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Transcribed by Melissa June Merritt

Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

Born May 18, 1868 West Danby, NY

Died April 28, 1960

Elmira Star-Gazette

Woman, 91 Dies of Burns

Waverly- Mrs. Emeline E. Ellison, 91 of 101 N. Main St. Spencer, died at Tioga General Hospital early yesterday morning, a little over a month after she was admitted for treatment of burns suffered in a fire at her home March 22. Mrs. Ellison, who died at 11:36 a.m., had been treated for first and second degree burns of her head, neck and chest. Mrs. Ellison, who lived alone, was preparing her noon meal when her apron caught fire from gas stove blaze. The elderly woman ran outdoors and threw herself in the snow to extinguish the garment fire, then hurried to a nearby trailer for help.

Dated Friday Evening, April 29, 1960

  Diaries from Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison
  1942 – 1946

  1942 Diary

  Jan 17, 1942 Weather cool and the walks & roads are really dangerous with ice. I went to church today.

  1943 Diary

  Jan 1, 1943 Monday New Years day and we are in the thick of another blizzard – ice snow blowing all day. Pat came up this forenoon to get Isabell and Jimmie so I am alone once more tonight.

  Jan 2 Weather zero 0. It is very cold this morn and growing colder this afternoon. I have had a hard day zero at 8 o’clock tonight. Had to cut ice in creek twice today.

  Jan 3 Real blizzard this morn Pep to Mangon liquid 00 tablets 100 tablets .90 cts.

  Jan 20 Temp 0. Jack got his card to report for examination.

  Jan 21 Weather very cold growing colder Temp 0.

  Feb 3 Fuel oil today 128 - $12.67

  Feb 7 I went to church today the first in 5 weeks.

  Feb 8 weather winter blustery with snow squall. I received my Montgomery Ward order today also a box from Mac & Albert a scarf and Albert and his family’s pictures. Mrs. Connor moved out today.

  Feb 13 I sent the Auburn taxes today.

  Feb 14 Valentine Day. It sure is a terrible winter day. 10 below A. L.
  Alexandria I am the bomb Box 62, New York.

  Feb 15 I sent a letter to Mrs. Sweeney 20 below zero today this morn.

  Feb 27 Fuel oil man today 175 gal $17.32

  Feb 28 Weather variable sunshine snow squalls I went to church. Gone today.

  Mar 1 2 above 0.

  Mar 2 zero

  Mar 3 Snow to shovel this morn. 10 above 0.

  Mar 4 Weather very cold 10 below 0.

  Mar 16 I went to Buffalo today Jimmie & I.

  Mar 27 Bell had her accident tonight on her way to Ithaca after Toot at West Danby both car’s demolished. Jack went to Camp Niagara today.

  Mar 29 Albert and Kathryn brought me home today.

  April 2 Albert and Kathryn went home today after 4 days at home.

  Apr 4 483 day today since the war begun. I went to church today.

  Apr 5 The weather was real winter snow and hail. Blustery all day and tonight snowing.

  Apr 6 This morning a real blizzard snow had fell 2 in or more Looks like mid winter. Now at noon the sun is shinning brightly.

  Apr 11 Weather is bright but cold enough to wear my fur coat to church today.

  Apr 13 Weather real winter Temp this morn 21. Tonight we have a snow storm and once again the ground is covered with snow the darkness lasted all day.

  Apr 14 The snow settled with a crust and today will be more winter than we can enjoy.

  April 15 Temp 22. This is the third day of snow and winter weather. Real blizzards. Albert Jr. set the 2 pecan trees this forenoon that came from the nursery Tuesday from Bradley Bro.

  Apr 16 Mother has been dead 16 years died April 16, 1928. Temp 20 above. Weather very cold, ground froze in a crust. All day it has snowed 5 or 6 inches tonight. I got a large roast of beef from McKinley today also the store lock to the door.
  NOTE: Emmaline’s mother Minnie F. Linderman Sincebaugh Born Oct 4, 1844

  Apr 18 Palm Sunday. I went to church this morning.

  Apr 25 I joined the Presbyterian Church today. I took my Easter Lilly down that Albert sent me yesterday.

  May 2 I went to church today.

  May 7 I got a letter from Mrs. Sweeney today saying she was moving on June 1.

  May 8 My little ren bird just gave her first appearance and song. Himler Hither’s cat paw.

  June 15 Toot’s cow was put back in the pasture today.

  June 16 Sent John a letter today.

  July 25 Made 6 qts. of red raspberries in jam and 4 pts canned.

  July 30 There was 2 blue morning glories out this morn. The first blossoms. Vet and Ma Johnson is up today.

  Aug 7 Margo’s calf Rosalee born this morning.

  Aug 31 McKinley and Bettie came tonight at 2:30 am on their trip to the Adirondacks for their vacation.

  Sept 2 We drove up to Dewitt’s for a call tonight.

  Sept 3 We drove down to Richard for a call this evening.

  Sept 4 Kinney and Bettie started at noon today for the woods.

  Sept 8 McKinley and Bettie started for Buffalo today a little after two o’clock.
  NOTE: Kinney and McKinley are the same person.

  Oct 19 I cleaned my living room curtains and hung them today. They look fine.

  Oct 20 George came over to hunt today. I finished all the flowers for winter today Paid taxes today $24.24.

  Nov 11 There was a small parade today.

  Nov 14 Isabell and Jimmie and I went to church today. No one came. We had chicken dinner.

  Nov 15 Our first snow storm today first shoveling side walks. Albert did come over and do that.

  Nov 16 This morn the trees bend with the heavy snow. Jimmie went to kindergarten school this forenoon. Mr. Bliss took him.

  Nov 25 Thanksgiving Day. Well today finds me at home and all alone the first time in my life on this sacred holiday and I here give thanks for my heavenly father tender care of me. Amen.

  Nov 26 Weather was fine today. Honey bees, caterpillars, blow flies and miller were out. I burnt a bonfire down the hill. My Montgomery Ward order came today Jimmie’s underwear and mittens. I went over and made a call on Mrs. Faw’s and Mrs. Perry tonight.

  Nov 27 Weather dark and cloudy with rain. Richard came up with his deer dressed and they took it to Owen’s to his cooker. Jimmie came back with them he went down home Wednesday night.

  Nov 28 We did not go to church today.

  Dec 1 Roy Parshall took Richard’s ton of hay today. Bell has 2 new boarders came today.

  Dec 8 Pearl Harbor Day Great white Fleet boat Antigua. Albert and I were in Mid Ocean on Sunday forenoon. Dec 7, 1941 coming home from our trip to Guatemala.

  Dec 9 And 2 cans of sour milk. The last Mr. Keller got a 5# jar of butter today.

  Dec 11 His boat leaves tomorrow Steve has to leave tonight for NY.

  Dec 14 Jack was married today before his birthday at home. Mr. Bliss performed the ceremony.  Today Jack Ellison’s 21 years old.
  NOTE: Simeon’s son.

  Dec 16 Jack had to return to camp tonight.

  Dec 17 Willie Linderman’s Funeral.

  Dec 21 Elizabeth Ellison died age 27 1920.

  Dec 24 Elizabeth Ellison died Dec 31 1920 age 27.

1944 Diary

  Jan 7 1944 Dewitt & Mary came out today. Temp 10 above.

  Jan 8 Weather very cold temp 0. I got a box of Grow Pup ribbon today.

  Jan 9 What did Gen. Mc Arthur say when he walked in a drug store? I’ll take Manila.

  Jan 15 I have wrote to Edna Drew today to thank her for fruit cake she sent me for Christmas 1944.

  Jan 21 Jimmie went home with his folks tonight. I sent a letter to Edna Drew today.

  Jan 22 Today temperature was 48 the day was like spring but cold air.

  Jan 23 Jimmie and I went to church today. Tex Mory and Martha.

  Jan 29 Today I got 10 # of sugar sold 7 dozen eggs $2.28 to H. H. Fisher’s. I sent a letter to cousins in Minn. Today.

  Feb 3 Toot’s cow freshened this morning I got cow feed & Scratch food for the hens.

  Feb 10 Dewitt and Mary came out this afternoon. Mary is much better and looked fine.

  Feb 12 Real winter this morn, the first real snow fell during the night. I shoveled the paths on the south side walk and made them way to the barn. Then the Butt’s boy did the front and cleaned the Hen house for me (all he ask) paid .70 cts.

  Feb 14 Jimmie and I went to church today.

  Feb 17 Mr. Bliss brought my alarm clock that Albert sent with his package today. I washed my 3 chandlers today. Parlor dinning room and living room. This morn zero.

  Feb 19 I did a churning tonight 3 #.

  Feb 20 It is thawing today this morn 10 below zero. I made the fruit cookies tonight. Mrs. Williams was here today.

  Feb 25 I cleaned the barn where the pressed hay was taken out and cleaned the ice on the cement steps.

  Feb 26 Very sunny morn chilly air Jimmie is having a little sun and exercise outdoors.

  Feb 27 Snow this afternoon. Richard came up today to get his car that was being over hauled in the garage. He shoveled the sidewalks. I made a batch of fried cakes today

  Feb 28 I went down to Richard’s to dinner today. When we came home tonight Albert and McKinley was here. Jimmie went home with his folks again tonight.

  Feb 29 Albert and Mac rested all day didn’t go any where. Mac spent the evening some where.

  Mar 1 We drove over to Elmira today to see Helen who is in the St. Joseph’s Hospital. Albert and I and McKinley went.

  Mar 2 Albert and McKinley & Tiny got started for Buffalo at noon today. Well everything was so still no clocks striking no Tiny, no Jimmie, everything still as a mouse. Terry Gibbs came.

  Mar 3 Sunshine today zero. Mrs. Vanderpool came for milk this morn. Snow today about 3 inches had fell. Pat and Richard came early and ate lunch with me. I went over to Eleanor Bartholmore’s to the mission club tonight after getting Jimmie to bed.

  Mar 4 More snow to night zero 0.

  Mar 5 Very cold. Zero. We went to church today.

  Mar 6 Cold air all day. Zero. Tonight it is storming hail snow freezing cold. Terry Gibbs came at noon to fix pump. I wrote 2 letters today 1 Helen, 1 to Dawn. I saw Toots car home tonight.

  Mar 7 Jimmie’s birthday. We had cake all day his mother brought him a pretty little cake. To night I am all in with a head cold.
  NOTE: Jimmie ( James Albert Ellison) is Richard and Pearlena Grippen Ellison’s son

  Mar 8 I was sick all day with a cold in the head. I never had so bad a cold in the head in years.

  Mar 9 I got 2 bags of feed today $6.48 zero 0. My cold is not much better.

  Mar 10 Weather zero. I sent Johnie a letter today also Albert. I have washed out a few pieces today.

  Mar 12 Isabel and Jimmie and I went to church today. Bell Brummel’s funeral this afternoon she died Thursday night 9:30.

  Mar 17 Zero. I saw my first robin. I paid the electric bill & telephone bill today. I received a check from Mrs. Coleman today $35 dollars on rent.

  Mar 18 Zero. 0

  Mar 19 10 above 0. Jimmie and I went to church today. Heard of Mrs. Washburn’s death.

  Mar 20 first day of spring. With a big snow storm came last night. 8 or 10 inches still snowing this afternoon. I nearly collapsed under the shoveling and work today.

  Mar 21 A heavy coat of snow covers the ground. Mrs. Washburn’s funeral today.

  Mar 22 Very cold. Zero 0. My cold seems worse this morn.

  Mar 25 A grass widow is the wife of a vegetarian. Today so just like spring. I let the hens out most all day. We cleaned the wet mud and the drop board in the hen house. Isabell and I.

  Mar 26 We went to church the children & I today. We had dinner at 2 o’clock.

  Mar 27 Weather changed to very cold. Today is Billie’s birthday. I made a batch of fried cakes. Today Isabell is staying with me this week. Riding every morning with her.

  Mar 28 Weather very cold air. Jimmie and I done a lot of cleaning today. Vacuumed both rooms, burned the rubbish, the electric pump had to be primed again today Monroe Whitemarsh fixed it for me.

  Mar 29 Colder today air like ice. I got up at seven this morn. Bell went away with Toot today.

  Mar 31 I made a brown loaf of bread.

  Apr 1 We washed out a few pieces. I got one of the big pasteboard boxes and packed all the papers and paste board I could find for the Salvation Army today.

  Apr 2 Weather 29 degrees. The children and I went to Palm Sunday sermon. Today it has been very cold air with spitting snow today. To night it is very cold. McKinley called me on phone to night.

  Apr 3 Weather freezing. I got cow & hen feed today.

  Apr 4 I washed a few pieces today. Jimmie and I went down to catch cows tonight.

  Apr 5 Today is so cold with snow and blizzard like weather. My cow ran across the creek and went way up to the last field north.

  Apr 6 Cold freezing weather this morn. I did a lot of all kinds of work today to get ready for my trip to Buffalo.

  Apr 7 Johnnie’s Birthday. Weather fair I am planning on going to Buffalo tomorrow night for Easter. Jimmie and I went to the Food Friday candle light communion Union Service from Gethsemane tonight Golgotha.
  NOTE: Johnnie (John Robert Ellison) George & Helen Barber Ellison son.

  Apr 8 I went to Buffalo on the diamond tonight from Ithaca.

  Apr 9 Easter I was up to Buffalo for Easter. Albert and K. & I went to church we wore orchards. Albert bought for us.
  NOTE: A felt red clover is pinned on this page. K is Kathryn Span Ellison Albert’s wife.

  Apr 15 McKinley and Bettie brought me home today from Buffalo.

  Apr 16 Kinney and Bettie got started for home about noon today.

  May 1 My little ren came this morning.

  May 5 Heard on radio this morn an old lady Mrs. Hannah Lawson by none age 86 years old on Pep program. Weather very warm & dry.

  May 6 I let my heffer out doors today for the first time she was born Aug 7, 1943. She sure was a surprised little lady to see the world for the first time.

  May 6 It began to rain early tonight. Kept it up all night and all day the creek sure has been to the flood area all day water came up to the bars. Richard was up today towards night.

  May 7 Weather sunshine but very cool air. The creek has receded but not back to the creek line yet.

  May 8 Weather cloudy very little sunshine. A few drops of rain during the day. Pat and Mrs. Carlyle came up this afternoon to get Jimmie as he wanted to go for a few days.

  May 10 We had rain again last night today it is somewhat sultry.

  May 12 I have to keep Margo tried out to pick her pasture everyday. The creek has been very high all the week.

  May 13 Weather fair this forenoon. This afternoon Tiny went down the hill and made a fuss over something under the hen house. On looking I found a strange dog had got one of my hens and was eating it alive it turned out to be Dr. Johnson’s dog – thunderstorm tonight.

  May 14 Mother’s Day.  I went to church today. Toot came over this afternoon and brought me a mother’s day card. The first time he has been over since K came home, when Kinney was here.
  NOTE: Toot is Simeon Dewitt Ellison her son.

  May 15 sultry and warm. Temp 70. Toot just got started for his work at eleven o’clock. Albert sent me a beautiful pot of geraniums yesterday for mother’s Day. Toot came home in a very bad condition. Bell had to help him in the house from the garage.

  May 16 Rained nearly all day. I have a good rest to day. I did a little mowing the lawn. Tonight the first to be done on south side. Albert’s Birthday.

  May 17 Weather warm and fine. I did a lot of cleaning to day. Albert and Kathryn came about 6 o’clock tonight. I had supper nearly ready.

  May 18 My birthday 76 years. Dewitt and Mary and Albert and K, Jimmie and I were our party.

  May 19 Isabell’s birthday born 1934 10 years. We drove to Auburn today to see about the place. Got back a little after six o’clock. Isabell was here when we got home.
  NOTE: Isabelle Jean Ellison is Richard and Pearlena Grippen Ellison’s daughter

  May 20 We didn’t do much but rest today. Richard & Pat came up this afternoon. Jimmie went home with them tonight.

  May 21 We hurried all the morn. to get things ready for Albert started for home at noon. Today I didn’t go to church. Isabell did.

  May 22 Weather rained all night. Isabell went back this morn. To school. Mr. Isaac Hunt called this afternoon. Rain again this afternoon.

  May 24 Rain came again tonight. Mrs. I. Hunt got here this morning about 9 o’clock and spent the whole day with me.  The cow and Heffer got across the creek this fore noon the first time.

  May 25 Weather variable warm, rain. I went down town and mailed 2 letters today 1 to Kinney, 1 to Johnnie. I bought bread .12, cake . 25, cookies . 29 and marmalade .35.

  May 26 Weather fine & beautiful. I sent George a letter today and one to the Linderman’s.

  May 27 Weather fine. Geo. came up the street with an old suitcase he bought at the Durham auction. Helen, Freddie and Betty came later they all stayed to supper with me. Dr. Johnson’s dog killed another hen for me today.

  May 28 Memorial Services today. At the federated church I went, McKinley and Bettie came at 11 o’clock they stopped up to Dewitt’s on way down I paid out $10.00 $7.00

  May 29 Dewitt and Marie came down today and Mac and he built the bridge over the creek and fixed up the fences so I now can turn out the cow nights.

  May 30 Very warm Mac put the pipe railing on the bridge and this evening he cleaned the pipes in the lavatory bowl up in the bathroom.

  May 31 Weather so hot can hardly stand it temperature 90. McKinley and Bettie put the day in taking auto rides.

  June 1 Toot’s cow was out of the pasture this morning. They kept it tied on the lawn all day, then I let them put her in the orchard.

  June 2 Cold air. We got started for Dewitt’s about 12:30 spent the afternoon and had dinner with them. Isabell was here when we got home at 6 o’clock.

  June 3 Weather very cold air Temp 50. Kinney is insulating the water pipes in store today.

  June 4 Toot fixed the electric fence today. Weather very cool temp 60. Kinney and Bettie started for home to Buffalo a little after noon. Richard & Pat and children came up this afternoon. Isabell went home.

  June 5 Weather fair windy cool. War news. The Fall of Rome. Toot and Bell off to Owego, they took the old man with them.

  June 6 4 thousand ships took part in entering the coast to France begun on June 6th at 3:32 pm. Today is D day of the great invasion of France begun after midnight the 6th June. Radio has kept up the broadcasting all day. Toot and Bell are all broken up. They was here all the forenoon and ate breakfast with me.

  June 7 Weather was very good. I done my washing after the chores today. Done the ironing this evening. I went to the church to the prayer services for our boy over there this evening.

  June 8 Weather cool. I got a letter from Kinney this Morn he forgot his shirts, I just mailed them to him. I bought $1.04 worth of groceries while downtown.

  June 9 Pat and I Isabell was up tonight early. I just cleaned and put Jimmie’s overcoat away with moth balls. Salvation truck came today. Well Toot is off to some trip they went to Ithaca. Eulalia, Albert and Mary Holdridge he came home drunk and Bell and he had a terrible fight.

  June 10 Weather dark cloudy with rain. Pat brought Jimmie & Isabell up this morning. Eulalia and the H girl went somewhere today.

  June 11 Children’s Day Weather fair cool early. We all went to church. Jimmie, Isabell and I. The bug House is running on a different shift these days.

  June 12 Isabell, Albert and I finished mowing the lawn. Weather was very warm.

  June 13 Weather fair. We cleaned the hen house today. Isabell and I. I done my last churning today and have sloped favoring Margie’s milk.

  June 14 Isabell went back to school today. Flag Day rained all day. Dark and gloomy we have had to stay in all day. Albert put their cow in my field again today. I made a batch of fried cakes this afternoon. Toot came over for a while.

  June 15 Weather very warm with slight shower. I wrote Johnnie today. We found the scythe and Toot is sharpening it tonight.

  June 16 Weather intensely hot temp 93. Jimmie and I had strawberries form the flower garden for luncheon today.

  June 17 The weather fair temp 80. I went over in the meadow and got nearly a qt of strawberries. Bell and Toot have stayed in house all day.

  June 18 Father’s Day. Weather warm & Sultry. I went to church alone today. Bell was sick all day. We could not get a Dr. until evening then Toot took her to Dr. Cargo’s. A downpour of rain all night thunder & lightening high water.

  June 19 This morn the creek was to high water nearly over new bridge. Toots cow tried to come across and nearly go drowned as she floated under bridge. I went down town and paid the taxes & got groceries.

  June 20 Dark cloudy and cold. Toot went at noon to county farm. I sent Albert, McKinley letters today.

  June 21 Margo’s calf was born today June 21, 1944 name Jennie Linn. Weather misty this fore noon. Richard and Pat came about noon to go to the strawberry field. We got there to late to get any they had picked 800 qts that fore noon when we got back Margie had a calf. Way up the creek.

  June 22 It rained toward night. Well we hose the front porch this fore noon got done a little afternoon.

  June 23 Well we went to get strawberries again today and could not get any again today.

  June 24 Weather dark misty. Isabell helped her grandmother Bell all the afternoon until 9 o’clock pm tonight.

  June 25 Weather is fair this afternoon. We went to church today. Isabell and Jimmie & I. Toot and Bell expect to go to their new job tonight at 111 o’clock pm to Ithaca. Isabell went home tonight.

  June 26 Weather sunshine & warmer.

  June 27 Kenneth Frederick Ellison born today.
  NOTE: Frederick Ellison and Betty Harker Ellison Davis son.

  June 28 Today is Dolores Ellison’s Graduation Day.

  June 30 Weather fair and warm. I sent Dr. Albert a letter today.

  July 1 Weather fine some cooler but warm enough. Bell went to Elmira with Albert Jr. and another boy & mother to sign the boys papers to enter the Navy.

  July 2 Weather warm, fair, cloudy. Jimmie and I went to church. Albert and his father worked on the old auto all day. Richard & Pat went after cherries today. They brought me 11 quarts.

  July 3 Weather very warm and sultry. I pitted 4 quarts of cherries today. Churned, made drop cookies. Worked hard all day. Albert worked all day again today on his father’s car.

  July 4 Coming out warm. Well today is the day that once went so much to the American people (Our Liberty) but we are struggling for our very lives all over the world at this time. I canned 7 quarts of sour cherries today.

  July 5 Warm dry temp 90 at noon today.

  July 6 Nucoa fine flavored.

  July 7 This fire took place July 6th. 139 dead in the Ringling Bro. circus fire 80 were children. Warm dry sultry temp 82 at noon. I sent Mac a letter today.

  July 8 Warm and hot temp 92. Isabell came up today.

  July 9 Hot and hotter Temp 95. We went to church today. Toot brought home the from the Conley farm a man by name Vern Manley to clean his lawn.

  July 10 Sylvester Johnson lays in a coma is not expected to recover. Oh so hot temp 92. Well Vern begun his job on the lawn early this morn it was very hard job he got over half of it cut with scythe and raked it all up and drawed it in the barn.

  July 11 Temp 91 very hot.

  July 15 I did a lot of weeding today. Dolores Ellison came this afternoon. I have worked at the lawn for a week cleaning and getting it mowed.

  July 16 Weather dark & cooler. We got chores and breakfast. We dressed for church but a fierce thunderstorm came up and we had to give up going.

  July 17 Dolores begun to wash the ceiling in the kitchen today.

  July 21 Cool weather temp 52.

  July 22 We worked in the door yard nearly all day. Delores kept it up till night then before she went to bed she waxed the kitchen floor.

  July 23 Dolores went to Halsey Valley today. Very warm temp 80. Dolores and Jimmie & I went to church today. Then we went a red raspberring with Richard & Pat. We got in all 28 qts at 30 cts quart. Dolores went to Candor tonight.

  July 24 Made 6 qt of Red Raspberries in jam & 4 pts canned. Weather hot temp 95. I find myself alone for once in a while today. Jimmie went down home yesterday I made my jam & canned.

  July 25 Weather cooler temp 75. The water system had leaked at noon all day monday and night. Toot fixed it this morn and it has stopped. I made another can of jam today and churned.

  July 26 Sunshine, temp 75. I counted the blue morning glories this morn. There was 50. We turned the cows in the big meadow today. Dolores came up tonight and took her dress and blanket from Montgomery Ward.

  July 27 Very warm. Early temp 85 at noon.

  July 28 Very warm Temp 80. Toot and Bell did not get home this morn. Till 10 o’clock. Albert still sleeping then they all got in a field fight. Toot had to milk the cow. Bell up held Albert in his laziness doing nothing to help.

  July 29 Weather warm temp 80. I worked at all kinds of work all day.

  July 30 Jimmie and I went to church today. We came back got dinner and had Toot and Bell come over and eat with us. They had been cleaning up the yard we ate in the lower kitchen and were _________________.

  July 31 Warm very warm temp 82. Jimmie went home with his folks today.

  Aug 1 Temp 75 Albert came back today he came in to see me to tell me he had found a job at Horseheads. Toot brought the letter from Albert today.

  Aug 2 Sultry warm Temp 80. I did my washing this fore noon. We ironed tonight.

  Aug 3 Very warm hot & dry. Temp 90. We done our chores as quick as possible this morn then we kept shady. Isabell begun to cut the thistles in orchard tonight. She had to go home with her father tonight.

  Aug 4 Oh so warm. Temp at noon 90. We have had a thunderstorm this afternoon it is a little cooler. Richard was up and drawed in the hay for Emmaline Snook today.

  Aug 5 Very warm Temp 80. Toot and Bell just tore everything loose in cleaning today. Trunks and old clothing for Salvation Army and carpet rags begun to tear up the cement in the coal bin to put in new floor.

  Aug 6 Some cooler with temp 75. Showers. We went to the Federated Church today. Rained hard during services. Eikler’s folks are over to Toot’s for supper again. Albert and Kay came to night.

  Aug 7 Weather moderate. We all rested nearly all day. Albert was very tired.

  Aug 8 Just another day we just do as little as possible eat & rest.

  Aug 9 Very warm. Well today we done a little work in cleaning the fridgerator and the cellar. I tried to churn but failed again.

  Aug 10 Weather very hot. Albert and Kathryn started at noon today to spend 2 days with Mr. & Mrs. Brower in their motorboat on Cayuga Lake.

  Aug 11 Warm and warmer Temp 92. Nearly roasted today. I sent Bell’s order for her oil stove oven today.

  Aug 13 Oh so warm. We were none of us able to go to church. Spent the day resting.

  Aug 15 Kathryn cleaned the living room from top to bottom today.

  Aug 16 Warm & sultry. I killed a little white rooster we have cream biscuits and gravy for dinner.

  Aug 19 Albert did not go home today as he had planned. Kay had intended to clean the porch but gave it up and cleaned their auto.

  Aug 20 Albert got started home today about noon in the afternoon. Pat and Richard came to go to Binghamton. I went with them for a ride we went to see the children. Isabell came home with us.

  Aug 22 Toot and Bell took Eulalia to the memorial hospital tonight after Dr. Cargill had examined her for Polo. Isabell came up with her folks today.
  NOTE: Simeon and Isabelle Nesbit Ellison’s daughter.

  Aug 23 I did all my chores this morn. Got breakfast then I canned 5 ½ qts of peaches. I was so tired after that I laid down to rest the rest of the afternoon. Eulalia’s condition resting easy.

  Aug 24 Pat was up to day and surprised to know Isabell’s condition.

  Aug 25 Weather cool Temp this morn 40. Dr. Minnie Jennings’s called on me today. First time I have seen her since she was a young girl.

  Aug 26 Very cool. I had an extra lot of work to do today. Bell and Toot begun to tear things up again he worked at the concrete in cellar then ate dinner with me.

  Aug 27 Cooler weather fair. Toot’s folks have callers. Jennie went home with his folks this afternoon. Isabell stayed with me I had to call the Dr. for her. We took her to the hospital tonight.

  Aug 28 Weather and dreary. After calling Dr. Cargill last night we had to take Isabell for Polo. I did a clean up washing today and am so tired tonight.

  Aug 29 Weather very cloudy. Temp 55 I just keep my chores and house work done nothing more today.

  Aug 30 We drove over to night to see Isabell but we had to come home feeling very much discouraged in not finding out much.

  Aug 31 Just the same routine of chores and house work today.

  Sept 1 Dark gloomy day. I just manage to keep up my work don’t feel very strong. Richard and Pat were up tonight. Phoned the hospital for information on Isabell’s condition.

  Sept 2 Getting very hot. Temp 81. Willis Hayward is selling Jenny Clay’s house hold furniture to day. I went with Bell. I bought a bed mattress & springs.

  Sept 3 I went to church today. Came home was alone all day. I churned tonight.

  Sept 4 Pat brought Jimmie up this afternoon and she went back to work on her job tonight.

  Sept 6 Weather mild. Toot worked all day at the cement work. Finished tonight. His cellar and patched the hen house steps and the driveway side walk.

  Sept 7 Weather very cool tonight.

  Sept 10 Weather moderate I had a lot of chores to do today it was about 2 o’clock or later when Pat and Mrs. Thomas came to go to the hospital to get Isabell they had phoned we could come to get her.

  Sept 11 Isabell was up and walked around to much today so we had a terrible time with her tonight. Could hardly get her up stairs was up until midnight with her.

  Sept 12 I canned 2 qts peaches today. I have felt so badly today. I could hard stand the work I had to do to care for Isabell and my chores.

  Sept 13 It rained in the night this morn was dark and cloudy and chilly. Toot milked my cow this morn. I canned 2 qts peaches 2 of tomatoes today. We ironed all of Isabell’s cards & letters and books today.

  Sept 14 Joyce Ellison born Sept 14, 1940.
  NOTE: Daughter of John & Jean Stewart Ellison.

  Sept 16 Weather some cloudy canned a qt of peaches. I made a batch of doughnuts tonight.

  Sept 17 Weather ideal. The children and I are all alone. We could not go to church.

  Sept 18 Weather fine. I and Jimmie went up to Dewitt’s with Toot as he was again to Ithaca. D. gave me a bushel of pears 7 tomatoes we got back in time for chores.

  Sept 19 Weather rain in the night dark and cloudy today.

  Sept 21 Tonight we had a night of worry none of us had much sleep.

  Sept 22 Miss Laughlin called today. Mrs. Johnson went home tonight.

  Sept 23 Tonight we are to have a hard frost. Richard and Pearlena got back from Buffalo about noon. They were all tired out with the trip after having lunch and resting for a while they went home. Sheriff Grant was here today.

  Sept 24 Temp tonight 40. Last night brought freezing frost that killed the flowers even things covered were hurt badly. We went to church today Isabell and I. To night will be another freeze. No freeze came.

  Sept 25 Cool but very good day. I begun a washing but the electric cord burned off the connection and then I had to wash on the board. I canned 3 qts tomatoes and made the 2 elderberry pies. Got a letter from Albert.

  Sept 26 Weather bright Temp 70. Isabell had a very poor sleep last night and is still sleeping at 10 o’clock.

  Sept 27 Toot left this afternoon didn’t tell where he was going.

  Sept 28 Isabell had a very nervous hysterical fit tonight. I sent for Dr. Johnson at midnight he came and found nothing like polio ailed her.

  Sept 29 Richard came up and got Isabell this afternoon and he and Pat are again to Buffalo to see Albert this afternoon.

  Sept 30 Today is my anniversary 57 years ago. Richard & Pat returned this afternoon about 4 o’clock. They got a bushel of peaches 1 bushel of winter pears and grapes.

  Oct 1 I had to hurry to get my chores done to get ready for church this morning. The rest of the day was still and quiet being all alone.

  Oct 2 I sent out my Montgomery Ward order and a letter to Johnnie today.

  Oct 3 I sent McKinley his money order for the Jayne’s rent today.
  Oct 4 Weather fine. I went to Elmira today with Toot and family. Mother Johnson and I went shopping. They went to get a job in the Thatcher bottle factory.

  Oct 5 Weather very fine. I done all my chores and done my churning this forenoon.

  Oct 6 Weather warm spring like. Light rain last night. Toot went to Ithaca today. A letter came today for Albert from a young man that received a bible he gave Arthur Swanson.

  Oct 7 Weather ideal. Mrs. Vanderpool gave me some canterberry bell plants today.

  Oct 8 Weather very good. I went to church today have been alone all day not a soul to see or hear all day. This old world is so quiet.

  Oct 9 Weather very dark. I done a small washing. Made the apple sauce canned 2 cans have a churning to do yet. My Montgomery Ward order came today. Just a week coming. I sent Albert Arizona letter today. Bell & Eulalia begun their job in Thatcher Inc. tonight.

  Oct 10 Just a little sunshine today Richard was in a few minutes at noon.

  Oct 11 I got the big rat this afternoon. Toot set the trap. Weather fine. Toot left on the 9 o’clock bus for Ithaca. He stayed with me last night. Mr. Ralph Williams came this morn to draw the manure on the field he put in 6 ½ hours price $12.

  Oct 12 Weather very warm just ideal. I went down town today for groceries and to send the boys cards. Birthdays Geo. 15th – Kinney 14th.

  Oct 13 Very fine weather after chores and morning work I went down in the orchard and piled all the brush from the old apple tree. Dewey cut then piled the remaining wood up want to clean everything up.

  Oct 14 McKinley’s birthday 43 today. Weather changed to rain all night. I got up 20 min after 2 o’clock last night to put Margo in the barn. Still dark and raining at noon. Miss Laughlin called today.

  Oct 15 Georgie’s Birthday 48 today. Clear and Colder. Blanche Manning took me up to see the Finish family. Mrs. Kathleen Ellison died today in Delaware.

  Oct 16 Weather today bright sunny. Sent Johnnie’s box over sea today. There was a real freeze up last night.

  Oct 17 Weather fine & sunny. I got a letter today from Bettie telling Kathleen died Sunday afternoon. I sent a letter tonight To Dawn to tell her I had received the news.

  Oct 18 Weather bright & sunny after a heavy frost last night.

  Oct 19 Weather was fair. George and Helen came in about 10 o’clock. They stayed to dinner then we drove to Halsey Valley went to see Dora it was her birthday. Had a lunch and a piece of her cake.

  Oct 20 Weather bright & cool. I have not felt very good all day. Did not sleep good last night. I have had a lot of work this forenoon. My water system went out tonight.

  Oct 21 Rain all night and all day. Terry Gibbs fixed priming pump today.

  Oct 22 Weather bright sunny but cold air. I went to church but was late as ever. My chores take longer time since stabling the cows.

  Oct 23 Weather cold temp 20 above. Sun coming out bright. Toot went with Hedges this morn. I have lifted the dahlia bulbs out by my bedroom window.

  Oct 24 Weather fine. I did some washing today. I got up the storm windows out of the cellar. Geo and Helen didn’t come today. I finished shelling Isabel’s hickory nuts. Am cleaning up for winter.

  Oct 25 Weather finer than yesterday. I have repotted my lily bulbs today. George & Helen came for Elmer today. Geo put in my storm windows. The Jan, Feb, March upper rent came today. I gave Helen 7 doz eggs.

  Oct 26 Dewitt came out today. Mary did not come as Agnes is there and could not come as she is no better than she has been. Weather very chilly.

  Oct 27 Weather cooler today I cleaned my hen house and carried 10 big clothes baskets. Pressed so tight it would make a dozen. Put them all over the hen house and some in the barn.

  Oct 28 Weather bright but cool. I gathered maple leaves until I was tired out got a letter from Kinney today.

  Oct 29 Weather very cool. I went to church came home got dinner and rested all the afternoon.

  Oct 30 Weather fair but cold air this morning I went to the barn about 8:30 to milk found no cows in the barn some one had took them out the satchels and out the big barn door drove them in the street. They had wandered to the Fisher farm where Toot found them.

  Oct 31 Tonight is Halloween. Weather was fine. Mr. Shelby called today. I did a churning today. A beautiful yellow cat came down to the barn tonight. I sent Albert a letter today.

  Nov 1 Weather was so beautiful today just fine a lovely summer day. Air balmy. I got the brush pile burned up clean. Mr. Dewey helped me some I got a wheel barrows of manure on the rose bushes. Am now finished, the fall work.

  Nov 2 Weather very fine. Well I hurried with my chores this morning. I put the dirt on my dahlias bulbs then at noon I walked over to get my oxfords, the Old Finish man had tapped. Well I was so tired it took me all the afternoon to get over it.

  Nov 3 Weather very moderated and warm. I finished putting the black dirt on more plants today. I went with Mrs. Bliss to the missionary meeting over to Mrs. C. Seely’s. I got a letter from Pat today.

  Nov 4 Weather not quite so fine today. I cut the asparagus stalks and some friars and burned them today. Rain started about 4 o’clock this afternoon.

  Nov 5 Weather colder Temp 35 at 8:30. I went to church today. I had to hurry with my chores this morn. Toot has gone to the country farm. Everything else is so still and no one around. I getting colder snow flakes scattering through the air.

  Nov 6 Weather this morn temp 20 ground was lightly covered snow. I killed the white rooster this afternoon for tomorrow’s dinner. Richard called today on his way to work.

  Nov 7 Election Day. Weather fine a perfect day for election. This was the biggest problem this world has ever seen and will be the hardest work any President has ever been ordained to work out for peace here after.

  Nov 8 Weather dark, cloudy all day, mild and much warmer. I churned again today. The cows could go out for most of the day. Washed out a few pieces, lots of little things to do. Washed Timmy, also.

  Nov 9 Weather like spring. Some cloudy in forenoon, afternoon sunshine. I have worked in the orchard this afternoon. Mr. House came and cleaned up the wood. Blanche Manning goes to Florida tonight on late train. I picked sage this forenoon today.

  Nov 10 Weather at 9 o’clock the sun came out fine then before noon it begun to rain also rained during the night. I picked a mess of mustard greens down by the barn today for dinner tomorrow.

  Nov 11 Dark gloomy day rain, snow flurries. I hung my flag up under the porch to keep it out of the mist. A very lonesome day to spend all alone. I called to see Mrs. Faw’s first before milking time tonight.

  Nov 12 Weather rather cool. I got me morning work done and was getting ready for church. When McKinney drove in and wasn’t I surprised he brought Bootie down to stay till Christmas time.

  Nov 13 Weather was fine. I done the washing I have awaited for a good day to do. 2 blankets, 1 bed spread, 4 sheets, 2 pillow eases and other things. I done the ironing this evening. I worked hard all day. Albert had his pigs killed this afternoon.

  Nov 14 Weather cooler. Temp 40 the grass was frozen white this morn. I churned today I wrote to Ross, Bowes, Paluso, real estate man, Pat sent Albert the sage also Toot gave me a ham and spare rib today.

  Nov 15 Weather dark Temp 40 Bell is again over to their cottage today to take a load of dishes and chairs as they are moving over this week.

  Nov 16 Tonight a man came to rent Toots house the new agent at the Leighes. Toot and Bell did not get back until very late. Mrs. Johnson and Eulalia stayed to clean up and get thing ready to move tomorrow.

  Nov 17 Weather misty dark. Bell came in this morn to get some butter for their breakfast after Toot had took the Russ. Well she went down town early and got Whitmarsh to take a big load of their furniture. I guess they took all except her canned fruit.

  Nov 18 Weather mild but dark Temp 41. I have turned the cows out again today. Something very unusual for this time of year. I have churned today. The people came to look at Toot’s house. We had to pick the lock to get in as Bell locked everything up and took the key.

  Nov 19 Weather frosty this morn. Chores all done. I had to hurry to get ready for church. Now I am alone this afternoon.

  Nov 20 Snow started just as I went to the farm this morn. This is the first and looks as though it went winter about 2 in. fell during the day. I sent the papers back to Paluso that he wanted me to sign. Today. I sent a letter today to the Linderman’s in Minn.

  Nov 21 My oil man came today and put in $13.85 worth of fuel oil this will be his last trip as the Co. has sold out.

  Nov 22 Weather clear & cold. Temp 35. Henry Beziat came Monday to pack up some of the best of his stuff to take to his home in Cincinnati.

  Nov 23 Weather bright & sunny at noon. Temp 40. Everything so quiet. I am alone. Toot and Bell and children came at noon to clean the house. I had them come over to supper. I now thank God for the many blessings he has given me. Thanksgiving Day.

  Nov 24 Today is real winter. Temp 30 all day. Snow flurries and ground white. The man came from Owego today to take care of Rosalee.

  Nov 25 Weather milder Temp 31. Cold air sloppy snow melting. George and Helen came to bring Elmer home tonight. I wrote a Christmas letter today. Wrote McKinley also.

  Nov 26 Weather cold air temp 35. Bright sunshine. Geo and Helen came over last night they went on to the valley came back today and got a load from down home and have gone back home now. Toot came last night brought me my 4 sacs of gold medal flour. He has gone to county farm today.

  Nov 27 Weather mild misty Temp 35 this morn. The house was so cold when I got up and discovered I had no furnace fire I tried to start but had to send for Terry he started on it own. I sent a letter to Albert tonight. Got a bag of cow feed today.

  Nov 28 Moderate Temp 35. I sent a card to Binghamton tonight. I sent Helen a liter of butter today.

  Nov 29 Weather cloudy Temp 35. No sunshine all day. Toot went to work about noon today.

  Nov 30 Weather mild with a heavy snow during the night the limbs on trees were so heavy the telephone and electric line broke in so many places we lost the lights, water and furnace nearly froze all day.

  Dec 1 Mild but we have no heat again today they are working on the wires night and day. The electric lights and heat came tonight same as last night long after mid night we went to bed to keep warm. Toot has been here with me all the week sick with a cold.

  Dec 2 We still have electric light today and heat. Toot took the bus for his work at 9 o’clock this morn and not feeling well either. The snow is 10 or 12 inches deep. Toot came on the bus and they would not stop to let him off tonight.

  Dec 3 Weather bright & cold. Toot has been with we me a week, sick with a very bad cold. He left this afternoon for his home in Elmira. I am back on the lonely life tonight.

  Dec 4 Weather very cold zero. This morn Mr. Warren has gone to Rumless tonight. Move his family here tomorrow. I sent 3 letter out tonight 1 McKinley, 1 Poluso, 1 Bowes. My furnace refused to go again last night had to get Terry again.

  Dec 5 Well I sure had a full day of work the woman Mrs. Pocono came and put on the paper on the kitchen next door. I had extra chores had the woman to lunch. The people came that were moving in and went to cleaning. I had their fires to fix this morning. Mr. Warren’s came today. The people’s goods came by truck tonight.

  Dec 6 Weather not as cold. Temp 29 With all the rest of worries the Priming left the well so no water again. I sent Albert a remembrance card of our trip to Guatemala and Declaration of War. Dec 7, 1941. Also sent Richard’s folks a letter.

  Dec 7 Weather very fine Temp 40. Terry Gibbs came this morn fixed the water system. Paid for furnace $2.25 Pump .50. Pearl Harbor Day. Great White Fleet Boat Antigua. Albert and I were in mid ocean on Sunday forenoon Dec 7, 1941 coming home from our trip to Guatemala.

  Dec 8 Dark & cloudy with rain Temp 35. Snowing at chore time tonight then rain again later.

  Dec 9 Baby Warren was born tonight about 7 o’clock. I got a letter from Helen from Butler today. Weather very cold early temp 31. This morning the electric current was off again, the house was very cold but it soon came on. This afternoon Mrs. Warren was taken sick. Mrs. Arthur Benjamin and I had a quick job on our hands to get her off to the hospital.

  Dec 10 Weather mild & bright. Thawed so the ice came off the steps. Steve & Delores came over on the early bus this morning. Got here before I was up. We had breakfast together then at 2 o’clock we had a wedding dinner together they had to return home on the 5 o’clock bus.
  NOTE: Steve Polovick and Dolores Ellison were married Dec 3rd 1944.

  Dec 11 Weather over east sky when I came back from the barn this morning. Mrs. Warren’s people were here and she had the clothes hung up all ready. No one has been in today. The answer man comes on the air 7:45 pm.

  Dec 12 Weather buried in snow. This morning found us in another snow blizzard, I was nearly exhausted shoveling a path to the barn but I made it. Got a letter from Pat and also from Johnnie.

  Dec 13 Weather thawed a little temp 30. Early this morn well the snow last night filled up my paths so I had to do so much shoveling till I was tired out before I got to the barn. Richard called today.

  Dec 14 Weather milder Temp 33 thawing the eve troughs are so full that the steps are dangerous. Jimmie came up today.

  Dec 15 Weather very cold this morn. Temp 20 above 0. Jimmie and I have spent a quiet day he doesn’t feel very strong. Mr. M. Warren called this afternoon he is Howard’s father. The tenants in Toot’s house. We had an old fashioned visit.

  Dec 16 Weather milder temp 29. Jimmie and I went over to the other house this fore noon. Mrs. Pokeman finished papering the kitchen today. I made a big batch of fried cakes this afternoon.

  Dec 17 Weather very chilly air. Jimmie and I went to church today. Pat and the other children came up about one o’clock we all had dinner together. Had spare ribs. Mrs. Ralph William’s gave me Saturday. I got 4 eggs today.

  Dec 18 Weather snappy cold temp 20. Well today finds me alone again. Jimmie went home with his mother last night. Oh what a mess I had to clean up to the barn this morn. Margo was loose all night. 6 Christmas cards so far.

  Dec 19 Weather winter blast temp 4 below 0. It was very cold to go to the barn. 7 Christmas cards today. I sent Dawn’s check for her to come up for Christmas today.

  Dec 20 Weather a little milder temp 19 above. 6 Christmas card today. Mrs. Warren was taken to Willard hospital today.

  Dec 21 Weather very cold all day temp at 8 o’clock tonight 5 above. I cleaned my bay window this afternoon and also the little bedroom at head of stairs and dusted the big room with the twin beds.

  Dec 22 Weather cold but only 0 this morn. I made a batch of oatmeal cookies and a loaf cake today. I brought up one of my Rhodes land Red hen’s tonight as she has the white direa.

  Dec 23 Weather milder temp 29. Freddie and Bettie called this afternoon on their way down to see Dora they had come from her folks.

  Dec 24 Weather very nice sunny. I could not get my chores done to go to church today. Mac and Bettie got here about 3 or 4 o’clock. Today we visited until nearly midnight.

  Dec 25 Weather bright and moderately cool. McKinley and Bettie and I spent the day alone. We just had everything we wanted to eat with out style just plain folks. Dawn disappointed we did not come as she told me after sending the money.

  Dec 26 Weather zero this morn. We got up at 9 o’clock this morn. Kinney and Bettie got started home at 5 to eleven. I have been very lonely all day. Bill Davison called today he is very weak. Dawn arrived in Ithaca today.

  Dec 27 There is another blizzard coming tonight. Weather cold. Temp 1 below 0. Dawn came this morning on the 10:30 bus from Ithaca she came Tuesday afternoon spent the night in Ithaca. Isabell and Jimmie came up this afternoon. We are churning tonight.

  Dec 28 A blizzard came last night. I and Isabell had a hard job shoveling a path to the barn. Mr. House came later and helped with the job.

  Dec 29 Weather keen air all day. Dawn’s friendship has come to an end today we had a human relation court between the faiths. Something in our lips we find how each other are appreciated.

  Dec 30 Weather just winter temp above 19. Dawn is getting ready to start towards home today going as far as Ithaca the bus went at half past eight she went down at seven 15 had a long wait.

  Dec 31 Weather real winter after a hurry with the chores Isabell and I went to church with out having time to dress. We were 20 minutes late. Jimmie was here also. Good by old 1944 with all your troubles and they sure have been plenty. We had snow during the night with rain.

  The combination to safe.
  To right to 70 once
  To left to 25 3 times
  To right to notches 0 twice
  To left to 25 once.

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Chemung County NY
Published On 21 JUN 2008
By Joyce M. Tice