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Emmaline SINCEBAUGH "Ellison" of Spencer NY
Emeline's Diaries
1931 - 32
1946 & Addendum
Helen BARBER "Ellison" - 1952
Transcribed by Melissa June Merritt
Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

Born May 18, 1868 West Danby, NY

Died April 28, 1960

Elmira Star-Gazette

Woman, 91 Dies of Burns

Waverly- Mrs. Emeline E. Ellison, 91 of 101 N. Main St. Spencer, died at Tioga General Hospital early yesterday morning, a little over a month after she was admitted for treatment of burns suffered in a fire at her home March 22. Mrs. Ellison, who died at 11:36 a.m., had been treated for first and second degree burns of her head, neck and chest. Mrs. Ellison, who lived alone, was preparing her noon meal when her apron caught fire from gas stove blaze. The elderly woman ran outdoors and threw herself in the snow to extinguish the garment fire, then hurried to a nearby trailer for help.

Dated Friday Evening, April 29, 1960

1945 Diaries

  Jan 3, 1945 Weather Oh so cold zero 0. I sure had to cut ice this morn, I had a talk with Mr. Bliss today. Am trying to call Mr. Freeman. Got the call through he came Jan 4 this was the second time.

  Jan 4 Weather mild Temp. 30 I sent Toot the letter today for the papering bill.

  Jan 5 Mr. House shoveled the road out. Weather clear very cold zero 0 Mrs. Warren and I went over to Bliss’s to missionary Club. Eulalia and a girl named Biddle dropped in tonight stayed to supper back on next bus.

  Jan 6 Weather very cold zero. It took me until noon to get the morning chores done. Mr. House drawed his wood all up the hill this afternoon. I made a batch of molasses cookies today but they were not like Mrs. Warren’s.

  Jan 7 Weather another snow storm near zero. Snow fell during the night had to shovel some. I was too late to go to church today.

  Jan 8 Mr. House shoveled out again. The Banfield man came to thaw the frozen pipes over to Jayne’s apartment today. I churned today. I sent out 5 letters today. Margaret, Oakley’s, Walsh and Bishop,

  Jan 9 Weather no thawing today.  Filled a 2 # jar of butter today. I worked until noon then I laid down as I have not felt well as I did not sleep last night good just worried all night. It is now zero at 7 PM.

  Jan 10 Weather 10 Below zero. Well believe me I sure hated to go to the barn this morn. Clear and very cold all day. Growing colder every minute now at 5 o’clock 10 above zero. Mrs. Warren was over a little while.

  Jan 11 Weather this morn zero. I have worried over my letters all day and at last got 8 off on the night mail. Just got my chores done and ready for another cold night.

  Jan 12 Weather was zero 0 but it got milder at noon. I have not accomplished much today at last I am taking time to soak my feet and bath.

  Jan 13 Weather moderate temp 30 at noon. I have did a churning today. I washed a few pieces.

  Jan 14 Weather cold chilly air snow flurries. I went to church today. Mr. House came after noon and put in the new valve in the electric pump and it is ok now.

  Jan 15 Weather clear & cold temp 30. Well I got a letter wrote to Edna Drew today and answered Pat’s letter. I just felt so badly today I could hardly finish the chores I was so tired.

  Jan 16 Another blizzard on hand this morn. The snow blowing and drifting badly it sure was hard to get to the barn this morn. Paths were filled I was very weak and dreaded to get out.

  Jan  17 Weather well today. We are buried again in the snow that fell last night. Mr. Bliss plowed out some of my walks. The inner south walk and from this down to meet Hodges.

  Jan 18 Weather 10 below zero 0 this morn. I got through my chores in good time. Mr. House was mad because I didn’t let him shovel it all off. The width of the walk. The little boy Edwin made the path to barn.

  Jan 19 Weather zero. Toot came on the bus tonight he has a very bad cold besides his broken ribs and finger he has coughed all night.

  Jan 20 Weather below zero. Mr. Fox brought my mail. Toot walked down town this afternoon. Received the 2 blankets tonight Eleanor brought them up from the office.

  Jan 21 Weather very cold 6 below zero. Toot had another hard night coughed again all night we had our dinner about 3 o’clock. I made a cottage pudding with whipped cream.

  Jan 22 Weather with snow. Zero. Toot left this morning on the 10 o’clock bus for home. It has snowed all day. No one has been going or coming today. I have rested all I could today.

  Jan 23 The blizzard was still on last night when I went to bed. I heard a noise outside and it was Mr. Bliss he was out cleaning the side walks. My in side walks. Mrs. House had an excuse to come in today.

  Jan 24 It is below zero tonight at 7:30. Talk about blizzards it started last night and this morn. It was sunning wild and has raged all day blowing snowing & drifting with near zero weather. Richard brought Jimmie up he was on his way to Elmira.

  Jan 25 I was sick all day again today. Below zero at bed time very cold tonight.

  Jan 26 Weather below zero this morn. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Williams came up to tell me there is no price on cattle at this time.

  Jan 27 Weather below zero. I made bisquick biscuits and a small Johnny cake today. Put up a churning.

  Jan 28 Weather zero. Jimmie and I went to church today. Monroe Whitemarsh came and got 2 cans of sour milk tonight.

  Jan 29 Weather zero. More snow during the night. Richard came and got his team from Seeley’s today. I wrote Albert today. Sending back his letters.

  Jan 30 Weather 15 above zero. Mrs. House got a lb. of butter today. Another churning today.

  Feb 1 Weather cold zero Richard and Pat came up this afternoon stayed to supper they took Jimmie home tonight. Richard as crazy from drinking before he came up and he still was hunting for more.

  Feb 2 Weather dark cold 15 above zero. Snow flurries all day.

  Feb 3 Well I have not felt any better today. Went to bed early and had a phone call from Dawn tonight she was bugging for me to let her come to live with me. Give me just one more chance she said.

  Feb 4 Weather very cold below zero. I did not sleep a wink in all night got up it was nearly 10 o’clock it has been dark and cold all day.

  Feb 5 Weather milder Temp 35. Mr. Bliss came over about noon he shoveled all my paths clear to the barn the concrete steps and put ashes on them. Mr. Fox brought my mail Helen’s & Joyce’s pictures. Letter from Mac. 1 Dolly.

  Feb 6 Weather 10 below. The sun is coming out it has thawed a little today. No Mail.

  Feb 7 Dark cloudy 2 below zero all day in suspense and worry.

  Feb 8 Weather so chilly & cold all day I just laid and rested all day. Just able to do the chores then rest. I got the letter form McKinley today telling he had wrote to Tom Morgan to look after Dawn and sent 20 dollars.

  Feb 9 Richard and Pat and the children was up today. Weather very dark Temp 30. Oh this weather is getting everybody, I felt so weak this morning I really thought I could never make the barn but tonight I felt some better.

  Feb 10 Weather milder thawing Temp 39. The fuel man was here today he put in 50 gal.

  Feb 11 Weather bright sunshine snappy cold early Temp 40. I got my chores done and went to church. Mr. Warren went to Sayre to see the baby today.

  Feb 12 Lincoln’s Birthday. The censor man was here today. Mrs. House got the Valentine card for Joyce this afternoon.

  Feb 13 gray & cold 10 above zero. I went to bed tonight and laid on an electric pad all night for my back had such muscular pains.

  Feb 14 Talk about being discouraged. When I got up this morn I never thought I could get to the barn but had to make my paths by stomping the snow down. Mr. Bliss cleaned the south side today.

  Feb 15 I bought a lb of coffee today. Thawing very fast Temp 41 on south porch. The ice is terrible tonight between 6 and 7 it begun to lightning it kept it up over an hour no thunder with it but the flashes lit up the heavens. It rained a little but not hard.

  Feb 16 Thawing bad today. I got Kenneth House to shovel the front porch roof off this afternoon. I spoke to Clara Tompkins about the cows today. My pump lost its primeing today.

  Feb 17 At freezing temp all day. Terry Gibbs got here about 10 o’clock this morn he fixed the water system then spent 3 hours on the furnace cost me $3.75

  Feb 18 Mr. Ralph Williams came and got my heffer Rosalee to night at 8 o’clock. I sure had a hard night with my back. Had to use the hot pad Mr. Warren had to call the Dr. for Edwin today.

  Feb 19 Cold 9 below zero. I sure am having muscular pains across my back. At midnight Eulalia called me out side my window the bus had failed to make the trip back to Elmira.

  Feb 20 Well I got to the barn a little after 9 this morn. The girls slept till 10. Eulalia and the West girl. Well at last a letter from Bettie that Dawn arrived in Buffalo Friday night.

  Feb 21 Mr. Williams brought Rosalie home this morn. I sent Albert and Mac both a box of fruit cookies tonight.

  Feb 22 Well I sure had a hard night with chills and fever nearly all night. I had to get to the barn by walking down the road in the deep snow got awful wet the steps were all ice. I drowned the old black cat. Snowing fine hail like.

  Feb 23 This morning I cut the ice down the steps with the ice spud before I could get to the barn.

  Feb 24 I received the calendars and Albert’s enlarged photo. I sent Geo a letter this morn.

  Feb 25 I had a lot extra chores this morn. I have been just as weak as ever today. Mrs. Warren’s people called so I could see the baby before they went back home.

  Feb 26 Weather dark with rain. I had a poor sleepless night. When I did sleep I woke up in a sweat and chilly. Albert called me up tonight.

  Feb 27 I did not feel as well today. Went to bed early Geo called me up tonight.

  Feb 28 Weather today bright Thawing Temp at noon 33 I have done just a little extra work today.

  Feb 29 Snow covered every thing again this morn and very cold early. Mr. Bliss came in this afternoon.

  Mar 1 A mystery just happened this forenoon. Claude Thompson sent a man up to buy my cows I let him have them for $300.

  Mar 2 I sent two letters out 1 Mr. Bowes 1 to the artificial Breeding Co. My cows left at noon.

  Mar 3 Weather fair and sunny. Well the bridge did not go down stream with the high water last night. Well I went to church today 4 weeks since I had went.

  Mar 5 I looked all day for the chicken truck but it didn’t come.

  Mar 6 Weather dark and cloudy all day. The bluest day in a long time.

  Mar 7 Weather freezing temp. This morn the sun is beginning to come out. Today is Jimmie’s birthday.

  Mar 8 Weather snappy cold temp 10 above I give my hen’s extra care this morn I have washed all my small dollies this morn. I sure had a good nights rest for a long time. I got the 12 egg cases today and put the eggs in them had 12 doz.

  Mar 9 Weather cold but fair freezing temp and Fred Birch called on Mrs. Faw’s. Mr. Fox brought the papers. Nothing else doing today. Albert came this afternoon.

  Mar 10 Snow covered the ground this morning roofs and everything was white. Freddie came this forenoon he ate dinner with us then went to get Bettie at her folks then on home.

  Mar 11 Everything was white Albert got up before I did. I taken a tablet and over slept. We hurried and went to church. Dewitt and Mary came about 2 o’clock Albert had to take the bus at 4 o’clock.

  Mar 12 Snow covered the ground again this morn and very cold. I got 100 lbs of wheat of Seeley today $2.65.

  Mar 13 Weather warmer & temp 45 I had Parsnip dinner. I got my billboard thawed loose and put the egg sign out.

  Mar 14 Weather fine temp 45 sent Mack a letter also Mrs. Bows today.

  Mar 15 I sent my milk pail up to A and they brought me 4 qts tonight. Oh how good to have milk to drink done me more good than all medicine.

  Mar 16 Weather in sun its warm & cold wind rain during the night the creek spread nearly to bars. Mr. Warren was called to Rumleess this morning. Donald has appendicitis. Mr. Warren went to see his wife.

  Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day This day gets celebrated to much. I have been weaker today. I managed to make my fried cakes. A thunder storm this afternoon.

  Mar 18 Weather very warm today. Elizabeth Decker’s funeral she died 16th. I could not go and didn’t go to church today. Had sweat again last night no sleep.

  Mar 19 Weather very cold. Temp 55 no sun shine but Oh so chilly. Another day of uselessness. No natural sleep Sweat is not rest.

  Mar 19 Spring The sun came out beautiful but has gone under. I made an effort to wash some blankets but gave up. The day has turned out a mess, rain disagreeable. I wrote Albert tonight. Pat and the children stopped after taking George Seely home he has been helping Richard in the lumber yard again.

  Mar 21 weather misty, cloudy, cold. Nothing doing again today. Got a letter from Dolores today about Joe.

  Mar 22 Weather cold misty cold like snow. Mr. Fox got me a loaf of bread this morn. Another day and could not do anything.

  Mar 23 Weather bright and sunny. I got my curtains fixed to my bedroom window at last and was all tired just doing that.

  Mar 24 Weather bright but snappy cold. Geo, Helen and Freddie and Bettie came about noon then they all but Geo went to the valley came back to dinner then where they went I don’t know.

  Mar 25 Weather lovely & bright. I did not feel well enough to go to church today. Mrs. Warren’s people was up with the baby today it is growing like a little pig. They bought 3 doz eggs.

  Mar 26 The weather today surely was real summer. I didn’t get up until 10 o’clock. Then I went and got wash water on to wash and I got the white clothes and blankets all done now. My curtains next. Leroy Kilmer called this morn he was taking his boy to a boarding school in PA.

  Mar 27 Most of the day was cloudy. I got a lb. of coffee and ½ # of tea today.

  Mar 28 Weather Beautiful warm and sunshine all day. I washed the curtains today. Mr. Bliss called today I sure did not get around very good my legs cramped so.

  Mar 29 Very warm temp 80. I did not do much again today but was able to go to the Memorial Remembrance of Jesus last supper in the upper room.

  Mar 30 Weather real summer. Mrs. Warren came home this afternoon on 48 hour leave.

  Mar 31 Weather cold and discouraging. At last I ask Mr. Hodge to take over to the coach to get my case of carnation milk which I got and my groceries.

  Apr 1 Weather ideal so bright and sunny. I went to church today. Took my litty Albert sent Saturday night. Orpha Guiles brought my lemon pie before I got up this morn. Toot came over this after went back on the late bus.

  Apr 2 Weather dark rainy cold. Richard came up and brought Jimmie to stay a few days as he wanted to come up. Blanche Manning returned from Florida today. Edward Ellison has suffered a hear attack today.

  Apr 3 Dark cloudy & cold. This afternoon cloudy are lifting some. To cool for Jimmie to play out doors. Mrs. Drake got a doz eggs today.

  Apr 4 Weather very cold dark cloudy with spitting rain. I got a letter from Johnnie and Helen both today both dated the 3rd April.

  Apr 5 Weather like winter cold winds with snow flurries. Blanche Manning called this morn for a doz eggs.

  Apr 6 Weather was so chilly. Jimmie couldn’t play out doors.

  Apr 7 Weather keeps up the icy air sunshine Temp 50 today highest. Pat came up this afternoon and took Jimmie home. Isabell got her plants Delphiniums. I got 2 lbs. Hamburg & 1 of liver today with my groceries from Possinger’s. I gave Mrs. Carlyle a dozen eggs.

  Apr 8 Weather was fine. I was very much surprised today to have my 2 grandchildren come in Eulalia with a Scotch soldier and Albert Jr. They stayed to dinner went on 6 o’clock bus.

  Apr 9 Weather moderate. My first caller this morn was Bill Davidson he brought me 3 sweet onions. I called over to Blanche Manning this afternoon took her Begonia home.

  Apr 10 Weather ideal. It seems every day I get more weak. I can not get myself to do anything. I did paint the milk stool.

  Apr 11 Today I have painted all the handles on the tools. I was so tired to night I could not sleep.

  Apr 12 Weather ideal again. Franklin D. Roosevelt died at 4:35 pm today. Age 63 at his cottage in warm Springs Georgia.

  Apr 13 Weather very warm & sultry. My foot is worse today. I can hardly get around. All day they have preached on radio for Roosevelt enough to of buried the whole world.

  Apr 14 Weather colder another day of preaching has took place all over the world and service at white house also. I did a little more painting this afternoon. Very cold tonight.

  Apr 15 Weather cold enough to freeze and I think it will tonight. Well the President is resting in his grave now they went through enough to tire the whole world. Bell stopped in a few minutes this afternoon. The Warren’s did not go to get her today.

  Apr 16 Cold like winter Temp 45. Ruth Brewer called me on the phone today to tell that she had put her father in the hospital with a heart attack and threatening pneumonia.

  Apr 17 Weather cloudy from rain last night. Much warmer today I wrote Mac today.

  Apr 18 Weather fine half the day. I rode to the co-op store with Mr. Warren this afternoon. The store was not open so he let me out at the Post office. I got my royal blue enamel at Possinger’s. Then walked home. I painted my churn today.

  Apr 19 Well

  Apr 20 Weather cold and dark. I have not done much of anything today.

  Apr 21 Weather dark cold & rain. Dolores and Steve came in on the early bus had a cup of coffee with me. Then Dora was on hand to meet them so away they went.

  Apr 22 Weather air so cold it chills one to the bone. I went to church today. Mrs. Warren’s father and mother’s last visit up here as they are moving to Wyalusing.

  Apr 23 Weather last night froze the asparagus but it tasted good. Temp 50.

  Apr 24 This is Albert Jr. birthday Richard and Pat brought Jimmie up today.

  Apr 25 Weather dark rain all day. Albert Jr. called me up to say good by as he was on his way to Buffalo for his examination as he enlisted in the Navy.

  Apr 26 Cleared up and sunshine is beautiful. I have cleaned up the shop, the down stairs, emptied up the hens wheat in the box.

  Apr 27 Weather cloudy cold stinging air.

  May 4 I sent check for renewal of Reader’s Digest today.

  May 6 I did not go to church was alone all day.

  May 7 My fuel stamps came today. The check from Auburn also $40.46 from Mr. P. Bowes.

  May 8 Rain today VE Day.

  May 12 Today I took the bus for Ithaca. Dolores went with me that far then came back with Freddie. I took the diamond for Buffalo.

  May 13 Mother’s Day. Day of prayer all of the world. Mr. G. H. Whitemore died today he was 89 years old.

  May 18 I know indeed that wealth is good;
               But lowly roof and simple food,
               With love that hath no doubt,
               Are more than gold without.
                                  -J. G. Whittier

  June 6 I came back today from Buffalo I stay this time 5 weeks at Albert and doctored all the time not much better.

  June 7 Well my first day home. I stayed up and walked to much was so tired at night could hardly get up this morn.

  June 9 Can not do anything. I was lucky to get a small piece of steak from Possinger’s it was lovely cost .78 cents.

  June 10 I was to lame to get around there was 2 men came from Grover’s and finished scything the yard.

  June 11 Rained during the night so Blanche came this afternoon and we set the Dailies toes out. I over done again today.

  June 12 Blanche and I went to Van Etten today found some beef but not very good. Got a small box of iron tablets from Albert today.

  June 13 Cloudy and rain again.

  June 14 After waiting all the forenoon for Blanche to go to Owego I begun my washing of blankets 3 of them 2 counterpanes and a fair wash besides.

  June 21 Mrs. House came and cleaned the sitting room today. I finished the curtains and helped her also lightening struck Mrs. Allen’s barn and burned it in today’s storm.

  June 22 Isabell came to night and had one of her fits to go home at bed time she looks like a scared cat when in them.

  June 27 Toot and a man and his wife from the YMCA and Isabell had another of her hysteric got her suit case and went home.

  June 29 Hot more than hot 90. I wrote 2 letters Albert, Helen in Butler. Mr. Warren brought me some wheat from a box car today. Bought 3 qts of strawberries of John Whitmarsh $1.50 today.

  June 30 Last day in June. I walked down town and got my sugar and tired myself out. I made my jam today strawberry. I went up to Dewitt’s with Fannie no one home.

  July 1 Very warm temp 90. Early I manage to get ready and went to the Federated Church had to come home I got so faint. Went down to Richard’s got so very wet coming the roof leaked .

  July 2 The pills Albert was to send came Tuesday. I did the second churning.

  July 3 I have dumped for 3 days now felt so miserable.

  July 5 Richard’s birthday.

  July 6 Sent Dawn tonight.

  July 7 Groceries today $ 2.31.

  July 18 Richard and Pat came up today. I went home with them.

  July 19 I got home this afternoon about 4 o’clock.

  July 20 I was very lame today. I went down to see Blanche this forenoon to see if she would go down to Hilbert’s after strawberries Friday.

  July 22 Ruth Bower called me up on the phone about noon to tell me of Agnes death this morning she was down in Philadelphia.

  July 23 Toot’s birthday age 56.

  July 24 Agnes’s funeral today at 21 – 30 pm at Ithaca funeral parlor.

  July 25 Thunder this afternoon light rain temp 82. Mr. Bliss called with some mail got a letter from Mrs. Wm. Margaret today.

  July 26 I got a lot of weeds pulled again today. Very warm today Temp 80.

  July 27 Weather beautiful Temp 75.

  July 30 Ed Bingham brought my 5 qts of red berries before I was up this morning. I got them all made in jam today 4 qts.

  Aug 1 Richard brought Jimmie & Isabell back tonight he would not stay home.

  Aug 3 I made sour cream in cup cakes today I washed my dress other pieces today everything clean for this week.

  Aug 4 Cool air I have worked most all my spare time in pulling weeds I washed 4 or 5 pieces again today.

  Aug 5 Weather fine getting cool again tonight. I have pulled the weeds and grass from around my tea roses. Today put the hay down in the barn took 2 loads of weeds down the hill.

  Aug 6 Rain all night am sending the GLF papers in today I am sending John a letter today.

  Aug 7 George & Helen Dolores & Bettie came tonight about 7 o’clock. They all went to the valley but George. Richard and Pat and Jimmie was here a little while this afternoon.

  Aug 8 I tried to get ready for the first bus for West Danby but missed now I am going on the 4 o’clock one. I went on bus tonight.

  Aug 9 Am up to Dewitt’s we took a ride down to Covert to see Maud Sincebaugh and her daughter Carrie they were not home after we got there so they Dewitt and Mary drove me home tonight.

  Aug 10 Got my sugar stamps today. The news this morning was Japan would accept the peace offer at Potsdam.

  Aug 11 I am sending a letter to Fannie F. Well I worked at weeds today. Started to bed at 9 and Albert & Kay drove in. Temp 80.

  Aug 12 Albert and Kay started about 7 o’clock I had my dinner 2:30 had sweet corn Albert brought it sure was good. Mrs. Warren’s mother and father went home today. Very warm temp 80.

  Aug 14 Weather a little cool.

  Aug 27 Dawn came on bus tonight.

  Aug 28 We Dawn & I went to see Dolores and the baby today at the Arnot Ogden Hospital.
  NOTE: Kevin Steven Polovick born Aug. 27, 1945 Steven and Dolores Ellison Polovick son.

  Aug 29 We just rested today tired from our trip yesterday.

  Sept 2 We went to church, Dawn was very much pleased with the sermon.

  Sept 5 Dawn got left with the bus tonight didn’t stop for her.

  Sept 6 Dawn went on the bus tonight for home.

  Sept 14 I worked to hard today cutting grass and I waxed my floor just late this afternoon.

  Set 15 I had a poor spell and had to call Dr. Cargo this morn. I called Mrs. Bliss and she cared for me.

  Sept 16 Mrs. House took care of me today and took over the job of caring for me the week following,

  Sept 19 I am in bed today. Jack and Max Eulalia’s husband came with a truck and got the furniture Bill left. I bought  11 bushel of peaches of red & white $2.50 a peck of potatoes also.

  Sept 20 I have been up today and got my breakfast and a little other work then went to bed got up a 7 o’clock . Mrs. Maynard called this fore noon and was nearly sick in bed she is the one that is over to Warren’s.

  Sept 22 I sorted over the peaches and caned 2 ½ qts today also canned 2 qts tomatoes. I sure was tired out bought 12 lbs from the red & white. I think Dr. Cargo called today.

  Sept 23 After my breakfast work over I begun to peel the peaches in the basket from Ed Bingham left yesterday it took me till 1 o’clock to can and peel enough for 3 qts. Today I was all tired out when done. I got a bushel of potatoes today.

  Sept 23 Well another lonesome day all alone. I had to peel 7 of the peaches I put in the Fridgerator made 1 more qt.

  Sept 25 Today I have been potting some house plants. Wrote 3 letters Kinney, Dewitt and Mr. Bowes.

  Sept 27 Dark cloudy day with misty rain very lonesome day.

  Sept 30 My wedding anniversary day I went to church came home got a lunch and laid down. Mrs. Lawton came in to see me she had been to Wayland Ricker’s funeral.

  Oct 1 I think it rained all day and was so dark and lonely.

  Oct 2 Eulalia is in the hospital with her first child a son. Vita came along this forenoon and we all went up to Dewitt’s for an hour.

  Oct 3 Toot came over on the bus this morning. I was just getting my breakfast he stayed until 5:30 pm bus.

  Oct 4 This the date of my mothers birthday if she was living it would be 101 years old.
  NOTE: her mother was Minnie F Linderman Sincebaugh born Oct 4, 1844 died Apr 16, 1928.

  Oct 5 The old cat was so sick yesterday would not eat. I thought she went away to die but she came back tonight and eat some. I sold 6 doz eggs today for .54 cts a doz to the Red & White store. I got a slice of fresh ham today.

  Oct 6 Weather fine Blanche M brought my Persian violet home.

  Oct 7 Today was world wide communion day. I went to church. No one called today. Weather was fine after the shower early this morn. Mrs. Hickey and sister called today to see about Geo.’s place.

  Oct 8 Weather fair. Dr. Cargo called today. Blanche M brought me 2 little head of cabbage.

  Oct 9 Rained all night. I sent Albert a letter out today. Talked with George about selling his place he also told me he had took Helen to the hospital today.

  Oct 10 Weather chilly air temp 40. Mrs. House started on her trip to the West today on noon bus. Mr. Fox brought my beef roast and Hamburg up from Possinger’s this forenoon $1.16 price hard he also got my Auburn check cashed. I have felt miserable all day.

  Oct 11 Weather good. Richard was up and got a new tire of Utillas today. Isabell and Jimmie came up tonight with Mr. Barber.

  Oct 12 Columbus Day. Weather cold wind. The autumn leaves are falling fast. Miss Myers did her first picking up hickory nuts today.

  Oct 13 Isabella and I made a cake and it was a failure so I made a lemon sauce to put on it. I was miserable all day.

  Oct 14 Isabella and Jimmie and I got dinner for the family but we had to eat alone they didn’t come till 2:40 then Helen Seeley Took the children home with Richard & Pat. We had steak and lemon cake. George called me up tonight saying Helen had a blood infusion.

  Oct 15 George’s birthday. Weather damp and chilly with rain during the night. Talked with Geo. tonight he said Helen had took 3 transfusions and some penicillin and is feeling better. I wrote the church and the school tax checks also 1 to Bliss today.

  Oct 18 Weather today bright . I did a washing 2 sheets 2 blankets & pillow cases and various other pieces got them ironed and bed changed.

  Oct 18 Weather today. I washed my green flannel skirt I got in Bermuda. Mrs. Warren’s people went to Willard hospital to see her today. Mrs. Maynard told me today she thinking of moving in with Blanche Manning.

  Oct 19 I went over to see Mrs. Faw’s this afternoon and Miss Dr. Cargo again.

  Oct 20 Mrs. House came home from Wisconsin this afternoon she brought her mother 90 years old home with her.

  Oct 21 I went to church today. Dewitt and Mary came out about 3 o’clock this afternoon. Richard and family came up this afternoon they took the cat and a lot of my plants home with them.

  Oct 22 Weather bright. Mrs. House and her mother walked down town this afternoon the mother 90 years old. I got 2# Hamburg today .58 cts. High wind tonight with ham??? during the night. Got a letter from Mr. Bows today with check.

  Oct 23 Rain and very chilly all day. No one been in today. I have felt bum today again.

  Oct 24 Weather dark & cloudy and chilly. Mrs. House bought a hen this morning.

  Oct 25 Weather clear cool. George got over here this morn before eleven we are trying to get his place sold and deeds made out he did not have any luck in Owego.

  Oct 27 Pat and the children came up with Richard this morn and helped to clean up the windows and we got the sash curtains up. Richard is working over to the co-ops this week. Elmer Fisher took the jade tree, Evergreen one lace fern and cactus from the tropical garden Florida and the corn plant.

  Oct 28 Weather sunny and bright some warmer. I got up earlier again. Every day there is something to do to get ready to leave home for the winter. The Jane’s are moving today.

  Oct 29 I went down town with Mr. Warren after dinner got me check book all posted up to date to day Oct 28th I got  locks to put on the out building doors. 1 azalea plant to Blanche.

  Oct 30 I took the rubber tree, the fern box and the 2 shrub trees , 1 shrimp plant down to the brick house to Miss Myers tonight. Eleanor took the black foliage rose feed begonia.

  Oct 31 George and Johnnie and Bettie and Freddie came over late this afternoon. John came home Thursday Oct 30, 1945.

  Nov 4 I didn’t go to church today.

  Nov 6 Election day. I went home with Richard tonight.

  Nov 7 I got home from Richard’s this morn a little before eight. I killed a hen and have cooked it nearly all day lookin for Albert.

  Nov 8 Weather fine. Richard and Pat went to Elmira this forenoon after an auto tire. There was an airplane crash on the Elmira landing field killing 6 men of army force.

  Nov 9 Weather noon has been fine but tonight there is a change in the weather raining.

  Nov 10 Weather very good. I took all the hay on the cement floor in the barn and put it in the hay wow. Swept all the barn clean. We got the stove in the little house tonight. Mr. Wright came from N. Spencer to do it.

  Nov 11 Weather cold rain all night. Albert did not come last night.

  Nov 17 We came to Buffalo today. Albert came after me the fore part of the week. We got in Buffalo late tonight.

  Nov 18 My first Sunday in Buffalo. We arrived last night.

  Nov 21 Diamond Brady his love for Lillian Russy.

  Nov 25 Today was our day to remember God Knows. It all and the crooked shall be made straight. Albert and I are left alone as K. left today for her sisters home after the fight

Tri-Counties Page 16122

Chemung County NY
Published On 20 JUN 2008
By Joyce M. Tice