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1931 - 33
Emmaline SINCEBAUGH "Ellison" of Spencer NY
Emeline's Diaries
1931 - 32
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Helen BARBER "Ellison" - 1952
Transcribed by Melissa June ELLISON Merritt

Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

"1931" and "1932" Diaries

Lots of recipes and times & dates of radio station broadcasts. Won't bore you with them.

Jan 1 Fri 1932 What more could I wish for it is worth more than wealth with God's blessing New Years 1932 at noon today we heard a grand address on the life of George Washington & his immortal mother & the speaker was in the old house his mother lived in her last years. The chair & old clock in this same room & at the tick of 12 we heard it strike clear as a bell the hour of noon. Johnie & myself were here alone to hear this most wonderful program.

Boys ages in year 1932
Albert 40
Geo. 36
Toot 43 (His real name Simeon)
McKinley 31

Edward Ellison 438 North Geneva St Ithaca
Dr James Aferton the specialist who is to help out Mr. Adams to save gentleman Joe.

-Article- Mrs. Clair Ferguson
Mrs. Grace Wheeler Ferguson late of 601 Grand Central Ave. Horseheads. The body repose in the home of Mrs. C. M. Paul 1301 Lake Street Elmira where the funeral will be held Wed at 2pm. The Rev C W Newman will officiate. Burial in Maple Grove Cemetery Horseheads.

Jan 5 1933 Death of the 30th President of USA Calvin Coolige today.

Jan 23 1932 started saving gold metal coupons today.

Jan 27 4 hundred million population in China.

Jan 28 eggs cheeper now since 1910.

Feb 7 1931 21 years the Boy Scouts of America have been organized 83 thousand members in America today.

Feb 12 1933 Abraham Lincoln 124 yrs ago.

Feb 18 1933 Dr G G Vaseluis died 7pm Fri at Arnot Odgen age 48 1933

Mar 3 1933 The only day of prayer all over the world.

Mar 19 Two hundred and fifty millions of honey raised or made in America yearly.

Mar 21 Senator Charles Nye North Dakota spoke.

Mar 22 1931 193. hundred car loads of strawberries were shipped from Louisanna the second week of April. They take the lead of all state on berries.

Mar 28 Today we made a new note to Jennie Clay note amount 4.46.00 paid 75 to her today. The fat man from Bombay ate mounds all day his only regret he could have no more.

Mar 29 We heard a wonderful sermon on the Catholic hour today. Thomas C Robbison Overseer of the Patten Office Washington D C Arthur Byron Actos heard in Colliers hour.

Mar 30 Death Valley DELUXE BORAX Pacific Coast Borax Co. John S Young - announcer NBC Studio NY The Thing Play the Bank Account It was an example to every woman in the world to use a little sacrifice for her family.

Mar 31 Tonight at 7:30 sconey land sketch Rev "Whitney K. Yaples 1st Baptist Church Rochester. The Lenten Service A Beautiful description of the Cross of Jesus and our day be one we bear.

Apr 2 Rin Tin Tin tonight 8-15 instead of the old time Rev. Frederic Ricey Lutheran Church Rochester Mr Lee Dunkin owner of Rin Tin Tin.

Apr 3 Willis Evans Edition of Buffalo times
Turpentine $1.00
Meat 6.50
gave dad 2.00
Richard 10.00

April 5 Easter Sunday

Apr 7 Johnies Birthday. The ground was covered with snow and the trees were beautifully decorated. It has snowed all day and tonight at 5 o'clock it is coming down like feathers.

Apr 8 Johnnies school started today (this is John) (John had some enteries in her diary)

Apr 16 Dr Joseph Bell of Ettenburg Scotland was the original Sherlock Holmes he was born Dec 2 radio is celebrating his b day this morning Dec 2

Apr 27 Snow storm this afternoon the air is full of feathers and very cold last night was terrible cold.

May 1 Student Transfer moving van Phone 9595-NO-704 West Buffalo Street Ithaca NY

May 2 The Little veal calf is just a week old tonight we begun to learn him to drink tonight.

June 19 Robert E

June 22 Mr Bevley Kelly representative of the Ringley Brs show gave a talk the circus another talk to be given tomarrow at 4-25 o'clock

June 25 1932 Supper for Agraculture Supper at Albany NY Bean / soup, Roast Turkey, Mashed potatoes, squash, Hulled corn maple syrup, sourkraut, cottage cheese, pumpkin pie, mixed pickles

July 4 Get silverware with gold metal coupons.

July 11 Today is Dads Birthday and hard work is his celebration.

July 14 These are the tourists I kept over night Fla Linnie, Mr & Mrs R Linn New Britain Conn, Mrs E D Koerber New Britain Conn, Mr & Mrs Rival New Britain Conn.

July 28 Johnie left for Buffalo 28 This morning Johnie left on the 8 o'clock train for Buffalo (Tues)

Aug 3 The Tompkins Corners celebrated tonight their 3 year of Broadcasting for Cheeseborough mfg co Principal keeper Moorehouse of Auburn Prison NY

Aug 4 Geo. went to Owego today to answer the summond of Judge Turk

Aug 5 Our new barber had a misunderstanding with his domestic troubles this morning.

Aug 7 Today at 3 o'clock the radio Gill gave a play Beverly next week another is given at the same hour called The Great Adventure

Aug 21 Today we went to Elmira with Mr Vanwort & Nellie Seamon to see Toot & Bell but we did not find them at home. The way is up Water St till you come to Cleveland Ave turn to left and first red cottage at waterfront just to the right side (We went to see Mrs Paget at 422 Fulton St)

Aug 24 Hope for the safety of Paul Revere Shauger , 22 of Savona, a member of the crew of the naval Dirigible Akron, waned today. The youth, son of Mr & Mrs Everett Shauger, entered the Navy in 1929 and had re-enlisted only a short time ago. He was 22 & a graduate of the Savona High School.

Aug 28 This afternoon we heard a program from Sa Barbara California of the Spanard people who this place was known in 1542

Sept 5 Eulalia's Birthday

Sept 12 underware 1.80, oil .50, gas 1.27, dresses .50, iron lead .50 book bag .50, toys .20, candy peanuts .20, cake cutters .20, show .25, Toot .50, thread .10, dishes 1.10, elastic .10, = 7.72 gas .45 = 8.17 fuses 1.00 = 9.17 .30 = 9.47 birch .10, pins .20 candy .15 = 9.92

Oct 3 Today or rather afternoon at about 4 o'clock Eulalia got her leg broken by an auto driven by W. W. Seuiter of Shamokin PA.

Oct 5 Our Jinny over Canada's Curio St. died 83

Oct 9 Today Eulalia has her 1st trip out in the sun in a little express cart.

Oct 25 Today at 2 o'clock Mary Shepard is buried Fred's mother she died Wed night 11pm age 80 years

Oct 1931 11,000 families in Rochester are being cared for by the Welfare society.

Nov 17 Robert Lewis Stevenson sweetheart was Fanny Osborn, a widow with 2 children his father oposed their marriage. She left Scotland for America as she was a native of this country her son wrote Robert of his mothers illness and Robert left his home pennyless as his father disinherited him came to America & married his sweetheart Fanny Osborn.

Nov 19 The pilgrims 1st thanksgiving was in 1621

Nov 23 Mr & Mrs Johnson & Toots folks were here to dinner.

Nov 11 1918 1st Armist Day

Nov 27 This morning our 1st snow came drifted all day & tonight the ground is covered with 3 to 4 inches of snow. Albert got started about 8-30 this morning for home. He reached home at 1 o'clock.

Nov 28 Toot & Bell came up to the Dr. with Eulalia. She was discharged from Dr. care. Toot had his tooth pulled also.

Nov 29 We went over to Ithaca today to spend the day with Edd & Mable & Glen & Martha

Dec 18 Bill Ostranders mother died this morning at 8 o'clock Dec 18, 1932 Josephine Dawney died Tues. morning 9 o'clock May 10 1932

Dec 20 cold this morn our fine weather took cold in the night, Glen and Marhta spent the day with us. 1932 years ago today Good Friday Christ was crucified Mar 25 1932

Dec 25 We had a very happy Christmas. I got a new fountain pen.

Dec 28 Paid Earl Ferris 20 dollars on work today. Geo killed the beef today

Dec 28 The weather was fine sunshine and no snow.

Dec 29 weather today was very nice sun shown out brightly the air was quite chilly I did my washing & ironing also got a letter from Albert stating that Dad & he arrived in Buffalo Sun night at 8 o'clock


Diary of Emeline Sincebaugh
Mrs. J. J. Ellison

d Jan 1 1932 Today the 1st of the New Year found just 3 to sit down to dinner, Richard, Johnie and myself. Dad went back with Albert today after Christmas. The weather today was very bad with snow and rain until the sidewalks were just a mire of slushy snow. Go spent his day at Athens working. The day was lonely and sad and no other knew of the lonely hours as myself for youth don't know of the struggles of life and fleeting years only God can read our mind and thoughts.

Jan 2 Wearher today was rather dark with cloudy skies My work today was just everyday affairs as they come. Mrs. Perry called this afternoon for a short time. Dad returned tonight on the late train from Buffalo.

Jan 3 Weather is mild ground covered with snow softened by rain and a light snow is falling this afternoon at 3:00 we just got through our dinner and have just listened to the episode of moon shine & Honey suckles.

Jan 4 Weather mild- I took the Christmas Tree down today and did some cleaning. Made a batch of fried cakes the remainder of the day was spent in quiet.

Jan 5 Weather milder today looks like a breakup. John went to the office and sent out the 2 bills Cotton & Han and Mongomery Ward. This forenoon I called to see how Joe Downey was this forenoon. Will Cowell was in for a while this morning he was looking fine.

Jan 6 Rather dark and cloudy all day. The ice and snow slowly disappeared today.

Jan 7 This morning came in like spring snow all gone. The sun came but so warm we let the hens out again. The bees are out and we can have the door open again like spring. I am again to wash this afternoon got it all done by 3 o'clock also got a letter off to Albert.

Jan 8 Weather cooler ground lightly frozen this morning with light mist of snow. Well we just got through dinner am now sistening to the farm and Home program. I went down and called on Mrs. Hyres this afternoon.

Jan 9 Weather mild and beautiful with sunshine. Dad went down and got the groceries. Maccaroni, prunes, cheese, pork, soap, peanut butter, a roast, mathces, shreaded wheat, breads. Today Johnie got is air rifle.

Jan 10 Weather some colder today. We had dinner about 2 o'clock. The boys went to Sunday school. We have been alone all day. Dad has had one of his gloomy days. I have listened to the radio programs so we went through with the lonesome day. Light snow falling tonight.

Jan 11 Geo & Richard got started just before noon for Athens today. I have just dumped around all day trying fight the grippe. Weather today open and clear bright and fine.

Jan 12 Weather today fine just like spring. Dad just going to mail Kinney a letter.

Jan 13 Weather very warm we have had doors open all day. That miserable little wild black kitten rushed in while I was cleaning a cage of birds and struck one through the cage and killed one.

Jan 14 Warm and spring like again today. We got a letter from Kinney today. He had been sick with stomack trouble. Johnie went down and bought his new pants today.

Jan 15 cooler this morning with rain rather cloudy all day. Geo. & Richard came home this afternoon. I sent Johnies coat back to Buffalo on the night train.

Jan 16 Cooler this morning. Dark and cloudy no sun this morning. Johnie just brought his slippers home that the cobbler half soled and a miserable job it is. This morning the little black kitten paid for his crime in killig the canary bird. Geo, Wilson and Mr. Hawks went to Waverly after the new tank for his hot water system.

Jan 17 Weather this morning dark and cloudy again froze some last night after the rain. Mr. Hawks has been working today over to the store putting in a hot water tank in the cellar. Dad and I got up at 2 o'clock and put the radio on and got Mexico and Hopkinsville in old Kentucky.

Jan 18 Colder this morning it froze lightly today it has been growing coleder all day. It is snowing tonight. Geo. and Richard came about noon today.

Jan 22 Weather cooler today. Geo. and Richard came back from Athens today.

Jan 23 Dark and cloudy weather. Edd and Mable came up late today to bury their cat which had died. They stayed to supper and spent a short time in evening.

Jan 24 Cool and rather dark day. We listened to the radio semons today. Toot came up with Edd Vanwort this afternoon and brought Eulalia up to stay as Bell was sick with another heart attack.

Jan 25 Very damp and cloudy with a misty rain. I did not wash or do much today. Johnies coat came today it is just right this time a number 16 size. John and Geo. Wilson went to Ithaca today got Joe some sunflower seeds and Eulalia's shoes.

Jan 26 Air very chilly today with sunshine. Bill Davidson bought some beef steak today. I gave the sitting room a good going over with the vacume cleaner today. Tonight there is some snow falling bad weather ahead.

Jan 27 Sunshine this morning but very chilly air.

Mar 5 We worked all day cleaning as we expected Albert and Kinney. Kin got here tonight at 8:30 Albert didn't arrived until Sun morning.

Mar 6 McKinley got started back to Pittsburg this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Toot could not get home tonight either. Albert arrived here this morn about 8. All the boys were home again together. This afternoon when McKinley got started back it began to rain turning into snow very heavy flakes and continued right on through the day and night the snow being heavy bareing everything down with it.

Mar 7 Last night and today came the worst snow blizzard we have seen in many a year the trees were so heavily loaded that it broke our cherry trees and 1 plumb tree all down also the weeping willow. Albert could not go home this morning as he planned and this afternoon it is still the night about 9 o'clock. Albert tried to go home.

Mar 8 This morning the sun has come out and it is thawing. Albert went to the station again and waited until 10 and then a through train came along and he went back to Buffalo he had to leave his car in a garage until a later date. The snow plow went trought this afternoon. Mr Simpson ordered a group of men and disregarded the Commissioner Allen Peet.

Mar 9 This forenoon the autos are beginning to go throught the North since the blizzard of Sun afternoon. Last night sure was a cold one. As cold as anyone we have had. We got a letter from McKinley this afternoon telling the hard time he had getting back to Pittsburg got snow bound and had to leave his car.

Mar 11 This morning our 1st news of today was the suicide of Fred Cooper. Richard went to work on the road shoveling snow on Crumtown road this morning after breakfast. Next Fri night over WOR Newark NJ Dile 71 at 8 another talk of adventure in Africa by a lady.

Mar 14 Tis morning

Mar 15 very cold this morn Richard worked this forenoon but not in afternoon.

Mar 20 Our new International oil burner came yesterday. Dad got it installed by noon today so we began to use it.

Apr 6 Very cold this morning just a snappy air. We got our tank filled this morning 65 gal. The 1st time he only put in 23 gal. We have burned up to this date 47 gal up to noon today

May 5 This morning Toot rode over to Ithaca with Lee Vanatta so to catch the bus to Syracuse. Got a letter from Margaret today concerning the house at Auburn.

May 10 Age 77 This morning at 9 o'clock cousin Josphine Downey died. Funeral Thursday 2:00 at Gilletts funeral parlor at Ithaca.

May 14 Manly Hollenbeck died tonight at 7 o'clock he was only 36 years old.

May 18 Today is my 64 birthday. Dad and I attended Manly Hollenbeck's funeral and went to the cemetery with Frank Wheeler.

May 19 I have 16 baby chicks. The first hatched.

May 20 Weather was ideal today. Kathaleen came over tonight and told of Dawns trouble with her toncils. Her address now is 119 Cascadilla St. Ithaca,

Sept 28 Today we heard of Mr. John Brocks death.

Oct 23 William Sincebaugh died at 8 pm today at the Peoples Hospital, Waverly

Oct 27 Grace Ellison died at Binghamton Hospital age 55 yrs.

Nov 11 Just 14 years ago today the world war closed our 1st armists day.

Nov 12 Read in the evening paper of Buffalo's 1st snow storm 10 inches covering auto in the street near Kinmore. Martha's mother returned to her daughters home in NY today.

Nov 13 Will Swartout leaves this morning for Florida he has sold his house here.

1933 Diaries
Emmaline Sincebaugh Ellison
wife of John J Ellison

 d Article "Elmiran, Hero of Rail Fire In Germany, to get Citation at Vets' Dinner for Mayor"

Jan 23 Edd and Mable got here today before we got up. He came to try out the washing machine next door.

Jan 24 I done a large washing today Bells and mine and ironed same washed to all ice blue curtains today. I think Geo went to Owego today.

Jan 25 Am canning chicken today. We killed 3 large roosters. I got a 6 quart cans of the good stock meat am cooking the bones and will use this for stock soup.

Jan 27 John took a jar of butter to Hollenbecks store this morning and butter was only 18cts # sold it to the finish store eggs only 16cts. Bertha Sincebaugh was here for supper tonight.

Jan 28 This morning the weather is much colder ground frozen and light frosty snow cold wind from West blowing.

Feb 3 This morning the sad news was the passing over to lifes other side of Mrs Mary Sagerage 74.

Feb 9 I sent my list of words to Minnesota today to the Gold Metal Contest.

Feb 12 Clear and very cold last night zero weather. Glen and Martha was here today.

Feb 13 This morning the Ice Harvest begun.

Feb 26 Weather out today a raveing blizzard. Toot went home with the milk truck this morn. Dad churned this morning a fine large lump of butter.

Mar 4 Today we heard the 7 hour program of the inauguration of president Roosevelt.

Mar 6 This morning I heard a station in wheeling W Virginia Gospel Tabernacle on the air this afternoon at 1:30 Mar 6 1933 at 6:15 oclock AM Mayor Anton J Cermack died from the bullet fired by assassin Zangara in Miami Fla on Feb 15 His words to President elect Roosevelt "I'm glad it was me."

Mar 11 Very cold this morning I sent in my list of words today on the noon train, Glen and Martha came over this evening and brought Toots Radio back. Toot didn't come until 11:00 tonight. We had gone to bed at a quarter to 2 o'clock there was a knock at the door. Dr Johnson after Toot as Bell was very sick.

Mar 12 Weather milder. The sun shines brightly today not very cold. We are very much worried over Bell but as yet we do not know how serious her case is. Bertha Sincebaugh came up this afternoon.

Mar 13 Weather dark cloudy mostly but warm. The Condensary Co. is drawing is today. It looks very nice but they say it is slightly honey combed. Geo got a job and is working up to the lake. Rain stopped the ice trade towards night.

Mar 14 Weather fine like spring. The honey bees out, flies also mosquitoes, very warm had all doors open so warm outdoors. We sat out on front porch just before suppertime. I cleaned the sideboard and washed tidies today.

Mar 15 This morning snow a regular winter blizzard out this morning straight from the north west. The creek is up to Foot Bridge. Toot came this morning with Ronald. Bell is somewhat better her mother with her.

Mar 17 McKinley came tonight about 1 o'clock.

Mar 18 Kinney and myself drove over to Ithaca today and got Dawn we stopped and called on Edd and Mable.

Mar 19 Today was a long dark cloudy day.

Mar 23 Weather rather chilly air snow flurries. Kinney got started for Buffalo this forenoon about 11 or a little after. Dawn went home with him. Snow flurries this afternoon. Geo worked over in Condensary Ice House this forenoon came home not feeling very well.

Mar 24 Weather clear and cold air. I done Bell's washing and ironing today. Richard went away this afternoon did not return tonight.

Mar 25 Weather this morning very fine with cool breeze at 5:00 a driving snow storm from the north west spoils the day. Glen and Martha just came as we were ready for supper tonight he had to go to Binghamton.

Mar 26 This morning the ground was covered with 2 inches or more of snow. Thawing fast it has been flurries all day with a mist like rain. Glen and Martha have gone home now 4:30.

Mar 27 The snow of yesterday vanished today and the day was like spring. I even put my tomato plants out in the sun porch. I did some cleaning around the house. (Oh I discovered on looking in my Gumpy fish globe that there was a lot of youngsters 10 or 11 of them the first I have had in over a year.)

Mar 28 Snow again this morning the ground was covered during the night as sundays snows all melted yesterday now at 9:30 o'clock it has started another storm looks like a bad day. (snow squalls all day) Rosco Hutcheson's of West Danby was here today taking orders for apple trees. Dad bought two.

Mar 30 Weather today like spring I washed my parlor curtains today. Dad has been lame all day has not got out any.

Mar 31 Weather rainy and misty all day and dark. Today was Doloris Birthday 7 years. I wrote Albert and the tenant in Auburn today.

Apr 1 Weather this morning just like a real spring day. Warm air bees out and birds happy. Dad walked over to Seeley Town this forenoon to pay the Electric bill and the last ton of coal. He is very weak and tired out when he got back he rode back.

Apr 2 Weather fine we were alone today except little Laddie stayed up here while his father went home Sunday morning.

Apr 3 Today has been very nice the sun has showned nearly all day. I cleaned the cabbage out the lower kitchen and a lot of other things. (Ted Vanderpool came in and paid the April rent and told us he was again to move the 1st of May.) Dad walked down town this afternoon.

Apr 4 Rain during night rain this morning. Toot brought the Barber towels up this afternoon. I washed a small washing and the 112 towels and ironed them all tonight. Today was the fate of the Acron.

Apr 5 Today was an extra beautiful day. Sunshine and warm I did another washing today for Bell. Geo cleaned up the leaves and rubbish in the little garden and burned it.

Apr 6 Dark and cloudy this morning I have one little bird this morning aftertaking 3 of them out last night. No fertal ones. I have the ironing done. Now I am baking molasses cookies.

Apr 7 Weather still rainy a dark lonesome day. Toot came back from down home this forenoon. Eulalia came up tonight with her uncle Edwin. Today was John Jr. Birthday 13 years old. Cooler tonight.

Apr 8 Very much cooler today. Eulalia went over to minors to a birthday party at noon. Dad was very bad this morning. I put the electric pad on his back and the capasium ointment he feels better this afternoon. Clyde Badey Lion Tamer in Big Cage movie pictures heard tonight on Radio. Codenmires kindergarden school of the air NBC Chicago very cold tonight.

Apr 9 Sun came out this morn look like warmer today. We were alone for dinner Eulalia, Dad and I. Edd and Mable came this afternoon about 4:00 stayed to supper and spent the evening. Mr McKessin and son came in for the evening we had an interesting talk of southern life.

Apr 10 Weather fine. We took a rest this forenoon we both felt so tired and lame. About suppertime I got a line from Dr Johnson stating that Bell had to go to the hospital at once and I was wanted down there. Bill Bailey came up after me he brought Albert and brought the baby home with me. Toot went to the hospital with Bell in the ambulance.

Apr 11 Very high wind all day I did a washing this forenoon the baby kept us both awake nearly all night. Toot came back this afternoon and Bell is somewhat better.

Apr 15 I worked all day got things all cleaned up. Albert and Kinnley got here tonight a little after 9:00. Little Dawn came with them.
- An Exhibiton Notice - 8th Wonder Eagle Clock Town Hall Nov 17 1820 Spencer 9Am to 10PM
-Newspaper Article "Join to Aid Heights Family - Doans Suffer Series of Serious Misfortunes."
-Obituary Burt A Fish 58 Gillett PA, Mrs Merritt D Curtiss, Phoebe D Curtiss, Jason Smith formerly Erin, Mrs Charles H Middaugh, Ada J 81, John Wells 83 Mansfield PA, Helen M McLauglin, Helen Marie 3, Michael Reidy
- Article Lincoln Planned Happy Future for US on Last Day He Lived. Hour to Hour Record Obtained.

Apr 16 Easter Sun. Weather dark and cloudy misty rain this forenoon. We had a roast turkey dinner today. An African Whiffle. Albert brought. Geo and family, Glen and Martha were here to dinner.

Apr 17 This morning just as dark and cloudy with light rain nearly all day. Albert and McKinley got started for Buffalo this morning between 7 & 8. Toot went down to Waverly with Elgin Rossinger to day to see Bell found her much better he took the beautiful Easter Rose bush down to her.

Apr 18 I did a large washing today also the ironing.

Apr 22 Mrs Chancey Sager's Auction sale was this afternoon.

Apr 23 Very cold last night ice over an inch in thickness. Toot went to Waverly this forenoon. Carl Steenberg took him, Bell is to have her Operation tomorrow. Mr James Farley from our flat at 12 Francis St called here today to see about the rent of house. Mrs. ______ and her children came up here to have her sons hair cut. We churned this afternoon.

Apr 24 Weather ideal. Warm sunshine day. Toot went to Waverly today Bell was to have her operation this forenoon. I potted my ammarillis Lilly and the hyghrangia that Joe Downey had, the lorraine begonia.

Apr 25 Dark and cloudy this morn. Toot went to Waverly this forenoon found Bell as well as expected that was not very comfortable. I have set 3 hens today. Geo came home tonight with a pet lamb.

Apr 26 Growing colder snow came during last night the ground was quite white. Toot went to Waverly this forenoon again.

Apr 28 Toot brought the groceries up from Possinger's today we bought at the week end sale. 4 pk seedless raisins, 2 pk quick arrow soap chips, 3 pk old duck cleanser, 1 can Globber girl B Powder, 1 2 lb peanut butter, 6 lb white house coffee, 4 lb maccaroni.

Apr 29 We took advantage of the sale today and bought a large 100 lb sack of Old Home Flour.

Apr 30 Today the last of Apr was very fine but windy. Edd and Mable came up this afternoon stayed to supper. I gave Mable back her Gumpy fish and one of my large one and 3 little one. Toot rode down to Waverly with C Emmond's today and he left Toot down there so he had to hire Geo Farnsworth to bring him home.

May 1 Warm and very high south wind all day. Geo and Toot went down to his house today to paper some rooms and build fence.

May 3 Toot went to Waverly today with Walter Surdam he had all his upper teeth out. Dad went and ordered 2 bags of hen feed 1 bag of hog feed 1 bag cow feed.

May 4 Very cold again this morning I had to build a furnace fire again. The Packer Hospital burned up tonight somewhere about midnight we heard early this morning.

May 5 Rainy tonight. Toot went to Waverly today with Fred Vose his wife is to have her operation tomorrow forenoon. Rosco Hutcheons bought the 2 apple trees we bought of him price $1.54. The red one is called star king. The yellow Golden delicious.

May 6 It rained in the night very hard. Johnie is going to Ithaca today to have his tooth pulled.

May 7 Geo and Toot went down to his house today to finish the papering. Beautiful sunny day. Mrs C H Emmonds came home today.

May 8 I have done my wahsing this forenoon. Toot set the ever bearing strawberries plants today and the apple trees down by the race by barn. Cooler tonight Mrs. Maxwell went away with their father and mother today.

May 9 Toot sowed some carrotts this forenoon. T and Johnie went to Waverly this afternoon had his tooth out. Glen and Martha came over tonight M brought me a beautiful motto all framed as a token of rememberance. I did a large churning tonight. I burned up the brush rubbish pile down in the race this forenoon.

May 10 Cooler today. Rain again in the night been dark all day I cleaned out the rutta beggas out of the cellar this forenoon. Geo finished moving down to the lower place this afternoon. (Sent Albert a letter today)

May 11 I did the cleaning today birdcaged and mopping. I received a box of candy for mothers day from Albert and McKinley today.

May 12 Sun is shinning this morn. I cleaned the windows down in the lower kitchen this forenoon.

May 13 Rain today. Bell came from the hospital about noon today. Mr Vose brought her.

May 15 I did not wash today

May 16 Albert's Birthday 41years. Dark and cloudy and misty day.

May 17 Bell made Eulalia one suit and nearly another today. Mrs Greenald called this afternoon also Bertha Sincebaugh.

May 18 My Birthday 65 years 1933 - 1868. Very warm today. We all have felt miserable. Baby cried and worried all day. Geo took his hen with 13 chickens at noon. George Whitman called today had lunch and was on his way to Penn Yann.

May 20 Mrs I A Hunt came up from Mrs. Surdams this forenoon and stayed to dinner left about 4:00

May 21 We hurried this morning to get things ready for Bell and Toot to get ready to go down home. They left the baby here for another week. Carl Steinburg took them home. Edd and Mable came up this afternoon stayed to lunch.

May 22 This morning I hurried my morning work and commenced my washing thru. Glen and Martha came over tonight and brought the oil stove and the rinse tubs and bird cages and bird seed I sent for.May 22 to just three month Sept 1 we stayed in the lower kitchen this year. Dr Max called to see Dad today.

May 23 16 of Oct 1915 As a spy Edith Calvie was shot. I cleaned the windows washed the curtains and ironed them got them all back in the kitchen finished all the ironing.

May 24 Rain nearly all day. Geo went to Enfield to paper for Minnie Hines today. I churned and baked oatmeal cookies made Dad a cake, also a Johnie cake for supper.

May 28 Maxwells folks went away today just a little after noon left the baby with Mrs King he paid his rent last night for this month.

May 29 Toot and Bell came up this morning to plant the potatoes over in the field they took the baby home with them at night.

May 30 Memorial Day was 1st observed 70 years ago in Gettysburg by Abraham Lincoln for our civil war veterans. We walked over to the cemetery late this afternoon. Glen and Martha came over and found us over there so dad rode back home.

May 31 Goodbye month of May. Cooler and cloudy this morning. The tax payers so Brook St and Harrison St meet at the town hall tonight to decide on the kind of road to be put in by town concrete gravel or stone base. Tonight still cooler.

June 1 Very cool this morning. Bright and sunshine all day. Toot came back this morning he had Jim Baker cultivate the garden for the 1st time. Surdam's cow nearly did damage in the early hours to a row of peas ate a bushel of potatoes out of a barrel and so on. I churned again today. Geo drawed me 2 wheelbarrow loads of dirt up the hill to fix my canterberries bells with.

June 2 Light frost last night some warmer this morning. Dr Max called this morn to see Dad. Maxwell folks have gone to Norwich to look for a job.

June 3 Hot and a little hotter today. Dad is fixing some honey boxes today he don't feel any better and should not work.

June 4 Very warm. Albert came this morn before we were up. I was so surprised to look out the window to see him mowing the lawn with a new lawn mower. We all went down to Geo today to a chicken dinner. The old red Rooster.

June 5 This morning Albert awoke at 5:00 got started home about 6:00. It is a very hot day. Dad is feeling some better and is working on his honey boxes. It rained nearly all day.

June 6 Very warm and Sunny. I have did my washing this forenoon and also churned.

June 7 Warm very warm. I did Toots washing today got done in time for dinner. I took off my last hatched of chickens today only 8 out of 19 eggs.

June 8 Hot very hot. Toot and Dad planted the sweet corn over in the field today. I finished my ironing this forenoon. I wrote Kelly Bro about my rose bushes today they sent them May 16 but they have not put forth any signs of living as yet the Pauls Scarlett Rambler. I planted pole lima beans tonight. Dad worked in the field until he was sweat through and through. Toot set out some pepper plants today.

June 9 This morning it is hotter than ever almost like an oven. The Stark's boy came this forenoon to rake off my Gladiola bed he had to change all his clothes. Toot went home tonight.
-Article Newspaper "A play Well Done- Then Comes the Sandman."

June 10 Some cooler today but warm enough. Well this forenoon I set out the lady slippers and marigolds and the glad bulbs. Toot helped take out the old burners in Glens old stove today. Toot and Eulalia came up this morn.

June 11 Today intensely hot. Just as we finished our dinner today up drove Glen and Martha, Edd and Mable and another auto with Mr and Mrs John Aber of Wellsburg and John and Eva Mendric. 4 of them stayed to supper with us.

June 12 Mr Kings Birthday 85. Warm again today. Johnie Burrows was here this forenoon and took an auto load of the old iron. Auto fixtures that Geo had down in the little old house by the barn.

June 13 This morn it is cool as fall such a change.

June 14 156 years old our Flag to Day. Flag Day Programs Monchella VA celebrated flag day. Very impressive were the ceremonies WCKY Covington KY program came over Rochester Station. This afternoon at 3:00 the orchestra was something more than common. Geo bought us a sack of new potatoes today. It is as cold late fall tonight at 9:00 got to go to bed to keep warm.

June 15 Weather this morn warmer. I set the row of tomato plants in the little garden this forenoon. Dad planted beans and potatoes also.

June 16 Dark and cloudy this morn. I have cleaned up my tulip bed took up the bulbs. To change the bed in front of south porch. I brought 4 little ducks to the house this morn all there will be out of the 12 eggs. Toot came this morn.

June 17 Fair but cool. Mr Dewitt came and mowed down the alfelfa and the meadow today. I haven't done anything out doors today but pull weeds. The wind is blowing very hard and it is growing colder tongiht at 5:00.

June 18 Bright sunny day with high and wind. Today being Fathers day. We were alone except Johnie ate dinner with us.

June 19 The men are raking up the hay this forenoon and putting it in cocks. I have mowed lawn on N side.

June 20 The boys worked at the hay all day finished getting it all in.

June 21 Today seemed the hottest day we even saw. We just couldn't work. I had a headache and dad was so lame he couldn't do anything.

June 22 Mrs W Miller speaker today for the womans Welfare work at the convention Rochester. Weather this morn is some cooler after our rain last night. Toot came up to work this morn Jack came up with Mr. Hilbert. When he brought my strawberries I canned 10 pts this afteroon. Tonight I have dug the dirt away form my blue spruce trees and put nice rich black manure dirt all around them. I planted the geraniums in the flower bed today.

June 23 Very warm

June 24 I worked at the trees in the front yard again today finished them.

June 27 Very warm and rained a little. I did my washing today. 4 blankets 5 shirts 5 undies 2 sheets 3 cases.

June 28 Oh so hot can hardly endure it. Mr Glumerfelt came in to see if we had a house to rent today. I sent a letter to the Dep of Public Welfare at Auburn with the papers for June rent wrote Albert also.

June 29 Hot oh so hot this morn have nearly roasted churning.

June 30 Warm very warm. We moved about all day trying to find a cool spot but without avail. A storm begun to gather in the afternoon near the hours of 4 or 5 but with little rain mostly high winds. Toot came this morn to the shop. 1847 stamps were issued.

July 1 Hello July warm day to come. The sun came out this morning just as hot as ever but a nice breeze is blowing. John has gone over to Seeley's to pay his feed bill this morn. Just received a special delivery letter from Mrs. Anna Farrelly of Auburn. To pay her water bill at 12 1/2 Francis St. Glen is on his way to NY today.

July 2 Weather moderated some dark cloudyness with sunshine. We have had our dinner and it is now 2:00 and is misting some. Geo ate with us as he is painting in the house across the way. Albert came this afternoon he and McKinley.

July 3 This morning we hurried with the breakfast and morning chores and at 9:30 the Drs. were at their 1st operations. Frederick was the first and Doloris second. McKinley took the children home on his way to Ithaca after Kathaleen and Dawn at evening. Grover Maxwell came early this morning to move his house hold goods out. Mr Joe Olinchney moved in today.

July 4 Today the 2nd operations was Eulalia and Dawn. The Kellsey's finished moving in today the rooms over the store.

July 5 This morning came the 3rd operation Little Spencer Minor. Then Albert worked at various things then in afternoon we went down to see Eulalia and the other children. Then after a hurried supper Albert and McKinley bade us goodbye and started home at 7.

July 6 Well this morn we felt older so we are doing as little as possible today. Got a line from Albert this morn stating they arrived at 11:30 all ok.

July 7 Warmer again this morn. Dad has a swarm of bee's (I am doing the weekly washing.) Toot came to work in the B shop today.

July 8 We picked a bushel of string beans this forenoon for Bell to can. I finished hoeing my gladiolas today. The first time done the ironing and some baking Dora Barber was married today also Letlia Brock.

July 9 We were all alone today. No one came. Very warm. We had string beans for dinner today.

July 10 Bought 5 qts of sour cherries today.

July 11 Dad's birthday 68 years today. Moderately warm today. I canned dad 6 pts sour cherries today. Got a letter from Albert today. He sent a check for Johnie to go to camp Barton with the boy scouts.

July 12 Mr and Mrs Olichney just got a message of the death of her sister down in PA and have just left for her home. I just bought 2 qts that were picked on the mountains in PA.

July 13 Very dry and warm. Dad has been having the garden over in the field cultivated today. I canned 4 pt cans of huckleberries and 3 qts of raspberries for Dad today.

July 15 Very very day nice breeze today. Dad has been hoeing in the field this forenoon. Hellen canned her beans we picked last night and had a dozen cans. I canned 3 of raspberries and 3 of black for Dad today.

July 16 This morning after all our chores we over. Glen came to take us to Spencer Lake for a fish dinner. John Aber wife and son and John Mendric and wife and Glen and Martha John and myself and Edd and Mable we had a fine dinner. While we were gone our people from Auburn came they ate their lunch with Georgie's folks as no one could find us.

July 17 This morning I done the washing got our dinner when in came Toot. Jackie and Johnie Barrows for dinner also. I done my ironing this evening. I bought 18 qts of Red raspberries of Grace Burdic at 18 cts qt. We had a small mess of green peas for supper.

July 18 I worked at canning my red berries all the forenoon had 10 pts 4 qts gave Geo 8 qts.

July 19 Weather moderate. I made a rade on the ragweed down the hill this morn.

July 20 Very warm this morn. I cleaned the front porch this afternoon and I think there never was a hotter day when I had finished I was near over come with the heat. Dad worked over in the field for nearly 3 hours and was exausted nearly with the heat also.

July 21 This morn Toot and Bell and the children came for breakfast we picked the green peas today and Bell took them all shelled and ready to can. I heard she had 20 pts. Eulalia is to stay up a week.

July 23 Toot's birthday 44 years today. Warm oh so warm. Today we have 2 of our granddaughters with us. Us 4 for dinner. We had green peas and new potatoes and porkchops.

July 24 Weather more moderate Mr and Mrs Olichney came home last night.

July 25 Cooler weather I worked at my old quilt nearly all day. My head and shoulders very lame tonight. Doloris went home tonight. Tonight it is so cool that an extra blanket is needed.

July 26 Very cool this morning. Frederick just brought us a mess of sweet corn for dinner. I answered Albert's letter today. The oil just put in 30 gal of oil.

July 27 Moderate weather cool. I arose at 6:30 this morn and have attended all my birds and now writing Kinney a letter also one to Johnie and James Farrlley. I canned 3 more pt of berries for John. Bought a doz pt cans today. Blanch House was over this afternoon.

July 28 Some warmer this morn. Toot came to his work today. I am doing his washing this forenoon.

July 29 Very warm again today. The Allen Peet son came and mowed our 2nd crop of Alfala today. I have done some baking and mopped the lower kitchen this forenoon. Dad has gone down town to get a few groceries.

July 30 Hot and so very warm we could hardly stand it. We got our dinner and tried to keep cool long late tward 4 or 5 oclock. Mable and Edd came and about supper time Glen and Martha came. They persuaded me to go home with them so to go blackberring Mon so I did leaving Dad and Eulalia alone.

July 31 Well this morning after a restless night with the intense heat. We got started for the field. Edd drove us up to the foot of the falls. We commenced to pick before 8:00 and at 12:15 we came down the hill to go home. Edd didn't meet us so we had to walk the distance and carry our berries. After supper tonight Glen took me down to see Dawn and she came home with me.

Aug 1 This morn before we got up Toots folks all came and surprised us. Geo came soon and Delores and Johnie followed and before breakfast everyone of my grandchildren were here but one was here a very peculiar circumstance. Bell and I soon made the berries ready for the cans the morning work done. We got dinner then Bell picked a bushel of swisschard and a bag of shell beans and after supper they all went home. Hack stayed and Eulalia went home.

Aug 2 We had a very good rain last night so it was much cooler to sleep. Geo went berrying yesterday and gone again today. Dad went also alone and got the blue pail nearly full. Mrs Minor was here for a short time this afternoon. The electric lights were off last night on acct. of the storm. We used lamps.

Aug 5 I made some blackberry pickle and a pt of jam. This forenoon. Toot did not come up for dinner or supper.

Aug 6 Cool last night and this morn. Toot got left with Bailey this morn so Jack and he went down to the corner to ride with someone else. Dad and Dawn and myself is the family today. We went down to Geo's a little while this evening.

Aug 7 Weather some cool but warm enough in sun. Dad has been pertision in the hen house for our chickens. We had the last in the garden. Geo has gone berring today.

Aug 8 Rain all day nothing doing today. I have not felt very well today.

Aug 9 Mr Cain came early this morning. I have sent my Mongomery Ward order out today also sent to Elmira for the bird seed and the wallpaper for the bathroom.

Aug 10 Cool this morning. After the morn work over I begun to do the washing got done at noon have ironed them all this afternoon. Cleaned the shop out them some today also. Dad bought the fence wire for the chicken yard this forenoon.

Aug 11 Toot came this morn for his work. We finished the chicken yard and cleaned their sleeping quarters also. My bird seed and wallpaper came today. Very cool tonight again.

Aug 12 Some cool early but now near noon it is warm enough to roast you in the sun. Dad has gone berring again today. Stayed all day. Kathaleen cousin that lives in Pittsburg called to see Dawn and to get the little suitcase that came this evening and stayed all night.

Aug 13 Weather was uncertain this forenoon and it begun to rain before noon. Glen and Johnie made a freezer of icecream for dinner.

Aug 14 Weather warm and sunny. I have canned the berries. Dad picked Sat. They were nearly soft and spoiled. Dad is setting out some young black raspberries plants today. A swarm of bees came out near noon today. I have got the Sun. extras all cleaned up with the other work. - Newspaper Article "Awaiting Approval of German Voters."

Aug 15 Weather fine today. Dad went on the Hill after B Berries after breakfast this morning and got 3 qts just for the table use. Hellen and Doloris came back frome the valley this forenoon. The girls Doloris and Dawn have been having a lunch dinner today they have had a fine time. I wrote McKinley today.

Aug 16 Some cool again this morn. Toot folks came this morn. Bell picked a bushel of green beans to shell 8 bu, corn a basket of beets and one of carrots and helped me make my curtains for the bay window upstairs.

Aug 17 Rain this morn when we got up. Mrs Minor came over after Dawn to a little party she was having for the kiddies.

Aug 18 Weather fine today I got up half past six to get Jack off to get a ride home. The little Kelsey girls came over and played with Dawn this forenoon. Then she went over there this afternoon. I have cleaned alot in the lower kitchen today.

Aug 19 The big day Spencer Picnic Day. This morn Bell and the children came just as I was getting up. Little Glen had worried all night with his little finger. Bell found it needed opening and then he got relief. We got dinner and then took the children over to the park gave them a merry-go-round ride on getting off Kathaleen meet me and we soon came home to get Dawn ready for to go home with her mother. I did not go over again it was rather late when Toots folks went home. We were very tired when the day was done.

Aug 20 This morn I got up early and hurried my work throught to get ready to go to Auburn when Glen and Martha came after us Edd folks went also. We had a fine day and good time. Meet early all our folks to Manda's Charlie gave over a hundred nice red raspberries my work through.

Aug 21 3 weeks since Dawn came. Well today Dad has worked nearly all day to get the raspberries set he is just tired to death tonight. I gathered a pail of string beans and getting them ready to can tonight. Finished at 10:00 tonight.

Aug 22 Rain When we got up this morn Geo begun the bathroom this forenoon. Dad and I have been cleaning the oil range. Rain all day some wet tonight the ground sure is soaked up some this time.

Aug 23 Geo finished the bathroom today and got it nearly all straightened up.

Aug 25 Finally got my washing dry today and got the ironing done with the cleaning.

Aug 26 I cleaned the lower kitchen all the forenoon this afternoon done some more Geo hung the pictures a long hard week of work I have had.

Aug 27 Sunshine greets us this morn I think this will be a day of rest to us. Toot went home this morn.

Aug 28 Today another day of work. I cleaned the lower kitchen and upper one. Dad cut the weeds on the hill above the bees. I sent Albert the Montgomery Ward order to see if he can get the things there.

Aug 29 Weather fine and moderate. I am canning 8 qts of tomatoes today. Dad has gone to mail the papers back to Auburn. Mrs Anna Farrelly sent the city. Has commenced to pay the 1st check from city. The month of Aug 1933.

Aug 30 I washed a few pieces today so as to get the bay window curtains clean. The are so old I think this will be the last time, they have served over 20 years. Go the pole for the curtain above fixed also and put up. Dad worked to hard again. Baker cultivated out his berries but he could not work at them he felt so badly. Very cool tonight.

Aug 31 Very nice weather today. Dad feels somewhat better and has been fixing the hog pen floor. Then had a chore to get them back in the yard. I have bake cookies and paddie cakes and Dad one this forenoon. Today is good by to aug.

Sept 1 Bought a bushel of peaches this forenoon. These are for dad he went downtown and bought a doz pts and we canned them full. We were some tired tonight.

Sept 2 Dad was sick all night didn't sleep until morning. I canned 4 qts tomatoes and 2 of peaches this forenoon. Geo begun the painting of the store roof yesterday and finished it today also the house porch roof.

Sept 3 This morn we started for Syracuse or rather Baldwinsville first for dinner. Then to the cottage on Horseshoe Island by 3 rivers to Mr Will Byron here we stayed 2 days and 2 nights then we went to Syracuse to Jerry Coughlin's. Edd's sisters home. - Article June 17 1933 "Another Letter From a Bald-Headed Dad to his Flapper Daughter."

Sept 17 We started on our home trip from Buffalo to Spencer at 7:00 their time. Reached home before noon.

Sept 18 We felt so tired today. We did nothing but just what was neccesary. Albert got started home at 7:00 our time reached Buffalo 10:30.

Sept 19 Am feeling a little better so I canned 9 qt cans of prunes this afternoon.

Sept 20 Toot and Bell came up this forenoon. I was doing my washing they stayed until after dinner. They had 3 bushel of tomatoes, 1 bu shell beans. I gave her 4 cans of prunes. I canned for her and a jar of pickles.

Sept 21 This morn we paid the electric bill $1.91.

Sept 22 Today I have worked at potting plants taking up and repotting. Dad went and got about 2 qts of elderberries. Also picked 1/2 bu tomatoes. Bell Davidson just brought me 3 slips of red baby ramblers from the cemetery.

Sept 23 This afternoon is dark and rainy. Made 3 elderberry pies today. I sent McKinley a letter today. We got 2 bags of chicken feed today.

Sept 24 Beautiful sunshine day. We were all alone all day. I went over to the cemetery and picked up a few hickory nuts. Went over to Mrs. Fow's got a lot of plant slips. This evening we had a few claps of thunder and lightening with just a little rain then passed over.

Sept 25 This morn we were supprised to find Pade with a nice little boy calf down in the orchard. Dottie came up this morn with a little black curly haired dog. John went over to Seeley's mill to get a bag of cow feed this forenoon. I have made 5 bottles of Tomato juice today. Dad has picked up over a 1/2 bushel of hickory nuts in the shuck this forenoon. - Newspaper Article "The Stranger, the Man at the Bottom Is Just a Climber Who Has Not Started Yet"

Sept 26 Very warm and sultry. We are again to have boiled bacon and swisschard for dinner today. Dad bought 5 doz qt cans of the Grand Union Store. Just saw a truck at Bert Foxes door unloading furniture. Mr. Myron Ferris died today about noon age 98.

Sept 27 Sultry dark and cloudy. Misting.

Sept 28 Myron Ferris's funeral today at 4:00.

Sept 29 I cleaned nearly all day. Aunt Susan McMasters funeral today died Sept 26 age 84.

Sept 30 I went with Mrs Alice Foster to canvas for a little magazine called the Farmers Wife. Came back a quarter to twelve. Today Dad and I am celebrating our 46 wedding anniversary. Edd and Mable came up tonight and brought a nice frying of baked trout. So we had a fine supper.

Oct 1 The sun came out bright this morn but it soon became cloudy. Toot got Lew Fisher's truck and drawed 2 loads and just got both loads drawed down home just before the rain began to come just enough to get things all wet. The he got a load of slab wood from John Wild's.

Oct 2 Dark and cloudy not much sun. John went over to Seeley and paid the feed bill. Got 8 cans of salmon and 10 # of meal. Toot got up at 4:30 this morn and worked until noon at the condensary. I am making tomato soup today. Milton House just went by.

Oct 3 Mrs Foster got here just as we were eating breakfast. Driving from Mumsville NY.

Oct 4 We got started to Canvas at 9:00 this morn. We got 2 subscriptions this forenoon. After dinner we went again awhile in town. Then we drove to VanEtten then to North Spencer then home to a finish.

Oct 5 Rain this forenoon. Mrs Foster started about 10 for VanEtten today. Mrs Ackley is to ride with her today. Dad has just got or first churning done since Pade freshened.

Oct 6 Well after Mrs Foster started for her last canvas and home. I started my washing got it done and dinner then in the afternoon I wrote to McKinley. We got a box from Kinney today.

Oct 7 Weather fine lots of sunshine. I have cleaned all the forenoon all the bird cages and so. I canned a qt 1/2 of tomato soup.

Oct 8 We expected to go to Auburn today but Glen didn't come for us. Toot went home E. Kellsey took him down. Well we had a chicken dinner and was all alone. The weather has been cloudy some sunshine a little misty uncertain just what will come.

Oct 9 We got the lawn on soutside we used all the grass to dress up the clean hen house. John cleaned in the forenoon. I got the hose all washed and ready in cellar when night came we were pretty tired with the days work.

Oct 10 This morn much cooler and quite cloudy. We have done another churning this morn 2nd one.

Oct 11 This morn was very nice and bright but this afternoon it has changed to cloudyness. Toot and Dad are digging potatoes. Edd came at noon from W Danby took dinner with us came to ask us to go to Auburn Sunday.

Oct 12 Toot and Dad worked at the potaotes over in field all day and finished them. I cleaned up bird cages this forenoon then I hunted up some black carpet rags to cut for a center of a rug.

Oct 13 Toot has gone to work in the shop this morn. Dad is peddling honey this forenoon. I have finished cutting my carpet rags this morn.

Oct 14 Well we worked at everything today to get ready to leave all day Sunday. Edd came after us about 8pm so as to be there so we could get an early start for Auburn Sun morn. McKinley's Birthday 32 years today. - 1901.

Oct 15 George H Ellison's birthday 37 years. Edd Brumels also. Well we had a glorious trip to Auburn today. Weather was ideal. We had a lovely dinner Olive sure is some cook. We saw all our relatives today.

Oct 16 Well today we were very tired after our trip to Auburn. Toot and Bell came up with Earl Ferris so Bell could have a tooth pulled.

Oct 17 Dark and cloudy this morn before 9:00 it begun to rain but noon it begun to clear up the sun came out and the rest of the day has been fine. We sold 4 doz eggs today for 25 # sugar. At $10.45 we had a new milks cow as Geo's Dottie Heffer freshioned. We picked up about 2 qts of Hickory Nuts in the cemetery today. Hellen sent us up some of the deer meat from the one that Lawrence Ricker brought home. We got a letter from McKinley today.

Oct 18 Cloudy this morn I did my washing this forenoon but the sun was not enough bright to dry much. Dad got some groceries from the Grand Union a saque of Pocono flour. D cleaned the shop floor ready to put beans in to shell them and got the furnace pipes put up so we had a little fire in it tonight. We had venison for supper tonight.

Oct 19 We have worked all this forenoon at cleaning up the flower garden. John has trimmed the Rose bush on the like fence. We have drawed all rubbish away got the gladiolas all gathered. The golden glow uproooted and the ground ready for the bulbs. I got the tulip Bulbs all set in the bed.

Oct 20 Very fine weather today. Toot came this morn.

Oct 22 Weather was fine again today. Toot has dug and finished his potatoes in the garden. Glen and Toot carried the field beans over this forenoon. So the garden is all finished. We all went down to Toot's ther he fot 3 squirrel, 1 partridge. After Glen and Martha went home tonight. We did the churning.

Oct 23 After the rain last night this morn the sun came out and the day has been very good getting colder this afternoon. I have cleaned all my fish globes, cleaned up all the cut flowers, worked the butter, packed it, washed the shop windows and swept it. I have wrote Albert and Mr Ben Kenyon at Auburn NY.

Oct 24 This morning was just cloudy this afternoon it has changed to rain. Rained at noon said rain turning to snow tonight. I have made the peppers and green tomatoes into pepper hash today. Hellen went with Dora and husband to the north woods early this morn. Wrote McKinley today.

Oct 25 This morn our promised snow was here and a real cold freezing air. Chilling anyone to the bone. The weather report yesterday mentioned snow would come after the rain. Brother George Ellison died 1907 Oct 14.

Oct 26 Well, well when we awoke this morn we sure was supprised to find we had passed through such a very cold night ice and snow. Icecycles hung on the window. I don't know how low the thermometer fell to 28 degrees. I have fixed the outside door in dinning room took the screen door off the lower kitchen door and got that fixed for winter. Dad is threshing beans this afternoon.

Oct 27 Weather mild and warmer. Well Geo showed up this morning. Arrived last night after midnight. We churned again this morn.

Oct 29 Weather rather cloudy. Our people from Auburn got here aout 11:00. We had the tables all set and things nearly ready to get dinner. They there was 4 nice kinds of cakes, three dishes of jello, 1 pan baked beans, 1 dish of potato salad, 1 macaronia, 2 cabbage, roast chicken and beef, potaotes, pickles, cheese, tea, coffee, grapes. Names following Mandy, Charlie, Olive, Guy. Johnie, Mildred, Beatrice, Georgie, Margurite. Tony 7 children from Auburn. Hellen, George and their 3 children Toot and none of his family.

Oct 30 5 week today since Pade freshioned. Weather mild but no sun. Am washing and cleaning up. Dad is hoeing the berry bushed over in the field he worked Sat in them also. I have worked all day steady and tonight am tired enough. Gave Mary Lou a bath with all the rest.

Oct 31 Weather fine. I have been nearly sick with a cold in my head. I did my ironing this evening churned this morning.

Nov 1 Weather fine sun and warm. Toot and Elgin just started for the woods this afternoon at 2:00. I got my bird seed from Bandfield and Jennings tonight.

Nov 2 Thermometer 77 in Rochester today. Weather little cooler. sunshine outside again this morn. John has gone to Seeley's to pay feed bill and order more. Mr Tornton came this forenoon and begun to put in the cold air draft to the furnace in the house next hours. I have finished up my outdoor work banking the shrubs for winter.

Nov 3 Paul and Barnabas go to Antioch. Cloudy with light rain.

Nov 4 The weather was very good today I have finished covering all the rosebushes. I churned again today packed Geo a jar and got 2 cakes to use until I churn again. Well we seperated the red pullits from the young roosters tonight. Left 17 in that we knew were roosters but the 21 we took out I think 3 of them are roosters.

Nov 5 Weather very cold this morn the ground was frozen and icy windows told the story of an extra cold night. I made a fire in the furnace about as quick as I could the oil burner turned not as low as usual did not keep off the cold but during the day the sun has shown. Dad has dug the carrott about 2 bushel. Snowing tonight ground is white as we off to bed.

Nov 6 Well the snow of last night came down and this morn the ground was covered 3 or 4 inches but it is melting fast. Dad is getting ready to hill the hogs today or afternoon. Well tonight the pig hang in the tree. I have wrote to Mr Russell Harrington of Syracuse NY this forenoon. Our calf came Sept 25 5 week old today.

Nov 7 Election Day. Weather this morn was fair. Mr Arnold Hilbert came to test the cows. A large turn of voters today.

Nov 8 Dad worked at the meat nearly all day. He got the sausage ground and made down to Possinger's. I got the lard all dried out. Robert Bingham brought us a card from Toot tonight. Some of the men came home. The rest expected to come home Mon they have 4 deer in camp now. Snow this morn covered again.

Nov 9 Weather just moderately cool. We got the sausage all took care of today. Dad got Meron White to take him down to Toot's with their meat. I sent for my Hyacinth bulbs today. Snow flurries again this morn.

Nov 10 Cold weather today. Well this forenoon we begun the meat work again. I have finished the head cheese and canned 9 qts tenderloin meat today then all is done. I sent Albert and McKinley the Spencer Needle tonight. We got a letter from Albert.

Nov 11 It has snowed all day Dad has shelled all the beans that was left in the shop. So this finished cleaned up. I received my Hyacinth bulbs today from Banfield and Jennings. We received a letter from McKinley today. Snowing steady tonight.

Nov 12 This morn the snow shovels are flying the 1st to have to use them. It was very cold tonight. Edd and Mable and her son came up about 4:00 Clayton Hoe.

Nov 13 Cloudy and milder. Geo brought his ducks up and put them in the chicken yard this morn. Dad has gone down to help Geo with packing his pork. I got my hyacinth bulbs set out today. Johnie got a black skunk last night. Mr Olinchney just came over an announced the birth of a son 9:19 Robert Lewis Stevenson's Birthday.

Nov 14 Cloudy and snowflurries. We had spare ribs and carrotts cooked together for dinner. Dad cut up 2 more pumpkins to cook again this afternoon. I baked a batch of oatmeal dropcakes just before supper time Bertha Sincebaugh just came she stayed to supper. Churned again tonight. Ross Taggart came at noon to fix the radio but had to take it home with him. It's growing cold fast.

Nov 15 Colder this morn. The windows were froze with ice halfway up in our bedroom. Also the kitchen windows and it seen to be growing colder. I think winter is up on us. Every vessel where frozen up this morn.

Nov 17 Cool with some snow. I did my washing this forenoon. Got the Clothes dry. There was a high wind and they froze stiff. We went down to the Town hall tonight to see that famious Engel Clock 8th wonder. Schriptural, historical, musical astronomical. 48 moving figures.

Nov 18 I did my ironing today. We looked all day for Ross to bring the radio but he did not.

Nov 19 Clear and cold. Snow flurries last night covered the walks again this morn. I got up 7:15 so to help Toot off for home. We have been all alone except Johnie and Doloris ate dinner with us.

Nov 20 Sun came out but disappeared. The day was dark and cloudy. We have been lost every since the radio was taken away for repairs.

Nov 21 Sunshine today weather moderate. Ross Taggart brought the radio at noon. Repairs on it $ 3.50. Today I have dug out my roastered block for the single bed. Bettie Lenard Linburner Schnectady, NY

Nov 22 Mild and cloudy without sunshine.

Nov 23 Cloudy this morn. We were late in arising this morn it was 8:00

Nov 24 Weather very fine for this date. I got 2 letters off 1 to Kathaleen 1 Albert and a box to Dawn. This afternoon I have been sewing on my sample patch quilt. It is now storming out now a sleet snow.

Nov 25 After the morning work done I have spent the rest of day up to 6:00 on my quilt. I finished it after supper.

Nov 26 Sun came out early. We got up at 7:30 this morn. Toot cut Frederick's hair ate his breakfast then went to catch a ride home. I have made 3 apple pies just before dinner. Glen and Martha came up this afternoon. This afternoon at 3:00 it has begun to rain.

Nov 27 This morn finds the ground covered with snow again begun in night and continuing a blustery like storm.

Nov 28 I made the pumpkin pies and roasted the spare ribs. Dad dressed the chicken. I finished my cushions tward night. I repotted my Calla Lilly today it was covered with those green lice.

Nov 29 Sun came out this morn early but has gone now and it is dark and cloudy.

Nov 30 Well this is thanksgiving day and a very beautiful day. Weather mild sunshine. Honey bees out and after morn work over we drove down to Toot's to take him home. We came back it was about 1, our chicken was done so we hurried our dinner over and then we drove over to Ihaca to see Dawn called on Edd's folks. Also Dewitt's folks. Then on home. Done our chores got supper then went down to Geo for a short time. Geo killed the veal calf this forenoon.

Dec 1 Very cool air and windy change in weather this morn a piercing wind drives the cold right through one. Albert got started for home at half past 7 am. Dad gone to Seeley town to pay the coal and feed bills. We got no paper tonight.

Dec 2 The day just an ideal one. Cold very cold this morn windows in lower kitchen covered in ice. I received my Chromion tray today sent for it about 15 of Oct. I carried all the maple leave that gathered in the Hatchway the other day in that high wind storm down tot he hen house. The weather is perfect. Killed a big green fly out in the sun. We have cleaned our oil burners in the range also this forenoon. Toot went home tonight.

Dec 3 This morn dark and cloudy with a misty rain. The rain continued all day. Just before we ate dinner a man come to the door to inquire where Geo was he was Mr Brank's from Ithaca George's friend. He and his wife and son stayed the rest of the day until Geo and his folks got back from Halsey Valley.

Dec 4 Dark and cloudy and misty rain. Gloomy enough today. No sun to brighten our way. I did not do very much under the weather with my head dizzyness again. Bertha Sincebaugh was up this afternoon and stayed to tea. Matches were 1st invented in 1836 in Massachusetts.

Dec 5 Doris Duke richest girl in America. 50 million dollars Estate. She has 5 homes. Weather mild and very refreshing air this morn looked like we were again to have a little sunshine but the clouds have covered all and it is now dark enough. We went down to Geo's little while this evening.

Dec 6 I commenced to do my washing today between 3 and 4 o'clock they got nearly dry so I brought them just before we went to bed.

Nov 7 Some colder today ground was frozen this morn. Dad went down to J Wilds saw mill and got 4 bags of saw dust drew it up on B Davidson Wagon got 2 bags of corn and wheat for the hens today also.Geo and Hellen went to Candor tonight so Doloris is staying here all night.

Dec 8 Cool but fair. While cleaning my bird cages this morn I found my best mother bird drowned in the water cup. She was the best mother I ever raised birds with her offspring were mostly males. We pealed pumpkins and canned 4 qts this afternoon.

Dec 9 Weather very cold freezing hard the windows this morn was covered with ice. We got our 2nd load of coal this forenoon. 2000 $ 11.85. We have worked from morn until afternoon 2:00 we had dinner at that time. The hot water tank had another time of leaking again. The kithchen was flooded below and the upper one bad enough.

Dec 10 Weather still colder. We did not do much of only just what we had to got dinner rested until evening. Glen and Martha came about suppertime we were having a hickory nut social picking out a lot of meats for candy and jello. They helped us then we had supper. Spent some time with us after then went home.

Dec 11 Cold ice and snow ground covered and a real old fashioned blizzard all day blowing hola blue. We got at our chicken killing about 11:00. Killed 6 got them all picked at 2:00. Then we ate our lunch. John went downtown to get can rubbers didn't get them all finished boiling until 9:30 this evening. Then after at 3:00 Ma Perkin's.

Dec 12 Cold again this morn. I have finished canning the chicken that came off the bones had 4 pts had to heat over 2 cans of yesterday work. Dad put ducks into the calves pen today.

Dec 13 Very cold air. More snow during the night it has also snowed nearly all day. We churned today.

Dec 14 Snow again nothing but snow. Breakfast over listening to radio. Awaiting to hear Dr Meyer's psychologist, astrology, astological. A man came and got the 10 gal of oil that Richard wanted us to get for him of oil man.

Dec 15 More snow in the form of hail and sleet came last night. Dangerous getting about today. Toot came this morn to his work in Barbershop he had worked all day yesterday to start the gas line and could not succeed in getting it to start.

Dec 16 Weather mild thawing today. I did not do much only to get eats today. Make an apple dumpling pudding for dinner. Doloris came up and stayed all day with us her little brown dog stuck by her all day also. Glen did not come up to go to Elmira tonight.

Dec 17 Mild weather thawing again. Dark and cloudy Johnie came up and eat breakfast with us. Breakfast work over I am now listening to a semon on radio. We had chicken dinner. Jello and nut candy I made for Johnie.

Dec 18 Very mild and fine weather.

Dec 19 Very mild not freezing. I have done a small washing this forenoon. Mopped the dinning room and kitchen. Dad is smoking the bacon today. I cleaned the shop of the bean dirt. We churned the first thing after breakfast.

Dec 20 Dark and cloudy. Well dad has his smoke on under his ham and bacon this morn. I have got to get at my baking. Made a batch of cinnamon jumbles and 4 nice pies.

Dec 22 Weather warmer ice thawing. Sidewalks nearly bear. Dad is still smoking the ham today. I am mailing Mrs Beegle a card also Vern and Cora today. Dad went downtown and bought 6 # coffee, cheese, cranberries, peanut butter, salt, corn crisps, graham crakckers, raisins. Toot came in this eve about 10:00. I supposed he had finished his days work instead he had been called home on account of Eulalia's broken arm and they had been to the Dr. and had it set before coming up home.

Dec 23 Weather moderate no sunshine thawing some. Dad cleaned his hen house. While I have dressed the 2 chickens for Christmas dinner. Johnie killed 4 ducks and they have dressed them this forenoon.

Dec 24 Warm some and cloudy. Rev Allen colored preacher gave a spiritual talk and sang old song used in their early Christian life. Albert arrived about noon today. Well the load he brought he had to go all over before he would rest and eat his dinner. Toot went home this morn.

Dec 25 Weather moderate. Sun came out and it was very good day. I got the chickens in the oven then began other things cranberries sauce, cream cake then potatoes ready. Albert went down to get Toots folks about 11:00 Georgies folks went to the valley to their folks. Geo came in about 3:00 from Elmira and ate his dinner here.

Dec 26 Well this morn we got things ready for Albert to start home at 7:00. I intended to ride over to Ithaca with him and spend the day and get Dawn and bring her home with me but I gave up and came home after I rode a mile with him. The snow was coming down in a regular blizzard. This afternoon the storm abated. Richard came up and he took me over to Ithaca. We got Dawn got back fine it sure was a cold ride. We gave Albert 5 doz eggs to take home with him.

Dec 27 Well this morn snow still coming and a colder wave. Shoveling snow and chores keep dad stepping. If we had not went yesterday after Dawn we could not get over now. All day it has been growing colder and colder with zero at the door.

Dec 28 Very cold blustry and snowing. We had to keep our noses in the house. Toot came up this morn to work in shop. All we could do was to eat and keep the fire going to keep warm. This zero weather is getting us all the coldest Dec in many years.

Dec 29 Today is the coldest yet all we could do was to just keep the home fires burning. Dad and I up up the single bed in the bathroon for Toot to sleep in tonight.

Dec 30 This morn found everybody with frozen wells and water systems. Auto also some 20 had to go to the garage and be towed in. Our toilet gave just a little trouble. Over to Olinchney's the whole thing was frozen had to get a blow torch and thaw things out. Very cold again tonight but just a little more moderate. A change is coming in the weather. We have about 5 doz eggs again since Albert went home Tues.

Dec 31 Weather this morn warmer. The ice has all gone off the windows below and it is very moderate out doors. Thawing and snow dissappearing. Dad, Dawn and I ate dinner alone today. Bertha S came up this evening for a short time. She seems so lonely. Dawn went outdoors to play with little Pat Olinchney. Johnie drawed them on Dawn's little one hand sleigh. Well now comes the last good bye to the year 1933 and we surely hope the one coming will bring more happiness and prosperity for everyone.

Chemung County NY
Published On 11 OCT 2006
By Joyce M. Tice

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