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Emmaline SINCEBAUGH "Ellison" of Spencer NY
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1931 - 32
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Transcribed by Melissa June ELLISON Merritt
Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

1934 Diaries

Jan 1 Hello to 1934 we hope you welcome us with good luck. The sun came out to greet us for a few minutes and has now disappeared at 9:30 o'clock. Dad took 7 doz of eggs down town this forenoon got 20 cts a doz. A very quiet day as far as we was concerned about New Years.

Jan 2 Dad went to Seeley town to pay feed bill and coal and electric bills. Geo and Hellen was up this evening. Dad got 18 eggs today.

Jan 3 Weather clear and cold this morn. Sunshine and just moderate weather. Dawn has been out doors for a short time. I have fixed her little white formal dress. I bought a bushel of Hendrick's sweet apples today of a man named J. Merrison of Ihaca. 12 eggs today.

Jan 4 Weather today cloudy and damp. I have done my washing today but it is not a drying day. Dad went down to see about the electric pump. Paul Emmonds came up and put in one of his for Olinchney's to use till the parts come for ours. We had bisquick for supper tonight. Geo plastered a room for H H Fisher today 14 eggs today.

Jan 5 Dark, cloudy, misty rain. Geo brought the box that Albert sent with 2 suits for Johnie and Doloris snowsuits. 6 eggs tonight.

Jan 6 Cloudy nearly all day, sun came out for a few minutes this forenoon long enough for Johnie to take 3 pictures of the girls in their snow suits. I cleaned my reading lamp today took it in the tub and took a scrubbing brush to it. I also gave Mary Lue a bath at same time.

Jan 7 Dark and cloudy all day. Dad, Dawn and I were alone today. Johnie came in a few times through the day.

Jan 8 Another dark cloudy day. Dad went down to see Paul about the bushes for the water system. He said they would come the 15th. We got a new qt of mayonnaise this forenoon.

Jan 9 Today the most tragic thing happened that we ever had in our family. Between 12 or 1 o'clock am Toot's house caught on fire while Bell was gone to the Grocery store and Eulalia and Albert was left home. Little Glen was asleep in the North bedrooom. When Bell got there on Eulalia running to tell her of the fire she got to the room rescued the baby from his little bed the room was densely filled with smoke she carried him to the open air but it was to late he gasp once and was gone. The fire was put out but the sorrow can never be changed in this world. Gods will must be endured till the end of time the mystery of life will then be lifted.
Newspaper Article
"Sixteen Month Old Child Dies of Suffocation"

  Glen, the 16 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Simion (Simeon) Ellison of West Candor, dies of suffocation Tuesday afternoon at their home on the back road, north of the West Candor Railroad Station.
  The story is a sad one and happened in an unusual manner. Mrs. Ellison was doing the family washing using a machine driven by a gasoline engine. The engine ran out of gas. She went to the supply can and found this contained only a small amount, about a teacupful. She emptied this into another can used to keep kerosene in, and set it back in its place. She then went to the store on the main road to get some more gas, leaving the baby in the crib, and a six year old daughter Lalie, who had suffered a broken arm about 2 weeks before upstairs. While the mother was gone Lalie came downstairs and found the fire in the stove was out. She started to rebuild it, using only one hand as the other was in a sling. She put some kindling in the stove and then took the kerosene can and poured some of its contents on which she supposed was kerosene, of course there was an explosion and the remaining portion in the can took fire. She started to carry the can outdoors, going through the hallway, or cloak room, where clothing was hanging. The flames set fire to the clothing. She then ran to tell her mother leaving the baby in the crib. The house was soon filled with smoke and doubtless the baby began to cry and drew large quantities of smoke into its lungs. Mrs. Ellison hastened home as soon as possible and ran in and grabbed the baby and took it out of doors and endeavored to resusetate it, but to no avail. It was dead. Other neighbors learned of the appalling disaster and rushed to the home and put the fire out. It had done considerable damage, burning out the door casing and through the ceiling into the second story. The funeral of the child will be held at the home on Friday. The father and mother and one sister and a half - brother survived.

Jan 12 Today we laid baby Glen away in Cemetery. Edd and Mable and Martha came up for the funeral Richard and Pat also.

Jan 14 Light fall of snow today. Glen and Martha came over this forenoon and brought the motor for the water system over to Mr. Olinchney's house every thing ok at last. Johnie came up a few minutes ago and told us Mrs. Burton White had just passed away with one of the heart attacks she had been having for the last 6 months. We received a letter from Albert and McKinley. Our water system is leaking the hot water tank has rusted around the bottom we have had a night of it watching the pan it empties in.

Jan 15 Weather fair. Richard commenced to work in Ithaca today. Dad put something called iron cement on the Hot water tank tonight. After we drawed all the water off. Geo is caring the mail for Burton White since his wife died Sunday.

Jan 16 Weather moderate thawed some and sunshine part of the day. Dad turned on the water this morning but it commenced to leak so we have worked all day at it with 2 kinds of cement. Will leave it until morning. Snow flurries coming tonight. Mary Lou's birthday 1927.

Jan 17 Light fall of snow came last night some still coming this forenoon. Richard's car was not park here this morning. Toot was delivering the milk for Bill Bailey this morning. I baked a batch of oatmeal cookies and Dad a cake and some bisquicks for supper tonight. The water system is leaking again this morn.

Jan 18 Weather near zero this morning. The ice crop is being gathered this week. It looks very nice 8 or 9 inches. Received the box of insulin tonight. We went to Mrs. White’s funeral today.

Jan 19 Cold and snappy thawed a little. Well Dad and I commenced our dreaded job today to kill the other 6 roasters and get them ready to can. We began at 10:00 and finished them at 9:00 tonight. This makes 12 we have canned.

Jan 20 Weather sunshine but clear and cold. The ice trucks are rushing business today. It is very clear and nice. I have got all the chicken meat all off the bones and ready to fix in some way have not decided yet.

Jan 21 Clear and cold. We arose at 8 o'clock this morning. I made everything good for dinner jello, chicken loaf no one here for dinner with us but Johnie. We went over to see Mr. Manning tonight he looked rather poorly.

Jan 22 This morning the sun came out looked like a fine day. I done a rather large washing for us today. Got done at noon then it got dark and cloudy so I brought most of the clothes in the house to dry.

Jan 23 I did my ironing this evening.

Jan 24 Weather very fine. I peeled 4 pumpkins and canned 3 qts have now 10 qts in all caned. We went to the school house meeting tonight it did not come to much of a decision. The truck man took the stove down to Toot also the bed and clothing. This afternoon he came back tonight and slept in store to.

Jan 25 Beautiful sun rise this morn but dark and cloudy it soon became. We did a churning this forenoon. We picked out hickory nuts this evening again. Dad cracked a pail full so we could have them to work at when we wanted to.

Jan 26 Colder, snow flurries. Patricia came up this afternoon she came up with Richard went to his work. Stopped to Vanderpool's with her aunt for dinner.

Jan 27 Dark and cloudy all day. I did some cleaning also made some pumpkin pies and dad a cake.

Jan 28 Dark and cloudy again this morning. Well we had a fine dinner today. No one came to help us eat it either. We went down to Geo's for a little while this evening. Well we had our coldest night tonight.

Jan 29 This morning I got up between 4 and 5 put the furnace fire on but when we got up it was so cold all throught the house that I lit both burners got the furnace punched up and at last we ate breakfast in comfort. Zero weather again. Richard and Patricia came up today he took his father 2 bags of coal tonight then after supper they went home.

Jan 30 President Franklin D Rosevelt's birthday 52 years. Some milder at noon but it has been very snappy cold all day. Growing colder tonight. We have hurried tonight.

Jan 31 Smart Mrs. Keniworth . I invited her friends in for tea, cheese biquicks, she served and her quests all observed that this was the treat of their life.

Feb 1 Weather some milder. The truck man went to Buffalo today got back sometime last night from New York. The boys over to the store ate lunch with Toot tonight.

Feb 2 The ground hog can surely see his shadow. Clear and very cold air again this morn. The trucks are rushing the ice job again today.

Feb 4 The ice trucks drawed ice all day.

Feb 5 Cold weather everyday now. Our things from Montgomery Ward Co Came this afternoon. Richard and Patricia came up tonight they stayed all night so as to help to put the tank up tomorrow.

Feb 6 Cold Cold today. Well the boys Geo, and Richard worked all the forenoon up to nearly 2 o'clock before they finished installing the hot water tank. Very cold tonight the air goes through you like a knife.

Feb 8 The cold was fierce all day. Our toilet pipe had to be thawed by placing the small oil heater under them down in kitchen below. The Elmira paper tonight gave accts of different places and the temps of some
Rochester  12 below                                    Gloversville 21
Buffalo 8 Below                                           Oneida 26
Binghamton 9 Below                                    Rome and Cortland 18
Albany 18 Below                                         Schnectady 14
Ogdenburg 38                                             Elmira 7

Feb 11 Received my bird seed tonight from Bandfield Jennings by Mr. Possinger. Weather mild and getting warmer. Our furnace was out this morning so the house seemed very cold. Glen and Martha came up this forenoon and brought Dawn up as Loretta's baby has the measles and Kathleen did not want Dawn to have them. They brought Eulalia's new shoes with them and took them down this afternoon.

Feb 12 Weather very moderate. the first mild temp since the cold wave. I done my washing this forenoon. A fairly large one. They are getting dry. Well we got our Montgomery Ward letter off today explaining our trouble with he Little giant motor and an order for Mickey Mouse under ware.

Feb 13 This is the unlucky # and it brought another blizzard today. It has snowed blowed and tonight it is growing colder the windows coated over. Yesterday it was mild and very good. Got the letter from Auburn today saying the pipes were frozen up and meter bursted. Sent Albert a letter tonight.

Feb 14 Dawn was not feeling very well all day. Stomach all off also her bowls her appetite is very poor.

Feb 18 Weather was very good today. We fixed every thing for dinner today but no one came. Edd and Mable came late this afternoon stayed to supper went home early.

Feb 19 I was sick all day today.

Feb 20 Just getting along as best we can feeling very weak today.

Feb 22 Washington's Birthday. Weather moderately cool. Dad went down to Mr. Reynold's to see the little Heffer that we traded our little Gurnsey bull for. Richard took him down and they changed them very quickly. Ross Taggert came over and tested the tubes on the radio found 2 making the trouble. Cost us $3.60.

Feb 23 10 above zero today at noon. Weather was fair this morn but growing colder. Toot came late tonight.

Feb 24 Very cold icy wind blowing the night was very cold one. Extremely cold all day. Dad walked way over to Hollenbeck's store to get Dawn's under ware this afternoon. Toot did not come home after he left in the morning.

Feb 25 Weather just a little moderate but cold enough.

Feb 26 Snow all day, blizzard like and very cold we were with just a few shovels of coal for the day. Late tonight Mr. Benjamin brought us a half ton of chestnut coal.

Feb 27 Wind blowing this snow very badly this morning. The snow plow went through tonight and covered our sidewalks after Johnie had them all clear. I sent a letter to Albert, Kathleen and the man at Auburn Geo Blair. Dad foot was very numb with the cold this morn. It looked purple. I put his foot in hot water.

Feb 28 Very cold and snappy this morning. Dad's foot is better today. We got a letter from Montgomery Ward's concerning the motor today. We hung some suite out in the tree for the birds today.

Mar 1 Weather moderate after another cold night. Dad has gone to Seeley Town to pay the coal bill and feed bill.

Mar 2 Weather fine thawing and very mild. Toot came for dinner today. I done a large washing his afternoon then it begun to mist toward night so I had to bring in all I could and dry them in the house.

Mar 3 Weather fair. Dawn played out on side walk this forenoon. Deloris came along soon with her feet wet through stayed to dinner then went home to change her stockings but she did not come back.

Mar 4 Weather ideal, sunshine honey bees. We had the door open and it seemed like spring sure. I hurried all the forenoon getting things in shape for dinner as we were looking for Glen and Martha and they did get here about noon and Kathleen came with them. I got the dinner on the table and I had to leave my dinner and go to Mrs. Cass's funeral at 2:00. We shampooed all our hair 4 of us rather late just before they had to go home. Churned this morning.

Mar 5 Weather dark and cloudy and cooler this morn. At noon today the sun is shining. Dad is cleaning the hen house. Mr. Whitmore called here this afternoon.

Mar 6 Weather changeable. The forenoon was mild and cool. I had done my ironing this forenoon. This afternoon at 3:30 we have had a regular snow blizzard lasted a half hour. Snow melted as fast as it came.

Mar 7 Cool air this morning. No signs of the snow we had yesterday. I finished the curtains today for the living room. I have finished their curtains for the sitting room today lack 1 - 31 in for the one at the head of the stairs.

Mar 8 Clear and cool I arose at 8 mended my stockings and listened to the Radio. Snow blizzard again today. I made the new curtains for my bedroom window today. Toot came after his days work was over today. We got a letter from Albert today telling of his intended trip abroad to South America and so on.

Mar 9 Well the weather today is winter again. Snow covers the ground and very cold. I made Dad an apple grunt for supper tonight and a chocolate loaf cake.

Mar 10 Very cool this morning. Snow flurries and a right smart wintry day. Dad got 4 duck eggs today. Richard and Pat was here a few minutes this forenoon. Deloris came up to dinner today. Snowing yet late tonight.

Mar 11 Real winter weather. Quite a snowfall last night shoveling again this morning. Dad did it all. We had a very good dinner. Johnie and Deloris ate with us. Very cold all day. We looked over a lot of the boys drawing they done when they went to school.

Mar 12 Zero or more this morning. Our House was like an ice house this morning. The cold weather sure is getting us all it don't seem we can wait for warm weather to come. The starlings came this morning to eat their Suet in the tree. Sold my first jar of butter to Mr. Hanson tonight $1.47 - 5 #. We sent our Montgomery Ward letter to Chicago today 5 duck eggs this morning.

Mar 13 Weather somewhat milder. Sunshine this morning. We got our last letter from Albert before his trip. Dad paid the balance of the taxed today also sent my order to Kelly Bro today. 5 duck eggs today.

Mar 14 This is Albert's lucky or unlucky day. More snow and right down winter weather again today. Well I can imagine I can see Albert hurring on board the steam ship Pennsylvania at New York first stop at Cuba. Warden Laws last night on the air until Sept 19 in the fall. The letter for the Regal Lillies went today sent the Bettie and Bob letter for nut and candy today. 5 duck eggs today.

Mar 15 Very cold night. The sun came out fine and it looks like a nice day ahead. I cleaned the floor in kitchen all around today. Mrs. Davison came over and got a jar of butter today. Sent a letter to Warde Laws book.

Mar 16 Remember to sent the butter to Church tonight. Weather like spring out this morn. I wrote McKinley tonight. Burton White got his skip of bees today. Sent Montgomery Ward order out today $1.70.

Mar 17 Weather mild with high winds. Today is our last furnace fire. Dad is shelling Joe's sunflower seeds today. Our coal expires today. Richard and Pat were up today.

Mar 18 Growing colder every since early last night. Begun to hail this morn turning to snow and now this afternoon the ground is covered again and the wind blowing a blizzard this morning. I lit our little oil heater for the sitting room as the furnace is out. Tonight it is very cold I have got thing comfortable.

Mar 19 Very cold early this morning. Ice on the windows. I had to move my plants back last night and fix the doors to keep out the fierce cold air. Geo is carrying the mail for Burton this week begun today.

Mar 20 Elmira was Inc 1864 April 16. We started a wood fire in the furnace this afternoon. We nearly froze to death this forenoon with the one oil burner. Our oil was low and we could not run the little oil heater. I made my 2 sofa pillows of the new cretone and the chair covers.

Mar 21 Rather cool night. We have had a wood fire in the furnace yesterday also today. This afternoon it has been cloudy and at last it has been raining lightly. The old black cat had 3 little ones down cellar in the barrel this morning. Got a letter today from the Department of Public Welfare at Auburn concerning the pipes being frozen. The oil man came this forenoon. We put in 50 gal.

Mar 22 Cold today like our real cold weather of 2 weeks ago. Dad and I have sawed wood like the Kiser today to get some for the furnace. Geo came and brought us some in the auto just as we were cutting ours. The man from the Gas and Electric Co of Ithaca was here today to look after the Radio trouble he seemed to think it was in my set. Dad took 7 doz eggs today and got on 17 Cents a doz. We seen 2 Robin's this morning.

Mar 24 Cold Blizzard like day. Dad and Richard sawed up all the wood we had for the furnace after dinner. Pat and he came just at noon. Had 5 extra for dinner today. Deloris stayed all night.

Mar 25 Weather moderate but very cold air. Growing colder toward night. We had dinner about 1:00. Deloris, Dad and I. Edd and Mable came about 4:00 today stayed to supper and went back home early.

Mar 26 Early this morn looked like a fair day. I started my washing and got done at 11:00 and by noon it begun to rain and ice froze on the clothes so I had to take them down. Deloris came home to her dinner and hurried back again she burned her finger very badly on the griddle this morning. We churned tonight got 5# of butter.

Mar 27 The wind was terrible in the early hours between 4 and 5 this morning and it was dark and cloudy. Beginning to rain before noon and it kept it up all day and tonight. We have the high water mark the highest this year. Mrs. Snyder called this forenoon.

Mar 28 Luke 11 - 5 Light snow during the night milder air very cold. Dad and I have got bad colds again.

Mar 29 Bright sunshine but cool.

Mar 30 Joshua 2. I did not feel very well today so I layed down this afternoon. Blanche Manning and her mother and Mrs. Steward called this afternoon.

Mar 31 Dark and cloudy raining before noon. Still raining this afternoon looks like a bad Easter day. Dad has gone to Seeley Town to pay the light bill and feed. Now is sending out his insurance check, I sent Little Dawn a box of Easter eggs and Bunny and Chick this morn by Mr. Olinschney. Deloris Birthday 8 years old today. St Luke 8 - 20 - 21 verses. Christ answer concerning his mother and Brother.

Apr 1 Sunday Easter Day. Christ has Risen. Hollywood Services in the Bowl. Sunrise services. A choir of 500 voices, harps, bells and various instruments have a part children form a cross in front of the bowl. Thousands of Calla Lillies form the bank brought these sat afternoon by the children. Dr Neal McGowan now gives a scriptures less on Rev Glen Randall. Phillips 8 - 9 verses 28 Chapter of Matthew. Little John Saul lost in the crowd. Robert Swan announcer 35 thousand people gathered here to here the services. Glen, Martha and Dawn came over to eat supper tonight.

Apr 2 Beautiful day, warm sunshine. Oh, why couldn’t we had this day for Easter? Dad is making his hot bed today. I have cleaned out the hatchway, repotted some house plants. Dad got the hot bed all finished.

Apr 3 Colder this morning Rev Gordon Durfey Baptist Church of Schenectady morning devotion. I sent the gift offering to Gordon C Davis. Bible school Binghamton NY.

Apr 4 Rain during the night. This morning dark cloudy and misty. We started for Auburn about 8:30 and it begun to rain. Kept it up nearly all the way. We went to Amanda's for our lunch the we went down to the house and for home got there about suppertime.

Apr 5 Bright sunny day but some colder. Dad went to the bank and paid $1.20 on the Jennie Clay note today. We have sowed the tomato seeds today. Johnie sent out his order for his table tennis tonight. Dad has spaded a corner of the little garden by the grape vines this afternoon for some early things. Sen. Geo Fokes spoke on the new deal tonight.

Apr 6 Dark and rainy again this morning. Cold and chilly and a sour day. Geo and Richard have gone to Waverly to work for Mrs. Tillman to paper and paint her tenant houses. Dad just brought in some horseradish roots the first of the season.

Apr 7 Weather fair. We went to an auction after dinner. I bought 15 cents worth and then we came home. Nothing there we wanted. Mrs. A Lawton and Ruth Decker called here this evening.

Apr 8 Beautiful day. Cool air. I sowed the pepper seeds this afternoon. Deloris stayed to dinner with us after Sunday school 25 eggs today.

Apr 9 Weather fine. Dad has been raking the hill behind the garage. We cut down the 2 plumb trees on the ridge. I uncovered my canterberrybells and found the hearts were rotten being covered to heavy through winter. Mr. Whitmore called this afternoon also Mrs. Misner and Grace Adell. My flower seed come from the Haines seed house in Ill.

Apr 10 Weather ideal today. Rather high wind today blowing up a storm. Dad is still cleaning the hill today. I sowed 4 kinds of the flower seed in the hot bed this forenoon.

Apr 11 Cold with dripping rain. We churned this morning. Then dad worked at hill again and got his stand for the bees made and then moved to same. It rained all day and grew colder at night.

Apr 12 Snow covers the ground and trees. This morning, a more beautiful sight would be hard to find. I have got my curtain cloth all cut for the windows upstairs in the spare room, bay window also. Now comes the making got the 3 sash curtain made. Dad got a bale of straw for the hen house today.

Apr 13 Very cold wintery day. Snow squalls one after another all day. I begun to make my curtains this forenoon and soon Ada Hunt came and then we just visited until dinner time. Got dinner and then we sat down for an hour or 2 then I went up to Nellie's with her.

Apr 14 Well today is the Dawson Auction I hurried with my Sat cleaning and when Mrs. Hunt and Nellie came at half past 12 the we all walked down. I bought the single bed stead I wanted and 2 chairs, 1 stand and Johnie bought a phonograph.

Apr 15 Today is a fine one. Dad killed one of the white hens. Johnie and Deloris ate dinner with us.

Apr 16 Mother died 6 years ago today 1928. I worked at my curtains all day and such a day rained all the day. Dark and Cloudy. Richard and Pat came up just before supper time he went a fishing to the lake tonight got back about 10:00 got only 1 bullhead they stayed all night.

Apr 17 Weather fine this morning sun came out so nice this morn it was warm and spring like. Richard and Pat went home after dinner.

Apr 18 I hurried with my washing this forenoon. Albert and McKinley got her just about noon. I had got nearly all done except the rug. We had pancakes and fresh pork for dinner. We had chicken bisquicks and strawberries. I worked so hard to get everything all done today that I was just sick and did not sleep any tonight. Albert was sick all afternoon also. Dad killed poor Jokie the one eyed rooster today.

April 19 Well we hurried up this morn., to get things ready for the boys to get started for Buffalo. They started at 9 o'clock reached home at 1 - 5.

April 20 I sure had some time cleaning up the dishes from the lunches that was ate at different times. Richard went fishing again to night left Pat here until he returned at midnight. Then they went home. Very cold night will be a freeze up.

April 21 Icing
1 cup sugar              1 egg whit beaten stiff
1/4 cup water            add to hot syrup slowly melting good
A pinch of cream of tartar.
               Joan Davis

Apr 22 Well today we were alone except Dawn.

Apr 23 I done my washing today washed the orchid curtains, my velvet dress and Dad's outfit.

Apr 25 Dad put in a full day spading in the garden today.

Apr 26 Cool air but very fine day. Dad worked all day up in the upper end of the big garden. I finished trimming my rose bushes. They were winter killed back to the ground. I set the big bonfire again tonight it burned very slowly but most of it will be finished.

Apr 27 Cold this morning dark & cloudy It rained during the early hours. Every thing looks green and bright this morning. Dad  got a bon bon dish today came with the 2 wheeties boxes.

Apr 28 Quite cold this morning. The air is very chilly seem's like more snow to come. Well Mrs. Spaulding brought grandma Falls up to get Dawn. so they stayed to dinner and started about four o'clock. for home. So to night we finds our selves alone. after two weeks of exciting of the boys being home and Dawn.

Apr 29 Bright and sunny day. We were alone again to day had a fine dinner all was quiet and restful. We retired early being tired with worries and cares.

Apr 30 Weather ideal this morning. We arouse at eight while Dad was doing the chores. The siren blew. I had our breakfast ready so we ate a few mouthful and went down street to see the fire. It being Possinger's Store on fire. I burned that the old Sheppard Store the Grange building The Town Hall and the old Central House. before it was subdued.

May 1 Weather fine We were so tired to day we could not set our selves to work. I sent Kinney and Albert a paper with the fire item in. Toot helped Carl to settle the barber shop in Henry Emmonds office.

May 2 Mr. Possinger came to day and rented our store.

May 3 Well to day is the big one over to the store. They sure have a large force to work got things so that business will start full blast in the morning. I put on the stain on the little single bedstead to day. had good luck it looks fine.

May 5 Weather really hot. 56 temperature for churning. Mrs. Spaulding and Kathaleen and Dawn came over to see where the fire destroyed the down town street.

May 6 Very warm to day. Well a big day for me again Glen & Martha and Mr. & Mrs. Cobert came with them. The men went to the Lake for fish in the after noon but had no luck. They stayed to lunch then went home.

May 7 Weather moderate and very dry. I have cleaned all the fore noon up stair got things straightened in good shape. Dad is transplanting some black raspberries over in the field.

May 8  I did a large washing to day did a quilt, count Paine and blanket. Churned early this morning after noon painted my red chairs from the lower kitchen.

May 9 Cloudy this morning. We hurried our breakfast through and before I could get ready Mr. Possinger came over and was ready to go to Montgomery Ward to get my new oil stove & mattress and oil cloth rug for the bathroom. We got back about four o’clock.

May 10 Weather has come out very hot. This morning again. No rain last night as predicted just a few drops.

May 11 Very cold this morning. I been cleaning out a lot of old news papers down in this fore noon. Dad is planting over in field.

May 12 My new oil stove came late to night about six o’clock.

May 13 Well to day we got started down to Toot's early. Richard and Pat came up to take us down. Glen and Martha came on down after we went. We all had a fine time and great dinner.

May 16 1892 Albert R Ellison's Birthday Age 42

May 18 Today has been a very fine one. We worked until we were all tired out. Tom Brock came and plowed the garden by the barn. We were invited down to Geo's for supper tonight a fine chicken dinner.

May 19 Very warm this morn. I feel old enough to be Methuselum this forenoon. Richard and Bell came before we had breakfast to tells us of his little daughter born the early hours of last night May 19th 1934 two o’clock. I finished staining my red chairs and the little commode to match the little red bed at head of stairs this after noon. Dad took our little Gernsey Heffer to pasture to night.

May 20 Very warm today. We were alone all day. Just Dad, Dawn and Doloris ate dinner with us. Never saw so many cars go by as there was today. and the trade the store had way up till five after eleven to night P.M.

May 21 Hot more than hot. Dad planted potatoes nearly all day in the terrible hot sun. Just a light wind storm came up towards night. With just a few drops of water. We moved down stairs for sure today. ate our first meal this morning.

May 22 Dry and Warm. Dad and Toot planted in the garden's all the after noon a thunder storm came up just as we were eating dinner to day but we did not get only a few drops of rain it went toward the south.

May 23 Cooler this morning frost in some localities last night. Richard was up this morning again. The baby has not been doing very well. Dad and Toot have nearly finished planting the gardens to day. Toot has raked off my flower garden and we got every thing cleaned up around the little garden now they are raking the coal ashes and fixing up that hill so it look very good. Kathleen and Mrs. Spaulding came up late this after noon Dawn went home with them.

May 24 Today is a blank to me I was taken with one of my poor spells with stomach and bowels early this morning so I have just laid around all day.

May 25 Cloudy early this morn. a few drops of rain last night. The ground was damp all helped in such a dry time. I am feeling a lot better to day and am washing out our few dirty clothes. I ironed them this afternoon also.

May 26 Some cooler this morning. Dad is working at the bee hives this morning. I cleaned the front porch some tonight and washed 3 windows to the front.

May 27 Very fine day moderately cool. We were all alone to day all day set 2 tomato plants that were in blossom tonight. Set 2 hens to night put them in the room above the hen house the first 2 hens are hatching to night.

May 28 Very warm and dry. Well our bad luck to day was our disappointment in Old Pad'es case. Dad got Harry Schofield to take her over to Ithaca to Cornell University and after going they could not do any thing for her as it was to late. They brought her back and we let Harry take her up to his farm on the Hill don't know just what will be her fate.

May 29 Very dry not quite so hot. Dad has been having some cultivating done over in the field the berries and so on. He is now raking off the little garden by the house getting ready to transplant the sweet onion sets. We got of Burton White. Richard and Bell took his baby to the hospital to day.

May 30 Albert arrived this morning about 8 o’clock before breakfast. We had an early dinner then drove over to Ithaca to see Dawn went to a movie then came back by Willseyville and on to Toots. stayed until after six came home and got our supper spent a quiet evening and to bed so as to get up early to get the boys off for Buffalo.

May 31 Hot Oh how warm today. Albert got started at eight o’clock for Buffalo, Geo returning with him. Dad and I have listened to the Navy review for nearly 4 or 5 hours today. I think the people on the roofs and boats and standing everywhere surely must of had more nerve than I would just to see them pass.

June 1 Warmer than ever today every day get dryer and hotter. We got the glad bulbs set out this fore noon. We have set some aster plants and quince plants to night.

June 2 Warm nearly suffocating. We would work then rest all day it has been so terrible we would think we could not stand another day. Mrs. Spaulding and Kathaleen and Dawn came over this afternoon to go down to Toot's for a picnic supper. It was some cooler when we came back for it looked like a thunder storm was coming up on us but it went on some where else. They left Dawn and returned home after lunch. My porch glider came from Buffalo while we were down to Toot's.

June 3 Ho so warm today. We nearly roasted mostly all day only when we stayed down in the lower basement kitchen. This evening about 7 or 8 a terrible thunderstorm came up in the north and we surely did get a terrible down pour. Water stood all over the flats like a lake for a while but the thirsty earth soon took it all in and a good soaking it did get.

June 4 Well this morning we all felt like different people for after a refreshing nights rest we arose and felt like different people. We have improved the day setting tomato plants and I finished my little flower garden setting zinnias, salva, trumpet flowers and asters. Richard and Pat drove up tonight after tomato plants.

June 6 There was a young bride named Vick but she changed her mind when her good grocerier kind.

June 7 I washed this forenoon.

June 8 tonight at 8:45 WGY

June 10 We were alone for dinner today. Edd and Mable came this way from Bath tonight stopped a while just as we were eating our supper.

June 13 Dad has planted 2 rows of potatoes and the bush limas beans. and some more sweet corn this finishes the planting for this year. I have cleaned under the south porch and made a new floor there. I took the old hen away from my little chicken 17 of them my first ones. They are about 2 weeks old now.

June 14 Today is National flag day. Dad bought 2 qts of strawberries of Burton White this forenoon. We had strawberries short cake for dinner today. Toot came his afternoon. My little ducks are hatching.

June 15 Richard and Pat and baby called for a short time tonight. It was the first time I had seen the baby. I only got 6 little ducks brought them up with the chickens today Dad has sowed his melon seeds today.

June 16 The Peet young man has cut the Alfalfa this forenoon.

June 17 Albert and George arrived home from Buffalo this morning about eight o’clock. We were at breakfast.

June 18 We arose at six o’clock got started for Auburn at seven or sooner got there at eight. I spent the day and evening at Amanda's and Tuesday morning they brought me home.

June 19 We arrived home from Auburn about eleven o’clock. I got dinner we sat down to eat at one o’clock. The folks started home about three o’clock.

June 20 John shook out the hay this forenoon and late this afternoon he had it rake up.

June 21 Cut up left over chicken.

June 24 We were Alone again today. Dad, Dawn and I for dinner. Glen & Martha came back from Eva's tonight and stopped for lunch. Grace Burdick came to the door to ask if Eleanor could stay here so as to go to her picnic party to Endicott on Monday then the class meeting on Mon Eve.

June 25 Tonight was the graduation class night there were 20 in the class this year. Dawn, Doloris and I went to the church tonight.

June 26 Tonight was the big night of graduation they were all dressed in their gowns tonight.

June 27 Well today we are alone again except Toot & Dawn. Doloris has been here 2 days with Dawn now.

June 28 When the leaves on the oak tree is as large as a squirrels ear plant your sweet corn. An old Indian Sigh.

June 29 The hottest day since 1911 today.

June 30 Just as hot as ever today. The girls and I went up the creek so they could play in the water and swim.

July 1 Hot and a little bit more. July surely will heat us up if it continues to come this way. We had dinner with four of our grandchildren today.

July 2 Orange Raison Cake
         1/2 cup butter creamed                               1 cup sour cream
         1 cup G - Sugar then beat again                   mix flour soda B powder dry in
         2 eggs put in with beating                            sifter a little salt. Juice of 1/2 orange and grated
         1 level teaspoon baking powder                    rine 1 cup of seedless raisons.

July 3 warm, almost to warm for comfort.

July 4 After last nights rain we have this fore noon perfect weather. I brought up 5 ducks eggs this morning 2 laid today.

July 6 After the breakfast work over Mr. Fox came to the door to ask me to go to the court hearing concerning the franchise for a Bus line through this way from Elmira to Ithaca. I went and a hotter day I guess never was. We got back about one o'clock Dad, Dawn and Toot were eating dinner. Dawn had a big day in the water. I took the little duck out this morn. 2 had got smothered during night 9 left. Our Little dawn went home tonight. Rain tonight just before Dawn went home.

July 7 Begun to rain this afternoon kept it up until five O'clock much cooler tonight. The tiger mother cat took the kittens away somewhere last night. Just five weeks ago today Dawn came over with Mrs. Spaulding and her mother.

July 8 People killed by fireworks 175 this year of 1934. On the 8th of July 17 years ago today the battalion of death went out to fight. Sun yon was a woman that started it and was taken prisoner out of a thousand women only 3 hundred were left.

July 9 Did my washing this forenoon and quite a good sized one 8 sheets and blankets a clean up of the beds. Dad has hoed in the garden all day again. Mr. Peets mowed the timothy hay today.

July 10 The team has raked the hay up this forenoon. Now this afternoon they are drawing it in. Toot came up to help with the hay this forenoon. Glen and Martha came up this evening to bid us good bye as G has got prospects of a job in New York City with his old boss.

July 11 Moderate just cool enough to be fine. Toot and Johnie are putting on the roofing on the east side this morning. The peet team came to finish the hay job.

July12 We are paying the Auburn taxes today. Bill was $54.90. Dad has been working over in garden all the forenoon. Set some more turnip plants.

July 13 Hot very hot.

July 14 Macaroni dish Put well cooked Mac in a greased dish grate some cheese over all. Then some tomato sauce. then another grating of cheese or bread crumbs and bake cover with milk.

July 15 Rain came at intervals today first sunshine then a thunder shower nearly all day. Although the fore noon one would never believed there would be so much rain the rest of the day.

July 16 We picked 6 or 7 qt of currents this forenoon. I canned for Dad today 6 pts of raspberries 3 red 3 purple. Grace Burdick gave me a lovely qt of red ones.

July 17 I made my current jelly this forenoon had 12 glasses of the clear jelly and 5 of jam.

July 18 Today while we were eating dinner C H Emmond came to the door to tell us we were wanted on the phone from Bath. It was Beatrice VanDusen calling to tell us her father had just died at ten o'clock this forenoon funeral Friday at two thirty he died 10-15 today.

July 19 Toot came to his work at noon today Little Albert came up with him for a few days. We had a fine rain tonight after the hottest day it seemed to me it nearly done me up.

July 20 We got started for Bath to the J. VanDusen funeral this morning about ten o'clock. Dewitt and Mary and Ruth's husband Willford Brower. We had to get our flowers at Bath florist. We got back tonight between seven and eight. Johnie stayed with Albert today and got dinner for Toot. Some cooler this fore noon but it surely was warm enough before the day ended.

July 21 Warm and dry it is nearly as dry now as it was during our first drought.

July 22 Well we hurried our morning work to get ready to go down home with Toot to spend the day to celebrate his birthday. Kathleen and her father and mother and sister Loretta and Dawn & Mary. Then came Edd and Mable so we had quite a crowd after all.

July 23 Simeon D Ellison Birthday 1889 age 45 years We have felt pretty tired and old today. Dad has been quiet all day. I have baked pies and cake for tomorrow.

July 24 I hurried my morning work and Loretta came about 10 o'clock with her mother and Dawn.

July 25 We worked at the string beans today. We got only 3 cans qts from a 8 qt pail full they were all to hard so we gathered swiss chard to make up enough to have the boiler full 11 qt cans for Mrs. Falls.

July 26 Loretta's husband came for Mrs. Fall's and Dawn about five o'clock this afternoon.

July 28 Rained last evening and still at it this morning so we didn't get to go and pick the peas as we want to get them ready to can. It took us all the rest of the day up to seven o'clock before we got the 10 qts of peas and 2 of string beans on to boil. Nearly 11 o'clock before we got to bed and tired no body could tell what a hard day work means until they get a lot of vegetable ready to can.

July 29 We have had a quiet day as far as any one to get dinner for. We ate alone and that means quite a lot in our house.

July 30 Weather moderate cooler. I made what few red raspberries dad picked this morning in jam. Put up cucumber pickles also. Wrote a letter to McKinley today.

July 31 I awoke at 4-30 this morning and tuned in the circus arrival in Rochester. Weather rather cloudy today. Dad has been setting a few young strawberry plants.

Aug 1 Toot and Eulalia came up today on the noon train. I was not feeling very good today so took thing easily.

Aug 2 I begun after breakfast to gather the string beans in the little garden got them ready in cans 5 qts. Then got dinner. Then Eulalia and I went to the field and gathered the last of the peas. Dad helped we shell them there was 5 qts got them on to boil after supper another hard days work.

Aug 3 Some cloudy rained in the night quite sultry looks some like more rain. Toots alfalfa got wet last night. Dad set his wheelbarrow load of berry bushes he got down by Kate Begets farm today.

Aug 4 Circus day in Elmira. Bell went over with Cass & May O They saw the parade. She got me 10 # of canary seed. Eulalia went home with them tonight. Jack stayed up to go home with his Dad late tonight.

July 5 We sure were alone today to sit down to dinner it did seem like a vacation. I cleaned the oil cloth rug in the kitchen this morning.

Aug 6 Weather this morning came out in fine shape. The sun came forth warm and by 10 o'clock Toot was able to turn over his alfalfa and this afternoon by half past two. Harry Schoffield came with his truck and drawed it down home for him. Dad went early this morning after his blackberries. I canned him 3 pts. I did my washing this morn got my ironing done this afternoon Little Pat Olinchney had her arm run through the wringer.

Aug 7 Very warm this morn after last evening being so very chilly.

Aug 8 Came out very hot this morning. Dad went on the hill blackberring as soon as he got up. Got back nearly eleven o'clock. He had 3 qts at least. Toot came tonight about seven o'clock.

Aug 9 Warm and sultry and Oh so hot. I canned 3 qt of pickles today again.

Aug 10 Hot and warmer today. Dad went on the hill after the blackberries this morning again got 8 qts. I made another blackberry pot pie for dinner today.

Aug 11 Heard the parade of the century of Progress at Rochester or the description of it at any rate. Some cooler this morning. I canned Dad 4 pts of B berries today. Dad got half of his honey boxes today I wrote a letter to Glen & Martha today.

Aug 13 I canned 4 qts of the apple sauce from the transparent ones.

Aug 15 Canned one more qt pickles today. I bake 2 blackberry pies tonight.

Aug 16 Rain again this morning. Geo got 2 pails of the apples from the creek again this morning. Dark and cloudy all day. Richard was here to dinner he came up to see Geo and sharpen his axe as he is cutting logs.

Aug 18 Today is the big picnic day. The parade was very nice. Dewitt's folks got here this morning before I had got all my work in the kitchen done. Albert arrived at supper time we drove over to the grounds to see the movie pictures this evening.

Aug 19 After dinner today we drove to Elmira, Wellsburg, Chemung Waverly and on home over the new road in to Vanetten. Hellen and Doloris and Johnie went with us. We all had supper together tonight except George.

Aug 20 Histteen for Hay fever. I arose this morning at six o'clock to get Albert and Johnie off for Buffalo they got started at just seven.

Aug 21 Dawn came this afternoon so as to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. Five years old.

Aug 22 Today is Little Dawn's fifth birthday. Dad and Dawn went down town and got her a cake and candles candy and other things to fix for her party.

Aug 26 Cooler this morning. Edd and Mable came this afternoon between three and four o'clock stayed until after lunch and a little of the evening.

Aug 27 Dad picked the cucumbers today also the strawberries. Wrote Albert today.

Aug 28 Very cool last night. We lit the oil burner and let it burn all night and all day and tonight it is as cool again so it still must burn tonight. Richard and Dot came up just before dinner today and stayed all day until after supper tonight the bag worried all the time.

Aug 30 Richard and Pat were her tonight. Toot came tonight for the week. Very cold tonight near frost line.

Aug 31 This morning just after breakfast Glen and Martha came. Stayed a few minutes then went on to Ithaca. No frost this morning as I prepared for last night. Rather warm again today. The boys came early this morning with goods to put in store. They were with us for dinner.

Sept 2 Albert got here about four o'clock today. Glen and Martha came after that.

Sept 3 We drove to Auburn this morning stopped at Ithaca to Ruth's for 10 o'clock breakfast. Her number 810 Geneva Street. We got back home about 6 o'clock got our supper and was very tired. Glen and Martha started about seven o'clock this morning for Richmond Hill, Long Island N.Y.

Sept 4 Albert got started for home this morning at eight o'clock. It was a very rainy morning dark and cloudy until nearly noon. Dad and I were very lonely today. Dad and I gathered a pail of cucumbers today and a pt of strawberries.

Sept 5 Today was a very fine day just a little cool. We gathered the tomatoes today. I fixed another jar of the sweet pickles and one qt can more today. Dad got a jar of butter today it was made by some Ackles. I received the rent check from R Cuddy today.

Sept 6 Very bright sun shining day. Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Surdam called this afternoon. My teeth came back from Buffalo tonight the work on them is OK.

Sept 7 Weather fine this morn Dad and I picked the cucumbers this forenoon he also picked a pint of strawberries. Dad worked all the afternoon dragging stones off his garden. I called on Adda O’Dell this afternoon. Some cooler tonight light rain.

Sept 8 Raining this morning. Kept up nearly all day. After dinner Mr. Richman's son drove to Toot's after Bell and the children to have them pick out their own shoes & rubbers then took them back home. I traded Bell a singer of mine for the little wild canary that 'Toot catched the first of the week. The Richman's sale concluded this evening.

Sept 9 Weather very fine today. Dinner finished. I am now listening to the radio. Johnie and Doloris ate with us.

Sept 10 Weather just ideal. I did a large washing today also canned 8 qts of tomatoes. Dad worked all day over in field.

Sept 12 Dad got the box from Albert today. Mr. Richman the Jew came this forenoon and moved his stock to Candor.

Sept 13 The town held the Election Primary in our store today. Got a letter from Albert today.

Sept 14 Dark and cloudy this morn. I am making a batch of catsup today had 4 1/2 quarts. Dad has been over in field and gathered a basket of beans to shell to can had 4 qt cans.

Sept 15 Dark day again and be Happy that this wonderful flour by general mills is sold. This wonderful flours by general mills is sold. canned 2 qts beets today.

Sept 17 The buses started its schedule trips through our town from Elmira to Ithaca today. Dad and I have picked up about 2 bushel of hickory nuts in the shuck today. A bushel of tomatoes also. Picked a pt of strawberries. We sent out the Montgomery Ward Order of $25.55 today. Kate and Henry Bezat left this forenoon for the south. Johnie brought us the news of Lavern Perrins death today some time up at the lake. Clarence C Dill United States senator gave a talk The laws of Radio on the air.

Sept 18 This morning just after breakfast Richard came after us to go to the auction at Tioga Center. We bought our cow at this place not at the auction. The ladies name was Mrs. Fox. We got home tonight at seven o'clock. Myron Christfield brought the cow home from the valley.

Sept 19 Rather cool this morn Lavern Perrins funeral today he was born 1871 his age 63 years.

Sept 20 There was no frost this morning as we expected. Very warm today.
             Filled Cookies
!/2 cup B sugar         1 teaspoon cream of tartar
2 eggs beaten           1 teaspoon soda
3 cups flour               2 cups rolled oats

Sept 22 Weather today is fine. The Peet fellow came and mowed the millet and Alfalfa this forenoon.

Sept 23 This morning while getting breakfast my thoughts were on my sister in law. Ena Deremer who lay critical ill in a hospital at Ithaca with a cancer. Some week ago she took the radium treatment at Buffalo since has layed helpless. Latter in the day Edd and Mable came up and told me that Ena passed away at six o'clock this morning. Our folks from Auburn came out today Charlie, Manda, Johnie, Mildred and little girl.

Sept 24 Very warm today.

Sept 30 Today is our 47th anniversary and we took it in our heads to take a walk and out for dinner. Which we did went down to Mr. Hut's.

Oct 1 Today is the firs day of Oct. Geo begun the chimney job. This forenoon got it down to the bathroom floor.

Oct 11 Dawn came up tonight with Mrs. Spaulding and her Grandma Falls.

Oct 14 McKinley Ellison's Birthday 1901 33 years. Geo came up this morning and begun to paper the kitchen got it all done today. Kathleen came tonight and took Dawn home.

October 15 George H Ellison's Birthday 1896 age 38.

Oct 17 Sent my order to Montgomery Ward today $14.63.

Oct 22 Geo came this morning and started to paper my bedroom he got so mad at noon at Johnie he beat him up and left the Job.

Oct 23 Geo came this afternoon and finished the bedroom feeling much better.

Oct 24 Rich and Pat came up this forenoon. After dinner Pat and I washed all the dishes in my closets in the dinning room this afternoon got through just before supper time.

Oct 25 Sent the order to Montgomery Ward for Dawn's little Jersey dresses today. Dad has dug a bushel of carrots today. I have washed the bay windows today.

Oct 26 It rained nearly all night this morning it is rather dark but not raining.

Oct 27 We set our trees today. I did my washing today but had to take the clothes all in before they were dry. Got them dried around in the house. We set the Mountain ash tree today on the south side of the house by my tulip bed. The Hydrangea tree on north side in the round bed by the side of the drive way.

Oct 28 This morning the ground was white with snow. Our first real cold storm for this year. It kept up all day a miserable dark lonesome day.

Oct 29 My Montgomery Ward order came this morning. Dawn's little Jersey dress and the blanket for the quilt. Dad finished digging the carrots this forenoon.

Oct 30 This morning about eight thirty Richard and Pat got here to take us to Auburn. We got there about eleven o'clock went to the house looked things over went up to Manda's for our lunch then we went down town to see the Real Estate man a Mr. Long. Put the renting in his hands for home tonight at six thirty.

Oct 31 Well Dad got the window lights in the stable and various other little jobs done. I got the rubbish cleaned up the double tulips set on the south side of house. Got a churning done also. Dad got the bag of laying mash today. Mrs. Lambson 100 years old.

Nov 1 This morning a snow storm again. The devils marked up the store windows in terrible shape last night. I got a letter off to Kinley and Albert both today.

Nov 2 Well the weather this forenoon was warm enough to allow me to get the store windows washed. Dad got the cabbage over this afternoon Toot brought it in his auto. Geo and Hellen went to the Auction up to North Spencer to Collin's this afternoon.

Nov 3 Weather clear and cool with sunshine. Dad gathered some of the beans that J Baker put in this spring we had some cooked and they are OK very good. Toot starts tonight for the North Woods. With the Davenport gang. Bertha S was here for supper tonight.

Nov 4 Weather today is mild and spring like sunshine Oh so fine had the door open at times. We were just set for dinner when Richard and Pat came in ate dinner and hurried on their way home. Then about three o'clock Mrs. Spaulding came with Kathaleen, Dawn and Grandma Falls. They stayed to supper then went home early.

Nov 5 Ella Wheeler Wilcox's birthday. Today was a glorious one. Very bright and warm. Dad fixed the lower kitchen door with weather strips today. I gathered my last calimadulas today nice as ever. Put my Chrisanthums out doors and hosed them in the sunshine. I made some of those little doughnuts. I got the recipe from the radio the other day dropped from a spoon. They were fine. Mrs. Whitmore called this evening.

Nov 6 Election Day Today is not as fair as yesterday. Well we went over and voted this forenoon. While there Mrs. Steenburg ask me is she could come over and get a lunch at noon so she came to dinner. Richard and Pat came to and for supper Mrs. S was here again.

Nov 7 Dark and cloudy this morn. Got a letter form McKinley today colder this afternoon growing more so toward night. Olinchney paid his October rent today.

Nov 8 Dark and wet everywhere. Dad got his feet wet going his trips today.

Nov 9 It was bright sunny morning but the sun has disappeared at noon. Dr Person Bradley of Irac Walton Legue gave a wonderful talk today.

Nov 10 Ida B Wise Smith the speaker of WCTV. Mrs. Spaulding and Mrs. Falls came over with Dawn this afternoon.

Nov 11 Armistis Day 16 years ago today world war ended. Armistis services over WJG. We had a quiet day.

Nov 12 Snow this morning ground covered.

Nov 13 Galapagos Island Florentine Island where the bodies of 2 persons were found on the shore and a small boat was upside down by them.

Nov 14 Cold and snow flurries We have had all we could do to keep warm. Seems as thought the chill would not let up. Toot and Bell came up about noon to got to Ithaca to take Mr. Dans gun home as he exchanged them through a mistake the night he rode home with him on Tuesday night. We went to VanEtten after they got back from Ithaca so I could have my radio tubes tested they tested out five. Our Heffer was brought home tonight from the summer pasture.

Nov 15 Well this morning the sun has come out fine and it is thawing so it is quite warm.

Nov 17 Good night here and good morning up there. Where Christ is the light we step from this earth to good morning up there.

Nov 18 4-30 Tronto today. Today is a nice as summer just to nice to stay in the house. Richard and Pat came this morning very early he is to help Geo cut wood this afternoon. They took the baby carriage home with them.

Nov 19 Rained during the night but this morning the sun came out and it was very warm and spring like as nice as yesterday. I have got the Montgomery Ward order made out so we can mail it tomorrow. Mrs. Spaulding came after Dawn this afternoon. Toot took the unknown tramp to Ithaca today again some trick to dope out. Little Isabell is six months old today.

Nov 20 A perfect day spring sunshine. Richard and Pat brought the baby to the Dr today the baby worries all the time. Toot came to work today as Carl was sick with a cold. Dad has been covering up the strawberry plants with summer grass this afternoon. We sent out the Montgomery Ward order today $20.87.

Nov 21 Dark and cloudy today. Dad has been out with honey twice today. We covered the tulip bed on the south side with straw this afternoon. I emptied the pint cans of spoiled fruit that stood on the bench all summer by the shop. Geo went on the hill to work for Sargent this morning Toot is working again today

Nov 22 Warm cloudy with high winds. I reported my lace fern and the big begonia by the radio today.

Nov 23 dark cloudy with rain.

Nov 24 clear and cold. We were alone for dinner today.

Nov 26 Very cold this morning the frost sparkled like diamonds. We sent the money order to Mont- this forenoon also sent Albert a letter. I got my quilt ready to tie by two o'clock then I begun to tie got it finished about five.

Nov 27 Weather today very good not very cold some cloudy. We dressed 2 ducks today for thanksgiving. I finished my quilt this afternoon.

Nov 28 I got the ducks ready for the oven just before noon. Albert got here at supper time tonight. Well I got my pies and ducks and jello and squash all ready for tomorrows dinner and am some tired tonight.

Nov 29 Rain nearly all day.

Nov 30 Dark and cloudy with rain. Albert got started back to Buffalo this morning at five o'clock.

Dec 1 Rain, rain and still more. A whole week of rain. Boy! Are you telling us this is the first day I've got my pants wet since I was 6 months old Johnie. Geo went to Owego with Connors today again. Came back with a Jog on got mad at Hellen and left no one knew where.

Dec 2 Cloudy and misty all day. We were all alone all day no one came today. Geo got back today some time had been to Ithaca to see Mr. Johnson.

Dec 3 Mixed weather cloudy little sun and very cold air. I washed this forenoon had to take my woolen blanket in doors as it begun to freeze late in afternoon. We received our Montgomery Ward order this forenoon the original order was sent out Nov 20th and received Dec 8th Dawns bloomers and slip were sent to large. Johnies rubber shoes were not in as I forgot to send size. We had a call at the door just as we were again to have our noon lunch It was a young man hiking back home to Tacine Wisconsin after a trip down in for work His name was Moller.

Dec 4 Well the sun came out this morning very nice and warmer than yesterday so I got ready and washed my double woolen blanket that I traded with Martha for the dinning room curtains I washed also Dads sweater and overalls but it turned very cold begun to spit snow so had another blanket to bring in. We got the things sent back to Montgomery Ward tonight $2.49 my due.

Dec 5 Colder with snow flurries. When I got up this Morning I was very dizzy and sick all over so have had to lay a bed all day. It has been light snow all day. Toot and Bell came up this afternoon.

Dec 9 Cold very cold this morning. We had about all we could do to keep warm. Richard and Pat came near noon today. Edd and Martha and son Clayton Coo came up for a short call this afternoon. Then came Bertha Sincebaugh came also.

Dec 11 Very cold all day. We didn't do much of anything only chores and get eats today.

Dec 12 A little milder this morning. Frank Nichols wife died at 4 o'clock PM today. Harry Schoffield brought the load of coal for the boys today.

Dec 13 Snow snow all day Very disagreeable weather makes one lonely. I got my fruit cake made today and nut meats for Kinney’s fudge. I sent Dawns box down to Mr. Patterson to take to her tomorrow. Dad kept his little stove downstairs going and he stayed down there and boiled cabbage dinner. Smoked and had a fine time.

Dec 14 Blustery snow flurries It was fine weather for a short time this forenoon. Then it changed.

Dec 16 Rain all day. Dark and dismal. Mrs. Frank Nichols is burried this afternoon at two o'clock at the Episcopal Church

Dec 18 Bright clear and cold air.  I made the white fudge for Albert’s box this forenoon and have worked the rest of the day fixing the boxes to send McKinney and Albert got them off for the evening mail.

Dec19 Snow rain nearly all day. Slippery side walks dangerous to step out. Dad took a trip way over to Seeley town gone so long worried. Lawrence Riker brought him home. I went Down to Mrs. S a few minutes this forenoon. I trimmed up the windows with evergreens today. Geo had another twist or family jar last night with Hellen.

Dec 20 Very cold this morning. Well the electric light bill again this morning. Death taxes and these bill never will cease. I have made a batch of fired cakes this forenoon. Johnie came for his dinner today the skating party tonight on the ice pond near the old brick yard. Johnie went and came back and stayed all night. I think this was the beginning of Johnies staying up here.

Dec 21 Snow flurries moderate weather. Grandma has not wrote very much here so I'll write a little I went to the dentist and had a little tooth as I call it little the doctor said it was the biggest he had every pulled out of a 14 year old boy well felt good when got home but about an hr. later it began to bleed and it bled all night.

Dec 22 Johnie Back again to tell you I fell pretty bad but am glad I had the tooth pulled. Received a wonderful pair of ice skates from Uncle Albert and thank him with all my heart. Jacks size for pants 30 in waist 27 in leg.

Dec 23 Johnie I feel great today no bleeding last night and am fit for a king went skating today at brickyard.

Dec 24 I gave Mary Lue a bath and put Pepsodent on the shim afterwards.

Dec 25 Just a time to tell you I'm still a coming snowing to beat the band Johnie. Well we went down to Toots folks for dinner and some eats we all had our appetites with us.

Dec 29 Cold wintery weather the three girls Doloris, Eulalia and Dawn played together all day. Toot took Eulalia home with him tonight.

Dec 30 Very cold today. The girls Doloris and Dawn played together all day while John and Fredric had their good time down in the cellar kitchen. With the little coal stove they played table tennis and billiard with their little table.

Dec 31 Very fine day clear cool. We started our day after breakfast. Dad picked the duck. While I cleaned up the morning work then I picked the chicken while he went to Seeley Town to pay his feed and light bills and get the groceries fore New Year's dinner Now I say good bye old 1934!

Mr. W B Hale
     Webster NY
Edward Nesbet Address

Johnie Franzel
   47 Bradford Street Auburn NY

Eugene Scott age 84
Renolysville NY

Frank Borden age 64 (1744 age of his violin) Montour Falls

Bill Currier age 66 Pine City

Parcel post per lb 5cts first lb two cents all additional lb's

When the leave on the Oak tree is the size of a squirrel’s ear plant our sweet corn an old Indian saying.

If you get to heaven before I do just bore a hole and pull me through. BG Johnie

Chemung County NY
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By Joyce M. Tice

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