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Helen STERLING Turner 1936 Diary
Photo at left of Berneice REED MacDougall and Helen STERLING Turner - neighbors on Ridge Road. Walt Samson sent the photo to go with the diary that Pam transcribed. Walt has promised us Berneice's diaries for the same period. 
Diary Transcribed by Pam Turner, Granddaughter-in-law of Helen
One - January to June Two - July to December


Pleasantview Farm

From the Diary of

Helen STERLING Turner
Continued from Part One January through June 1936
July 1, 1936 – Wednesday

Beautiful day drew in seven loads of hay. Robert drove on hayfork. He ran the milkers for George. George fed calves for Robert. I went down to Evelyns, had a very nice time. Warm day, George up at Hick’s cultimulching all day. Jess drilled 5 acres buckwheat this AM. Dad and Robert raked and bundled hay in these two orchards. 80 bunches of hay. Sis, Sara, Miller and I went to Elmira this PM. I went to dentist, had only my chewing tooth filled. Fred has been cultivating corn. Dad cultivated the potatoes. Ironed and baked. Cool tonight. Sis gone to choir rehearsal. George and Dorothy went to show

July 2, 1936 – Thursday

Hot day, Archie mowed this AM on Shore Acres for first time. Fred cultivated corn on Shore Acres. George finished buckwheat grown on Hicks farm, could not plow all of field by road. Archie and all went to ballgame.

July 3, 1936 – Friday

Warm and humid this AM., shower about noon. Chet, George and Ross put up stacker on Shore Acres this PM. Chet helped draw in 2 loads hay from orchard this AM. Fred cultivated, Jess finished sowing buckwheat. We hired Ross today to work by month $30. Archie and crew went to ball game but there was none played. Miller went to bank, Robert got fireworks. Canned 3 qts cherries. Sis ironed curtains and put them up. Have new net ruffled curtains in bay windows, 49 cents per pair at Penney’s. Have not felt too good this PM. Sis and George have gone to GOP meeting at Malick’s tonight.

July 4, 1936 – Saturday

Pleasant day, I attended my first ball game. Robert wanted me to go. Elmira lost double-header to Binghamton. Krause first game, Kimball second. Dad raked hay this AM. Men drew in 2 loads this PM, but was quite wet. George and Ross finished putting up stacker. Mr. & Mrs. N down tonight and saw the fireworks. We enjoyed them very much, beautiful night out,.

July 5, 1936 – Sunday

Beautiful day, Sis and Sara went to church. Dad and George went to Trumansburg to see about thresher. Dad, Robert, Sara, Miller and I went to ballgame. Elmira won one and lost one with Wilkesbarre. First game Elmira has won in a week. George went to air meet this PM with Mavis and Hugh. Coon was up this AM.

July 6, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant day, nice breeze but getting very dry. Drew in 13 loads hay. Milt and Chet were up, took one load hay home. Archie mowed and raked hay on field north of Shore Acres house. Canned 3 qts cherries. We washed. Mrs. N bought 3 hens today to can today, had one yesterday. Water lilies are budding, white and pink. There are 552 loads hay in this barn, clover hay.

July 7, 1936 – Tuesday

Very warm day and very dry with no sign of rain. Corn in garden is curling. Chet up today. They drew in 8 loads hay and had to fix stacker etc. Archie and Jess mowed clover back of woods and raked field by road. Dad, Miller, Robert, Sara and I went to ball game at 3:30, Elmira won 9-7, Ladies day. I canned 3 qts chicken, dressed 6 hens, baked pies etc. Robert and I picked cherries tonight. Very warm tonight, for first time, has been cool nights. Archie and Hick have gone to Agricultural meeting.

July 8, 1936 – Wednesday

More than hot day and night, over 100* corn curling, everything drying up. Milt sent Fred, Ross, Chet and another man who stayed ½ hour relief worker. 10 loads of hay, Sis had permanent wave, then took me to dentist in the PM, paid $10 to dentist. We did not go to ball game although Elmira won 14-2 from Scranton. Robert and I picked cherries tonight. George, Dorothy, Sis, Milt, Robert and Sara went to Odessa get together supper etc. tonight.

July 9, 1936 – Thursday

Worse heat than yesterday. Finished drawing clover hay on Shore Acres, drew 8 loads hay. Archie mowed some on field in front of Crete Beardsley’s. Milt came up about 10:30, Chet here all day. Canned 11 qts cherries and ironed. We went to ball game Community Day. Elmira won 14-13 from Scranton. Terrible hot day and tonight, not a breath of air.

July 10, 1936 – Friday

Terrible heat 104* and at night in the 80’s. Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game this PM. Elmira won from Scranton 2-0, Krause pitching. Small shower at ballpark in Big Flats and around but not here. Robert and Sara went up to Grange tonight, about plays. Our Grange did not meet. The heat is getting almost unbearable. Men drawing hay from crossroad field, 4 loads. I think George brings 2 loads at a time.

July 11, 1936 – Saturday

More heat, corn in garden and field is about done, leaves curled and brown. Peas dried up etc. Men drew 4 loads from crossroad field. Archie mowed the rest of piece and raked it. Listened or tried to, the game between Elmira and Wilkesbarre, Elmira won, Kimball pitched. Sis made ice cream custard, 6 qts for Pomona social tonight. Dad and I did not go. It has rained around us, but not here.

July 12, 1936 – Sunday

Another warm day and no rain, although old witch came out for short time this AM. ( The old witch she refers to, was a kind of barometer, when it was going to rain and snow, the old witch figure came out of a house. My grandparents had one on the kitchen window.) Fred and Jess away today. Archie and Robert went to Auburn and Trumansburg today, back about 2:30 PM. May and Earl up today. Heard part of games over radio. Elmira lost one game to Wilkesbarre and won one this PM. Hanlon and Casey lost, Chamberlain won. Hannohoe got a home run with bases loaded, which saved the day. Dorothy up this PM.

July 13, 1936 – Monday

Very hot again today, although it has been a little cloudy. Men drew in 4 loads hay. George did not feel very good. Archie raked hay. Sis and I canned 11 hens or 8 cans chicken today in Mrs. N’s pressure cooker. George fixed water heater. So dry and hot, I picked 5 qts berries this PM.

July 14, 1936 - Tuesday

Very hot day and no rain. Drew in 8 loads hay this PM, began filling Vary barn. Archie mowed remainder of field at left of lane. Milt came up this PM. Sis drove tractor all day. Fixed Sara’s little green dress and mended among other things. No sign of rain as yet. Listened to ball game, Elmira at Scranton, Scranton won.

July 15, 1936 – Wednesday

Hot and dry, temperature over a 100 nearly every day. Milt up today, they put in 10 loads hay. Archie went to Bath tonight t GOP Rally and banquet at Salubria Lake. Men up at Hickory’s place, repairing and painting buildings. 2 men boarding over at Mrs. Sickles. We washed today, Sis drove tractor, and it is terribly dusty. Picked 7 qts berries. Elmira won from Scranton 6-3, Krause pitching.

July 16, 1936 – Thursday

No sign of rain. Drew in hay, filled Vary barn and are now stacking it on corner of wheat field. Archie mowed and raked on field below south lane. George got binder ready to go. Wheat is shelling, it is so dry. Listened to ball game, Elmira lost to Scranton 4-3, Chamberlain and Hanlon pitching. Ironed some, canned 3 qts berries. Edna called also Mrs. N. Stanley Dann coming home soon.

July 17, 1936 – Friday

Dry, dry, dry ! North wind, cool tonight. Milt and Chet came up this AM at 10 o’clock. Men drew in 9 loads hay to stack. George got up at 4 AM and started to cut wheat as it shells when dry. Archie and Robert sit it up. Part on machine broke about 6:30 AM. Sis got part in Elmira. Sis, Robert and Sara took milk this morning. Sis, Sara and I went to Elmira this PM. Ironed today, picked 3 qts berries tonight. Fairchild and friends called to see Dad today.

July 18, 1936 – Saturday

Dry and hot, cooler tonight. Men drew to stack, 9 loads hay. George cut wheat this AM at 4 o’clock and will finish it tomorrow morning. Milt came up this morning, Chet at noon. Sis mowed this PM, drove tractor this AM. I finished ironing and baked, picked 3 qts berries. Elmira won from Hazelton this PM 7-6, Chamberlain pitched, heard it over the radio. George and 4-H boys entertained Mavis and girls tonight at wiener roast & marshmallows.

July 19, 1936 – Sunday

No rain here, rain at Binghamton, Geneva, etc. George finished cutting our wheat early this AM. Dad & Robert set it up. Archie, Robert and Sara went to Johnson’s today. Dad & Miller went to Coons tonight. Dorothy up. Elmira won their 3rd from Hazelton this PM 5-4; Krause pitched 3 pitches for Hazelton. Persis Miller called.

July 20, 1936 – Monday

Hot, dry. George took binder and tractor down on Shore Acres wheat tonight and cut around once. I picked berries. Men drew hay to stack down on this farm.

July 21, 1936 – Tuesday

Archie went to NY tonight to Directors meeting. Sis, Robert, Sara and I took him to train tonight. Archie mowed and raked 5-acre lot by ditch on flat today. Dad, Miller, Robert, Sara and I went to ballgame this PM. Allentown won 5-4. Casey pitched for Elmira, no rain. George cut wheat on Shore Acres this AM. Milt and Robert working at setting it up.

July 22, 1936 – Wednesday

Robert and I picked berries; found skunk had killed Lady Amherst pheasants, set traps tonight. Sis, Sara and I went to Caton to see where thresher machine was; they were on their way here. Shower up around Big Flats and Corning. I have not felt good today, my digestive apparatus off. George, Jess and Ross set up wheat on Shore Acres 8:30 AM. Milt and Chet about 10 AM, and then all went down here and drew hay.

July 23, 1936 – Thursday

Cloudy day, we began threshing wheat. Milt, Chet and 2 men with truck here for dinner. I have been down and out. Thresher not too good we are trying it out. It rained tonight about 7, nice easy rain, not too much but it helps.

July 24, 1936 – Friday

Rained again at 2 AM this morning stopped the burning for a bit anyway. Dad and Robert went to Richford, Charles Yaples to get Dorkings – 39. Chet came up and he and George worked on the thresher and threshed out 2 loads, which were up here – 178 bushel as yet. Jess mowed hay on Shore Acres this PM. Archie raked same. Sis, Milt, Robert and Sara have gone to GLF annual meeting tonight. Mr. & Mrs. No called this evening. Dr. Leet inquired about puppy as his dog killed Chummy Bushs.

July 25, 1936 – Saturday

Beautiful day, although need more rain. Milt and Chet came up today. Jess, Fred, George and Robert drew in hay on Shore Acres this forenoon. This PM threshed the last 3 loads wheat from this farm – 237 bushel by measure. Dad & Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. Sis took Miller, Robert and Sara to ballgame first. I have felt rather bum today "off time".

July 26, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day, Sara & Milt went to church. Dad, Robert, Sara and Miller went to ballgame. Sis and I here alone this PM. Dorothy has sore throat. Have felt some better but still off time at times. Elmira won both games from Trenton.

July 27, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant day. We threshed wheat on Shore Acres today. Milt and Chet up. 221 bushel by weight. George moved machine down to Rundles tonight, ready to thresh in the morning. I went to Horseheads this PM with Mrs. N for groceries. Have felt better today, picked 4 qts berries. Sis ‘s knee is bad. I wish she would see a Dr.

July 28, 1936 – Tuesday

Very hot day, few sprinkles tonight. George, Fred, Ross and team threshed Rundle’s wheat this AM. 118 bushels from

6 ½ acres. This PM Milt, Chet. Fred, Jess, Ross, George, Sis and Robert drew in hay. Jess mowed on Shore Acres this AM. Dad & Robert dipped chicken coops this AM. I canned 3 qts beans, also made 7 pints jam. Sara has not felt well today. Dad & Robert caught chickens to sell Solometo – 166 lbs at 14 cents. Mr. N down this AM to work on hall floor. Pioneers won tonight from Allentown – listened over radio 9-7 Krause and Closet.

July 29, 1936 – Wednesday

Cool, pleasant day, little very little shower in night, not enough to uncurl corn in garden. We washed & Sis, Sara, Miller and I went to Elmira this PM. Went to bank, got Sis everyday shoes( Matrix like pair she had last year ), hanging for George closet door and shopped around for pressure cookers, could not find large size. Hibbard can order for $15. Jess mowed on Shore Acres all day, Archie raked. George, Fred, Robert, Ross, Milt and Chet drew hay. Archie got first pullet eggs today – 3. Returns for eggs in NY today 33 & 26 ½ cents. Listened to ball game tonight, Allentown won from Elmira 4-1. Moe Grossman and Robbit only ones getting hits in game, Kimball pitched well.

July 30, 1936 – Thursday

Cool day, Jess, Fred, George, Dad, Ross, Robert, Milt and Chet worked at hay on Shore Acres. Canned 2 qts beans and 7 pints jam. Sis’s knee is no better; I am much worried about her, wish she would go to Dr. Picked 4 qts berries. Dad & Robert went to Johnson’s tonight. Sis, Sara and I went up to Northrop’s to call on Lena Stevens. George away tonight. Almost cold tonight but no rain, it is so dry. Mr. N is working on hall floor.

July 31, 1936 – Friday

Cool day, but dry! Dry 1. Men drew in last 2 loads hay. Milt & Chet not here. Milt went to Earlville and bought cows at sale. Archie went to Dr. Smith today for his throat, he said infection of trachea. I had a shot in Dr. Bush office. Dad & Robert cooping chickens today. Dad. George and Hickory went to Elmira tonight to Agricultural meeting. Mr. N here this forenoon and dinner. Edna called tonight. Sis worked in flowers this PM, her knee not good, I have made appt. with Dr. Bush for her.

August 1, 1936 – Saturday

Very warm day. Men cut weeds. Mowed calf pasture etc. Dad & Robert cooped old birds on string. George went to Elmira, got wire etc. for wiring under shed where chickens are. I ironed today, 24 shirts among other things. Picked 3 qts berries, sent one up to Mrs. Struble. Sis & Ross mowed and worked in flowers. Sis cleaned upstairs this PM. Archie went to Lititz tonight arriving at Lancaster at 5 AM.

August 2, 1936 – Sunday

Very warm day, over 100*. Sis took Miller, Robert and Sara to ball game. Elmira won 5-1 from Binghamton and tied the second in 9 innings. Umpire called game, which was not right. Krause pitched first game, Kimball second, Hanlon has gone. Was busy this PM watering the show chickens, heat was terrific. Everything is burning up.

August 3, 1936 – Monday

Another very hot day. George and men drew up wood from orchard and sawed it. Sis and Sara went to Elmira this PM to bank and to Owens office. Dad sent chickens from Lititz today- 50 bantams. Received telegram he coming in the morning 5 AM. So hot tonight we cannot sleep.

August 4, 1936 – Tuesday

Very warm today but at about 10 o’clock it really rained. It really rained quite a shower. Sis and Milt went to Roy reunion today at Bert Roy’s. Archie came in this AM at 5 o’clock from Lititz. George took Miller to Elmira this PM. Miller bought a pair of trousers. Coon called today and gave me 6 qts berries. Men trimming brush from apple tree limbs. Ross split some wood.

81 hen eggs

August 5, 1936 – Wednesday

Archie, Robert, Sara, Miller and I went to ballgame at 4:15 PM. Elmira played Hazelton. We won 5-0, Closet pitched, Mulcahy for Hazelton, fine game, big crowd. Archie and Robert busy cooping chickens etc.

August 6, 1936 – Thursday

Grand rain last night, rained a great deal of the night. Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game, Elmira won from Hazelton. Kimball and Chamberlain pitching 6-4. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM to bank. Etc. Sis went to Dr. Bush about her knee; he thinks it is an injury. Brought home pressure cooker from Hubbard’s $15. George had cows out on clover field again today. Busy cooping, worked late tonight. Archie not in bed at midnight, writing letters etc.

August 7, 1936 – Friday

Pleasant day. Archie and all of us went to ballgame at 3:30. I went, as it was Ladies Day 15 cents. Elmira won from Hazelton 8-2, Krause pitching, Noonan played today and got a home run, was injured on knee in 8th inning. Sis and I had hair fixed also Sara had her hair trimmed.

August 8, 1936 – Saturday

Warm although pleasant day. Made 8 qts sliced cucumber pickle and ironed. This PM I went to Old Home Day at Millport. George, Sis and Sara went to County Farmers picnic at fairgrounds. George’s team from our Grange won the Tug of War, pulled twice with West Hill and once with South Creek. Archie and Robert went to Auburn today after chickens. Ross hilled up potatoes.

August 9, 1936 – Sunday

Warm day. Archie, Miller, Robert, Sara and I left here at 12 o’clock for ball game and were none too early as there were 7200 people there. Williamsport won both games, we should have had the second one 1-0 but our error and we lost. Closet pitched first game 6-2, Casey and Kimball the 2nd 4-3. Car (Plymouth) stopped on way home, we arrived home 8 PM.

August 10, 1936 – Monday

Chickens went o Whitney Point this AM, Edminister took them. Canned 11 qts beans today in new canner. Sis’s toe is a little better but very sore. Hay press came today $135. Heavy thunder storms all this PM, everything soaked. Milt could not thresh. Clipped Robert & Georges calves. Electric lights off this PM.

August 11, 1936 – Tuesday

Beautiful day. Archie and Robert went to Whitney Point this AM, arrived home late tonight. Big show there, Hoke Kriner and all the rest. Chickens came from Southwick. At point also chickens came from Canada here. Miller, Sis and Sara went to Elmira today and got watch. Canned 5 qts beans, 8 qts sliced pickles, ironed, etc. Sis, George and Sara went over to Kellogg this AM to see cows. George cut oats on Shore Acres this PM. Men cleaned under shed today, also down at Shore Acres shed. My back is bum tonight.

88 hens – 22 pullets

August 12, 1936 – Wednesday

Pleasant day. Archie & Robert went to Whitney Point this AM at 6:30, judging today, arrived home about 8 PM. I have been down and out today, my back etc are humming. Sis, Miller and Sara went to Elmira this AM. Ann Miller and mother called a minute. George finished cutting first field of oats on Shore Acres this AM. Went down to Milts and threshed this PM, got home after 7- 300 bushel. Mr. & Mrs. N and friend called tonight. I sewed on Sara’s red & white percale skirt this PM. Ross and Fred set up oats this AM also this PM until chore time.

78 hens – 21 pullets

August 13, 1936 – Thursday

Very warm day. Archie, Robert and Miller left here for Point 6:30 AM, reached there at 8 o’clock. George cut around oats on our big field on flat. Threshed oats for Rundle this PM, 144 bushels from 8 acres. Jess, Fred and Ross finished setting of oats on Shore Acres this AM and started on other field. Picked and canned 5 qts beans. Have felt rather bum, my back etc. Elmira lost to Wilkesbarre 2-1, Closet pitched fine ball but players could not hit Ace Elliott.

88 hens – 19 pullets

August 14, 1936 – Friday

Cloudy foggy morning with rain this PM and still looks stormy. George cut oats this AM, broke part to binder. Sis, Miller and Sara went to Elmira for part. Archie and Robert went to Whitney Point early this morning; home tonight about 6:30, fair is over. Sis and Sara cleaned the storeroom today. They picked beans and I canned 7 qts, also made cucumber relish. Archie and George have gone to Agricultural meeting tonight. George and Jess worked on press this PM. Archie received $63 at Whitney Point with $150 to come.

92 hens – 20 pullets

August 15, 1936 – Saturday

Very humid day after rain yesterday. Canned 7 qts beans and ironed. Made 2 big apple pies etc. George and Sis have drawn calves for registration etc. Jess and Ross have been cleaning long chicken house. Fred cleaning calf stables. So wet we could not cut oats. I did not sleep much last night, my back etc is bad. Sold pair of Faverols chickens for $7. 3 beautiful pink water lilies out today and 1 white one. Petunias are beautiful since rain.

85 hens – 36 pullets

August 16, 1936 – Sunday

Very humid day. Archie, George, Sis, Robert and Sara went to Syracuse to Fay’s for game chickens, also to Monro’s to see cattle, he was not home. Took their lunch and had pleasant time. I still feel bum. Elmira lost 2 games to Williamsport this PM, Chamberlain and Casey in first, Krause in second. Light shower this PM and cooler.

78 hens – 20 pullets

August 17, 1936 – Monday

Much cooler today with little sprinkles this AM. George binding oats on our flat today. Took 2 bales straw to Elmira this PM and to GOP meeting tonight at Heights. Canned 7 qts beans today. Archie, Miller and Robert went to Ithaca this PM for horses. Sold case medium eggs to Earl 28 cents.

95 hens – 36 pullets

August 18, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day. Archie went to Afton today at 10:30 AM. Took coop of game chicken to Elmira to go by express. We washed today. George finished cutting oats on flat this noon and threshed oats and barley on Shore Acres this PM. Milt and Chet came up about 10 AM. Fred, Jess. Ross and George for us. Sis took Miller. Robert and Sara to ball game this PM. Elmira lost to Scranton 3-2, Closet pitched fine ball but they cannot seem to bat at present. Milt took tonight for bakery man, 10 dozen pullet eggs at 20 cents.

92 hens – 83 pullets

August 19, 1936 – Wednesday

Very warm humid day. George and Jess repaired thresher. Threshed out few loads on Shore Acres. George inside thresher nearly cooked. Sis, Sara and I went to Elmira this PM $1 day. Purchased red coat, sailor dress and striped percale for Sara, brown & yellow spot and plain brown for Sis. Trousers, shirts and sox for Robert. Terrible thunder showers tonight. Milt and Chet up today, whitewashed barn etc. Elmira won from Scranton, Casey pitched.

92 hens – 60 pullets

August 20, 1936 – Thursday

Some cooler after rain. George and men clipping cows and trimmed bulls feet. Miller and George went to Ithaca Fair this PM. Sis, Robert and Sara went to ball game. Elmira won from Wilkesbarre 7-4, Krause pitched. I ironed and listened to ball game this PM. Canned 3 qts beans etc. Sis, Robert and Sara cleaned back porch and cellar way this PM. Archie came home tonight from Afton. Car killed little red Pyle cockerel today. (Cockerel is young male chicken)

82 hens – 60 pullets

August 21, 1936 – Friday

Cloudy with thunder showers this PM, tonight humid and foggy. Archie Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game this PM, Binghamton and Elmira. Binghamton won 3-1, Kimball pitched 6 innings, 0-0-3 runs then Casey came in. George and men pressed hay this forenoon and threshed, 1 ½ loads oats on Shore Acres. Milt and Chet up. Sis painted back porch and cellar way. Wish it might clear up, as the oats need threshing.

88 hens – 47 pullets

August 22, 1936 – Saturday

Very warm humid day. George and men pressed hay, about 5 tons and finished threshing one load of oats on Shore Acres. Milt and Chet up towards noon. Archie and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. Sis took Miller, Robert and Sara to ball game. Dad went to game after meeting. I did hand ironing etc. Elmira lost to Wilkesbarre 5-1, Closet and Chamberlain pitched, many errors. Milt and Sis have gone to show tonight. George away.

88 hens – 93 pullets

August 23, 1936 – Sunday

Very war humid day. Archie and I went to Cortland and Moravia to see Pit Parker’s dairy. Edminister went to Afton after chickens, had bad time coming to Horseheads on account low bridges, and arrived at Letchworth Park after midnight. Comstock and wife called here this PM.

August 24, 1936 – Monday

Archie went to Letchworth Park early this AM as they start judging chickens today. Have set out some oats and hope to thresh tomorrow.

82 hens – 62 pullets

August 25, 1936 – Tuesday

Cloudy day with damp wind and raining tonight. George and men threshed oats today, about 250 bushels, but of course cannot thresh, guess they will spoil. Archie came home tonight about 9:30. Received letter from Florence, they are coming September 5 and only for a few days.

82 hens – 62 pullets

August 26, 1936 – Wednesday

Cool day, too wet to thresh and it is raining again tonight. Jess clipped cows today. George had his haircut and took radio to Elmira to be fixed, just a tube. Archie, Robert and Miller went to Penn Yan today with chickens for Comstock. Sis and Sara went down to register for Robert this PM, took 25 dozen medium eggs, 9 dozen pullets etc to Earl. Ironed some today but have felt rather low. Bought 2 yr old heifer of Monro at Camillus for $250.

95 hens – 62 pullets

August 27, 1936 – Thursday

Pleasant day, rained little last night, turned out some oats this AM and threshed this PM. Milt and Chet up this PM. Archie, George, Sis and Sara went to Penn Yan this AM and bought fresh cow for $175 this PM. Archie and Miller went to Owego Fair for horses.

78 hens – 100 pullets

August 28, 1936 – Friday

Cloudy day with rain this PM. George went to Penn Yan and brought cow home in rain, she had blanket on and did not get wet. Finished threshing oats on flat this AM over 600 bushel. Men drew in 1 load alfalfa. Milt up today. Back has felt bum today. Archie, Robert and I caught chickens for Iva tonight.

August 29, 1936 – Saturday

Quite cool after the rain. Robert and George helped Dad at fairgrounds, bedded stalls etc. Put hens in house at top of hill tonight, 158 hens. Made elderberry pies today, quite good. Everyone tired getting cattle etc ready.

August 30, 1936 – Sunday

Cool cloudy day with sprinkles of rain. Trucked cattle to fairgrounds. Everyone down only myself. Milts sister and Doc called today. Milt is going to Buffalo with Ed Besley at 3 AM tonight to take his cows that reacted.

82 hens – 62 pullets

August 31 – September 4, 1936


September 5, 1936 – Saturday

Last day of Elmira fair. Florence , Lucy and David came this PM. We all went to night show.

September 6, 1936 – Sunday

State Fair week. Dad, George, Robert and Sara went to Syracuse and uncooped chickens, arrived home about 9:30 PM, very tired. Drove down on farm etc.

September 7, 1936 – Monday

Archie and Robert went to Syracuse this AM. Florence, Lucy, Sara and I went to Sherwood’s Nursery at Odessa.

September 8, 1936 – Tuesday

Dad & Robert did not come home tonight and will stay over. Very warm humid day, everyone tired. Milt and Chet came up about noon. George and men drew in oats from white bean ground and put through cutter in silo, as they were so green.

September 9, 1936 – Wednesday

George sprayed hen house and plowed on wheat ground. Ernest Struble plowing on wheat ground on Shore Acres for Milt. We furnished gas. Florence, Lucy and David went home this AM, short visit, wish thy might have stayed longer. Dad and Robert came home tonight.

September 10, 1936 – Thursday

Sis, Robert, Milt Sara and Miller went to Syracuse this AM. George and Dorothy with Dana & Gladys also went. Archie and I here alone. Archie very tired. Beautiful day although very warm. Ernest plowed for Milt, Ross cleaned out hen house at foot of hill. Jess mowed oats on Shore Acres.

September 11, 1936 – Friday

Archie and Robert went to Syracuse this AM and will stay until Saturday night.

September 12, 1936 – Saturday

Cloudy with light showers. George went to Syracuse with truck to help coop and bring back load of chickens. Dad. George and Robert returned about 9:30 PM, all very tired. It rained in Syracuse all day long, no auto races. Ernest plowed on Shore Acres wheat ground for Milt. Sis took Miller to Elmira this PM and he got new suit of clothes.

September 13, 1936 - Sunday

Dad, George and Robert went to Bath today, George took load on truck. Have to classify there. Sara and Milt went to church. Dad came home from Bath tonight, very hoarse from coughing so badly.

September 14, 1936 – Monday

Robert started to Horseheads High School today. Sis took Robert and Benny. Canned peaches etc today. Archie went to Bath, he is coughing badly again. Wanted him to go to Dr today, but is going tomorrow. George and men drew in alfalfa today – 4 loads. Sis also helping.

September 15, 1936 – Tuesday

Warm day, canned 12 qts pears. Archie went to Dr Smith’s office this AM, also Sis. He could not tell him much, only keep on with medicine until Dr. Smith returns, then he went on to Bath. Sis got boys today. We went to primaries tonight to vote.

September 16, 1936 – Wednesday

Very hot today. Jess raked loose oats on Shore Acres this AM. This PM George, Fred, Ross and Jess threshed oats down there in field – 50 bushel as yet. Sis, Dad and Miller went to Bath Fair today. Edna took and got boys today. Archie wormed Leghorn pullets for 2nd time today. They are laying good.

September 17, 1936 – Thursday


September 18, 1936 – Friday

Young GOP Rally at Horseheads tonight. We all went, fair crowd. Hammond Cole etc spoke.

September 19, 1936 – Saturday

Pleasant day. Archie went to Bath this AM, went by way of Johnson Hollow, took Hick wood, and drove Reo truck. We moved White Leghorn pullets tonight to hen house – 335 in all, 96 cross breeds. Finished tonight at 11 o’clock. Sis, George, Milt, Robert, Dad, Sara and I. Canned 6 qts tomato juice, 9 qts peaches. We got bushel of peaches at Coleman’s today, $2.29 per bushel. Jess patched Leghorn roof. Ross doing Fred’s chores as he fell yesterday going under barn and hurt his back. George harrowed wheat ground.

September 20, 1936 – Sunday

Archie, George and Robert went to Bath this morning with truck to coop chickens for Dundee and bring some home. I have been busy with pullets in their new home. Sara and Sis went to church. Our roses are beautiful, wonderful long stems on blossoms. Flowers still look very nice.

77 hens – 15 crossbreeds – 148 pullet eggs

September 21, 1936 – Monday

Beautiful day. Canned 15 qts peaches etc. Caught variety pullets and put them in house under the hill, about 100 pullets and 20 cockerels. George went to GOP banquet at Elmira tonight at 6:30. Archie did not go to Dundee today, he cleaned the wheat and many other things. Sis and Miller went to Elmira this PM, got the harness and big water fountain, $2.90 at Sears Roebuck. Also took her dress to be cleaned. Ben took boys this AM and Sis brought them home.

78 hens – 134 pullets

September 22, 1936 – Tuesday

Another beautiful day, our flowers are still beautiful, roses lovely. Canned 8 qts peaches, 6 qts tomato juice and 14 pts corn today. Mrs. N down this PM and helped me. Archie went to Dundee this AM. Sis and Miller went to Elmira this PM. Sis changed bridle etc and brought boys, Edna took them. George dragged wheat ground and Jess has 5 acres sowed. Ross mowed alfalfa on 5 acres on cross road. Fred still lame sent case eggs today.

63 hens – 22 cross breeds – 130 pullets

September 23, 1936 – Wednesday

Beautiful day but very warm. Archie and Miller went to Dundee fair at 7:30 this morning, judging day. Jess finished drilling our wheat and started on Shore Acres wheat from 3 PM. Ross cut alfalfa hay and brought up load of ensilage. Sis and Mr. N went to Wayland at 9 o’clock and returned at 2:30 PM. I ironed 22 shirts, 4 tablecloths etc. this PM. George cleaned seed wheat this AM. Edna took and brought boys.

81 hens – 23 crossbreeds – 1 variety – 167 pullets

September 24, 1936 – Thursday

Cloudy this AM with rain this PM. Jess drilled wheat on Shore Acres this forenoon, about half done. George and I cleaned wheat this morning. Blackwell and man here this PM to fix tractor. Sis and I canned 1-bushel corn, 18 pints, also 11 chickens – 5 – 2 qt cans this PM. Edna took boys and Sis got them. George ground feed this PM. Jess put in windows in hen houses. Miller went with Dad to Dundee fair today, no races as it rained. Archie went to Rathbun Hotel tonight for banquet. Mayor Mitchell of Laudois hometown there. Robert and I sprayed all chickens tonight. It is much colder tonight, such a decided change from yesterday.

75 hens – 23 cross breeds – 1 variety – 174 pullets

September 25, 1936 – Friday

Very much cooler in fact cold. Chickens are sneezing some, as they mind the change. Archie went to Dundee with shavings and brought back load of bantams. Jess finished sowing wheat tonight on Shore Acres. George has been fixing tractor, as Morris had to go home. He started cutting buckwheat and canvas tore and bothered. We canned 12 qts tomato juice. All went up to Grange tonight. Ben took boys, Sis got them. Fred Sickles went to Dr today and cannot work for 2 weeks.

75 hens – 27 crossbreed – 2 varieties – 155 pullets

September 26, 1936 – Saturday

Temp down to 32* last night but heavy fog saved things from damage. George and Jess worked on corn binder this AM and Jess cut corn this PM on Shore Acres. George cut buckwheat up at Hick’s place this PM. Canned 12 qts tomato juice. Archie and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. Miller went along and Sara went to Evelyn Mosels.

69 hens – 32 crossbreed – 1 variety – 106 pullets

September 27, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day with south wind. George cut buckwheat, as it would spoil it if rained. Jess cut corn. Dad and Robert went to Trumansburg fair this PM. Ross off for chores. Stubbie ran away tonight and just returned at 11 PM. Variety chickens have bad colds.

82 hens – 24 crossbreeds –2 varieties – 168 pullets

September 28, 1936 – Monday

Cloudy and rather cool day. Cole, and 2 men with Milt and Chet came up today. Cole and 2 men up to set up buckwheat this AM. Cole this PM with and Milt and Chet after 3:30. All worked at straw pressing after dinner. George and Dad put away binder and George put pulley on tractor, also took part to Horseheads to be welded. Sis washed big, 2 weeks washing. I baked, canned tomato juice etc. Belle Frost Walker called this PM, Coon up tonight. Sis has gone to Eastern Star banquet and drill with her yellow dress. Archie has been cleaning bantam house. Miller uneasy. Sold case of eggs to Clark – pullets $22. Egg contest man came up for straw today.

78 hens – 24 crossbreeds – 182 pullets

September 29, 1936 – Tuesday

Cloudy day – cold – started filling silos today – 3 men in field and our 3 teams. Stubbie has ran away again tonight. Canned 6 qts tomatoes. Sis’s knee is bad again today. Sis and I went over to Sherwood’s this PM.

72 hens – 30 crossbreeds – 179 pullets

September 30, 1936 – Wednesday

Cloudy cold day and raining tonight. Archie went to Trumansburg this AM. Four men came and we filled silo from 8 until 4, started in big silo. Sis and I canned 18 pints of corn. Frost last night but petunias and castor beans not hurt, tomato, onions and nasturtiums hit.

74 hens – 34 crossbreeds – 188 pullets

October 1, 1936 – Thursday

Cloudy day, but warmer until tonight and it seems like a frost. Jess cut corn today and we did not fill silo. Cole here and broke off state corn. George ground feed and got GOP pledges, also his haircut. Archie and Miller went to Trumansburg fair, judged chickens today. We made 9 qts mustard pickles today, also picked over 1 bushel lima beans which we must can tomorrow. George went over to fair tonight. Sis took and got boys. Robert had 5-week tests today.

61 hens – 32 crossbreeds – 179 pullets

October 2, 1936 – Friday

Pleasant day, first day sun has shone in several days. Filled silo today. Sis and I canned over a bushel Lima beans- 18 pints. Dad and Miller went to Trumansburg this AM, through judging today. Miller had big time. Man came and bought 10 West Indian cockerels $15 tonight. George has gone to show tonight. Sis took boys this AM, Edna tonight. Robert passed his 5 weeks test fine. 100 English – 96 Civics

61 hens – 34 crossbreeds –8 varieties – 165 pullets

October 3, 1936 – Saturday

Pleasant fall day. Dad, Robert and Miller went to Trumansburg fair, last fair of season, quite a success they think. Filled silo today, corn bit by frost last night. Picked 3 bushel King apples today etc. Some colds in leghorn pen. Yanks won from Giants 2-1 in World Series today. Sara had her hair waved today, went down early this morning.

70 hens – 36 crossbreeds – 198 pullets

October 4, 1936 – Sunday

Beautiful day, although cool. We were all invited up to Mr. & Mrs. N’s today for dinner. Miller would not go. Dorothy also invited, we had a very nice time and dinner. Jess finished cutting corn on Shore Acres today. Ross off tonight. Archie and Robert made two trips to Trumansburg and back this forenoon with coops of chickens. Edminister brought big load about noon, all back for 1936. Frost last night, fog this AM.

64 hens – 39 crossbreed – 207 pullets

October 5. 1936- Monday

Pleasant day. Archie uncooping chickens, big task. Jess cut state corn. George, Ross and Sis drew in 2 big loads hay. I picked 2 bushels apples, 2 bushel green tomatoes, picked and canned 6 qts string beans. Expect to fill silo tomorrow. George got starter part fixed on Reo also spark plugs for Reo and tractor, and brought milk bottles from Horseheads with small tops. 4 – H club met here tonight. Sis and Miller went to bank this forenoon. East wind today and tonight. Giants won from Yanks.

64 hens – 29 crossbreeds – 184 pullets

October 6, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day with strong south wind. Filled silo, finished big one, all cows in from Shore Acres. Two young men and Shaffer boy came today in place of Kelly brothers, also Cole. Three were here for dinner Archie working at chickens. Picked 3-bushel apples, fine greenings. Sis and Milt are down to his mother’s birthday tonight. George and 4-H boys are down at Millport tonight.

59 hens – 36 crossbreeds – 205 pullets

October 7, 1936 – Wednesday

Cloudy and rainy this AM. Men worked until 11. Mr. N helped break off corn and husked this PM. Canned 6 qts tomato juice. George ground feed. Sis brought boys, Edna took them. Archie went to Elmira this AM, got shoes and haircut.

52 hens – 36 crossbreeds – 205 pullets

October 8, 1936 – Thursday

Beautiful fall day, sun very warm. George, Jess, Ross and Dad threshed buckwheat about 25 bushel to load. Sis and I picked 5 or 6 bushel of apples. Canned 6 qts tomato juice, making 60 qts in all. Tonight was GOP Rally at Keeney’s. Bleakly Taft Ives, etc were there. Sis and George just returned and said it was good. Sara, Robert and I were home. It is 12:30, Dad not home as yet.

70 hens – 34 crossbreed – 213 pullets

October 9, 1936 – Friday

Beautiful day, warm with wind changing to east and looks rainy tonight. Heavy fog this AM, could not thresh buckwheat until this PM. All went up to Grange Booster night, good crowd, dancing and picnic supper. Robert and I put bantams in bantam house this PM. Little singing in Leghorn, 1st pen, also old hens. Sis took case of medium eggs to Clark tonight.

59 hens – 34 crossbreeds – 206 pullets

October 10, 1936 – Saturday

Raining this morning but cleared about noon. Sis and I took Sara to take her music lesson. Sis and I did a little shopping. Miller went to Horseheads. George put 100# mash in each hopper on back hen house. Archie and Robert have been picking up outside chickens etc. Milt and his sister Helen have gone to NJ visiting over Sunday. Canned 3 qts tomatoes, ironed etc. Purchased snuggies etc for Sis, Sara and myself. My sister Florence’s birthday.

51 hens – 32 crossbreeds – 161 pullets

October 11, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day although cool and nature begins to let us know winter is on the way. Sis and Sara went to church. Hickory came for chickens in coops for Solmeto. Man here from Owego and bought trio Buff Cochins chickens $10, also man bought brown leg cockerel $3. George is away this PM.

51 hens – 37 crossbreeds – 198 pullets

October 12, 1936 – Monday

Strong west wind this AM and much colder tonight – 29*, everything will freeze. Sis and I took Robert & Sara to Elmira for shoes today, also for Sis & myself. Miller went to boxing match with Strubles. George down at Mosels tonight. Robert and I picked 11-bushel spy apples this AM, also pickled green tomatoes and peppers. Archie went down around Watkins and bought 2 cows today - $140, as we must have more milk.

45 hens – 41 crossbreeds – 221 pullets

October 13, 1936 – Tuesday

Cold and rainy this AM, clearing and cold tonight. Jess finished cutting short state corn today. George and Jess started digging up potatoes. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM to bank, got me shoes for everyday wear, ordered Sara’s etc, Miller went along. Archie and men put coops away. Mrs. N took bin apples to NE Kitchens for us. George and Robert have gone to show. Sis to GOP meeting.

50 hens – 40 crossbreeds – 213 pullets

October 14, 1936 – Wednesday

Pleasant day, east wind tonight and warmer. We dug 150-bushel potatoes today on Vary farm, field by pullet range. 2 boys from Horseheads helped pick – up. Sis and I went to Elmira this AM at 9:30 to dentist for my tooth – " The Tooth " Sis went to choir practice tonight. Miss Marsh took school children on trip to woods in Catherine this PM.

45 hens – 40 cross breeds – 202 pullets

October 15, 1936 – Thursday

Cloudy day with south wind but not unpleasant. Men finished digging potatoes on Vary Farm, about 1-½ acres, 268 bushel of very nice potatoes. Just started digging up at Hick’s, 2 boys from Horseheads here today working. Ross did not appear today. Miller lost his supper last night and was terribly this morning, went with Sis to Elmira this PM. Sis washed car this AM. Took boys this AM and brought them tonight.

35 hens – 41 cross breeds – 190 pullets

October 16, 1936 – Friday

Cloudy day with south wind and raining tonight. We finished digging potatoes up at Hick’s, 138 bushel up there, 268 down here, making 406 bushel on about 2 acres and very nice too. Also threshed buckwheat. Had 2 boys from Horseheads today. Archie let Ross go today as he did not show up yesterday. I was up to Mr. N’s tonight for supper. Sis turned her ankle over tonight and it has swelled up a knob, so sorry. Sent 1 case medium eggs, 1 case pullets to Clark today. Sis brought Robert home, Edna took them there. Listened to Hoover’s speech tonight, it was fine.

35 hens – 45 crossbreeds – 190 pullets

October 17, 1936 – Saturday

Rainy day. Dad and George got 2 new cows near Watkins and Moreland. Sis took Sara to take her music lesson this PM. Ironed etc. Fred clipping cows, Jess working at bullpen we are fixing in pigpen. Sis’s ankle not too good, although she can walk.

38 hens –49 cross breeds – 206 pullets

October 18, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day although quite cool, had fire in furnace. Sis, Sara and Robert went to church. Milt went to Syracuse with GLF convention this PM. (GLF was the Grange League Federation) May and Earl called also Italian here for eggs and apples. Paid man for hay press $75.

44 hens – 45 cross breeds – 192 pullets

October 19, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant day. Archie went to Albany at 12:50; Sis and I took him to DL & W. We went to show, Kay Frances and George Brent, very good. Brought Robert and Bernice home, Sis took them this morning. George cleaned floor in big leghorn pen, still some colds. Jess working at bullpen. I picked 3 bushel of apples after we came home. Hope we may thresh buckwheat tomorrow. Milt came home from Syracuse tonight. Sara came home a little early as she did not feel good, seems better tonight.

35 hens – 45 cross breeds –206 pullets

October 20, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day, warm and summer like. Threshed buckwheat today, 2 boys from Horseheads, George, and Jess, 3 loads left in field. Robert and I picked 3 or 4 bushel apples this PM after school. Sis went to dentist this AM, must go back next week. George ground feed tonight. I fed Dad’s chickens.

35 hens – 48 crossbreeds – 206 pullets

October 21, 1936 – Wednesday

Another pleasant warm day. Finished threshing buckwheat. George thinks about 750 bushel if by weight. Canned 6 qts tomatoes and sorted 7-bushel apples etc. Mended tonight until 10:30 PM. Sis busy at everything. She went to choir practice tonight and took eggs to Clark. Jack Dale called today.

40 hens – 48 cross breeds – 201 pullets

October 22, 1936 – Thursday

Pleasant day but tonight it is raining. Archie came home from Albany and NY Directors meeting this AM. I went to dentist this AM. Robert did not go to school, as he seems to have stomach upset. Picked 6-bushel Spy apples today. George took 6-bushel apples to Italian today. Dad spoke at GOP meeting at Wellsburg tonight, Walter Reynolds, Dave Lynch and Archie. George and Miller went to boxing match at Majestic tonight. Sis and I listened to Col. Knox, Al Smith etc on radio tonight.

43 hens – 44 cross breeds –7 varieties – 187 pullets

October 23, 1936 – Friday

My 55th birthday - Me – Oh – MY! Cloudy, unpleasant day and raining tonight. Archie and George went to Erie Station in Elmira to hear Col. Knox give talk from train, about 200 there. I am so worried about election, it seems so critical. Ben took boys, Sis got them. Robert had his hair cut. Today Sara was chairman for their Current Topic affair etc. George ground feed over ½ ton this PM and pulley came off again. Jess and Dad working at bullpen. Archie had sick headache tonight and I could not speak at meeting in Elmira.

45 hens – 49 cross breeds –6 varieties – 211 pullets

October 24, 1936 – Saturday

Robert and I picked 18-bushel spy apples today. Robert did all the work and I helped him. Dad and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. Sara took music lesson, Miller went along. George cleaned first pen in leghorn house. Archie and I went down to turkey dinner at Millport tonight and then to see Celia Turner. Archie went to League meeting at Wellsburg.

45 hens – 39 cross breeds – 188 pullets

330 # mash for leghorns

October 25, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day, south wind, frost last night, although petunias still blooming and castor leaves not hurt. Sis, Sara and Milt went to church. I cooked lamb and dinner in pressure cooker. Crossbreeds in last pen seem to have colds. George put up doors under eaves of hen house today.

40 hens – 45 cross breeds –6 varieties – 190 pullets

October 26, 1936 – Monday

Cloudy, rain last night, snow today with strong west wind, freezing tonight. Dad, George and I got apples in Vary orchard. Wind blew in a gale. Archie and George went to GOP meeting at schoolhouse near Hammonds. Dad spoke, Dan Quinlan and Reynolds. I do hope Landen will win! Sis went to Elmira this PM and brought boys home, Edna took them. Sis went to Eastern Star tonight.

46 hens – 42 cross breeds –5 varieties – 194 pullets

October 27, 1936 – Tuesday

Hard freeze last night 24 *. At last the old castor beans have succumbed to the icy breath of coming winter. The petunias a hanging on, but it is only a matter of hours now, they have been brave indeed. Sis and I dug glad bulbs today. White leghorn pullets in big pen are "singing" tonight. George, Fred and Sis cleaned half of pens.

41 hens – 45 cross breeds – 188 pullets

October 28, 1936 – Wednesday

Do not feel well enough to write much. Have pain through bowel as Robert did. Dad and George at GOP meeting at Halloween party up at hall. Sis, Milt, George, Dorothy and Cole went to Young Farmers.

48 hens – 45 cross breed – 184 pullets

October 29, 1936 – Thursday

Cloudy day with showers tonight. Washed today, I have felt some better although am sore across me. Archie spoke at GOP meeting at Big Flats tonight. George, Robert and Miller went to boxing match. Sis, Sara and Milt went to church supper. Made 2 apple pies for supper. Pullets are still sniffling.

41 hens – 36 cross breeds –6 varieties – 192 pullets

October 30, 1936 – Friday

Robert’s birthday, 14yrs old. Halloween party up at school tonight. Sis and I went, it was very nice. Robert took prize for his costume. He wore silk hat, etc. Sara has a new peasant costume, very pretty. Received letter from Aunt Florence today. George ground a lot of feed today. George and Dad went to Elmira to GOP meeting at Federation. Gannett spoke etc. Made tomato soup today. Sis in Elmira to dentist got Robert lovely red sweater.

40 hens – 32 cross breeds –5 varieties – 174 pullets

October 31, 1936 – Saturday

Somewhat warmer, although froze last night. Had my hair fixed this PM. Sara took music lesson; Miller went to Elmira with them. Dad, George, Sis and I went to Millport tonight to GOP meeting. Dan Quinlan spoke, Hammond and Archie, very good. George fixed well pump today, big job. Pullets wheezing plenty. Archie picked some apples. Sis and Sara cleaned downstairs, washed windows etc. George took 2-bushel potatoes to Northrop’s today in Elmira.

46 hens – 30 cross breeds – 144 pullets

November 1, 1936 – Sunday

November is here again with the worries and wonders of election, this time worse than ever. Cloudy and warm today. Sis, Sara and Milt went to church. Dorothy up this afternoon. Frank Mosher was struck by another car in front of his home, broke his leg etc, other young chap badly hurt.

41 hens – 29 cross breeds – 159 pullets

November 2, 1936 – Monday

Cloudy rainy day. It is now 12:30 AM, Election Day. We have been listening to Bainbridge Colby on radio, also Republican program which was very good. Landon, Alice Roosevelt, Longworth and others talked from all parts of the United States. I so hope we can win. Archie went to Sullivanville to church supper, speakers from different parties there. Sis had her hair fixed today. What will the morrow bring forth.

43 hens – 29 cross breeds –5 varieties – 150 pullets

November 3, 1936 – Tuesday

Election day and such a result. Roosevelt won by overwhelming majority, Landon received only 8 electoral votes and so unexpected. Digest Pole entirely wrong. Bleakley ran well in NY for governor, in fact Landon and Bleakley carried up state but NYC. Me Oh My! Chemung County went Republican.

November 4- 6, 1936


November 7, 1936 – Saturday

Have not felt like writing down anything. I am so disappointed to Jim Farley in power. Today Kiwanis Club of Elmira entertained 4-H Clubs of Chemung County. George took his boys, they had nice time. I canned 7 qts chicken this PM. Miss Metzer of Elmira called to see about Red Cross work. George, Sis, Milt and Robert have gone to show tonight. Mr. & Mrs. N called. Miller went with Sis and Sara to Elmira today. Archie picked up cider apples today.

48 hens – 24 cross breeds – 164 pullets

November 8, 1936 – Sunday

As days go by, I seem to feel the nations disgrace, more keenly in the election of FDR, hope to live to see a man President, I can at least respect. Cloudy dark day. Sis and Milt with Milt’s family went to Peg Roy’s today. Sara went to Sunday school. I could not keep up today. Hick and Mrs. Henry called, also Coon etc. My tooth I just had repaired is very uneasy today. Miller very quiet today, his shoulder is lame.

32 hens – 26 cross breed – 144 pullets

November 9, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant day. George had flat tire on way home this AM. Dad started for Horseheads with cider apples and tire went down again. George then went to Elmira and bought new ones. Sis and I called up at Mrs. N’s this AM, they are going tomorrow to Elmira to stay. Canned applesauce today. George, Sara, Robert and I went down to school tonight as parents visited classes etc. Sis went to Eastern Star. Archie went to League meeting at Elmira. ( refers to the League frequently, the League was the Dairymen’s League, a milk cooperative that bought the milk to be processed and sold.) Dad, Jess and George started cutting little corn for silo.

November 10, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day. Archie went to Erin League meeting. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM to bank and got materials for dresses for Sis and Sara, brought boys home. Miller went to Horseheads. Dad and Jess cleaned leghorn house. Willet came and thought pullets needed windows out, took top sash of single windows out. Sara has slight cold. Mr. & Mrs. N departed today for Elmira.

32 hens – 142 pullets

November 11, 1936 – Wednesday

Children home today, pleasant day. George ground feed and cut little corn over across. Canned peppers today.

48 hens – 24 cross breed – 144 pullets

November 12, 1936 – Thursday

Very pleasant day. We washed quilts etc. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM. Purchased 3 white outing sheets 79 cents, 1 muslin sheet 89 cents, white net curtains, 11 pair 49 cents, material for Sis and Sara, summer tissue ginghams, for Sara a wool dress, etc. Miller went to Horseheads. Dad, George and Jess finished cutting short corn today. Archie has gone to Seeley Creek to League meeting. George, Robert and Miller have gone to fight at Majestic. Stanley Dann is home, in bed, poor fellow, it is too bad. Sara’s cold is better.

33 hens – 22 cross breeds – 144 pullets

November 13, 1936 – Friday

Election of officers at Grange tonight. I did not go. Ben Turner – Master, Bennie Turner - Master Jr. No one seemed to want the job. George started plowing on corn stubble ground.

132 pullets

November 14, 1936 – Saturday

Dairymen’s League meeting up at Grange Hall. Porter here, Ice cream and cake. Horseheads local joined with us. George plowed on corn stubble ground at right of lane. Cloudy rainy sour day. Sis took Sara for her music lessons.

32 hens – 19 cross breeds – 127 pullets

November 15, 1936 – Sunday

Cloudy day, snow and cold tonight. The winter ahead looks dreary, as I feel now. Sara and Sis went to church. Dorothy up tonight. Archie and Robert went to Ithaca, Iva not home.

34 hens – 22 cross breeds – 124 pullets

November 16, 1936 – Monday

Cold windy day, snow etc. Archie picked over apples in garage. 4 – H club met here tonight, elected officers. George and Jess worked down at Shore Acres cleaning out manure from shed, so they could put machinery away. Archie went to Big Flats to League meeting tonight. Sis and Milt went to Pine Valley to Farm Bureau meeting and supper. Sara I made candy for boys.

32 hens – 22 cross breeds – 142 pullets

November 17, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day, much warmer, south wind tonight. Archie went to Directors meeting in NY, went this noon on DL&W. George, Sis and I took him down to station. George purchased a pair of shoes. We then went to show. Miller went to Horseheads. Jess and Knapp worked at cleaning out shed on Shore Acres. We brought boys home.

31 hens – 19 cross breeds – 143 pullets

November 18, 1936 – Wednesday

Cold day 12* above tonight. Cold wind and blustery snow on ground. George, Jess and Sis with Knapps help, took calves to Shore Acres barn this AM, had hard time of it. Sis took boys, Ben got them. Robert has some cold. Dad comes in the morning.

32 hens – 20 cross breeds – 135 pullets

November 19, 1936 – Thursday

15* above zero this morning, warmer through day, south wind 32* above tonight. Archie came home this AM from NY. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM to get George’s clothes from cleaner and looked at patterns. Canned 6 qts chicken today. Sis and Milt went to church tonight. Miller rode to Horseheads with them. George’s acid condition seems about the same.

144 pullets

November 20 – Friday


150 pullets

November 21, 1936 – Saturday

Pleasant day. George finished plowing field on right side of lane, corn field today. Archie and Jess plowed garden and plowed in front of rock garden. Sara took music lesson. Sis and I looked at patterns. Miller went to show.

29 hens – 23 cross breeds – 142 pullets

November 22, 1936 – Sunday

Snowy this forenoon and again tonight. 20* above tonight. Sis, George, Milt and Sara went to church. May and Earl called this PM.

45 hens – 23 cross breeds – 134 pullets

November 23, 1936 – Monday

Mr. & Mrs. N came this morning. Mr. N making cupboard and Mrs. N made Sis red percale dress today. Sis had her hair done this PM and brought boys home, also went to Eastern Star tonight.

44 hens – 34 cross breeds – 144 pullets

November 24, 1936 – Tuesday

Mr. & Mrs. N here today. Cut out Sis’s brown crepe. Snow on ground this morning. George and Miller went to Elmira this PM and bought 18 lb. Turkey. George saw Dr. Leet about his itching. He gave him medicine.

48 hens – 32 cross breeds – 144 pullets

November 25, 1936 – Wednesday

Warm pleasant day, snow melting. Robert home at noon, called on Miss Narsh this PM. Children had dinner at school today. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM and got rust color for collar to her dress etc. Have stuffed turkey, made piecrust, cleaned silver etc. tonight.

44 hens – 34 cross breeds – 153 pullets

November 26, 1936 – Thursday

Thanksgiving day again. Mr. & Mrs. N were here, also Coon. Turkey was fine. Pleasant day, although quite cold, children skated on pond today. Mrs. N sewed on Sis’s brown crepe dress. Am very tired tonight. The Thanksgiving days when we all used to go home seems so long ago.

50 hens – 34 cross breeds – 134 pullets

November 27, 1936 – Friday

Mr. & Mrs. N here today, finished Sis’s brown crepe, went home at 3:45. All went up to Grange Hall tonight, installation of officers. I endeavored to make the oyster stew.

55 hens

November 28, 1936 – Saturday

Cold day, Charles Shaff called this AM and stayed to dinner. Archie and Sis went to League Sub District meeting. Miller went to Horseheads with them. I ironed this PM and listened to Army / Navy football game. Navy won 7-0. Warmer tonight.

November 29, 1936 – Sunday

Snowy day, 2 or 3 inches, 20* above tonight. No one went to church today, first Sunday Sara has missed Sunday school, but there are quite a few cases of scarlet fever in Horseheads. Had the nice turkey which donkey man sent us, it was fine.

59 hens – 36 cross breeds – 137 pullets

November 30, 1936 – Monday

Very cold this morning and all day, in fact tonight 10* above. George and I went out tonight, looking up a short in electrical lights in leghorn house. Mr. & Mrs. N up today. Mrs. N made Sara plaid rayon dress. Archie went to Catherine tonight to League meeting.

55 hens – 44 cross breeds – 137 pullets

December 1, 1936 – Tuesday

Zero this morning, east wind and about 18 * above tonight. Sun shone brightly all day. Mr. & Mrs. N up today. Mr. N working on cupboards. Archie went to Odessa for beaver board for kitchen.

61 hens – 45 cross breeds – 138 pullets

December 2, 1936 – Wednesday

Snowy day, 5 or 6 inches of snow, trees, wires etc covered tonight. Mr. & Mrs. N up today, we nearly tied pink and blue comforter today. Mr. N and Archie put beaver board on ceiling in kitchen. Air wet and heavy with snow. The chimney burned out this morning at 7 o’clock, quite the excitement. Barnes the Guernsey man house burned down this AM.

49 hens – 45 cross breeds – 145 pullets

December 3, 1936 – Thursday

Snow covers trees, fences, etc. Snowplow went up last night at 10:30 PM. Mr. & Mrs. N here today, we tied one quilt today. Mr. N working on kitchen sidewalls etc. My eye seems to be bothering again, the black spot etc. Not cold tonight, eaves running.

61 hens – 45 cross breeds – 144 pullets

December 4, 1936 – Friday

Snow still with us. Mr. & Mrs. N here early this AM. We tied 2 quilts today making 4 in all, very pretty. Archie went to Cotton & Hanlons today, he and Jess are making box for old platform wagon. Sis and I washed tonight after supper, as there has been no time this week. Robert did not go to school as he had more cold and seemed like bronchitis is better tonight. George has been sick today with his stomach.

53 hens – 45 crossbreeds – 133 pullets

December 5, 1936 – Saturday

Snow still on, slipper going. Mr. & Mrs. N here today. Mr. N finishing cupboards. Mrs. N finished binding quilts, etc. Sis and I dressed and canned 20 chickens today. Sis took Sara for her music lesson this PM, Miller went along. Robert’s cold is quite bad, he coughs a lot, but it seems loose. Archie and Jess working on bantam house doors. George away tonight. Sis got paint for kitchen today.

60 hens – 48 cross breeds – 127 pullets

December 6, 1936 – Sunday

Strong east winds thawed some snow. Robert’s cold does not improve much; he is lame across him from it. George and Milt went to church. Sis did not go nor Sara. Days are so short now.

61 hens – 53 cross breeds – 139 pullets

December 7, 1936 – Monday

Colder today, although sun shone. Mr. & Mrs. N here today. She sewed on Sis’s brown & yellow spotted dress, it is very pretty. Mr. N stained cupboards and painted new ceiling. Archie working on bantam coops. Robert seems about the same, his cold hangs on. I phoned to school about him this morning. Miller rather down tonight. George fixed blower this PM, took hay to Falck’s this AM.

61 hens – 58 cross breeds – 137 pullets

December 8, 1936 – Tuesday


December 9, 1936 - Wednesday

Strong east wind, George ground feed. Mr. & Mrs. N here today, she finished up sewing and Mr. N painted ceiling. Sis helped paint on woodwork. Archie went to Agricultural meeting, election of officers. Maynard Smith, director in Duff Williams son’s place. Miller went to see Dr. Leet about shoulder.

60 hens – 54 cross breeds – 122 pullets

December 10, 1936 – Thursday

Thawed some today, east wind. Mr. & Mrs., N not here today. Sis painted some. Sis had her hair fixed this AM, she and Milt are up at Grange Hall to Holstein meeting and supper tonight. I roasted big roast beef, made 2 apple pies and milk for same. Radio and papers filled with news about King Edward of England, it is expected he will abdicate tomorrow. Too bad to have such a mix – up, Mrs. Simpson in France. (King Edward wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, an American woman who had been twice divorced. The Church of England did not allow divorced persons to marry if the spouse was still living. ) George, Jess, Chet and 2 Knapps pressed hay today, about 3 tons. (The hay press was a large piece of equipment that took several men to operate. You put dried hay into it and it formed a bale of hay, about 200- 250 lbs in size)

50 hens – 54 cross breeds – 137 pullets

December 11, 1936 – Friday

Pleasant day, although east wind and thawing. Icy where snow is packed hard. George, Chet, Milt, Jess and 2 Knapps pressed hay today – clover hay. George seems to have cold and tonight is hoarse. Archie has been fixing place for new pheasants which are expected soon. Sis went to choir practice tonight. Robert coughs much; he went out of doors today for first time.

49 hens – 62 cross breeds – 127 pullets

December 12, 1936 – Saturday

Rainy, thawing day with snow nearly gone. Mr. & Mrs. N up today, we tied her quilt. Mr. N painted and varnished. Archie worked at pheasant coop. George, Jess, Chet, Fred, Ross and 2 Knapps pressed hay, had to fix press this AM. Sis and Sara went to Grange tonight. Boys threw stick and broke Sis’s glasses. Hen houses wet from damp weather. George’s cold about the same, as dust irritates it. Robert coughs hard yet. Small pox in Dansville, quite serious. King Edward abdicated, gave talk on radio at 5 o’clock to his people, quite touching.

49 hens – 53 cross breed – 127 pullets

December 13, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day, sunshine, warm day, seemed like spring, but there are many moons before spring comes. Sis and Milt went to church. Sara did not go on account of scarlet fever. (She did not have it, but it was going around) George got gas tank today. My tooth has ached today, have taken aspirin etc. Robert’s cold is better, although he coughs hard yet. He is going to school tomorrow.

53 hens – 57 cross breed – 137 pullets

December 14, 1936 – Monday

Mr. & Mrs. N here today. Beautiful warm day. Mr. N and Sis painted north part of kitchen.

December 15, 1936 – Tuesday


December 16, 1936 – Wednesday

Sis and I went to Elmira this PM, warm and pleasant, such crowds. Archie went to NY to Directors meeting tonight. George and I took him down to train, raining some tonight.

December 17, 1936 – Thursday

Sis and I went to Elmira this PM. Miller went to Horseheads. Sis and Milt went to show tonight. Have felt off time tonight.

December 18, 1936 – Friday

Sis took me down to Dr. Bush’s office this PM to get a shot. I was off time again. Archie came home this AM. George and Miller went to Elmira this PM to show etc. Dad and Robert went to basketball game tonight. Horseheads and YMCA played.

54 hens – 53 cross breed – 127 pullets

December 19, 1936 – Saturday

Snowing this AM, cloudy and sleety this PM, roads icy. County truck went up tonight with cinders. Ironed today. Sis took Sara to have her hair cut. Robert also had hair cut, Miller went along. George away tonight and it is icy.

49 hens – 60 cross breed – 115 pullets

December 20, Sunday

Rather pleasant day, although wind is howling tonight and colder. Sis, Milt and George went to church today. Sis sang solo in anthem. Miller went to Horseheads with Milt, when he went home to do chores. Tomorrow we cross the line again for longer days; they come and go so quickly. No word from missing airplanes, which disappeared in Utah wilds, about 5 days ago.

58 hens – 61 cross breeds – 143 pullets

December 21, 1936 – Monday

Strong west wind, very high at night. Sis went up to school to help Miss Narsh with children’s singing. This PM Sara was taken sick – nauseated and could not go to the exercises and give her speech. It was just too bad, but she is a little brick and did not whimper. Mr. & Mrs. N came about noon and he put stencil on part of kitchen. She started Sis’ red percale dress. My cold is not too good, it is like bronchitis. Shortest day of year!

December 22, 1936 – Tuesday

Sara is better today, although rather weak. My cold is dropping and rising, sinus quite bad. Sis and George went to Elmira this PM. Have not been out today.

December 23, 1936 – Wednesday

Sara rather weak today. They got tree trimmed today. Sis went to choir practice tonight. George and Milt went to Elmira. Milt won a turkey at raffle at Horseheads. My cold is not too good, cough a plenty etc. It is now 2 AM, I can’t sleep.

December 24, 1936 – Thursday

Warm, pleasant day, too warm for Christmas Eve, wish there was a little snow. Sis and I have just come to bed at 11:15 PM. We have a beautiful tree and also small tree on porch with 2 strings of blue bulbs, very pretty. Also Sis got an electric candle for window. Archie has finished putting in old beehives for nest boxes. My cold seems better tonight. I coughed nearly all the time last night; hope to lessen on that tonight. This morning Reo truck refused to go, Sis towed the truck and George to Elmira to garage, to the tune of $7:50 for new coil and condenser. Mrs. Merle Miller and girls called today. Sara is better but looks pale.

December 25, 1936 – Friday – Christmas

Christmas day, cloudy, warm, not regulation Christmas weather, but the best we had. Our blue lights on Christmas tree on porch are trying to make things look wintry anyway, they are very pretty. We have had a nice day and just ourselves here, even the dogs, Patty and Stubbie had a nice time. Sis, Robert and Sara went down with Milt to do chores tonight. It rained a little tonight. Sara is still weak but seems a little better today. I slept better last night, but tonight I seem to cough very hard again.

December 26, 1936 – Saturday

Warm day, we did a huge washing this AM. Dad and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM, Miller went to Horseheads. Robert took down clothes and helped a lot. Sewer pipe has begun to gurgle. Chancey Hammond called on phone today.

155 pullets

December 27, 1936 – Sunday

Warm day, above freezing. Sis and Milt went to church, then down to Roy’s for dinner, as Doc and Peg were there. Dressed chickens for dinner, then packed eggs and the day was done. Sara helped best she could. Variety chickens are laying well now. George and I have been visiting; it is now 12:15 AM. My cold seems better but still cough.

54 hens – 61 cross breeds – 127 pullets

December 28, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant day, we ironed last weeks ironing. George and Miller went down and exchanged cars; new one is battleship gray, very pretty. George took up pump out her at well, big job. Sewer has been acting al little off, have put that cleanser from Rockwell’s San in the system and hope it works. Archie working faithfully at chickens. He is going to Albany Monday.

December 29, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant warm day. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM in new car, Plymouth. Miller went along and went to show. Men butchered pig today. Sis went to see Horace Quick about Dad’s life insurance. Red Cornish came from woman in Ohio. Robert and others that have graduated, entertained up at school this PM.

That was the last entry for this journal for 1936. I hope you have all enjoyed this journal, I know I have enjoyed doing this and learning about how things were done in the "old days". Not a very glamorous life for a woman and the men worked hard too.

Diary transcribed 2007 by: Pam Turner, wife of David S. Turner, grandson of Helen STERLING Turner

The following was sent in by Walt Samson:
It seemed to a youngster that Archie Turner had one of every type chicken in existence. County fairs awarded prizes for the best of every type chicken. Archie took them around to the fairs and profited if there was no competition. Zim the cartoonist poked fun at local leaders, and included Archie exhibiting his chickens. 

THE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD of Chemung County                       357

 A farm of sixty acres, pleasantly located four miles north of Horseheads, on the Ridge road in the. town of Veteran, is the property of G. Archie Turner, and its neat and thrifty appearance indicates the careful supervision of the owner. Mr. Turner. has gained a wide reputation as a breeder of and dealer in fancy chickens and his business has grown to extensive proportions. He was born near the farm which is yet his home, his natal day being. January 16, 1877. He is a son of Benjamin and. Charlotte (Wheeler) Turner, and upon the old home farm he was reared to manhood, attending the common schools of the neighborhood. At an early age he became interested in poultry raising and gradually became a breeder of fancy chickens. About 1895 he began to raise pigeons and bantams, having thirty varieties of the former and ten of the latter. His fine poultry led him to make exhibits at the county fairs near his home, to which he would take his poultry by wagon. Winning many prizes, his fowls. thus became advertised and he made many.sales at high prices. At that time he, had invested but two hundred. dollars. . His success as an exhibitor so encouraged. Him that he built a chicken house ten by one hundred' feet and soon a afterward purchased the stock of F. R. Tewilliger. In 1896 he exhibited poultry at places farther from home, going by rail. In that year he attended the fairs held at Wellsville, Hornellsvi11e, Mansfield, Penn Yan, Trumansburg, Elmira, Milton, Pennsylvania, and Bloomsburg, winning many prizes. In 1897 he still further extended his efforts and not only attended the fairs held at the- places mentioned but also those at Towanda and Newark Valley, succeeding even better than before. The history of the year 1898 was a repetition of the others save that he met with still greater success and enlarged his facilities for raising poultry. Each year he has added somewhat to his :flocks, built better accommodations and in 1899 he purchased of W. J. Greenman, of Cortland, who dealt extensively in bantams, five hundred fine specimens of these birds. On these he realized- fancy prices. In 1898 he had purchased of Charlie Manning, of Trumansburg, one hun4red and fifty bantams and variety birds.. He -has altogether invested . about two thousand dollars in fine poultry and is known as the leading chicken fancier. of western New York. In  1898. he .won five hundred and seventy-four dollars and sixty-six cents in prizes; in 1899, eight hundred and five dollars and forty cents; in 1900 he took seventeen hundred and twenty eight prizes, including both first and second, amounting to fifteen hundred and eighty dollars and thirty-five cents, while in 1901 he. gained. twenty-one hundred and fourteen prizes and received sixteen hundred. and forty-nine dollars and thirty cents. Mr.. Turner has done much to improve the grade of poultry raised in this portion of the country' .and at the same time has met with very gratifying success in business. He is now turning his attention to the raising of all kinds of birds and stock, including standard-bred horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. He has eight head of horses and colts, three head of cattle and thirty head of fine sheep, nearly all of which are registered stock.

On the 8th of June, 1898, in Millport, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Turner and Miss Helen M. Sterling. They have many warm: friends in this community and enjoy the high regard of all with whom they are acquainted. Through his entire life Mr. Turner has been a stanch Republican and has served as inspector of elections, but has never been an office seeker, preferring to give his time and attention to his business . interests, in which he has met with gratifying success.

57.  GEORGE ARCHIE10 TURNER (BENJAMIN9, HARVEY G.8, JOHN7, JOHN6, JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN "ELDER"3, HUMPHREY2, JOHN1) was born 16 Jan 1877 in Veteran, Ulster Co., NY, USA, and died 06 Mar 1963 in resided Veteran, Chemung Co. NY.  He married HELEN MARGARITA STERLING 08 Jun 1898, daughter of DANIEL STERLING and SARAH SLEEPER.  She was born 23 Oct 1881 in Millport, NY, and died 28 Aug 1963.


George Archie went by Archie.


Occupation: New York State Representative


73.      i.  ROBERT STERLING11 TURNER, b. 30 Oct 1922, Horseheads, Chemung Co.  NY; d. 1981.

74.      ii.  GEORGE ARCHIE TURNER, b. 13 Mar 1914.

         iii.  FLORENCE S TURNER, m. MILTON A ROY, 01 Sep 1930.