.00 from the bank.

Apr 2 Rained all the morning. Got up at 8:30. Did the hand ironing. Got through 10:50. Dust mopped upstairs. Peg stayed with Dolores. Got the kids through the house. She seems a lot worse today. She was hurt by the baby falling on her knees. She cried. Is terribly discouraged I put hot packs on her back for an hour. Got supper. Ate & got home at six. Trying to get the cleaning done downstairs. Gave Geo 5.00 and he took it.

Apr 3 A beautiful cool day. Steve came down after twelve and had been called to Groveland on a wreck 17 cars off. I went and stayed at Dolores. Did another washing and straightened her house thro. Got the meals. Dolores had her own Dr. tonight and he thinks its lumbago. Gave her a prescription for her back and something for her bowels. Told her to be massaged & use hot packs hot shower. Helped me put table leaves under her mattress. Think George had a time for himself as he's as hoarse as a bull frog when he came in last night.

Apr 4 Snowed all day. I didn't dare go anywhere with the car. Everyone was getting stuck. Had 8 in snow. Doane's got the prescriptions filled. I just waited on the sick & got meals. Am all in. Took a nap in afternoon. The Doane boy is very sick. Steve came about 9:30 but didn't go home because I'd have to be there tomorrow morning. Dolores doesn't seem much better. The girls came up to Dolores changed her bed. Cleaned her room & the cellar. Also put in a washer of clothes.

Apr 5 Rained most of the day. Washed again two rubbers. Got meals. Made the red curtains for Dolores. Dolores real smart this morning but felt pretty bad when she went to bed. I rubbed her back & put hot packs on her. The baby has the measles badly in the eyes. Ate a fish supper up there. I am literally exhausted. Got two curtains done. Came home about 6:30. Stopped & put in $2.00 gas. The house Dolores is a mess but girls are supposed to clean it tomorrow.

Apr 6 A dark blustery day. A few sprinkles & rather cold. Took bath & cleaned all thro. Want to do some baking. Got shirt at Markson's for John 4.00 and a few groceries. Geo wouldn't give me any money. He has his check 24.58 pay 131.75 and whats left of the 50.00. We no more than get a good start saving than he goes on a spending spree. He knows I want hard wood floors the worst way and yet he can squander enough to buy them and paint all inside. The parakeets have 3 eggs.

Apr 7 John Robert Ellison's Birthday 1920. Went to church and when I came back George was gone with Fred's car. Saw it at DeDonna's and when he came had pork chop dinner & he was mad so I got a roast beef supper. Of course he had drank just enough to be ugly. Made candy. He would not go with me over to John's.

Apr 8 A cold dreary day. Steve took Dolores to Candor in the Hudson. Geo was sore when he had the car & I called I came back a little after four to get supper for Geo. He had Betty's car and had been drinking. His supper was ready and he raised hell with me & I sassed back. He got mad & took the car mad because I took keys. Fred took me up to Steve's and brought the car to me when the old man came. Steve saw how nervous I was and took the boys with him. Dolores stayed in Candor. We got about three inches of snow. Put George's lunch up. She had an adjustment.

Apr 9 Got Steve lunch or rather supper already. Cleaned up the house today. When he came he put it in the oven and said he was going after her. I came down home & cleaned dining room took care of birds etc. got back up there a little after five. They had eaten I ate & washed dishes as the dish washer went bluey. Glad we ate. Left about eight. Dolores had a lot of pain after the adjustment. She is to stay put for four of five days. Has another adjustment Friday. She's all in tonight. Furnished cottage cheese for church 3 lbs.

Apr 10 A very nice day. Did three rubbers of clothes and meals. Seems I just can't get ahead of the work as Dolores does. By the time I've taken coffee in half a doz times & listened or talked the day is over. Geo has Betty's car.

Apr 11 A very nice day. Changed beds dust mopped did a very large wash. Came home & cleaned after Steve came. Got their suppers. Went up to Alma. Betty & I on food committee. Had potato salad hot rolls & deviled eggs. I furnished the eggs & butter 1 ½ doz. Had a very good time. Didn't do much as Dolores wasn't there. Had Easter party. Dolores waited up & talked till two. It rained. She got a dish.

 Apr 12 Washed some today. Took Dolores to Candor for another adjustment. She was very tired as she did a few things for the first this morning. As we were ready to leave Lalie came & stayed an hour so it was nearly three before it left. Mr. Maxwell took us both in Thought Dolores doing fine. Said he could relieve some of the pain in my back but not cure me. It was after nine when we got back. She was very tired. Said I should never try to work in garden or stoop over.

Apr 13 Got Dolores work done up and when Steve came came home & did mine. I got Bryan a doz. Gladiola's. Got started about 7:30 for Geneva. Got gas 2.00 & oil .50. Got to Dellie's at 9:10. Traffic was heavy and I ran in a snow storm up there. We talked till about twelve. Dolores was up part of day today altho not dressed.

Apr 14 Cloudy but not cold. Dellie and I went to church. I enjoyed the service very much. Then went to see Bryan. He doesn't take any interest in anything. Mame had been up to Mariam's & Dick was to meet them at two. They were late & I he was lit. Mariam boy was sick. I left at ten thirty & got to Dolores at 11:30. She was waiting up for me & we talked till two.

Apr 15 A very nice day. Did a big washing and the ironing besides the meals. Dolores still is very careful & rests a lot. Also did the ironing and its a big one. I get so tired that sleeping is all I want to do. Dolores watched late movie.

Apr 16 Got up early & left a little after eight to have a permanent. Didn't cost me anything but my time as a student did it at Pauldine's. Was late for lodge. Had supper with Betty. Took two yellow singer to Mrs. Dorset to sell. Did George's washing & the cellar was full. Straightened house. Made food for birds. Didn't get up to Dolores till ten. Lalie came down & helped Dolores clean.

Apr 17 A very nice day. Took Dolores to Candor for a treatment. I took one also. Think my back is better but my bladder is bothering me again. Louise went with us. Drove around by HV (Halsey Valley) cemetery & over hill home. Got back about six. Left at 11 A.M. Old man called & he had had all he needed. He & Mike next door killed almost a qt of liquor and he'd been drinking for 3 ? 4 hours. Called Dolores & told her he'd come up for Easter dinner.

Apr 18 Stanley Barber was twenty two today. Rain and a lot of it in the afternoon. Dolores did a very large washing changing beds & cleaning bedrooms. I made two batches of cookies got meals etc. Didn't get down home till after six. Took clothes down & did the ironing all George's clothes.. He wasn't even man enough to take his own clothes off the line altho he'd got some handkerchiefs and carry them upstairs for me. Terribly tired Dolores wanted me to watch TV movie but I couldn't. She did.

Apr 19 It rained last night but turned in a nice warm day. Steve took boat to Lake for Bill Smith & it was late when they came with fish fries for our supper. Bill, Louise & Billy were there. I mended most of the day. Took nap in afternoon. Betty came up. Said the old man had a tooth out and was gone. I went up to see Leona. She is better. Sibley could not work this week because he so dizzy. Leona said Audrey is failing. Had lost a lot of weight and hasn't drank any since he had his last shock Feb 18 . Ironed for Dolores. Stuart stayed with Kevy.

Apr 20 A warm day. Helped Dolores get ready to go to the lake. She left about 11:20 but the man was there to fix dish washer. I left as soon as he did. I got up with a headache. Put in 2.00 gas. Got my high school diploma today. Didn't do well or bad for the questions I got done. Cleaned house threw & didn't get thro till 10 P.M. Paid paper boy.

Apr 21 Easter Sunday A very lovely day. Went to church and then to Dolores for dinner. She had a lovely ham dinner. George cut Kevin's & Stephan's hair and after doing dishes came home & took nap. Geo then took bath & we went to Chemung for a ride stopping there for drink also at Wellsburg and Carrs then went to Libs for supper where Geo had another liquor. He can't seem to get enough or know when. Had a nice time. Couldn't eat as gallbladder is raising hell.

Apr 22 A very beautiful day. Geo put 260 in bank had 75.00 left or more. Got wheels for David 12.50 shoes 20.00 shirt 7.00 and moccasins about 5.00 greased car spent about fifty rest went for him to have good time. Borrowed 5.00 and got 5.00 off me to go to work really kept the old bus on the go. I washed, ironed, baked two pies and did a multiple of odd jobs. George took insurance check to Gerard's and signed the tax check. I should have been just as mean about the money as he has been. Paid Ann for eggs.

Apr 23 Dennis Hayward's Birthday. Sent them a card have more or less rested most of the day. Got things done up & thought Dolores was going to Candor but she thought she had too much to do. Got groceries cashed gov. check 200.03. Went up to Dolores's after supper. Fred stopped to get his money on Hudson. Telephoned for Betty to come after him. His car won't start & I was after groceries. When I came she went & he wouldn't come. Had supper with Betty. Went over to John's. Too busy with scrape drive to talk. Brought Dolores's ironing & mending home.

Apr 24 Cloudy & much cooler. Geo did a lot of spading in the garden. Kenneth went on the hill. I don't think I've ever seen a kid that hates to help as little as he. Did Dolores ironing & not much else. Guess I can only work every other. Steve brought Stephan down but guess he's going to stay at Betty's. Dolores was too take six boys but only four showed up.

Apr 25 Sunny ? much cooler. Rain at night. Geo didn't leave his check so must be he's going to squander it. Nothing unusual about that. Haven't done much so far today. Geo frightened me by coming to my door when he was going to work & wanted the paper. He knew I'd not have it & I couldn't get to sleep again for three hours. Straightened thro & cleaned the back porch thoroughly. Went to home bureau at Helen Cosgrove's. Next meeting at her sister Marge.

Apr 26 A very lovely day. Got the strawberry plants & cucumbers planted. Geo went to cash his check but wouldn't let me go then was gone three hours to get the glass in the right door front. Geo got some meat but didn't pay back the five or give me any money from his pay. One boy gave Dolores a box of candy. Took Stephan home. Got some trees & took some chives.

Apr 27 More than 80 degrees. Straightened the house all up. Something kept urging me to go up to Geneva. Got started about 2 drove up to Lalie's but no one home. There I ran into a terrible storm drove out of that into another. Had not rained in Geneva. Bryan had taken a turn for the worst. Thurs takes oxygen & bladder stopped. Doesn't recognize anyone only momentarily. He's sure a very sick man. Am glad I went Dellie had called Dora and she went Fri. Dora left about six and Bill took me over got back about nine. Left 11:15 & got home 12:30. No rain. Turn clocks ahead tonight.

Apr 28 A very nice day. Went to church. Got dinner. Wanted to ask Dolores but George was nasty about so didn't. She went up to Lalie's anyway. Geo got in the car and when I asked him where he was going. He said Carr's so I went too. We also visited Griska's & Park View. I should think he'd get so sick of those places he'd puck to walk in them.

Apr 29 A very nice spring day. Betty got up early & got her washing out. Did a lot of extra's this morning but after Betty took down her clothes I did 4 rubbers all the rugs, drapes in my room and pink bedspreads 3. all but my rugs got dry. Geo took the car at ten and showed up at 5. Got dinner. Did up work & then went up to Dolores with a lot of things. He called while I was there & when I came home he had shaved & dressed all up.

Apr 30 A very nice day. I washed five rubber of clothes so everything is washed upstairs and straightened through the house. I was sure pooped. Also got all five beds washed & mattresses brushed. My back is just killing me. Kenny & Betty came & helped me put them back or I never could have got the mattresses back on the beds. Dolores made her last trip to Candor with the Barr?s to the chiropractor. My back is so painful I can hardly walk tonight.

May 1 Sibley James Barber's Birthday. A very nice day. I did a very large ironing and some mending. George left with the car for three hours or more came back & had dinner at 5 P.M. Took a bath & went again. Came back about nine & wanted me to make macaroni & cheese. Betty had some made so I doctored it up. Stayed up & watched wrestling till 12:30. Got the May & September taxes 55.89 each.

May 2 Cold but sunny & clear. Wayne stayed home from school coughs all the time when he's awake. Took care of him this morning so Betty could take the home bureau things to the church & gather them up. Worked painting the curtain got one done. At 7 tonight went to the house of Mrs. Callahan. She passed away in her sleep. She looked so very peaceful. Betty went to the church for cake decoration & I to the Y for a lodge meeting. They sure do not know their work. I got up at nine and am running vacuum at 11. Got my wardrobe cleaned. Audrey got letter from Dellie. Bryan seems to be in a coma. Part of time they can't rouse him & seems to only recognize Dellie. Doesn't even know Bill.

May 3 Hard frost last night. Cold and sunny today. Geo went to Dentist Jacobson 35.00 for pulling cleaning teeth & putting tooth on plate. Geo gave me 45.00 and then in grocery store 131.00 check got 24.00 groceries. Gave him back five dollars for drinks & our suppers. He spent about ten dollars before he came home. He lost 20.00 or spent it from last pay gave dentist 20.00. I had a good time. Have 135.00 left.

May 4 Cloudy & cold. Had frost last night. Wayne is terribly broken out with the measles and feels pretty miserable got another curtain painted. Went to store this afternoon & got a few things. I forgot about 5.00. Got a nice roast but let Betty have it. Cooked rhubarb & a chicken for tomorrow. Wanted to clean but just couldn't get at it. Youngest baby parakeet dead in nest. Looks as tho he wasn't fed. Have a baby canary this morning.

May 5 A very lovely day. Went to church. Got dinner & as usual Geo had to leave as it was about ready & was 1 ½ hr late so it was about spoiled after dinner we went on hill to see a Mexican burro then he drove to Wellsburg & he was possessed to get a pony. Woman in joint told him about woman in Beaver Dams who had them. He bought a baby not a month old 150.00 I was sore. It's a male & he can't keep it in town as I had called Mrs. Hathahorn doesn't want them to have it afraid someone might get hurt.

May 6 A very nice day. Geo says he's going to redecorate & put in hardwood floors all the way thro. He started painting the front room. Got books to pick out paper. Hope he don't tire out and only get me all torn up. Audrey down & said Harriet & Gloria went to Geneva and Bryan is much better knew them. Fred went on spree. Took Kenny's shoes, shirt & jacket was he ever mad.

May 7 A very nice day. Did a good size washing and other work. Painted one side of blind two coats. Went to the parade with Betty & kids. Went to lodge. Went in back bedroom. It sure is much quieter. Wish Geo would take it & let me have middle room. We decided on paper for the front room. Its an outrageous price to pay.

May 8 A very lovely day. Didn't get much done today. George got his tooth 35.00 gold no less. Looks what it is false. Ordered paper for the front room & flooring for upstairs. Got paint for a bedroom. Gave Geo 17.00 & paid 14.00 for paint 50.00 on flooring. Gave him 10.00 to take to work. Took all the kids to see the pony.

May 9 A very lovely day. I mopped all thro upstairs. Went with Betty down to Sears. Had a notice to get proper cans for garbage. Paid taxes 56.00 got a few groceries. Went up to Dolores. Betty cut her hair. Got a few Groceries need to get more. Did the ironing & went to Marge Hatchett's to home bureau got home about 11 P.M. Geo leg bothering again. Put 4.00 gas & 1 qt oil. I seem to be coming down with hay fever guess its because its so dry. There dry from a fire last night. I got a glass relish dish from ????? Gave mine african violet.

May 11 John gave some kind of lady slipper flower. Rained hard this morning. Was late to the Y but got there at 10:30 Everything went wrong. Had lunch at the Penn Baptist church. Ham. Got thro at 4. Took 3 ladies to Erie station. Came home & did up the work downstairs. Thought I'd go up to Dellie's but it was so late & I was so tired I decided not to go. After having supper with Betty went over to Bernice Corsons. Stayed until eleven. She is much better. Says her mother isn't good at all. Dolores & Steve went to  Scranton with Louise & Ralph Smith.

May 12 Mother's day. A very lovely day. I went to church & heard a very good sermon by Mr. Sears on Ruth. Took Mrs. Bronson & she told me a lot of her problems. Her sons Frederick & Earl have taken just about everything they had. Geo had started the front bedroom floor. Went up to Dolores & got tools. Had dinner with Fred & Betty. Geo took hostling job. Jean gave me a pr of stockings & Dolores a violet. John came over & had had plenty to drink, Geo went with him. At 8:30 went to Griska's & got car. Went up to Sibley's. Went to Griska & got Geo at 11:15.

May 13 Sunny and warm. Did not wash. Betty did a very large one. Geo worked on the floor. Did some paining on the blinds. Straightened what I could downstairs. There was three cars off at Waverly & they couldn't find Steve. Took Betty's car &  went up there. They were at Florence?s. I stayed & helped her make favors till eleven.

May 14 Very warm. Made two rhubarb pies. Took one to church. Rain in the morning. George went down town & stopped at Griska. Fred was there. He's not working. He's marked on a eight o'clock yard job. I went to church at 2:30 & worked. Baked all the biscuits & scrapped most of the dishes. So hot I nearly passed out & had to get out. As soon as I had my supper came home 7 P.M. Brought home white lilacs. Nails cost 5.80. Gave Geo 10.00. The woman next door came over for a couple of hours.

May 15 Very hot & muggy. Hard thunder storm about four & much cooler tonight. George finished putting down floor in front room closet & got some done in hall. Fred worked a yard job & Parks bumped him tonight. Have felt miserable all day. Mrs. Shawl is ill. I haven't done much. Gold bird has two eggs.

May 16 Cool & Clear with frost predicted for tonight. Geo got sore at me because I didn't want him to stand on a chair that I had recained and varnished. It was coming unglued & was spreading apart. He threw the saw & got his check this was at 12:30 then went to bed so nothing done today. I hate this dam job. Took blind down in bathroom. When I washed the tape it fell to pieces so I sent to Suskin's for ten feet & a pint of enamel. Got one side of them done. Straightened up downstairs. Took care of Bobby from 10:30 till nearly five. Sent Dellie a letter this morning. Geo didn't give me any money.

May 17 Cold today with rain tonight. Frost last night killed my house plants which Geo put on back porch. Got the work done up this morning. About 1:30 went down town with Betty. Got 5 sets of gliders for furniture & pattern. Too tired to walk around any more. Looked for a dress in Personius & Isards but didn't find one. Saw two in Isards 17.98 & 25.00. Came home & painted blinds. Geo came home 5:30 changed shirt & shaved. Came after me to go for fish fry. Brought me home & gone again. Didn't get in till after two.

May 18 Mother Ellison's Birthday. Dark & gloomy most of the day. Got dinner ready & George walked out & never came back till after 3. I was fit to be tied. Of course he had made the rounds. Took him to work. Came home & did up the work. Run vacuum & mopped. At five went after groceries then went up to Dolores when I had supper. She had Wilson's. Had made a peach, huckleberry & cherry pies. We played five handed penukle till 11:30. When I came home Fred & Betty were just coming from movie. Saw Ma & Pa Kettle. Geo called at 10:00 to check on me. John borrowed 5.00 from his father.

May 19 Fred has this week for vacation. Rained to church Mr. Roberts took his place in pulpit to be full time pastor of the Cong Church first pastor since. I went to St. Luke's they have had a full time pastor. Hope he lasts with all those old people who run the church. Fred sanded the front bedroom floor with his little sander. Has to use finer sand paper but seems to be a good job. George came home at five was here about an hour when Rossi called he'd been trying to locate a piece all afternoon & had got a date & wanted Geo to take his place.

May 20 Rained nearly all day. Geo worked papering front room. Fred got the floor with one coat of water lox in the front bedroom.

May 21 Did a very large washing as Betty did also. Fred going around feeling sorry for himself. Really tied a good one on. Started for Van Etten and went over bank breaking his tail pipe & muffler. Don't see how he ever drove. Was sick part of the night.

May 22 Got the ironing done doesn't seem as tho I get anything done except what has to be. Also did the mending. Haven't kept up on the diary very good. Geo tore down the fence and Fred did quite a strip in the garden spading. We were to eat over to Fred's but George got sore because he swore at the kids and he wouldn't.

May 23 Went down town and got molding for floors. George finished the papering. So waiting for Collins. The holes are made but they can't get through as there?s an extra beam as a fire hazard.

May 24 A nice day. Payday & a big one $166. Paid 50 to Youngs & 40 to Suskin's got some groceries. Fred on tear. Put gas & oil in car. Got some wire that wasn't right another 10.00 got some plants. Geo worked in garden some. Went up to market and got meat. Took some to Delores. Fred was short 45.00 in his pay. Went up to Delores for home bureau.

May 25 A very nice day. I didn't get much done except gave one coat to the large blind. Washed my hair & took a bath. Fred went fishing with Pritchard. Got back about 4:00. Collins got the lights in the front rooms so we can settle anytime now. I got the windows washed & a few extra things done.

May 26 A very nice day. I went to church. Geo called to run a yard job. I took his dinner over. He went to Griska's at 5:30 he was ready to start so we went to Bath. Went to Pony Farm, & to antler where he finished what he'd started. Called on his cousin after 11 P.M. He stopped again. It was after one when we got home. I was dead tired stopped at De Mann's got 2.00 gas & at Audrey's & got 2.00 more then a Botchers & got 2.50 of plants. Betty & Fred went to Harker's then out later for awhile.

May 27 George laid off. Bryan came home. George worked in garden set out plants. Then started painting the side walls in hall. I did some work in front room. George moved furniture in & I got bed made. Fred took a 8 yard. Betty did a big washing. I went up & took care of Dolores kids so they could go out to dinner & he could work on union books. Then she went to Blanche's baby shower at Mrs. Rohrs. I got home about 11. Geo had most of hall done. John up & had supper here.

May 28 Geo went to work on his old job on a temporary. I worked terribly hard all day & part of the night. Got a lot of odd jobs done. The big blind up. Curtains up. Lamps & nick knacks put up. The electricians got the holes made in the middle room. Less than three hours work. I was still cleaning at 11P.M.. They celebrated Bobby's birthday. Took him to Park & had ice cream & cake after. The cub scouts had their picnic also & they went.

May 29 Baby parakeets disappeared. Robert Bruce Ellison's Birthday A very lovely day. George got the ceiling in the middle room done two coats. Steve cut & put up the molding so that has one coat. Payday. George gave 80.00 out of a 92.47 check. Paid Young's 50.00 & bought lights for hall & bath room 7.17 at Sears. Geo & I went out a while & George bought drinks for the women. Fred & Betty started for Indianapolis to see the races. Met people by name of Webber at Carrs, live at 1200 Sullivan have cottage at Odessa & a farm nine miles out. Have children & 30 grandchildren.

May 30 A very lovely day. Did up the work cleaned down the stairs. Then took Bobby & Wayne up to Dolores. Wayne stayed I took Bobby & went to HV cemetery. Stopped & saw Mrs. Emerson. Then to Dora's. They were up there. Stayed till nearly eleven. Got home 11:40. Bobby wouldn't go to bed so brought him over here. Paid Dora 1.00 for flowers. Put in 2.00 gas & qt of oil .50.

May 31 A very nice day warm. Geo painted the ceiling in middle room & worked on floor in hall Painted hall. Fred & Betty came on 6. Some one had stepped on her foot and it was in bad shape. Her back was badly burned. Guess they had a good time. I had a nice dinner ready for them.

June 1 George's dues due today. Geo laid off. A very lovely day. Geo laid off. Steve came & he & Geo laid the floor in middle room. After Fred came he (Geo) went to painting. They did a big days work. I got two meals for Steve & kids. Collins managed to get in the bathroom eight.

June 2 A very nice day. Did a big washing. Fred disrupted everything by having me tear down the beds where we were sleeping. He wanted one & Dolores the other which belongs to her. Geo just couldn't work after his plans were upset. Fred sure can upset plans. Geo was awful tired & everything they did was not right. Betty got dinner for them. Geo went to beer joint & got a dozen bottles of beer. Finished my room & the hall except edges. Steve is definitely going to finish his house & then sell it. Can't make the taxes & mortgage. I slept on couch downstairs. Fred put on both coats of Water lux.

June 3 A nice cool day. Geo painted & started floor in back bedroom. Got a lot done I did a very large ironing and some of the mending. Geo has worked very hard. Fred nor Steve came to help. Fred worked in the yard. Geo helped me put up a bed in the middle room. Geo got the back room started, closet and a foot or more in doorway.

June 4 A nice very warm day. Cleaned the middle room & got George's bed moved in. Cleaned the wood work. Did not go to lodge. Betty took car and the exhaust pipe fell off. Fred put on a new manifold gasket & muffler. Steve & Fred got most of the backroom flooring down. I went up at nine & took care of kids till 11:30. Douglas better. Betty fed them (Steve) supper. Fred worked till after ten. Collins worked awhile on bedroom lights. Straightened up downstairs.

June 5 A very nice day; rather warm. Mr. Collins put in two outlets in the back bedroom, said he didn't think he could put in any more. Think he got tired of his job. Worked about six hours. Steve came down cut molding. He & Fred finished floor except edge. Geo got the ceiling done. Steve put up the molding. Geo went out for awhile. I feel very badly.

June 6 A very warm day. I had a very bad case of croup last night felt something awful. Guess I've been running up and downstairs too much. I think the pounding in my head will burst it. George got his check for me. I paid 25.00 toward pony. Got about ten for groceries paid 50.00 for lumber all paid up. Put in 3.00 gas, sent in Geo union dues 12.00. managed to repaint part of my room and one side of a blind. Took two baby parakeets to Dolores. She & the kids went with me to pay for the pony. Had a thunder storm at 12:45 A.M. Steve cut the boards for the edge of the floor.

June 7 Elmer Cassady Birthday 70. Hope he's happy in his retirement last November he didn't come to see us and say good bye. It was a pleasant friendship which he doesn't want his wife to know about. Geo has worked very hard painted back bedroom & after supper worked in the garden, pulled out fence posts with Fred's car. They went to the outdoor movies. I got up sick but felt better this afternoon painted one side of a blind & after supper made a batch of molasses cookies.

June 8 Cool & Sunny. Have worked all day & got nowhere.  Put together a blind took bath this morning. Changed my bed. Started to put away things in front closet but decided to wait until I could get a large box. Cleaned downstairs got most of paint off.  Washed out girdle & did some mending. Fred sanded for nearly two hours. Had supper with Betty. Fred put a coat of water lox on. They went to her sisters & then to Chemung races. Kenneth got mad at his father so wouldn't eat any supper or go with them. Paid paper boy 1.80.

June 9 # Didn't go to church. Fred did the hall. Sanding & water lox. Geo worked in garden. Took bath. Laid down for a while. Can't do much till I have boxes to put things away. No one been here. Geo got bored & went to beer joint but wasn't gone long. I'm just tired out. Fred & Betty went to Harker's in afternoon.

June 10 Cloudy & warm. Did a big washing. Geo left. Saw his car at Snooky's so called. Can't settle till I get some packing boxes. Came with two rabbits. Was real high. Ate dinner then went after boxes. He had 5.00 from me and took the kids to the park. Think he borrowed in the morning. In afternoon insisted I go to Carrs were I think he borrowed. Stopped at Gulka's & when he came out he was lit. Gave him 5.00 to go to work & he had 3.17 in change. Made a batch of cookies molasses. Dolores called & wanted me to come right up. I couldn't go.

June 11 Very warm. Dolores came down and we got upstairs pretty well done. Steve washed the walls in the bathroom. After they left I finished bathroom and hall. Was so tired thought I'd never stop aching so I could go to sleep. Had thunder showers so had to close windows. Had not been to sleep when Geo came in.

June 12 A very hot humid day. Did the ironing & some mending. Geo put in some beans & carrots then got two dollars. He was bumped off BH2 so took 5 ? 2 passenger. Came home about 2 and was high. Ate dinner I went with Betty to look at living room suites. Didn't find any. Geo got up & left in Fred's car. Came home about 7 high. Got supper. He took kids to park. Had money so must have borrowed more. Dolores brought some boxes down. Sent my tan coat to cleaners 1.50.

June 13 A very warm day. Payday. Geo gave me 50.00 out of check for 86.00. I got ten dollars of groceries. Geo got a hair cut. Went to a beer joint. Paid light bill. Had a hard storm about six. Went to home bureau. They put in Mrs. Rohr as chairman. Have our yearly dinner a week from tonight at Libs. Our supper are paid for out of the treasury.

June 14 Very warm. Got the two living rooms cleaned. Willie & Ann came over & helped me move things around gave them a good cleaning but not house cleaning. I'm all in but my shoe laces. I dropped a chair on my big toe. My feet just paining something awful. Took a bath. Geo is as ugly as a bear. Geo mad trellis for plant in his room & its so big it covers half his one side his room.

June 15 Not quite so hot only 88 degrees. Got the dining room done. Washed the curtains. Mopped & waxed the kitchen certainly a different looking place. Geo cut down trellis & it doesn't look too bad except its too tall. They are going to be devils to keep clean. Took down drapes. Fred has taken a four o'clock yard job.

June 16 Very hot. 92. Did not feel so good so didn't go to church. Father's Day and not one of the kids showed up. I think that was rather mean. Dolores & Steve went up to Bud & Ann's cottage. Haven't done anything all day. Geo got up saying He never saw any one who could do the contemptible things I did the minute he laid down. I laid & slept for more than an hour then went to Betty's & watched TV for more than hour, then came home & washed the few dishes. After that laid down & read. Not even turning on TV. Fred took & got Willies car fixed. Went on tear after work.

June 17 It's terribly hot 96. Got up quite early and did a good sized washing. Geo slept till after one & worked in the garden. Got downstairs cleaned up. I went up to Sibley's & took him a box of books. Leona is much better. Her sister Jean had an operation about a week ago for a tumor in the abdomen. Sibley is having trouble with his hunera. Gas man here this morning to check the meter. Safety valve on gas not working & he didn't want to relite it. I called Sears at 9:50 A.M. Geo broke switch on light in kitchen.

June 18 Terribly hot, hottest place in state 98. Geo's leg is giving him a lot of trouble. Got the garden gone through. Its beginning to look very good. Got the ironing done & the mending. Just couldn't do much it was so terribly hot. Man came from Sears and it cost us 15.64 for a safety valve. Gave Geo 5.00 for lumber & he got another trellis built so he has a plant at each window. Betty & I went looking for living room suites. One sold & one not at home. Got switch 30. Bird seed 4.80. Betty got kitchen light box 4.95. Fred got in 1:30 A.M supposed to get thro at 12:00.

June 19 Cloudy much cooler. Took the kitchen light to Wright's & they fixed the wires .50 cents then had to get a new ring 3.50 was blown when the fuses blew. Had a terrible thunder storm last. Went to Cleares & got ½ doz broccoli, ½ little cabbage, ½ doz cauliflower. 1 doz late cabbages. Dolores gave her father 1 doz aster plants for fathers day. While I was gone Geo went to beer joints. Had been staying away since last payday. Lalie took baby parakeets.

June 20 A sunny day. Geo gave me 100.00 and kept 26.80. Took Mrs. Naida & went to market. Got Dolores 4.00 hamburg & Betty 1.68 steak & myself 2.84. They didn't have much. I got ten dollars of groceries. Our home bureau banquet tonight at Libs. Anne, Verna, Betty & I went together. I had chicken. Didn't cost us anything Unit gave 2.00 for supper & tip & 1.00 for drinks. Charged .39 for Tom Collins & I had a 7 up at the Rainbow then Verna & I came home at 10:30 so George could have car to go to work. He had taken a sack of tomatoes for his lunch and hadn't put it up.

June 21 Very very hot. George took car when he knew I was supposed to go to Dolores at three & wasn't home at 4:30. Steve came & got me so they could go wild strawberrying. Got upstairs cleaned. Went to meat market. They gave me their wild berries. I came home at 10:30. Geo had gone to bed. The whole house stunk. I hulled berries till 1:30 he got up for something to eat. Called me at Dolores at 6:30 & blessed me out. He gave Betty hell also for going to home bureau banquet & leaving kids. He really had a time for himself yelling for neighbors to hear.

June 22 A very very hot day. Got some cleaning done. Steve, Dolores, Gladys Doane & Betty went to Bradley's strawberring. Gladys got 11 qts. Betty 12 and was terribly sun burned. Steve picked me 10 qts and they got 14 qts. We put them up & I got supper for them. Of course I was supposed to go up & see to the kids at 3 but Geo took car and it was after four. Put in 3.00 gas & 1 qt oil.

June 23 Storms last night. George got in late today. Got dinner & then wanted to go for a ride. George said take car & go so Betty & I went to look at a living room suite. Older than mine thought it too much red. Then we went to Corning Alma & Jack gone. Stopped at Audrey's. Harriet said they had a card from Dellie & Bryan wasn't good at all. Came home got something to eat stayed about 1½ hrs then went up to Sibley's. He's been over to Dora's gone with a man & woman in a smashed green chevy. When I came at 11:00 he had just came home. I went over to Betty's & he was to bed when I came home. Sent Keystone insurance.

June 24 Got very warm this afternoon. Did a good sized washing and the ironing in the evening. Geo went to John's & Betty put wieners & rolls in freezer. Geo got some cabbage plants. Dolores brought a lot of things down & went with Betty & I to look at a green sections living room suite. Thought it was too much. Geo took five dollars from my pocket book this morning.

June 25 Not so warm. Made a cover for Dolores sun couch. Straightened thro & cleaned the back porch. Geo got up about four & left. Came back at six with a guy who wanted to fix the boat. Came at seven & I started supper. Never came till 8:30. He brought some cookies, cake & bread. Betty & I went to a sale but most everything was sold. Am terribly tired.

June 26 A fair day. Not too warm. Haven't done much of anything all day. Didn't get till nearly eleven. Had a squirrel for dinner. Guess George is sore at something. Must have borrowed money and wants something to get sore at. Fred bought a New Plymouth if it goes through the bank. Will owe 1800. Went up to Dolores tonight she was working at the church social. Took her a white nylon stole.

June 27 Kenneth Frederick Ellison's Birthday. Very nice day. Fred went to Spencer & took Kenny to Harker's. Betty got license & new car about six. The old man started out this morning and didn't show up till about 11:00 & he really had had enough. Was up to Dolores about three. Gave Kevy 5.00 for there trip. Of course I'm dirt under his feet. He protests he loves me but he treats me worse than you would a slut dog. John raising hell tonight also.

June 28 Had bad storms say its the tail end of tornado Audrey. They figure 500 lost their lives in Texas. Took varnish off chair belonging to Betty's dinning room set. Finished cover for sun couch. Geo made his rounds. Got the clutch fixed or rather shifting gear & car greased. Got two big meals and put up Geo lunch. Straightened upstairs.

June 29 Cool but sunny. Went with Fred & Betty to Harker's. Had chicken dinner. Got back about 3:30. Fred went to work. I straightened upstairs & cleaned down. Went down to 10 cent store to get anniversary card & saw Geo's car so told Betty to go on. Sat in car about 1 ½ hr when he came out of Herb's. He was very angry. Took me home & nearly hit a car at State & Washington Ave. Got out & took keys so he intended to go again. I slid over & took car down to John's. He was lit. As soon as I left he helped himself to Betty's car and when she got in it ordered her out. Said he'd be right back. I called her from John's and she told me. I saw it in front of the Rutledge Hotel, so I told her & she went & got it. He argued after she told him. He didn't get in till about four.

June 30 My mother born 1875. Died Oct 1 1952. Viola Melissa Sibley 77. Cool Did a washing straightened thro. Fred went to help Audrey as Stub is at Camp Drum & Harriet got mad & left. Got water lox for chair .95 and gave it a couple of coats. Sanded three hours on it & it needed more which its not going to get. Geo hung around most all day getting over his Saturdays good time.

July 2 Julia Hamilton's Birthday. A nice cool day. Did a ironing & mending. Went to lodge. Betty took care of Dolores three kids. Geo took kids & Steve home then preceded to make his regular calls. Got a few groceries for himself. Made himself a lunch & went to bed. I put up his lunch & he again got himself something to eat. Cleaned the walls windows of kitchen. Got curtains up. Dust mopped upstairs. Geo must be terribly bored with life & it can't hold much meaning for him that he needs to drink nearly every day of his life to get a kick or enjoy life without seeing it thro the dulled glasses of alcohol.

July 3 Much warmer today. Finished chair & put velvet on stool. Geo got up 11:30 had dinner nearly ready but he went ahead & got himself a breakfast, then went to sleep on couch. Got up at 3 & took a bath then we saw his car at Carrs. Went with Betty after Kenny over to her mothers. While we were gone Geo came home & changed into a white shirt good suit & of course a hat. Took 20 silver dollars & gone for the night. Anne & Willie got a 1956 Buick tonight. Today is payday, but I suppose until he makes a real ass of himself he'll have to get it out his system. Wish I knew what starts him.

July 4 had thunder storms last night beginning about 11:30. George came in this morning at eight o'clock car had been driven about 200 mi. When I last checked it it was 51811 & when I took it this morning it was 52016. I took care of birds & flowers then packed a suit case & went to Avoca. Got there about 2:30 up to Harold Hamilton's farm. They were very pleased that I came the whole family was there except Bradley. Had a wonderful visit. They have 150 acres. The house is in terrible condition but will be very nice when they get it fixed up.

July 5 A very windy day with two hard storms last night. Took Jule to Howard about 3 mi after a few groceries. Harold got up early & took his car to Hornell for a muffler & tail pipe 26.00. When he came back Jule & he went to Bath. Laura went to Elaines to wash Dorothy & I did up the work & got dinner. Visited rest of afternoon & after supper about eight I left. I put in 3.00 gas this side of Bath and a qt of oil. Was down a little more but wouldn't hold another qt so Geo hadn't put any in. When I got to Horseheads decided to drive up to Dolores's got there about 10 & had a hard time getting Betty but when I did she said Dellie had called so I called her at Candor.

July 6 Wayne Harker Ellison's birthday. Decided to stay at Dolores last night as it was so late. In the morning took a bath & then took Dolores to Millport to look at a house. It was nothing they could use. Got started for Dora's about 12 and got there about noon The girls had gone huckleberrying. Got home about 2:30. Had supper and then Bryan & Dellie went to see Dick & Mame. About 9:30 Dora, Lee & I went to ball diamond & saw the fireworks. Dellie was back & Vonny had had a spell right after they came. Got to bed about twelve. Helped straighten the house left about eight. Stopped at Dora's got case & took Gloria home. Stopped at Dolores she is fired because she wouldn't give them John's mail so I brought Betty and kids home. Geo had caught another coon and he gave me merry hell about my duty to him. Tried to kick me out. Seemed to have had plenty to drink. Said he was going to have money in the bank but bet you it won't be much if he keeps drinking as he is. Hope it'll bury him.

July 7 The day started bright & sunny with showers in afternoon. Got up at 8A.M and started for HV. Dellie stopped at Amans to know what to do. Went on & talked to Mr. Yaniga. He agreed to pay May's payment by the 15th. June's the 22 & July's the 29. Just went to work for utility as a mechanic in Spencer. They are young & trying to make a go of it. Lois Smith says he's a hard worker and seem alright. I told him he could have John's oil furnace if he'd come after it. Dora called on Mrs.  Emerson. Got home about noon. Fred & Betty with Gloria came in a few minutes. Went to farm went in swimming. Fred hurried his dinner & left about 2:45 to go to work at four. In late afternoon after storm went in pool again. Had supper.

July 8 Rain this afternoon. Did a wash for myself this morning. Gave the birds a thorough cleaning. Went over to John's at noon with Dolores. The circus people closed the office and we had to wait to get the collections There was no mail either Sat or Mon. Came home & ate a little got weighted & it was 189 lbs. Cleaned downstairs. Picked beans sent Dolores a mess. Had supper started & Geo got up & put potatoes to boil then went ahead & ate warming up some corn. Betty went swimming. Fred got lost Sunday & came but above Owego. Was 10 min late. Fred is going around with sore head. David stayed up with Kevin.

July 9 haven't done too much today. Cleaned upstairs. Did most of Betty's ironing along with my own. Betty made a couple of cakes and 11 pizza pies for freezer. A nice cool day. Went up to Leona's for a while this evening.

July 10 Betty & I had an appointment at Pauldine's for hair cuts & settings. They cut off my hair so short in back I don't like it and all the permanent, also parted my hair on opposite side. I made Mr. Pauldine sore because I told him I didn't like the styling. Have an appointment next Friday following this one for permanent at 9 A.M.

July 11 Went up to Dolores's about eleven. Did a two weeks ironing for her. They went to Bill Smith's for dinner and they brought the kids home. John came about eleven for the keys. Called Dolores home. John & family almost froze it was so cold. It was as low as 40. Monday only day they could swim. Guess the men didn't do much but row across lake to beer joint. David went home tonight. Dolores said he didn't want to do anything to help.

July 12 A nice day. Fred went up to mow Audrey's lawn and didn't come home until after two. Didn't get started until nearly four. Picked up Dolores & Gladys Doane/ Didn't get to orchards until nearly six. They let us pick for 8 cents a lb. I got 19 lbs. & a qt of raspberries .50 cents. I helped Betty pick. Didn't get home till ten. Was very tired. John had some kind of argument with his father. He and the man that went to Adirondacks were both in rather bad shape. I don't know how John can possibly keep going drinking as he is.

July 13 Rain all day. Dolores came down as she is having the counter in the kitchen covered. Did up the cherries. I not only pitted my own but also most of Betty's. We ate both meals at Betty's then I went with Betty to outdoor movies. Geo wouldn't go.

July 14 Did not got to church. Very warm. Betty went to Harker's after raspberries. Got dinner for Fred. Dolores went also. About four began to wash. Everything got dry. Fred took a job to Scranton took him to train. Straightened house. In morning made chocolate cake, lime jello, salad and strawberry chiffon pie.

July 15 Cool all day. Went down to John's in Dolores's place. Made 6.70. Terrible nervous came home & got supper and then did the ironing. Picked beans. Felt foolish not to furnish anything when he asked me to dinner. Told Jean I'd try to babysit with kids when baby came. John has to work 4 ? 12 at that time.

July 16 Cool all day. Went down to John's. Earned 9.70. Came home & got Geo's supper made cabbage salad and went to lodge picnic with Betty. Brought Kenneth home then went up to Dolores's. Gave 6.15 she earned at CD. Did up the work and went to bed early. Betty took kids to drive in. Took lettuce deer meat & string beans down to John's.

July 17 Much warmer today. George came in late this morning. I went down to John's about ten thirty. Earned 9.80. Late when I left. Got supper. Geo went to horse sale bought saddle bit and blanket 28.75 gave Sibley 20.50 for 100 cinder blocks to be delivered. I stayed at Sibley's. Geo stopped and watched the fights. Betty & Dolores went to Harker's. Got raspberries & cukes. Fred & Betty went out tonight. Took beet greens to John's.

July 18 Much warmer today. Worked down to John's. Called doctor Sawyers to see why they hadn't sent back tickets. Am terribly tired tonight. Came home & got supper. Geo took car. John had a lot to drink last night and has a good start tonight. Has gone to the Rand Outing. Jean was plenty sore. Supposed to be the last day of his vacation. He gave me 7.00. Have earned about 37.00.

July 19 Appointment 9 A.M. permanent at Pauldine's. Betty & I both had permanents. They cut my hair very close and gave me a very tight wave then cut most of it off. I didn't care too much for it. It is called a brush up. Didn't get through till nearly three. Geo took car as soon as we came home.

July 20 Cleaned all through. Just the regular work. Geo disappeared and didn't get in till about 4:30. He sure must like to work after being out all night. Think he is gambling like hell.

July 21 A very nice day. I went to church. Came home and got dinner. After dinner Geo took bath and then made his rounds. Washed the car.

July 22 A very nice day. Geo went out on 15 this morning. Got up & put up his lunch. He went out the back door when I didn't know it. I started my washing early. Was through at 11. Rain in afternoon. Got the ironing done in the evening. Went up to Dolores for a while.

July 23 Showers in afternoon. A very nice day & evening. Haven't done much of anything today. Geo took car about 11:00 and didn't come home till 9:30 then he got a coat & hat. Walked in without car so had someone with him. Didn't come in till 4:30 A.M. Hadn't driven the car too awful far. He sure is a beaut. Wish I was capable of giving the hell he asks for.

July 24 Rather a cool day. Geo went on 15 taking the car. Dolores came down & I went & got it. Then went up there & helped her. Did a big ironing put up beans. Kevy & I preparing them got 2 qts of huckleberrries ready for freezer and got their supper. After supper went house hunting to Erin and N. Chemung. Got home a little ten terribly tired. Stopped and saw the woman who's teaching us to make pocket books.

July 25 A very warm day. Took car early had brakes taken up and oil cap put on 1.50. Went up to Dolores to see the cake she made for Elaine's little girls birthday. Then went downtown. Got two dresses at Cotton Shop 8.00 & 3.00. Went down to the Owego Fair. Got there about 4:30. Dora had gone home. Went to Grandstand & saw show & horse races. Uncle Charlie had a horse in two races but he didn't win. Left a little after twelve & got home 1:10 A.M.

July 26 A very warm day. Straightened through and went down town. Got a dress 9.00 hat 1.00 and white sandals 3.00. The dress was torn and I fixed it also the brown I got. Betty went up and gave Dolores a permanent.

July 27 Rained a little this afternoon. Didn't get up very early. Got dinner and Geo left when it was nearly ready 11:50. Held up dinner till after one. Took Betty's car and he was at Gulka's. He never came home until nearly five in the morning. Had driven the car nearly a hundred miles and gas all gone. He wasn't alone because he had straightened up the back seat. Wonder how he'd feel if I squandered money on other people. Went to circus with Fred & Betty.

July 28 A very warm day. Went to church. Haven't done much of anything today. Fred, Betty and kids went to Harris Hill to watch or rather the airport to watch aviation maneuvers. Been home all day and no one came.

July 29 A very warm day. Got up late. George put gas in the car and asked me to go after groceries. Got 18.11 and then went after meat 10.02. Gave Betty 3lb hamburg, then went to Carrs. I had 3 drinks. Then went to Maple Ave and got a doz ears of corn .69 cents gave Betty ½ doz. Stopped to Griska's saw Paul Scanton. Had a drink. Geo had oil change in Horseheads and they broke a bolt holding bumper. Mr. and Mrs. Williams came over awhile this evening. Fred &  Betty went after beans at Arloine Morgan's. Finished pocketbook with swedish embroidery. Want to start a white one. Geo marked on BH1 again.

July 30 A very nice day. Geo called for 2:55 A.M. Got up & put up his lunch. Fred & Betty taking David & Michael Kingsberry to Harker's. Did the white clothes changing beds etc. Walter Parkinson in hospital with brain tumor and is so run down cannot operate.

July 31 A very warm day. Had to go after Dolores kids at Horseheads as Fred is relining brakes on Steve's car. When I got back Geo had left so after doing up the work went to Griska's. Had a drink & then went to Ithaca to see a cousin. Picked up a kid whose father has a house about as Dolores is looking for at Endfield on Mecklenberg Road.

Aug 1  A nice day. George's union dues paid till today. George went out on his old job BH1 so he seems almost human again. Got his lunch up. After doing up my work went up to Dolores's she wasn't there. Started for Geneva about five after telephoning. Got there just in time for supper. Had a nice visit got home at 11:30. Thought I heard his train but couldn't find him.

Aug 2 # Very warm Geo got up early & went & got his check. Came back & asked me if I wanted to go after groceries. Went & got meat. Stopped at beer joint went to Melody Gardens for fish fry. Gave me 200.00 to layaway for him. Didn't give me any money for myself. Went to Ithaca to see a very distant cousin. She wasn't home.

Aug 3 A very warm day. Did up the work and then went up to Dolores's. Left up to Dolores about five for Spencer. Stopped at Blanche Houses. Mother E left early this morning with Richard & Pat & kid for California. Said she cries all the time has lost a great deal of weight & looks bad. Said she had seen a letter from Kinney saying he'd sign off anytime any of us here wanted to take over the responsibility of the place. Fri night mother had a row with Richard & said she wouldn't go. Went down to Jonigo and they had sent the payment. Saw Mrs. Smith. Got home about 11:30 P.M. Sent out two months dues this morning & it wasn't picked up.

Aug 4 # Rained hard in Waverly while we were at the reunion but no rain here at all. Thought we'd go up to Dora's swimming but Lee had a bunch of people. Geo wouldn't go any wheres. Came home & he went to bed. He makes me wonder if he wants to do anything no matter how I feel I should be ready & never tired no matter how I feel.

Aug 5 George's vacation began today. A nice day Not too warm. Did a good size wash. Put up 6 pts beans. Geo bought a guy & son from Buffalo here. He was feeling high. Took them to Harris Hill, put 30 dollars in bank. Rice delivered 800 ft of flooring 162.00. Went up to Dolores for wheel barrow & level. Betty went swimming and altho I asked her not to go out with girls she did and altho we planned to go to drive in. Fred had to go back to round house & there was no one to stay with kids as Kenny was fishing. Betty & Fred went after kids to Harker's David stayed.

Aug 6 # Very warm. Cut & prepared about half a bushel of sting beans and did the ironing. Geo has been digging post holes. Took care of Dolores's kids while she went huckleberring. Got about 5 qts.

Aug 7 David Lee Ellison's Birthday. A very lovely day. Did an awful days work. Fred went out with Prichard came home about nine lit. Had borrowed 10.00. 5.00 from Pritchard. George left about 2 and showed up at nine. Ate supper then insisted I dress up & go out. Went D'Trix. A woman has taken it over & she really made a fool of Geo. Left there & went to Green Lantern where he picked up an old lady who was stranded from Wellsburg. Took her home. Visited two beer joints there came to Elmira and visited 2 in downtown Elmira then stopped at Griska's. Home 1:30AM. Baked cookies cleaned and gave him two dollars. David.

Aug 8 A nice day Geo dug about four post holes. Had a big check 171.87. Gave me 120.00. Paid 15.00 for posts to Barr. I went up to Dolores's. He took the car when I got back about 3:45 & was only going to be gone for half hour & never came back till nearly seven and as usual didn't keep his word for he said he was going to get a hair cut & wasn't going to beer joint. Went to joint & didn't get the hair cut. Went to park & saw monkey act. He talked with Jack Snyder & wife got card from Dellie that Bryan had a hemorrhage yesterday & in Clifton Springs again.

Aug 9 Very warm today. John had an accident hit a car. Had an eighteen girl in the car married has two children. Said man was making left turn. Took kids over here. Geo left 12:15 for beer joint. Put away his tools so is through for day. Betty took Bobby & Wayne to doctors 11:15. Geo & I went to Melody Gardens had a fish fry then to pay for pony. Didn't take the check so said I could have it if I paid so I paid.

Aug 10 A day to be long remembered that my husband thinks more of a Harlott than his wife. Raining this morning. Geo got up & left about ten taking check & when I said I thought it was mine he flew mad. He's just like a rattle snake one minute all lovey & the next ready to bite or knock you down. Tried all afternoon to get D'Trix, no answer. Jean came up trying out a car & we went to fair grounds & when we saw car at D'Trix stopped & Geo was there pretty well crocked. Asked him to go home but he wouldn't. Came with Jean. He came about 9:45 & didn't have car saw a car which was in alley & thought it was his said it wasn't he was having work done on it. In a few minutes a car came again in alley & kept flashing lights on & off. When I walked up ready to open door it drove off. Geo had said he was going to bed so I went to tell him about it & heard him dressing in the dark in his room & he piled into bed with his clothes on. By that time I was getting hot so I walked over to Griska's thinking car might be there for he had played this trick once before. Didn't see it & as I was coming up center saw him going down hall. Fred & Betty had come from Harker's so asked her to go with me & see if we could see where Geo went. Drove around but didn't see him or car until ahead of us at 14th light was Geo in taxi. He went to Lenox Ave & stopped we passed but taxi didn't come as we turned & there was Geo walking up road. Before we could turn around he was in D'Trix so we drove up &I saw him also the car that was in alley. I walked around back and there was Hudson so took it. A guy stood in door when I drove it up to Betty. Drove a ways down the road & turned around & was going to tell him. Watched him make an ass of himself & decided to come on home & telephone which I did. In a few minutes he telephoned & said he had reported the car missing.

Aug 12 Robby Hobby Barber's birthday born 1871 passed away Dec 16, 1913 42 years my father Robert H Barber. Knew he was lying as his empty pocket book was on seat with his glasses. He had used fifteen dollars canadian & more than five dollars he had in money. Fred says she dame Marie Daler was set up in business by Connelly on Railroad Ave. Geo tried to make me believe he couldn't remember her name first Marie first time. I saw her & also Daley when Jean was with me. He made such an issue of it that I knew as did Jean he knew her well as she called him Geo. I think she is the one he stayed with one night on second St. from Connelly. George to whom Fred sold the Hudson says she'll  shut the place & go with anyone who'll take her furnishing the whiskey. The place was shut up a little after 12. I couldn't find Geo so wonder where he stayed the night. It was after one in the afternoon when he came home. Got dinner looked at paper went up to Dolores as her kids have been exposed to infantile. Little Raymond Doane has had it for a week & just found it out Saturday. She has a cold goes Tues for exam to see if she's pregnant as she has skipped two months. Didn't go to church as I was too nervous. John & Jean over & came again in afternoon & wanted me to go over to Dora's wanted to go up to Dellie's but felt too exhausted to drive.

Aug 13  # Did the washing. Rained a little early this morning. This was the day he was supposed to start on trip & I was to be ready ask Geo he wasn't going anywhere. I'm glad. Yesterday he acted a little ashamed but today he just plain nasty. Fred & Betty went out last night & tied one on.

Aug 14 A nice

Aug 16 A very lovely day. The pony was delivered this morning. The fence wasn't done. The kids kept him from being lonesome. Got calf feed for him 1.60. We went to the drive in & while we were gone the pony jumped the fence. Fred & Betty went to the fair with Bobby Surdam & his girl. They then went for pizza. Got home a little after one. Paid the remaining $50.00.

Aug 17 A lovely day. Dolores went with me to the Spencer picnic. Saw the parade. Went to Blanche house's had dinner. Drove around by West Danby. Got home at 5. Got supper. Fred got home about six & put up electric fence. We went to Chemung races with Naida's paying all expenses. Fred & Betty went also. Geo sat up with the pony most of the night.

Aug 18 # Frank Weber married 50 years today. Children are having an open house for them. A very lovely day. Did not go to church got a chicken dinner for Fred's family. Geo left a little after three to go to roundhouse and at 7:30 he was at either Rossi's or Herbs at 9:30. Mariam Gulka called Betty & said George was there & had consented for me to come & get the car I saw him go in Gilly's & half a dozen women hollered at him. David went to Fort Niagara. I canned 18 pts of peaches. Took bath & wanted to go for a ride but Geo had to have a time for himself. Peaches Hale Havens 3.69 & they were terribly bruised.

Aug 19 A very nice day. Did a wash and 10 pints of peaches. Got the ironing done in the evening. Dusted upstairs but could not get downstairs done. George wanted to tear up downstairs & start that but I can't see it till its cooler. Geo gave the car a very good cleaning. Had a little rain.

Aug 20 A very lovely day. Had a little rain in the night. We drove up to Harold Hamilton's farm but they weren't there on the way home bought a bu. of red potatoes 2.00 & half a dozen ears of corn .25. Got back home about dark. Had a very enjoyable ride.

Aug 21 A very lovely day. Geo got the gate done & hung. I straightened thro. Went up to Dolores. She found out yesterday she is pregnant & her baby will be born about Mar 23 hope its on her birthday & a girl. Steve has his fingers crossed but she & Kevin want a boy.

Aug 22 A very lovely day. Started at 4:30 P.M with full tank mileage 53700 drove to Bedford to reach turnpike. 206 mi drove 35 mi on turnpike to Somerset where we left pike & took route 219 till we hit 30 breakfast & coffee. I had half of melon & slice of toast. It was after twelve when we found a room. Motels all filled up. Geo drew a 1,000.00 out the bank. Drew 94.00 vacation pay. Gave Berry 50.00 Kenny 5.00 Put in 2.00 of gas on turnpike 6 ½ gal 30 cents.

Aug 23 53966 A very lovely morning. George had the car greased and a change of oil. Put a quart of oil in hydramatic and the grinding has disappeared. I just knew that must be the trouble. Grease, oil change & oil for hydramatic 5.50. Got 3.18 gas Gulf. 27.94 14.8 full tank. 50 mi before we reached Indiana border put in 4.00  13 2/10 gal. .30 3/10
and 1 qt oil .50. Had a chocolate milk shake .25 cents each. Paid 3.50 on pike across Ohio. Entered Indiana 5.55 our time theirs 4:53PM.

Aug 24 54509 mi. Started at 9:15. Stayed at White Cross in a cabin 5.00 a few miles out of Joliet on way to Plainfield. 3.00 oil 2 qt Rockford 54612 1 qt oil .45 a gal gas 3.00 1 gal white gas .38 Stopped in park & got good dinner put up sandwiches & tea. Leaving Dubuque took wrong route staying on 20 till we came to Independence then took 158 up to Route 52 going 19 mi out the way. At Independence put 2.00 gas & has a soft drink.

Aug 25 A very lovely day in Preston Minn, Leona had a very nice beef dinner & had her sister Mr. Manley St John & Beulah. Had a very nice visit & after they left we went for a ride. George went with Frank Linderman to a horse sale & bought a blanket halter & whip. Visited until about 12. They had friends drop in for awhile in the evening.

Aug 26 54922 mi Put in 2.00 gas & qt of oil yesterday. Tank ¾ full when we started this morning 9:30 their time. Taking route 16 into Sioux Falls. Stopped in Jackson Minn got ½ case of oil 4.00 four dollars of gas and 1 qt oil .50. had lunch hot beef sandwiches .50 a piece. George got some beer. Put in 3.00 Texaco 9.3 gal .32.1 cents 1 qt oil 55291. Gas 8.8 gal 3.00 34.5.

Aug 27 Kevin Stephan Polovick's birthday. 55354 Started at 7:30 Central time. Had breakfast at a wayside cafe milk & toast for me & Put in 4.00 gas 2.00 in Bad Lands & 2.00 before entering. Had a cooked dinner in Bad Lands. Geo picked up stones & got a couple of flat cat risers. Went on thro Bad Lands to Wall where he got over 8.00 of slides for our machine.

Aug 28 55568 Got 2.00 gas 5.8 34.7 cents. Started at 10:00 there time. Went thro the Crystal Cove. A very wonderful sight. Crevices to go through thought to have been made by earthquakes. On to Mount Rush which is something that would seem impossible for man to accomplish. Got to the outskirts of Deadwood & took a house keeping cabin for 5.50 Geo wanted to go to Deadwood took things out the car forgetting potatoes and my book. He mixed up in the roads & was gone 2 hrs when he said he'd only be gone 1/2 Gave him 50.00. Had supper & went to bed. Geo got some bologna, ham, milk bread.

Aug 29 # 55673 10:00 A.M. As soon we left the cabin drove directly to the leads mine. Geo went thro but it is a mile to walk and my legs are so sore from climbing 159 stairs in Crystal Cave just didn't feel up to it. Cost 1.50 each to go thro cave. .50 for the mine. Had breakfast & I put up tea & a couple of bologna sandwiches. This mine is called homestake, Had a good time going thro the canyon to Spearfish got there about 2:30 went up to the hill where the Passion Play is put got some pictures. Could not find a motel so decided to stay in car. Paid 3.00 a piece for tickets. Had supper in park. Show then back to park where they wouldn't let us stay & park attendant took us to trailer court where we both slept very well. Saw Passion Play and it was something I hope I can always remember.

Aug 30 55718 7:45 Awake at 6:15 & George woke at 6:30 Went back to park where we washed & had breakfast. Got going early & drove to Roosevelt park. George bought some petrified wood & did a little prospecting in the park. The scenery very nice. Bought seven pictures. Decided to take in montana or he did so are on our way. Stopped for gas & found first main bearing leaking oil. Had a terrible thunder storm out of Lindsay Mon. with hail. A car passed us a few miles out of Circle mon & broke the windshield on Geo side by throwing a stone. Drove 400 mi today.

Aug 31 # 56117 .34 cent 3.00. Stayed in Jordan Montana last night in a cabin with no toilet facilities but the cleanest place I ever stayed it was Holland Cabin's. Cook stove & everything to do with. She had tea, coffee, powdered milk, sugar, cocoa & dishes. The water was soft & you hardly needed to use soap. The bed was just right slept the best I have since we left home. Geo picked up a bag of stones on Cat Creek. Stayed at White Sulphur Springs tonight in a cabin. Mrs. Halls. Rather dirty but had shower, toilet electric stove where I got a very good supper 6.00 Gave watermelon to Mrs. Holland.

Sept 1 56376 12:30 Stayed at White Sulphur Springs where we watched parade. Largest rodeo in Montana held today. Thought Geo was going to stay but it began to thunder & he decided to go on to Helena. It has begun to rain. Got a good breakfast & put up a big lunch. Got off the road & went about 15 miles on wrong road. Told Geo which but he thought differently. Stayed at Missoula in cabin with kitchen very nice large kitchen but poor bathroom & very small bedroom off it. 4.00 Geo entertained four kids last night till ten o'clock.

Sept 2 56612 got 3.00 gas .34 cents war on here in Missoula started at 9:45. Was inn bed at 9 P.M. Have driven a long ways with the Northern Pacific on the right. Great Northern on the left mountains on both sides Northern is electrified. Geo got a picture of an engine. 2.00 gas .36 cents. Spokan 3.00 8 1/10 gal. .36.9 cents. Stayed at Sand Point in a cooking cabin for 5.00. It was a large room & bath. Got supper did up hair & took shower. We got a few pictures in Spokane of Coulle Dam etc.

Sept 3 Sandpoint 56897 starting at 7:45 Raining hard this morning. Sure hope it grows better as we go along. Have half a tank of gas & he said the car is doing better on oil since he put the valve loosener in. 1:15 P.M. stopped to put oil in & car backed up. Was a Mr. Howlette son of manager of J.P. Sullivan Store in Elmira said his people were probably on their way out for three weeks. Had our first flat tire right rear. Heard it when we stopped for oil & thought it was the car. Gas at Browning 3.00 .38 cents & qt of oil .50. Pictures of Glacial Park. Wish he had gotten more got 15 at .35 cents.

Sept 4  57264 Started at 9:00 A.M. Stayed at Shelby. When we stopped in Cut Bank it seemed to have a great many Indians on the street. Paid 4.50 for cabin most inconvenient one yet no water in the kitchen Saw a wreck on the Great Northern and at ten o'clock George drove off the side of the road to look at a stone pile & got stuck mud to the hub. A truck tried pushing us & we go in deeper then a Great Northern truck pulled us out at 11:30. He had been taking machinery to wreck. Put 3.00 gas. Put in gas 4.00 .36. & 3.00 gas .33 cents. Took 2 pictures of a rainbow most beautiful we ever saw from North brightest to south just out of the town.

Sept 5 Lalia Morgan Birthday. 57684 Started 8:45 from Williston SD Stayed in cabin 5.00. Very nice & very convenient good size kitchen & bath. 2 beds in bedroom. In Minot ND George had to have a bow for his glasses which he broke this morning 1.75. Got us each a milk shake with ice cream almost a pt each. Got .66 gas 3.00 got 3.00 gas got 3.00 gas 2.89. Time change again so we are only one hour behind so it was ten o'clock before we found a cabin in Bagely Minn. 3.50 no hot water had to use our camp stove. Geo stopped at another place & they wanted 4.50 & he told the man it was .50 too much but he spent it for beer.

Sept 6 58115 mi started at 10:45 nice & sunny. It rained last night as we came in. Didn't sleep too well as Geo snored so & when I woke couldn't go back to sleep. Bed was very comfortable and it was nice & quiet guess it was just me. Got a cooked supper last night. Kewadin Minn put 2.00 .32.6 cents.

Sept 7 Harold Hamilton's Birthday. 58297 Starting at 12: PM after going thro mines with their friends. John & El Louise Haggerty & taking a boat ride. Had a full tank. Geo has put in 2 qt oil & 4.00 11 4/8 gal. 35.8 Stayed at Marguette Mich tonight in a cold water cabin. There were two beds & of course Geo choose the nice soft jiggly one and as he was very tired & jerked keeping the bed wriggling all over. Laid there for two hrs then got up & took the suitcases off the other bed & slept there till 7:30 just covered with a bed spread.

Sept 8 58618 Got started about ten. Was Canada on Hwy 17 at 2: P.M. I slept for an hour, guess I was just exhausted nearly 500 mi in to Toronto. Hope we can make it home tomorrow. Its a lovely clear sunny day. Its the king's Hwy and rough and narrow altho cement. Put 4.00 gas .48cents in Canada gas 8.4 gal .48 cents 4.00. Stayed in cabin 4.00 with woodstove and really not too clean but linen immaculate.

Sept 9 59131 Started at 9:15 A.M. from Huntsville Canada 4.4 gas .47.3 gal 6 4/10 gal 3.00 qt oil .45 gas 44.8 2.00 1 qt oil .45. Depew NY 4.00 gas & 1 qt oil .50. Had dinner                .96 cents & .95 cents. Stopped at Dellies. Bryan came home for six day had a heart attack and has been in 10 days. Dr told her tonight that any breath might be his last. Got home about 8: P.M. John bought 1955 Chevy and as usual there was a real hubbub & when Geo gets it well started he & John went to beer joint. Fred was bumped by Harold Harter so George took his own job.

Sept 10 59522 A cloudy day with rain in late afternoon. Took care of Douglas all day. Betty went with the girls after apples. Cost 1.15 for a bu. Did a big washing. Went after groceries then went to Dolores for supper. Sprinkled the clothes put clothes away dust mopped upstairs. Balloted at primaries. John was over this morning and again with the family tonight. Never saw any one as ugly as Geo when I got up to get him off at 3:55 A.M. Paid milk bill 2.16.

Sept 12 Alma Ellison's birthday. Geo paid taxes.

Sept 14 Joyce Alma Ellison's Birthday.

Sept 16 Leona Siverson's Birthday. Taxes are due.

Sept 30 Stephan Lynn Polovick's Birthday.

Oct 1 My mother died five years ago today. George's dues paid till today.

Oct 15 George H Ellison's Birthday 1896 Garrett Hobert.

Oct 19 Betty Marie Ellison & Eudora Roberta Yeier's Birthday

Oct 23 Herman Harris's Birthday 68

Oct 24 Debra Jean Ellison's Birthday 4

Nov 2 Dellie Jane Riker Birthday 1902 Intoxication D'Orsay.

Nov 14 Blanche Shepard's Birthday.

Nov 20 Bernice Barber Corson's Birthday 208 Mt. Zoar St.

Nov 24 Steve Polovick's Birthday 32 years 1957

Nov 25 Douglas Polovick's Birthday 2 years 1957

Dec 7 Donald Yeier's Birthday

Chemung County NY
Published On 25 MAY 2012
By Joyce M. Tice