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Helen STERLING Turner 1936 Diary
Photo at left of Berneice REED MacDougall and Helen STERLING Turner - neighbors on Ridge Road. Walt Samson sent the photo to go with the diary that Pam transcribed. Walt has promised us Berneice's diaries for the same period. 
Diary Transcribed by Pam Turner, Granddaughter-in-law of Helen
One - January to June Two - July to December

Pleasantview Farm

From the Diary of Helen STERLING Turner

January 1, 1936 - Wednesday

New Years Day and a beautiful one too. Snowy ground with sun shining. Much warmer than for days past. Children skating and riding down hill. George, Sis and Milt did not arrive until 3:30 am - went to midnight show at Keeney’s. Took 7 head young stock down to Shore Acres today. Archie has been fixing windows in calf pens. We had fine spare ribs for dinner.

January 2, 1936 – Thursday

10 * above zero this morning, warmer through day – sleet and strong east wind toward night making roads very slippery. Milt did not come up tonight, also called off 4-H club skating party. Have "tried" out lard today, also canned 3 hens making 2 qts. Without backs and necks. George and men took more young stock down to Shore Acres barn today – quite a task. George also went to Horseheads, for packing for pump and fixed it so stock could have water tonight. Sis cleaned up stairs and washed walls in bathroom. Sara and Robert back at school today. Robert has some test, exam papers in Arithmetic, he passed them very well. Archie working on windows in calf pens.

190 pullet eggs

January 3, 1936 Friday

Warmer here this AM – thawing part of time. South and east winds. George was invited down to Dorothy’s with Charles Baker and Mary Thompson to spend the evening. Archie, Robert, Sara and Milt went to basketball game between Horseheads Varsity and Alumni, Varsity won. Also girls game. George and Jess cleaned big pen in leghorn house. Found few old hens with cold or something. Archie has been spraying leghorns and bantams with spray from Mitmyer.

209 pullet eggs – 16 hens

January 4, 1936 – Saturday

Warmer with south and east winds – snowing tonight. We ground up 50 lbs sausage and mixed it today. George ground it – which is very hard with this machine. Our ironer is out of commission, must take it to Elmira. Sis took Sara to dentist this forenoon and back to Elmira at 1:15 for her first music lesson at Miss Palmers. She is delighted with it. I have a bad catch in my back last night and today. Went down to Dr Mosel tonight. Robert took inventory of chickens today. Archie, George and Jess finished cleaning hen house.

201 pullet eggs

January 5, 1936 – Sunday

Sunshiny day although quite cold, thawed some middle of day. Sara has not felt well today, seems grippy, etc. Hope she is better in the morning. Sis sang this morning in church. We are worried about cold with Leghorn hens as they seem to have bronchitis, have killed 23 today. Archie heard from Hammond and is going to Albany tomorrow. Dread to have him gone so much. George is down to Horseheads. My back is very lame; I can hardly get out of chair. Mr. and Mrs. N called today. George, Dad and Robert gave hypos to all old hens today.

January 6, 1936 – Monday

Snowed last night, roads quite icy – but not too bad. We killed about 28 Leghorn hens today and sold the remainder to Solmeto for $38.72. Very fat but more bronchitis came so we cleaned them out. We are spraying pullets, etc faithfully. Archie got phone call from clerk’s office in Albany today just before he was ready to start for Albany with Hammond. We canned 10 qts sausage and 9 two qt. Cans of chicken today. George took Dad to train at 12:30 – Miller went along and bought himself trousers. Sara has been better today but looks rather pale, she was fevery last night.

209 pullet eggs

January 7, 1936 – Tuesday

George ground 50 lbs sausage today. Miller and George did not go to T-Burg tonight, as they could not get Pontiac car from garage. Made scrapple – canned chicken broth, etc. Sara did not go to school today, she feels better and looks grippy.

224 pullet eggs

January 8, 1936 - Wednesday

Canned 20 qts sausage today. Miller and George went to T-Burg tonight to try out Pontiac, liked it very much. Mrs. S not home and Hilda had company. Sis went down to choir practice and brought Dad home from late train, he was tired as his position was new to him.

206 pullet eggs

January 9. 1936 – Thursday

Quite a snow last night and snowplow from county went up and down twice today. Canned more sausage and 3 qts cans of chicken backs etc. Archie went to Big Flats to Dairymen’s League Annual Meeting this PM about 56 present. George and Jess working on feed grinder. Robert and Milt rode down hill tonight, it was very good but very slippery. Seems good to have Dad home. Sara went to school

206 eggs

January 10, 1936 – Friday

Warmer today softened snow a very little. Sis went to Elmira this PM, purchased Archie 4 shirts, 3 pairs wool sox, underclothes, etc Also went to Keeney’s to see Peter Ibbetson with Ruth Harding and Gary Cooper it was very good the scenery was beautiful. Also went to Grange tonight. Archie went to League meeting over in Catlin. I took back Grange books and got 2 more.

217 eggs

January 11, 1936 – Saturday

Pleasant day – fine riding down hill as snow is smooth and icy. George and Sis ground up last of sausage this AM. Sis took Sara to dentist at 1 PM and Sara took her music lesson at 2:30. Sis purchased single warm sheet overalls for George and pants for Milt. Archie went to Elmira this AM to see Charles Perry and Jack Dale. Miller and George went to Elmira this PM to see Fereplanes. Robert had his hair cut. I started the ironing, Dad paid $25 on binder, Sara purchased a stamp book, and Dr Peterson gave her some stamps.

205 eggs

January 12,1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day thawed a little but snow covers ground. Jess said there was a foot of snow in woods and no frost in ground. Sis and Sara went to church today, Milt went to Joe Turner’s funeral this PM. Sis and Dorothy went to Elmira to Presbyterian Church Choir meeting. May Earl, Lottie, Joe and Janie called this PM. Archie seems to have lame back as I have had. Mrs. Sickles also has lame back.

206 eggs

January 13, 1936 – Monday

South wind changing to west this PM – colder tonight. Archie went to Albany at 12:30 today. Sis I took him to station and went to show at Keeney’s. George and Jess ground feed today. Sis has gone to Eastern Star Installation tonight – she wore her white organdy over Maize. She looked very nice, Edna went with her. Mann took crate of eggs.

235 eggs

January 14, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day – old witch on weather forecaster (this was a type of barometer) went in this noon but at midnight tonight is on her way out again, she has been in twice since Xmas. George took case of eggs to Horseheads for NY and one to Earl and brought back case to radio. George and Jess sawed wood today. Sis ironed and I packed eggs.

215 eggs

January 15, 1936 - Wednesday

Pleasant day, south wind thawed some, old witch out again this morning. I went down to Dr Mosel this noon as I had numerous sore spots etc. Off time I guess. Radio came today- it seems very nice. George, Sis, Milt and Dorothy went down to choir sing in Elmira tonight. Archie phoned he could not come home until Thursday night.

January 16, 1936 – Thursday

Pleasant day – Sis and I went to Elmira this PM.- bought material, blue plaid for Sara, percale for Sis, pique for self, etc. George and Jess sawed wood this PM. Archie came home tonight very tired. Sis went to League Meeting for Dad in Elmira. George went to show. I have not felt too good. My ticker seems off.


January 17, 1936 – Friday

Very pleasant day although it was only 10* above zero this AM. Archie went to League meeting at Horseheads this noon and PM. Sis and I went at 1 o’clock down to have my hair fixed and had Dr. Mosel try to help my "off time". Miller and George went to show this PM., he enjoyed it very much. Sis has gone to banquet and theatre party given by Marjory Rehabber for Eastern Star at Elmira Rose Tea Room. Archie and Robert have gone to basketball game at Heights. Milt sold his Jack Horse and delivered him today down below Towanda.

194 eggs

January 18, 1936 – Saturday

East wind and thawed some, turning colder at night, this morning 8* zero. Young Republicans Club Rally up at Grange Hall tonight. All went but me, as I did not feel equal to the occasion, Archie went over to Erin first. George and Sis went up this PM and helped decorate hall etc. Sis took Sara to dentist and to take her music lesson this PM. Archie rather tired today. George took 10 dozen pullet eggs to Italian in Elmira. Sara and Robert won toaster and cake carrier playing bingo. Archie got some groceries.

210 eggs

January 19, 1936 - Sunday

8* above this morning with snow and very high northwest wind all day. Worst storm we have had in years – drifting and blowing terribly. County plow went up this PM but roads must be full again. George did not go away today and on one went to church on account of storm. I been quiet today trying to get "on time" again if possible. Hope weather is better tomorrow, as Archie should go back to Albany. Sis is still up at 10 o’clock keeping fires going as it is so cold.

205 eggs

January 20, 1936 - Monday

The storm or blizzard is over and the sun shone today, not a cloud nor a wind, but snow is very deep on ground in fields, several feet in places and drifts are many feet deep. Big one in backyard about 5 feet deep. County snowplow went up and down about 6 o’clock this morning sow our trouble was in our own yard. Archie went to Albany this noon, does not feel too well, I am worried. Sis and I took him down and got license plates for George and Millers car. Sis went up to Van Duzers to practice play tonight. George and Jess have been shoveling snow, also Sis. King George of England died today.

194 eggs

January 21, 1936 - Tuesday

8* above zero this morning, partly cloudy but rather a pleasant day. Sis and I went to Millport this PM and paid the taxes on both farms $364.80. Miller and George went to show this PM George has gone to Horseheads tonight, did not go to church affair. Sis did not go, as she does not feel too good. Robert goes in morning to try Arithmetic in Regents exam.

January 22,1936 – Wednesday

South wind all day and tonight it has snowed quite hard. Snow everywhere. Robert took Regents exam in Arithmetic this AM, Miss Marsh thinks he passed. George and Jess ground about 1500 lbs feed. Sis had her hair set this AM and practiced for play this PM. Archie phoned he could not come home tonight. Florence and Lucy are going with him to Ag dinner. Sara and Robert tried exam today.

205 eggs

January 23, 1936 – Thursday

4* below zero this morning, wind blew terribly all night. Snowplow went thru early this Morning – No school today on account of cold and roads. Bad storms all over US, very deep snows in Ohio, children in buses could not get home. George went to meet Archie tonight, he had no trouble but snow is drifting again. Milt did not come up tonight. We washed today but did not put clothes out of doors.

174 eggs

January 24, 1936 – Friday

About zero this morning with southwest wind blowing. Archie went to Wellsburg to Dairymen’s League meeting at noon, am afraid he took cold while there. Grange was postponed for tonight, it was so cold etc. Elmira Grange was to come up here. Mr. Grant also postponed 4-H calf judging meeting which was to have been here tomorrow PM. Miller could not breathe well last night. No school today. Snow plow thru today.

January 25, 1936 - Saturday

4* below zero this morning. Archie and Sis went to Van Etten to Sub District meeting also for Van Etten local annual meeting. Sara did not go to dentist or take her music lesson, as Miss Palmer was sick. I did the ironing this PM. George and Sara went to Horseheads for oyster crackers etc for League meeting tonight. We all went to meeting. We are feeding mash wet to pullets.

January 26, 1936 – Sunday

Still very cold, no let up at all. Florence and Sara went to Sunday school and church, also George, Robert and Milt. Papers and radio say more cold.

January 27, 1936 – Monday

6* above zero this morning and in fact all day. Sis and I took Dad to DL & W station as he took train for NY for Directors meeting, he goes to Albany tonight. Hope he does not take cold, as it is cold to travel. Robert and Sara finished their exam. Miller and George went to Elmira this PM to show and drove home Chrysler car of Mark Taber which is for sale. George and Sis drove it to Horseheads as Sis went to Eastern Star meeting, also Edna. We purchased Dad a shirt, George a white shirt, Dad 2 pajamas. Milt shirt and pajamas, etc today.

164 eggs

January 28, 1936 – Tuesday

3* above zero this AM – up to about 15* above today and down again tonight to 8* above. Coldest continental cold wave known in the country. Miller and George traded their cars in for a Chrysler coupe today. It is very nice. I packed eggs today etc. Sis and I went to Optical Works.

164 eggs

January 29, 1936 – Wednesday

1* below zero this AM. Sis and I went down for 10:30 appt at Dr Smiths, ate lunch at Izard’s and took Plymouth to have fender fixed. Went to show and arrived home about 7PM. Archie came home tonight. We are feeding wet mash to hens but they seem to go down with the cold weather.

January 30, 1936 – Thursday

1* below zero this AM. Archie and I went to Catharine to League meeting, had a pleasant time. Today is Millers birthday, he is 80 years old. Gave him a shirt that he wanted. Sis washed this AM. It is fine riding downhill up by schoolhouse, starting up on Strubles garden top and coming down by schoolhouse and down old road. Miller and George went to show. George and Jess ground feed this AM. Made ice cream for Miller’s birthday.

January 31, 1936 - Friday

8* above zero this AM. Last day of January, it certainly has been a winter month. Snow on ground since before Christmas, grass is green under snow. Archie, Sis and I went to Elmira this PM. Sis got her black and green dresses at Mrs. Gardner’s. Archie got a grand overcoat, hat and brown suit at Burts. Sis also got a pair of black shoes. Archie went to Ag meeting tonight – debate about time of fair with Bath, etc. George and Sis went to League meeting at Chemung for him tonight. All arriving home about 11:30.

148 eggs

February 1, 1936 – Saturday

This diary has been downstairs and it is now February 8, so I cannot give many details of the days. Do not remember just how cold but around zero. George and Sis went to Elmira and got George a suit of clothes, gray check for spring and summer, very pretty, sale price $22.00. They also brought Dad’s suit home. Archie went with Manchester to Watkins to League meeting. Robert went up to Grange Hall to 4-H Rally. George built fires for them this AM.

February 2. 1936 – Sunday

Old bear could see his shadow as sun shone brightly. Cold and snow engulfs everything. Sis, Sara and Milt went to church. Sis sang in Sacred concert this PM. George took Robert and Sara to Corning Glass Works to big glass disc, which they are going to ship to California in a few days. George also took Evelyn Mosel, Dorothy and she were here this evening.

February 3, 1936 – Monday

Sis took Dad to train and then to Seeley Creek to League meeting arriving home after 6. Have had pain in gizzard etc. Went down to Dr Mosel tonight. Sara did not go to school as she has laryngitis.

February 4, 1936 – Tuesday

Sara did not go to school today, although she is some better – Mercury still down below zero mornings and not up much through days. Miller and George went to show.

February 5, 1936 – Wednesday

Sara went to school this morning although she is still hoarse. I went down to Mosels this AM.

February 6, 1936 – Thursday

Archie phoned this morning and came home tonight. Miller and George went to show/ George went down to Dorothy’s this evening and met Dad at 10:30. He stayed at Lucy’s last night. Sis had men clean 2 big pens in Leghorn house – could not clean under roosts. George ground feed this AM – Jess took sick this PM and ½ day before this week. We washed this AM.

February 7, 1936 – Friday

Archie went to Horseheads this AM and got his haircut. Also saw Walter Rockwell about $5 bill and paid it. Archie and George went to Ag meeting tonight, had lively time over date of Fair. Finally decided on first week of September. They did not get home until after midnight.

February 8, 1936 – Saturday

10* above zero this AM, the warmest in a long while. Sun has shone today but tonight-strong east wind is blowing and expect more snow. Archie got up this AM and cannot speak, he is so hoarse, and he has been in house all day. Hope he is better in morning. Sis took Robert to the dentist, although he had nothing done now and Sara to take her music lesson. Robert went to show in meantime. I am very anxious about Dad, as he is so hoarse. Robert seems to have some cold today. Sara still coughs.

145 eggs

February 9, 1936 – Sunday

Wind in east this AM changing to west this PM. – pleasant winter day, although cold as usual. Archie cannot speak aloud as yet. He does not feel sick of course it is very trying. Sis, Sara, George and Milt went to church. George down to Dorothy’s for dinner. Robert has a bad cold - coughing etc. Miller seems to have a cold also. Stanley Danns house caught fire around chimney today. Milt and Strubles went up about 1:30 PM

138 eggs

February 10, 1936 – Monday

1* below zero this morning - 4* above tonight. Such continued cold weather no one has ever seen before. Archie could not go to Albany today, he cannot speak aloud and feels down and out. Sent work to Albany by Hammond. Robert’s cold is also up in his head today and Miller has been coughing and sneezing. Sis has gone to Eastern Star tonight, wore her new black dress and shoes. Milt went to Ithaca Farm Week today, Chappel went with him. Archie received letter from Barney Mosher asking him to judge at State Fair. Ben Turner had operation today. It’s a wonder hens lay at all.

155 eggs

February 11, 1936 – Tuesday

5* above zero this AM – Strong wind from west making floors in house cold. Sara was sick today, vomited etc. has not eaten anything result of grippe. Archie is some better. Milt went to Ithaca today. We washed today. Robert’s cold is some better, he was at school etc. Ben Turner is getting along nicely.

135 eggs

February 12,1936 - Wednesday

8* above zero this morning, up to 28* above today, warmest it has been. Archie has coughed hard and is rather discouraged about his cold, as it does not seem to loosen. Mrs. Sickles brought over catnip. Milt went to Ithaca - Robert and Sara home today - Sara is better. Miller and George went to Elmira to show today.

155 eggs

February 16, 1936 – Sunday

Bright sunshiny day although cold last night, sun thawed crush a little. Dorothy and Evelyn came up this PM and they all rode down hill. Sis and Sara went to church. Dad’s cold about the same.

February 17, 1936 – Monday

Sis and I took Archie to Erie today. He is better but hoarse and not too strong. Sis and I went to show this PM. On arriving home, I was as sick as Sara was.

February 18, 1936 – Tuesday

Wind has blown hard today and roads filling in again, plow went up. I have felt miserable today – down all day after being sick all night, nauseated, etc, up every hour. George and Robert went to boxing match at Grotto Park; Miller did not want to go. They had trouble getting out of the park. 8* below zero when they came. Aunt Florence gave 5-minute talk over WYY today, very good.

February 19, 1936 – Wednesday

10* below zero this AM. Reo truck stopped with George on Lake Road. Sis went to see what was trouble and towed him to Horseheads, he was nearly froze. We were worried as did not hear from him until nearly 10. Brought home 97 baby chicks, first varieties today from Gregory’s $5.00

February 20, 1936 – Thursday

10* below this AM. Hard night last night as Sis and I stayed up until midnight. Sis going out to care for baby chicks, going out at 2:30 AM etc. Robert was fevered and buggy last night, was up with him for a long while but seems all right today. Cold but no wind, Archie came home tonight. I have not felt so well today. Shaky and getting quite hoarse. Mrs. Sickles came over this PM. Sis had to tow George with milk to Elmira this AM. George getting Reo fixed.

154 eggs

February 21 – Friday

5* below zero this AM. Archie came home last night. His cold is still with him. George and Miller went to wrestling match at Armory tonight. Sis, Robert and Sara were to school party tonight, was sorry I could not go. They had a picnic supper. Children explained schoolwork etc. Dad fixed cloth around wooden stove and chicks seem warmer.

February 22, 1936 – Saturday

About zero this morning, frost covered every branch, beautiful when sun came out. Has been a very pleasant day. Archie and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. Sara took music lesson. Miller and George went to show. Miller has his "going clothes" on. Robert and I here alone. Archie’s cold hangs on, he is quite hoarse. Sara seems to have more cold tonight as her nose is running. I ironed some this PM, not good for much. Sis, George and Milt have gone to church party tonight. I listened to Washington program tonight, it is now 11.

February 23, 1936 – Sunday

Around zero this AM/ South east wind, snow softening some. George, Sis, Sara and Milt went to church. Dorothy up this evening and Dad feeling rather low. I have not felt like much myself. Baby chicks seem to be getting along although they were plenty cold this morning. Robert has been busy with chicks etc. all day. Made ice cream.

February 24, 1936 – Monday

About 15* above this AM. Warmest today it has been this winter although there has been a rotten east wind, which is cold if temp is up. Sis took Dad to train this noon and had her hair fixed at 1:30 arriving home about 4 PM. She went to Eastern Star tonight with Dorothy joined among others. Fire went out this PM and new fire is too hot in house tonight. Played dominoes with Miller tonight, first time in weeks. Sis and kiddos have been playing. Milt and Jess drew out 2 loads manure on wheat ground.

February 25, 1936 – Tuesday

Warm and thawing today, did not freeze last night, snow dropping fast, seems strange to see the ground in places. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM to bank. Paid Dr Smith for Sis’s glasses $21 also $9 on bill. Went to show at Capitol, Shirley Temple in Little Rebel. Miller, George and Robert have gone to boxing matches tonight. Rudy Steffen here this PM to doctor cows.

February 26, 1936 – Wednesday

Warm day, snow melting fast, sleeting rain tonight. Archie phoned from Albany and came home tonight. Sis went to choir practice and brought Dad home. George and officers of Grange practiced for initiation tonight.

February 27, 1936 – Thursday

Still thawing today, tonight it is about 25* above zero and wind blowing which makes it seem colder. Archie went to Elmira and bought shoes this PM. Miller and George went to show. Dad, Robert and Milt went to basketball game tonight, Horseheads won from Heights. Sis seems to have sinus trouble tonight, hope it will not be bad. Men cleaned out 1 pen of Leghorn house.

148 eggs

February 28, 1936 – Friday

Froze slightly last night, about 25* above, today it thawed, little colder tonight. Archie went to Seeley Creek to Bang meeting, Dr. Birch from Cornell there. Sis washed ceiling in kitchen. Her sinus has been bothering her last night and some today. George and Jess cleaned back hen house. George, Sis, Robert and Sara went to Grange tonight. I wanted to go but did not feel good enough.

156 eggs

February 29, 1936 – Saturday ( Leap Year )

Last day of February and a pleasant day, snow disappearing. Sis took Sara down to take her music lesson. Sara seems to have more cold, sash she is hoarse. I ironed this PM and Sis finished hand ironing. Archie and Jess went down on flat and made road thru for Fred to put manure on wheat.

March 1, 1936 – Sunday

March came in like a lamb I think, as it has been bright and sun shown all day, a little colder but not bad. Sis went to church and sang although she is coughing and her cold seems to have dropped. Sara in all day as I hope her cold will be better. George brought Dorothy up at chore time and they have just gone to take Dorothy home.

177 eggs

March 2, 1936 – Monday

8* above this AM, but warmed up through day. Sis and I took Dad to train at 12:30 for Albany. We went to show at Capitol. Miller and George went to Elmira to show and Miller purchased chair at 2nd hand store, but is not going to take it. Sara’s cold is quite heavy, she did not go to school this AM. George and Jess cleaned pens in Asiatic coop. 4-H boys here tonight.

157 eggs

March 3, 1936 – Tuesday

Warm day, snowed over an inch last night, but is melting fast today. George and Jess cleaning brooder coops. Mrs. Sickles over this PM. Sis painted woodwork in Dad’s room today. Mary cow had calf, which died, another cow freshened.


March 4, 1936 – Wednesday

Warm day for March, snow melting. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM, purchased Gossard corset and things for birthday cakes for Sara and Miss Marsh. Miller and George went to show this PM. Archie phoned from Albany today, received letter from Lauder, chicks are coming Tuesday March 10th.

157 eggs

March 5, 1936 – Thursday

Sara’s birthday, she is 10 yrs old. Made chocolate cake with yellow candles and fixings for Miss March and coconut cake with pink roses and pink candles for Sara, with a dish of Jell-O. Children had a nice time; we also had coconut cake for Sara at home. Sis and I went over to Odessa to Sherwood’s Nursery to get prices on shrubs. Sis and I went down to meet Dad tonight. George went to Kiwanis Club dinner as guest of Manley Park. Henry Rathbone spoke.

March 6, 1936 – Friday

We washed this AM. George lyed & scrubbed the brooder houses today and Dad built fires in stoves. Sold Lock cow and Guernsey cow to Bennie Jew for $75.

170 eggs

March 7, 1936 – Saturday

8* above zero this AM, much warmer this day but is freezing slightly tonight. 96 more variety chicks came today put them in same house with others.

177 eggs

March 8, 1936 – Sunday

Warm thawy day, not too warm. Sis and Sara went to church. Coon was up this forenoon. George went down to Dorothy’s this PM, not back as yet. Charles Baker and Mary Thompson were married today at Watkins. Dick Eisenhart’s funeral was today. Archie went down to see John Sterling this PM, also went to Horseheads and over to Glen Stevens tonight. Little chicks seem to be getting started. I made the rounds today. East wind today seems like a storm. Robert has quite a cold yet.

181 eggs

March 9, 1936 – Monday

Thawy day, Sis and I took Dad to train for Albany, went to show, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, very good. Looked at wallpaper, rained at times. George, Robert and Sara went to Conklin’s this evening for a 4-H party for Betty. Dense fog when they came home. Sis and Milt went to Eastern Star affair tonight.

March 10, 1936 – Tuesday

Snow melting fast, creek is high tonight. Sis and I went to Elmira and brought the 1000 baby chicks, have just come in from brooder house at 11:30. Miller, George and men sawed wood today, nearly all the pile by wood house. Sis and I called at Northrop’s this PM about paint.

March 11, 1936- Wednesday

Rainy day, mud deep, hard traveling to brooder coop. Sis went to choir practice and brought Dad home, going by way of valley, as water all over road down by Horseheads. George went up to Grange Hall to practice for 4th and 5th degrees.

March 12, 1936 – Thursday

Water very high down at Horseheads and Elmira, up here ground seems to have settled and snow/ice nearly all gone. Archie went up to Hickson’s sale this PM. Bought 2 wagons, sulky plow, milk cans and pulleys. Sis took me down to Dorothy and I had a facial and finger wave. George took Miller to Elmira to show this PM. Snowed 2-3 inches this PM.

199 eggs

March 13, 1936 – Friday

George’s birthday, he is 22 years old, seems only little time ago he was just a baby and so it goes. Had his birthday cake as usual and we went to Grange tonight, gave 3rd & 4th degrees. George did very nicely, in fact all of them did. Have had some trouble with brooder stoves, too hot and too cold, but chicks doing fairly well. Milt came up tonight, water has been all over his flat lands. Archie went to Elmira this PM and had corn taken out. Sis took Robert after school and had his hair cut. We washed today. George and Jess cleaned hen houses. 5 or 6 inches snow tonight.

190 eggs

March 14, 1936 – Saturday

Snow melting fast today, still thawing tonight. Sis took meatloaf up to Pomona and ate dinner, came back and took Sara to take her music lesson. Miller has a cold, Archie seems to have some cold tonight, and he took out boards etc from brooder houses today. Sis and I have just come in from fixing stoves etc for night is 11 PM. Jess brought down wagons and plow etc, we bought up at Hickorys sale.

190 eggs

March 15, 1936 – Sunday

Warm day for March, snow nearly gone. Sis and Sara went to church. Chicks not doing so well must be the BWD as Milts are same way. George has quite a bad cold. Dorothy was up tonight. Today was Milt’s birthday; we had a cake for him. Miller’s cold is much better, he knows how to shake them.

177 eggs

March 16, 1936 – Monday

Thawed today until afternoon, it began snowing and ground is covered with snow again. Sis and I took Dad to train this noon and went to show this PM at Keeney’s.

194 eggs

March 17, 1936 – Tuesday

Trees covered with ice this morning and have been all day. Tonight it is terrible, trees hanging to ground and limbs breaking off, lights went out at 7:30. Elmira is in darkness and river is over its banks, Southside under water. Newtown creek not so high as has been. George, Robert and Miller went to boxing match, lights went out there and they could not finish. Miller low today.

187 eggs

March 18, 1936 – Wednesday

Terrible night last night, our old Maple trees and Cherry trees were covered with sleet and all broken to pieces, they are a sad sight. No lights, no water. George and Jess drew 50 cans of water for cows today from Shore Acres. No telephone so did not hear from Archie, no school. Chicks seem better.

177 eggs

March 19, 1936 – Thursday

Snow or ice melted and fell from trees today, but it is snowing tonight. Sis and Milt left the Young Farmers banquet tonight to go and meet Dad and found out from Mrs. Hammond he could not come home tonight, as station at Albany is flooded and expect when tide comes in it will be worse. George put tractor to pumping water today, after they had drawn about 75 cans of water. Hope men will fix things tomorrow as we are scarcely on the map. Could not hear anything on our radio for days. Jess went to funeral at Watkins this PM. Miller went with Sis to Horseheads this PM. Sis had her hair fixed.

181 eggs

March 20, 1936 – Friday

First spring like day we have had amid the storms, blows, etc. George, Robert and I set up Milt’s little brooder stove for variety chicks, which are to come tomorrow. Light men came this PM, cut away some limbs etc. and we had light power at 7:30 PM, it certainly seems good. Sis went to Horseheads and phoned to Mrs. Hammond and Dad came tonight. No telephone service as yet. Sis and I went down and met Dad as George and Dorothy went to Armory to Elk’s affair. Archie said they had no ice storm in Albany, only rain. Train was one hour late arriving at 11:30. Wild geese flew over city as we were waiting for train, we could hear them plainly. Saw robin today.

March 21, 1936 – Saturday

Snow covered ground to depth of 2-3 inches this morning and has been snowing more through day. George brought baby variety chicks from Gregory’s this AM – 167. Sis took Sara to have her music lesson this PM, bought seats for boxing match for Miller etc. Power off about 7:30 AM but on again about 4:15 PM. I baked 2 cakes as soon as juice was turned on. Little heifer freshened down at Shore Acres barn today. George fixed light wires on Shore Acres today. Archie and I went to chicks at 10:30 tonight

195 eggs

March 22, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day and snow melting. Snowplow went up and cleared snow from sides of road. Lights are off again tonight about 9 o’clock. Stoves to brooder house low and have them started up at 10:30. Archie and George went over to grove and are going to tap most of them in the morning. No church today as water was in cellars of churches. May and Earl called this AM about man wanting to rent rooms in block. Dorothy up tonight. Milt took his sister Helen down to Pegs today.

March 23, 1936 – Monday

Rather pleasant day, quite warm for March. Sis and I took Dad to train at noon and went to show this PM. My nose seems to be runny tonight, do not know when I took cold. Ordered me a Camp Corset from Sheehan Dean Co, bought black hat at Gortons, also jacket for George. Sis went to Eastern Star tonight. Telephone not yet fixed. Tapped trees today.

March 24, 1936 – Tuesday

Warm day with rain, etc. We washed today, clothes not dry. George and Jess cleared up front yard and lilacs, also set up plum tree, which was blown over. Jess fixed clothesline. Miller, George and Robert went to boxing matches tonight. Seats not so good.

March 25, 1936 – Wednesday

Very pleasant day, sun shone, sap not running much. Bob Bush came up this AM, coming tomorrow at 3 to take pictures, very nice chap. Sis and I went to Elmira this PM, looked at wallpapers and brought home some. Thomas is coming Friday to paper. Fred trimming over in bush, George ground feed etc.

March 26, 1936 – Thursday

Pleasant day, Sis and I went to Elmira to meet Dad at 8:30 AM; he came up from NY from Directors meeting. Archie, George and Jess cleaned up yard etc. Bob Bush and Crandall came up this PM and took pictures over in Maple Grove. Sis went to Elmira this PM and got wallpaper for George, Sis, Dad and dining rooms.

March 27, 1936 – Friday

Rained last night, cloudy today, changing to west wind this PM. Thomas and man were here papering George’s and part of Dad’s room. Archie has been cleaning up around. We all went up to Grange tonight. Horseheads Grange was to visit us, 37 of them and 49 of our Grange. Had roast beef sandwiches, cake and coffee. Sis went down to Eastern Star practice tonight at 7, then up to Grange.

March 28, 1936 – Saturday

Wind, rain, snow and sunshine. I have been very tired today after last nights outing. Did not sleep much last night, tough to be getting old I guess. George, Sis and Milt went over to Sullivanville Grange tonight. Sis and Dad went to Sub District meeting this PM. Sara took her music lesson. I ironed the ironing today, 2 weeks of it and am alive to tell the tale.

March 29, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day, Sis, George and Sara went to church. Coon was up this PM. Dorothy came up with George this PM. Archie has a terrible cough as he has had in the past. It has seemed like spring out today. The Starlings (birds) have been busy today cleaning out old nests out of trees in yard. Miller not feeling too good as he took a pill he did not need.

March 30, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant this AM, thundershower this afternoon. Sis and I took Dad to train, looked at little dresses for Sara, and also went over to Mrs. N. George took ½ ton hay of John Arnot in Elmira. Sold case of eggs to Mann for 24 cents. Thomas and man here papered Sis’s room and hall today. We ordered crossbred chicks of Couch today, to come Saturday.

March 31, 1936 – Tuesday

Sis and I went to Elmira this PM, brought home 2 silk dresses for Sara to select from as this is her first Musicale dress, also got blue wool material for Sara a coat. Old Jock does not feel well.

April 1, 1936 – Wednesday

Sis took blue dress and kept the rose for Sara, she also went to bank. Archie came home tonight as Legislature adjourned for a week. Jock does not eat yet. Robert and Sara went to Grange Hall to practice for Minstrel play.

April 2, 1936 – Thursday

Today has been a rather sad day, as Jock and Peggy are sleeping out under the old apple tree tonight. Had vet come and he did not think Jock would get well, so had him put he and Peggy to sleep. Archie buried them, it had to be but I feel lost without them. Cannot say much about it. Dread to tell Aunt Florence, old age is pathetic, even for dogs. Mrs. N here today sewing on Sara’s coat. Sis and I went to Elmira late this afternoon and got print for lining and blouse for Sara. Am glad Archie is home. Archie and George separated cockerels today.

194 eggs

April 3, 1936 - Friday


April 4, 1936 – Saturday

Sold cockerels to Shaffer – 5 cents a piece – 400 and some. Chicks came from Gregory, 235 varieties. I have been sick today, chills, pain in bowels, headache, etc. Down all day.

April 5, 1936 – Sunday

George, Dad and Robert went to Odessa and brought the 235 crossbred chicks from Couch. They look like Barred Rocks. Sis, Milt and Sara went to church. This diary has been downstairs so am just hitting high spots I can remember. Felt better today, got dinner was all, but think I will live.

April 6, 1936 – Monday

I ironed today, last weeks ironing.

April 7, 1936 – Tuesday


April 8, 1936 – Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. N came today; he started laying floor in George’s room. Mrs. sewing on Sara’s blouse, etc.

April 9, 1936 – Thursday

Mr. and Mrs. N here today, they have traded cars. New Dodge, very nice.

April 10, 1936 – Friday

Mr. and Mrs. N here today. Mr. N started floor in Dad’s room. All went up to Grange tonight. Sullivanville Grange over, Myrna and Ernest Hoffman over.

April 11, 1936 – Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. N here finished Dad’s room. Mrs. N made me two housedresses. Very tired today. It is raining everyday; do not know when we can ever plow. Sara took music lesson.

April 12, 1936 – Sunday

Easter Sunday, fairly pleasant this morning but rained this PM and tonight. George joined church this morning, big class, lot of Eisenhardts. Robert and Sara went to Sunday school. Sis went to practice for Eastern Star this PM in Elmira. George down to Mosels for dinner and just returned home. Quiet day here, no one came. Robert and Sara had fun this morning hunting eggs, which Milt had hidden last night. This was my father’s birthday; he would have been 89, so long ago. I have a cold sore and have felt down today.

April 13, 1936 – Monday

Cloudy, sunshine, etc. Mr. and Mrs. N up today, he is scraping George’s floor. Mrs. N made my tan housedress and cut out green silk blouse. Coon came up tonight. George and Jess cleaned back hen house. Archie and Robert drew feed and phosphate. Sis has gone to Eastern Star tonight. Hickory called this morning.

April 14, 1936 – Tuesday

Mr. and Mrs. N here. Sis went to Eastern Star.

April 15, 1936 – Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. N here today. Sis went to banquet at Mark Twain then to Masonic Temple for drill, etc. Wearing yellow organdy dress, etc.

April 16, 1936 – Thursday

Mr. and Mrs. N here today.

April 17, 1936 – Friday

Northrop’s here today.

April 18, 1936 – Saturday

Cloudy day, Mr. and Mrs. N went to Elmira this PM. Mr. came this PM and painted George’s radiator. Sis ironed some today. Sis took Sara for her music lesson, Miller also went along. 235 Variety chicks came from Gregory’s, put them with oil burner. George’s cold some better and mine is just the same. Robert and Dad put bantams out of doors.

April 19, 1936 – Sunday

Cloudy with little showers, Fred had day off. George did not go to church, as his cold is disagreeable. Dad, Robert, Sara and Miller went to first ballgame today. Elmira lost to Williamsport, not a league game, Miller was cold. Persis Miller called today and I rode to Elmira with Mrs. N today, as she went after paper etc. Sis and Sara went to church. My cold has bothered today, cough, etc. Dorothy is sick with a cold.

April 20, 1936 – Monday

Eventful day, I sprained my ankle stepping off step at brooder coop. Foot badly swollen and cannot step on it. Happened at about 5 PM. Mr. and Mrs. N here today. Mrs. N made my red jersey dress and cut out Sara’s blue and white check. Cannot really think about today. George plowed some today, quite wet.

April 21, 1936 – Tuesday

Weather is so cold for spring. My foot is about the same, does not pain unless I step on it, have been down all day. Mr. and Mrs. N here. Archie went to NY tonight to Directors Meeting. He drew rubbish this PM and he and Jess built fence etc. Sis went to Horseheads to practice for Eastern Star tonight. Whole country is anxiously waiting for news of 2 men in mine cave in at Moose River, Nova Scotia, since Easter Sunday.

April 22, 1936 – Wednesday

Pleasant day but still cold and sour. George and Jess cleaned out catch basin and ditches today. Miller feeling low today. Disgusted because my foot is hurt. Mr. N was here this AM. Robert and Sara went up to practice for Grange Minstrel. Archie came this morning.

April 23, 1936 – Thursday


April 24, 1936 – Friday


April 25, 1936 – Saturday


April 26, 1936 – Sunday

My ankle or foot has been improving slowly today, is first I could touch foot to floor, just a little with aid of crutches. Robert rubbed it with liniment and it helped. Sara, Robert and Milt went to church. Mr. Malick spoke to 4-H clubs. George and Dorothy went for a ride. Sis stayed with me and got dinner etc. Archie was away most of day. Archie, Robert, Sara and Miller went to ball game this PM. Elmira won fro Williamsport. Myrna and Ernest Winton, Frank and Carrie Rogers called this PM. Floyd Meeks and wife called yesterday afternoon. Coon was here this AM.

April 27, 1936 – Monday

Pleasant spring day, about the first one so far. George sowed grass seed on wheat below maple grove. Milt sowed seed on wheat on Shore Acres yesterday afternoon. George plowed this PM down on flat, it looks like rain tonight. Sis went alone over to Catherine Grange as George thought he had to go to Minstrel at Reformatory. Archie went to Albany today, went with Hammond by car, his bowels not feeling too good. Mr. and Mrs. N here today. Mr. N and Sis went to Elmira this PM. My foot is getting better it seems slowly.

April 28, 1936 – Tuesday

Cloudy but fairly warm. George plowing out on flat, getting along nicely. Robert runs milkers and George plows late. Mrs. N down this PM to sew. I finished Sara’s jumper this AM. Mr. N finished laying floor in hall. Miller, George and Robert went to boxing matches at Grotto tonight. Mr. and Mrs. N down this evening. Southeast wind, foot about the same.

April 29, 1936 – Wednesday

Warm, muggy day, George finished plowing flat on Vary Farm. Bell Frost Walker here today, May and Earl called. Mrs. N here today, Mr. N down for dinner. Milt went to Binghamton today. Have not heard from Archie as yet. Foot about the same, still on crutches, head tonight like a balloon.

April 30, 1936 – Thursday


May 1, 1936 – Friday

Archie came home from Albany this PM, rode with Jack Dale and C Hammond. League meeting at Grange hall tonight. Ice cream and cake, I could not go.

May 2, 1936 – Saturday

Today was sale at Uncle Chas Sleepers farm. Archie helped Coon, they sold everything for something. Books sold for $45.00. Hard thunderstorm this PM. Sis and Sara were at Sara’s music recital at Miss Palmers. Sis said Sara played nicely, she played several little pieces. I was sorry I could not go. Robert and Miller went to ball game. Miller got wet and made him sore. George plowed today on Shore Acres where we had beans. George, Sis and Milt went to Grange at Horseheads as they were invited. Very warm today.

May 3, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day, Sara was the only one who went to church. Sis, Sara, Milt and Dorothy went with Mr. Malick and choir to Sugar Hill where he preaches at times. Archie went down to Coons this AM to straighten up thing. Miller not feeling too good. I have walked without crutches today but my ankle tires quickly and hobble along. We listened to ball game this PM, Elmira at Wilkesbarre. Elmira won first game 7 to 5, lost the last one 4 to 1 at 4 innings when they had to stop.

May 4, 1936 – Monday

Cold day, cloudy. Sis and I took Dad to D.S and W for Albany, hope this is the last week. Paul Smith was nominated for Director, Chemung County brought him through. George finished plowing the field on Shore Acres, where beans were

(10:30 – 5:30). 4-H club met here tonight, boys left early to go to Grange Hall. I played dominoes with Miller, first time in 2 weeks, won 2 out 3. Jess plowed all 3 gardens today. Went to Mosels today as my head and eyes are bum.

May 5, 1936 – Tuesday

Pleasant day, although not very warm. George fixed farming mil this AM, cultimulched this PM on oat ground on Vary Farm. Fred and Jess spread straw from stack on Shore Acres. Jess plowed this forenoon on Shore Acres. School meeting tonight, Milt and Sis went. Mrs. N here today. Sis took Miller to Elmira and brought Mrs. N’s rugs and chickens from Armbrush. George and Robert cleaned up 10-bushel oats tonight.

May 6, 1936 – Wednesday

Patty has 4 dear little puppies, all little boys. She had a hard day from 10 until 5:30. Mrs. N here today. Sis and I went to Mosels and on to get rose bushes. Ed Drury was up today for Milt. Fred and Jess worked on Shore Acres, Fred for 11 – 3, Jess all day. George used new drag etc on oat ground. Ed used Farmall this PM, we furnished fuel. Archie phoned today.

May 7, 1936 – Thursday

Very hot day. I went with Mrs. N to Elmira this AM, sat in car as I cannot walk much yet. Sis, George, Sara and Robert went up to 4-H club at Grange Hall tonight. Archie phoned today, he is sore about staying so long. George fitted and Jess drilled 7 acres oats today. Sis had her hair fixed today, been doing everything today even to cleaning up oats.

May 8, 1936 – Friday

Another very hot day. Archie came home this PM, rode with Messer. Jess drilled 8 acres oats today, George cultimuching. Ed Drury up for Milt, used Farmall and finished plowing white bean ground on Shore Acres. Milt sent up 70 gallons kerosene oil for tractor, also paid $1.00 on previous fuel. I went up to school for Arbor Day exercises this AM, it was very nice, Robert and Sara gave current topics etc. Sis went to Woods for dinner with them. I came home and got dinner.

May 9, 1936 – Saturday

Very hot weather. Jess finished drilling oats on this farm, 25 acres in all. George cultimuched on Shore Acres this PM. Sis took Sara for her lesson and took Miller and Robert to ball game. Elmira lost to Wilkesbarre 7-3, I think. Mrs. N

Stopped this AM and finished collar on dress. Archie planted 1 ½ rows of sweet corn in this garden, also part of row of peas.

May 10, 1936 – Sunday

Another very warm day, children gave me lovely bouquet of sweet peas and baby’s breath and box of candy for Mother’s Day. Sis, Sara, Robert and Milt went to church. George helped Stanley Dann with wild heifer. Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game. Pioneers won from Wilkesbarre, good game they said. Dorothy was up this PM, we rode down to Shore Acres. Car killed duck last night and DW Young white leghorn hen today. Looks little like rain tonight.

May 11, 1936 – Monday

Another very warm day and no rain. George is plowing corn ground on Shore Acres. Ed Drury is cultimulching as Farmall would not plow. Sis and I took George down to work on farm. Archie and Sis have mowed and raked lawn all day. Jess fixing fence. Archie goes to Albany in the AM. With Messer. Sis has gone to Eastern Starr tonight. My head has felt badly today. Ironed 14 shirts etc. Sis did an immense washing today.

May 12, 1936 – Tuesday

Very warm, Sis and I went to Furman’s nursery and bought 3 Arborvitae, lilac bush and plants for rock garden, set them out tonight. I went to Dr. Mosel on way home, my head has been bad today and worse tonight. George plowed this PM on Shore Acres corn ground, after cultimulching on oat field. Jess fixing fence.

May 13, 1936 - Wednesday

Shower last night and cooler this morning, heavy shower this PM and much colder tonight. Milt and Chet up today, Chet drilled oats and Milt used Farmall with cultimulcher. Turned cows out today and they got out and raised "hob". George helping with them and set up stove for baby chicks, which came today. 49 bantams and 48 chicks.

May 14, 1936 - Thursday

Archie came home this PM with Messer. Legislature held sessions all night until 7:15 AM. George plowed on Shore Acres this PM, Milt drilled oats this PM.

May 15, 1936 - Friday

Frost this morning. George plowed on Shore Acres 10 AM to 6 PM. Milt, Chet and man up today. Sis and I went to Elmira to Dr. Bush’s office as I took a shot, my head etc has been terrible. Miller rode along to Kaisers. George went to senior play at Breesport tonight. Archie went to Agricultural meeting in Elmira tonight.

May 16, 1936 - Saturday

Another hard frost last night. Water froze, many grape vines killed. George plowed on Shore Acres this PM, 1 to 7 PM. George went to Elmira for part to Farmall, which Milt broke. Jess drew lime and drilled 5 acres oats on white bean ground this PM, other men spread straw from stack on field. George, Sis and Milt have gone to Grange at Elmira tonight. Sis took Sara for her music lesson. Miller and Robert went to Horseheads, Robert had his haircut. I rode to Watkins with Mrs. Northrop this PM.

May 17 – May 30, 1936


May 31, 1936 - Sunday

Eisenhardt’s up today and selected their pup, the big one, he is very nice. Dr and Mrs. Mosel, Evelyn and Dorothy here this PM.

June 1, 1936 - Monday


June 2, 1936 - Tuesday

Sis and I went to Elmira this PM, went to bank and did several errands. Mrs. N came tonight as Mr. N has gone to Sylvania; it is Mrs. N’s birthday. Miller had George phone Merle to come and get him as he wanted to see Turkey’s etc. Sis and I purchased 20 petunias at 5 cents a piece at Shultz green house, also 5 blue argeratum.

June 3, 1936 - Wednesday

Merle Miller came for Miller late this PM, Miller had been waiting all day. Mrs. N sewing on Sis’s print dress. We set out some blocks for quilt I am going to make someday.

June 4, 1936 - Thursday

Sis, Mrs. N and I went to show at Keeney’s this PM, very good. Beautiful day, cool but pleasant. Sis’s knee is still bad; we got a bandage when we were in Elmira. George is plowing buckwheat ground up at Hicks farm. Archie went to Odessa for lumber for porch boxes. Jess finished planting corn on Shore Acres. Fred drawing out manure on Shore Acres.

June 5, 1936 - Friday

Pleasant day, cool this AM. Mrs. N sewing on Sis’s print and cut out my blue silk coat. Miller appeared about 2 PM. Ann brought him up. Sis cleaned clothes room and Aunt Lu’s room today. Received letter from Lucy, she and David will arrive Saturday night. Archie, Jess and George sprouted, treated and cut potatoes today. Sis mowed yard this AM.

June 6 – June 10, 1936


June 11, 1936 -Thursday

Lucy and David went home today and took 2 chairs and rug of Aunt Florence. I went to Home Bureau at Grange Hall this noon. Terrible thunderstorm while we were eating. George plowing up at Hick’s, Jess fixing fence on Shore Acres this AM. Milt and Jess fixing fence this PM.

June 12, 1936 - Friday


June 13, 1936 - Saturday

Beautiful day, heavy shower in Elmira, none here. Archie, Miller and Robert went to ballgame. Pioneers won from Scranton 5-3. Sis, Sara and I went to Elmira this PM, purchased Sara white shoes. George finished plowing second field up at Hickory’s Farm. George has gone to Horseheads tonight to class meeting. Jess attended grave for C Woody this PM. Found out about Paul Smith losing out as director.

June 14, 1936 - Sunday

Beautiful day, sunshiny, cool and lovely. Robert, Sara and Sis went to church today, Children’s Day. Milt took Wilson Kilgore to his church appointment, trip something over 200 miles. Archie, Miller, Robert, Sara and Mr. N went to ball game. Elmira won and lost one game with Scranton. Sis and I here alone this PM. Archie planted popcorn today. Dorothy up tonight. Put 15 bantams with old Buff C hen today.

June 15, 1936 - Monday

Another lovely day. Sis and I took Robert, Bernice and Helen down to try Regents in History, then on to Elmira and purchased Sis a brown felt hat, white shoes, striped silk dress, etc. Archie and Jess mowed hay this AM up by schoolhouse. Clover first cut for this year, George plowed up at Hick’s. Load of gas came today.

130 eggs

June 16, 1936 - Tuesday

Lovely day and quite cool tonight. Sis and I had our hair fixed this AM at 8:30. Took Robert and Bennie to try Regents in English. Robert got 93% in History. We traded side delivery hay rake today with man from near Ithaca, got $ 60 for old one and paying $65. Fred and Jess have been cultivating corn. Mrs. N here this PM finishing my print dress.

June 17, 1936 – Wednesday

Dad, Sis and I went to Syracuse to Annual League Meeting this AM at about 6:30 AM. Sis and I returning tonight, I enjoyed it very much. Miss Storch rode over with Sis. Very dry in country around Ithaca, Cortland and Syracuse. Speakers were Sexauer , Eastman, Miss Sue Wigley from Alabama and Ellenwood of Brooklyn.

June 18, 1936 – Thursday

Shower in night, so our hay which was ready to come in is wet. Tonight about 6 PM we had a terrific rain, washing fields, the cornfield is afloat. Mrs. N here this PM working on my coat. School picnic was tonight at schoolhouse. Robert’s last year up at this school. He got 85% in English. Archie comes home tomorrow. Today was big annual meeting for men.

June 19, 1936 – Friday

Sun shone after rain last night, we drew in 2 loads hay, which was in the swath. Archie came home this PM from Syracuse. Mrs. N here working on Sis ‘s yellow gingham blouses. 4-H Club girls had a party at Grange Hall. All of us went up except Dad, he and Miller listened to fight. Schmeling defeated Joe Louis in 12 rounds, quite a surprise. Jess turned over hay with rake.

June 20, 1936 - Saturday

Very hot day drew in 8 loads hay. Ross Struble helped in the afternoon. Sis drove tractor, Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game. Elmira won, took York 10-6. Casey pitched. I ironed, it was very warm. George felt heat badly, went to Breesport tonight to GOP Rally, Hanley spoke. George had to pay $3.49 for music, which Malkick had engaged.

June 21, 1936 – Sunday

Sis’s 29th birthday, had her cake tonight, Dorothy here. Sis and Sara went to church. Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game, Elmira won and lost one in doubleheader with York. George had a pain in bowels this PM. Fred away, got Mark to help milk. Man here with Lawyer Levi to appraise Shore Acres for bank $5000. Cold tonight.

June 22, 1936 – Monday

Cool day, finished drawing in hay, which was cut, 3 loads. Archie finished cutting remainder of field of here by schoolhouse and also cut over by Hick’s woods. Jess also help cut. George helped Fred cut wood about an hour this PM. Then George plowed up on buckwheat ground. George, Sis, Milt and Dorothy have gone to Alumni Banquet and party tonight. Sis wore yellow organdy. Mrs. N here today and finished sewing, made Sara a cute little sunbonnet. Sis went to Elmira this PM to get Milt’s clothes etc, Miller also went. Pair of Duckwing Game Bantams came from Wisconsin.

June 23, 1936 – Tuesday

Bright, rather cool day. Archie tedded and raked hay on schoolhouse lot. George, Jess and Fred cultivated corn on Shore Acres. Sis, Robert, Sara and I went to Elmira this PM, got Robert white shoes, sox and sweater. All went down on farm, what and hay look fine, oats coming and corn slow.

June 24, 1936 – Wednesday

Cool, cloudy day. Men unloaded 2 loads and drew in 6 more this PM. Archie ran weeder over potatoes. Archie, Miller, Robert, Sara and Mr. N went to ball game this PM. Elmira won one and lost one to Allentown. I went to Elmira this PM with Mrs. N to Pressure Cooker meeting, got material for quilt etc.

June 25, 1936 – Thursday

Went to Elmira with Mrs. N this PM to canning demonstration at EWS. Men drew hay, wagon broke and delayed some. Drawing hay from field by Hicks woods, Very warm day.

June 26, 1936 – Friday

Warm day. 30 loads hay in barn. Went to Grange tonight. Archie, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game this PM. York defeated Elmira 10-9, 10-inning game. I packed all eggs in cellar, sent case to Manley. Little Old English hen hatched 8 little chicks.

June 27, 1936 – Saturday

Rained last night and today until noon. We have about 8 loads hay out. Mrs. Struble fell and broke her arm this morning, she is in hospital tonight, and Archie and Sis went to Sub District meeting this PM. I went to Elmira, got Roberts cotton trousers at Burt’s and went to show.

June 28, 1936 – Sunday

Pleasant day although it is quite cool tonight, rainbow at sunset. Showers at Horseheads but none here. Sis and Sara went to church. Dad, Miller, Mr. N, Robert and Sara went to ball game. Elmira won and lost one with Williamsport. Closet pitched the winning game, Chamberlain and Kimball the other. George went up on Keuka and brought Dorothy to class picnic at Watkins Glen this PM. They had a fine time. Dorothy drove back to camp tonight. Milt went to Mansfield today. Sis and I here alone this PM. Sent roses to Mrs. Struble, she is fair, so Jess said.

June 29, 1936 – Monday

Beautiful day, we washed, men drew in hay. Dad, Miller, Robert and Sara went to ball game. Elmira lost doubleheader to Hazelton. Casey, Krause and Chamberlain pitched – 7-4 and 5-2. I went with George to show tonight. Marion Davies in Hearts Divided, very good. Archie went up to cemetery meeting tonight. Sis took Jess and family down to hospital tonight. Strong wind today.

June 30, 1936 – Tuesday

Cloudy day, pleasant this PM. Archie mowed hay in both orchards. Archie and George have gone to Watkins Glen to GOP dinner, Ives etc there. Finished drawing hay from field by Hicks woods, 41 loads in barn now. Sis took Strubles to hospital tonight. Ironed today. Trumball Case man here today and talked about Threshers pressers etc.

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