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Chemung County NY
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Helen BARBER "Ellison" of  Elmira NY
Transcribed by Melissa June Merritt 
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Photo Helen BARBER Ellison with husband George Ellison
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Helen Elizabeth Barber Ellison's

Jan 3 George went in the hospital about 5 P.M. - 1956.

Jan 12 Had Home Bureau. Alma Bell and Dorothy Brace on food committee served two different salads. Banana bread and pickles.

Jan 13 Geo came home before I got up. Took a taxi as soon as the doctor said he could leave.

Jan 26 Home Bureau at Dolores. First lesson on furniture refinishing. Took a table. Got the varnish off.

Feb 9 Home Bureau at Dolores. Betty and I were on the food committee and served ice cream and pie. I gave Dolores some coffee. A bad night to get up the hill but a very good attendance. Second lesson on refinishing furniture.

Feb 16 Frederick T. Ellison 1922. Gave him a shirt and his father gave him a pr of work gloves.

Dec 14 Dellie put our money in the Geneva Federal Savings and Loan Association Account 39585. Its in both our names. Gave Mrs. Boyer two months just to pay interest & 30 days on Land contract. He died very suddenly Oct 23, 1956.

Mar 8 Our wedding anniversary. Our thirty-seventh.

Apr 18 Stanley Barber was twenty one today.

Apr 23 Dennis Hayward Birthday 71.

May 18 Mother Ellison Birthday 88.

June 30 A cool day. Went to church then to Binghamton. Uncle Charley is in terrible condition. Only knows Leona part of the time & doesn't seem to know anyone else. He is still terribly jealous of her. Luella & I went to see Aunt Celia and she looked pretty good. Has to take medicine every other day to keep down the bloat. Its just a matter of time. Uncle got another shock about four weeks ago. He's a terrible care. Got home 9:30 PM. Betty & Fred drove over to Harker's.

Sept 12 Alma Ellison's birthday. Geo paid taxes.

Sept 14 Joyce Alma Ellison's Birthday.

Sept 16 Leona Siverson's Birthday. Taxes are due.

Sept 30 Stephan Lynn Polovick's Birthday.

Oct 15 George H Ellison's Birthday 1896 Garrett Hobert.

Oct 19 Betty Marie Ellison & Eudora Roberta Yeier's Birthday

Oct 11 LaVon Yeier was twenty one today 1956.

Oct 23 Herman Harris's Birthday 67

Oct 24 Debra Jean Ellison's Birthday 3

Nov 2 Dellie Jane Riker's Birthday.

Nov 14 Blanche Shephard's Birthday.

Nov 20 Bernice Barber Corson's Birthday 208 Mt. Zoar St.

Nov 24 Steve Polovick's Birthday

Nov 25 Douglas Polovick's Birthday

Dec 7 Donald Yeier's Birthday eighteen 1956

George Poley (plumber)

Zetta Roze 87 Ludington St.
                   Buffalo NY

John Polovick 1750 A Cabrillo Ave
                         Torrance, CA

Lenard Babin Court St.
                        Rochester Curio Collector

Jermie Stone 878 E 75 St NE
                       Cleveland, OHIO Endicott 1-1452

Mrs Dorothy Boyer
Red Bank NJ
RFD1 Box 5119

Dennis Hayward Hu 6215
Ludington St
E Buffalo NY

RE Terwilliger
Shunirville Rd
Clarence NY

Ruth Post
24 Walnut

Leonard Kimble
16 Pleasant

Margaret & Tony Zmarthis
82 Haven's Ave

Chemung County NY
Published On 20 FEB 2012
By Joyce M. Tice